Sheila an I enter our room, Rob and Sally have the room adjacent. There is a common door between the rooms which we are going to leave open to facilitate Rob's lust to see Sheila fucked by another man.
Rob with Sally has me a bit jealous, I never can get Sally. Although, so far he has only benefited from her with a BJ and some kink with her panties my knowledge. He has not seen her naked, eaten her, or fucked her.
I believe that Sally has rules about sleeping with the boss. Sally is very professional. She is also in love with her husband Brian. My reputation for sleeping with married women, sober, drunk or out of it might influence her thinking. Now with Jessica, my married niece, rape.
Sheila walks about the room ..... admiring the place is beautiful. I go to the balcony, step out and walk to the edge ... It is glassed in with clear panes of glass. Shutters and blinds are used to cover the windows of the balcony, depending on where you are standing. The railing is about three feet high. there are chairs, lounges, tables and all the necessary perks one gets with a FIVE STAR plus room. It must be more than Three Hundred square feet this balcony. There are adjacent balconies, twenty to fifty feet apart. One can open up ones balcony for others to see or close it off for privacy. Several of the balconies have people out at this time, near Eight o'clock in the evening... ..only one balcony is near enough for the people to see us should we open up the blinds. There is a group of young men partying on that balcony.
Just then Sheila comes out onto the balcony.
"WOW! ...this is some place you've got us for the night Bob." ...
" Two nights Sheila." ..I respond.
":OH! "... she says ..smiling at me. " You intend to take full advantage of me don't you Bob."
"YES ! .............. I do intend to take full advantage of you. Who wouldn't. " ....... " I am hoping to make this a very fun filled adventure for you Sheila Hood."
Sheila gives me a touch on the cheek and a slight kiss to go with it.
" I gift wrapped myself for you Bob. I'm all yours for two nights it would appear."
" I wondered about the bows." .... I said.
We walk about the balcony for a bit, chatting and taking in the view. I stop at the cooler on the balcony and open a bottle of wine, Sheila's favourite kind. Pour a couple of glasses.
" Too you Sheila, may your business and life be full, ... .............. and may you have multiple orgams's this night. " .............
Sheila laughs.
We continue our conversation until our glasses are empty. Taking Sheila's glass, I put both glasses down and take her hand. Leading her to the edge of the balcony closest to the young men partying. I move the blinds up so we can see the street, but concealing our faces from the neighboring lads. Stepping behind her I put my arms around Sheila and hug her close to me .... I kiss her neck, smell her hair.
"Sheila, your fragrance is intoxicating tonight."
"Thank you Bob." ..she replies.
I slide my hands down her arms taking her hands into mine, curling her arms up around her bossom, squezzing her tight. I give out a grunt. Rubbing myself against her ass....
"That is a beautiful blouse you have on Sheila, but I think the top two buttons should be undone. .............. especially on such a warm summer night such as we have tonight." ..
Sheila undoes the top two buttons. She quickly peers in the direction of the young men partying across from us some twenty five feet away. We can hear them but not see them as the blinds are lowered enough to keep our faces hidden. I put my hands between her arms and her ribs .... and move my hands under Sheila's breasts.
" You wouldn't." ..Sheila asks.
I cup her breasts as my answer.
" BOB ! " ............ her raised voice attracts attention.
'" ...hey man, that guy is feeling up that chicks tits man ."""
"Let'em see you Sheila. Lets go slow and see how this turns out ..... remember filled adventure." ....
"I don't want them to see my face ....... "
"I'll move us closer to the window so our faces are above the blinds for certain."
I turn Sheila' back to the window and move us close to the window, about four feet away from the pane.... ....the light from the Sun is lighting up our balcony.
"" .....hey, look at them, they are close to the window now ...""
"" .God I hope he strips her .... look at those baby's ..there huge...""

Sheila looks at me, she is torn between the compliments and her shy-ness.

""" ya man, I could fuck her tits all night man ""

" So could I honey ! " I say to Sheila. She does not answer so I move my hands to her breasts, holding them through her blouse. Her nipples have hardened. Kneading her breasts through her clothing, Sheila' head lays back upon my shoulder.
" Uhhhhhh! " ........... Sheila exhales ....
I firmly grasp both breasts and squeeze them. Slow, strong, squeezes while pressuring her nipples with my fingers. Sheila lets out another sigh.

"" lucky bastard ... would you look at that .... ""
"" shut up man, if he hears you he might stop ... ""
"" God I am so hard ....""
"" shhhhhhh ""

Sheila's eyes are closed, her head is laid back, resting upon my shoulder. Sheila's face is facing away from the window.The shadow cast by the Sun cuts across her throat. Her breathing has picked up, her nipples are hard. Sheila is enjoying this bit of voyeurism.
I continue to squeeze her breasts for several minutes more ... Sheila's breathing gets deeper, gasping more than before. I push her breasts up so my fingers can reach her buttons ... slowly I undo one button. then a second button, now a third button .... she gasps loadly..... I have exposed her cleavage to those young men in the adjacent balcony.
I nuzzle her neck, inhaling her fragrance ...." you smell like a Goddess honey'' .....
Sheila smiles ...... I undo another button on her blouse ... exposig her bra, and some of her upper stomach. I pull the blouse off her shoulders a little so the lads can see her breasts in their cups.

"" Uuuuuuuggh ""
I hear wispers from across the way but cannot make out what the lads are saying.
Sheila smiles at the sounds comming from the lads... .... I watch her lick her lips, Sheila moves her tongue in a sensual and yet nervous fashion. Her mouth is agape. her breathing deeper, slower .... with little gasps each time I squeeze her nipples.
Another button falls prey to my fingers. Now I pull her blouse from her skirt .... her blouse falls open revealing her beautiful breasts housed in her lovely blue - lacy bra ..
Once more I nuzzle Sheila 's neck .... " you are stunning " ..... I whisper into her ear.
Sheila smiles and turns her head to me and kisses my cheek ..
With that I slide my hands under her bra, touchiing her breasts .... Sheila gasps, and her body stiffens momentarily .. I tweak her nipples on both breasts, Shiela lets out a deep hoarse sigh.

"" .. she came man, did you hear that, she came ... WOW .! """

In one motion I turn Sheila toward the window lifting her bra off her breasts, ....her breasts tumble free from their holders to face the young men across the way on their balcony

A crescendo of hoots erupt from Sheila's admirers.

The sudden outburst startles her .... Sheila turns and leaves for the room covering herself as she flees. Sadly I close the blind and follow her inside.

A chorus of thank you's, I love your tit's, Wow's ..and a "you've got great tits lady" .... echo above the city streets below.
.......................... I follow Sheila into the room.
"You alright honey" ... I say to Sheila.
"It just kind of hit me what I was doing ." she answers
"And, what was that .... if you don't mind me asking Sheila?" ... I ask
"Acting like a cheep slut" ......
....................... " do you want to call this sexual adventure off Sheila."
" Yes, I think so Bob, do you mind .... "
" I'm disappointed, but it isn't the first time honey ..... I'll get my coat and leave so you can have the room to yourself ... It is paid for so enjoy your stay ... take a mini-vacation Sheila, you deserve it." ....... I walk over to her and give her a gentle kiss on the cheek and leave the Hotel. Sheila say's nothing as I leave.
Sheila is a strong women, Obviously I treated her too frivolously. Not the first time I fucked up and it won't be the last. I hope Rob and Sally enjoy their time together. I'l wait for Sheila to make the next move ...if she does not, game, set, match .. Sheila.
Back at my spacious house in the burbs, I switch motor vehicles. I go for a leisurely drive and end up at my cottage about one hundred miles North. My cabin is isolated. I have my cell turned off so I can get away from life for a bit. I love my Big Black Ram. Of course I am not really isolated as the truck is equiped with an up-link system so it can be kept track of ... the system they use is South African and is managed from Western Canada. They can track people or things all over North America. It is accurate to within twenty feet. [ This is true, I will not mention names .. ]
The cottage is twenty miles from the nearest town.. .. one has to drive through twenty miles of Indian reserve to get to it ... the cottage is on Indian land .... the local tribe gave me this ten acre parcel over ten years ago in recognition of my contribution to their Hospital. Basically I built it for cost ..saving them over Four Million Dollars.
Willie and Gino use the cabin sometimes for their own recreation. Sally has been-up here twice with Brian during times of recovery from his operations.
Edna, dear sweet Edna. I had her moved up here for two weeks a month before her Cancer took her life. Nurses, medical bed, and all she would need including a Helicopter standing by to take her back to the Hospital. I really liked Edna, she was the oldest woman I ever had sex with .... I'll never forget her.
Well, enough of that. I take a bottle of Coor's down to the lake shore ...sit on the beach and drink my beer slowly........I know that within the hour a Helicopter will be landing about fifty feet to my left with Willie on it .... we'll drink a few and relax together .... thats the way it always is when I get moody and run to this cottage.
Better than getting my name splattered all over the front page of the newspaper. When I lose my temper I have no sense.
................ siping my beer, looking out over the lake, reflecting.........................
Edna, I miss her. Funny meeting her because she was in the same room as my mother-in-law. Another old lady ........ that was weird .....
I sit back against a tree near the lake shore. It has been along time since I thought of that afternoon .....
Me and my wife where living in my mother-in-laws basement. Hard times for us back then. Everyone was out, I was in the basement without pants on thinking I was alone. My mother-in-law comes down the stairs into the basement where I was standing. Watching TV without my pants. I hurry to get dressed. Betty is just a couple of seconds late or she would have caught me in my underwear.
" Oh, you robbed me of a peek" .. Betty say's ...much to my surprise.
I don't remember my answer but I pulled my pants down ....
" BETTY ! " ....
Betty turns around and comes toward me .... when she see's my pants are by my ankles her eyes zoom in on my crotch ...... this catches me of guard ..... Betty walks right over and grabs my dink and feels me up ...... I never expected that. She stands up and kisses me. I've kissed Betty before but never has she shown any passion.
Betty' husband passed away some ten years before this encounter so perhaps she was very much in need. Betty was a strong Catholic women ..Irish ancestry ...
Betty asks me to go to her room upstairs for a " piece of ass " she put it. I follow Betty to her bedroom ...pants hanging loosely from my hips ... she turns to face me, lifts her skirt and drops her panties to the floor. I drop my jeans, step out of them, and remove my underwear ...kicking my underwear beside her panties. We are syncronized in our movement ... Betty lays back on her bed lifting her skirt up. I follow closely kneeling between her legs and moving to enter her. I see her pussy for the first time ..she looks exactly like my wife .... I push into Betty and take her in one thrust ... Betty flinches, gives out a little yelp followed by a snicker ....
" Your lucky Bob, I haven't been that tight for a man in four decades."
I say nothing, pushing into her, and then pulling back ..pushing and retreating ... I start to piston Betty ... I am fucknig my mother-in-law. She feels tight. I love the feel of her cunt. Betty's cunt is wet, maybe more damp than wet. Still, she feels good. Her kisses are good, I like kissing my mother-in-law.
Betty pushes herself up to meet my thrusts ... we mesh well, our hips and movements are fluid ... it takes only a couple of minutes and we both are near orgasm. Betty' breathing is rhytmically liked to her thrusts ... grinding, twisting, pounding sex... my pubic bone crashes into her pubic bone ..
We hear a car door, we know family members are here ... Betty grabs hold of me and say's ... "let's finish." ..........We both continue with our assault upon the others pubic bone ... just then Betty grabs me tight ... I feel her cum, she arches, straining her back and leg muscles .... As Betty finishes her orgasm I start ... I pump my mother-in-law full of my semen. I am lost in my orgasm.
As soon as I finish we scramble off the bed ... Betty pushes me toward the mainfloor bathroom ....then shuts her door ... I just get to the bathroom when I here the back door open. Hearing the voices of children, sister-in-laws and my wife. ...
That was the closest I ever came to getting caught ..
Sitting on the beach ............................. reflecting back on that particular time in my life.
I see lights over the tree tops .........
Sure enough the chopper comes .... a bit later than I thought. But it is here. I watch for Willie to get out of the chopper ....
"Hello Willie, how was the flight "....... I smile.
" Fine Amigo." ...... " and how are you?"..
"Happy to see you, I ran out of Beer." ................... we chuckle as Willie sits beside me putting down a twelve pac' of Budweiser..
Willie and myself jaw away all night, finishing the Budweiser off my Sun up. We watch a beautifull Sun rise together............... just a couple of buds.

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Great title and topic, Sheila! Which blogs do you like that mix it up? I really like Theresa Bradley-Banta's Big Fish Top Dogs . She's very adept at wienavg in personal experiences and stories into her posts as well as personal commentary on the topics she writes about. And she's also skilled at leaving you with some kind of really good lesson life lesson or biz lesson. Theresa does a great job of mixing it up.On the other hand my blog?Have you ever tried to mix water and oil? That's what it would feel like for me to diverge from the types of posts I love to write and ones my readers have come to expect. Wouldn't work. And that's okay with me. I like to keep things simple. I think all of us get into what I'll call a blogger's groove and it's real comfy to stay in it. And for the most part (as Deb Augur was hinting) it's best, wiser, and safer to leave well enough alone. You wrote this post in Melanie style (short and sharp) love it! Melanie Kissell recently poste


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Liked what I read Sure would like to fuck my mother in law as well.

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