A teenage girl tries to manipulate her co-workers and comes to a bad end
Managing a fast-food joint isn't exactly what I had in mind when I got out of college 35 years ago. How I got here is a long story for another day, but here I am, mid-fifties, long-divorced, working 60 hours a week at a job that a trained monkey could do, and not getting paid all that well for it. This is where I'm supposed to say that the job has some advantages that help make up for the bullshit, but I can't really think of any right now. I'm here because I need the money.

This particular night was a Wednesday, and I was closing up, training in the new girl, Tricia, on what had to be done to wrap up the shift. She'd only been there a couple of weeks, but she was smart and learned fast (which don't always go together), and for some reason she liked working the late shift. I figured that having somebody else who knew how to close couldn't hurt, maybe I could actually get out of there early once in a while.

I drew myself a cup of coffee, and sat down. "Hey, Tricia, grab yourself a Coke or something and take a break. An extra five minutes isn't going to make any difference." She nodded, went for the coffee herself, and plopped down across the from me.

She was sixteen, which was nothing unusual for our employees. The company liked having kids who were just starting out, and seniors who just wanted to make a little extra to supplement their retirement. They were less likely to worry about things like health care, paid vacation, and pension plans. Tricia was about 5'6" and had one of those skinny bodies that made anything she wore look baggy on her. Her face was long and narrow, very pretty, with thin lips and an upturned nose. Brown eyes, the kind usually described as "soft." Brunette hair with just a hint of auburn in it. I'd never seen it down, at work she always had it pulled into a bushy makeshift pony tail, sticking out through the back of her corporate-issue cap. I realized that I really didn't have much to say to a girl who was just about the right age to be my granddaughter.

"I really been impressed with the work you've been doing. How do you like it here so far?" That's what you say when you don't really have anything to say, but aren't comfortable enough with the person you're sitting with to just be quiet.

"Eh, it's okay. I mean, it's a job and I need the money, and..."

I laughed. "Hey, don't worry about hurting my feelings. You don't think I'd be here if I had any other options, do you? I'm happy to see somebody who'll be honest."

I noticed that some tension seemed to drain out of her. I hadn't seen it there, probably because I didn't know her well enough.

"Yeah, I actually like it here, but some of the other girls are a little much."


"Well, they're like sluts, you know? It's like all they can talk about is sex. Like, I don't think there's anything wrong with sex, but some of these girls will do it with anybody!" Well, yeah, as a matter of fact, some of them will even do it with me. I guess there are some advantages to this job I hadn't thought of.

"Is that why you like working late? To stay away from some of those other girls?"

"Eh, partly. Mostly it's so I can get as many hours as I can after school. My parents don't have much money, and I'm trying to make whatever I can so I can go to college."

"Good idea - you don't want to still be working here when you're my age!" We grinned at each other. "Well, better get finished up here so we can get home."

The rest of the shift went fairly quickly, and Tricia's mother was there to pick her up when she got off. I'd noticed that one of her parents usually picked her up. Most of the other kids who worked there either had their own cars or rode the bus. Oh, well. I headed home for a nice relaxing evening of porn.

The next couple of days, Thursday and Friday, Tricia worked the late shift and helped me close again. We went through the same routine of taking a coffee break and talking during our close-up. I found out that Tricia's parents were both out of work and they'd been living on unemployment. Tricia was afraid they were going to have to start using the money she was making, that she wanted to go toward college. I told her a little about myself, divorced, alone, all that sort of thing. I didn't tell her about my fondness for porn or the fact that I was periodically fucking some of her co-workers. Didn't want her to think that I was as much of a slut as the girls she showed such disdain for.

Saturday Tricia was off, which was a good thing. Anna and Erin, two hot little blonds, were both working the late shift. I was pretty sure that they were two of the girls Tricia had been talking about when she told me why she didn't socialize with her fellow employees. Anna and Erin were both seventeen, and had been working there a little over a year. They were best friends, and looked enough alike to be sisters - curvy bodies with tits that were big without being overwhelming and nicely rounded asses; round faces with blue eyes, bow-shaped lips and button noses. Anna was a little taller, about 5'4"; Erin was just over 5'. They were also possibly the two horniest young women I'd ever met.

I'd found out just how horny they could be a couple of weeks after they'd started working there. I walked into the storage room to look for some supplies and found Anna and Erin, tongues in each other's mouths, hands in each other's pants, completely oblivious to the fact I was standing there watching them.


"Oh shit, Steve!" That was Anna, who had a low, smoky voice. Erin's was high and a little squeaky. They both looked at me with embarrassed expressions. And a little scared.

I tried to be as forceful as possible, but it was a strain, since my dick had jumped to attention as soon as I saw them. "I should just fire you. For lots of reasons."

"Come on, you know you liked it." That was Erin. "And you know you want some, too!"

Unfortunately, I couldn't argue with that. I decided to go with my gut.

"Okay, I'm not going to fire you. But you can't do things like that when there is anybody else around. Ever. Or I will have to fire you."

"What about you? Can we do it if it's just you there?" Anna again, that low voice, the type I can't resist.

"Uh, yeah, we'll have to discuss that later. After everyone else is gone." I gave them a wink and walked out to let them put themselves back together.

At the end of the shift, Anna and Erin hung around until the rest of the crew had left. I walked over and locked the door. Neither one of them said a thing, they just moved into each others arms, and in seconds they were back in the same position they'd been in when I caught them in the store room. This time I didn't have to worry about anyone else, so when my cock started to rise, I just reached down and undid my pants to give it room. I saw Anna looking over at me as a pulled my dick out of my pants and started stroking it. She motioned at me with the hand that wasn't inside Erin's pants, and I walked over behind Erin, wrapped my arms around her. I started unfastening Erin's pants, my fingers brushing against Anna's arm as I worked, and pressed my face against the back of Erin's neck, nuzzling and licking below her hair which was done up in a bun for work. I could feel as much as hear Erin moaning, a cat's contented purr, as I finished undoing her pants and ran my hands up over her belly to cup her tits.

While I was squeezing Erin's tits, and working on freeing them from her bra, Anna was pulling down the girl's pants and underwear, which let my stiff prick rub against the bare skin of her thighs and ass. I managed to wiggle my dick between her thighs, so it was laying against her slit, and began rubbing it back and forth. I felt Anna's hand close over me, forcing my cock up harder against Erin's opening. Anna leaned her head down to Erin's, and I heard her whispering.

"Take my pants off. I want you to eat me while he fucks you." Erin did what she was told, with Anna rubbing my cock and Erin's pussy together while Erin was working on Anna's pants. As soon as Anna's pants hit the floor, she climbed up on the counter and spread her legs for Erin. Erin bent over and pressed her mouth to Anna's crotch, causing the taller girl to moan loudly. Erin was now in the perfect position, her pussy and ass open and waiting, and I guided my cock to her slit and drove in. She was hot and wet and ready. No virgin, of course, but a nice tight teenager anyway. When I entered her it caused Erin to moan, and whatever she did with her mouth on Anna's pussy made Anna let out a squeal. I looked at Anna, and saw that she was staring at me while I fucked her girlfriend, licking and then chewing on her lower lip, her chest heaving. I locked my eyes on hers, and we stared at each other like we were fucking each other, without Erin in between.

Erin couldn't say anything while I fucked her, since her mouth was busy with other things, but she still managed to make plenty of animal noises back in her throat. That and the way her pussy was pulsing around my cock let me know that she was enjoying herself. Anna had pushed her shirt up to bare her tits, she wasn't wearing a bra, and was massaging them with her hands while Erin licked her pussy, still staring into my eyes. I could hear Erin's moans getting more urgent, and felt her pushing back harder with her hips against the strokes of my cock. I wanted to make sure I made her cum. I leaned down over her back and reached around her, laid my fingers out across her belly, then slid them down until I reached the top of her slit. I wiggled my finger to expose her clit, then pressed hard against it and rubbed.

"Fuck yesss!" It was a hissing gasp as Erin pulled her face away from Anna's pussy. Anna wasn't suffering any, though, I could see now that Erin was also using her fingers on Anna. Erin pressed her face down on Anna's bare belly, looked like she was biting her. I saw Anna's eyes close, the muscles in her belly rippling, and I felt Erin's pussy explode around my cock, her muscles spasming as her juices flooded out, seeping around my dick. Anna's eyes opened again, looked up at me.

"Uhn, uhn, uhn, dude, cum inside her! Shit, I'm cumming! Oooohhhheeeeee!" Still squealing, Anna lay back on the counter, her body shaking. Between watching the two girls cum and having Anna tell me where to shoot my load it was too much, and I felt my balls tighten and start to do exactly what Anna had told me to do. As the first shot of my cum pumped into Erin's pussy, she twitched, shoving her fingers deeper into Anna's cunt, and, from what I could see, biting down harder on her girlfriend's belly. Which of course just made Anna cum harder. It felt like I shot my cum into Erin for five minutes as the three of us shuddered and moaned. Finally my balls were empty and I felt my cock start to shrink. I pulled Erin up straight so she was standing in front of me. My cock, pretty limp by now, was still resting between her thighs, and I could feel our mixed juices seeping out of her pussy. Anna rolled off the counter and dropped to her knees in front of Erin.

"Yummy!" she proclaimed, as she started licking my cum and Erin's off Erin's thighs, my cock, Erin's pussy. I let her go for a couple of minutes, savoring the feel of her lips and tongue, but then it was time to bring things to a close for the night.

"Okay, girls, it's been fun, but we've got to get this cleaned up and get out of here."

"Buzz-kill!" That was Anna, who I'd figured out was obviously the ringleader of these two. She sounded disappointed, but still said it with a smile on her face.

Erin chimed in with, "Yeah, we're like, going to do this again, right?"

"And next time I get the cock!" Both girls were grinning. For that matter, so was I.

"Yes, we'll do it again. But not tonight. I've got to get home and get some sleep. I'm an old man, remember?"

That had been just about a year ago, and the three of us had been going at it pretty regularly ever since. It was always all three of us, I hadn't been with either of the girls alone. They were pretty much inseparable. We talked a bit, and I found out that they had been lovers since they were thirteen, and had started making out even earlier than that. Erin told me that they were just eleven the first time they kissed. They surprised me by saying that although they'd been having sex together for quite a while, neither one had a lot of experience with guys, but they both wanted to get more. They were both intensely curious about sex and wanted new experiences. I was only too happy to help them out.

Like I said, Anna and Erin were both scheduled to work on Saturday night, and Tricia wasn't. I was actually looking forward to a little extra-curricular activity with the two blonds after we closed up. Things didn't quite work out that way.

Late that afternoon I had an emergency at home. A flood, to be precise. A water pipe broke. Luckily I was home,and managed to get the water shut off before it did any real damage. Unfortunately, I was now at the mercy of the plumber, since it's a little hard to manage these days without running water. I was stuck at home until the plumber could get there and get things fixed. I called one of the twenty-four hour shops, and they said they could get somebody out but couldn't guarantee when it would be. Any time between now and 10:00 tonight. Great.

I tried to think of somebody who could take my shift who had experience with closing. There wasn't anybody who'd done it alone, and Tricia was the only one available who'd closed at all. I called Tricia and practically begged her to go in and work with Anna and Erin in my place, telling her that I'd make it up to her somehow. She wasn't crazy about the idea of closing without me, but she finally agreed to it when I promised that I'd come in to help out if the plumber got done early enough. Then I called Anna and let her know what was going on. Erin was with her, big surprise, so I didn't have to call both of them. They were disappointed that I wouldn't be there to entertain them after closing time, but they understood.

The plumber got done just after 10:00 at night, just after the restaurant closed for the night. What a pain in the ass. I paid him and decided I'd better take a run by the restaurant to see how things were going, since there was nobody there who'd ever closed without having me around. I was hoping Tricia wasn't having too much of a bad time trying to get along with Anna and Erin.

When I walked into the kitchen at the restaurant I nearly had a stroke. I wasn't sure what I'd expected to see, but never in my wildest dreams would this have been it.

Tricia was spread out on the counter, absolutely naked, her eyes bugging out, a wild look on her face. Anna was pumping two fingers of her right hand into Tricia's pussy while her left hand was working inside her own pants. Erin was standing over the other end of Tricia's body, massaging her tits with one hand, closing the other over Tricia's throat.

"The fuck is goin' on here?!" I was so startled I was almost sputtering. Anna and Erin both jumped back like they'd been shot, and Tricia almost flew off the counter into my arms. She was trembling, there were tears in her eyes.

"God, Mr. Evans, I didn't think you'd get here! They were raping me!" I held her, ashamed that the warmth of her naked body and the smell of her were turning me on.

"That is such bullshit!" Anna spit the words out. "You're not going to believe this little bitch, are you?" She was obviously pissed. Erin on the other hand looked terrified, her eyes darting back and forth from Anna's face to mine.

"Tricia, do you want me to call the cops?"

"No, just get them out of here and take me home." Still trembling, sobbing.

"Yeah, she doesn't want the cops here 'cause she knows they won't buy her bullshit!" Anna looked at Tricia with absolute contempt, then back at me.

"Just get our of here, both of you. Come in tomorrow morning to pick up your last check. And don't say another word!" This last because I could see Anna getting ready to make another nasty comment. The girls pulled themselves together and headed out the door. I helped Tricia gather up her clothes, then waited while she got dressed. She usually rode the bus home when she worked late, but this time I figured I'd better give her a ride.

After I dropped Tricia off at home I headed back to the restaurant, much as I hated to at that time of night. I had to do the cleaning up that obviously hadn't gotten done by the crew and make sure things were set for opening in the morning. It was going to be a long night.

After I finished cleaning up and getting the place ready for the morning shift, I sat down to rest for a minute. And noticed the security camera in the corner. I normally don't even think about the cameras. All fast-food places have them, hell, just about every place the public goes has them these days. In case of a robbery, of course, or some other situation where you need to identify somebody or see what happened. As I looked up at the camera in the corner, I realized that something had been eating at me about what had happened earlier. Things just didn't seem to fit.

Oh, I could see Anna and Erin fucking another girl together easily enough. I knew they enjoyed three-ways, why not another chick instead of a guy as the the third? But rape didn't seem like their style. Neither one of them had ever given me any indication of being that type. On the other hand it would definitely be out of character for Tricia to do anything like that without being forced into it. I just couldn't put it together. But I had a way to find out for sure.

I went to the computer and cued up the video. We've actually got all new digital surveillance stuff, orders from corporate. No more tapes, it's all on the hard drive, easy to find what you're looking for. It even has sound. I searched for 10:15 and let it run.

The first few minutes were the girls actually cleaning up after the shift. Anna and Erin were in the kitchen on the recording I was watching. That's where the action had been. Tricia must have been in the dining room then. After a few minutes Tricia walked into the kitchen. What I saw next was more of a shock than what I'd walked in on earlier.

Tricia walked over to the two blonds with a coy smile on her face. She was facing the camera, so I could see her face clearly, but I couldn't tell if she was really being shy or if she was playing a part.

"Hey, I know you two like, do it together. Do you want to do it with me?" My mouth dropped open. This wasn't the Tricia that I knew.

"Fuck are you talking about, bitch?" Anna was being her hard-core self. I knew she didn't like Tricia much, and was probably suspicious.

"I - uh, I'm a virgin. I've like never had sex with anybody, and I want to. And I thought maybe you two could teach me some things so when I get to do it with a guy I'll know what I'm doing." I still couldn't tell if Tricia was being sincere or if it was a good acting job. I wished I had better-quality video to watch.

Anna still looked like she'd be happy to toss Tricia out on her ass, but Erin was looking the brunette up and down and licking her lips. Anna was the ringleader of those two, but Erin was every bit as wild sexually, maybe even a little more. I'll never forget the night she practically begged me to put my cock in her ass while Anna licked her pussy. But that's a story for another time.

"Hey, girlfriend, I think we could have some fun with her." Erin stepped over to Tricia, put her hands on the younger girl's breasts, and started squeezing them through her shirt. Tricia's head leaned back, her eyes closed, and the coy look on her face turned to pure lust. Erin moved her hands, using one to pull Tricia's shirt out of her pants, sliding the hand up to play with Tricia's tits without having the shirt in between. Her other hand slipped behind Tricia's head and pulled it forward, to Erin's. Erin's mouth pressed hungrily against Tricia's, and I could just barely make out moans coming from both girls.

Anna had been watching, still looking a little dubious about the whole thing, but finally seemed to decide that if there was going to be sex, she needed to get involved. She moved behind Tricia and slipped a hand between her legs, rubbing Tricia's crotch through her pants. Tricia jerked when she felt Anna's hand, pulled away from the kiss with Erin, her eyes popping open, and let out an audible gasp. Erin moved her hands to the bottom of Tricia's shirt and began to pull it up over her head, while Anna let her hand glide up, over Tricia's ass, to the waistband of her pants, then down inside.

Tricia looked really nervous now, and I didn't think that part was an act. I was sure she actually was a virgin and was moving into uncharted territory here. Erin finished dragging Tricia's shirt off, and reached around behind her to unfasten her bra. Just about the time Tricia's tits popped out of the bra, her hips gave a lunge and she leaned her head back and groaned. I assumed Anna's fingers had reached her pussy. Anna moved up closer behind her, so Tricia's head was resting on Anna's shoulder, and Anna started licking and kissing her throat. At the same time, Erin bent her head to Tricia's right breast, and sucked the nipple into her mouth.

"Mmmmm, oooohhhh god, god!" The sound wasn't the best on the video, but it was obvious that Tricia was enjoying her first sexual experience. So was I. I was having to fight the impulse to drag my cock out and beat off while I watched. But that wasn't why I was watching. This time.

Now Erin was unfastening Tricia's pants while she sucked on her tit, and it was obvious from the motion of Anna's arm and the writhing of Tricia's body that Anna was finger-fucking the young virgin. As soon as Erin had her pants off, the two blonds lifted Tricia up onto the counter, laying her out with legs spread. There was no more nervousness on Tricia's face now, she just looked horny and ready for more. I watched Anna slide two fingers deep into Tricia's pussy, begin finger-fucking her again, pushing as far inside as she could. Anna slipped her left hand into her own pants, and I saw her bite her lip, knowing that she had her finger in her own pussy. Erin kissed Tricia deeply, then put her hands on Tricia's tits and began squeezing them. Tricia's body was moving in rhythm with the other girls' hands, twisting on the counter.

"Harder, do it harder, make me cum!" I watched Erin move one hand to Tricia's throat, begin choking her lightly.

"The fuck is goin' on here?!" My own voice, shocked, outraged. I clicked the stop button. I knew the rest. And now I knew that Tricia had been playing me. I wasn't sure why, but I was sure I couldn't let it go on.

Anna and Erin showed up early the next morning, the way I'd told them to. Anna was ready for a fight. I took them into my office so we could have some privacy.

"If you fire us because of that little bitch, you're going to regret it. We weren't raping her, she begged us for it. And you don't want anybody to find out you've been fucking two underage girls on the job, do you? What the fuck is so funny?" I'd actually started to chuckle, and Anna was pissed.

"You're cute when you're mad." That just made Anna angrier. "Don't worry, you're not getting fired. Little Tricia forgot about one thing. The security cameras."

Light dawned in Anna's eyes, and a second later in Erin's.

"You watched the video and you know what happened." That was Erin. She was trying to sound nasty, but it didn't really work with her squeaky little voice.

"Yep. I don't know why she did what she did when I walked in on you, but she'd not going to get away with it. I'm going to take care of her. But you two will have to be out of here today so she thinks whatever plan she's got going is working."

"What are you going to do?" Anna looked like she wanted to take care of Tricia herself.

"You're just going to have to wait to find out." The girls didn't look happy about that, but the look on my face made it clear that I wasn't going to negotiate this one.

When Tricia showed up for work that afternoon, I pulled her into my office, too. I sat her down and tried to look as solicitous as I could.

"Hey, are you okay after last night? That must have been terrible. You sure you don't want me to make a police report or anything?"

"I'm okay." She was staring down at the floor. "No, don't say anything to the cops, as long as those two girls are gone. But..." She looked up at me with that shy, reticent expression that I recognized from last night. Nice act, girl.

"What? Something wrong?"

"No, it's just that... When you saw me naked, I was... embarrassed, but I kinda liked it, too. And then when you were holding me, it was just... nice. Do you think you'd ever want to see me naked again?" Oh, this girl was good. But she was out of her league this time.

"Uh, yeah, actually I would. That would be nice. How about tonight after work? We could go over to my place. If you can make an excuse for your parents why you're working late." I was doing my best to play the old guy with his tongue hanging out over the hot young chick. I was probably doing pretty well, because it wasn't all an act.

Tricia beamed at me. "That would be so cool! Don't worry, my parents won't get suspicious."

"Okay, I've got some things I have to go do. I'll be back just before close and we'll pack things up here and then head over to my house." It was true. I did have some things to do, to get ready for tonight.

Everything was ready. I had a knife stashed on the table by the bed. Not one of the kitchen knives from the restaurant, this was a serious dagger with a wicked point and an edge like a razor. Yes, I was ready when I picked Tricia up at the restaurant that night. I couldn't help myself on the way over to my house, I had to talk.

"So, have you ever done anything like that before? The thing with Anna and Erin?" Tricia looked like she'd been slapped.

"No! What kind of girl do you think I am?! They were raping me! I'm a virgin!"

"Okay, don't bite my head off! Do you still want to be a virgin after tonight?" I was rubbing it in a little bit. Tricia had that coy look on her face again.

"Well, maybe not. It'd be nice to have my first time be with you."

"How much have you done with a guy before?" I just couldn't stop. And I really did want to know what experience she had.

"Just like kissing. What... they did to me was the first time I've ever had anybody else touch my boobs or... like down there." She sounded truly embarrassed to be having a discussion like this. Good.

"Anybody else, huh? So you play with yourself?"

"Uh, yeah."

"Ever give yourself an orgasm?"

"Yeah, I can make myself cum." I glanced over and Tricia was chewing on her lower lip, looking like she was wanting to cum right there.

"Bet I can make you cum harder!" Tricia giggled, and I knew I had her where I wanted her.

We didn't waste any time when we got to my house. I pulled the car into the garage so no one would see us get out, and we headed straight for my bedroom.

I wrapped the fingers of one hand in Tricia's hair and crushed my mouth against hers while I undid the buttons of her work shirt with my other hand. She was moaning and writhing as soon as I touched her. And she tasted every bit as sweet as I thought she would. I reached down and pulled up on the hem of her shirt, dragging it up over her head and dropping it to the floor. As I did I leaned back and looked into her eyes. She were wide and wild, like she was up for anything, and she was licking her lips and practically drooling.

I moved my hands to Tricia's tits, which were small, sloping up and out from her chest. I squeezed them, with a milking motion, moving my hands from the base out to the nipples. Tricia let out a soft moan, then gasped when I pinched her nipples. I moved my face down to her chest and sucked her left nipple between my lips.

"Mmmm, yeah, oooohhhh!" She put her hands on my head and pulled my face tighter against her chest. I swept my tongue around her nipple, then closed my lips around it again and sucked. At the same time I moved my hands to her pants, unfastening them and pushing down both her pants and her panties. She stepped out of them, kicking off her shoes at the same time. I ran the fingers of my right hand between her legs and let them glide over the lips of her slit while I sucked her nipple deeper into my mouth and bit down lightly with my teeth.

"Aaahhh, oooohhhh." A sharp gasp, followed by a long, low moan. "Uh, god, you get naked, too!"

I was definitely ready to do that - my cock was throbbing. I stepped back from Tricia, eyed her luscious body, and started stripping off my clothes. She didn't help, just stood there and watched, checking me out as I stripped. She was licking her lips and had a look on her face that said my body was the greatest thing she'd ever seen. Which made me even more sure that she really was a virgin and had probably never seen a naked man. I'm in decent shape for a guy my age, but my age is a fair bit beyond my prime.

When I pulled off my boxers and dropped them on the floor, Tricia's eyes fastened on my cock, which was absolutely stiff and sticking out like it was reaching for her. She licked her lips, and made a sound like a contented cat purring. While she was staring at my dong, I glanced over to make sure that the table by the bed was within easy reach. No problem. Tricia stepped toward me, eyes still locked on my dick, mouth open in anticipation. I reached for her with one hand, wrapped the fingers of the other around the hilt of the knife. She never noticed it.

I pulled Tricia's naked body against mine, then thrust with the knife. It was so sharp she didn't even notice it for a second when I slipped it into the left side of her belly. Then she felt the pain, gasped, and looked down as I slid it back out. I'd only put a couple of inches of it in her, I wasn't ready for this to end yet.

Tricia started breathing heavily as she watched blood running from her belly, down toward her thighs. She put her hand over the wound, blood flowing over her fingers, then lifted her hand in front of her face, stared at it for a moment. She shook her head from side to side, as if clearing out cobwebs from her mind, then looked at me with wild eyes and, almost pleading, said, "Fuck me!"

I couldn't believe she actually wanted it after I'd put a knife in her, but I wasn't going to argue. I shoved her back down onto the bed and stood above her as I forced her legs apart and pressed my cock against her opening. There was blood on her inner thigh from the knife wound, but none actually on the lips of her pussy. I ran the tip of my dick up and down her slit a couple of times, feeling her tremble, hearing her moan, then wedged the head inside her pussy lips and slammed forward with everything I had. Tricia's face contorted in pain and pleasure while her body writhed on the bed.

"Yes, so good! Oooohhhh!" Tricia was one messed-up little girl. I'd felt her cherry pop when I forced myself into her, and she loved it. Now I understood the look on her face when she realized that I'd stabbed her. She liked pain. Enough that it was worth knowing she was going to die to experience the kind of pain I was giving her. As blood from her hymen lubricated me, joining the blood from the hole in her belly, I started pumping in and out of her, as hard as I could, loving the feel of her tight, wet, virgin cunt around my cock.

Tricia's head was rolling from side to side on the bed, and her fingers were clenching at the sheets. Her eyes were closed, and she was making soft moaning sounds. Over several minutes of fucking, I could see her strength starting to flow out of her, as her body seemed to relax and the moans became softer and softer. There wasn't much blood flowing from the wound in her belly now, but I knew she must be bleeding internally. It didn't matter to my cock, which was still having a great time. But I didn't want her to just drift off and slip away, and I started to wonder if there was anything I could do to rouse her from what was starting to look like a stupor. As it turned out, I didn't need to worry.

Tricia's eyes suddenly snapped open wide, staring right at me, and her body tensed again.

"Oh god oh fuck, I'm cumming!" As Tricia's body began to tremble, I felt my balls tighten and the first shot of my cum streamed out into her. I laid the point of the knife against her belly, just above her belly button, and plunged it into her.

"Yes! Yes!" I wasn't sure if it was her orgasm or her death she was celebrating. Her head and shoulders jerked up off the bed and she looked at me. Her eyes were on fire with a light like I'd never seen before, her body jerked, out of her control. Then the light went out, her eyes rolled back in her head, and her muscles went slack. I was still pumping my cum into her lifeless cunt, trying to remember when I'd cum so hard, felt so alive.

I finished emptying myself into the dead teenager, then pulled out and stepped back. As I looked down at her, I couldn't help but think about what might have happened if she hadn't tried to manipulate me, if she'd just been up front about what she wanted. My reverie was interrupted by the sound of a giggle.

"Dude, that was so hot!" That was Erin, who came bursting out of the walk-in closet with Anna. "Wow!" I couldn't tell about Anna, who had a pensive look on her face, but it was obvious that Erin had been masturbating while she watched me fuck and murder Tricia.

"Okay, you two, time to help me clean this up."

"You just can't stop being the boss and giving us orders, can you?" Anna was grinning from ear-to-ear now, and I knew she'd be okay, too. Things were going to be fine. As soon as we got rid of the body.

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