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My name is Lee and Im 19. this this about me and my sister. wrtie back and tell me what you think.
Amber and me, well we have always been very special to each other. Our relationship has always been a special one. She enjoyed being with me from the very beginning and I with her. How many guys can say that about a sister who’s eleven years his senior? How many can say that their big sister enjoyed having him hang out with her? Didn’t get mad at him and send him away when he said or did something stupid? Not many, I suspect. We were always close and I didn’t think that we could become any closer but that was before a hit and run driver five years ago killed our parents’. In the blink of an eye, all we had was each other. We became inseparable, going everywhere together, doing everything together. Well almost everything, we didn’t have sex until a few weeks ago when Amber invited me to dinner. Now that’s not to say that I never wanted to have sex with Amber until a few weeks ago.

Amber and me were confident almost from the very beginning. We were totally at ease with each other. We trusted each other completely. We shared our most intimate thoughts and feelings. We discussed every thing including sex. She told me about her boyfriends and what she enjoyed having them do to her. She spent hours telling me all about the things that excited a girl as well as the things that turned a girl off. Of course, it never occurred to me at the time that she might have welcomed my touch. Once I reached my teens, going into Amber’s bedroom and closing the door was a big no-no where our parents’ were concerned. Things didn’t loosen up until after their death.

After their death, Amber started running around the cottage wearing nothing but thin, white cotton panties and frilly bra that barely contained her melon sized titties. Amber is a short, slender girl, with a small heart-shaped ass and big tits for a girl her size. It was her titties, with their large, ruddy-colored nipples and saucer-size aureole that had me walking around with a perpetual erection. I was whacking off six or seven times a day just to keep from shooting my wad in my Jeans. I could always tell when Amber was horny. Her lovely nipples grew into huge, hard thimbles of tit flesh that showed clearly through Amber’s lace bras and her pussy juices soaked through her panties, leaving her fiery-red bush clearly visible. I would have loved to strip down to my underwear to but it was hard enough, excuse the pun, to hide my long, hard cock when I was wearing loose fitting slacks. Oh, if I had only known then that Amber had wanted me as much as I had wanted her.

The walls in our little cottage were paper-thin and I would hear Amber playing with herself night after night. Night after night, I would close my eyes and imagine Amber there with me, kissing me, touching me. I could feel her body moving rhythmically under mine as my I pumped my cock in and out of her sopping wet hole. I could feel her hips flying upwards to meet me, thrust for mighty thrust. With eyes closed, I could feel our pubic bones mashing together as my cock rammed home time after time. In my mind I could hear Amber’s moans growing louder and longer as we both soared upwards towards an explosive mutual orgasm. Somehow, in reality, lying in our separate bedrooms and in our separate beds, we always had our orgasms at the same time with me shooting my wad in a purloined pair of her panties. Thinking back on all those nights, I wonder what would have happened if I had just walked into her bedroom and crawled into bed with her. How much more satisfying sex would have been for us even if we had done nothing more then hold one another while we masturbated? What had held me back for so many years? I think it was the difference in our ages. I think that I was afraid that my mature, big sister, the woman that I loved with my whole being, would reject my advances and I wouldn’t have been able to handle that.

The years after our parents’ death passed rapidly for us. Suddenly I was eighteen and Amber was twenty-nine. Amber discovered the love of her life, Dave, and moved out of our cottage and into his. Fortunately, his cottage was next door. I spent a lot of time at their house. I was there at least four nights every week. Amber told me she wanted to make sure I had a few well-prepared meals every week. I never liked Dave, I always felt that Amber deserved better, but then I never felt that any guy was good enough for my Amber but me. I never knew just how true my suspicions were until I found Amber stretched out on a lawn chair nursing a double Scotch.

I stood in the open garden gate studying her. She was wearing a very short summer print, halter-top dress. The top was tied loosely and I could see her hard, erect nipples as the material moved in the gentle breeze. Fixing myself a drink from the poolside cart, I walked over to where she laid. I leaned over and kissed her lightly on the lips.

“Hi, Amber. What’s for dinner?”

“Hi, Lee. Actually I really don’t have anything planned. Maybe you could help me throw something quick together…after we have a couple of drinks to relax. Ok, honey?”

“Ok, Amber. You’ve never asked me to help you in the kitchen before.”

I took my drink and stretched out on the lawn chair opposite hers. As we made small talk, she moved around on the chair making her short dress rise high up on her thighs. Just before we finished our drinks Amber pulled one leg up until her foot rested flat on the seat of the chair and her dress settled around her hips. Suddenly I found myself looking at her fiery-red bush. She didn’t have any panties on and her swollen pussy lips glistened with her juices.

Swinging her legs off the lounge she got up and started for the back door.

“Come on lets fix something simple and I really need to talk to you about Dave and me. Ok, honey?”

We never did get to eat dinner that night. We were in the process of cooking spaghetti when Amber started shaking and tears started streaming down her cheeks. Turning off the burners, I led her into her living room. Sitting close beside her, I encircled her shoulders with my arm.

“What’s the matter, Amber? What’s going on? Tell me what I can do to make it better.”

“It’s David, Lee. I love him. I don’t want to leave him but I can’t go on living like this. He doesn’t care about my sexual needs. He seldom makes love to me, maybe once a month, and then it’s all about his needs. There’s no foreplay. He slams his cock in me and pumps away like a fucking jackrabbit until he shoots his wad in me. Once he gets off, he rolls off me and goes to sleep leaving me to get myself off. Hell, if I wanted to masturbate I could do that without him being there and have more fun doing it.”

Amber twisted around on the small love seat, throwing her arms around my neck, pressing her body into mine, her bare thigh pressing tightly against my hard cock. Her whole body shook in my arms, as her sobbing became uncontrollable.

“I’m sorry…It’s just that I’m so fucking horny all the time. I can’t take it anymore. Just hold me tight, Lee. I need to be held and touched by someone that I know loves me and cares about me.”

Without speaking, I tipped her tear-stained face up to mine and closed my mouth over hers. Slowly her mouth opened and I slipped my tongue inside. Our tongues met, swirling over and around one another like two Ninjas in mortal combat. As we continued to kiss, my fingers found the knot on her halter-top, opening it. Pulling her top down around her waist, I took Amber’s nipples between my thumb and forefinger, first one the other, pinching them, rolling them around, stretching them, milking them until I felt them grow into fiery, hot coals boring into my palms.

Slipping a hand into my lap, Amber unsnapped my Jeans. Unzipping them, she pushed my Jeans and underwear down my thighs freeing my nine-inch cock. Straddling my lap, she impaled herself on my rampant lance. Amber took control, riding my shaft like she was a broncobuster riding a wild bronco at the state rodeo.

Grabbing her hips, I kept her in the saddle as she picked up the pace, bringing us closer to climaxing together. My hips were bucking up off the plush upholstered love seat as I felt my cum swirling around in my balls, starting it final journey up through my long, hard cock to erupt from the slit in my cock knob like steamy hot lava from an erupting volcano.

As our orgasms washed over us in mighty waves, we slipped from the love seat to the deep pile carpeting. Amber squeezed down around my cock with her well-developed pussy muscles, holding me deep inside her hole even after we stopped cumming. As we lay there in each other arms, kissing and touching each other with soothing caresses, I felt my cock starting to grow hard again.

“Oh, sweet Jesus. Are you going to be able to make love to me again so soon?”

“Amber, I’ve wanted to make love to you for so long….I’m going to fuck you so long and so hard tonight that you’re going to think that you can’t cum anymore.”

“Oh, Lee, I’ve wanted you too. I need this. I’m going to be spending a lot of time at your house while David’s sleeping.”

“I love you Amber. I love….”

“Shut up Lee and fuck me. Now. Hard. Rip me wide open with that big cock of your.”

We fell asleep in each other’s arms. On the carpet. Naked. Fortunately, we woke up before David returned home.

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2011-08-11 03:34:38
Wondefurl explanation of facts available here.

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2009-09-30 22:00:11
Geh, incest and unsatisfied women? So stereotypical, you gotta be a complete fool to mess up the equation. Work on the storyline better next time, i never even got a hard on from this....

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2009-09-17 06:02:20
You need to watch your grammar and spelling. Amber and me.... (ugh) ... that's an error someone in middle school makes. You could also describe how her kisses tasted, how her breasts felt in your hands and how her hard, hot nipples were against your body,

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2009-09-16 19:13:19
sequel, i almost cummed my pants


2009-09-15 21:37:47
i did not find this story enjoyable at all. amber claimed that she wanted foreplay, and yet all she got was some nipple play and then it went straight to the guy's needs. there were so many spelling and grammar errors that i lost count.

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