she’s about 5’ 3” on the chubby side, with gorgous legs, big tits and ass. She’s a very naughty girl.
Adventures of babysitting #4

This story just happened over the summer, It’s told again by Candy the Hot 18 year old (you can change the age in your mind to fit your need) babysitter. If you didn’t read the first stories, she’s about 5’ 3” on the chubby side, with gorgous legs, big tits and ass. She’s a very naughty girl.
I never knew if the Smiths wanted me to baby sit or be a sexy plaything. I didn’t care I liked both. The sex was great and so was the money. One night when I was just babysitting, Mr. Smith asked me to come over Saturday morning. I said sure.
Saturday morning, I wondered is this going to be a play day with the kids or a play day with the parents? I just wore regular clothes; The Smiths made me keep all the sexy clothes at their house so my parents would not suspect anything funny was going on. I rode my bike to their house; I got there at 8:00. Mrs. Smith opened the door in her nightgown. She had such a sexy body, her legs were perfect, and she walked like a runway model. One foot in front of the other making her ass look amazing. I couldn’t understand this, I never looked at a women like this before. I was only into men, but since I ate that sweet pussy of hers, I couldn’t stop getting lustful thoughts about her.
She went into the kitchen and pours herself a cup of coffee, She asked me, Did you eat breakfast? I said, No. Well help yourself to some fresh bagels; we have cream cheese or butter and jelly. The kids were in the other room watching cartoons. She sat next to me and crossed her legs. She rubbed her toe on my legs and asked if I wanted to have some fun today? I said “Sure, I never know what to expect when I get here” She said “I don’t have to stress enough, you can’t tell anyone about what we do.” I said, “I know, I never will.” OK after we eat, Mr. Smith wants you to pick out three outfits from your closet” My closet? I said. Yes, we gave converted our guest room to your bedroom. She told me. Cool, I was excited to see my new room. I ate real fast. I told her I was done. She said wait, then she ran her finger on the edge of my mouth to get a drop of cream cheese. She ran it over my lips and into my mouth. It was so seductive, I got wet in my seat. I touched her leg and said “Thank you for everything Mrs. Smith, you guys are the greatest.” I couldn’t help myself my hand found its way up her thigh, she opened them up for me. I entered her wet pussy lips with my finger. She moaned with delight. She said, “We can’t the kids are up” I said “Ok, let me see my new room”
We walked in and my closet had more clothes in it then what we bought, they got all kinds of new stuff. Sexy costumes, like schoolgirl, nurse, cop, biker babe, cheerleader, all kinds of stuff. That’s when Mr. Smith walked in, He said “Good morning” He only had on a pair of bike short underwear on. It made his package look so big. He came over and it brushed ageist my arm. He looked me deep in the eyes and said “ You ready to have some fun today? I said, “Yea, what are we going to do?” He said “ You pick out three things to wear and we are going to go to various places to take pictures and video of you doing all kinds of sexy things like, up skirts, down blouse, bending over, things like that.
I picked a tank top, skirt combo that showed a lot of cleavage. I got a pair of booty hugger red shorts and a tight shirt. I looked over at Mr. Smith and he had a hard on that was almost poking out of his underwear. I said, ”your getting all excited just thinking of me wearing all this stuff, Mrs. Smith said He’s such a voyeur he loves to do this stuff. He gets hard just thinking about it, she rubbed his cock threw his shorts, and then pulled it out she said “ you watch the door and make sure the kids don’t come in. I stood by the door and watched her suck his rock hard cock. He couldn’t keep his eyes off me. She was so good at it, she bent over the bed to expose her sweet ass, and he plowed that gorgeous cock deep into her wet hole. She panted with every pump; I love the way his balls slapped on her swollen clit. She buried her head in the pillow to muffle the cries of orgasm. I knew he was going to cum any minute and sure enough he pulled out and shot four steams of hot cum all over her back and in-between her ass cheeks.
I closed the door and let them get dressed. I went in the other room and played with the kids. We played with the Wii. The kids love to play against me because they always beat me.
A half-hour later Mr. Smith asked if I was ready, I was so I said goodbye to the kids and got in the mini van. First we went to the Park He had a video camera that was a digital camera too. So he video taped me and took pictures at the same time. He told me what to do, like go up the latter on the slide, while he filmed under my skirt . Then me going down the slide. As I got to the bottom he told me to bend over so he could get a shot of my cleavage and my ass. I went on the jungle gym next. That’s when he told me to take my panties off. I hung off the side and let him get more up skirt shots, I lifted my shirt up a few times to let him see my boobies. He had me sit on the edge and told me to slowly take my sneakers and socks off so he could get me bare foot. He took my little feet in his hands and smelled them then licked each toe. Oh it tickled, but felt so good. The park was completely empty so I teased his bulge with my toes, He pulled his cock out the zipper, I jerked his cock off with my little (size 5) bare feet. He loved it. He filmed the whole time. He said “Lets play some more, he put his cock back in his pants, I swung on the swings letting my skirt fly up, he filmed me from front and back. He said, OK lets go to the next place. Put your panties, shoes and socks back on. When we get to the van you can put the Red booty hugger shorts on and tight top, no bra of course and sandals. I got dressed he filmed me the whole time; he was hard the whole time. I rubbed his bulge and asked when I can play with him. He said you could now a little, but I don’t want to cum yet. I released his cock and took it into my hungry mouth. I love the way his cock feels in my mouth its so wide. The taste pre cum and Mrs. Smith’s pussy juice was so delicious. I could see he was really enjoying it by his moans, but he popped it out of my mouth and said “We got to go eat lunch” As we drove down the road I put my bare feet on the dashboard, crossing and uncrossing my legs. I felt and looked so sexy. On the highway a trucker got on our right to get a better look at me. I rolled my window down; I gave him a show he’ll never forget. I pulled my shorts up into my pussy, my pussy lips wrapped around the red material. I lifted up my shirt to let him see my big 38D Bobbies. I bounced them up and down for him. He honked his horn with approval. This made me so hot, I grabbed Mr. Smiths hand so he could finger me while he drove. I gyrated my hips to fuck his big hands. Oh man was I HOT. That’s when we pulled into the BK parking lot. I got myself together and skipped into the place. I could feel my braless boobies bouncing and my ass cheeks hanging out of the back of my tight shorts. I was so happy I couldn’t stop bouncing up and down. I noticed a couple of men lusting after my sweet body. I bent over the counter to show the cute guy my cleavage while showing those perverts behind me my big ass. I switched from one foot to another so they could see both ass cheeks as they hung out of my shorts. This got Mr. Smith HOT too. He couldn’t even order straight.
I sat down in front of Mr. Smith in one of those two-seated booths. I kicked my sandal off so my toe could play with his bulge while he ate. The guy next to us noticed this and he was rubbing himself threw his Dockers. I kept looking at him rubbing himself and I rubbed the underside of my boobies. When no one except him was looking I popped one boob out quick. That brought him over the edge and he came in his pants. I could tell from the look on his face and the stain in his pants when he got up to throw his trash out. Well we finished eating. Mr. Smith told me he couldn’t take it anymore he had to have me now.
We got in the mini van and drove to his house. We had the whole house to our self. Mrs. Smith must have took the kids some were. As soon as the door behind us shut. Mr. Smith attacks me. He was kissing and licking my hot legs and ass. Pulling them off as I tried to get up the stairs. I was completely naked by the time I got to the top. I made like I was running away from him, but I wanted him as much as he wanted me. When we got to my bedroom, I jumped on my bed. He set the camera up on the dresser to film all the action that was about to take place. Then he undressed faster than ever. His cock looked so big and hard I wanted it inside me so bad. He feverishly kissed my neck working his way down to my tits sucking each one like a hungry baby. I stroked his hard cock the whole time. He worked his way down to my dripping wet pussy and licked it so fast. My clit was so sensitive with each stroke of his big tongue. I came right in his mouth, my legs almost broke his neck. I told him, “FUCK me now!” Give me that big cock, he teased me with the head of his big cock then he plunged it into my tight pussy. Oh it felt so good, he slammed it like a jackhammer making my tits bounce off my face. He grabbed both of them, not missing a beat. He flipped me over so I was on top, I bounced up and down on that gorgeous cock of his, he grabbed and slapped my big fat ass telling me “Your such a good bad girl” I rolled my ass to feel his cock on my G-spot and I came again. I was shaking with delight.
I had enough so I got off his cock and started to suck it so I could taste his HOT cum in my mouth. I sucked each one of his balls, tickling his butt hole with my finger, then I knew he was about to cum so I pumped that sweet rod in and out of my mouth until he spurted his load all over my mouth and throat . I swallowed every drop.
I was so excited I wanted to see all the pictures and video. We got dressed and he connected the camcorder to the flat screen and we watched. Some of it. I didn’t realize how hot I looked until I saw myself on TV.
Then Mrs. Smith got home with the kids and asked if Mr. Smith told me I was going to watch the kids tonight, I said “ No it must have slipped his mind” She said “Yes we have a dinner party to go too. We’ll be home at 11:00.
So now I’m a baby sitter again. Come on kids lets play the Wii again!

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I really enjoyed it but this story needs lots more detail and suspense. please write more and add more.

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make one where she dose the kids but the kids are twins 1 boy and 1 girl


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Boring,infantile,nearly unreadable grammer, no build-up to climactic conclusion,no reason to care what these charactors do or feel; Take a class in creative writting.

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