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introduction so not as much sex time as next part will be.
Hey there, my names Alice, and this is my story.
I’m 5 foot 9 with a fairly slender body, I’m 15 years of age but most of my friends are 16. Most of my life I haven’t been sure on my sexual orientation, but I have come to decide I’m a Bi-sexual. I live on an island of only 10’000 people; my school is located right in the middle. A lot of my friends at school called me Alsy. This is a story of a girl I met at school.

My best friend Riri who is like a brother to me, always used to hang out with the lower level grades at lunch time. My other best friend Shanny, previously went out with Riri a few years back. She never got over him. Every lunch Shanny would go to see Riri because it made her happy, and every time she went someone had to go with her. Today, it was my turn.

“Common Shanny do we have to?” I whined.

“Please Alsy, I think today I might tell him I love him” said Shanny.

So I went, and when I got there I couldn’t find Riri. Instead were some of his lower grade friends. To my surprise they were all girls! And HOT girls too.

“Is Riri here?” I asked them.

“Riri!!!” they shouted

Riri ran from around the corner of the building, “hey Alsy, Shanny, what's up?” he said

I could see his fingers glistening in the sunlight, my first thought was either a water fight or he was peeing around the side of the building. Just as I was about to ask him, the hottest of all the girls walked out from around the building. She was panting like she just ran a marathon, I put 2 and 2 together and figured that it wasn’t pee on his fingers, it was pussy juice. I looked up at Riri with a stunned face; he winked at me in agreement.

Lunch ended and he walked up to me, now because he is like my brother I have told him practically everything, including my sexuality. “So did you like that one?” he asked pointing to the still panting girl. “Oh my god she is so hot! What I would do to do her” I stated.

“Since its Friday, how about u come for a sleep over?” he asked

“Why? It’s not like she-“I was cut off, he placed his fingers into my mouth, filling my mouth with sweet tasting flavours.

“Her names Eboni and you won’t be the only one there” he said. “7pm, parents are out, let yourself in”.
I stood there shocked as he walked away.

I didn’t waste any time once school was over, I dashed home and took a shower.
I’m not a very erotic dresser however, I wanted to look as good as I could for what was waiting for me, and so I put on my big sisters lingerie and my own lacy bra. Perfect I thought to myself.
I had dinner at 6:30 and left ASAP to get to his place. I arrived finding his door unlocked just as expected, I walked in slowly, about to call out I heard the shower running upstairs. I slowly walked upstairs trying to make as little noise as possible. As I got to the top I saw the bathroom door slightly open. Inside was Eboni, completely naked right in front of my eyes. It was amazing, she was absolutely beautiful, nice B cup breasts, and a perfect pussy mound shaved except for a tab of neatly trimmed hair at the top.
Suddenly out of nowhere I was pushed into the bathroom.

“Enjoy!” shouted Riri’s voice as he closed the door behind him.

I was so stunned at how much sexier she looked up close but then started to panic as she turned around and look directly at me, “s..s..s..sorry...” I stammered. She turned the water off and stepped out of the steaming shower, I starting feeling hotter and it wasn’t from the shower heat.

“Hey can you towel me down? I can’t reach everywhere” Eboni said seductively. Faster than superman I found a towel and started to rub up her back. When I was done I handed her the towel.

“What cant u do my front?” she pouted. I slowly placed the towel on her neck, drying slowly as I go, and then trailing down to her breasts. “Wow you have really gentle hands” she said. She then grabbed my hands dropping the towel and placed them on her breasts. “So are you here to fuck Riri?” she asked. “Oh no, I came cause you were here, I think your beautiful” I nearly shouted. She dropped my hands. “Oh well in that case” she abruptly said. Immediately pulling me into her sleek naked body pressing my lip to hers, we kissed passionately for 2 minutes.

“Let’s go somewhere more, comfy” she seductively said, beckoning to the room opposite the bathroom. I followed her in there; on the bed was a dildo and kinky fluffy handcuffs. “Are those for us?” I asked, but she didn’t say anything, instead she started kissing me again while unbuttoning my shirt. As soon as my shirt dropped to the floor she expertly removed the bra releasing my average C cup breasts. Eboni started on my short shorts straight away, wasting no time with the panties. I stood there slightly embarrassed as she
checked out my naked body head to toe.

“So how many people have you screwed?” she asked.

“Ummm...I’m kind of a virgin...but I have kissed heaps of guys before” I shamefully admitted.

“Well it looks like that’s about to change” she said as she moved closer.

She pushed me towards the bed, all I could do was lie down, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. She laid on top of me and started to kiss me again, but as I was getting into it she broke the kiss, she kissed my chin, then my neck, then she gently kissed my chest and then my breast, slowly rising to my nipple, she then took my breast in her mouth. I gasped in pleasure, the feeling was amazing, suddenly all doubts in my mind vanished, I knew I had to have her. Before she had the chance to continue her descent on my body I
grabbed her shoulders and rolled her off me and I climbed on top of her.

“I don’t like being submissive” I said in a very confident tone.

She started to giggle, “I can tell”

I figured that if I was to do it right I may as well copy what she did to me, so I started kissing her neck then instead of showing that I didn’t know what I was doing, I started licking her body, trailing down her chest and up her breast. Licking her nipple as soon as my tongue touched it she started to moan softly, I figured what I was doing was good, I started flicking my tongue and alternating breasts, her moans became louder
and she started squirming on the bed.

“Enough!” she screamed. “I want you bad! Lick my cunt! NOW!”

That was all the permission I needed to work up the guts to finally have my way with her. I slowly moved my face down to her neatly trimmed hair, I licked around the hair down to her small mound. I traced my tongue around her mound intentionally missing her pussy slit, she started to groan on the bed, I knew she wanted me but I wanted to savour this moment. The smell of her pussy was intoxicating and I knew I wanted to smell her every day, as I was in my trance from her smell she wrapped her legs around my head and pulled my lips directly onto her pussy, I was caught by surprise but didn’t hesitate, instead I darted my tongue forward into her slit, she tasted 3 times as good as Riri’s fingers. I started lapping at her pussy. I started driving my tongue down hard trying to get as much of her pussy juice into my mouth as possible. I started to slow down my pussy frenzy to focus on giving her pleasure. And I knew exactly how to do that. I started to move my tongue around her clitoris hood being careful not to directly touch her clit. About 2minutes of circling her clit I decided to make my move, I removed my tongue for a split second then flicked it directly across her clit, she screamed in pleasure. I started to assault her clit like a girl on a mission. 5 minutes of clit assaulting she started to tighten her grip around my head, I knew she was close, she started to breath really heavy and out of nowhere, “OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed, filling my mouth with her sweet sweet nectar trickling down my chin. She started to calm down
and released her leg grip off my head.

“My turn” she said with a grin “Play times over Alice, Riri!”

Part 2 coming soon.
comment please.

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2017-02-09 09:34:18
whens the next one coming it was a really good series

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2011-06-01 12:31:34
whens the next one coming it was a really good series


2009-10-07 17:46:08
I may be a THICK kiwi, but can some one tell me how a Australian male,called Alice can write a True story about lesbians? As a fantasy it is not too bad

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2009-09-20 17:36:54
i thought it was good not great, but still a wonderful story


2009-09-19 01:16:17
Any ideas for part 2?

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