Two boys, first experiances and plenty of playing
This is a true story about one of my first experiences with sexuality growing up. I would be happy to write of others as well. If you do not like the subject matter discussed, no need to read further. And as you can tell, I am not a writer; just someone wanting to share some stories of better times.

I lived an average and happy life as a boy. I lived in a fairly upscale coastal town in Northern Florida. My summer days were spent living at the ocean with a surfboard and my music. I did have friends, but most of the days I would be up early and on the beach while they preferred gaming or skating. I had a brother, but he was a few years younger and not really old enough to do the thing I enjoyed without the parents watching him. Being in a tourist type area, my friend base would grow come summer when some of the renters and summer home owners would get into town.

I was 11 years old the summer in which this event takes place. I was a fairly normal kid by most standards. I was a big tall for my age, but otherwise just your average boy. The past couple summers I had made a new friend a few years older than me who would come down June and July to their summer house. We would hang out sometimes, but he spent most of his time with his older brother. This year he was 15, and his brother was 19. We always got along excellent, and he enjoyed surfing and hanging out. When the family arrived this year, I was surprised to see only Matt and not his brother.

Matt came over to me on the beach still in his sneakers and jeans to say hello. I asked where his brother is, and he told me he had a summer internship, so would be driving down for a few weekends but not around this year. I was excited as that meant more time we could hang out, and by the looks of him running over in his sneakers in the sand, I believe he thought the same thing!

The next week was great. We would meet everyday in the morning with our boards ready to hit the waves. After spending the morning surfing, we would typically take turns at my place or his for lunch, then get right back to the beach. Afternoons would be much of the same, either surfing, Frisbee, football or biking down to the inlet. Matt wanted to spend every minute together, which made me feel very special and I absolutely had a blast with him.

Nights were mostly spent with our families. I would have dinner at home then maybe do something with them. After the first week though, Matt started coming over at night after dinner and we would hang out on the beach or by the pool and talk. Now, this was odd for me. I never really just hung out with a friend and talked. We talked about life, school, music, cars and all that good stuff. We both were very similar in tastes, especially for cars and music. We then started talking about girls, which was a subject I did not have much experience in. Wanting to seem cooler and older, I did try to get involved with the conversations as much as possible. The issue was though, that I had a total crush on Matt, something I really could not figure out a way to explain to myself.

Maybe it was the soft way he spoke, or the way he would look directly into my eyes when we were talking. A smile perhaps. I can not really nail it down, but I had never really felt this way before. I obviously kept this to myself, and another week went by of the same thing. It was a Thursday night, and we brought my radio down to the ocean to go hang out as it was a nice and clear night. We put our towels down near the dunes so we were a bit propped up, and turned on the radio. After a few songs, "Shine" by Collective Soul came on and almost at the same time we both said, "I love this song!" As he said it though, his hand went on top of mine to kind of grab it. As we both sang the words, he held my hand there for a good 30 seconds. My heart was racing, and I had no idea what to think. I looked over at him but he just continued to lay back with his eyes closed. When he let go, he looked over and into my eyes and gave me a soft smile.

A few more songs went by and my heart was still going. I wasn't sure what to make of it all. I had to leave to go pee in the ocean quickly and think about things for a moment. When I came back, I laid back down, but decided to be closer just to see. I was now only maybe 6 inches away, and our hands were just about touching. "Run Around" by Blues Traveler came on, and we both sang that song and rocked out a bit. Then came Hootie and the Blowfish, who he loved as it was a kind of hometown band for him. They were a favorite of mine. It was "Let Her Cry" and we both sung it, and then I kind of laughed and said "it would have been better if they played 'Hold My Hand." He had a small giggle and under the moon I could almost see a blush. Then, out of nowhere, he leans on his side and kisses me. I was frozen for a moment as he was propped up just looking at me. I turned a bit and kissed him back. There I was, 11, barely even gave a girl a peck on the cheek, making out with a cute 15 year old BOY.

It only took about 2 seconds to have a rock hard boner at this time. Being a horny kid, I was most likely jerking off about 5 times a day. Honestly though, I can not remember if I actually thought about sexual things, or just did it quickly because it felt good. This was the first time I had a boner for a REASON though, and it felt amazing. It was also extremely noticeable as my mesh type basketball shorts were not hiding anything! After a minute or so of kissing, he rolled over and got on his hands and knees on top of me, pushing my shoulders down to the blanket and kissing me deep and hard. His cock was pressed against mine, and I'm not sure if either one of us could possibly have been any harder.

I could feel his hands trembling a bit, and I'm sure mine were as well. He sat up, still hoovering above me. His smile said it all. He didn't ask for permission, he just slipped my shorts down a bit to expose my boner. He then spit in his hand, and rubbed all around my dick. It was the most amazing sensation I had felt. I just closed my eyes and was in heaven. It only took a moment for me to stiffen up and have a powerful orgasm. I was not shooting loads at that point, but did have a bit of sticky clear liquid come out. Matt then pulled his pants down, and exposed his beautiful dick. He was bigger than I was, and obviously hit puberty. He had a very small patch of hair, where I had none. I would say I was maybe 4" and kind of skinny rock hard, but he was a good 5" and nice and full. I just looked in amazement, and sat up and took his cock in my hand. Now I was a master and the 2 finer jerk off for me, but this was a handful. I tried to copy him and spit in my hand and slide it up and down. It felt so soft to the touch, silky almost. He let out a small moan as he tipped his head back while I stroked him. It only took a moment, and he said, "I'm gonna shoot." Right as he finished saying it, I was startled to see shot after shot of white goo coming straight at me! The first shot hit my face, the second on my shirt and a bit more dripped down onto my still hard dick.

I really had no idea what just happened, but he was giggling. I wiped my face off with my arm, and he leaned in and licked the spot where the cum was. He went, "mmmm..." and then kissed me again. He didn't really explain what happened, and I kind of knew, but now REALLY knew what happens! He took his beach towel and wiped my shirt off while giggling still and going, "Damn... I never shoot that far!" He then looks down at my boner, and licks the cum from by the base, and didn't stop there.

Without missing a beat, the next thing I know his mouth is completely over my dick and I am having sensations beyond belief. He looks up at me with smiling eyes as he bobs up and down on me. His tongue is swirling around the head, and then up and down the shaft. I tried not to cum... this felt way too good! After a couple minutes though between his tongue and HIS moaning as he sucked me I could not resist. I let out a big sigh as I went into multiple spasms. It was the longest, hardest and most powerful orgasm I ever had. To use "amazing" would be an understatement.

As I lay there in complete bliss, my mind was racing at the possibility of what I would next do. As he laid down on his blanket, I turned around and hoovered over him. His shorts were pulled up and the head of his dick was sticking past his elastic on his shorts. He lifted his butt a bit to allow me to pull his shorts down. His dick sprung up so hard I could swear it made a noise! I thought, "Well, here goes nothing!" I closed my eyes and put my mouth over his head. It tasty a bit salty yet sweet. It was hot, not warm, that is for sure. I slowly sunk my head a bit lower and felt it go into my mouth. I could tell by his breathing that I was doing a good job. My heart was pounding out of my chest, and I could feel his heart pounding through his dick sliding into my mouth. At this point, I had go gag reflex, and all I could think was how much I loved having Matt's dick inside my mouth.

I was going slowly, trying to take in the experience for as long as possible. His hips were bucking slightly, but I could tell he was trying to resist and be gentle. I didn't do too much besides bob my head up and down, this was my first time. To say I knew what I was doing would be a lie, but some things did come natural. After a few minutes he gently grabbed my hair with both hands and ran his fingers through it. He said, "God Damn Austin, this feels soooooo fucking good!" After another minute or so I hear him whisper, "I'm going to cum dude." This was a moment I did not plan for, and didn't think about it one way or another. The next thing I know, I have a mouthful of cum and he was moaning VERY loud. I kept sucking while trying to swallow his cum. I did not know what to do, so I just kept on sucking and sucking on his beautiful dick. I swallowed his cum and didn't think much about the taste. It was unusual for sure, but was not thinking about the taste much, just how I loved sucking on his dick.

After another minute he laughed and said, "What, you want more?!" I stopped and kind of laughed. I tried to act like I knew what I was doing and just smirked. I told him, "I just wanted to make sure you were done!" He pulled me over and kissed me deep, like he was trying to find any leftover cum still in my mouth. He then squeezed his dick and get a final drop out, and put it on his tongue and then kissed me again.

Both of us were very spent at this point, and we both lay breathing hard with our hearts beating. The music was still playing in the background, and we both tried to just not talk and lay there. It was late and I had to go in at this point, and I was trying to let my hard on go down but it wasn't. I really didn't know what to say or do, so mentioned I better get inside and that I would see him in the morning. He smiled and stole one more kiss. I walked away on a cloud... more than a bit confused by it all but knowing that this would be an incredible summer.

If there is a desire, I would be happy to share more as there is plenty!

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I sucked my first dick on a sleepover and it started a year long relationship. Unfortunately my jock buddy never reciprocated. In fact, he used to blame me for trying to me him gay. We are both married with kids now, but i have a boyfriend on the side (another married guy). life is good


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