Following on from my previous installment 'Kim & Laura' this story picks up around three weeks after the events depicted in that episode. But if you havn't aready read it don't worry
Kim had been fucking Laura now for around three weeks, and it was well into the first term at University. The intense pleasure and rock hard orgasms that she felt with her were like nothing that she had ever experienced before in her short 19 years on this earth. Every night, when everyone else in the Halls had finally staggered off to bed, she would quietly sneak next door to where Laura would be waiting, completely naked on her bed, her ass up in the air and her pussy wet and ready. Kim would creep forwards as quietly as possible; removing her clothes as she went, and then, like an attacker making a killing blow, she would sink her fully erect hermaphrodite cock into Laura’s waiting snatch.
Luckily none of their friends had yet found out about what the two girls got up to late at night. The rooms were well sound proofed and they could each scream out in intense pleasure as loud as they pleased, as mind shuddering orgasms ripped through them both, without anyone hearing them. Both girls revelled in the immunity that their fucking each other gave them, both were constantly charged with sexual energy and when they weren’t fucking each other they were driving all of the boys around them mad with flirtatious looks and nigh-on sexual encounters that never went beyond a short, passionless snog in a club.
Laura found it particularly easy to attract the attentions of the boys, with her sun-golden skin inherent of a long family history in the heat of Australia and large bouncy tits, securely locked inside tight fitting tube tops. Her long smooth legs were always straining beneath the fabric of skin-tight denim jeans, which curved round her glorious peachy arse. Long lustrous dark hair and eyes like emeralds helped to seal the deal and a single glance from Laura was enough to give every guy in the room a twitch in their trousers.
Kim was less of an obvious target for the effects of men but still provided a formidable distraction, she was shorter than Laura and with shorter straighter hair that was a dark as jet. She preferred more feminine clothes, with frills and skirts aplenty, these helped reveal her perfectly smooth pale legs and also her small but perfectly formed breasts, often laid bare with low cut tops. Her face was a petite and perfect as a porcelain doll and seemed just as fragile. But underneath this girly lovable persona she was of course a wildcat in disguise, ready to fuck Laura senseless whenever she fancied with her long feminine hermaphrodite dick.
She and her ‘pet’ Laura now screwed each other whichever and which-way possible and seeing as Kim had both a dick and a pussy this opened up the options considerably. She had fucked Laura in the ass whilst using a double headed dildo to rut backwards and forwards between both their pussies, this time she remembered she had cum particularly had as orgasms screamed through both organs leaving her twitching with the seemingly endless orgasms for minutes afterwards.
But it seemed this never-ending odyssey of pleaseure was not to last, Laura, was taking a trip home for a week to see her family and so both would be bereft of sexual satisfaction for the entirety of that time. The night before she was due to leave, Kim slipped into Laura’s arms and they both fucked harder than ever before, making the most of that glorious feeling while it lasted.
As cumming subsided and they both lay there panting and sweaty in each other’s arms, breasts pressed together and their hair entangled, Laura breathed softly in to Kim’s ear,
‘Don’t wait for me, if you feel the need, fuck away, honestly I don’t mind, stick that glorious cock of yours into some other hole and keep yourself satisfied.’
For this Kim felt a wave of gratitude towards her friend, she didn’t know how she would have lasted otherwise, and the freedom to fuck who she wanted in Laura’s absence sent her mind racing with the possibilities. But for now she simply returned the sentiment and when she woke in the morning, Laura was gone.
The first day alone was not as hard as expected and Kim made it through the day almost as normal, but as soon as evening came and she found herself sleeping alone in her bed with a raging boner and no-one beside her that she found it hard to sleep. By the next evening it took a matter of physical concentration to stop herself getting a hard-on beneath her skirt. Retiring to her room after dinner she could take it no longer and pulling down her skirt and panties, with some difficulty over her now pulsing penis she grabbed it in both hands and with only a few short strokes was cumming heavily with built up sexual energy, her pussy juices leaked down the side of her legs as her cock spurted out round after round of thick white cum.
But it was not enough; she missed the feeling of closeness and the wonderful smoothness of Laura’s pussy. She didn’t know what was wrong with her, she had never felt this incredible need to cum before she had met Laura, she had lit a fire inside her that could only be dowsed with the realise of her own sex, she had to find a better way.

As luck would have it, another way had presented itself, in the form of Freddie. Freddie was good friends with both girls and the rest of their friends and had had his eyes on Kim now for at least two months. To start with he was just shy but then he had been blocked by that almost impenetrable barrier that Kim and Laura managed to create around themselves. However now with Kim alone the barriers were down and he saw his chance, he had followed her back to her room after dinner and, as chance would have it she had left her door slightly ajar when she had walked in flustered and distracted.
At first he had hesitated, wondering if he should just leave it for tonight, she probably wasn’t in the mood to be hit on, but, giving into his urges, he pushed the door slightly inwards and was greeted by the sight of Kim’s beautiful round arse as she pulled down her panties with her back to him. Then, still facing away from him she had started to rub her pussy and let out small exited moans of pleasure as she did so. Freddy had felt his own hand reaching down to his crotch, hardly believing his luck, as he reached down inside his trousers and stroked his now raging boner. Kim got steadily more exited and seemed to be on the verge of cumming, the sight drove Freddy wild and he felt the familiar twitch in his hand.
It was just then that Kim had chosen that moment to spin round, her eyes tight shut with the pressure of the orgasm, revealing her long pulsing cock to Freddie as he stroked his own from the doorway. The sight of that smooth feminine member, shooting it’s pure white fluid out from Kim’s crotch almost made him cum where he stood and he gasped as he fought back the urge.
Kim’s eyes were still shut as she relaxed slightly, the tension leaving her as her cock began to loosen in her hand, as she stoked her sensitive soaking pussy with the other. Freddy was still transfixed by the sight of her dick, still twitching above that perfect wet little pussy. Kim seemed to be breathing something under her breath and as she did so, her eyes opened just a sliver as she massaged the last of the spunk out of her dick.
So there Freddie stood, with his hands down his pants, watching as the girl he had fantasised over for months stand there naked and horny before him.
Freddie opened his mouth to utter a hasty apology and then flee but before he could do so, Kim had stepped forwards, grabbed him by the collar and landed a full bodied kiss on his semi-opened lips.
‘wh…..!’ he managed to stammer as she pulled him inside and shut the door behind them,
‘don’t talk,’ she said hurriedly, pulling at his belt buckle, ‘don’t say a word, I want you, I must have you… now!’ exited by the trill of the moment, Freddie grinned a wolfish smile and quickly threw his trousers to the ground, then grabbing one of Kim’s tits in one hand and reaching round her back with the other he landed another kiss on her soft waiting lips.
The sight of Freddie’s fully erect 7 inch dick aroused something in Kim that she had not felt for a long time and returning the kiss she grasped the protruding member with her free hands whilst she felt her own begin to swell again. By now the two were furiously making out with their tongues desperately seeking the back of each other’s throats. Freddie took a cautious step forward as he removed Kim’s bra and t-shirt, forcing her back into the bed and swiftly followed after, pinning her to the bed covers with his weight. Kim’s senses were alive with a wild uncontrollable passion as she caressed Freddie’s back with her hands, digging her nails into his flesh and grinding herself against his bulk.
Kim was now once again fully erect and an excited feeling began to build at the base of her crotch, just inside her pussy.
‘I want you inside me,’ she groaned between thrusts with her pelvis, ‘stick your cock in me Freddie, I want you to fuck me, put all of yourself inside of me.’
Freddie needed no other invitation and grabbing her firmly by the hips he flipped her over onto her front like a rag doll, marvelling at the pure smooth round form of her buttocks. Gently he grabbed her tits in each hand and pulled her up into a kneeling position, then, with one quick motion he thrust the full length of his dick into her soaking wet pussy. Kim screamed with pleasure as she felt him enter her, never before had such a feeling enveloped her, with the full thick mass of Freddie’s cock inside her it felt like she was going to tear in two.
‘oh….oh my god Freddie, you’re so big! I know you want to fuck me, now so do it Freddie do it, cum inside me.’ With another wolfish grin Freddie pulled out a short way and then with another vicious thrust, dug his cock back into her, then again and again, increasing with pace as he did so. Reaching round and leaning forward as he continued to pound her pussy, he leaned forward and grabbed Kim’s free cock in one hand and then continued to massage it in pace with the rhythm of his cock in her pussy.
As soon as she felt this Kim went from simply biting her lip with the pleasure to screaming at the top of her lungs as both her pussy and her cock were fucked beyond all reason. The incredible smooth feeling of that giant dick, thrusting in and out of her pussy, mingled with the rough texture of a foreign hand on her cock felt like she was about to explode with the intensity of it.
‘huuuuuuuhhhhh! Oh shit! Fuck! Fuck! Freddie you fucking stud that feels so fucking good, keep doing it, fuck me, fuck me till your balls run dry!’ she screamed as she felt the pressure rising in her groin.
‘Fuck, oh shit, I’m so close, so close!’
Freddie, was in a world of his own, the glorious feeling of Kim’s tight pussy was beyond anything he had imagined and the fact that he could massage her dick whilst fucking her in the pussy was so incredible that he didn’t know how long he could last. Just as he thought that, he felt Kim’s vaginal muscles tighten around his dick and he heard her scream out one long passionate howl as she came all over his dick. In that moment he know that he couldn’t take it any more and he felt his own groin tense as he shot a full load into her waiting pussy. To Kim it felt like a hose was on at full blast inside her and at the same time she felt her own cum bursting from the head of her cock as if she was simply an extension of Freddie’s massive cumming penis.
Kim took breath after deep breath as orgasm after orgasm flooded through both her pussy and her cock and she collapsed forwards onto the bed, still twitching as the aftershock ripped through her. Freddie, pulling his dick out of her cum soaked pussy, collapsed down onto the sheets next to her, he too gasping at the air as he beheld her glorious femme form.
‘Holy shit’ he managed after a moment, running his hands through her hair and placing the other on her ass. ‘Do we get to do that again?’
Kim turned towards him and returned the same shark-like grin he had given her earlier, ‘oh we do that again stud, that and much, much more, just you wait and see.’

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