Yea, I had no idea you were Swinger's
Foot sex in the steam room

I go to a racquetball club / spa twice a week I have a friend Jill who I've been playing racquetball with for years. After we played for an hour we relaxed in the steam room and she asked me about my vacation. We are good friends and she doesn’t know or talk to anybody in my family or work so I was safe, but I still told her "this doesn’t leave this room "she said my lips are sealed. I told her everything that happened on the road trip. I could see she was getting hot and bothered because her hand was between her legs. She's such a cute little girl. She's like 30 but she's a little over four feet tall. Nice little boobs and ass. Phil likes her tiny little feet. He said he would love to suck on them, He's such a pervert. I said "Pretty hot huh?”She said "Yea, I had no idea you were Swinger's" I said "I don't know about that, we only did it that week” She said "Do you think I'm pretty? I said "Your so cute, sure your beautiful" She said " Pete (her husband) & I thought about it once or twice but were afraid of catching a STD or something, we even went to a couple Toga Joe parties " I said "Toga Joe " She said "Yea they have parties around Keinsberg NJ at a hotel around every holiday. They really know how to party, a lot of sexy girls, but I didn't see any guy's I would want to be with, plus I was a little scared. I said, "Did you ever think of having sex with a woman?" She said "I thought about it but I never did, At that point we were facing each other wall to wall with out feet almost touching, I scooted toward her and touched her feet with my feet and ran my toe up her thigh and then I put it in her little pussy flicking her clit, She loved it then I took her foot and put it in my pussy and I said 'Isn't this fun? She said "I like it, I feels so good. We were both fucking each other with our feet. Wait till I tell Phil he's going to shoot a load in his pants. After we came we took our showers and I said "We got to go to one of those party's together, I have to talk to Phil I'm sure he'll go.
When I got home Phil had dinner ready and we ate dinner then I told him what happened at the spa, he got so horny. He said "You guys foot fucked each other? I said "Yea, but what do you think about us hooking up with Jill & Pete. He said "OK as long as we're all together" Now I never met Pete, I just heard about him from Jill, just that he owns a auto body shop and works real hard. I never asked her what he looks like.
Well Jill told Pete and he said "We can all meet at the Toga party the next one is for Thanksgiving" I said "What should I wear?" She said did you ever flash your boob?" I told her I did it for Phil when we went shopping and stuff. She said "They have a time in the party were the girls flash their breasts and they get Toga Joe Shirts, they will love those boobies " So what your saying I have to wear something were my top comes off easy.
So when I got home after we ate I went upstairs and put on this short white dress that was tied behind my neck and showed a lot of cleavage. When I came down the stairs I asked Phil if this was OK for the party. He just attacked me saying YES, YES, YES and we had sex right in the foyer.
Well we went to the party that Saturday night at about 10:00, we got there before Pete & Jill so we helped ourselves to the Buffet, and they had Turkey with all the trimming. While we were eating, in came Jill & Pete. She had on this one piece dress that barely covered her, with High heel shoes. Pete looked Italian or something he was handsome, but he was short. No wonder he married Jill, He was like 5 feet tall himself. They made a cute couple though. So we made small talk and before you know it Pete asked me to dance. So I got up and with my heels on I was taller than Pete so I kicked them off, I was barefoot it felt funny dancing with someone that I knew wanted to have sex with me and my husband is sitting there watching me. The dance floor was crowded and Pete was holding me close and I felt his cock rub against my thigh. He was hard I couldn't believe it, just from dancing. He could not keep his eyes off my cleavage. So I said "Fuck it" I rubbed his cock with my hand and said "You and Jill are a great couple she so lucky to find someone like you" He said "Are you and Phil happy together ' I said "We've never been better" So before we knew it the song was over and we went back to the table. Phil said, "I saw that, it was so Hot, give me your panties, I did and he smelled them right in front of everybody. He stuck his finger in my pussy and licked it. They looked at us with their jaw almost on the table.
We talked some more then a song came on and Jill grabbed Pete’s hand and said that's my song and they went to the floor, then Phil grabbed my hand and we started to dance, I was grinding myself into his cock to get him hard and put his hands on my ass. That did it he was full mast then I got in front of him and he rubbed his cock on my ass as we danced then I grabbed Jill and Pete and we had a little train going we were all rubbing each other it was so hot, Pete started sucking my tit and Phil had his hand up Jill’s skirt. Pete's hand found my bald pussy and fingered me right on the dance floor. Oh man, were we ready, but we cooled off. The guy with the shirts came onstage and I flashed my tits and got a Black Toga X shirt.
Then around 1:00 we got a room, it felt weird. I kept asking Phil if he was OK and he was. So we got on one bed and we were like animals in heat. We were tearing each others cloths off. Pete had a nice little tushy and he shaved his cock for the occasion. It was about the same size of Phil not as thick. I rubbed it all over my body and got him real hot, Jill just followed my lead and sat on Phil face and he licked her pussy like a pro. She was cumming all over his face. Then he sat her on his belly and sucked on her little feet, she turned around and took his fat cock in her mouth and he kept sucking on her feet, then he blew his load in her mouth. She didn't stop sucking. She was proud she got him off so quick. I put my pussy in Pete’s face and sucked his cock; Jill started licking his balls and kissed me too. We both started sucking his cock, I was fucking his tongue and face, boy he was good at that. My clit was throbbing; he must have loved my bald pussy. Then he came, It felt like it wasn't going to stop, It went in my mouth then Jill grabbed it and she got some in her mouth then we kissed each other with our cum soaked lips.
Then I got on Phil and rubbed my pussy on his fat cock and got him hard again, Jill was doing the same to Pete in the other bed. Then I slipped his cock into me and road him good and hard. I was screaming it felt so good, I looked over at Jill and Pete was fucking her doggie style, his balls were slapping her clit. I said lets switch now. So I got in the doggie position ass in the air and he was pounding me, now I was laying flat on my stomach and he whispered in my ear, I want to cum in your ass, I said "Go for it " Then His cock slipped right in my ass and with like 10 good strokes he shot his second load up my ass. Then I watched Phil Fuck little Jill she was facing his feet then she turned around, he held her little ass ands she was bouncing on his cock and shoved her feet in his face, he pulled her off and she jerked him off with her little feet and he came all them in no time. Then we went to sleep in our husbands arms.
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