We are at a formal event that takes place in a hotel banquet room. We are seated next to each other, I am wearing a black dress and heels and you’re in a black suit. I’m horny and freshly shaven, as always when I know I’ll be seeing you.

During dinner you keep rubbing your hand up my inner thigh, each time getting dangerously close to my pussy. We’ve been playing this flirting game for years, yet it’s never really amounted to very much-at least not for quite a long time. I have no reason to believe that tonight will be any different.

I shift in my seat toward you and let my legs fall open to give you better access. You take my hand under the table and place it on your swollen cock. I feel my nipples harden. I look around the table and everyone is occupied, not noticing that we are in our own little world.

You lean over and whisper in my ear to go to the bathroom and remove my panties and bring them to you. I am told to bring my smell back on my fingers for you. I excuse myself from the table and go to the ladies room and do what you told me to do.

I hand you my panties under the table and say you have a crumb on your face and I ‘brush it off’ slowly, so you can smell my sex on my fingers. You subtly smile at me with approval.

Seated at the table, I’m very aware of how bare I am. You keep nudging my legs open and brushing your hand and fingers across my pussy. I know that if the tablecloth was any shorter, my bare pussy would be visible. This excites you, knowing I’m exposed under the tablecloth, for your pleasure. It excites me too.
Dinner concludes and you invite me out for a smoke. You have a cigar and I have a cigarette. We find a spot outside behind some trees, somewhat hidden. You are standing behind me and pull me to you, wrapping my shawl around us.

I feel your hand find its way to my bare and now very wet pussy. I lean back against you and can feel your hard cock against my ass. My hand instinctively starts to stroke you over your pants.
You insert your finger, which has a small ‘pocket rocket’ vibrator on it. You start finger-fucking me with the little vibrator. “Oh My God” I sigh as I grind my ass against your hard cock and my cunt against your hand. I can’t believe you have brought this little surprise and are using it on me right here, right outside in the smoking area! As I get closer to cumming, I start to moan and you put your hand over my mouth just in time to cover up my orgasmic cries.

Just as we pull apart, others from the party come outside; we can hardly believe how lucky we are to have gotten away with what we just did. I explain that I’m going to the bathroom to clean myself up-my juices are dripping down my leg and you stop me saying, “Not yet, I’m not done with you.”

I’m fairly disheveled as we get back to the table, very wet and breathing heavily. As I grab my drink, you slip me your room key and tell me to be there in 10 minutes.
I slide the key into my bag and finish my drink.

I enter your room. It’s dark in there yet I can see you waiting for me. I walk up to you and I kiss you deep and hard. You kiss and bite my neck and I drop to my knees and start unzipping your pants. All I want is your beautiful cock in my mouth. I start licking and sucking you, and get wetter and wetter. I can feel your cock growing, filling up my mouth as I suck you.

You pick me up, tear off my dress, put me on the dresser and start licking my soaking wet pussy, tasting my cum from earlier. I’ve got my hands on your head and am pulling you into me.
You lick and suck me and I am dripping wet and so is your face. I can’t stand it anymore; all I can think is that I need your cock inside of me. I’ve needed it for so long, I cannot wait any longer.

Finally you slam into me, aggressively. You pound into me with an intensity I didn’t expect. You feel electric. I gasp and cling to you, my arms around your neck as I watch your cock slide in and out of me.
I stop for a second and slowly grind and rock my hips and clit against you. I know I’m cumming, but I can’t stop it. You feel my muscles contract around you and start pumping me as I cry out. I bury my face into your neck as I shutter with orgasm.

You stand me up and bend me over the bed. I see our reflection in the mirror as you enter me from behind, me in my heels and bra, and you in your suit jacket. I am so turned on by the sight of us in the mirror, half undressed, fucking each other like this. You know how much I need this; I know how much you need this. Yet we don’t have long, not nearly long enough.

You are moving faster now and deeper and I match you, pushing my ass back against each thrust. I can feel the swell coming and hear your low deep groans of pleasure building and building; it’s building again in me too. You say how I seduced you and how you’ve known for so long how hungry I am for your cock inside me.

I respond that it was you who seduced me, a long time ago, and how you made me need your cock. You made me this way.

Then you tell me to say it. You want to hear me say it. You tell me to say that I need you to fuck me.

And it’s true, I do-

And so I say it.

As you fuck me I say, “Yes…I NEED you to fuck me. I have needed it for as long as I can remember. That’s just the way it is. I can’t help it. I need your perfect cock fucking my pussy.”

And with that, you cum and cum, your beautiful pulsating cock exploding into me, emptying into me. We are pressed against each other, your arm around my waist, and I come again too, arching my back and not wanting it to end.

We collapse on the bed, panting, but know we’ve been away from the party too long and it might be noticed that we are missing. We briefly clean ourselves up but I’m sure I smell of your sex and I don’t care. It’s how I want to smell. As we dress, you refuse to give me my panties back, saying they belong to you now.

We meet back at the table in the banquet room. My cheeks are flush with the pleasure of finally getting the taste of each other that we’ve waited so long for.
I see you keep putting your hand in your pocket; turning your fingers around my panties… knowing we’ve crossed the line now and there is no turning back.

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