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My girlfriend decides to take some time for herself, and spends it with her ex-boyfriend
I've had numerous fantasies of watching my girlfriend have sex with other men, but whenever I've mentioned it to her before she has always claimed that she would never want to do it.

I'm 31 years old, and my girlfriend is 23. We've been together for 4 years now, but a couple of years ago we had an argument and it led to us separating for a few days. I moved into a friends house to give her some time and space to gather her thoughts, thinking all the while that our relationship was crippling and we were going to break it off for good.

She spent the majority of those few days with her ex-boyfriend, as she would later explain.

They would meet up after work and head to the pub for drinks. One day, he invited her back to his place, where they sat around watching TV after having dinner together.

They cuddled up to each other while watching a movie. My girlfriend wearing a short, black, pleated, pinstripe mini skirt, her favourite pair of six inch high heels,and a tight fitting white tube top.He sat, all throughout the film, in a pair of faded blue jeans and loose fitting V-neck T shirt, with his arm around her waist, and she nestled into his side.

They held hands, softly caressing each others fingers. She would slowly nuzzle her head against his neck and he would run his other hand up the small of her back, tracing a line delicately up her spine.

She could notice through his jeans that his penis was starting to stiffen as she slowly writhed in her seat, her own juices starting to course through her every time his fingers travelled up her back.

She lay her hand on his leg and casually began to walk her fingers towards his inner thigh. His hard-on grew more rigid, and he spread his legs to welcome her adventurous hand. She cupped his growing member and slowly began to rub his manhood through the thick denim. He began to sit upright, and made an attempt to reach for her legs. She stopped him, saying;

"I don't want you to do anything for me just yet, you just sit right there and enjoy what I'm going to do to you."

He rested back on the sofa, his head falling back, eyes straight up to the ceiling. She slid off the sofa, her short skirt riding further up her thighs, and proceeded to slip between his legs, both hands now firmly massaging the bulge in his Levi's.

With a tender touch, she ran her hands up to his belt line,and unbuckled his trousers, slowly popping his button fly open. He arched his back and wriggled free from the confines of his jeans and she slid them down his legs. With her and now his trousers both at his feet he stepped out of his stone washed jeans and she stared longingly at the pronounced bulge now evident in his white boxer shorts.

Her hands reached up towards his Jockey shorts, stopping short at his thighs, she gripped his legs and pulled herself on top of him so she was straddling him. Her warm and ever-moistening vagina resting firmly against his package. She grabbed his arms, lifting them above his head and proceeded to remove his T shirt.

He sat there grinning, remaining only in his shorts and socks. She began to grind herself against him, feeling his member throb beneath her, precum oozing from his tip and saturating the cotton fabric that housed his aching cock.

She slid off of him, reaching into his now vacated jeans and producing his mobile phone, she selected the camera tool, and proceeded to take candid shots of him as he sat helplessly in his underwear.

Passing the phone to him she asked him to film her. Using the phone's video recorder he gladly obliged as she posed for him. Dancing as if working the pole in a Gentleman's Club, she whipped her hair around, playfully and seductively sucked a finger all the while making love to the camera lens.

"Keep filming me," she orders, as she drops to her knees and reached into the opening of his shorts, pulling out all 9 inches of his cock.

"MY GOD," she exclaimed, "I forgot how huge you were!" With both hands she feverishly worked his thick staff of man meat, while he kept the camera fixated on her.

He wriggled free from the confines of his underwear, my girlfriend obliging as she relinquished his knob from her grasp. He now sat on the sofa wearing nothing more than his pair of white tube socks. Her eyes are longingly admiring every inch of his toned body, from his muscular legs and arms, to his V-shaped torso leading down towards his fully erect 9 inches of rock hard manhood that she eagerly works in her vice-like grip. The tip of his engorged penis now spurts precum which she uses to lube his shaft. She licks her lips and lowers her head down, kissing his tip she opens wide further to allow him to enter her mouth. At first she can only manage to fit about an inch of his member into her mouth, she had enjoyed sucking his huge cock many nights when they were together, but over the few years since they broke up she hasn't had anything nearly as big as his cock inside her mouth. He wants to stretch her out so that she can fully welcome every inch of his rock hard penis. She loves how warm he feels inside of her, and slowly begins to work down his shaft, all the while stroking him as she works his tip with a combination of her tongue and lips.

He reaches down and firmly places a hand either side of her temple and beings to arch his back so as to work his hard cock deeper into her mouth. She now has more than 4 inches to work with. His cock feels as though it's stiffening further inside of her. She stretches her mouth wide open, and he thrusts his cock fully into her mouth and down her throat. She gags, but welcomes it further and further. Controlling her reflex, she's able to fit all 9 inches of rock hard manhood down her throat, and calmly accepts him all the way down. He continues to fuck her throat, thrusting faster and faster. Occasionally pulling completely out and forcing himself all the way back in. Her cheeks are red and sore, from being stretched by his mammoth girth. He relinquishes, before he empties his entire load of hot, sticky jism into her gaping mouth. She looks up at him, her eyes full of tears, more so from the force at which he had been entering her mouth, rather than any rack of guilt she may have been feeling doing this behind my back.

"I want you to fuck me anyway you want!" She exclaims. "Command me, anyway you see fit."

He stands up from the sofa, his cock fully erect and soaked with my girlfriend's saliva. Looking down at her, while she kneels before him, he contemplates how he's going to fill my lover with his seed. He takes her hands and pulls her upwards. She stands, in her full six inch heels. Her eyes level with his neck line. He drops to one knee, reaching beneath her skirt he tugs firmly at her thong, sliding it down her thighs before ripping them from her. The lace rips apart and he drops the torn fabric to the floor. Her pussy is completely moist and she feels weak at the knees as he stands up again. He reaches for her tube top and with one deft motion lifts it above her head and off. She stands before him now only in heels and her skirt, her supple 34B bosom heaving. He begins to kiss her exposed nipples. Working one with his hand, while he tongues the other.

Alternating between nipples, he reaches under her skirt once more, and slides two fingers over her bare mound, caressing her tender clit, working her up into quite a frenzy. Her head falls back, mouth open, slightly biting her tongue while he continues to frig her towards ecstasy. Slowly, he enters her. He works his fingers towards her G-spot, all the while his face buried in her bosom.

"Mmm, I want to feel your cock inside of me," she stammers. "Fuck me deep and hard!"

"Get on the sofa, then. I want you to stick that tight ass of yours out," he orders.

She complies, resting her hands on the seat of his sofa, she protrudes her ass up in the air. Her slender legs supported by her high heels, her calf muscles further tightening her legs. He lowers himself down onto his knees and spreads her ass checks far apart. Her butt hole exposed, he moves his face towards it and spits against her tight hole. Licking his finger he massages his spittle around and in her ass hole. My girlfriend squirms and moans, while he penetrates her anal passage. Standing up, working his own cock with his hand until it's fully erect once more he pushes forward against her tight hole. With a firm thrust he's able to spread her butt hole with his raging hard on. Her fingernails dig into the leather of his sofa as he pushes further into her ass. She stiffens herself against him, making it easier for him to force himself into her tight hole. Pounding harder, an inch at a time, he's finally able to engulf her tight ass with all 9 inches of his manhood.

"Mmm, yes... Baby, I love to feel your cock pounding my ass. I never let anyone else fuck me like this, my ass is for you alone."

Grabbing her hair, he forces himself deep into my girlfriends aching ass, his ballooning head ready to explode inside of her. She spreads her legs further, precariously balancing on her 6 inch heels.

"I'm going to fill your ass up with my spunk, you ready for that?"

"Mmm, YES! Fill up my ass, I want to feel every drop inside of me," she replies.

He pounds harder into her, her grunts and moans spurning him on. He grabs her on the shoulder and pulls her closer to him as his climax explodes huge amounts of his warm cum into her raw ass.

"Mmmmm, fuck my ass hard! Fill me up!!" She exclaims.

He continues to pound into her anus, fucking her deep and hard. He empties himself, warm jism dripping from her bruised ass hole.

"Mmm, baby. You fucked my ass good"

Delighted, she slumps onto the sofa, his cock dangling in front of her, completely spent.

Having been pummelled by her ex-boyfriends monster cock, she relaxes herself on the couch, head resting on arm, cum still dripping from her ass. She reaches behind herself, trailing a finger in a trickle of still-warm jism. Raising her finger to her lips she graciously licks every drop of sticky cum from it.

"I need to finish myself off before I go," she calmly says.

She asks him to film her masturbating, of which he obliges. She rests back on the sofa, heeled shoes digging into the leather, skirt still hiked up to her crotch. She works her fingers around her cum filled asshole, and when they are suitable lubed up she continues to work them over her mound. Using her lover's cum to help moisten her pussy she inserts two fingers into her womb, massaging her clit and frigging herself to orgasm. He films her up close, focusing on her cunt as she continues to stroke herself off. She uses her free hand to massage her bosom, teasing her nipples, occasionally pinching them to heighten her arousal. He switches focus up her body as she wriggles and writhes around, he stops to fully take in her attention to her own nipples before filming her facial animations, capturing for prosperity her sheer sense of exhilaration. She stares erotically into the camera lens muttering the words; "You fucked my ass so hard, baby. Do you enjoy watching me get myself off to you?"

He replies with only a nod behind the camera phone, as he continues to devote his full attention to the erotic goings on in front of him. Firmly rolling a nipple between thumb and forefinger, my girlfriend brings herself to orgasm as wave after wave of sensual pleasure courses throughout her. She arches her back and lets out an enormous moan as her climax erupts within her. Her juices flow from her, squirting out of her vagina and saturating the couch. She slumps back down, removes her fingers and happily tastes her own juices from her fingertips as he finishes filming her.

"I must get going," she quickly adds. "I loved it, promise me this won't be the last time, lover!"

"We'll definitely do this again, anytime you want."

With that, she retrieves her top and hurriedly puts it back on. She looks around for her underwear, realising it has been torn, she neglects to take them with her. Leaving them like a souvenir for her lover, she fixes her hair, and ruffles the pleats in her skirt, and gathers the rest of her belongings.

Before leaving, she leans towards him, kisses him fully on the mouth and tenderly caresses, then squeezes his penis.

"Next time, I want that in my pussy, babe!"

"Sure thing, I'll fuck you better than your man ever could," he retorts.

"I'm going to stay with him. I've decided. We have our problems, but I think we're best suited for each other. I don't want any great changes in my life and he offers me stability. But, I'm never going to be able to live without your cock, we can still fuck around together, can't we?"

"Of course," he replies, "Whenever you need this," he grips his cock, "you just give me a ring!"

And with that, my girlfriend left her lover, with a slight hard on, and escaped out the door. The cool air refreshing her aching ass as she bounced along the pavement towards the taxi bay in the heart of town. As she approached the centre of town, her mobile phone chimed. She reached into her handbag, retrieving the device and noticed that she had a missed call, and an inbox message. Checking the call log, she finds a missed call from me, and in her inbox her lover had sent her a copy of their tryst with the subject heading of "for you or him, if ever you change your mind x".

With a slight smile, as she contemplated the meaning of his message, she carried on her way through the town, her pleated skirt bouncing up as she more or less skipped across the arcade, her bum ever so slightly noticeable from beneath the skirt, her heels clicking along in a staccato rhythm across the pavement slabs. She dropped the phone back into her bag, and hailed a taxi.

Destination: Home.

(Pt. II Coming Soon!)

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Hurry up and post part two. In the next chapter let her husband find the video of her fucking her ex and have him dump her ass out on the street.

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