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A boy and a girl, school, and a horny bunch of kids.
This is more of a love/sex/fantasy. It's my first story, so I'm just seeing if it's worth carrying on

A young girl of only fifteen, years before i'd became sexually active. As a fairly pretty girl with glossy deep brown hair to below my shoulders, promising blue eyes. A well sculpted face, and what someone once described as 'above average lips' my body was well developed, slim and curvy in all the right places. A cup size of a 32D was always a plus in my appearance, after learning i could catch boys eyes i'd often use it to my power.

When I was alone, I would long for some attention and end up sneaking into my brothers room and flick through his collections, as I stroked through the pictures of men and women sharing passionate scenes. I'd pleasure myself, my pussy was often well shaven. And it mostly remained in a 'neat' state, the sensations i were begining to feel now were more arousing and powerful than when i was a younger girl. Biting on my lip, i'd feel up my placid body, and run my hands finally down to my naked slit and stroke and work at it until orgasm. Although, feeling that wasn't enough now. It could get fantasy's running through my head dirty fantasy's the type young girl's shouldn't think about.

A new school year, new people. Now a year 11, I was pretty lonely after not having a boyfriend for over a year. I always felt they tied me down, or something like that. Was it wrong to like sex so much? I couldn't help but push that thought to the back of my mind as i saw him, the new sixth former at my school. A boy of about six foot, longish red hair and brilliant blue eyes. His body skinny, yet in a way muscular. His eyes met with mine and i couldn't help but stare. Something of a trance took over my body as the sound drained from the continuous rush in my head, Who was he? I had to know.

Day's past, weeks even and nothing of his identity had been clear to me. Still, he'd seem to make frequent efforts to walk past me at least three times a day, and pass me a small smile before walking on again. Unless he was just walking, normally... I mean, I'd often make an excuse to walk past him, and purposely hitch my skirt up and press out my boobs a little more. Still no luck. But after seeing him by a class room i was going to after school i thought the chance was mine. Finally ruffling my hair, (My hair was always messy It made the style more voluminous and sexy) I pumped up my lips and checked my make up, undoing my shirt buttons a little so my cleavage could be seen under my tie I staggered down the corridor, before only inches away from him, i eased past making it obvious he could stare at my breasts made it a little more erotic. I walked in and did what i had to do, speaking to the teacher before walking back out, leaving my hand behind so it brushed his leg. I turned sharply and bit my lip, "Sorry" I breathed before giggling slightly. Flirting never hurt anyone right? As I walked away I turned to see his reaction, before gasping a little and widening my eyes. He was following me! I turned again and smiled, he smiled back. I reached the bottom of the stairs, and leant against the cream statue of a former head master, to make sure he was following. He was. He finally reached me and placed one hand over the top of my shoulder so he could lean his body near mine, over the statue too. I felt my breathing get faster and heavier, and my eyes diverted upwards to his. "I'm Jack" He spat, his voice sounded angry and I raised my eyebrows, maybe he didn't like me? "Sapphire" I smiled innocently before turning my attention out the window, he took none of it and moved his hand to cup my cheek and place my eyes with his.

The next thing i knew he was pulling my hand away and dragging me to the old boys toilets, no one used them now accept the cleaner. After school. Before i could resist his lips were on mine, as hard as nails. I kissed back as much as i could but then pulled away for a second, breathing deeply I opened my eyes again. His tongue swirled around my mouth now short of breathe I panted back at him. I didn't lack experience, i didn't. Proving this my arms wrapped around his body and I pulled him back to me slamming our bodies against the wall. My lips met his again, this time more passionately. He began undoing the buttons of my shirt, exposing my chest a little more before slipping his hands into my bra. His hands were cold but this made me more turned on and my nipples were shortly enough solid. I bit my lip harder than before as he played his hands around my breasts, twirling his fingers around my nipples. I let out a soft moan as he grimaced back at me. The thrill of not knowing who he was and the fact, we could get caught at any moment made this even better. I ran my hands under his shirt, and felt up his little pecks before letting his mouth trail to my breasts, his tongue clasped around my nipple and I gasped. It felt so good, so right. My breathing began hot and i felt myself get wetter below, before his body slammed against mine. Our hips worked together, feeling his bulge stiffen turned me on a little more. Thinking of his cock drove me crazy. I wanted it, I wanted to scream it.


2009-09-20 16:11:26
What r u talkin bout????!!!! I liked it! But I don't think u shud hav made the characters not kno each other- it makes the girl look like a slut, unless that was what u were going 4? Also more dialog- even if this is a porn website with sex stories, that's just it- they're still stories, and all stories need at least a half a page to a page of dialog, even if they r sex stories. Otherwise, i liked it! But in my opnion develop the characters a lil bit more. The main thing about this story was that it had that "Love at first sight" thing goin on, n that's what I liked about it in the first place that made me wanna keep reading- good job though! I think it cud even turn into a series!

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2009-09-20 12:32:05
no don't bother with sequel, this one is crap

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