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Mom liked to hear my opinion of the clothes that she tried on.
Fbailey story number 427

The White One-Piece Top

Dad talked Mom into buying and wearing a white one-piece top. It was a T-shirt kind of thing with the crotch sewn shut so that she was to get naked to pee. She resisted, saying that she had one before and that she didn’t like it. She said that it gave her wedgies, that it showed off her swollen camel toe too much, and she said that it got her so excited that her pussy was always wet. Dad laughed and said each of her arguments just meant that he wanted her to wear it even more. Finally she gave in to his desire.

I had heard all of that from my hiding place behind a rack of clothes.

Dad said, “I want you to try it on and then come out and model it for me.”

Mom gave him some shit about the salesgirls. Dad told her that they were all women and that they could hardly care. So Mom went into a dressing room.

A few minutes later Mom walked out of the dressing room in just that one-piece top. It looked just like a bathing suit that I had seen her in a few years ago but it was white and it was almost transparent. From my hiding place I could see her dark areolas and nipples and her dark pussy hair. I had a hard-on caused by my mother.

I saw Dad brush her nipples causing them to harden nicely. Then I watched as Dad ran his hand along her crotch. He rubbed his finger into her slit causing the material to tuck up into it nicely. Then he kissed her, turned her around, and slapped her on her ass. The material had worked its way up into her butt crack too and it looked great. My Mom sure was pretty.

When Mom came back out carrying the white top Dad said, “Get a few more of those.”

Mom came over to a rack near me and started picking out a few other colors. Dad stopped her said, “Just white ones honey. You look so good in that color.”

Mom looked at me standing there and asked, “What did you think of me in that top, and be completely honest. Your allowance depends on it.”

I looked at Dad and Mom said, “Your father can’t help you.”

I looked back at Mom and whispered, “I think you looked wonderful in it. I could see your butt crack, your dark nipples, and your hairy pussy. Please buy some more of those.”

Mom smiled and said, “Finally I get the truth from my son.”

Mom picked up all of the white ones that they had in her size and took them to the cashier. The cashier counted out nine and asked Mom if wanted any more. Mom looked at me and said that she could always come back if she needed more. She used Dad’s credit card to pay for them.

Outside the store Mom said to Dad, “Our son has a sincere honesty that is quite refreshing. Why don’t you go to Hooters and have a few beers while I take him shopping with me. Have as many as you want and I’ll drive home.”

Mom slipped her arm in mine and we waked to the escalator. I had to smile as we walked toward Frederick’s of Hollywood. Mom took me over to a wall full of sexy panties and asked, “Which ones would you like to see me in, and be honest.” I looked them over and pointed to the ones that were the most transparent and the skimpiest. Mom smiled and said, “Okay, now lets see if we can find some bras to match them. When we did Mom asked my opinion of them too. I told her that I liked it when her bras were a little tight and her breasts bulged out. She picked out a size too small and took three sets back to the changing rooms. She wanted me to see them on her.

She stood me in a spot and told me to stand right there. She went in and changed. When she opened the door she didn’t come out, she stood back so that only I could see into the room. The purple with black trim looked great and her breasts were sure pressed into that bra.

Mom said, “Be honest.”

I said, “I like the panties but the bra doesn’t look right.”

Mom said, “Go get me a 36-C and a 36-D.”

I did and then I took them back to her. When Mom opened the door a crack I got to see one of her breasts. Then a minute later Mom opened the door again. That one was perfect but she put on the next one and opened the door again. I then told Mom that the second one looked best. She handed me the other two bras and told me to bring back the C-cup ones. I did and then I waited. The second set was great too. I waited patiently and Mom opened the door, reached out, and pulled me into the changing room with her.

Mom was in the last set and it was the sheerest set too. I had been waiting for that set to get modeled and now I was standing right in front of her. Mom said, “Look it over good, look it over closely, and tell me what you think.”

I looked at the bra as Mom turned around slightly. It was by far the sexiest bra that I had seen. Then she sat me down on the bench so that her pussy was right in my face and then she turned around slowly until her pussy was right back in my face again. I said, “Mom you look beautiful in this set. I can see your hard nipples, the dark rings around them, and your deep cleavage.” I looked down and said, “I really like the way that I can see you pussy hairs, I like seeing your butt crack too, and I like seeing your pussy drool and make your panties wet.”

Mom pulled me up to stand before her, she gave me a hug and a kiss, and then asked me to unhook her bra. I lifted my hands and fumbled with it for quite a while. Mom never said a word she just pulled me into a nice soft hug. Soon I found my cock becoming erect and pressing against Mom’s pussy. Finally, I got her bra unhooked. Mom relaxed her grip on me and stepped back letting her bra fall to her elbows exposing her breasts to my view. She slipped it off her arms and down to the carpet.

Mom said, “I caused it so I need to fix it. Don’t tell your father.” Then Mom dropped to her knees, fished my cock out of my pants, and started giving me my very first blowjob. I lasted only a few seconds before I shot my load into her mouth. Mom swallowed it all, licked her lips, and tried to put my cock away. Finally, she let me put it away. Then she pushed me down onto the seat and removed the panties. I watched as she picked one foot up and sat it on the bench just slightly behind me. Then Mom pulled my face into her pussy. I smelled the strong aroma of her womanhood and then I kissed her fury mound and threw my arms around her holding onto her ass. Mom let me hold her like that for a while before breaking my grip and backing up. I watched her get dressed and then pick up the clothes that she had tried on. She had the ones that she wanted to buy in one hand and the bra that was too tight in her other hand. She looked at me and asked, “You really like me in that tight bra, don’t you.” When I shook my head that I did she walked out of the changing room.

As I was about to follow her, a young woman walked in. She smiled and said, “Are you here to help me?”

I only wished! She was pretty. When I walked out Mom looked down and said, “I didn’t cause that one, did I?”

I looked back just as the door closed and said, “No Mom, you didn’t.” I thought back to what she had done earlier and said, “But you can fix it if you want too.” Then I smiled.

Mom paid for everything and then we walked to Hooter’s to find Dad. He was sitting on a stool at a tall table with three college girls with big tits. He had bought them a lot of beers too from all of the bottles that were on the table. Mom and I sat down at a normal table across from them. I smiled at Mom and looked over at the girl’s legs. They all had really short skirts on and I could see panties on two of them. Dad looked over at Mom and just smiled. Then we placed our order with the waitress.

Soon two of the girls went to the bathroom and gave me the best panty shots that I had ever seen. Mom excused herself and followed them.

Dad just smiled at me politely and went back to talking to the girl. Soon a waitress brought them four more beers with shots. I knew that Dad always order a whiskey with a beer back.

The two girls came back and flashed me their pussies again as they tried to get their drunken asses back up on those high stools. They sure giggled a lot.

Mom came back to me and sat down. Soon our meal arrived and we ate. Mom kept smiling at the two girls and occasionally rubbing my leg with her foot when no one was looking.

I watched Mom send a text message. Then I saw Dad receive one and smiled. Then nonchalantly he gave a couple of nods and put his phone away. Mom handed me her phone to read. Basically it said, “Get them drunk, bring them home, and fuck them. I’ve got my date right here.” I just handed her phone back to her and reached down to caress her leg as it rubbed against me.

We waited out in the mall area until Dad came out with the three girls. They followed us to Dad’s van and we all got in. Dad had told the girls that he had too much to drink and that his ‘sister’ was driving them home.

Mom parked in the driveway and let Dad take them inside. We waited a few minutes and then we followed them in. Mom silently took me to my bedroom then she slipped out into the hallway to listen at her own bedroom door. I followed her and listened too. The door was fully open and we glanced around the door casing, Dad was naked and on the bed with his cock in one of the girls. I reached around Mom and held onto one of her hard nipples. The other two girls got naked and climbed up on the bed too in a sixty-nine.

Mom took me back to my bedroom and started undressing as she whispered to me that those two girls were making out in the Hooter’s lady’s room while she was peeing. She had watched them through the crack at the side of the door and had gotten turned on as they fingered one another’s clit to several orgasms.

When she was naked she climbed into my bed under the sheet and invited me to come in with her. The lights went out and my hands started roaming. Mom cooperated with me fully. If I went toward her breast she moved her arms out of the way and if I went toward her pussy she spread her legs. I snuggled into her breast and sucked a nipple into my mouth as I fingered her pussy. Mom whispered out suggestions so that I could find everything and drive her crazy. When she orgasmed she clung to me tightly and kissed the top of my head.

Then I felt Mom pull me on top of her and then try to get my cock in her. It was my turn to cooperate. I lifted my hips and moved with her hand that was pulling on my cock. I pushed in when she got it to her entrance and it slipped right in.

As I was fucking into my mother I asked, “Should we be doing this?”

Mom said, “Why not, your father is in there with three beautiful college girls, isn’t he.”

I said, “Yes, but they are all drunk and two of them are lesbians.”

Mom said, “It’s the thought that counts. I can hold this over his head if he objects to you fucking me several times a day. Don’t worry he will get all that he wants too, except he only wants it once or twice a month anymore.”

It felt so good to put my cock in a girl, especially if that girl is my mother. She was sweet and kind and I was already in love with her. I never in a million years thought that I would get to fuck my mother or give her my virginity but I certainly liked it. When I started to feel that familiar feeling that I get just before I cum, and my breathing became labored, Mom held me tightly and I started cumming inside her pussy.

After I had finished Mom asked me to hand her, her panties. I turned on my bed lamp and leaned over to pick them up off the floor. Mom slapped my exposed ass. When I turned back to hand them to her I saw that I had pulled the covers off from her, exposing her breasts. Then I watched as Mom pushed the covers down further exposing her pussy and then lifted her knees up to her breasts before stuffing her panties into her pussy. For some strange reason I found that to be sexy.

Mom pushed me out of bed and grabbed my hand. She led me down the hall toward the bathroom that I use but stopped right outside her bedroom. We stood there and listened to the quiet snoring coming from the bed. Mom took me down to the bathroom and I watched as she pulled the panties out of her pussy and placed them on the counter. She said that I could have them as a memento of my first fuck and that I could mount them on my wall as a trophy.

Then she took me into the shower with her. She told me that I had to wash her body while she washed mine. She told me that I had to clean her pussy out real well with my fingers too. We were in there a while and of course I got another hard-on and fucked her again, which meant that I had to wash her out again.

While we were drying off Mom asked me if I would take some pictures of Dad in bed with those three girls. She said he would love a copy to hang on his bedroom wall. So I got my camera and met Mom at the door to her bedroom. She went in with me, I clicked a picture, and no one ever noticed when the flash went off, so I took some more while Mom moved the covers down exposing more and more of the naked girls. Then I turned the camera toward Mom and took a picture of her. She smiled and got on the other side of the bed so that she was in the picture with Dad and his three girls.

Mom grabbed the girl’s clothes and went to my bedroom. She had me scan their identification and then she put them back and returned their clothes to her bedroom.

Shortly we were back in bed and sound asleep.

In the morning I woke up with Mom stroking my morning wood. She whispered, “Good morning lover. The others are still asleep. Do you want to take care of this before I go to the bathroom?”

I said, “Before?”

Mom giggled and said, “Your father used to get me before I went because my bladder was full and he like to try to get me to pee while he fucked me.” She paused and then she said, “Besides it feels incredible when an orgasm hits and I’m tightening all of my muscles so that I won’t pee.”

I asked, “Would you pee for me?”

Mom said, “Only if we do it in your bathroom with plenty of towels on the floor.”

I took her hand and led her to my bathroom. Mom put down several towels and laid down on them. I pushed my morning wood into her and then I felt the pressure to pee that Mom had mentioned. I fucked into her a few times and then told her that I had to pee. Mom told me to do it and held my ass cheeks tightly. When I finished Mom said, “That felt great” then she started peeing and I felt how great that it was. I started fucking her for real after that and was cumming in her when the door opened.

The straight girl asked, “Can I join you guys? I don’t want to be in the other shower with those girls.”

Mom said, “Sure if my son can wash your body.”

She said, “Call me Casey and he’s your son. Cool! Then the old guy is your husband.”

Mom said, “Yeah. Did he manage to fuck all of you girls?”

Casey said, “No he just fucked me and fell asleep, but the other girls didn’t care. I think he is planning on fucking them in the shower. As if those lesbians want a cock that isn’t made of plastic.”

Casey then looked at all of the yellow liquid soaking into the white towels and said, “Oh cool, water sports.”

Mom put all of the wet towels in the hand bowl and pushed Casey and I into the shower. She reminded me to wash Dad’s cum out of her pussy. While I was fingering her pussy and she was stroking my cock, I got hard. So I fucked her up against the wall and had to wash her out again. She felt different than Mom, but just as nice in a different way. When I came out Mom got in with Casey. I heard a little giggling and then it got quiet.

We went to my bedroom and Mom and Casey posed for me both nude and in the white one-piece tops. Then Mom had me spray them with a bottle of water that she uses on her hair. Those white tops became almost transparent. Before I had finished, Dad’s other girls joined mine to pose too. I had a great time and got to fuck Casey one more time before Dad took the girls home. Mom let them keep the white tops.

After that I got a bigger bed and Mom started sleeping with me more and more. Dad got to fuck her whenever he wanted too but as Mom had said it was only once or twice a month. I was fucking her two or three times a day and more on weekends when I wasn’t in school.

The End
The White One-Piece Top
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