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True story of the sexual exploits of a willing and able boy
Roger’s Life
Book 2 – Introduction

I’ve made a big jump in time from the original Chapter 1, as I’ve decided to get my book published in three parts by an American Underground Publisher, who is keen to get my amazing life into print.

In this story I’ll very briefly cover some of the period between Book 1 -Chapter 1 and the beginning of Book 2 (and there is still another whole book to go).

Jack’s legacy

My sister and I were ‘procured’ by Jack (who became such a loved part of our family and earned the title Uncle) when I was 6 and my sister, Carol, was 9 years old.

Uncle Jack was what most people would call a ‘paedophile’ but he never hurt anyone or forced him or her into doing something they didn’t feel comfortable with.

Strange as it may sound, in many ways he looked after ‘his children’ as if they were his own.

Jack had an uncanny ability to identify inquisitive children who would enjoy their sexual awakening and not be harmed psychologically or physically by what they did.

Carol and I were his favourites, as we were the only siblings he ever had in his ‘stable’, and he had an ever-changing group of children around the country.

We were his ‘longest serving’ children and he became a life long friend to our family and indeed loved us so much so that he left the bulk of his considerable fortune to our parents, Carol and I when he died.

Jack shared the considerable amounts of money he made from our ‘services’ with us and all the other children he procured and invested the money in trust accounts to be paid out at various stages of our lives.

Carol is now 68 and a happily married mother of four grown children and eight grand children and owns a number of very successful businesses and properties in England with her husband, Peter. Her financial ability and future successes were assured by Jack’s tutelage, as were mine and those of most of the other children.

I too am happily married, to Mary (of whom I will write more in later posts), and have five children and ten grand children, plus numerous much loved pets.
I live in a large 10 bed-roomed house on a landscaped 1,000-hectare estate in Australia and also control a number of successful businesses in the areas of Law and Accountancy.

We both contribute large amounts of money and support to children’s charities and have set up a number of foundations and scholarships for improving the chances of children from unstable backgrounds.

We also contribute large sums of money to animal welfare organisations and wildlife protection groups.
Jack encouraged our academic endeavours and supported our education financially and with ready access to the best schools, tutors and mentors through his contacts.

Neither we, nor any of the other former members of Jack’s ‘family’, that we know of, have suffered any psychological or social problems from our early sexual awakenings and none, to my knowledge, have become sexual predators or been ‘forced’ into being gay as a result of their experiences.

In fact most of us run successful business and have stable family lives, regardless of our sexual orientation.

This is due to the fact that Jack sold our services only to people he knew and trusted to ensure our safety; and he introduced us to some very rich, famous and generous people.

One person in particular he introduced me to was a, then, young American entertainer who was very flamboyant and later became a household name and the darling of mothers everywhere.

He was the first man to have sex with me, as Jack considered his own cock was far too big at 8 inches for someone as young as I was. Jack also received a huge bonus from him for my being an anal virgin.

“Larry”, as we’ll call him here, had a pretty small cock, at 4 and a half inches, and not much thicker than his thumb and he was very gentle and loving with me, so I felt little pain when he finally entered me after a long period of foreplay.

Larry’s cock may have been small but he had stamina and fucked my precious jewel for what seemed a joyous eternity, about 45 minutes as it turned out, before his seed erupted inside me for the first time. He came time after time and must have had at least six waves of semen pour into me before he ran dry.

It was an incredible and joyous feeling for me too, as I felt this man’s cock pulsating inside me filling my rectum with his love juices. His juices filled my insides and slowly seeped out soaking the gold silk sheets of his oversized bed when he finally withdrew his now totally drained cock.

He held me close to him and wrapped his arms around me, kissing me and thanking me, over and over again, for allowing him the privilege of being my first lover.

Larry made love to me twice more that afternoon and, when Jack came to pick me up, arranged to see me four afternoons every week of his stay in our town.

We had many more rendezvous’ during the next six weeks of his concert series and he was always exceedingly loving and gentle towards me and gave me many beautiful and valuable gifts, as well as numerous tickets to his shows for my parents and their extended families and friends.

After Larry there were many such encounters, many with famous people from the worlds of music, stage and film, and many others from the political, legal, medical and business arenas.

Jack often used to take us to sex parties at the ‘stately homes’ of the ‘landed gentry’ where we would be served by as many as 10 people in one night.
You would be surprised at some of the household names we had sexual adventures with; most of them were people that you would never believe would be involved in the sexual ‘exploitation’ of children and quite a number of them were women.

This was the genius of Jack’s operation, that so many rich and powerful people trusted him implicitly with their secrets and his children were always sweet, polite and compliant with their sexual desires.

Our parents were oblivious to everything that was going on, as they too trusted Jack to take care of us, particularly as we were always so happy to see him and prepared to go anywhere with him at a moment’s notice.

They enjoyed his friendship and valued the way he always treated us all as members of his own family, even inviting them to stay at his luxurious house just outside of London, whenever they wished to go to the capital for a holiday.

The whole family occasionally even went abroad, to France, Spain and Italy, as his guests of honour and attended some lavish parties at palaces and the holiday homes of the rich and famous.

While there our parents would often go to concerts at major venues, with tickets provided by Jack of course, while he would take us to sex parties at the homes of selected clients.

We thoroughly enjoyed the lifestyle Jack provided for us and, because he cared so much for our welfare, we would joyfully perform whatever sexual activities, with whomever, he suggested without question or regret.

He was especially careful to ensure that cocks that he considered would be too big for them to take comfortably did not fuck his boys and girls. He gave us as much time as we needed to get used to taking ‘man-sized’ cocks.

In my case, I was nearly 12 before he let anyone with a cock larger than 6 inches fuck me and it was amazing how many of the rich and famous had cocks below that size range.

By the time I was 14, I was taking 8-inch cocks with ease and by the time I was 16 anything was possible, except for Brian’s.

Brian was a boy I met when we were both 12 years old, during swimming lessons, and he had the biggest erect cock I have ever seen. Even at 12 years of age it was 10 inches long and I could only just get both of my hands around its base and the head would not fit into my mouth.

We were smart enough to know that it would be many years before I would be able to accommodate his beast so we spent every moment of the few times we were alone over the next eight years enjoying mutual masturbation sessions.

I made a pact with him that I would not fuck him until I was ready to take his cock in side me, despite my only having a small cock.

Brian ejected the most semen I have ever seen when he came and his first cum of the day would often shoot over a metre in the air when he was lying down.

He was bi-sexual and was having regular sex with numerous women from the age of nine and with the few men able to take his monster cock from the age of ten.

I met a few of his male and female friends over the years and we had some amazing three and four-somes.

This was all separate from my adventures with Jack and was done purely for the pleasure it gave me.

I absolutely loved being fucked by cocks of all sizes and still do to this day but only very rarely have I fucked another male’s anus, it just does not really turn me on all that much.

However, I have anally fucked many women, a practice I get enormous pleasure from and have been the ‘ham in the sandwich’ in anal fuck-fests with a number of bi-sexual couples over the years.

I was 18 years old before I was finally able to take just the head of Brian’s enormous monster cock, that had grown to an incredible16 inches by then, and the feeling when he shot his massive load of semen into me was the most intense sensation I had ever felt to that time.

The pain when he entered me for this first time was excruciating but at the same time intensely exciting as my penis instantly became erect and shot the most semen I had ever produced at one time onto the bed.

Brian too was overcome with the emotion of the event and we managed to repeat the performance five more times during the day even getting a couple of inches of his cock further into my love passage, with the application of further large amounts of lubrication.

Prior to Brian partially fucking me I, for the first time, fucked his beautiful anus; his was the first male love hole I had ever really longed to enter and I fucked him for almost an hour before my cum exploded inside him. He too became erect as soon as I entered him and when I came so did he.

He actually cried at the sheer pleasure of having me fuck him and made me promise to do him whenever we got the opportunity in the future, regardless of whether he was ever able to fully enter me.

By this stage Brian had grown to 6 feet 3 inches tall and had a perfect wedge shaped, muscular body. He had soft, wavy blonde hair but very little on his body, except for that around his massive organ’s base. He looked every inch the idealised Greek hero of history.

I was 5 feet 9 inches tall, very slim build and also had very little body hair; even the hair around the base of my slim 5-inch penis was fine and wispy.

Brian always looked like he was my older, big brother when we were out together, he could easily pass for being 21 whilst I didn’t look much more than 14 or 15.

We both had our GCE exams coming up the next week, so we were unable to get together again for another month.

We both did well in our exams, Brian got into Officer training with the Army, he always wanted to be an officer and I passed all of my A Levels with Distinctions, I had obtained 10 O Level GCE’s the year before, and qualified for one of England’s premier Universities to do a double degree of Law and Accountancy.
After our exams we had five weeks of holidays before we went our separate ways and we made the most of it by getting together almost every day to indulge our sexual desires.

I would always fuck Brian two or three times before he would try to enter me because the stress of trying to take his anus ripping monster would render me incapable of getting an erection for quite some time.

After two weeks of regular attempts to get all of his massive cock inside me we finally made it.

The sheer pleasure of feeling this colossal organ erupting for the first time whilst inside me to the hilt after an incredible half hour of frenzied pumping was the most intensely satisfying sexual experience of my entire life.

We had worked towards this moment for nearly six years and we were both so overcome with the sheer joy of finally achieving the ultimate sexual goal of our lives that we just collapsed on the bed, with Brian’s mammoth organ pulsating over and over again and pumping load after load of his love juices deep into my bowels.

My own cock responded to every pulse of Brian’s with a pulse of it’s own as we lay there wrapped in each other’s arms for over half an hour soaking up the love we felt flowing from each other.

When Brian slowly withdrew his cock from deep within me a flood of semen flowed onto the sheets and we both just lay there luxuriating in the warmth as our love fluids slowly combined together, never to be separated.

We made the most of our remaining time together and would meet every day, often spending two or three days at a time together exploring every sexual position and practice we could think of and luxuriating in the sheer joy of finally being able to take full advantage of each others bodies.

For me the most satisfying position was to be facing a prone Brian slowly sliding down his gigantic love pole, teasing him with my movements as I would slide almost to the hilt of his cock and then quickly withdraw to the very tip, where I would hover a fraction of an inch from the tip for a minute, before sliding slowly down again, finally taking all of him inside me and riding the whole length of his shaft to a climax of the most intense power.

We finally parted, our sexual desires completely satiated, and did not see each other again for three years.

However, you will have to wait until next time for that important reunion to be recounted.

The only downside to this incredible experience for me was that I had to wear a folded up nappy (diaper to you Americans) inside my underpants for over a week because my sphincter was so stretched it could not close fully.

I hope you enjoyed this condensed account of my life to this point – more next time.

Roger xnxx


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