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Part Two

Chapter Eight

Julie woke up in pain in two areas, she was lying on
her side and Harry had laid his arm on her shoulder and
pushed her over to where her breast and nipple were
under her and hurting. Also she was in pain needing to
go to the toilet bad. She slipped out from under
Harry's arm and got up nearly groaning as she
discovered several other places that were sore and
stiff. She hurried to the kitchen and turned on the
coffee pot and then back to the bathroom for badly
needed relief and ten minutes of pain and learning of
two more places that were sore and sensitive.

She slipped back into the kitchen and got a steaming
cup of coffee. Making sure Harry was still asleep, she
shut the bathroom door and turned on the light glancing
at herself in the mirror.

"Oh my god, my hair looks like an upside down stork
nest, and my nipples, oh, oh, no!"

Julie leaned closer to the mirror inspecting her
nipples closer, they were swollen a little making the
skin covering them tight and red instead of light brown
as normal. As she looked at them she felt them
beginning to stiffen and ache, she rubbed them with her
fingers and pain radiated from the nipples straight to
her clit jolting her whole body. She was reminded of
last night and the words slipped into her mind, 'remind
you that you are hot and want to fuck'.

"I promised and begged, oh this will go on all day,
maybe longer. Maybe a shower will help I certainly need

Julie turned the shower on and soon as the water was
hot she was under it wetting her hair and letting the
water warm her body. She shampooed her hair turning and
letting the shower cascade on her breasts and gasping
as the hot water stung her nipples, she turned it a
little hotter hoping it would ease the soreness.
Rinsing her hair she applied conditioner and as it set
she turned her attention to bathing being real careful
of the tender spots of her cunt, ass, and nipples. As
she gently washed around her nipples suffering the pain
she became aware that her clit was extending and
getting stiff as it slowly pushed out of it's covering

"I didn't believe him, I thought it was just sex talk,
and I said to hurt my nipple and make me cum that I
wanted it, well seems like I got it. And every time I
touch them it's like a direct electrical shock straight
to my clit, ohhhh how will I get through the day, I've
got to wear a bra and it's bound to cause them to hurt,
where did Jimmy learn that?"

She finished bathing and hurried to dry herself,
knowing she had to get dressed before Harry woke up as
he always hugged her and crushed her tits against his
naked chest and sometimes he would play with them
tugging on the nipples saying he was getting them ready
for later. Plus she didn't want him to see them red and

She sneaked in the bedroom and saw that the clock would
alarm in five minutes, easing a drawer open she grabbed
the bra that would be the loosest and the softest and a
thong. Rushing back to the bathroom she hastily covered
her body with lotion rubbing it in and gently applying
some to the painful areas and rubbing it also but
softly. When she put on the bra she couldn't help but
wince as her nipples seemed to want to burst through
the material and the thong felt like barbed wire on her
cunt and asshole.

Grabbing a dress that buttoned in front from the waist
up to her cleavage and was loose and flowing at the
bottom but snug at top to accent her breasts with a
deep vee down showing the valley between her tits she
was ready at least she hoped.

Julie heard the alarm and was surprised when Harry cut
it off so quick. She put a few drops of almond oil in
her hands and was smoothing it in her hair for shine
when it dried as he came through the door.

"Morning sweetheart," he said patting her ass as he
went by on his way to the commode.

"Good morning baby," are you rested, you looked tired
last evening?

"Yeah, I feel better maybe we won't have to do as much
shovel work today, I'm not used to that I thought I was
smart enough to get away from manual labor but it seems
to follow everybody. You are up early this morning and
already dressed, did you have trouble sleeping?"

"No, I woke early needing to go the bathroom bad,
number one and two and I hate going to bed after the
latter without a shower and I needed to wash my hair so
I just stayed up and did it, plus I want to fix my two
men a good breakfast so they will be strong and know I
love them."

Coming out of the commode room Harry said, "I need the
mouthwash, I must have snored last night, I think you
stuffed a skunk in my mouth to shut me up."

"Last time you said it was a dead rat."

"Speaking of two men, how did everything go last night?
"He asked as he took a swig.

Julie replied, "I would rather you asked me questions
than try to give a blow by blow account, I'll tell you
anything you want to know but only if you ask. Other
wise it's a secret never to be mentioned."

Harry nodded as he swirled the mouth wash around and
spit it in the sink. "Most important question is, how
do you feel about it? Any guilt or embarrassment?"

"No, I am okay with the situation. How about you?"

"Same here, I think this the right thing for Jimmy's
maturity. Was he ok, I mean did he seem to feel at
ease, I know he was eager for he had a hard on all
through dinner but did he have any trouble keeping it?"

"No, it was standing at attention when I went in, he
pretended to be asleep but that was a dead give away.
He had wilted a little from before dinner but it had no
trouble regaining strength."

"So he had two strong climaxes his first time that's
good for his self esteem."

"Well to be truthful you should say three counting the
one before dinner."

"Wow I'm impressed, I was afraid he would pop off
before you even got it in good, did he have staying

"Well the first one was kind of quick but considering
the build up of time waiting he did well. It feels
strange to be talking about sex with some one else with
your husband."

Harry took Julie in his arms and gave her a hug,
kissing her cheek and neck.

"Oh Harry, I love you so much, please tell me you want
this, I worry that you will feel like I'm cheating on
you. I'll do anything you tell me, but I need

"Baby, I'm not having second thoughts, be reassured
that I will tell you if I ever begin to feel that this
is a mistake, I know that I think different than you in
that I often take for granted that you know how much I
love you. How much I trust you, you always do anything
I ask of you and I don't tell you near enough. I know
women need to hear those things but men fall in the
routine of saying I love you maybe once a week and
think the woman will automatically know that from then
on, and I should tell you everyday and all the time.
I'm sorry I'll try harder."

"It's not your fault, Harry. I know you love me, you
tell me several times every day, you brag on how good I
look, how sexy I am, and always telling me how much you
enjoy our meals, thanking me for working to get us
extra money. It's not that you don't tell me or that I
lose belief it's just that I want to hear it, even when
you just said it I want to hear it again. It's really
my fault."

Harry gave Julie a big hug and felt her wince, "Did I
hurt you sweetheart, what's wrong?"

"Well, your son is more like you than I thought
possible, seems he is obsessed with tits and nipples
and he, I better tell you all. After the first climax,
which was about ten minutes, pretty good for a first
time, I was afraid he would be embarrassed so I held
him inside and was saying how good he made me feel and
stroking him and kissing.

"He began to feel of my breasts and play with the
nipples, after about five minutes I told him that it
made me feel very sexy for him to do that and he asked
if he could kiss my nipples. I said I would love for
him to kiss and suck them and he went after them with
gusto and didn't stop. I would have to ask him to ease
off a little and he would but then get carried away
again. Of course I was using my muscles to squeeze his

"Wow I bet he was in heaven."

"And suddenly he started recuperating and very slowly
he got really big and hard and excited and began to
exert his manly instincts. I didn't have the heart to
tell him to stop sucking so hard and then I got excited
and didn't care. So they are real tender and sensitive
this morning. But don't mention it I don't want to
destroy his self confidence."

"And he blasted you again, right, great. Did you enjoy
it, did you cum?"

"Yes twice actually which surprised me after you had
drained me just a short time before."

"Speaking of which, how is my other hole this morning?"

"Repairing it's self for another session when ever you
are ready. Speaking of ready you better get on the ball
if you are going to work today, and I got to hurry or
no one will have breakfast. Are you going to wake

"You better yell at him I need to shave, give me a
sloppy kiss and run I'm getting horny."

Julie gave him a wet kiss and as they were kissing she
reached inside his pajama shorts and grasped his cock
giving it a squeeze and a few strokes. She broke the
kiss and smiled at him saying, "Think about that all
day stud," and jumped away as he tried to swat her ass.
She went to Jimmy's room and went inside, he was
sleeping facing away from the door and she gently shook
his shoulder until he opened his eyes and told him it
was time to get up and shower. Then she leaned over and
kissed his cheek saying good morning, breakfast in
twenty two minutes, hurry.

Jimmy rolled over and started to get up as she turned
to go, he said, Mom I love you. Julie went back to him
and kissed him on the lips and said I love you also, my
wonderful man.

Twenty four minutes later they were eating western
omelets with bacon bits, ham, onion, and peppers in
them. Harry and Jimmy tackled the dishes as Julie was
drying her hair and grooming for work. The usual
rushing around as everybody tried to get ready was in
full swing, Harry and Jimmy teamed up and were making
up beds and the phone rang.

"Mom, it's Mrs. Johnson."

"Julie, we overslept, I'm late and won't be able to
stop for coffee, can you come to the lounge at ten and
we can break together?"

"Yes, unless something comes up and it usually does,
I'll be there."

"Great, see you there, gotta run, bye!"

Harry rushed in the bathroom and kissed Julie, turned
to leave then came back and dropped to his knee beside
her vanity stool and leaned to kiss her again running
his hand under her dress and rubbing his finger against
her clit. Breaking away he grinned and told her, "Think
about that all day, you sweet sexy thing."

"I'm gonna have to kill you Harry!"

"Mom, is Mrs. Johnson coming by?"

"No, she overslept."

"Can I stay and watch you get ready?"

"Sure but all I've got to do is put on lip gloss."

Jimmy came and leaned on the counter looking at Julie
as she spread gloss with a small brush, Julie looked
down and realized the Harry had left her dress way up
her thighs almost to her thong. She thought well he's
already seen more than that and had it to.

"Mom you have beautiful lips."

Julie smiled at him as she put the brush away, looking
down his body she saw a budge in his crotch. She
wondered if he was aware, and she saw him grin as he
was aware of where she was looking, she looked at his
face wondering what to say or should she just ignore

"Sorry Mom, I can't help it, that happens whenever I
look at you."

"Oh baby, I can't help you now, that is terrible. We
have to go right now or we will be late if traffic is

"Race you to the car. Can I drive?"


On the way they chatted about baseball practice and
other small things then suddenly Jimmy said, "Mom would
you pull your dress up so I can look at your beautiful

"What about that problem thing you have?"

"It will go away as soon as I leave you, besides it
pays to advertise."

Julie shook her head but reached down and pulled her
dress up half way of her thighs.

"Six more inches mom?"



Julie pulled it up which was almost to her thong bottom
now and looked at him checking out his crotch which
looked good to her as she could see the outline of his
cock against his pants.

"You will sit in the car until that thing disappears,
can't have you running around looking like a unicorn in
front of all those young girls."

They rode in silence listening to the radio and looking
at each other when possible. Julie wondered if he could
turn his cock on and off just for her benefit to keep
her aware of it, well either way she was well aware and
could feel her nipples trying to push through her bra
and aching. She sighed and thought with a small smile
it was going to be a rough day.

Arriving at school she parked and two boys came running
to the car looking in the window as she hastily pulled
her dress down, asking Jimmy what position he was going
to go out for. Jimmy had put his book bag in his lap
and Julie was relieved, as they got out one boy held
the door for her and she knew he would see some leg
when she twisted to get out but it couldn't be helped.
They all said bye and went away talking as Julie made
her way to the office.

As she approached the office entry she saw a young boy
standing at the door, she remembered he was there every
morning lately and wondered why, he opened the door for
her and smiled, she smiled back and told him thank you
that's sweet of you. When she got pass the counter Mrs.
Lucas smiled at her and spoke.

"Good morning Julie, I see your young boyfriend is
manning his post this morning."

"My boyfriend? You mean the boy opening the door?"

"Yes, he comes every morning for two weeks now and
waits for you to arrive so he can open the door for
you, Darlene and I have been watching, we think he is
smitten with you. You know, a school boy crush."

"Oh my, what should I do?"

"Nothing dear, you are doing the right thing when you
speak to him, smile and thank him. Boys that young,
that is all they want and need. His name is Melvin but
he wants to be called Mel, he is one of the seventh
graders just getting to the age where he can appreciate
beauty. Don't worry about it you can do no wrong in his
eyes, the older ones are the ones you have to watch out
for, their hormones get their brain cell messed up."

"Thanks Mrs. Lucas, I'm never would have noticed, I
thought he did that for everyone or that was his

"No he only does it for you that why Darlene and I
noticed. Isn't that right Darlene?"

"Yes that's right, Julie you shouldn't be surprised
there are many boys here whose eyes follow you every
where you go and a lot of men teachers also."

"Oh no, I'm embarrassed do I need to dress more

"Darlene you shouldn't have said anything now she will
be self conscious. Don't change a thing, girl, you are
prefect just like you are, that's why everyone is
attracted to you. You are friendly, cheerful, and
always smiling that's why they look at you and hope
that you will smile at them and make the day a little
better. Don't fret over it, put it out of your mind."

"Thanks to both of you for your advice, I'll follow it.
Well I better get busy if you need my help just yell

Julie picked up the teacher reports from her basket and
went to her cubby hole office and turned on the
computer to warm up and put away her hand bag. She went
back to the coffee pot and got a cup returning to her
desk and started the data entry. She worked about
twenty minutes and hearing talking looked and saw two
of the coaches at the coffee pot as was their normal

She needed to know what the schedule for baseball
tryouts was so she could pick up Jimmy, she got her cup
and went to the coffee pot. Speaking to the coaches she
asked about the schedule as she poured herself some to
warm up her coffee. She asked what time they would be
finished so she could pick up him.

Robert the head coach answered. "All we will do today
is to make sure the guys are listed and get them the
insurance forms to take home, then we will have a film
to show them the basics of the game, discuss the rules
and a short physical tryout in running the bases and
that's about it. Mostly we will be talking and giving
some demonstrations on footwork in fielding, batting,
and catching the ball. We should be finished no later
than five o'clock. But you don't need to pick Jimmy up
today I will have guys that don't have rides and I will
drop them off on my way home and he can ride with me.
We should be at your house between five and five

"That's very thoughtful of you but I hate for you to go
out of you way, I can pick him up."

"No problem, not out of my way at all, I have to bring
David home and he lives just a short distance from you,
glad to do it for you."

Julie thanked Robert and went back to her desk. Unknown
to her or the men Mrs. Lucas looked at Darlene and
winked, Darlene shook her head in wonderment and made a
motion of eating out of her hand. As Julie was
preparing to sit down she glanced at the coffee area
and saw both coaches learning on the counter and
looking in her direction. She learned over the desk and
let her breasts sag against the dress top vee
pretending to sort papers looking at the desk and saw
that both breasts were partially revealed and a good
cleavage shot.

Holding that pose for a few seconds she then sat
pulling her dress up her legs about half way up her
thighs and crossed her legs holding her dress up as if
to keep it from getting wrinkled and rolled her chair
under the desk. Turning towards the computer so she
would show a good side view all the way to where her
leg rested on the chair she glanced and saw both men
staring and Charlie Hale looking through the blinds of
his office. As she starting working she smiled and said
to herself, three birds with one stone or maybe leg.

As she worked Julie realized that her nipples were
aching and she knew it was her own fault, but wow it
was fun. She wondered why she hadn't tried this before
and remembered that Harry had told her it was alright
to flirt only a few days before so now she felt free to
do it. She also remembered what he had said about Emily
and she was supposed to meet her at ten and curiously
she felt the ache get a little stronger. Julie worked
at data entry and at nine forty five was finished she
then saved her data and filed away the reports, she
told Mrs. Lucas that she was going to the lounge and
would be back in a few minutes.

As she was emerging from behind the counter Mr. Hale
came to his office door and asked her did she have a
minute before break. She entered his office.

"Julie I need to get a better understanding of the data
system we, or you I should say, are using as the board
would like to discuss it and I don't sufficiently
understand it and may not even after you explain it to
me. Can you find time to go over the system with me
after you finish data entry?"

"Of course, Mr. Hale, I have to run to the lounge and
then get the system squared away and we can go through
the basics and then as deep as you wish."

"Sounds good take you time and have a good break, relax
as you will need all your patience to teach me

Julie headed for the lounge tapping down the hall in
her heels making her breasts bounce and the nipples to
tingle, she thought she could feel some moisture in the
crotch of her thong and wondered how did Jimmy know
these things and why did she imagine them fucking
suddenly. She realized that she wanted to just like he
said she would and damn he wouldn't get home until
late, could they rush in a quick one if she had every
thing ready for dinner by the time he got there?

She entered the lounge, got a cola, some cheese
crackers, and found an empty table against the wall and
away from the vending machines just as the bell rang.
Soon some teachers began to arrive most rushing to the
bathroom before getting their snacks, Emily arrived and
rushed straight to Julie and sat across from her at the
narrow table and their knees touched.

"I've got to get in that toilet before I burst, how
many are in there?"

"Two, I think."

"Be right back."

Several teachers spoke to Julie asking her how she was
and how the family was doing, all small talk, Emily
returned, got a carton of milk and sat back down
smiling at Julie as their knees touched and she rubbed
hers across Julie's.

"What no coffee, Emily?"

"I didn't have time for breakfast this morning, no
coffee except for a swallow as I came through here
right as the bell rung. I'm so hungry and weak I'm
seeing visions of glazed donuts maybe this milk will

"Here have some cheese crackers you need something
solid for your stomach to feel rolling around. You seem
to be in a good mood for a starving woman."

Emily leaned forwarded putting her hand under the table
on her leg and sliding it towards Julie's until her
fingers touched her knee.

"I have you to thank for that, everything you told me
worked like magic, I could smother you with kisses.

Can't tell you anything here when can we get to
together? I'm going crazy wanting to tell you!"

"Is that why you slept late?"

"Wasn't sleeping, don't ask me any thing more."

"Ok, how about after school, do you have time?"

"I'll make time but can we talk will Jimmy be home?"

"No, he will be at baseball tryouts until five."

Emily moved her fingers across Julie's knee and then
moved them away as a teacher looking for an empty place
looked their way.

"See you as soon as my car can get there."

The young teacher approached their table with a coke
and cookies in hand.

"I'll have donuts and coffee ready."

"I sorry but there's no place to sit can I share your
table?" Asked the teacher.

Emily replied, "Of course we're glad you came over it
gives me a chance to introduce you to my best friend.
This is Julie Cole, Julie this is Sarah, she started
about three months ago after Mrs. Wiggins broke her
hip. Julie has an office in Admin. she runs the system
of educational progress that uses the reports you

"Glad to meet you Sarah,"

"It's good to meet you also, Julie. I hope I didn't
interrupt a private conversation."

"No we were speaking low because we didn't want to
anyone to know we were discussing getting together for
anything as sinful as donuts," Julie said.

"You can include me I love sweet things."

Emily joined in the banter. "We usually run the guys
off and sit with our feet up and smack away drinking
coffee to wash them down fast so we can eat another.
Then it's back to salads with ranch dressing."

"Sounds like heaven to me." Sarah said.

"Well next time we indulge we'll give you a call but I
was going to suggest that we start smoking cigars
afterwards so we will need to be outside, can you
handle a cigar?"

Sarah giggled, "Don't know never tried, but I am game
if you are, but outside is good in case I get sick."

"Gee, I'm still hungry, can I have another cracker,

"Take both of them I really don't need them. Can I get
you something else?"

"No, I need to get back to the classroom and supervise
the kids, they get restless if an adult isn't around.

Thanks any way. Sarah you better hurry, you were late
getting here."

Sarah nodded as she gulped her last cookie and got up
as they did. "Good to meet you, Julie, don't forget me
for donuts and coffee."

"You can depend on it, Sarah."

Julie looked at Emily and said see you later. Emily
nodded with a mouth full of cheese crackers. Julie went
out the door and started down the hall for the Admin.
Office. As she entered she waved at Mr. Hale and held
up five fingers, he smiled and nodded his head. Julie
looked around her office to see how she could arrange
for both of them to see the monitor without sitting on
top of each other, although she thought ole Charlie
would like that arrangement.

Finally she decided he should sit in her chair and she
would sit in the chair without arms and work the mouse
and face him. She put the computer all the way back to
the start window and sat waiting.

Mr. Hale could be heard talking to Mrs. Lucas and
Darlene. "Ladies, Julie has agreed to the impossible
task of teaching me about the report system and we will
be tackling that now. Do not worry if you hear screams
of frustration from her, that will be expected as she
will encounter mass stupidity however come and rescue
me if I begin to beg for mercy."

Both ladies laughed and he appeared at the door,
entered and shut it behind himself. Julie thought to
herself oh no that's a bad sign better move this along
as fast as possible.

"Mr. Hale, you sit here where you can see well and I
will sit here, I'm sorry but it's crowded in here and
not a lot of room to be comfortable but we shouldn't be
long enough to get cramps."

"Yes, space is always a problem, if we had realized how
valuable this system would be and how much we would
depend on it, we would have tried to find a better
place to set it up."

He sat down but did not slide under the desk remaining
turned towards the monitor and Julie, who sat down but
with her legs outside his she would have to twist her
torso to see the monitor so she put them inside his
against the desk drawers which bumped her knees and she
had to lean forward to reach the mouse. They kept
trying other arrangements until finally settling on one
that was fair at it's best and put their knees touching
and Julie's chair turned more to the desk and the
monitor moved to the center of the desk.

Julie began to explain how to log on and that the
program was password protected and presently only she
could access it but he could be added if he wished.
Then she began to go thru the basic procedures of the
system, her talking, explaining, and demonstrating and
he watching and nodding his head.

After twenty minutes Julie paused and said, "That
covers the basics of accessing and entering the data
now we will look at processing the data to get
information either on screen or printed reports that we
can use to improve our knowledge of progress or lack of
in accomplishing the task of educating our students.
First do you have any questions?"

"Well, to be honest no, but that doesn't mean I
understand well enough to do it or use it to get any
thing useful to any one. You see I have never used a
computer that's why there isn't one in my office it
would only collect dust. So I want you to continue and
you are doing a great job but don't be disappointed
when you realize that I am not learning any thing.

"I hope that I can come away with enough understanding
on what can be gotten from the system so that I can at
the least tell people yes we can do that and then yell
for you to bail me out. Mrs. Lucas and Darlene know
this and are kind enough to cover for me and do things
that I should do myself, now you know why I get
desperate when thinking of Mrs. Lucas retiring and
Darlene thinking maybe only one more year."

Julie was really touched that the man she had always
thought of as strong and in control of all kinds of
situations really had a weak spot and was concerned
about the future. She laid her hand on his arm and said
to him, "Oh, Mr. Hale, don't worry about things like
that, I know the three of you have been together many
years and work like a team each knowing what the other
is doing and thinking, but there are always people who
can do those things and you will find that things will
come together."

"Julie that's one of the things that I love about you,
always looking at the positive and jumping in and
making it happen." As he said that he slid his hand
onto Julie's leg above the knee on the smooth skin just
below her dress. "And I just about panic when I think
about all three of you leaving and me sitting here not
able to cope with this new technology and the new
concepts being introduced each year."

Julie's hand was on the arm of the hand on her leg, she
contemplated on lifting it off her leg but no one would
see and what would be the harm to give him a little
comfort. She moved her hand up his arm to the shoulder
and rubbed through his shirt sleeve and smiled at him.

"I understand Mr. Hale, it's hard to see things that
you have worked so hard for so long to be changing when
you have everything running so smooth and successful.
But change is the only thing that is constant and you
built a strong and successful team of staff and
teachers and all you have to do is continue to build
next year just like you did in past years."

He looked at her and smiled . "Julie, you have a talent
for bolstering people and making them feel stronger
than they really are. And you are correct, I am just
getting old and worried about being put out to pasture
I guess. I need five more years to get full benefits
and to be forced into early retirement or reassigned to
a lower position would be detrimental to my income as
pension weigh heavily on the last five years of

"But Mr. Hale the board wouldn't do that they hold you
in high esteem as a valuable resource."

"Do you really think so, Julie?" He asked and leaned
forward in his chair causing his hand to slide farther
up her leg, his fingertips now beginning to go under
the dress.

She thought, he doesn't realized what happening, maybe,
but I sure do, as she felt her nipples begin to extend
and the ache return as they pressed against her bra. I
can't get turned on by a man old enough to be my father
I'm not that far gone am I?

"Mr. Hale, think about it, this school is the only one
with this system, you told me when you asked me to work
with it that it was experimental for us to evaluate
before spending any more money. That indicates that the
board looked on you and your team as best to do that
evaluation and give them a positive or negative
response, in other words they had confidence in you and
you abilities. They haven't any reason to change that
confidence just because someone retires and you have to

He leaned even farther towards her and she saw his eye
were bright again, he rubbed her leg and his hand slide
more to the inside of her thigh, he was now only about
six inches from her cunt. Julie's breath was quickening
and she could feel her heart beating faster and in of
all places to feel it, her clit, the worse possible
place when she was trying to keep her body under

"Julie, you are a jewel, I have two things that I want
to say, first the short one. I have unconsciously
placed my hand on your leg in my eagerness to absorb
your inspiring and encouraging words, while it feels
absolutely wonderful it was wrong for me to do so
without any encouragement from you and I beg your
forgiveness. However I can not bear to think of
snatching it away like a kid caught with his hand in
the cookie jar. Could you possibly allow it to remain
until I am telling you the other thing so I can enjoy a
moment's pleasure and gracefully withdraw?"

Julie was smiling but she was thinking, if he is
shooting me a line he is damn smooth.

"Mr. Hale, I certainly shouldn't allow such boldness
but your explanation is honest and I admire you for
that, knowing you are a man of your word I will ignore
this for a time. But you look uncomfortable leaning
forward like that, let me move past your knee so you
can sit back and relax."

He moved his knee and Julie rolled her chair forward
past his leg, however he hadn't leaned back and as she
rolled forward his hand moved under her dress and the
fingertips brushed against the top of her cunt very
close to her pulsing clit.

"Oh my." Julie said looking at him.

Mr. Hale also looking at her said. "My God, Julie,
you're like a furnace."

He brushed up and down over her cunt with his fingers
and they went over her clit which was hard and

"Please Mr. Hale, please." He continued to brush as
they stared at each other. "Please Mr. Hale, please
move back... Please."

Slowly he leaned back in the chair and rested his hand
on her thigh, they were both shaken by the experience.
He shook his head, "I can't believe I did that, it was
an accident but I went into shock or something I never
should have touched you like that, but oh it was
heaven. What should I do Julie what can I do to regain
your respect?" He removed his hand from her leg and sat
looking down at the floor.

Julie was regaining her composure and wishing her
nipples and clit would stop throbbing maybe she could
think a little clearer. She knew she was within a few
heartbeats of opening her legs for him and that would
have been a disaster. She couldn't understand why she
wanted to fuck all the time, she couldn't understand
why she wanted him to pinch her nipples and then she
could fuck. She shook her head also.

"Mr. Hale, I think we should take a coffee break before
we tackle the other item you wanted to talk about, can
you manage to get us a cup? I like mine black."

"Yes, yes, I can do that." He got up and Julie handed
him her cup and he went to the coffee pot.

"Well, how are you doing, Charlie?"

"Not well I'm afraid, if I were grading myself I would
get an A in attentiveness and an F in learning and
knowledge retention."

"Can't be that bad, how's he doing, Julie?"

Julie walked to the door hoping her face wasn't
flushed, "He's trying hard, I think he may need
additional tutoring and some mandatory homework
assignments to strengthen his study habits."

"You go girl, lay it on him. You do the tutoring and
Darlene and I will make sure he does the homework,
we'll turn this pig's ear into a silk purse."

Charlie turned around with two cups of coffee and
smiling said, "Finish the saying 'or kill him trying'."

Julie went back into the office and he was close behind
her. Setting the cups down he closed the door and went
back to behind the desk to sit down. She took a sip of
her coffee and made a face as it was getting strong. He
did the same.

"Do you wish to go to the report section or finish the
second thing you wanted to tell me?"

"Julie you are amazing, here I have made a fool of
myself and embarrassed both of us and you act as if
nothing out of the ordinary happened and just pick up
and start again, amazing woman!"

"Mr. Hale, you said that it was an accident and I agree
that it was so why continue to agonize over it? We are
both adults and we both know that adults still have
attractions and moments of weakness like just like
teenagers but we are a little better at controlling
them, unfortunately only a little better."

"Yes, right again, best to put it aside and move on,
but I would like to apologize for the uncalled for

Julie smiled, "The furnace or the heaven?"

"Furnace, I'll declare the heaven until the day I die."

Julie giggled and covered her mouth to muffle the
sound. "Thank you for the compliment. Tell me the
second item."

Charlie shook his head smiling and said amazing again.
Taking a deep breath he told Julie that the board had
requested that they be given a report on the program
with the advantages and disadvantages, the benefits of
the program and how much training and personnel would
be needed to install and get up and running for the
other three high school in the county.

"Julie, I am not good enough or capable of doing this
and I see from today you won't be able to get me there
in time for me to do it. You can do it Julie, I know
this as a fact, that you are capable, you know the
system, and better yet you can explain it to people
where they can understand it. I know that this is
asking a lot of you but you can do it and you are the
only one who can. I will beg if that would help."

"No, wouldn't help at all, Mr. Hale I am willing to
tackle this but I need to think about it some and see
if there is any way that will help in making a
presentation to the board be meaningful rather than
just a boring speech. Do we have time for that?"

"Yes, I haven't given them a time frame but I know they
would like to make a decision before summer shut down."

They talked with Julie asking where, how many, were any
facilities available, and he answering if possible or
promising to find out. They finally agreed that they
would get back for another discussion as soon as Julie
did her research. They sat for a moment and said that
was enough for one day. And both sipped their cooling

"Mr. Hale promise me that you will take a class in
basic computers just to learn how to get on and off and
do something even as simple as typing a memo."

"Julie, it's hard for an old dog to learn new tricks
and I would be embarrassed to sit in the class with
ninth graders who know more than I do."

"Maybe we could overcome your embarrassment by
rewarding you with something."

"Would have to be more than a gold star somewhere in
the BMW range."

"Don't have any BMW's laying around, maybe, give me
your hand."

Charlie gave her his hand, Julie looked at it and slid
forward in her chair causing her dress to ride up her
legs, and placed it on her thigh, opening her legs she
put her hand on top of his and rubbed it until he got
the message and began to rub her thigh a little a first
and suddenly from her knee to her crotch she removed
her hand and leaned back in the chair watching him. He
was staring at his hand and her bare legs then he moved
his eyes to hers and they looked at each other.

"Once and only once and only if you promise."

He looked at her eyes and tried to make his mouth work
finally able to croak out, "Yes promise, I promise yes,

Julie closed her eyes and smiled, she was feeling good
and getting better. Mr. Hale was trembling as he could
see a glimpse of heaven and his hand was close to
touching it, did he dare. Not today he reasoned don't
push your luck. Julie was getting excited, she knew it
was from doing something forbidden, she wondered if he
was excited also and opened her eyes to look at him and
saw he was starring at her cunt area and he had a tent
forming in his pants.

"I think we should stop now, your hand is beginning to
feel to good and you can't chance staining your pants."

"Yes, you are right." Slowly he moved his hand back to
her knee and rubbed it a few times and then removed it
and placed it on his leg, he looked at Julie's face and
back at her legs and the small view he had of her cunt
as she smoothed her dress down and slid back in her
chair. He looked back at her face and gave her a weak
smile. "Hardest thing I ever have done, stopping doing
what was the most wonderful feeling in the world. Most
beautiful thing I have seen or felt. Julie, I."

"No, Mr. Hale now is not the time to talk, now is the
time to get back to work and get ourselves in a normal
frame of mind so we can think clearly. And perform the
duties we are paid to do."


"Tomorrow is a service day so it will be next week
before I can review the program and let you know what
can be prepared and what other aids could be necessary
to make a decent presentation. Does that sound

"Yes that is fine, I, umm, I feel, You are a life
saver, Julie. I will owe you tremendously for doing
this for me. And I will never forget it or the, er, er,
other favor you allowed, er, to me."

"I hope I didn't tease you unduly, and I trust that you
realize it must be our secret, forever, and it must not
happen again."

"Of course, I understand fully. But I will never give
up hope."

Chapter Nine

Julie stopped at the market and got a dozen donuts, she
was tempted to eat one on the way home but knew that's
wasn't a good diet, she needed protein and sugar could
come later. Arriving at home she hastily undressed and
slipped into her short robe, got the leftover chops
from the refrigerator with some sliced bread and a
coke. She ate them cold washing it all down with the

She finished and starting washing clothes, vacuuming,
and general dusting and cleaning working fast and
thinking about dinner and what she could prepare. She
needed to get every thing done, take a shower, and
dress in something causal but hot before Emily got
there. Why hot, she wondered, did she expect Emily to
tear her own clothes off as soon as she got inside? She
knew then that she wanted that to happen and not so
much because Harry had wanted it as she wanted it!

Julie loaded the coffee pot, she saved a cup of that
left from this morning and heated it in the microwave
and sat down to drink it and think about all that had
happened this week. Some how she had changed and
changed fast in just three days, since she and Harry
had their talk and she learned he wanted her to fuck
Jimmy she had turned into a horny slut, flashing her
body at school, urging Emily to play with her legs in
public, seducing her, letting herself be seduced by
Jimmy, and then becoming Jimmy's fuck slave.

Oh, how she wished he was here now, she needed to be
fucked so bad! And now today she had invited Mr. Hale
to touch her legs and put her cunt where he could touch
it, yes that was her fault she slid it right to his
hand it really wasn't an accident even though it wasn't

What was wrong with her? Why was she so horny? All she
could think about was fucking, sucking, or playing with
a hard cock. Why did she get such a thrill from teasing
men with her body and maybe women, she remembered
getting hot when she realized Emily was looking at her
tits? And now she wanted Emily to hurry and get here so
they could get naked and suck each others nipples and
play with their cunts and make each other cum, she
wanted to cum oh, so bad she wanted to.

"I'm a slut," she said out loud. And felt her nipples
stiffen and rub against her terry robe and hurt. And
that was another puzzle why did hurting nipples make
her want to fuck for she could feel moisture beginning
to seep from her cunt lips. She jumped up and walked
around the kitchen, she felt hot almost to the point of
beginning to sweat. Loosening her robe she walked
around the house hoping to cool off, looking out the
window and went to the door.

She paused and then untied the belt and removed the
robe tossing it towards the couch, she grasped the door
knob and twisted it opening the door a slight crack she
stopped and thought no, I can't go out there naked. She
wanted to but didn't understand why, she opened the
door halfway and looked out standing to the side, she
looked a long time and saw nothing, opening the door
all the way she stood in the opening her heart
pounding, nipples stiff, clit poking between her cunt
slit and feeling dizzy as if she had to much to drink.

Julie shut the door, turned away and on unsteady legs
walked to the kitchen, she paused and then went on into
the laundry room, realizing the washing machine was not
running she took the clothes and placed them in the
dryer. She started another load and leaned against the
washing machine still feeling dizzy, the back and forth
action of the machine jarred her lower stomach and she
moved away. She desperately needed someone to come and
help her find relief.

She went back into the kitchen and saw the cola bottle
she drank at lunch, she picked it up and went to the
laundry room to place it in the trash. The trash
container was almost full and she saw an empty beer
bottle sitting right at the top with the neck sticking
up and she reached to lay it over, it fit her hand and
reminded her of the way a cock feels smooth and hard.
She rubbed her fingers up and down the long neck,
wishing it was a cock.

She wondered, could she? Did she dare? As she looked at
it and felt of it, she also felt a trickle of moisture
run down her leg. Snatching the bottle from the trash
she went to the kitchen sink turning on the water and
began to wash the bottle with water as hot as it would
get. Soaping and scrubbing she was almost in tears
thinking about what she was about to do.

She scrubbed off the labels and washed it again, drying
it she hurried to the living room and found her robe
laying it on the couch and sitting on it she spread her
legs and stared at the beer bottle. She knew she
shouldn't but also that she couldn't last until her men
got home and dinner was finished, plus she didn't want
Emily to come while she was like this.

Julie eased the neck of the bottle against her cunt
slit and rubbed it up and down, the action seemed to
take away some of the tension in her body and she began
to relax a little. She did this for a while and then
placed the mouth into her slit parting the lips and
eased it in about an inch wiggling it and letting it
get wet from her moisture. She slid it in all the way
until the neck was completely embedded and the sloping
shoulder was pressing in her entrance.

It felt strange, hard and unbending, but it also felt
good, twisting the bottle she delighted in the
smoothness and began to move it in and out slowly,
increasing the pressure of the slope against her cunt
entrance. She realized she wanted to see how it would
feel if she could take the big portion, she lay on the
couch with one leg bent and resting on the couch back
and the other on the floor.

Slowly she pulled the bottle out and twisted it to get
it wet and back in, repeating this over and over each
time pressing a little harder and gaining a little more
entrance each time. The stretching was beginning to be
painful and she stopped leaving it inserted at the
deepest point and just held it there. She moved her leg
on the couch back and her foot hit the bottle and her
hand holding it.

She moved her foot to the end which was the bottom of
the bottle and pulled it up until it touched the
bottom, she removed her hands and placed them on her
tits rubbing and touching the nipples which were still
sensitive. Julie closed her eyes and concentrated on
the feelings of rubbing her tits, nipples and the
fullness in her cunt, she began to clasp and unclasp
the bottle with her cunt muscles as she would a cock
and felt the tightness of a rising climax in her

Julie began to moan softly, whimpering, and mewing as
she neared the climax, she felt wonderful, it was
wonderful to feel the climax building in her cunt, it
was what she was made for, she was a slut and she
wanted to be fucked all the time, she needed a cock in
her most all the time or at least have one near her and
ready to plunge in her cunt.

Julie's mind was repeating this to her over and over
and she knew it was true, she wondered why she had
never realized this before. Then another thought
slipped into her consciousness, if I pinch my nipples I
will come from the pain. She grasped her right nipple
and pinched it and held it tightening her pressure even
though the pain surged though her breast straight to
her cunt and clit.

Suddenly the climax hit her like a fist to the stomach,
she jerked, twisted, and humped the bottle, her leg
flinched with the pain and the bottle slid in her cunt
until the mouth hit the back of her cunt wall. She
froze, body jerking, quivering, and cunt clasping
around the bottle, she was stretched farther than ever
before except when delivering Jimmy.

Julie lay on the couch with her body straining as she
erupted time after time around the bottle until finally
she sagged and began to relax and settle down. As her
climax high ebbed her muscle stopped milking at the
bottle she became aware of the fullness in her cunt,
she moved her hand down to the bottle and felt of it,
she was surprised at how far it was in her. But it
still felt good to be full and she just lay there
holding it in with her foot, completely relaxed for the
first time today.

She no longer could feel any pain in her nipples or
clit and the ache in her breasts was gone also, she
felt at peace and smiled as she lay there naked and
fresh fucked the way she should be. She giggled as she
wondered did I rape a beer bottle? Can I get pregnant
and have a bunch of miniature beer bottles?

Julie was completely satisfied, she was relaxed and
stress free as she lay on the couch impaled on a beer
bottle and she knew that she would need this over and
over unless she had a cock in her. I need a cock all
the time, she thought to herself, I need to be fucked
all the time, I crave cocks. Slowly she let her leg
slide from the couch back and extend to the seat and
held the bottle with her hand, she wiggled it slightly
and could feel it beginning to slide out.

Each time it slid a little she would feel her cunt
tingle then suddenly it came completely out and she
moaned at the loss. She wanted to put it back but knew
she would only make her cunt irritated if she kept
fucking herself with it. The neck lay on her slit with
the mouth still at her cunt entrance, she rotated her
hips a little to make it rub her cunt lips but it slid
off and the mouth was resting at her asshole causing
her to wonder how it would feel in there.

She shook her head to clear her mind, knowing she had
to get herself under control and finish her chores
before Emily arrived, she rose from the couch and took
the bottle to throw it away but changed her mind and
went to the sink and washed it. She put it in the back
of the cabinet under the sink. Ready for another day.

Julie hurried about the house taking care of her chores
and getting things ready for dinner, she had decided on
meatloaf, potatoes, peas, and a salad. Finally she
reached a point that she had to stop as she was running
out of time, hurrying to the shower she scrubbed
herself, dried, and applied lotion to her body. As she
brushed her hair she was thinking about what she had to
wear that would show off her tits and ass but not be
obvious that she was giving them away for a cum.

She remembered a nylon shorts and shirt set that Harry
gave her that would be prefect. The shorts were short
and slit up the side, the shirt was vee neck, the
buttons were in front and only two and the top one was
below her tits with the shirt bottom above her navel.
It was clingy and smooth and clung to her nipples
making them obvious from about half of a mile away and
now that she had shaved her cunt the shorts would cling
to the slit like a rubber glove.

Julie dug them out of the drawer and putting them on in
front of the mirror she whistled and said out loud, "Oh
baby, you are one hot fucking bitch!" She slipped on a
pair of low heel shoes but decided that it didn't look
right so she grabbed a pair on sneakers and put them
on. Back to the laundry room to check the washing
machine and dryer and then to reheat the coffee in her
cup and sit down to relax.

At six minutes before three she heard a car pulling in
the drive and saw it was Emily, she turned on the
coffee pot and went to the door opening it just as
Emily was getting out of the car and waited for her to
get to the door. As soon as Emily saw her she waved and
walked faster, hurrying through the door she grabbed
Julie in a bear hug and spun her around kissing her
directly on the mouth.

She leaned away and looked into Julie's startled eyes
and said, "Oh, I love you, you beautiful thing, and you
are my magic fairy. All my problems will come to you
from now on." Then she kissed Julie again and hugged
even harder swaying their bodies from left to right
with breasts smashed together and pelvic rubbing.

"Wait Emily wait, I can't breathe, what did I do? Tell
me what happened, what turned you into a sumo

"Yes, you did. I'll tell you but I've got to go to the
bathroom first, I'm floating. Pour me some coffee, I
can smell it. I'll be right back."

Emily ran to the bathroom and Julie went to pour coffee
even though it wasn't completely finished making, it
would be strong but that made it better. She opened the
donuts and put them on a plate, as she was finishing
Emily came into the kitchen.

"I can smile again. Julie, turn around. You look
ravishing, good enough to eat and smell good enough to
lick like vanilla ice cream. Wow look at those nipples
standing out proud. How am I supposed to control myself
long enough to tell you about last night and this

"If you don't I'm going to wrap you in a sheet and beat
you with a bat, stop teasing me and tell me what

"Gimme that coffee and a donut and sit here facing me,
you have to eat a donut every time I do, I'm not
getting fat all by myself."

They pulled two chairs to the bar counter and sat
facing with their knees touching, Emily immediately put
one hand on Julie's leg and moved it up her thigh and
inside it. Julie's also put her hand on Emily's thigh
and moved it under her dress to caress her inner thigh,
they ate bites of donut and drank with the other hand.

"Wow Julie, that feels good."

"My hand or your hand?"

"Both feel like heaven."

"Shut up and talk."

"What do you want to talk about?"

"I'm going to kill you Emily, only five seconds left to

"Ok, it's just that I'm in a good mood."

"I never would have guessed, talk."

"I did every thing you told me to. I dressed in a loose
T shirt and a pair of shorts that were way to tight and
flitted around the house as we prepared dinner, we
talked about our day and I noticed that Kurt kept
looking at my crotch when he thought I wasn't looking.
After supper we were cleaning up and I was loading the
dishwasher and he walked up and rubbed my ass! I knew
right then that my dreams were going to come true, I
looked over my shoulder and smiled and said ooooo.

"He kept his hand on my ass until I finished and when I
straighten up and leaned back against him, he ran one
hand under my T shirt to my breasts and the other to my
cunt rubbing and squeezing. I almost died just from
that! We made it to the couch and he stripped my top
off and was tearing at my shorts, I wanted to tell him
to check the blinds but thought to hell with the
neighbors this is more important."

"When he got my shorts off, at least around my ankles,
I had to get them off the rest of the way, he froze
like a statue looking at my shaven cunt. I hastily
explained that it was a surprise for him and I hoped he
liked it, Julie he said it was beautiful, I almost
cried I was so happy. He sat me down and kissed me, on
the mouth first and then down there, I came as soon as
he touched it!"

"Well, I had to beg him to take his clothes off he was
so entranced, and I wanted to suck him but he was
suddenly in a hurry. I came again on the first stroke
and he didn't last much more than five or six. We
fooled around like kids, my head in his lap kissing Mr.
Steel Rod and his fingers all over my cunt, we finally
went to the shower and played around with the soap and
then he threw the towel on the floor and took me again
right there."

"He did something he had never done before, he cleaned
me and carried me to bed and laid me on my side and
slid in behind me and put it in me and said go to sleep
darling, I'm going to fuck you all night! After the
third climax fucking, I did go to sleep and several
times I woke up and he would be putting it in me again.
I guess he would go to sleep and it would shrink and
come out."

"That's why you overslept or did you forget to turn on
the alarm?"

"Neither, we didn't oversleep, we hated to get up but
made it, but I was a mess and jumped in the shower and
Kurt was in right behind me. We scrubbed each other and
both got horny and back in bed we went for forty five
minutes, then back to the shower by the time we got
clean and dressed it was time to leave for work."

"Wow, you really had a party, do you have a plan for
tonight's follow up?"

"My newly found master gave me instructions before we
left this morning, be naked when he gets home, to hell
with supper we'll go grab a burger or something
afterwards. I'm ecstatic and it's all because of you, I
love you, you beautiful creature."

Emily picked up a donut and wetting her lips rubbed the
glaze on them, standing up she moved Julie's knees
apart and stepped between them and leaned forward
kissing her lightly. Julie moved her lips around
Emily's and licked the glaze from her lips and then
sucked her lips .

"Wow, you sure are sweet tasting today, do that again I
think I like second hand donuts."

Emily wet her lips by sticking her finger in the coffee
cup and then rubbed her lips with it and the donut and
stuck her tongue out and licked the donut getting as
much sugar glaze on her tongue as possible. When she
leaned to Julie she left her tongue out and Julie
opened her mouth and sucked the tongue in as their lips
met and they kissed sucking at each other's lips and
tongue while still looking into their eyes. Emily broke

"I've got to see those nipples they are driving me
crazy trying to burn their way though that top." she
said as she reached for Julie's buttons.

"No, you can't touch them until you shed that dress and
all those clothes so I can see if you did a good job
with your razor, so hurry before I have to spank your
cute butt."

Emily smiled and whispered to Julie ' I thought you'd
never ask I wanted to show you in the lounge but
figured you freak out,' she turned her back to Julie
where the zipper was and when Julie lowered it she
wiggled out of the dress as Julie unfastened her bra.
She kicked off her shoes and stepped out of the dress
hanging it on the barstool and lowered her bikini
panties and stepped out of them as she was bending
over. She looked over her shoulder at Julie and wiggled
her butt smiling.

Julie reached and put her hand on Emily's ass cheeks
lightly rubbing as she looked into her eyes, she put
her other hand in the crevice between the cheeks and
rubbed down over her asshole and to her smooth shaven

"Spread your legs for me, lover. Put your hands on your
knees and push your cunt back to me."

Emily moaned softly, then did as she said. Julie rubbed
her finger around the smooth lips and then lightly
along the slit, Emily began to shiver and dropped her
head letting her hair fall down around her neck and
face. Julie slowly parted the slit with her finger and
touched Emily's button like clit teasing it with the
tip of her finger. Emily gasped and rocked on her feet
pushing towards the teasing fingertip.

"You're wet Emily, have you been thinking naughty

"I always get wet when I'm around you. Did you mean it
when you called me lover?"

"Yes, if you still want us to be lovers, you said you
wanted to be my slave, that you would do anything
anytime but you need to make sure that is what you want
and commit to me and I will commit to you. Is that what
you want?"

"Yes, everything I said yesterday I meant. I want to be
your lover and you to be mine, I wanted to love you
yesterday the way you did me and make you cum as you
did me and I still do today. I will do anything that
you will let me do and anything that you want me to.
Please let us be lovers, we can do that and still be
good wives to our husbands, can't we. Please?"

"I think so, Emily, but I'm not sure, we need to think
about this and talk about it when we aren't horny for
each other's body. I want to love your body and you
love mine but we need to determine what we think when
we say I love you, are we talking physical or emotional
and is there a difference. Let's enjoy what we have
today and work on the rest later. Okay?"

"You are right I can't think straight when I get around
you, all I want to do is kiss you and love you and hold
you while you are doing the same to me. Can I love your

"I'm loving what I doing to you now, do you want to

"No! I want to love you while you're doing it, my body
is yours anytime and anyway you want it, but I want you
naked so I can have your body."

"That's to good a proposal to turn down, come here."

Emily straighten her body and turned around, her face
was flushed from being bent over and also from Julie's
rubbing her clit. She started unbuttoning Julie's top.
Julie slid off the stool and touched Emily's breasts
and nipples then let her remove the top. Emily
immediately went for the shorts and had them down to
her ankles in thirty seconds, she knelt and Julie
picked up her feet so she could get them off, Emily
removed her sneakers at the same time. She placed her
hands on Julie's hips and looked at her cunt, rubbing
her finger along the slit as Julie had done to her, she
found the clit as it was beginning to protrude from the
hood and touched it with her fingertip. Julie sighed.

"Emily, come up here."

"But Julie I want to."

"And I want you to also, but I need to ask you
something before you drive me crazy and I can't put two
words together that make sense if you do that."

Emily rose up and they pressed their bodies together
and kissed.

"Can you get free Saturday, Harry has to work and Jimmy
will go with him, we could lay in the sun naked and get
a tan, talk, and explore each other. We could also find
time to shop and just be together, to learn what we
like and don't like besides sex."

"Oh yes, I would love to do that, Kurt plays golf every
Saturday from nine to after lunch and then he usually
just putters around the house, I'll tell him we're
going to tan and shop most of the day. It will be great
to have all day naked with you and me and no time

Julie kissed her and smiling said, "We can't shop naked
we wouldn't have anyway to carry our credit cards. Come
as early as you can. Let's go to the couch."

"Ok, better get a towel for me to sit on."

"Better get one for me also, a big one."

Julie went to the bathroom and got two towels,
returning as Emily was sitting their coffee cups on the
coffee table. Emily took the towels and laid them on
the couch over lapping the edge and taking Julie's hand
she sat on the very edge of the couch pulling Julie
between her wide spread legs. She leaned forward and
kissed Julie's stomach, leaning back she looked at her
cunt and put her fingers on each side of the slit and
lightly rubbed along it to the bottom and back.

"Oh my god, Julie, you're even beautiful here."

"I'm glad you think so, but I think you are blinded by
lust. If you keep doing that I'm going to need a towel
for the floor, I get very wet and very fast."

"I'm going to keep doing it and even more."

Emily ran her index finger along the slit and saw it
begin to open like a morning flower. She lowered her
head and kissed each side of the slit and heard Julie's
soft moan, glancing up she saw her eyes were closed and
mouth slightly open. She replaced her index finger with
her thumb and inserted it into the slit and ran it down
to the bottom and up again pressing in until she
touched the clit protruding from the hood covering and
extending it's self outward. She rubbed the clit and
felt Julie's legs begin to shake, looking up again she
saw Julie had her hands clinched into fists and knew
she was trying to hold back a rapidly rising climax.

"Sweetheart, sit here and spread your legs so I can get
a better look."

She rose from the couch and turned Julie around and
helped her sit on the edge and lean back. Julie spread
her legs and Emily saw the cunt open and the clit
standing straight out uncovered. As she got on her
knees between Julie's thighs she looked at her face and
saw that her eyes looked hazy like smoke was covering
them, Julie was looking at Emily and she could see the
passion in her eyes.

Emily again placed her thumb in her cunt seeking the
warm wet cavern and inserting it as far as she could
get it, Julie's hands were on her stomach and she was
rubbing it and down to the edge of her cunt top trying
to rub away the ache that was building in her when
Emily touched her slit.

"I love you, Julie, I hope you like to hear that
because I have to tell you every time I see you and
when we are alone like this my heart almost bursts with

"I love you too, Emily; I don't understand it but I
love you."

Emily almost squealed with joy to hear those words from
Julie. She leaned into Julie's cunt and licked the
proudly standing clit putting the tip of her tongue on
its tip and rubbing it with it. Julie moaned loudly and
as Emily enclosed the clit with her lips and began to
suck she spread her legs wider and began to rotate her
crotch up and down and continued moaning almost
constantly. Julie placed her fingertips on each side of
Emily's face stroking her face as Emily sucked harder
making her clit throb in pain, she extended her toes to
raise her ass from the couch to give better access to
her cunt as Emily began to plunge her thumb in and out
of the wet cavern. Julie reached her climax!

"Ooooohhhhh yes! Cummmming baby! Aaahhhh so good I love
you, fuck me! FUCK MEEE!"

Emily pulled her thumb out of Julie's cunt and replaced
it with her mouth and tongue licking and sticking her
tongue in as far as she could reach, she tasted Julie
for the first time and loved it . The taste was like
nothing she had ever tasted before it was like sweet
but also tart and some other taste she could not
identify. Julie moaned and stopped moving her hips and
just held herself up and accessible as she continued to
experience cum after cum until she finally sank down to
the couch in exhaustion and complete satisfaction.

Emily continued to lick and suck until she was not
finding any residue dripping out. She raised up and
Julie still with her hands on her cheeks grasped her
and pulled her up unto her body and kissed her wet
slick lips and licked her face to clean it. Emily
pulled Julie over to her side on the couch and lifted
her legs onto it and then crawled up herself until they
were lying on their sides facing and their bodies
together in a tight embrace with their cunt mounds
pressed against each other's.

Emily had one arm under Julie's body around her back
holding her upper body tight against hers and the other
with her hand on Julie's ass cheek pressing their cunts
together. She could feel Julie's clit, still hard and
protruding, against her own and her nipples hot and
stiff against her tits, she kissed Julie's lips.

"You're still hot aren't you?"

Julie nodded and smiled weakly.

"You never get enough, you want to fuck all the time,
don't you?"

Again Julie nodded.

"I'm glad, you see I'm the same way. I thought some
thing was wrong with me and maybe it is but it feels
good to know that some one else is the same."

Emily and Julie kissed and played with each other's
tits, ass, and cunts, then Emily slid down and kissed
Julie's nipples, she engulfed one in her mouth and
sucked it rather hard. Julie cried out.

"Oh sweetheart, be gentle my nipples are sore."

"What happened, baby, why are they so sensitive?"

"Well, Harry got carried away and sucked them, pinched
them, and bit them. I was loving it but today they
really are sore and tender."

"Did he pinch them like you did mine yesterday and make
you cum, do you like for your nipples to be hurt when
you are being fucked?"

"Yes, don't know why but it makes me cum so much
harder, oh Emily, I shouldn't tell you these kind of
things, please don't ever tell anyone."

"I would never tell our secrets, I wish they weren't
sore I would love to make you cum like that. Yesterday
when you were pinching mine I came so hard I could feel
it squirting inside me. But that's the first time any
one ever pinched them Kurt would never think of doing
that and if I asked him to he would think that I was a

Emily kissed her nipples and looked at Julie who nodded
and smiled that it was okay. As she was being kissed
and licked, Julie reached and grasped one of Emily's
nipples and begin to squeeze it with her thumb and
finger, as she got harder Emily moaned and stopped
sucking, looking at Julie's hand and then at her eyes.

"Oh god, it's awful, it feels good. It hurts but the
pain is making me hot all over, I can't believe it!
Harder sweetheart, yes oh yes, I think I can cum just
from this, hurt me hurt my nipple, make me cum. Oh no
why are you stopping?"

"Do you want more?" Julie asked her as she made Emily
move so she could get up and then sat her down on the
edge of the couch. "If you want more ask for it and
offer me your tits."

"Yes, I want to cum while you pinch my nipples, please
pinch them and make them hurt. They are yours to do as
you wish, pinch them and hurt them, make them sore like
yours are."

Emily leaned towards Julie who had got on her knees
between Emily's open thighs. Julie clamped her fingers
and thumbs on her nipples and began to squeeze them,
increasing the pressure slowly. Emily moaned and looked
at her nipples and then at Julie's face then back at
the hurting nipples. Julie asked her if she was hot -
Emily nodded - Julie told her if she wanted to stop to
just say stop, and she nodded again.

"Emily be a slut for me, you're are hot and horny, you
are hurting and love it, put your fingers in your cunt
and finger fuck yourself, two fingers inside your cunt
and the other hand fingering your clit. Make yourself a
slut and cum while this slut squeezes your nipple until
you pass out from the pain. Tell me how it feels to be
a slut and cumming while someone watches you fucking

"Julie, ohhh, yes it feels good but it hurts, how could
pain be good?"

Emily rubbed her cunt and inserted two fingers inside
herself and put her fingers of the other hand on her
clit and began to rub it also as Julie had told her to
do. She looked into Julie's eyes and they watched each
other as Emily's passion rose higher and she began the
ascent to climax.

"Does it feel good baby? I can feel your heart beating
through your nipples. Do you like being watched as you
bring yourself to climax?"

"Yes, it's good, you can squeeze harder it you want to.
I love you watching me, the hurting, the pain is, it
feels like the pain is going straight to my womb and
clit. It's incredible the way it hurts and still feels
good, ooohhh I, I'm almost there!"

Julie squeezed Emily's nipples as hard as she could,
Emily stiffen, her mouth opened but nothing came out,
her eyes glazed over and she jammed her fingers as far
as she could get them in her cunt as the first wave of
climax came crashing over her. She quivered through it
but remained stiff as the second followed quickly then
a third and a fourth. Julie saw her finally gasp and
take a breath and she stopped squeezing Emily's
nipples. Emily began to settle on the couch but then
the blood rushed back into her flattened nipples and
she stiffened again and moaned loudly.

"Oh god, they hurt worse, oh it's awful. Help me Julie,
make the pain go away. OW!"

"It will ease off in a little, sweetheart."

Julie leaned and kissed Emily's nipples, mouthing them
and getting them wet then she gathered her in her arms
and rubbed her, kissing her cheeks and mouth as Emily
slowly settled and removed her very wet fingers from
her cunt. For a long time they did nothing but caress
each other then Julie pulled Emily down on the couch
putting her feet and legs up. She reached her hand down
to Emily's cunt and rubbed it, Emily spread her legs
bending her knees to open it for Julie's hand.

"I'm sorry sweetheart if I hurt you to much, I won't
ever do it that hard again unless you ask me to. Are
you okay? Do you still love me or would you rather kill
me right now?"

"It's okay, Julie. It hurt me but I loved every minute
of it. It was the most fantastic climax I have ever
experienced. I don't think I know how to describe the
feeling as it was building and when it hit me, it was
wonderful and painful all at the same time. I think I
love you even more now, I want to experience it again,
not right now, but again, you can pinch my nipples any
time you want to and hurt them any way you want to I
give them to you along with all my body."

"Ok baby, and I give you that right also, but we need
to be careful and not do it to often we wouldn't want
our husbands to be wondering why our nipples are sore
every time we get together."

"Yeah, but I can stand it tonight if Kurt does it but
he won't. He is so old fashioned that he doesn't even
consider things like that."

"Your deion of last night sounds like he might
learn real quick, maybe you should hold them out for
him when he's kissing and sucking them and tell him how
good it feels when he sucks hard."

"I'll try it, speaking of husbands I better get home
and get ready for mine. Where did you hide my clothes?"

"Same place as mine on the floor at the kitchen bar
stools, good thing Jimmy didn't come home early, we
would have been scrambling for them. Here dry with the
towels I will throw them in the laundry any way."

As they dressed, Emily said to Julie for her not to
button her top she wanted to do it and smiled.
Finishing they looked at each, kissed, and Emily opened
Julie's shirt top and kissed her breasts and nipples.

"Oh Emily, I should have known you would do that and
leave me stiff and horny."

As Emily buttoned Julie's shirt she rubbed her nipples
with her fingers. "I love your nipples and the way they
stand out, when Harry gets home they will be ready for
him. Look at how this top molds itself around them, wow
I bet Jimmy gets a boner when he sees them also."

"Well, I've noticed he pays a lot more attention to me
lately, if he rapes me this afternoon it will be your
fault for leaving me in a weak horny state."

"Mercy, I would love to watch that, how much fight
would you put up if I stayed and kept you boiling hot
and naked on the couch?"

"You wouldn't do that would you? I hope you're joking
that would be unfair. I think I would just die, but
only after I held you down and let him and Harry both
plunder your body for a couple of hours."

"Wheeeee, sounds like heaven to me."

"Get out of here you horny thing, go home and get

They said goodbye, still giggling and went to the front
door kissed and said bye again. And Emily left for her
car. Julie returned to the kitchen grabbing the towels
on the way.

Chapter Ten

Julie was having trouble thinking straight she wondered
if she had made a decision on what to have for dinner,
but she kept looking at the clock realizing it was
getting close to time for Jimmy to be coming home. She
knew that Harry would be coming shortly after Jimmy
arrived and wondered how they would handle that, there
wouldn't be time for her and Jimmy to do a lot of
loving before Harry arrived and she knew that Jimmy
would want to fuck her. She decided that she should
shower now and try to calm down before he got here.

As she was showering she remembered what she had
planned for dinner and after drying and putting her
shorts and shirt back on she rushed to the kitchen and
got busy mixing the meatloaf and preparing the other
items so they would be ready for starting at the proper
time. Everything was ready so she got some coffee and
after putting the donuts away, sat down at the bar to
drink it. She heard a car and walked hurriedly to the
door and opened it, looking out she realized that it
had gone by and closed the door. Walking back to the
kitchen she felt her nipples rubbing the shirt and
could tell that they were hard and tingling.

Back at the counter she sipped her coffee and looked
down at her breasts seeing her nipples clearly outlined
against the thin fabric. She opened the shirt and
reached in with one hand and squeezed her nipple,
immediately the pain shot from her nipple to her cunt
and she had to lean on the counter for support.
Breathing heavily she slid slowly to her knees on the
floor and tears came in her eyes not from the pain but
from the realization that even though she had
experienced two wonderful climaxes since arriving home
she still was horny and hot to be fucked.

How she wished Jimmy would have been early from
practice, they wouldn't have time and fix dinner at the
same time. She thought just a second and knew she had
to try or go crazy. She rushed and started getting it
ready; meatloaf on stove top, she could microwave it
while Harry showered, water boiling for baby limas,
they could simmer, water getting hot for instant
potatoes, oven warming for rolls, and salad could be
mixed just before sitting down.

She was hurrying so fast that she was almost sweating
or was it the stress? What's happening to me she
wondered? I've always loved sex and looked forward to
it every day but suddenly it's like I can't live
without it. And not just every day but all the time,
flirting, flashing, letting, even encouraging, men and
women to play with her body. If Charlie Hale had
touched her nipples she would have fucked him right in
the office, had he been persistent when she slid her
cunt against his hand he could have taken her right
then, she knew now that she wanted him to fuck her. A
man old enough to be her father could have been her

The answer was obvious, she just didn't like to admit
it even to herself, she was a slut and wanted to be
fucked all the time, by anyone and after today maybe
anything. She was addicted to sex. She was addicted to
cocks and tongues and anything that would fit in her
cunt. She thought of the bottle and wanted to get it
again but heard tires turning in the driveway.

Julie hurried to the door, checking her shirt she saw
that a lot of breast was showing and thought to fold
her arms under them to hold the shirt closed but
didn't, she wanted Jimmy to see them. She opened the
door and went out on to the entry, Jimmy was climbing
out of the car and the coach was telling him something
then he looked towards the house and saw Julie.

Rolling the window down he began telling her that they
had a good practice and Jimmy was a good ball player,
Julie noticed he had a hard time keeping his eyes on
her face and it made her tingle. As Jimmy went by her
she touched his hand and smiled, and returned her
attention to the coach. As he talked she waited until
Jimmy was inside and walked slowly towards the car,
stopping after about ten feet and bending over she
rubbed her knee as though it was itching and felt her
left breast slide almost out of the shirt. As she
rubbed she looked at the coach and saw he was having
trouble keeping the conversation coherent and gave him
a dazzling smile.

She thanked him for bringing Jimmy home and he said no
problem was glad to do it, she waved bye and turned
walking to the house slowly so he could get a good view
of her ass in the short and very tight shorts. Reaching
the entry she looked over her shoulder and waved with a
smile, the car was still sitting there when she closed
the door.

Julie went to the kitchen and pretended to work at
dinner, she heard Jimmy come out of the bathroom and
she pulled the shirt up under her breasts so the
opening would gape open. She wondered what was taking
him so long then she heard him approaching on the
carpet. Turning she held out her arms to him and gave
him a hug. He had changed into cutoffs and a T shirt
and she could smell fresh cologne.

"Did you have a good day today, sweetheart?"

"Yes every thing was cool, and practice was okay but we
didn't do much practice mostly the coach talked and
gave us forms to fill out and have our parents to sign.
Mom, you look hot in those shorts and shirt, I almost
dropped my books when I saw you. Did you wear them for
me? Can I have a kiss?"

"Of course, you don't have to ask for a kiss I am
always ready to kiss my sweetheart."

Jimmy kissed her, a long lingering kiss on the mouth
and ran the tip of his tongue across her lips. Julie
opened her mouth and accepted his tongue sucking it
lightly and gave a low moan of passion. Jimmy used both
hands to unbutton the two buttons of her shirt and
opened it caressing her breasts.

"I've been thinking of this all day, mom. And how
beautiful your legs were this morning in the car, I
can't wait to get you naked and feast my eyes with your
beautiful body."

"Baby, it's late we don't have time for anything more
than just a quick look." Julie said trying to cover her

Jimmy took her hand and led her to the couch, turning
her with his back to it he removed the shirt and eased
her shorts down her hips to the floor, she stepped out
of them with her eyes shining.

"You aren't listening to me at all, are you?"

"This won't take long, undress me while I play with
your nipples."

"They're still sore be gentle with them." She said as
she unsnapped his cutoffs and let them fall to the
floor and removed his T shirt.

Jimmy grasped a nipple between each thumb and
forefinger and rolled them with slight pressure, Julie
gasped and moaned as she reached and held his cock in
her warm and trembling hand. He squeezed her nipples
and tugged downward on them, she bent her back to
relieve the pressure and he tugged a little more, she
looked at him and slowly bent her knees sinking to the
carpet still holding his hot stiff cock in her hand. As
she went down he also sank to the couch spreading his
legs and pulling her towards him by her nipples.

Julie walked on her knees between his legs until she
was against the couch, Jimmy slid forward until his
cock was between her breasts and then he released her
nipples and placed his hands on the outside of them and
pushed them inward surrounding his cock with her tits.

"Oh wow, that feels fantastic, your breasts are hot,
I've been wanting to do this for months."

Julie had released his cock and placed her hands on his
hips and rubbing around to his ass cheeks. She looked
down at the head of his cock which was hard and shiny
with the skin stretched tight, as he begin to move the
hard cock up and down between her breasts she was
fascinated by the feeling and bent her neck and kissed
the head each time it reached it's highest point. After
about five or six kisses she saw a drop of pre-cum
gathering in the slit and when it reached her lips she
sucked it up.

"I can't stand much of this, mom, do you want me to
fuck you?"

"Yes, baby, I want you to very much, please fuck me and
make me cum."

"Lie on the couch and spread wide," Julie did as she
was directed, Jimmy positioned himself between her legs
and touched her cunt with his cock but pulled away,
"put it in for me and beg me to fuck you and kiss you
and pinch your nipples until the pain makes you cum."

Julie put her hand on his cock and whimpered when she
felt the hot hardness, she put the head against her
cunt slit and tried to put it in but he wouldn't move
towards her and she looked at him realizing he was
waiting for her to beg.

"Whose lover are you? Are you my slut?"

Julie moaned in frustration wanting to feel full of a
cock that was so close and not wanting to beg because
it was being withheld. She tried to stretch it to her
cunt but couldn't make more than half of the head enter
her cunt. She rubbed it against her hot and wet opening
hoping he would relent and give it to her but his eyes
and face were unrelenting.

"Please, give it to me. I am your lover, your slut,
your fuck toy, I am yours to fuck and anything else
that you want me for. Please fuck me, I need you to
fuck me, I am burning up with the need to be fucked.
Please, I beg you to fuck me and cum in me, pinch my
nipples as much and as hard as you want I will cry from
the pain but I want it to make me cum, please baby,
love me with your cock, give me your cock and cum,
please I beg you."

Jimmy saw tears forming in Julie's eyes from her need,
he moved towards her and she inserted his cock in her
cunt which was gaped open for it and she was so wet it
slurped as he slid all the way in.

"Ooohhh yes! it feels so wonderful, thank you baby.
Aaagggghhh! Fuck me hard! Pinch me! Hurt my nipples! I-
I'm going to cum! Hurry lover! Fuck me!!"

Jimmy pounded at Julie's cunt and grabbed her left
nipple and squeezed it hard, he knew he wouldn't last
long but would try to hold back to make her cum at
least twice before he wasted. Julie humped her hips to
meet his every thrust with her cunt, while wrapping her
legs around his to get him as deep as possible. Her cum
burst on her quickly and she moaned, gasped, and heard
her voice as though it was someone else saying fuck me
fuck me, over and over. Her second cum came immediately
following the first and only seconds ahead of his.

As soon Jimmy felt his cock begin to relax, he
remembered Julie's nipple and released it, seeing her
twisting her head from side to side as the pain
sharpened when blood was returned to the hurting
nipple. He leaned to her and kissed the nipple and then
kissed her lips, Julie opened her mouth and sucked his
tongue into hers and he knew that everything was okay
and she really did love to have her nipples hurt.

"That's was wonderful, lover, you love to fuck and be
fucked, don't you?"

"Yes baby, I really love for you to fuck me."

"You love to have your nipples pinched, pulled, and
twisted until they hurt don't you? Every time they rub
your clothes it makes you want to fuck doesn't it?"

"Yes, all day I was hot and wanting for the day to end
so we could be together and fuck like this, I am a
slut, your slut and your father's slut. Both of you can
make me do anything for I love you and want to make you

"We want to make you happy also, we love you and know
that you are happy when you are filled with a cock and
cum in you. Dad will be here shortly and he will fill
you and make you cum again and again. Then you can come
to my room for more fucking but first I want you to
suck my cock for a long time and let me cum in your

"Yes baby, thank you for loving me and making me happy,
I will do anything you want tonight and we have all day
tomorrow but we must not make love all day, we have a
lot to do around the house."

They eased up from the couch and went to separate
bathrooms to clean up. Finished Julie came to the
kitchen and began to prepare dinner. She saw that she
had about ten or twelve minutes before Harry arrived if
he was on time, just about what she needed, she started
the meatloaf and potatoes and went to the bedroom to
change her clothes.

Returning she was wearing a tight pull over top that
only reached below her breasts and a pair of shorts
than were low slung on her hips almost showing the
small line of hair left above her cunt. She began to
mix the salad and put it in bowls. Jimmy returned to
the kitchen and walked up to her back and hugged her
with his hands on her bare stomach, telling her he
loved her he kissed her neck and when she turned her
head to smile at him, kissed her lips. She returned the

Jimmy moved his hands to her breasts and massaged them,
rubbing the nipples with his fingers. Julie gasped when
he touched her nipples, she knew he was doing it to
make her want to fuck again and she knew it would. She
tried to will away the spreading warmth in her breasts
and lower stomach but realized it was a losing battle.
She hung on long enough to finish the salad and then
turned to face Jimmy glancing at the meatloaf,
potatoes, and baby limas.

Jimmy placed his hands on her breasts with his thumbs
on her nipples pressing lightly, he stepped closer to
her and kissed her lips. She didn't open her mouth but
when he pressed her nipples harder she whimpered and
opened it for his tongue to enter and sucked it.

Julie felt her self weakening and beginning to shiver
and was on the verge of breaking the kiss and beg to be
fucked when Jimmy withdrew his tongue and dropped his
hands from her breasts. He backed away about a foot and
just looked at her.

"You're still hot aren't you?" Julie nodded. "What do
you want?"

"I want, I need to be fucked, baby, you know that. Why
do you tease me like this? I will do any thing you want
to, we can fuck now if you want to I don't care if
Harry sees us anymore, I'll beg you and I'll beg him,
both of you can fuck me at the same time, I would love
that. Please don't tease me, I will go crazy if you
keep playing with me and don't give me what I need."

"I want you to be hot and ready to fuck when Dad gets
home, he will love that. Unsnap your shorts and take
the zipper down. Open your legs for me."

"Oh baby, please fuck me again, I 'm already wet for
you. Your cock would feel so good in me, you don't have
to cum just hold it in me, please." Julie was again
begging and her hands were undoing her shorts and
lowering the zipper.

Jimmy thought about the instruction book he had read on
mind control conditioning and felt that progress was
being made but he needed to keep conditioning moving to
get it stronger until she no longer questioned acts but
accepted her role as his fuck slave. He put his hand on
Julie's crotch then moved it inside her shorts and
inserted a finger into her cunt, she sighed and spread
her legs farther apart. He pushed it as far as it would
reach and then held it cupping her cunt with his hand.

"Is that better now, lover? Can you find some relief
this way?"

"Yes baby, that is much better thank you for loving me
and doing this for me. You are so good to me, you make
me feel so good when you love me and make love to me. I
promise I will be hot when Harry gets home and when I
come to your room I will suck you slowly and you can
cum in my mouth. Can you move your finger a little it
feels so good."

Jimmy moved his finger out and then back in a few
times, Julie had closed her eyes and with her lips
parted a little he could hear her breathing get deeper
and faster. He decided that was about all she could
take without cumming and he wanted to keep her hanging,
to his relief the microwave alarm sounded and she
jumped coming back from her dreamy state of near

"Tell me what to do to get dinner ready, while you go
to dry off, and if you hear dad's horn make sure your
nipples are hard and your shorts are pulled up to show
your slit outline so he will be horny the moment he
sees you."

"Yes baby, I will; put the salad bowls on the table,
take the meatloaf out and slice it about an inch thick.
"OH BABY! Beans in bowl. Oh, on table, yes, yes, please
make me, aaaahhhh, potatoes on table, aaaggg, in bowl
on table. Put rolls in oven to, to, to warm."

Julie was about to come apart mentally, Jimmy was
wiggling his finger and driving her crazy with the
desire to cum. But he would stop and grip her cunt
putting pressure on her clit and that was worse as her
body would freeze but the desire would be there
wherever he released the pressure and start again when
he moved his finger.

She was under stress and her body was shivering,
jerking, and the muscles in her stomach would convulse
but she was loving the feeling of being right on the
edge of a climax. While she was not clear thinking of
things around her, the feelings of her reacting body
were in sharp focus. Her cunt was very sensitive even
to the smallest movement of air on the moist lips and
her nipples were aware of every small touch of the
shirt fabric. She felt more alive than she ever had in
her life.

"That's enough for now, dad can finish with a good
fucking. Are you ready?" Jimmy said as he removed his
finger from Julie.

Julie slumped against the counter, she felt like she
had under gone electrical shocking as her heart raced
and her breathing was in gulps for air. Jimmy washed
his hands at the sink as Julie watched him, she felt
confused she knew she was supposed to do something but
it wouldn't register in her mind what it was, she only
knew that it had come from Jimmy, so she waited.

Jimmy returned to her and took her hand kissing it and
then kissing her lips, she opened her mouth
automatically but he broke the kiss and said, "You need
to go dry off and put on some lipstick for dad,

Julie nodded and started for the bathroom unaware that
her shorts were unbuttoned and her cunt was exposed but
the shorts were so tight they wouldn't fall down. She
wobbled on unsteady legs. Jimmy set about fixing the
dinner and was almost finished when she returned, her
shorts were buttoned and she had brushed her hair and
applied a light coat of lipstick. She looked great and
Jimmy told her but he used a different word, hot.

As they waited in the kitchen he would rub her stomach,
neck, arms, and any place where there was bare skin.
Occasionally he would turn her towards the counter and
press his hard cock against her ass as he rubbed her
back with his hands. Julie did whatever he lead her to
do and allowed him access without a word to any part of
her body he desired.

He would take her hand and put it on his cock and she
would hold and squeeze it, she thought he would touch
her nipples and she wanted him to but he didn't, she
also thought he would play with her cunt again but he
didn't. Finally when she was getting frustrated that he
seemed to be content with just touching her and having
her hold his hard cock they heard the truck horn blow
as Harry pulled up the driveway.

"Ok mom, dad's here now, stand against the counter,
lean back and spread your legs a little, I'm going to
the door and tell him you are horny because I came to
quickly and need his cock as soon as dinner is
finished. Rub your nipples and make them stick out more
so he can see them."

Jimmy turned and walked to the door, Julie was amazed
to feel hands on her breasts and looked down to see
they were her hands and they were rubbing her nipples.
She wanted whatever was about to happen and had no will
to fight, no desire to resist, she loved the role she
was playing as a sex toy, a slut wanting to be fucked,
that was all she had thought about all day. She heard
Jimmy and Harry talking low outside the front door,
then they entered.

Harry stopped when he saw Julie, it was obvious that
she was horny, her nipples stuck out from her breasts
and were stiff but the look on her face was hard to
describe in fact he was not sure that he had ever seen
her looking like that. Many times she had been horny
and hot when they were in situations where they
couldn't be alone and would tear his others clothes off
as soon as they were out and freed from other's eyes.
But it had always been with laughter and good humor,
but now her eyes had a look of desperation and maybe
fear in them. He quickly moved to her and held out his
arms, giving her a kiss on the lips.

"Sweetheart you look great, thanks for wearing the top
and shorts for me, you remembered that they are my

Julie melted into his arms, she had been afraid he
would become angry that she and Jimmy had sex before he
got home but he seemed to be accepting it as if he had
expected it and it was no surprise, indeed he would
have been surprised if they had not.

"Oh Harry, I'm glad your home, I hope your day was not
to hot or hard."

"Well, it wasn't as bad as yesterday but I won't have
any trouble going to sleep tonight. Are you ok, you
seemed stressed?"

"I'm ok just a little frustrated, I've had a
frustrating day and then, well."

"Jimmy told me about it and it will be ok, we will take
care of everything, let me wash my hands and then we'll
eat before I take a shower."

Jimmy spoke as he moved behind Julie and hugged her
also, "Dad maybe mom could wash your back, I can take
care of the dishes and clean up the kitchen after
dinner and the two of you could have some time alone."

"Good idea son, right now we need to give mom a big hug
and let her know that we love her."

Jimmy and Harry hugged Julie, rubbing and petting her.

"Mom, I'm sorry that I got you frustrated, I was to
excited, can I make it up to you, will you give me
another chance?"

"Of course baby, you have nothing to be ashamed of, we
will be together again tonight and it will be beautiful
for both of us."

Julie looked at Harry and he nodded his approval, Jimmy
hugged her and slyly slid his hand between their bodies
and rubbed her crotch. She tightened her legs around
his hand and kissed Harry then whispered in his ear
that she loved him.

Jimmy broke away and started to finish putting dinner
on the table. Harry and Julie hugged and kissed for a
minute then he rubbed her ass and turned to the sink to
wash his hands. They sat at the table and started
eating, both men eating with one hand as the other was
under the table on Julie's legs, rubbing from her knee
up as far as they could reach. Julie moved her chair as
far forward as she could without her breasts being in
her plate and opened her legs until they touched the
knees of her lovers.

As they ate and played they also talked about their
day. Julie told them about the presentation that Mr.
Hale wanted her to do for the school board and that she
would be working on it next week and might have to work
some extra hours. Harry expressed how much he admired
her willingness to get up in front of a group of people
that she had never seen and do a presentation.

Harry told them about his day and the progress they
were making and then that one of the younger guys had
got engaged and all the crew wanted to take him out
tomorrow evening for a few beers at a sports bar and
watch a game on the bar's TV. He said he felt like he
should go since it was his crew and he didn't want them
to think he was above socializing with them. He said he
would come home for dinner and a shower and meet them
at eight and he should be home by eleven.

Julie wanted to know if there was going to be any girls
jumping out of cakes, Harry laughed and said not
likely, just beer and baseball. Jimmy asked why would a
girl be jumping out of a cake at a baseball game and
they laughed, Harry said I'll explain it Saturday while
we riding to work. Then Harry told Jimmy that he wanted
him to go with them Saturday and help out the crew plus
mom needed some time to shop and just rest, Jimmy said
simply, "Ok dad, can we eat at Hooters?"

Julie said no.

Jimmy told them about baseball tryouts and maybe he
would get a uniform and get to practice but not play
much as there were a lot of older boys much bigger than
he and they didn't have enough for a younger boy's
team. Harry advised him to go out and stick with it
even if he didn't get to play so that he could learn
the techniques and rules of the game for next year.

All the time they were sharing information both Harry
and Jimmy had their hands on Julie's legs sometimes
just resting there but most of the time sliding up as
far as they could reach and both knew what the other
was doing. This was keeping Julie aroused and her
nipples made this obvious to them, she was enjoying
their attention and thinking to herself that this what
she needed actually what she craved, someone stroking
her or playing with her body sexually.

When they had finished and complimented her on the
delicious dinner, Harry stretched and said it was time
to get that shower, looking at the clock he remarked
that they were behind schedule as it was almost seven.
Jimmy asked if he could turn on the TV while he cleaned
up the kitchen and Harry nodded but told him to get
showered and in bed by nine, just because there wasn't
school tomorrow he still needed rest as he had grass to
cut and shrubbery to trim and to help mom with grocery

Then Harry added that maybe he and mom would like to go
to a movie tomorrow night while he was out with the
guys, but it had to be sometime that Julie would like.
Rising from the table he took Julie's hand and said
let's hit the shower sweetheart. They went to the
master bedroom and Jimmy turned on the TV and started
putting the dishes in the dishwasher. Julie came back
into the kitchen and told him what to do with the
leftovers and as she turned to go to the bedroom Jimmy
whispered, "Mom, don't forget your promise."

Julie returned to him and kissed him smiling, "How
could I forget you, I'm looking forward to it, I might
be tired but that doesn't mean I won't enjoy snuggling
up to my stud. Just make sure you get some rest for you
will have to do most of the work."

"That's not work, mom, it's like dessert you never get
enough of it."

Julie smiled and blew him a kiss as she left.

Returning to the master bathroom Julie found Harry in
his shorts at the vanity beginning to shave. He said he
would be finished in a few seconds and she put her arms
around him from behind with one hand low on his stomach
and the fingers slid under his waist band and rubbing.
She peeked over his shoulder and smiled at him, telling
him not to cut himself and slid her hand lower touching
the top of his cock.

"I shall try to maintain control of myself, madam,
however I fear you will not make it easy for me. Are
you ok with what happened or should I talk to Jimmy?"

"I will be honest with you but please don't say
anything to Jimmy as he is embarrassed as it is and
trying to overcome that but not wanting to admit a
weakness. Like another gentleman that I love."

"I am fine with what happened but he felt like he had
failed as a man and didn't tell you the whole story. I
told him it was ok and that we would have another
opportunity later tonight and not to worry about it.
After I cleaned up and came back into the kitchen he
came and stood around like he didn't know what to say,
I went to him and hugged him and kind of rubbed up
against him to get his mind off of it and asked him
about baseball.

"Well, he brightened up and as he talked and I prepared
dinner he begin to rub my stomach or back whichever was
facing him. When I finished I turned to face him
leaning on the counter and saw he was aroused. He began
to play with my breasts and nipples and asked if we
could go to the couch."

"I told him we didn't have time as dinner needed to be
ready when you got home, he asked if he could continue
to 'feel me up' and not wanting to reject him I said ok
I would like that."

"He was rubbing and touching every part of me that was
not covered and some places that were, I would stop him
and check dinner and things like that and then go back
to him so he would not think that I was just allowing
him to caress me. He got excited and so did I, I must
admit, and soon I was against the counter with my legs
spread and he is plastered against me and kissing me,
rubbing my tits and squeezing my nipples.

"You know what happens to me when my nipples get
pinched, I get hot, next thing I realize is that he has
my shorts unsnapped and is putting a finger inside me.
That's when I kind of fell apart and that's when you
came home, I must have looked liked a doped up whore
but I'm glad you got there when you did I think both of
us were losing it."

"Baby, I've told you that you are a very sexual woman,
you love sex and I am glad that you do. Don't hold back
with Jimmy if you get turned on for you would only get
frustrated, if I come home and find the two of you in
the bed fucking like animals in heat I will just jump
in and join in with you. Are you hot now?"

"Of course, two sexy men played with my legs all during
dinner, I would have to be dead not to be hot and horny
as hell."

"I see you haven't lost your sense of humor, that's
good and you're just as sexy as ever and as you are
making me get a hard piece of steel in my shorts, plus
I finished shaving and only got to brush my teeth why
don't you lose those clothes and let me look at that
sexy body."

Julie laughed and her eyes looked bright and eager at
his comment, as she pulled her top off she said, "I
love you baby, you always make things right and I guess
I was foolish to worry and be afraid that you might be
hurt with Jimmy playing with me, well I might as well
admit we were both playing, thanks for being so level

Julie got her toothbrush and started brushing her
teeth, Harry pointed at her shorts and grinned as she
started unsnapping them and slipped them off. She then
pulled his shorts off and grasping his cock held it
with her left hand as she brushed her teeth with the
right hand. Harry turned towards her so she could hold
it and slide her hand along it and reached over and
caressed her breasts. He spit out his toothpaste,
rinsed out his mouth and pulled her closer to him using
both hands, one on her breasts and one on her ass.

"My god, you're still as firm as you were the first
time I got to feel of you. Your body has matured and
looks even better than when you made cheerleader. No
wonder that I lust after you all the time you are the
hottest woman I have ever seen."

"Oh I bet you say that to all the girls just to get in
their panties, well it won't work with this girl
because she doesn't wear panties."

Harry grinned at her and kept on sliding his hands over
her body, squeezing her breasts and ass and rubbing her
nipples and down between her ass cheeks to her asshole
and cunt. Julie was gripping his cock a little firmer
and beginning to pump it, she had her eyes fixed on his
face and could see that he was enjoying her

"Let's get that shower sweetheart, and then we can get
on the bed and get serious about this."

"I'm serious right now Harry, I want you shower or no

"Baby, I want you worse, but I want to feel clean and
know that I don't smell when you take my cock down your
throat and I have my tongue rammed up your cunt and a
finger deep in your ass."

"Oh no, you expect me to be able to wait after telling
me what wonderful things you are going to do. I'll turn
on the water."

Harry and Julie were under the shower in seconds and
memorizing each others body with their hands. Julie had
a washcloth and soaping it she washed his back while
she was rubbed his chest with her tits and hard
nipples. They kissed and sucked at each other's tongue,
then Julie had him turn around and she washed his
chest, stomach, and cock while rubbing his soapy back
with her body. Then it was Harry's turn to wash her and
he did it the same way as she had done him.

While he washed her back and rubbed his cock on her
stomach she put her arms around him, one high on his
back and the other across his hips so she could grip
his ass and play with the crack. When he turned her to
wash her tits, stomach, and cunt he bent his legs and
placed his cock in the crevice of her ass cheeks and
moved his hips in and out sliding his cock under and
rubbing her cunt slit with it. Julie placed her arms
over her head and around his neck and stood on her toes
with her back arched and her legs spread.

They were both hot and ready and broke apart washing
themselves in the crotch area and rinsing off quickly.
They didn't speak as words were not necessary, both
knew exactly what each other wanted and they just
wanted to get dried off and on the bed as fast as
possible. Harry threw back the comforter and sheet as
Julie got some lubricant from under the vanity, she was
a little sensitive from last night and knew that Harry
would want more than just a little finger action.

When she approached the bed he was lying on his back
with his feet towards the head, his cock was standing
straight up, she crawled on from the foot of the bed
and slowly moved forward kissing his forehead, lips,
nipples and working her way down to the flagpole. As
she moved down Harry was kissing and sucking every part
of her that was in reach, when her nipples reached his
mouth he stopped her with his hands on her shoulders
and sucked each one several time putting a lot of
pressure on them, Julie moaned partly from pain of her
still tender nipples and partly from the desire that it
raised in her.

When she felt moisture forming in her slit, she reached
and gripped his cock in her hand pulling it towards her
mouth, he understood that she wanted to suck and
released his hold on her shoulders. When she moved
towards her desired prize he did not release her nipple
from the suction of his mouth and took the other nipple
in his fingers and pinched.

Julie paused her downward progress but realizing that
he wouldn't stop either the sucking or the pinching she
shifted forward towards the cock increasing the pain
and stretching her nipples as he had now fasten his
teeth on the one being sucked. She whimpered as the
pain and passion began to increase and she was afraid
she would cum before she even got to kiss the head so
she steadily increased the slight movement towards the
blood engorged head of Harry's cock.

Soon she was shaking with her pent up need over
powering her but she kept on stretching and begin to
pull his throbbing cock towards her mouth. But she just
couldn't make the last five inches that separated her
tongue from the slit in the middle of the head which
she could see had a large drop of pre-cum ready to
fall. She moaned and begged.

"Please baby, let me have it, I need it so badly, I
want to kiss it and suck it and take it all the way
down my throat. I want to taste you when you cum in my
mouth and fill my stomach with your sperm. Please baby,
it's so big and hard, it's hot and throbbing, I've got
to have it, please."

Harry loved it when Julie got so hot that she lost
control and begged to be fucked, to let her suck, or do
anything to her, he wondered if she had got that way
with Jimmy earlier, he had seen that look in her eyes
when he came in. He waited a few seconds as she
squirmed and shook, then he let her nipple slip from
his mouth and released most of the pressure on her
other nipple.

Julie immediately surged forward and engulfed the head
of his cock with her lips and licked the head slit to
get the drop of pre-cum she wanted and sucked lightly
to get any other on it's way up.

She moaned again when her taste buds recognized the
slightly sweet and tangy flavor and moved her mouth
down until the head touched the back of her throat
opening. Harry stretched his neck to get at her clit
but she hadn't moved far enough, he put his hands on
her ass and pushed her forward, she had to move her
knees pass his shoulders, then he pulled her down and
licked her clit which was standing out of it's
protective hood.

When his tongue made contact Julie plunged his cock
into her throat swallowing to get it down until her
bottom lip was mashed against his body. This time it
was Harry that moaned as her hot mouth and throat
engulfed his cock and he could feel the muscles in her
throat clasping it.

He pulled her down tight against his chest and ran his
tongue into her cunt as deep as it could be forced to
go and slipped his finger into her asshole wiggling it
to drive it deeper. This was more than either could
take and both began to climax almost at the same
moment, Julie wetting his face as her cum ran over his
tongue and into his mouth and Harry spurting cum deep
into her throat that she worked to swallow with a
throat full of cock.

As they slowly came easing down from the heights of
soaring passion they continued to lick and suck, Julie
pulled back until Harry's cock was in her mouth and
rubbed the head with her tongue savoring the last
trickles of cum. Harry continued to lick and suck her
cunt, clit, and wiggle his finger in her lube slick

After five or six minutes they rolled to their sides
and finally turned head to head and kissing traded cum
with their tongues and caressing their bodies. For the
next half hour they just talked and loved on each other
Harry would caress Julie's breasts, ass, and cunt
pinching, squeezing and inserting a finger as they
kissed. Julie smoothed her hands over all his body and
held his cock rubbing her thumb across the head.

For a long time they just lay on their sides heads
propped on elbows looking at each other and talking in
low voices with two of his fingers in her cunt and she
holding his cock and stroking it slowly. Gradually the
passion began to return, he was getting hard and warm
and she was getting wet and slick. Julie squeezed his
cock and smiled at him as it jumped in her hand.

"I believe my stud is getting ideas again."

"You got that right, this time it's ladies choice I
want your cunt and your ass, cock in one, finger in the
other. You get to chose which."

"Wow, hard choice, both are wonderful, but the back
door is tender so I think I'll request cock in cunt and
easy on the finger, you can chose position."

"To go deep we need sides, leg under, leg over and
knees bent for access, for dessert I would recommend
tongue in mouth, you rest I'll do the work."

Harry raised his hips and slid over her leg placing his
cock at the entrance to her cunt and pulling her other
leg over his upper hip. As they settled in position,
smiling at each other, they kissed and traded tongue
sucking, then Harry slid his tongue deep in Julie's
mouth at the same time grasping her nipple and
squeezing it.

Julie stiffened as the mild pain began and radiated
though her breast. Harry moved his hips towards her
sliding his cock slowly into her wet cunt and she knew
immediately that she would cum quick as the ache in her
stomach hit her clit causing it to throb. She began to
move her hips pumping on the cock which was still
advancing into her.

"Be still, just lie there and take it, you need to

Julie moaned in frustration and lay still, Harry kept
feeding her cock and tongue until his cock was all the
way in, he rotated his ass grinding his pelvic bone
against her clit and squeezing her nipple harder. Julie
came hard moaning and grinding back against him. Harry
kept up the action until he could feel her beginning to
relax, he suddenly began to pump his hips fucking into
her cunt hard and fast.

At first she lay still except for her head which was
rolling from side to side and he could no longer keep
his tongue in her mouth as the rolling got faster and
faster. Harry fucked as fast as he could and watched
Julie's face for a sign of her passion state, he saw
her mouth open and heard a soft "Oh" start. At this
point he released her nipple but shifted his body so
the lower hand could reach her other nipple and clamped
it hard with his thumb and finger, Julie against
stiffened with this change in pain location.

Taking his free hand and moving it down to her ass
Harry sought her asshole with his middle finger, when
he touched it Julie cried out and began to slam her
cunt against his cock.

"Aaaaagggghhh! OH GOD! You're so good baby, fuck me
forever. I'm going to cum again! OH I can't stop! Fuck
me! Fuck me!"

"I told you to be still and rest."

"I can't be still it feels so good, yes, yes, yes I'm
cumming, harder please harder pinch it harder, fuck me
till I die."

Just as Julie reached the highest point of her climax,
Harry slid his finger in her ass all the way to the
knuckle and began to pump it keeping pace with his cock
slamming in her cunt. Julie raised up her head and
shoulders from the bed staring at Harry as she locked
her open mouth against his moaning into his mouth as he
slid his tongue into her oral cavity. She also began
pump against his cock harder, slamming her stiff clit
against his hard pelvic.

She was stuck at the height of her climax and kept
convulsing multiple times until her lower stomach began
to pain her but it was if nothing would stop the steady
eruptions of her cunt. She no longer felt pain from her
nipples although she could feel the pressure of Harry's
thumb and finger and knew it was smashed flat, and the
finger in her ass did not cause it to burn any more, it
just felt wonderful even the ridge of the knuckles did
not feel rough as her ass had relaxed and opened, it
wanted more like a big cock to fill it.

But Harry couldn't make it any further as his cock
suddenly lurched and swelled, the head increasing in
size as the excess blood ballooned it, and he came in a
great spurt which spattered against Julie's womb.
Feeling it and the warmth of his cum, she cried out.

"Yessssss, fill me baby! It's sooo good, ooohh yes, cum
with me sweetheart, I love you."

As Harry completed his spurts and depleted his sperm
supply, he slowed his hips, finally buried his cock in
Julie and lay still, she also slowly came down from her
climax with occasional convulsions which finally died
away and she lay still also.

Harry realized the grip had left his fingers and he was
holding Julie's nipple with out any pressure so he
rubbed it with his finger and slowly pulled his finger
from her ass, she did not move or even whimper and he
thought she might have passed out.

"Baby, sweetheart, are you okay?"

Julie smiled but did not open her eyes and he heard a
whispered ' yes ' and she placed her hand on his face
and gently rubbed it with her fingertips. Harry inched
his way closer to her face and she turned to face him
and they brushed their lips together in loving kisses
as passion no longer ruled their actions. They lay a
long time with their lips just touching and Harry
suddenly felt very tired and almost fell asleep.

Julie woke him.

"Sweetheart, I've got to move, my leg is dead I think
the circulation is cut off and I am afraid I can't walk
until it gets restored."

Harry raised his body and she slid her top leg off his
hips and he grabbed his cock as it came sliding out of
her cunt, it was covered in his and her cum. Julie
tried to close her legs to stop her cunt from leaking
as he moved away flopping on his back, she groaned with
the effort as her leg began to tingle with the blood
flow returning. He saw her take her hand and close her
knees together, then put her hand between her legs to
hold the cum in her as she waited for her legs to wake
up so she could go to the bathroom.

He rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom turning
on the water to get warm and went to the toilet.
Relieved he got a wash cloth and cleaned himself and
wet it. He returned to the bed and placed it on Julie's
crotch removing her hand and opened her legs cleaning
her cunt with the warm cloth. He opened her slit and
wiped inside holding it there to catch any cum leaking

"Such a beautiful cunt on such a beautiful woman, oh
how I love it! I love this cunt almost as much as the
woman it belongs to, but not quite, because she is not
only beautiful and sexy but is a wonderful person and a
joy to live with, god how I love her!"

Julie was smiling as she listened to him and her heart
was almost bursting. She felt she was the luckiest
person alive. Harry brought her legs up one at a time
still holding the cloth against her and spread her legs
open and took his fingers and opened her slit rubbing
the cloth inside to get all the cum he could reach.

"Baby, that's the best I can do, you will have to
finish, do you want to take a nap?"

"Sweetheart, I'm okay I just enjoying the afterglow of
the wonderful love of a wonderful husband, it's a great
feeling knowing that you love me, that you want me,
that you enjoy my body, that you think I'm a good wife,
it's just a wonderful feeling."

"Let's take another shower and get something to drink
before we call it a night, what do you want coke, beer,
or something else?"

"Coke, I'll get it how about you?"

"Coke for me too, I don't need a beer to relax, I'm
loose as a goose now. Don't you want to go to the
bathroom first?"

"Not only do I want to. I've got to or drip all over
the floor. You get the cokes."

Julie rolled to the side of the bed and Harry took her
hand and helped her to her feet. She hobbled on her
half asleep leg to the bathroom and he went to the
kitchen for cokes. It was quite in the living room but
he could hear the radio in Jimmy's room, the sound was
muted by the door and walls. Harry smiled and thought
to himself that it was a safe bet that he wasn't
asleep, he got two cokes and returned to the bedroom
and then into the bathroom.

Julie was just leaving the toilet and they stood at the
vanity and took some big thirsty drinks of the cokes,
standing side by side they each put a arm around the
other. Harry turned on the shower and adjusted the
water temperature and they stepped in and again washed
each other. When they finished and dried each other
they went into the bedroom, Julie straighten the bed
covers and fluffed the pillows.

"Sweetheart you should rest some, why don't you lie

"Harry, I'm okay, you are the one that needs rest, give
me a kiss and get in bed. I need to get things ready
for breakfast and make sure everything is straight then
I'll sit down for a while, ok."

"Ok sweetheart, but don't worry about breakfast for me,
I will meet the guys at the burger joint where they
always eat and have breakfast with them. You sleep

Julie said ok and kissed him, turning out the light as
she left she went to the kitchen and checked the
condition of Jimmy's cleanup. She discovered he had
done a good job. She finished her coke and remembered
that Harry's bottle was still in the bathroom, it
wouldn't hurt any thing on the counter so she decided
to leave it and not disturb him. She sat down at the
counter and thought about all the things that had
happened today, Harry and Jimmy both playing with her,
coaches looking as she flashed cleavage and thighs,
Charlie Hale's hand on her leg, the beer bottle, Emily,
Jimmy almost tormenting her, and Harry, god that was
good. And now!

Chapter Eleven

Julie realized that it was getting late, glancing at
the clock she saw it was a few minutes after ten, she
slid out of the chair and went to fix the coffee pot
for turning on in the morning. She turned out the light
and again was aware of the light coming in the window,
they had forgotten to close the blinds again, she
thought about the front door and checked it.

Sure enough it wasn't locked, pausing with her hand on
the lock she felt the urge, same as last night, to open
the door and go outside, the excitement was strong and
she opened the door and looked out. She couldn't see
anything or anybody. She stood there and slowly walked
a few steps outside, suddenly she understood it was the
same excitement that she felt when flashing the couches
and when she put Charlie's hand on her thigh. She
wanted some one to see her naked!

She quickly went back inside shutting and locking the
door, she was trembling from excitement and realization
of her desire to be seen. She also knew without feeling
that her cunt was wet.

Julie went down the hall to Jimmy's door, she knew that
relief was near but also that relief was temporary. She
opened the door quietly and went in closing it behind
herself, only the night light was on along with the
softly playing radio and the light barely gave enough
light to see.

As her eyes adjusted to the dim light she could see
Jimmy lying on his back on top of the covers and he was
naked! As she approached the bed she looked at his
cock, it was limp she knew then he was asleep. Poor
baby, he had to wait so long, he lost his desire, maybe
I shouldn't wake him, she thought.

But then she remembered his word, "suck me for a long
time and let me cum in your mouth," and then "remember
your promise." She didn't want to disappoint him and
she had to admit that she wanted that cock in her mouth
and later in her cunt, making her feel wonderful again.
After all, she thought with a smile, it's been a half
of an hour since I had a cock in me, how could I go so

Julie sank to her knees besides the bed with her eyes
glued to Jimmy's cock and leaned over the edge until
her lips where over it. She rubbed slowly and softly
with her forefinger over the head thrilling at the
softness and smoothness of it and saw it move, rolling
on his leg and the balls resting below begin to move
also, squirming almost. As she continued to rub with
her finger she saw Jimmy's hand jerk and his eyes lids
quivering and wondered if he was dreaming of fucking

She lower her head and blew her warm breath on the head
and it suddenly began to rise from his leg and stiffen,
it was coming for her mouth and she opened it in
anticipation, feeling her nipples hardening at the
thought of it touching her lips. She also felt the
delicious ache start in her lower stomach and cool air
on her cunt as it was getting wet. As her nipples
stiffened they began to hurt and she wanted Jimmy to
squeeze them and make her cum.

When his cock was at half hard and still rising, Julie
stopped rubbing with her finger, lowered her head and
licked the smooth warm cockhead with the tip of her
tongue and then more broader covering the entire top.
Jimmy's body shuttered and she knew he wake soon and
she wanted him to wake with her mouth around the head.
She moved slightly down his body and turned more to
face him and leaned in taking his cock head in her
mouth sliding over her tongue and closed her lips
around the rim and gave a soft suck.

Jimmy's eyes sprung open and his head raised up, she
put her hand on his lower stomach to prevent him from
rising and looked at him holding his cock in her mouth
and rubbing her tongue on the underside. Jimmy stared
at her face and lips around his cockhead, Julie lowered
her head slightly taking another inch in her mouth and
ran her tongue around the head then let it slid from
her lips so she could smile at his and say.

"Hello lover, how do you feel?"

"Wow, that feels wonderful mom, I must have dozed off,
you didn't forget your promise."

"No I would never forget a promise to have you fuck me,
but I'm not your mom now, I'm your slut sneaking in
your room to suck your beautiful cock and make love to
it for a long time and take your cum in my mouth and
swallow it for you as you watch me. Do you want to turn
on the lamp so you can see your slut licking and
sucking your cock better?"

"Yes I would like to be able to see your beautiful

Julie turned the lamp on to the lowest setting and
motioned Jimmy to move over as she sat on the bed on
one hip with her knees folded and leaned over his erect
cock and began to lick it. Jimmy gasped on contact of
her tongue with his cockhead, he put his hand on her
leg and moved it to her cunt.

Julie opened her knees to form a vee and gave him
access to her cunt and a finger entered her
immediately. "Yes lover, you know how to make your slut
happy, please just hold it there, don't fuck me with
your finger. I want to hold my cum until your cock is
in me. I love to cum around your cock as it fucks me."

"I love it too, it makes me feel strong and powerful
when you cum as we fuck. Do you want another finger or
is one enough?"

"One is enough for now I want my cunt to be tight
around your cock, it is a great feeling to feel your
cock stretching my cunt as it slides in and out. I am
your slut is going to make love to your cock now, you
may cum in my mouth any time you want. After you come
my body is yours for anything you want."

Julie returned to licking the cock head holding it at
the base and cupping his balls in the palm of her other
hand as she leaned on her elbow. She licked the head,
ran the tip of her tongue around the raised rim, licked
all the way down to his balls then gently sucked each
one into her mouth and rubbed it with her tongue and
worked her way back to the head paying special
attention to the underside of it. Kissing the head with
pursed lips she discovered that it was excreting pre-
cum and rubbed it around with her lips and then licking
it up with her tongue. She kissed the cock from top to
base and opening her mouth slightly she ran her lips
and tongue tip all around and up and down the entire

Julie paused and squeezed Jimmy's balls lightly and
milked his cock with her other hand licking at the pre-
cum appearing in the slit. Then she looked at Jimmy's
face and saw he was watching every move she made.

"Lover, you have a beautiful cock, your slut loves it
and wants it all the time, it is so hard and powerful
and your cum tastes so good that I will do anything you
want me to just to kiss it and hold it in my mouth."

Julie lowered her face to Jimmy's cock and rubbed it
along her cheeks, across her lips, along her eyes and
nose, and then back to her mouth. All this time she was
looking at him as he looked at her loving his cock. She
opened her mouth and wet her lips with her tongue and
placed them on the head sucking the pre-cum which was
getting thicker and stronger in taste, then slowly
engulfed the head loving it with her tongue as she
continued to feed her mouth with his cock.

When she felt the head bump against her throat she
tilted her head and swallowed making it slide into her
throat until her lips were against her fingers at the
cock base. Still looking at his eyes she began the
swallowing action of her throat, constricting the
opening around the invading tube of flesh.

Jimmy stiffened and moaned a cry of anguish as he felt
the cum start boiling from his balls up the center of
the cock and to the head. Julie saw and heard him but
also felt the cock grow hard like a piece of steel and
she could feel the head swell and jerk each time his
heart pumped. Waiting until the last possible moment
she raised her head until only the head remained in her
mouth and lashed her tongue across the tip just as the
first burst of cum ejected from it.

Now it was Julie's turn to moan as the hot sperm hit
the roof of her mouth and ran down her throat which was
still swallowing and into her stomach. Julie caught the
second ejection by placing her tongue in front of the
cock slit and letting it splash against it and run into
her mouth. As she rubbed it around her mouth with her
tongue and tasting it again, she was almost overcome by
the third and fourth spurts and finally had to swallow
it as her mouth was beginning to fill up.

She held his cock in her mouth until it stopped
spurting and then she sucked it and licked it with her
tongue, moving her head down taking it deep into her
mouth and occasionally into her throat for a few
seconds. Jimmy lay with his head on the pillow and
watched as the passion flowed from him and was replaced
by a great feeling of complete satisfaction.

Julie watched Jimmy's change of expressions, lust,
passion, and satisfaction ending with love as she
continued to administer loving kisses to his now
subsiding cock. She also felt a deep love for him, his
love for her body, and his desire for giving her
satisfaction as well satisfying his passion for sex.
She rubbed his cock on her face as it began to go limp
and gave it a few more kisses then allowed it slip from
her hand and lay on his leg.

She raised her body, as her arm was weakening and going
to sleep, moving her hips backwards she felt Jimmy's
finger slowly slide from her cunt slit and immediately
felt empty and wanted it back. She came to the
realization that she was always content when some thing
was in her cunt, a finger, tongue, or cock and without
it she was always flirting, flashing her body, and
trying anything to turn men on. She wanted something in
her, giving her that wonderful feeling, making her
climax, driving her to the height of passion, and
leaving her weak and dizzy. She wanted a cock, she
needed a cock and she had to have it, all the time!
Julie slipped off the bed and leaned over giving Jimmy
a kiss.

"Are you going to bed, now?"

"No sweetheart, I have to go to the bathroom, I'll be
back in a minute. I'm your slut until midnight so you
had better rest now."

Julie went to Jimmy's bathroom and sat on the toilet
thinking about all the things that had happened in just
three days and how much those three days had changed
her. She got a wash cloth and ran hot water over it to
wash her face, seeing the sperm beginning to dry on her
cheeks and got some mouthwash to gargle with as her
breath would not be pleasant without it.

She rinsed the cloth and returned to the bedroom. She
bent and kissed Jimmy again and told him to relax as
she began to wash and clean his lifeless cock. Finished
she lay the cloth on the night stand and climbed into
bed and snuggled up to him laying her head on his chest
and her body along his body.

Jimmy started to turn towards her but she placed her
hand on his chest stopping him, telling him to rest for
awhile. He settled back on the pillow laying on his
back. Julie kissed his chest and lay her head back on
his chest and moved her hand from his chest down to his
stomach caressing it, moving on down to take his cock
in her hand and held it lightly. They lay for a while
resting, each thinking private thoughts and enjoying
the aftermath of sexual satisfaction.

Suddenly Julie came aware with a start, that she had
dozed, and she felt something hard and hot in her hand,
she looked down knowing that is was Jimmy's cock and
confirmed that the head was deep red and almost
bursting the tightly stretched skin. She wondered how
it got so hard and aroused in just a few seconds.

'Oh please no,' she thought as she raised her head to
look at the clock, ooohhh it's showed 11 45 PM. she
looked at Jimmy and saw he was sound asleep with a
smile on his lips. She hoped he was dreaming of her
with that super hard cock and not some dizzy Hollywood

Now she wondered what should she do? Wake him or jump
on him and fuck him awake or slip out of bed and run to
bed herself? The last one was not right as she had
promised he could have her cunt. The second would be
like a whore take the money, fuck him and run to the
next bed. All that was left was to wake him and go from
there, which is what she wanted to do because she not
only had promised she wanted him to fuck her again
tonight she didn't want to wait until tomorrow, but he
was so hard and horny that he couldn't last very long.

Julie began to move her hand on his cock but not hold
it to tightly. She lifted herself and moved up to his
face and began to kiss his cheek and lips. Jimmy
trembled a little and woke up looking and seeing his
mother kissing him and smiling and felt her hand on his

"Sweetheart, we slept and rested but it's almost
midnight and your loving slut will turn into a pumpkin
riding mother soon. Do you want to fuck your slut now
or rest for tomorrow."

"I want you now, my cock is aching for you. I was
dreaming of you, we were fucking doggy style and I was
almost cumming when I woke up."

"Do you want me doggy style now."

"Yes do you mind?"

"I'm your slut, I am happy for you to fuck me anyway,
anywhere. Tell me where."

"In the living room, your head and arms on the couch,
let your tits hang free. I've got to go to the
bathroom, wait for me here."

Jimmy swung his legs off the bed but Julie didn't let
go she moved with him and as he paused sitting on the
bed she was behind him and slid up to press her breasts
against his back and kiss his shoulder.

"Thanks for dreaming about me baby, it makes me feel
loved to know you want me even in your sleep."

Jimmy reached behind himself to rub her leg, "I've
always dreamed about you and now one more dream is
about to come true."

"Oh baby, that's so sweet. Hurry, I need this as much
as you. This is my cock to love. But you will have to
pour cold water on my loving cock before you can go to
the toilet, hurry."

She released his cock and Jimmy went to the bathroom as
she lay back on the bed, not sleepy not tired although
she should have been, she was getting excited thinking
about the couch and doggy style. Jimmy was gone a
while, she could hear the water running in the sink and
she grinned thinking of him trying to cool off that
steaming love tube so he could urinate. She ran her
hand down to her cunt and found that it was wet which
didn't surprise her anymore, it had been wet almost all

She heard the toilet flush and thought 'success' and
her clit tingled. Jimmy came back into the room and she
held her hand out to him. He took it but did not pull
her up instead he sat on the edge of the bed and put
her hand on his cock, it was cool and big but not stiff
as before, he placed his hand on Julie's slit and
rubbed a finger down and all around it. Julie sighed
and opened her legs for him looking in his eyes as he
looked at her. His finger parted her slit and rubbed up
until it came to her clit and teased it, touching just
the tip to the tip of the clit.

"Baby, that feels so good, are you going to put your
finger in me and make me hot like this afternoon so
that I can't think straight and make me beg for your
cock again. Are you going to tease me half the night
before you fuck me and make me cum until I can't stand
up, what are you going to do to your slut?"

"Nothing. I am going to play with your clit to keep you
hot until it's after midnight and you turn into my
mother, then I'm going to fuck my mother and make her
cum so she will beg me to fuck her everyday and offer
her body to me. I've been dreaming of fucking her for
over a year and I want to fuck her now because I love
her and have her fuck me because she loves me."

"Do you want to stop the slut game, baby?"

"Yes that is just an excuse to cover up our love as if
we were ashamed of it, it was and is fun but when I
come home and see you standing at the door or in the
kitchen I see love in your eyes and when we kiss it is
love and when I open your shirt or you open it, it's
love that makes you let me or makes you do it

'that's what I want every day, every time I see you, to
see your love for me and that you will take off your
clothes and offer your naked body to me because you
love me and when I return that love you know that I
love you just as strongly. I want to hold my mom in my
arms and put my cock in her cunt and feel her warmth
and wetness and hear her moaning with passion and
saying my name and calling me son because I love her
and it's her I want and not pretend she's something
else, I don't want some thing else I want you, Mom."

Tears came to Julie's eyes as she listened to Jimmy
pouring out his heart and she knew that he was right.
And she knew that she wanted him and not pretend he was
her lover but face the truth and love him and give
herself to him. He could accept the truth, Harry could
accept the truth, and she would also.

"Son, it's after midnight, the slut is gone and she
won't come back unless we joke about it, I'm your
mother, your mom, and mom is lying before you naked
because I want to, I just sucked your cock and you came
in my mouth because I wanted to. Now I want you to take
me to the living room and fix me on the couch and fuck
me doggy style as you said you wanted to because I want
that also.

"This afternoon you told me to unsnap my shorts and
unzip them and I did, I wasn't playing I wanted you
bad. And when I beg you to fuck me I not play acting I
really do need you to fuck me. You see I really am a
slut in that I love to be fucked and I want it all the
time but I want it from you and Harry because I love
both of you and I know that both of you love me also."

Jimmy was all smiles as he slid his finger in Julie's
cunt, she gasped in surprise .

"Tell me when you are hot mom, play with my cock and
get it real hard and then when we can't take it any
more we'll go to the couch."

"I'm ready now son, I've wanted to have you in me since
this morning when you asked me to pull my skirt up in
the car. It makes me hot to know you want me and when I
see your cock in your pants and you are aroused because
of my legs or tits I want you to make love to me, I
can't help myself son, I want you as bad as you want
me. Let's go now, please."

Jimmy took the hand that was around his cock removing
his finger from Julie's slit and pulled her up from the
bed as she slid her feet to the floor. She reached and
got the wash cloth from the night stand. Hand in hand
they walked into the living room. Jimmy pulled the
coffee table away from the couch and turned back to her
and they kissed, Jimmy stepped away and Julie turned to
the couch and went to her knees.

He stepped to her and laid his hand on her shoulder as
she was about to bend and lay her head on the couch,
getting close to her he grasped his cock and rubbed it
on her shoulder and across her back. Julie leaned back
to meet the cock and he rubbed it along her neck and up
to her cheek, she moved her head and rubbed it against
the cock. Jimmy leaned forward and moved it to the
corner of her mouth, Julie turned her head and kissed
it, as he held it steady she opened her mouth and took
the side of the head in licking it.

Jimmy removed it and moved around in front of Julie and
rubbed her face with the head which was now hard and
hot she opened her mouth and kept it open. He held it
and brushed her lips with the tip, Julie placed the tip
of her tongue between her open lips waiting for him to
put it in her mouth or let her lick it and when he just
stood there with the head about two inches from her
lips she looked up at him.

"Put your hands behind your back, mom, as if they were
tied and don't move them until I tell you. Tomorrow
when we finish all our chores and shopping I'm going to
tie you and pinch your nipples until you cum. Then I'm
going to put my cock inside you and fuck you while you
are helpless and cannot move, maybe I'll blind fold you
so that your sense of feeling will be magnified."

Jimmy looked at Julie kneeling before him with her
hands on her thighs and waited for her to react. Julie
looked at him and thought about how it would feel tied
as he pinched her nipples. She raised her head and
pushed her shoulders back making her breasts stand out
towards him and put her hands behind her back and
crossed her wrists and closed her eyes while opening
her mouth again.

Jimmy read her acceptance in her stance and moved to
her and placed his cock on her lips, she moved her head
forward and sucked it with her lips locked around the
rim and the tip of her tongue rubbing the slit in the
cockhead. But Jimmy didn't want to cum and lose his
dream on fucking his mother doggy style as he had seen
years ago, so after only a minute of her loving his
cock he stopped the action.

"Ok, you can release your hands now, put them on the
couch and lay your head on the cushion."

He heard her softly moan as she followed his
instructions and spread her knees farther apart. He got
behind her and got to his knees close to her ass and
placed his cock at her cunt and pushed forward entering
her very wet cunt and going all the way in just one
stroke. Julie moaned louder and rotated her ass
pressing back against him, but there wasn't any more to
go deeper. She had it all and loved it!

"Oh yes Jimmy, god it feels so good, your hard as a
rock and hot as a firecracker and big, your got me
stuffed with your cock, it's wonderful, fuck me like
this all night I love it."

Jimmy began to move with a pumping action and Julie
moved with him meeting every inward thrust with a
thrust back, and wiggling her ass as he pulled back.
Her cunt was grasping his cock and milking it. He
leaned forward and cupped her free swinging breasts
with his hands squeezing them lightly and could feel
the hard nipples boring into his palms. He picked up
the pace slamming into her cunt as fast and hard as he
could as he knew he wouldn't last long the way she was
clamping down on his cock with her cunt muscles. Julie
begin to moan a low pitched constant sound and she was
afraid that she would wake Harry but could only keep it
low not stop.

"Baby I'm going to cum fuck me hard, hurt my nipples."

Jimmy grabbed her nipples and squeezed them and she
stopped moving as if she was frozen except for her head
which twisting and flinging her hair about and then she
grabbed a throw pillow and putting it under her face
buried her face to muffle the moans as she reached her
climax. Jimmy kept steadily pounding as he was to
excited to go slow and could feel the cum building in
his balls.

He made about twenty more plunges into the cunt wrapped
around his cock and then stiffened slamming in as far
as he could in the wet and still convulsing cunt of his
mother as he came. The first spurts hit Julie's cunt
inside just as she thought she was finished and set her
off again, she bit the pillow to keep from screaming
and her head begin to spin with dizziness and as she
came again she felt that she was going to be sick from
the pain in her stomach. Finally they both finished and
Julie sagged against the couch with Jimmy collapsing on
her back.

They lay still for about a minute and Julie could feel
Jimmy's cock shrinking and knew it would slip out of
her slippery cunt and there would be a mess of cum
spilling on the carpet.

"Baby can you reach the wash cloth, I'm going to need
it when I get up?"

Jimmy raised from her back and looked around for the
cloth and saw it on the coffee table, holding Julie's
hips to keep his cock in her he managed to reach it and
placed it under his cock and used it as he let his cock
slide out of her, and she put her hand between her legs
and held it in place.

Jimmy helped her to get up but Julie was wobbly and he
noticed that she had that dazed look in her eyes that
he had seen when she had cum multiple times. He placed
his arm around her and together they wobbled to his
bathroom, Julie holding the wash cloth between her
legs. Helping her onto the toilet he asked her if she
was ok. Julie smiled weakly and nodded her head.

"Can I get you anything Mom?"

"I need something to drink, I'm dry and thirsty."

"I bring you a coke and then we'll shower."

He went to the kitchen and got a coke returning to the
bathroom just as he heard the toilet flushing. He
waited for her to come out and then handed her the coke
which she drank almost half of with out stopping. Julie
offered him some and when he took the bottle she leaned
on the counter as she was still weak. Jimmy took a
drink and set it on the vanity counter beside her, he
moved to her and put his arms around her, one high and
one low, to steady her.

"Are you sure you're feeling alright mom, you look

Julie put both arms around his neck and laid her head
on his shoulder and whispered her answer as she was to
tired to talk.

"I'll be alright in a few minutes, just hold me baby. I
need to rest and let my emotions settle down, I'm not
accustomed to so much loving in a short time."

"Let me take you to the bed so you can lay down and
I'll hold you until you feel better."

"No baby, if we get on the bed and hold each other
we'll be kissing and feeling of each other, we'll get
aroused and you'll touch my cunt and want to fuck it
and you know that I can't refuse you when you want to
fuck me and then we'll be making love again."

"I guess you're right mom, every time I get around you
I want you, and I love to see you hot and horny and
wanting my cock in you. I can't seem to help myself, I
just have to kiss you, caress you, put my finger in
you, and get you excited. When you get that way and ask
me to fuck you. I feel like I'm six foot six and could
whip the world, god, I love you."

"I love you also baby, I love for you to play with me,
I look forward to you kissing me, caressing my breasts,
rubbing my cunt, and putting your finger in it. I get
so hot when I feel of your cock and I want it in my
mouth and in my cunt that I can't think straight except
that I want you to make love to me. That's why I'm a
slut I guess, I need something in me, fucking me, all
the time and if I don't have it I'm looking forward to
getting it. But let's not talk about it any more it
excites me just to think about it, let's just take a
shower and go to bed, we'll both be tired tomorrow."

Jimmy kissed her and she kissed him back and smiled as
he went to the tub and turned the shower on. As soon as
the water got warm he held Julie's hand as she stepped
in the tub and then got in behind her. They washed each
other and smiled a lot, Julie was careful not to get
her hair wet.

Jimmy was washing her back and working his way to her
ass, they had turned the water to just a small
sprinkle, and the soapy cloth felt good to Julie
rubbing her shoulders. back, and now on her ass cheeks.
She had placed her hands on the shower wall and leaned
forward with her eyes closed, just enjoying the moment
of relaxation.

He slid his finger in her ass crack and down to her
asshole and began to rub softly as he continued to wash
her ass cheeks with the cloth. Julie didn't realize
that his finger was not covered with the cloth for a
second, long enough for him to slide his soap covered
finger in her ass.

"Oh no, baby don't! Oohhh god, please don't do that to
me. I can't come anymore. I think I will die if I come
another time tonight, please baby, have mercy on me,

"Does it hurt mom, or does it feel good?"

"Oh Jimmy, please stop, it feels good but you must
stop, please don't wiggle it."

"Can you cum just from a finger in your ass?"

"Yes baby, but don't make me." Julie leaned her head
against the shower wall, she didn't think that begging
would do any good she was convinced that he was going
to make her cum and maybe not stop there but fuck her
again or make her suck him. Her resolve was melting
away and she spread her legs a little wider so he could
push in farther if he wished. "Go ahead and do it to me
if you have to, baby."

"If I stop now will you allow me to do it tomorrow?"

"Yes baby, you can put your finger in my ass tomorrow
if you want to."

"Will you let me have your ass to fuck tomorrow, I mean
with my cock?"

"Yes you can have me that way."

"Will you come to me and ask me to fuck you in the

"I will come to you naked and beg you to fuck my ass
and make me cum if you want that."

Jimmy slid his finger from Julie's ass and she moaned
at the loss and knew that she would have loved for him
to not stop but take her ass now. She remained with her
head against the wall as Jimmy began to dry her with
the towel and wondered how much more would be required
of her. She was to be tied up and made to cum and
fucked in the ass now, but the thoughts of these things
excited her and she knew she would love them. He
finished her and dried himself as she remained with her
head on the wall and her legs spread. Jimmy was
watching her and he realized she was waiting for

"Mom, do you want anything?"

"Baby, I waiting for you to do whatever you want to do
to me, I need to lay down but you will have to help me
out of the tub."

"If I want to fuck you again, you would accept that as
tired as you are?"

"Yes sweetheart, take me to bed and fuck me if you want
to, you have my body for anything you want."

Jimmy stepped out of the tub and took her hand helping
her out and led her back to his bed.. He helped her to
lay down and then lay beside her and pulled her onto
her side facing him. Since they had been in this
position before they automatically adjusted their legs
until they were entwined and his cock was brushing her
cunt. Jimmy kissed Julie and she opened her mouth for
his tongue and reached to take his cock and inserted it
in her cunt opening, she broke the kiss and looked at

"I'm yours baby, fuck me again, fuck me all night if
you want to, just get me to bed before five."

Jimmy looked at her in wonderment, she was ready to do
anything he wanted her to do and he had many things he
would like to try. He slid his cock in her slowly and
watched as she closed her eyes, opened her mouth and
kissed him.

He buried his cock in her cunt and ground against her
clit and heard her sigh as she sucked his tongue. Jimmy
started a slow and gently pumping of her cunt sometimes
stopping and just holding it deeply embedded in her,
they kissed and Julie snuggled her body against his,
flattening her breasts against his chest.

As she relaxed and just lay holding him enjoying the
fullness of his cock in her and the fullness of being
loved by him, she slowly drifted off in sleep, rousing
occasionally as he would shift his and her body
slightly and she would kiss him and doze again. Once
she realized that he was rolling over her and rolling
her with him so they lay on their other side, she felt
her leg tingle and knew it had been asleep also, she
kissed him and whispered thanks baby, she wondered what
time it was but no longer cared enough to look behind
her at the clock.

Jimmy resumed his gentle fucking into her cunt and as
she slipped back into dreamland she thought- he is some
kind of stud one woman will never be able to satisfy

Jimmy woke Julie.

"Mom, let me help you to bed, do you need to go to the
bathroom first?"

"What time is it baby, no I'm ok."

"It's almost three."

Jimmy got up and helped Julie to her feet and put his
arm around her as they walked through the dark house to
the master bedroom. Julie felt weak and unsteady on her
feet and leaned against him. When they reached the
bedroom door he asked her if she needed him to go in
with her and she said no. Jimmy turned her head to him
and kissed her, placed his hand on her breast and
holding it cupped, she opened her mouth for his tongue
and sucked it.

For a long moment they stood Julie allowing him freedom
to have her body for anything partly because she was to
tired to respond to his caresses and partly because she
wanted to give control to him and be submissive to any
desire he had. Finally Jimmy broke away.

"Goodnight mom. I love you."

"I love you too, baby."

Julie woke with a start when the alarm went off, she
felt like she had just closed her eyes. Harry rolled
over and touched the button to turn the alarm off and
slowly raised up and sat on the side of the bed. Julie
moved the sheet covering her body and started to get
up, Harry looked over his shoulder at her.

"Baby you don't have to work today stay in bed stay in
bed and sleep late, I'm going to grab a bite with the
guys, remember. Lay back down."

"Thank you baby but I've got to go to the bathroom,
I'll hurry."

Julie stopped at the vanity and got a gulp of mouthwash
and swished it in her mouth as she sat on the toilet,
returning to the bed she met Harry and he gave her a
light kiss.

When Harry finished showing he went to the bedroom
chest to get clean shorts and smiled as he saw Julie
was already in a deep sleep. Must have been a hard
night for her, he mused, two men pounding away at her
body. And what a body it was, he couldn't get over how
great she looked and how sexy she was, naked or fully
clothed she still extruded an aria that made him and
every other man want to fuck her. As he dressed in the
bathroom he still sneaked a peek every few minutes at
her half covered body.

When Harry finished dressing he checked the clock and
knew he had to go, no more lusting and wishing to
plunge his cock in that sweet pussy. He went to the bed
and pulled the sheet down leaving only Julie's knees
and feet covered and admired her beautiful ass, then
leaned over and caressed her breast and kissed her
cheek. Writing her a note and leaving it on the kitchen
counter he hurried out.

Chapter Twelve

Julie was dreaming, a hand was on her naked breast and
caressing it. She looked up from where she lay on the
coffee table and it was Harry, he was naked and his
cock was hard. She wanted to get up and kiss it but
realized she was tied to the table, hands and legs,
with her breasts hanging over the end. Jimmy was
holding her head to keep it up as he sat in front of
her with a raging hard on and he was moving it towards
her mouth as Harry slid into her cunt. They both fucked
her and then they swapped and fucked her some more.

She was cumming constantly and when there was nothing
in her mouth she could hear herself begging to be
fucked. Both of them came, cum was pouring from her at
both ends and still she begged. They asked each other
what they could do, Jimmy said have to do it doggy
style, Harry said guess so get the dog. Julie lowered
her head - something was on her back - something went
in her cunt - something was fucking her hard -
something with a long wet tongue was licking her back -
she was cumming and screaming, "More! More! MORE!"

Suddenly Julie came awake, she was sweating lightly, a
hand was on her breast, a cock was rubbing in her ass
crack, and someone was kissing her back. She turned and
saw Jimmy lying on her bed and he smiled at her.

"Good morning mom, sorry I disturbed you, saw you lying
here looking so beautiful that I couldn't resist
snuggling and kissing your back."

"Good morning baby, what time is it? I can't get my
eyes open yet."

"It's almost eight thirty, do you want to sleep some
more? I can get my own cereal."

"I'd like to sleep all day. But, I've got to much to
do. But I've got to take a shower, can you wait a few

"Sure I can make up my bed."

"Strip the sheets and pillow cases, they need to go in
the washing machine. And this bed too. I be out in a
minute and fix us some oatmeal and toast."

She started for the bathroom and asked him as he
started for his room. "Is the coffee made?"

"Don't know, I'll check if not I'll turn it on."

Julie went to the toilet and then to the shower, she
turned the water as hot as she could stand it and let
it run on her stiff muscles while she shampooed her
hair and then using body wash she scrubbed herself
vigorously and stood under the shower rinsing hair and
her body for a long time.

Grabbing a towel she dried off and getting out of the
shower begin to brush her teeth. The door opened and
Jimmy came in with a steaming cup of coffee. He had put
on a pair of shorts. Julie looked for a towel but it
was hanging in the shower, she wanted to cover her
naked body. Jimmy set the cup on the vanity and looked
at her and said. "Wow! That is nice, nice, nice. Where
do you want the sheets, in the washing machine?"

She knew he was using that as an excuse to stay and
watch her, pointing to her mouth that was full of
toothpaste she kept brushing and he kept watching. As
she brushed her breasts would sway from side to side,
she brushed a little longer than was necessary watching
him in the mirror. Rinsing her mouth she replied. "Yes
but that would be too many for one load, just put them
on top and I load it."

"Mom, could you do me a favor today?"

"Of course sweetheart, what is it?"

"Could you stay naked all day?"

Julie smiled and looked straight at him. "You're sharp
this morning, that'll teach me to find out what the
favor is before I answer. But baby I can't run around
the house naked washing clothes and dusting, not all

"How about breakfast nude?"

How about a pair of shorts and topless, take it or
leave it."

"Done deal, want me to boil the water for oatmeal, I'm
good at boiling water."

"Yes please, and get the toast going also, you're good
at toast."

Jimmy headed for the kitchen and Julie looked in the
mirror, she decided not to dry her hair it would need
rinsing after laying in the sun anyway. She applied
lotion to her body and just a dab of cologne to her
cunt and nipples, rubbing her nipples she discovered
that they were not as sore as yesterday but still

Inspecting them in the mirror they seem to be longer
than she remembered and a darker shade, she wanted to
squeeze them and test the soreness for they would get a
workout today for sure. Remembering her unspoken
promise last night she felt the nipples tighten, god
she was going to get hot before breakfast just from
thinking about it!

Julie combed her hair straight back and let it hang
down her back to dry, grabbed her mini shorts that she
wore last night and putting them on, she thought with a
grin that she shouldn't bother with the snap and
zipper. She had to admit she was looking forward to
breakfast being over, yes she wanted to have sex and be
turned on to that feeling she craved. She didn't snap
or zipper the shorts. Going to the kitchen she found
Jimmy getting breakfast ready on the counter.

"Well, here I am clean and feeling better, do I meet
your approval and do I get a good morning kiss?"

Jimmy looked at his mother and was speechless, her
breasts shone and the nipples stuck out like bullets,
her body also glistened from the lotion and he could
see the small vertical line of hair above her cunt and
the top of her slit in the opening of her shorts. He
had been wondering how to get her turned on for sex but
now knew she was not only agreeable, she was ready,
willing, and wanting it.

"Yeoww mom, you are fabulous, my heart almost stopped."

He approached and put his arms around her and they
kissed but it wasn't a good morning kiss, it was more a
let's fuck kiss, they held it a long time and when
their lips parted their bodies didn't. Julie smiled at
him and then rubbed her breasts against his chest.

"Do you think you could find time to give a girl a
little loving before you get to busy?"

Jimmy pushed his crotch against hers.

"You're will have to call the fire department to get me
hosed down so we can get my cock out of that hot cunt."

"Let's eat, we wasting precious minutes, baby."

They sat at the counter with oatmeal and toast, Jimmy
pulled both chairs close and they sat with their sides
to the counter and their knees between each others,
like young lovers would. He would rub her legs as he
ate and she did the same looking at each other and
smiling at was about to happen. Jimmy would reach and
touch Julie's nipples with the tip of his finger
keeping them stiff. Julie rubbed his leg up to his
shorts and ran her finger under them touching his cock.
Jimmy reached for his drink and realized they didn't
have any.

"Mom, we forgot to get drinks, do you want coffee,
where's your cup?"

"In the bathroom, I forgot I'm sorry."

"Not your fault I'll get it."

Julie was embarrassed how could she get so hot that she
completely forgot everything except getting laid. She
prided herself on being aware of every thing all the
time and in control, except when having sex which seems
to be expanding. Jimmy returned to the kitchen and
poured her some more coffee and a small amount for
himself, bringing them to the counter. When he sat
Julie's down he was standing at her side and leaned to
her, kissed her lips, and placed his hand on her
breast. Julie said thanks and kissed him, he squeezed
her breast lightly looking into her eyes, she looked
back and straightened her shoulders pushing her breast
out. He massaged it while cupping it in his hand and
moved one finger to the nipple rubbing across it.

Julie sighed and kissed his lips which were only inches
from her own. "Kiss my nipples baby, they are aching
for you."

Jimmy leaned over and kissed her nipple while rubbing
the other, again she sighed and reached down to hold
his cock though his shorts squeezing it tenderly. Jimmy
stopped kissing her nipple and straightened up, Julie
looked at him confused, he kissed her and said in a
shaky voice.

"Mom, let's finish eating or go to the couch and make
love, my heart's beating so hard I can hear it and I'm
going to die if I don't get my cock in you soon."

"I feel the same way baby, go get a sheet from the
laundry room, I want you more than any breakfast."

Julie took a quick drink of coffee swirling it around
in her mouth to wash away any crumbs and as he returned
she went to the living room ahead of him and they
spread the sheet over the couch. She turned to him and
sat on the edge of the couch pulling him to her and
taking his shorts off and tossing them at the coffee
table. Reaching around him as he stood between her
spread knees she put both hands on his butt and pulled
him close, looking at his cock which was rising to
stand straight out from his crotch. Julie put her lips
against the cock head and moved her head from side to
side sliding the head over her lips.

She opened her mouth and pulled Jimmy's hips forward as
she took the cock inside and stretching forward
engulfed his hard cock into her mouth continuing until
it entered her throat and tilted her head to let it
down her throat until her lips rubbed against his
pelvic bone and balls below.

Jimmy gasped at the sudden impalement and the tightness
and his cock stiffened and jerked in her throat. Julie
thought he was cumming and she held him tightly against
her mouth and looked up at his face, realizing that he
wasn't she slowly backed her head away sucking to put
pressure on his cock. Jimmy moaning at the feeling
reached for her head as she continued to back away
until his cock was in her mouth and being stroked by
her tongue.

Julie stopped her sucking and released his cock from
her mouth, standing up she rubbed her breasts against
his chest and placed his hands on her shorts.

"Take them off and play with my cunt, sweetheart, get
me good and wet."

Jimmy, after a second's delay, grasped her shorts and
slid them down her legs and Julie stepped out of them.
She pressed her body against his and plastered her lips
on his, twisting her hips so that his cock rubbed
against her hip, she made her cunt available for his
hand. When Jimmy cupped her cunt she picked the outside
leg up and rotated her knee and her cunt was open for
him. Jimmy rubbed the slit and slid a finger inside as
far as he could get it, she was wet and hot inside.

Julie moaned in his mouth and sucked at it until he
remembered to give her his tongue to suck on, she
sucked it hard stretching it farther than he could
remember it going before. Jimmy was shocked at the
passion Julie had, she acted like she had not had sex
for months, he moved his finger, fucking her with it
hard and fast and she rubbed her breasts against him.

Suddenly Julie broke away and grasped Jimmy's cock as
she backed to the couch and lay on it pulling him on at
the same time. Quickly they situated on their sides and
as he slid between her legs she placed his cock at the
entrance to her cunt and rubbed the head up the slit
and down again, reaching for his hip and wrapping both
legs around his she pulled him to her and his cock went
in her wet cunt all the way on one stroke. Julie held
him in her as deep as he could go, her body arched
against him and she began to cum, shaking and moaning.

For a full minute Julie clutched Jimmy against her as
her cunt milked at his cock and her cumming reached
it's height and slowly begin to descend as she slowly
relaxed and her cunt stopped convulsing around his

Finally she lay with a smile on her lips. Jimmy was
confused he didn't know if he should begin to fuck her
or get up, but he knew that she had been a horny woman
this morning and that was what he had been working for,
wanting to see her come to him willingly and eager to
be pleasured and give pleasure, his dreams had come

As Julie relaxed her grip with her legs his cock had
began to withdraw from her cunt as their bodies
settled, when she felt it moving out she pulled him
back into her and opened her eyes.

"Baby, you are wonderful. That was fantastic, I wanted
you so bad! You made me feel so good!"

"Gee mom, you are awesome, the way you came in the
kitchen, the way you looked, so beautiful so sexy, and
you wanted the same thing I wanted, to make love to

Jimmy kissed Julie and she opened her mouth for his
tongue, it was automatic to her now. He moved his hand
to her breast and gripped her nipple with his fingers.
Julie put her hand on his finger to stop him.

"Baby would you do a favor for me?"

"Anything mom."

"Don't pinch my nipple now."

"I'm sorry mom are they sore?"

"Only a little they are getting better, but I suspect
you will keep them that way and I don't mind I love for
you to pinch them and make me cum. I like for them to
be sore and hurt a little to remind me that we made
love and it makes me want to feel your cock in me
again. But pinching makes them numb and less sensitive
and I want them to be sensitive this afternoon when you
tie me and pinch until I cum. I want you to play with
my breasts and nipples, rub, kiss, lick, and any thing
you want to do. They will be stiff and standing out for
you all day but I want them sensitive for you then.
Will you do that for me?"

"Yes, I will. Do you want me to tie you?"

"I want to experience the feeling of being helpless and
unable to do anything while you can do anything to me,
if I don't like it I will tell you and it will never
happen again but I want to know how it feels."

"Will you be willing and offer yourself to be tied, and
put you trust in me?"

"Yes sweetheart, I know you only want to give me
pleasure. And I want that, I want to be made to cum
while helpless and you watching me. I not sure why I
just know I want it. Baby just talking about it makes
me hot and want to fuck, I told you last night that I
am a slut, all I want to do is fuck and cum. Will you
fuck me now?"

Jimmy was thrilled, he moved his hips to start a slow
pumping action and kissed her lips feeling the hot and
wet cunt begin to grip his cock, Julie sighed in his
mouth as she was full of cock and completely content to
have it in her cunt all day.

They moved in unison, Jimmy would slide in as far as
his cock would go and Julie would rotate her cunt up to
meet it and tighten her cunt around it as he begin to
slide out, they worked together like they had been
fucking for years. Julie began to feel the level of her
passion rising and the feel of hardness and heat of the
cock in her indicated that Jimmy was already a high
level, but both wanted it to last a while and moved
together slowly.

As Julie became hotter she kissed him and rubbed his
face, shoulders, chest, and reached to his ass to rub
and squeeze it, all the time murmuring endearments.
With an impish smile she hugged him close and whispered
a question.

"What will you use to tie me with, sweetheart? You
won't bruise my arms or any thing will you?"

"I have an old towel and some tee shirts that I can cut
in strips, they are soft and won't scratch you."

"Are you going to make love to me while I'm at your


"Yes baby, you're making me so hot, I can't stop
thinking about it, I even dreamed about it last night.
Fuck me hard baby make me cum I'm so hot for you. I
want to feel your cum spurting in me and soaking my

Jimmy couldn't take any more and he began to slam his
body against Julie and she answered back with her own,
his hot cum shot to the back of her cunt and she cried
out and started her own climax! Soon they settled back
and just lay holding each other.

"God, baby, you're so good, you make me feel wonderful.
Your cock is like a magic wand, it changes and makes
every thing better for me. I would like to lay here and
kiss until we can fuck again and then do it again and
again. But..."

"But, we got to many things to do haven't we, mom? But
we can hurry so that we have more time this afternoon."

Julie nodded at him and kissing they got up and went to
clean up. When Julie finished in the toilet and washed
she looked for her shorts then remembered they were in
the living room, just at that moment Jimmy walked in
the door with her coffee cup steaming and her shorts.

"Thought you would want these, mom. And here's a fresh
cup of coffee."

"Thank you sweetheart, that's so nice of you. Could you
cut the back yard first so that I don't get grass
clipping thrown on me?"

"Sure mom, I'm on my way to start now. I guess you saw
the note from dad on the counter."

Julie was standing in the bathroom with the all the
lights on only five feet away from Jimmy and she was
naked but didn't feel uncomfortable at all. In fact she
enjoyed being on exhibit before him as she saw his eyes
looking up and down her body. We've come a long way in
a hurry she thought.

"Yes I saw it. He wants or rather commanded that I get
two hours of sun and to use only oil with no more than
two SPF. I think he wants me a little browner." She
smiled and spread her legs a little farther apart as he
was looking directly at her cunt and she wanted him to
see. "Are you going to give me my shorts or are we
playing keep away?"

"I think you are great just like that and I could look
at you all day, but I've got grass to cut and will
trade them to you for a kiss of your lips and nipples
plus a bonus feel of that beautiful cunt for cutting
the back first."

"Sounds like a fair trade, but you have to promise that
you won't take advantage of a naked girl and get her
hot again, just a kiss and a quick stroke."

"I promise but it breaks my heart."

Jimmy placed the shorts on the vanity and stepped to
her, he paused and looked at her up and down, Julie
spread her legs even farther as he watched. He placed
one hand on her hip and the other on her cunt, she
gasped at the contact and as he parted her slit and
rubbed her clit she, whispered, "Oh my god..."

Jimmy rubbed a few times and inserted his finger inside
her cunt as deep as possible, Julie was beginning to
tremble and she knew this had been a mistake. He kissed
her lips and she moaned as his tongue entered her mouth
that had opened without her being aware, they kissed a
long time and she began to move her hips against his
hand fucking the finger as best she could.

Jimmy ended the kiss and bent his head to her breast
and engulfed the nipple with his mouth sucking it
tenderly. Julie put her hand behind his head and pulled
him harder against her breast mashing it around his
sucking mouth, she was whimpering now small sounds made
in her throat. Her hips were rotating like a stripper
doing the bump and grind against his finger. He moved
to the other breast and repeated the sucking there.

Finally he stopped sucking and raised his head but
Julie held his head with her hand on the back and tried
to urge him to continue by pulling him towards her
tits. Jimmy removed his hand from her cunt and heard
her murmur, "Oooohhh nooo, pleaseee baby..." He looked
at her face and saw that look he wanted to see on her
all the time. She wanted to fuck and she wanted to be
fucked by him.

"Mom, I want to, but I promised, and I will never break
a promise to you. But I'll make you another promise
that as soon as I finish the grass and you have
finished sunning I will take you to my bed and give you
what you need until you are satisfied and relaxed. I'm
sorry, I didn't realized you were still horny and
wanted to fuck."

Julie nodded her head, she looked at his crotch and saw
his cock was hard and pressing against his shorts, it
was beautiful to her, he wanted her just like she
wanted him.

"Baby do you want me to kiss it for you?"

"More than anything in this world, but if you do I will
have to fuck you right here on the floor and we should
wait, shouldn't we?"

Again Julie just nodded.

"When you finish the grass in back, come and tell me, I
need you to rub some oil on me."

"Ok, I'll come to the patio because I will have grass
on me and don't want to track it in the house."

Jimmy looked at her naked body and turned and went out.
Julie leaned on the counter she was feeling weak and
disoriented, she got some water in the rinse glass and
drank a few swallows and seeing her coffee cup also
drank some of it. She went to the laundry and started a
load of sheets, as she started to dust the living room
she felt moisture running down her leg, she sobbed in
frustration and went to the bathroom for a wash cloth
and sat on the vanity stool and rubbed her clit as
tears ran from her eyes.

Julie looked at herself in the mirror and spoke as if
it was another person, 'you are a slut, might as well
get used to it and enjoy it, you are frustrated because
you are horny and can't fuck this very minute but why?
Nothing is being denied you, you get more sex in a day
than most women in a month and you're frustrated? You
are acting like a horny teenager that's been dosed with
spanish fly, you've got to have something in your cunt
or you'll go crazy. Maybe you are crazy you're talking
to yourself, soon you'll be answering yourself'.

Julie got up and washed her face and her cunt and went
back to cleaning and laundering trying to get her mind
occupied on things other than sex, but it was never far
from her thoughts and her expectations, she was still
naked walking around the house, still waiting.

As she was making up the beds with fresh linen she
heard Jimmy call from the back patio that he was
finished with the grass in the back yard, she answered
that she would be there in second. Going to the kitchen
with the oil she grabbed a drink from the refrigerator
and went to the patio.

"I bought you a cola, you must be thirsty by now,

Jimmy was looking towards the back yard and he turned
and saw Julie coming out the door naked, her breasts
swaying an jigging as she walked, he was amazed at the
change in her. She had always wore revealing clothes
around the house because Harry wanted her to and it was
common for a breast to roll out of her top as she moved
around, but she was never so openly and proudly
exhibiting herself as now. And the look in her eyes
said, this is what you can have, if you like what you
see then take it.

"Thanks mom, I am thirsty, you look wonderful, thanks
for coming out naked, you'd make a blind man get a hard

"I hope that was a compliment, where do you pick up
that stuff?"

"At school, we have a class in the gym showers everyday
on pickup lines."

Jimmy opened the cola and drank down half before he
stopped, he walked to her and offered the bottle, she
took it and drank a swallow.

"Do you want oil all over or just one side for now,

"Just on the front and sides no use in laying on the
towel and it soaking up. Oh no, I forget to get the
towel, here drink this while I run and get it."

Julie handed him the cola and went inside, Jimmy rubbed
his cock which was beginning to ache and said a soft,
wow, he still was amazed at her obvious need to be
fucked and it thrilled him that she was letting him
check her out so he would stay horny for her. Julie
came back to the patio with a large towel, sun tan oil,
and spread it over the beach chair she was going to lay
on. She walked back to him and took the cola and drank
the last swallow looking him in the eye.

"I really could put the oil on the front myself, it's
the back that I can't reach very well, but I thought
you might like to do it."

"I sure do and I want to rub it in good. Are you

Julie looked down at his tented shorts. "Yes, and it
looks like you are also."

Jimmy smiled and took the oil from the table and
squirted some in his hand and began to rub it on her
shoulders taking his time and rubbing it in smoothly.
Julie loved the feel of his hands and it always felt
good to have someone rub or wash her, she closed her
eyes and raised her head so he could apply some to her

He worked his way downward and as he got to the top of
her breasts he could see her breathing faster and
deeper, he knew she was still turned on and that it
would get worse when he rubbed her tits and nipples,
maybe he could make her cum. For sure she would when he
got to her cunt.

Julie was thinking the same thing, her breasts were
aching and there was a knot in her stomach already and
he had just begun. Getting a large amount in his hands
he went directly to her breasts and began to do both at
once, Julie gasped and her breath caught in her throat
for a few seconds, then she leaned towards him to put
more pressure on them.

Jimmy rubbed them going around and then lifting them up
and pushing them down, putting his palms directly on
the nipples he pushed in and rubbed very slowly in a
small circle. He was watching Julie's face and saw her
mouth open slightly and a soft moan that was barely
audible came out. He continued to rub.

"Oh darling, that feels so good, do it a long time for

"Does it make you hot, mom?"

"Yes sweetheart, it makes me very hot."

"Does it make you want to fuck?"

"Yes, very much."

"Keep your eyes closed and imagine what it will feel
like when I get to your cunt and rub it in on your
slit, do you think you will cum?"

"Yes, I know I will, baby. Will you let me or are you
just making me hot and then leave me hanging half

"I will leave it up to you as a reward for staying nude
for me so I could look at and lust for you."

"Make me cum sweetheart, it won't take long I've been
lusting for you also all morning. Once just isn't
enough I need it all the time."

Jimmy squirted some oil on her stomach and began to rub
it in but some ran down her into her navel and then
slowly made its way to her slit. He stopped rubbing and
watched it, she looked down feeling it sliding, he
squirted a little more and it got faster, when it
reached her slit it ran into it and down with them
watching. Suddenly Julie threw her head back with her
mouth open and whimpered as she felt the tickling on
her cunt.

"Please, do it for me now."

He squirted some more and rubbed his hand in it and
down to the slit, rubbing it in and all around, Julie
spread her legs leaning backwards with her hands on his
shoulders to steady herself. Thrusting her hips forward
and bending her knees outward to open her crotch to him
she began to moan as the knot in her stomach slid to
her cunt and she began to cum. Jimmy slipped his finger
inside her and plunged it deep as she twisted and
pressed against his hand.

Finally she sagged against him with trembling legs, her
body was so slick she almost slid to the ground but his
hand on her crotch and finger inside helped hold her
up. When she recovered enough to stand straight again
he removed his hand and continued to rub oil on her
hips and upper legs. Julie opened her eyes and saw he
was watching her closely, she smiled a weak smile and
leaned forward kissing him.

"You want to lay down now and I will finish your legs
for you?"

Julie nodded and they went to the beach chair and she
lay down, he finished applying oil to her legs put the
bottle on the table and got her sun glasses and took
them to her.

"What time should I come back when you turn over?"

"Forty five minutes, then the same on my stomach. We
don't have enough time for two hours."

"Ok, why don't you nap and rest before we go inside.
I'm gone to cut grass."

"I will. Baby I love you."

"I love you, sweetheart mom."

Julie was relaxed and felt good although a little
ashamed that she could not control her sexual urges any
better. You slut, she was thinking, you can't even go
two hours without flaunting your nakedness but it got
you what you wanted but how about poor Jimmy cutting
grass with a hard on, you slut. Julie was asleep in
five minutes and she slept until Jimmy came back to
tell her it was time to turn over.

He rubbed oil on her back and ass covering them with a
heavy coat and then did the rest of her body. He went
inside and got two more colas and gave one to Julie and
he killed the other in two tries and went back to the
front to finish the grass and trim the shrubbery. Julie
drank some cola and enjoying the hot sun on her back
drifted off to sleep again.

She was awaken by Jimmy putting the mower and shrubbery
shears away in the garden she. She asked him what time
it was and he told her she had about eight minutes to
go. He took off his shoes and brushed at the grass on
him and went inside, he was drinking water and cooling
off when he noticed that time was up and he went to the
door and told her.

Julie got up and wrapping the towel around her went
inside, she stopped at the washing machine and
transferred the sheets to the dryer and loaded the
balance inside to begin to wash. She came in the
kitchen where Jimmy was sitting at the counter and
drank some of his water.

"Are you tired, it's awfully hot out there?" She asked
him, and he said no just a little, she went on, "I've
got to get this oil off before I can touch any thing,
do you want to wash my back, I'll wash yours in

Jimmy's face brightened and he answered that sounded
like a good trade. Julie took his hand and as he got
down from the stool she turned to go to the master bath
but he stopped her and pulled her back.

"Let me check your tan mom, your face is a little red
mostly around the eyes and cheek bones."

Julie stepped back closer to him so he could see better
and touched her face to see if it was sensitive. Jimmy
held her arms out and looked them over then he pulled
the towel apart where she had tucked it and removed it
from her body. As he looked closely at her he walked
around her and she could see his eyes shining.

"Looks great, might be a few red areas but they will
disappear when you get cool. It looks like you tanned a
little darker than you were."

"Should have, I normally don't stay out that long and
use a little stronger blocker. You also got a good

Julie took his hand again and this time they went to
the master bath with Jimmy admiring the way her ass
moved as she walked. Julie went straight to the toilet
and when she came out she took his shorts off and
tossed them in the laundry hamper, he went to the
toilet as she turned the shower on and got in, he
joined her after finishing.

Julie took the wash cloth and soaped it up and begin to
wash his chest, arms and back, then as his back was to
her washed his ass cheeks and legs squatting to reach
them. She turned him around and washed up his legs to
his cock which rubbed in her hair and across her
forehead as she washed him.

Julie asked him to hand her the body wash and
replenished the wash cloth with it, looking up from now
being on her knees his cock was right in front of her
face and swaying. She took it in her hand and washed it
tenderly rubbing the head slowly while looking at his
face, he was enjoying it. She pushed him back into the
spray and let it rinse him then pulled him back towards
her and placed her lips on the tip of the hard cock and
rubbed the tiny slit with the end of her tongue.

Jimmy was looking at her and knew when she moved
towards him she would kiss it as he was hoping but
still the shock caused him to jerk and moan. Julie slid
her lips over the head and rubbed her tongue along the
bottom and sucked gently hoping he would secret some
pre-cum for her to taste but she didn't dare suck to
long as he would cum and she wanted it to cum in her
cunt. After a few seconds she removed it from her mouth
and kissed it before rising and handing him the wash

"Wash gently baby, the sun might have made my skin

Jimmy started on her breasts and spent a good while on
them rubbing them gently and playing with her nipples
which made them get harder and stick out, finally
moving on to her stomach and skipped to her legs so he
had to get on his knees for them which put him at eye
level with her cunt, right where he wanted to be. As he
washed up her thighs Julie spread her legs and putting
her hand on the shower wall turned her feet and knees
outward and bent her knees just enough to make her cunt
open so he could rub there.

When he placed the cloth on her cunt lips and began to
rub she closed her eyes as he was looking at her and
she didn't want him to see the raw desire which was
building in her, she wanted to go to the bedroom not
fuck like animals in the shower.

Jimmy rubbed along the slit a few times and suddenly
she felt him splashing water on her with his hand and
opened her eyes to see and realized that he was going
to lick her, she wanted to tell him to wait until they
were through bathing but she also wanted him to lick
her cunt. As she battled her emotions he leaned forward
and licked her slit, she heard her voice say, "Oh baby,
yes, yes." he continued until her legs began to shake
and then stopped and turned her, continuing to wash her
ass and then her back.

Julie stood with one hand on the shower wall with her
head bowed feeling like she could cry, she wanted him
to continue licking for one thing but worse she was
frustrated because it took so little to turn her into a
helpless mass of quivering fuck slave. She knew she was
losing total control of her body, it decided when it
wanted to have sex, and that was all the time, she had
no choice as it overpowered her physically, mentally,
and emotionally.

Jimmy stood behind her as he washed her back, when he
started on her shoulders he stepped closer and his cock
rubbed against her ass . He moved his body until the
head was in her crack and moved forward so it would
slide under and rub along Julie's cunt slit. He pumped
his hips slowly and could hear her breathing in gasps.
Slowly one leg begin to move outward to open herself to
his invading cock and she rose to her toes to make
penetration easier, Julie knew these things were
happening but it was like it was someone else or her
body doing what it wanted to without her being able to
stop it. Not that she really wanted to, she was to
turned on to even try.

Jimmy reached around her and cupped her heavy breasts
and palmed the nipples, at the same time he moved his
cock forward and it slid in the slit and the head hit
her clit. Julie moaned and threw her head back and from
side to side her wet hair hitting him in the face. She
could feel her heart beating in her chest and in her
clit against his cock head, it was beating fast and

"Oh baby, let's finish and you take me to your room as
you promised."

"Do you want to stop sweetheart?"

"No! I want to get where we can relax and enjoy loving
each other but you can have me now if you want, I want
you now any way you want it. But I need to shampoo my
hair and yours also so we can be ready to go grocery
shopping when we are through loving."

"We can do both to keep us hot and enjoy each other
while shampooing, hold still."

Jimmy slowly and carefully moved Julie around until she
was under the shower with her hands on the wall and the
water hitting her back between them. He turned the
shower off, reaching to the shelf on the shower wall he
got the shampoo and put some on her hair pulling her
head back by her hair. As he began to massage it in her
hair he also bent his knees to get the proper angle and
slid his cock in her hot and very wet cunt. He told her
to be still as she started to move her hips, she was
still but not wanting to be.

"Oh god baby, this is torture, sweet torture, you're
driving me out of my mind. It feels so good, you're so
deep in me, so hard and so hot. I can't stand it but I
never want it to end. I never knew that being teased
could be so wonderful. I want to feel you cumming in me
and making me cum, but you make me get right to the
edge and then hold me there and it makes me just about
die. I give up baby, I am your fuck slave now. Promise
me that you will take me to new feelings all the time
and make me do things that I would never do."

"If you want to be my fuck slave you will have to do
anything that I tell you and let me do anything to you
as we try all kinds of things to bring us pleasure. You
will have to promise to be tied, spanked, be exhibited
in public, take dildo's in you, have your tits
tortured, and any thing else that we can discover."

"Baby, you know that I will, I've already told you that
I am yours anytime anyway that you want me. I know you
want to hear me say it, I promise that you can do all
those things to me, I am willing for you to do them and
I want you to. That's why I was naked for you today,
that's the reason I am standing here with your cock in
me, I want to be your lover, your slut, your sex toy."

Jimmy continued to massage the shampoo in her hair and
then put some on his own. He turned the shower back on
and moved her head under the spray to rinse the shampoo
out of her hair. Julie stood with her hands on the
shower wall bending at the waist her legs were apart,
she stood on her toes with her back arched towards the
floor as he moved her head under the spray and Jimmy's
cock in her cunt and his body pressed against her ass.
She loved the feeling of being full and was excited by
the thought of how they must look in this position.

"Ok, all finished your hair is shampooed and rinsed,
let's cut the water off after I rinse mine and dry

He did all those things and removed his cock from her
cunt hearing her whimper as the fullness turned to
emptiness. He got a towel and was drying Julie as she
slowly gathered herself and turned so he could dry her
front spreading her legs when he got to her cunt, she
held to his shoulders and smiled at him weakly. He gave
her a hand towel as they got out of the shower and
Julie walked to the mirror and rubbed her hair with it
and running a comb through it.

She looked at herself in the mirror and thought she
looked a little red but wasn't sure if it was from the
sun or from her excited state. She got some conditioner
with lanolin from under the vanity and smoothed some
through her hair, Jimmy had finished drying himself and
walked behind her putting his arms around her and
cupping her breasts.

He smiled over her shoulder at her in the mirror and
his cock rubbed in her ass crack, Julie leaned back
against him and watched in the mirror as he played with
her breasts occasionally rubbing the nipples, she
closed her eyes as the sensation spread through her

"I'm thirsty, do you want something to drink, mom?"

"Yes I would like some more coffee."

Jimmy took her hand and led her to the kitchen carrying
the towel with him. He poured her some coffee and put
it in the microwave to heat and got some milk for
himself as Julie leaned on the counter where she had
been last night as he fingered her and she had waited
for Harry. She sipped at the coffee he bought to her
and found the temperature to be just right and then
took two big swallows, he drank down the milk in three

When finished she set the cup down and again he took
her hand and led her to his room where he turned down
the spread and spread the towel on the bed. When he
turned to her, he reached for her breasts at the same
moment she was reaching for his cock.

Julie, holding him gently, went to the bed and lay down
on it pulling him to her body as he lay down and
arranging her legs under and over his so his cock was
right at her cunt. They wasted no time, moving to meet
each other and his cock glided into her cunt and as it
was wet met no resistance until their bodies were
against each others' and he was buried balls deep in
her. They began to move in unison and as their passion
began to climb got faster and welded their lips
together and she rubbed her tits against his chest.
Both knew they couldn't last at this pace but neither
cared at the moment.

As she was nearing her climax Julie broke her kiss and
said to him. "Sweetheart I'm close to cumming, give me
your tongue to suck like a cock, please."

She put her open mouth against his and he inserted his
tongue, she moaned and began to suck it and rub it with
her own. Her climax started and she continued moaning
and rubbing her breasts against him and slamming her
cunt into his crotch, she continued to cum for almost a
minute steadily convulsing until her stomach and cunt
muscles began to ache. Jimmy slammed tightly against
her and froze as he ejaculated a huge load into her
squirming body. Slowly they settled down and just lay
against each other kissing lightly and rubbing each
other's body.

"That was great, mom. I feel better now, how about

"Yes baby, much better, I am happy and satisfied

"Unfortunately, we still got things to do, otherwise I
would like to stay right here until dinner time."

Julie smiled and kissed him lightly. "And what would we
do for entertainment in that length of time?"

"Wouldn't need any, you are all I need forever, every
time we make love I start waiting for the next time
that all I want to do all day is make love to you."

"Baby, you say the sweetest thing to me, I love you but
we still got to go buy groceries. We can't live from
just cum, although it is tempting to try. You filled me
this morning but I still got hungry, so let's give up
our pleasure for a while and get these chores

Chapter Thirteen

Julie was cleaning up in the master bath, getting her
hair dry and applying lotion when Jimmy came in. He was
dressed and ready to go to the food market. He stopped
in the doorway and surveyed her naked body, she looked
at him and said she would be another fifteen minutes.

"You look nice Jimmy, your shirt and shorts match very

"Thanks, what are you going to wear? Shorts or a

"I was thinking of shorts it's hot this time of day. Is
that ok with you or would you rather your mother wore a

"Fine with me, it just means that I will have to stay
close to you to keep the men from raping you, you know
they can't control themselves when they see those sexy

Julie smiled, and went on getting ready thinking to
herself that all men were just alike, they poured on
the compliments just for a chance to see what was
between her legs. They also would do things for her
that they normally wouldn't do as routine but she had
to be careful not to acknowledge that she got special
treatment or other woman would dislike her. She always
tried to reward special service with a smile and
showing a flash of leg or a look down her top. She knew
she was a teaser and occasionally she had a hand brush
her hip or ass and she would move and apologize for
getting to close as if it was her fault.

She was aware that Jimmy was leaning on the door frame
looking at her and it excited her, she wanted to check
and see if he had an erection but didn't want him to
see her looking. She stood up and leaned over the
counter to the mirror and pretended to check her eyes,
her ass was displayed provocatively, she turned away
from him and leaned to reach a eyelash brush displaying
her puckered asshole to him. Returning to look in the
mirror she glanced and saw the beginning of a bulge in
his shorts.

Jimmy felt like someone had hit him in the stomach. He
walked to Julie and stood beside her looking at her in
the mirror as he put his hand on her ass. She looked at
him and smiled and continued to brush her eyelashes. He
moved his hand into her ass crack and found the place
that he had just admired and put the tip of his finger
on it. It was warm. Julie stopped brushing and looked
at him in the mirror as she felt his finger begin to
press into her ass. She thought that he would just feel
of her ass and play with it to make her hot but he
continued to press until his finger began to enter and
moved in to the first knuckle.

"Baby, what are you going to do, you will hurt me, your
finger is rough and dry."

"I want you in the ass, mom, I want to fuck your ass
from behind."

"Sweetheart, are you horny again? I can suck you and
make you cum, or you can fuck me from behind like you
did last night. But fucking my ass would be painful for
both of us unless you use some lubricant."

"Do you have some? I've got to fuck your ass it's so
beautiful and we might not get another chance very

Jimmy twisted his finger in Julie's ass and pressed it
forward another inch in her. She wanted to protest but
she really wanted him to fuck her and it was her fault
she had teased him and now he was going to make her
pay. She knew she would love paying!

"Oh baby, have you got to? Won't coming in my mouth
satisfy you? If you just have to and nothing else will
do, get the lube under the counter and put it on your
finger and my ass to help loosen it."

Jimmy opened the door and found the lube and tried to
pop the top off with one hand, the other was still in
her ass, Julie reached and took it and removed the top
handing it back to him. He removed his finger from her
and scooped it in the lube and put it back to her ass
hole and rubbed some on it. Julie spread her legs and
grasped her ass cheeks pulling them apart as she lay
her body and head on the cold counter top.

"You will have to put some inside, sweetheart. Push it
in slowly and twist your finger to spread it and then
do some more. OH GOD! Easy please baby. Your finger is
hard and doesn't give like a cock, take it easy."

It was hot inside to Jimmy's finger as he worked it in
and around, when he was as far as his finger would
reach he pulled it out to get some more lubricant.
Julie moaned, a pitiful strangled moan, some what from
the speed that he removed it causing her tissue to
follow and maybe because as he got deeper it was
feeling better and better.

After covering it again he slid his finger into her ass
and could tell it went in easier and deeper without
having to stop. He wiggled and twisted it around to
spread the lube and he could feel her ass clutching at
it almost the same action as her cunt milking at his
cock. He looked at her as she lay on the counter, her
head pressed against the splash board, her tits smashed
by the top, with her eyes closed and mouth open. He
could hear her sighing.

"You like it don't you, mom, you like for things to be
in your ass, you want me to fuck your ass don't you?"

"Ohhhh, yes baby, I love to be fucked in the ass. It's
wonderful even though it hurts at first, but when I get
hot it loosens up and the feeling is like no other kind
of fucking. Undress baby and lube your cock good so you
can go all the way in without hurting yourself. Wait,
before you take your finger out. Put the handle of my
hair brush in me to keep me loose and open."

Julie pointed to the make up vanity and Jimmy saw the
brush and rolled around her until he could reach it.
The handle was about the same size as his cock and
tapered on the end, he stuck the end in the lubricant
jar and rubbed it around the handle. He looked at it
and realized that she was looking at it also from her
position on the counter, she looked at him and nodded
her head. He moved directly behind her and removed his
finger slowly, Julie sighed as it was coming out, he
placed the tip of the brush handle at her asshole and
slowly begin to press it in to her slowly.

"Yes baby like that, put it all the way until the
bristles touch my butt. OW! Slow... it's spreading me,
it's as big as you are, ow! It's burning my ass hold it
still, oh yes, yes, a little more now it's ok go ahead
baby stretch my ass for your cock."

Jimmy was so excited that his cock was almost bursting
he couldn't believe how obscene this looked it was the
sexiest thing he had ever seen and it was his beautiful
mother that was letting him stick a brush handle up her
asshole. And obviously she loved it, she must love the
feeling of having her asshole stretched and invaded by
a huge object.

He saw that it had one more inch to go and he wanted to
hurry and replace it with his cock, he pressed in
harder and it plunged forward until the bristles rammed
against her butt cheeks. Julie moaned and let go of her
ass cheeks so that they closed around the handle and
she relaxed her body as much as possible to let it just
remain inside without her ass trying to reject it.

Jimmy was standing just looking at her ass, she saw he
was transfixed and wiggled it just a little.

"It feels pretty good for a hard plastic handle and it
will keep me stretched for you and your cock will feel
much better."

Jimmy looked at her and she smiled, he looked back at
her ass and reached out with his hand and rubbed around
her ass forgetting that he had lube on his hand. He
felt the brush and wiggled it a little, hearing her
moan again, then he heard her say to him. "Baby, hurry
and undress but don't get lube on your clothes, but
hurry don't you want to fuck my ass any more?"

"That's the most amazing thing I've ever seen, doesn't
it hurt at all?"

"At first it does but now it's ok, does it turn you off
baby? Do you think that I'm a dirty slut for letting
you stick a hair brush up my ass and now you don't want

"No, it doesn't turn me off, in fact I like it. It's
the sexiest thing that I have ever seen. And I want to
fuck your ass just as much if not more." Jimmy was
taking off his clothes as he spoke and in nothing flat
he was naked even taking off his shoes and socks. He
moved close to her and placed his cock in her hand as
it lay beside her body with the palm up.

"Does that feel like I am turned off or hot for your

"Woooo baby, you're hard as stone and hot as fire, god,
I believe you could fuck all day and come about twenty
times. Every time I look at you there's that cock
tenting your pants or sticking out big and hard, the
girl that marries you will never suffer from lack of

"And neither will you mom. Can you walk to the bed so
you will be more comfortable?"

"No, baby I can't wait any longer, please fuck me now."

"Ok, I will give you what you need and what I want. But
first you will have to promise that we can do this
again when ever we get the opportunity and that you
will ask me to fuck you in the ass and we can put some
thing sexy in your ass to loosen you up and play around
with you keeping it in you while I fuck you and you
suck me, promise?"

"Yes I promise and I will ask you now, please fuck my
ass now and again tonight when we get back from the
movie, but you will have to get something to put in me
I don't know of any thing, please fuck my ass."

Jimmy knew Julie would keep her promise. He had forgot
about the movie. He moved behind her as she released
his cock and grasping the brush slowly started working
it out of her, when it was about half way out he
remembered the lube. He stopped and started pushing it
back in and she gasped and moaned as it went back to
her butt again. He got the lube and spread some on his
cock, and then started over until he got it removed and
quickly placed his cock at her closing ass and pushed
it in.

Julie was pushing back as he pressed forward and his
cock popped through her ass pucker and slid into her
until his cock base was tight against her ass. Julie
had tensed as he entered her but relaxed when he was in
deep and she made a mewing sound as the feeling of
fullness spread though her.

Jimmy however could not relax, he was to excited and
the feel of Julie's ass tight around his cock was to
good, he knew it would take all his will power and
careful slow moving or he would cum immediately. He
looked at his cock buried in her ass and put his hands
on her butt cheeks, he could hear her mewing and felt
her ass gripping his cock. He tried a small motion by
pulling out a couple of inches and then pressing back
in and found that the lubricant made movement easy so
he pulled half way out and then slowly back in. It felt

"Oh yes baby, just like that it's sooooo ggooodd, fuck
me as hard as you want it doesn't hurt any more and I
will cum shortly. But it feels so good when you do it

"If I move to much I'm going to cum to quick mom, I
don't want to leave you hot and unsatisfied."

"Don't worry about me baby, I can cum right now, you
fuck me for your pleasure and fill my ass with your cum
when ever it feels right."

Jimmy pulled out and started back in and it hit him, he
could feel it start deep in his stomach and move
towards his balls and knew that there was no way to
stop it. He slammed into Julie deep as he could as his
cock stiffened and swelled. Julie feeling him and the
hotness radiating from his cock began to moan and twist
her ass humping back to him.

When the first hot cum spurted into her ass she also
came and continued twisting and milking his cock until
he was drained. Jimmy leaned over her and began to kiss
her back, holding his cock in her asshole with his
hands on her hips. Julie wiggled her ass against him
and tighten her ass around his cock clasping and
unclasping her inner muscles.

With his cock beginning to shrink and her milking
action, Jimmy felt his cock starting to slide out of
her ass and he tried harder to hold it in and she tried
to help by wiggling her ass but soon they knew that it
was not going to help. Jimmy let it come out as he
moved back and Julie felt her anal opening closing and
she slowly raised up from the counter and reached for a
wash cloth. She took his arm and turned him to lean
against the counter with his back and turning on the
hot water she warmed the cloth and put soap on it.

Julie turned to him and saw he was looking dejected and
she thought it was because he had cum so quickly. But
she knew how to lift his spirit. She got to her knees
in front of him and, being careful not to spread her
legs so that his cum would not run out, she covered his
cock with the cloth and began to clean it. Julie looked
up at Jimmy and smiled as she washed it and held it in
her hand.

"I want to get it clean baby, so I can kiss it and love
it because it brings me such wonderful feelings. It
feels so good in my mouth, or my cunt and now I love it
in my ass. I'm glad that you are so loving and yet so
masterful, that you love me and get me hot to fuck and
still you can take me, take my mouth, cunt, and ass and
use them. You own me like I was a slave and still I can
feel the love you have for me. Can I kiss it and love
it for just a little while?"

"Of course mom, any time you want to it is yours to
have any way you want it."

Julie saw him smile and she cleaned around the rim of
his cockhead and holding it she kissed it and put the
tip of her tongue on the slit and rubbed it up and
down. With her other hand she cupped his balls and
squeezed them then pumped her fist up and down the soft
shaft. Moving back she looked at the head and shortly
saw a drop of cum appear at the slit, she opened her
mouth and checking to make sure he was watching, she
moved forward to put his cockhead on her tongue and
pumped the shaft out to the end and then licked upward
to collect the cum. She closed her mouth and sighed as
if she had just tasted the most wonderful thing ever.

Julie held the cock along the side of her face rubbing
it against it and kissed Jimmy's balls and the sack
they hung in, opening her mouth she sucked each one in
turn into her mouth being careful not to suck to hard.
She returned to the cock head and sucked it for about
twenty seconds then she felt it beginning to swell in
her mouth and start to get harder. She stopped and got
to her feet and still holding his cock firmly stepped
close enough to touch her nipples to his chest and
kissed him with her lips parted and wet. She rubbed the
hardening cock against her hip.

"Thank you lover, for letting me love your cock. I
think I could do that all day but you are getting hard
again and as you said we have a lot of things to do and
time is wasting away. Also I need some rest time, you
are to much for me, I think it's a good thing you are
going to work with dad tomorrow or I might not live
thru another day with a stud like you around. You are
clean and can dress but I've got to wash again after I
go to the toilet, then we need to run to the store,

Sure mom, thanks, is there anything I can do to help
make up time?"

"Yes check the dryer and empty it and put the last load
in it same heat setting for thirty minutes."

Julie kissed Jimmy and she went to the toilet and he
grabbed his clothes, dressed and headed for the laundry
room. Thirty minutes later they were getting in the
car. Julie had chosen a light tan pair of shorts that
contrasted with her darker tanned legs which she had
applied a lotion to that made them shine. A light blue
shirt which buttoned and showed a generous amount of
cleavage with a gold pendant hanging in the beginning
of the swell of her breasts complimented her dark eyes
and hair. Jimmy looked at her and felt his chest swell
with pride that his mother was the most beautiful woman
that he had ever seen.

They stopped on the way at a fast food place and ate a
lunch of cheeseburgers and fries with large drinks,
Julie realized she was starving from all the activities
and Jimmy must have been too as he finished off with a
large ice cream.

Grocery shopping was not one of Jimmy's favorite
pastimes but he followed her all over the store pushing
the cart. But it did give him an opportunity to observe
the reaction of other men and women to the allure that
Julie presented as she chose items and compared prices
of different brands. He noticed that when she
approached the meat counter which usually had no
attendants in sight that two immediately came from the
back and followed her along the display case. They
would try to engage her in conversation and offer to
get a fresher cut from the back if she would like.

Julie was always polite and smiled at them bending over
the counter to look at packages in the rear of the case
which caused her shirt to fall open and provide a clear
look at her breasts encased in a thin blue half bra.
When she mentioned that she wanted some pork chops but
that one package was to few and two was to many the
attendants hastily ran to the back and brought out a
whole tray of freshly cut chops and let her pick which
ones she liked and then made a big deal of wrapping
them carefully taking a long time while looking in the
mirror and talking a mile a minute.

Jimmy had to smile, he had never followed her around
the store before as he would look at the magazines
while she shopped, he was seeing her work magic without
really trying and he wonder if she was aware that she
effected people that way. They finally got away from
the meat counter after the attendants insisted that she
let them grind her some fresh hamburger and when she
picked up a roast they wanted to trim some of the fat
from it, she insisted that it was good to have some fat
for flavor.

As they were leaving and going towards the dairy
counter Jimmy heard one of the attendants half whisper
to the other 'oh my god I think I've been to heaven'.
As they turned and went back towards the front Jimmy
glanced and saw the two guys standing and looking at
Julie, as she disappeared behind the display cases,
like two marooned souls on an desert island watching a
ship disappear over the horizon.

As they finished getting milk and cheese Julie turned
to Jimmy and said, "Baby, I forgot to get some squash
in the produce section, would you got get some for me?"

"Sure mom, what kind and how many?"

"Get the yellow crook neck and the long green zucchini
about three pounds of each and make sure to get small
young ones, they taste better. I'll get peanut butter
and meet you at the bread counter, thanks sweetheart."

Jimmy pushed the cart to the produce and found the
squash and was picking it out. When he got to the
zucchini he saw a one about the size of a skinned
banana and ten inches long. He got two of them and some
a little larger and bagged them then returned to the
bread section where he found Julie. One of the guys
from the meat department was engaging her in
conversation, he had followed her apparently.

Jimmy moved close enough to hear them and hear the guy
tell her that she should come on Thursdays as the fresh
deliveries came that day and she could have her choice
of the best cuts, just ask for him and his name was
Jack. Julie thanked him and said it was nice of him to
tell her that and she would try to do that next week.

As he left Julie looked around and saw Jimmy standing
and listening, she walked to the cart and put her stuff
in telling him what the nice young man had said. When
she looked at Jimmy he raised his eyebrows and she
smiled and said in a whisper, " Not my fault he's a man
is it?" Jimmy smiled back and asked her what else they
needed that time was wasting. Julie smiled and
whispered, " Nothing, let's get out of here does
shopping makes you horny too, man!"

They checked out and even though Jimmy was standing
there a boy not much older than him ran over and
started bagging the groceries and put them in the cart
and started to the door and went directly to the right
car with it. Julie opened the trunk and stood holding
the lid as the boy put the groceries in and she leaned
over and asked him if he could put the cokes at the
rear and against the bags so they wouldn't slide.

The boy looked at her and Jimmy knew he could see down
her shirt opening and see half of her breasts that were
out of the half bra. It took the boy a long time to get
it just right and he kept looking at Julie and asking
if she wanted to move this and rearrange that. Julie
looked at Jimmy and saw him watching and she winked at
him, then she told the boy that it was just right, she
thanked him calling him by name.

They were home shortly and unloading the car, Jimmy
gave Julie some of the lighter bags and he got the rest
as she went to the door and unlocked it. As soon as she
left the car he took the zucchinis out of the bag and
placed them in the corner of the trunk and took the
bags to the house piling them on the counter. Julie was
that all and he answered yes except for the drinks and
did she want them in the garage.

She said no it was getting to hot out there to put them
in the laundry room on the shelf. She had to go to the
potty and he ran back to the car a got the squash and
the case of drinks and hurried back to the house. He
took the zucchini to his room and put them in the
closet then put the drinks away, just as she was
returning. They worked together to finish putting away
the groceries.

"What else do we have to do, finish working, mom?"

"All I can think of is to check the dryer and fold the
sheets, baby. Why is there something you want to do?"

"I'll help you and then I need to fix some thing. Why
don't you lay down and rest while I do that."

"Baby, thanks for your concern but I'm ok and don't
think that I could nap right now anyway. I can help you
with whatever it is you need to do, if I can."

Jimmy thought a minute and said, "That would be great.
Do me a favor, mom."

"You won't get me with that one this time, what is the

"Don't wear any thing but your thong and a pair of very
high heels while we work."

"Well,, you will have to do me a favor, promise that
you will buy me some popcorn at the movie."

"Deal, I'll even make it buttered popcorn just for you
and a coke to wash it down."

"Wow buttered popcorn, I really rate don't I. You can
even have the honor of undressing me for that."

Julie said as she kicked off her shoes and stood in
front of him with a smile on her face.

Jimmy unbuttoned her shirt and removed it placing it on
the bar stool. He admired her breasts sticking out of
the half bra and reached to unsnap her shorts and
kissed the tops of her tits.

"The clasp is in the front sweetheart."

Jimmy had her shorts unsnapped, he pushed them down and
they fell to the floor, Julie stepped out of them and
spread her legs hoping he would put his hand between
them. Jimmy unclasped her bra and removed it, she
leaned on the counter which was getting to be her
favorite position as she always got a finger and her
tits sucked when she was there.

This time would be no different as he leaned forward
and kissed her nipples then licked each one getting it
wet so that the cool air would make them stiffen. Julie
closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations running
though her as he kissed licked and rubbed her breasts
tracing the marks left on them by the bra with his
fingers, lips, and tongue tip.

Jimmy moved one leg between her spread legs and moved
closer as he began to suck lightly on her nipples,
Julie sighed and arched her body so that her cunt
touched his leg and she slowly moved it to rub along
it, this was what she loved, to be played with until
she was burning hot and then fucked.

"Are you hot mom, are you ready for my cock?"


"You let those guys look at your tits, didn't you, does
it make you hot to see them looking?"


"Would you show your tits to someone if I told you to?"

"I don't know, maybe."

"Are you willing to do to anything for me now before I
fuck you?"

"Yes sweetheart, I'm yours like I promised."

Jimmy took her hand and helped her straighten up, he
pulled her to him and kissed her putting his tongue in
her mouth, she sucked it. He put his hand on her cunt
and rubbed it and the little thong strap which barely
covered her cunt lips, Julie sighed into his mouth and
sucked a little harder pressing her tits against his
shirt and rubbing with them.

Jimmy ran his finger under the thong and parted her
cunt lips then pressed the thong into her slit and
pulled the thong up tight so they closed around it. He
broke the kiss and moved back a little looking at her
nakedness and the slit with the thong in it, Julie's
eyes had that look that she got when she needed to have
a cock in her when she was pass caring about what was
being done to her as long as it led to fucking and her

"Stay here and spread your legs, I'm going to get your

Julie spread her legs again and put her hands on the
counter behind her. Jimmy went to the bedroom closet
and got her black strap sandals that had the highest
heels of all her shoes and made her stand on the balls
of her feet and also made the muscles in her calves
tight and shapely.

Then he went by her to his room and got a small string
from his night stand that he had made up and was
saving, returning to the kitchen he found Julie still
waiting just as he had told her to do. He knelt down
and picked up her shorts and started to put on her
heels fastening the little buckles around her ankles.

The heels made Julie have to bend her knees and bow
them outward which placed her cunt more open to his
gaze. Then he went to the refrigerator and got a ice
cube and returned to her, she looked at the ice cube in
his fingers and looked at him wonderingly. He stepped
close to her and held the ice cube within two inches of
her nipple, she was watching closely, he told her to
close her eyes, she whispered oh my god, looked at him
and slowly closed them and leaned her head back.

Jimmy moved the cube closer to the nipple and saw it
expand as it sensed the cool air, he moved it to the
other nipple and repeated the process, then he went
back to the first and touched the ice to its tip. Julie
flinched away from the cold touch and gasped, he waited
with the cube about an inch away from it and then told
her, "Give me your nipple like a good slut."

There was a pause as Julie struggled within herself
then she gave a slight moan and moved forward until her
nipple touched the ice, she flinched again but did not
move away holding the nipple against the ice. As the
coldness began to turn to pain she pushed against it
harder until the ice was against her breast.

"Now give me the other."

Julie twisted her torso to offer her other nipple to
the ice and when he said forward she moved it against
it and kept pressing it there.

"Do you want to open your eyes and watch?"

"Yes please."

She opened her eyes and looked at her nipple against
the ice and looked at the other which was hard, stiff,
and looked swollen from the collection of blood that
had rushed to it. Jimmy rubbed the ice around her
nipple and then did the other one. He removed the ice
and tossed it in the sink. He reached for a dish cloth
and dried her nipples as she watched and then retrieved
the string from his pocket holding it in front of her
face so she could see it.

He had earlier tied two loops on the end of the string,
slip loops called hangman noose, and these he placed
one by one on Julie's nipples and pulled them tight
enough to impede the blood flow and make her nipples
hurt just a little. The string was longer than the
distance between her nipples, he pulled down on it some
and Julie gasped as the pain from stretching them hit
her but it went away when he stopped and just left a
dull ache.

"What are you going to do to me? Is this a part of
being tied up?"

"Partly that and partly in letting you experience in
being a slave for me. To let you feel how it is to give
yourself totally without any way to escape from any
thing that is happening or will happen to you. How and
what are you feeling right now?"

"I'm not sure, I'm confused because I don't know what
is going to happen, I'm a little afraid that I am going
to feel pain. I thought that you were just going to tie
me and fuck me and I would like that but my nipples are
hurting just a little and I know you can make them hurt

"Would you wear the nipple string like that for the
rest of the day, with pain to remind you that you are
mind to fuck whenever I wish?"

"Would you take it off before your father comes home? I
can't cause him pain or humiliation he is my husband
and I love him and respect him. I have always done any
thing for him and always will, I am his wife, lover,
slut, slave, and anything he wants me to be."

"Of course, we can keep it a secret from dad, when we
are alone you will be my sex slave, we can do all that
we want to do but when we are a family you will be my
mother and he will be my father. Also we can stop any
time that you want to all you have to say is I want to
stop now."

Julie thought for a moment she knew that there would be
danger of getting caught and maybe she wouldn't like
being a slave she had all ways wanted to give and
receive whenever she had sex, she wasn't sure what it
meant to be a sex slave.

"Sweetheart, suppose we try it just today without
commitment and then we can discuss it later."

"Sounds fair to me, let's kiss and go to work temporary

He kissed Julie's nipples and she realized that they
were even more sensitive than normal. They kissed each
other and Jimmy's hands roamed her body paying a lot of
attention to her cunt slit. He took her hand and said
let's go, she asked where, to the garage he said to get
an old towel.

"Baby I can't go out there I'm naked!"

"No one will see you the car blocks most of the view
and we'll only be out there a minute, you stand behind
the car while I get the blanket."

Julie went reluctantly with him still holding her hand,
she was acutely aware of the way her breasts swayed and
bounced from the high heels and because she was holding
back. Also she could feel the thong as her cunt lips
rubbed as she walked.

Jimmy led her to the inside garage door and opened it
going out but she stopped in the doorway and asked him
to check outside the garage before she came out. He did
and said no one was any where in sight and came back
holding his hand out to her, she took it and stepped
out into the garage and followed him to the storage
cabinet. As he looked inside the cabinet she was
watching the street and could feel her heart beating
and it was fast.

Jimmy found what he was looking for, a old beach towel
they had put out to be used in washing the car,
actually he knew where it was he just pretended to look
so she would be out here for a while.

"Come feel of this one and see if it is soft enough, I
think it would be better than a old sheet or

Julie looked at him and took two quick steps and felt
of the towel and said it would be fine. He asked her if
she had a large pair of scissors to cut it with and she
said yes inside the house. He commented that maybe they
should cut it out there to not get lint in the house
and she said inside would be better it was crowded out
there. Jimmy didn't want to push her to far so he put
his hand on her hip and turned towards the door walking
with his arm around her waist, she didn't lag behind
this time.

Julie got the scissors and gave them to him in the
living room. She felt very thirsty and asked him if he
wanted some thing to drink. He did and she went and got
two colas and returned to the living room. Jimmy took a
long swallow of his and put it on a coaster, he asked
her to sit on the floor next to him and hold the towel
while he cut long ways.

It didn't cut easy but he kept working at it and soon
it was cut into strips about one and one half inches
wide. Julie took a drink of her cola and wondered what
was next, the bottle was sweating and a drop of
moisture fell on her breast and as she brushed it off
she noticed how she looked sitting cross legged on the
floor, nipples tied with a string making them bigger
than normal and her slit showing with the thong
disappearing in it and seemingly not coming out.

Jimmy had saw her looking. "Do you want to take the
thong off?"

Julie looked at him and knew he had seen her. "Yes, I

Jimmy reached over and grasped the sides of the thong
and as she raised up he slid them over her hips and off
her legs. Then he reached and took her hand tying one
end of a strip to her wrist and kept it loose. He got
up from the floor and helped her to get up and then he
walked around to her back and told her to put her hands
behind her. Julie hesitated for a couple of seconds
then put her hands behind her back and he took the
strip and wrapped it loosely around her hands and then
tied it. Julie heart was beating fast and she wondered
if it was from excitement or fear.

Jimmy picked another strip and put it around her head
covering her eyes and tied it in the rear of her head
and then cut off the excess. She could no longer see
but it wasn't completely black as the towel let a
little light in though the bottom but she was getting

Next he took a long strip and went around in front of
her putting over her head and across her neck letting
it fall between her breasts, he begin to twist it until
it was rope like and then wrapped one end around her
right breast and the other her left breast. He wrapped
them twice pulling it tight and tying it in the middle
of them, the towel was inside the string to her
nipples. Julie was almost gasping for breath now, her
breasts had never been constricted like this and she
couldn't describe the sensation, it wasn't unpleasant
was all she could think of.

He wiggled the string to her nipples and Julie realized
that they were bigger and hurting more and extremely
sensitive. Suddenly she felt wetness running down her
leg and she whispered, "oh my god," Jimmy heard her and
looked at her seeing that her chest, neck, and stomach
were flushed pink, her breasts were a light blue from
the blood trapped in them by the towel.

"Are you ok?"

"I don't know I've never been like this before, but I
think so."

Julie and Harry had played around with light bondage a
while, mainly consisting on her being tied to the bed
posts spread eagle with a pillow under her hips
sometimes she would be on her back and sometimes on her
front. But she had never felt completely helpless
before and the sensation from her breasts being bound
was entirely new.

Jimmy took the loose ends of the towel strip binding
her breasts and put them over her shoulders and went
behind her to tie them lifting her breasts and making
them feel tighter. He went to her side and looked at
her, her breasts were tight and swollen and her nipples
were extended to almost an inch long. She was still
breathing hard and her breasts rose and fell with each
breath. He placed one hand on her tit and squeezed it
lightly and the other on her ass cheeks rubbing them.

"Relax and don't breath so fast, can you tell me what
you are feeling now?"

Julie shook her head as she felt the wetness running
almost to her knee. Her stomach was getting the dull
ache which always warned her that a climax was building
in her. Jimmy ran his hand from her tit to her stomach
and rubbed it moving lower until he cupped her cunt.
Julie began to whimper and continued to whimper and
shudder as he rubbed her cunt lightly. Finally she
could no longer take it.

"Please baby."

"Please make you cum, mom?"

She nodded her head and moaned because she needed it so
bad, and had to ask for it. Jimmy parted her slit and
inserted his finger right on her clit and rubbed it and
the hand on her ass cheeks moved in the crack and
touched her ass hole. Julie rocketed into her climax
moaning and sobbing her body quivering and quaking, she
leaned against Jimmy as her legs seemed to lose all
their strength, he held her as best he could with one
hand in her ass crack and the other cupping her cunt.

He was amazed at how her tits jumped each time a cum
hit her and her nipples jerked making the string swing
away from her chest and wished for another hand to tug
on it. As she slumped against him her head fell back
and he covered her open mouth with his and plunged his
tongue into it, he moved his hand farther down her cunt
and rammed a finger in her wet and clasping opening.

This set Julie into a new and harder climax sequence
and she began to sink down as her knees would no longer
hold her, Jimmy went with her until they were both on
their knees. Julie sucked his tongue moaning around it
and twisting her body from side to side, she felt like
she was on fire, her stomach was an aching knot and her
nipples and breasts felt as if they were going to burst
from excess pressure.

She slumped suddenly down to the floor in a state close
to fainting and lay on her side quivering and moving
her legs slowly like running in slow motion. Jimmy had
to let her go as both hands had slid out of her body,
and he rubbed her arms and back not knowing what else
to do as he watched her in awe. She lay still on her
side after her body had gradually ceased to tremble.

Jimmy got a pillow from the couch and placed it under
her head. He started to remove her bonds but then
remembered their first time and how she had seemed to
faint but a few minutes later was hot and playing with
her tits and cunt and then helping him fuck her for the
first time. He knew that she could cum multiple times
and had with him never seeming to give out. So he
decided to let her rest awhile and see what happened,
besides he needed to fuck her and cum himself and she
was in the prefect state as she could not stop him if
he didn't want to stop, but he doubted she would even
try if he could play with her tits and cunt a little
until she got hot.

So he decided to replay their first time except this
time she would be bound but he had to keep her hot and
nothing on her mind except a hard cock in her cunt. He
went to the bath room and got a thick towel and also
the smallest of the zucchini and returned to the living
room putting the towel on the wooden coffee table, he
next went to the master bath and got the jar of

When he returned she lay just as he had left her, he
reached and untied the knot behind her neck and the one
between her breasts and removed the strip binding her
breasts. Julie began to stir as the blood flow returned
to her breasts and she moaned. Jimmy rubbed her breasts
and touched the nipples and she sighed and a long soft
"Oh," came from her lips. He began to lift her and set
her up on the floor and he talked to her as he did.

"Ok mom, I'll help you to lie down and then I'll give
you my cock as you asked me to. Yes I know that you
love to be tied and fucked and I love it to. Yes, I
promise to make you cum twice so that you will be
satisfied and you can leave your thong off when we go
to the movie, I would love to hold your hand like we
were dating and I will play with your cunt on the way
there and back."

He repeated this as he rubbed her breasts with her
sitting on the floor naked and her hands tied and
unable to see. Julie was confused and dazed she could
hear him talking and she thought she was also but she
couldn't see anything. When he started helping her to
her knees she tried to help but some thing was holding
her hands.

Finally Jimmy got her on her knees and moved to the
coffee table pushed on her back and held her to lower
her face down on the table she felt the towel and
thought she must be on the bed so she lay flat and felt
her nipples scratch on the towel. But her knees were
under her and she tried to straighten them but then
they were in the air, so she quit trying and felt Jimmy
doing some thing to them and they moved farther apart
and it was more comfortable.

She heard rustling behind her and then a cock was
rubbing her cunt slit and it felt so good, she smiled
as she remembered her dream and now it was going to
come true, Jimmy and Harry were going to fuck her while
she was unable to stop them or any body else who
happened by and there was nothing she could do about it
except cum. Then some thing else was rubbing her
asshole, she wondered where this cock came from, oh no
not the dog but it can't be that was a dream.

Julie tried to look over her shoulder but she still
could not see, yes that was it she remembered she was
blindfolded she put her head down and sighed. She
thought that she would be alright in a minute she felt
better now that reality was returning.

Then she felt Jimmy's cock slide in her cunt with a wet
sloppy sound and he began to pump it slowly and Julie
knew that everything was alright and she was getting
what she had asked for. She spread her legs as wide as
she could so he could go deep as possible and moaned
when he did on the next stroke.

"Is it good mom, do you love my cock in you, talk to me
tell me what you want."

"Yes, it feels wonderful, I love to be fucked, I want
it all the time. I want a cock in me or getting me
ready to take it all the time. I go crazy wanting
something in my cunt and that's what I want, to be

"Do you like being tied and helpless while you are
being played with and your breasts bound tightly and
made to cum while you can do nothing about it?"

"Oh yes, I love it, the feeling is something that I
never experienced before. My breasts were tight and
tingling and hurt a little but it was a good hurt. You
took them off, did I ask you to take them off?"

"No, I was afraid you might not like the pain so I
untied them, would you like to have them tied again?"

"Yes please tie them again I like it, I like the feel
of them being tightly bound, I want to see them."

Jimmy pulled his cock out of Julie's cunt and heard her
moan as it left, he reached and rubbed her back then
helped her up to her knees and then to stand leading
her to the kitchen. He had hung the towel strip around
her neck He got her some water and a straw and she
drank. He kissed her and she rubbed her tits against
him, he turned her body slightly and grasped one nipple
twisting it slightly.

She whimpered and rubbed her other tit on his bare
chest. He ran his hand down her stomach and rubbed all
around and then to her cunt and rubbed it, she leaned
back to thrust it out for him teetering on her high
heels. She was on fire with lust, and her body was
three times more sensitive to being touched since she
was blind folded and every thing came as a shock as she
could not anticipate where she would be touched next.

Jimmy had an idea, he turned her and took the string on
her nipples and pulled it, Julie leaned forward but as
he continue to pull she stepped in that direction and
he moved and she slowly followed taking small and
uncertain steps. He led her like that back to the
living room and between the couch and coffee table
until they were in front of the window.

"Do you know where we are?" Julie shook her head. "We
are in the living room in front of the window and I am
going to open the blinds so the world can see you naked
with your hands tied."

"No! Please don't do that, I would die from
embarrassment if any one saw me, and we would have to
move because we couldn't bear the shame, please don't!"

"What would you do not to have the blinds opened?"

"Any thing, anything at all, just tell me and I will do

"Ok, when we go to the movies, I will find some one and
a safe place and you will show them your breasts not
just a look down your top but both breasts bared
completely. Do you promise?"

"Oh god, yes I promise."

Jimmy turned her around and led her back to the kitchen
and got the kitchen scissors and cut the string between
her breasts. Then he took her arm and led her to the
master bath and standing her in front of the mirror he
took the towel strip and tied her breasts again as they
were before. When he finished he rubbed her breasts and
told her to thrust them out. Julie moved her shoulders
back and arched her back thrusting her breasts forward
as she held them out he thumped the nipple of the one
closest to him, Julie flinched and moaned at the
unexpected pain throbbing through her nipple.

She twisted her body as the pain seemed to radiate into
her breast and she could not rub it. She knew he was
going to do the other one and that he was waiting on
her to thrust it out and she knew she would but she had
to wait for the throb to diminish a little. Finally she
was ready but she waited and moaned just thinking about
it as she again felt wetness run down her leg, she
slowly thrust her breasts out for him and sobbed in her

"You want it don't you, you want the other one to hurt
also and then you can see them tight and swollen with
desire. You are ready aren't you?"

"Yes please do it and then take the blind fold off."

As the last word came out of her mouth he thumped the
other nipple and she cried out in surprise and turned
to him and rubbed her throbbing nipples and breasts
against his chest and moved close to him and felt his
cock bump her stomach and leaned against it rubbed her
belly against it trapped between their bodies. She held
her head back and opened her lips silently begging to
be kissed as her body was begging to be fucked.

Jimmy kissed her and felt like a king, he believed now
that she was his to do with as he pleased that she
would not object to any thing he wanted. He put his
arms around her and pulled her tight against his body
and kissed her lips as he rubbed her back and ass.

Julie was also in heaven for this was what she wanted,
to be made helpless and filled with love and desire and
taken sexual and used without asking but used with love
and a need for the satisfaction that her body wanted to
give to it's lover. Finally they broke the kiss and
Julie gasped for air not realizing that she was holding
her breath, surprised that the throb in her nipples was
now a wonderful ache, she liked for them to ache like
that. Jimmy stepped behind her and reaching up untied
the blind fold and removed it from her head and then
turned her towards the mirror.

She could not see well as her eyes were not accustomed
to the brightness of the vanity lights but slowly they
adjusted and she was mesmerized by the what she saw in
the mirror. There she stood neck, chest, breasts, and
most of her stomach flushed pink with desire through
her tan. Her breasts were extended outward three inches
farther than normal due to the binding and her nipples
were longer and bigger, swollen with lust, she could
almost see them throb each time her heart beat.

She could see how having her hands tied behind her made
her breasts stand out and the bindings accented them
even more, her breasts had a light red color from the
lack of proper circulation and they ached a little but
she wasn't sure if the ache was from being bound or
because she was hot to be fucked. As she looked at
herself she came to the realization that this really is
what she was a slut that wanted to fuck but more than
that she wanted it to be this way some times, tied and
played with, even hurt a little.

She looked at Jimmy in the mirror behind her and smiled
at him.

"I look like a slut don't I. Like a woman that would
fuck any thing any time, a hot horny wet cunt slut. I
look like that because that is what I am and I'm glad
because that is what I love."

"You look beautiful to me, you're sexy all the time but
right now you are more than sexy."

"I'm ready for you now, take me any way you want to but
please do it to me now, I need it."

"Will you stand in the window now?"

"Yes if you make me cum again afterwards, I will stand
there for you."

Jimmy took her arm and they went back to the living
room and Julie walked straight to the window and stood
directly in front of it, she waited until he grasped
the cord and as he opened the blinds she arched her
back and made her breasts stand out. No one came by for
a short time and then a car drove by and she stood
there but her heart was racing. She walked closer to
the window and stood there only a foot away, her legs
began to tremble and in a stressed voice she told him
to raise the blind and he did.

Jimmy could see her trembling but also he could see her
nipples staining against the string loop and enlarging
and a trickle of wetness running down her leg. After
two minutes and two other cars he closed the blinds and
turned her to the coffee table and she walked to it.
Before she could go to her knees he held her in his
arms and kissed her, when he released her she sank to
her knees and lay across the coffee table spreading her
legs to make room for his knees between them.

She looked over her shoulder at him and said, "Take
your slut, lover, fill me with your hot cum and make me
your bitch."

Jimmy sank down behind her and without any more playing
he inserted his cock in her wet cunt and slid in until
their bodies were fused, Julie sighed and he could see
a small smile of satisfaction on her face. She was
unable to move so she just lay on the table as he began
to pump into her. He could feel her cunt convulsing
around his cock and knew she was experiencing a small
climax already.

He reached for the zucchini that he had left under the
table and put some lubricant on it and placed it at her
asshole. Twisting it around to spread the lube and
applying pressure he slowly forced it into her ass, she
moaned but did not say any thing. When it was in about
two inches he moved it in unison with his cock fucking
her cunt, as it seemed to move looser after a few
strokes he moved it deeper working slowly until six
inches were buried in her.

Julie could feel every small penetration as the object
moved into her, she wondered what it was and where
Jimmy had got it but she didn't really care at this
point. It was not as large as him or Harry and not
spongy as a cock, it wasn't flexible either but it
didn't hurt and the surface was smooth but she could
feel small bumps and indented spots as it passed back
and forth through her anal ring.

The feeling of decadence that it gave her of being a
slut, tied down on a table, exposing herself naked to
the world, fucked all day, tits bound and tortured, and
a unknown object fucking her ass as she was fucked in
the cunt was rapidly bringing her closer and closer to
another climax. She knew this one would be awesome as
she could feel the ache in her stomach and breasts,
spreading until they would combine and then hit her in
the vaginal area of her stomach and she would cum until
passing out.

Meanwhile Jimmy was in awe as he fucked Julie in the
cunt and pumped the zucchini in her ass. He wasn't sure
that he could cum, his cock was hard but there didn't
seem to be any cum left in him but she was beginning to
squirm and small gasps escaped her mouth and he knew
that this meant she was building towards another
climax. Man, she was right, she was a slut, she could
fuck all day and come back for more, it would take
twenty four men to fuck her enough just to keep her
satisfied. He would just have to hang on and hope she
would think that he came when she did, besides he had
to save something for tonight.

"Yes sweetheart yes, it feels so good, fuck me hard
baby, make me cum, god I love it! I've never been
fucked like this before, cunt and ass at the same time,
ooohhh it's good I want it all the time just like

Jimmy tried to fuck her faster but the day had wore him
down and all he could do was maintain the speed he had
now. Sweat was running off his face as he worked as
hard as he could to bring her to the climax she wanted.
Then Julie felt the ache start down into her lower
stomach and she cried out to him "now baby now" and
tried to arch her back to help and hoping he could go
deeper as she began to convulse around his cock. She
wiggled and moaned and rocked backwards against his
pounding cock making her tits hurt mashed on the table
and that helped to strengthen her climax.

She continued cumming without letup, there wasn't any
dwindling and then starting again, this wasn't multiple
orgasms it was one long and wrenching cum that was
draining her and causing pain to course though her
body. She saw things turning gray and knew that
unconsciousness would come with it's blackness but held
on fighting it so she could feel every last second of
the most wonderful feeling in the world, she slipped
slowly into inactivity and unconsciousness.

Jimmy kept on pounding away until he became aware that
she was not rocking back just bouncing forward when his
body hit her ass. He slowed and then stopped, he
watched her for a moment then knew she was no longer
aware of what he was doing. He removed the zucchini
from her and then his cock, grabbing the towel end
hanging from the table he caught most of her cum and
wetness that began to run from her cunt.

He wiped his cock on it and sat down on the floor
holding the towel against her, then he got up and began
to untie her hands, they were limp and the wrists were
red where she had struggled against the bindings as she
tried to rock on the table. He untied the knot that
held the strip that went to her breasts and then
struggled to get her up so he could pick her up and lay
her on the couch.

Accomplishing that he got the towel and managed to get
it under her ass to catch any drippings then removed
the binding around her breasts. He checked and she was
breathing slow and deep so he took all the strips and
the zucchini to his room and put them in his closet
after washing the zucchini. He washed himself and
checked the time, there was plenty of time to let Julie
sleep so he got a blanket and laid it over her to keep
her warm and a pillow for her head, as he would move
her he could hear her sighing and he wondered what she
was dreaming about.

Chapter Fourteen

Julie did not even turn over for thirty minutes, she
was in a deep sleep and not even dreams interrupted her

After she had turned to her side and curled up, she
began to dream that she was walking some where in a
park that had beautiful flowers and a lake. She kept
meeting people that she knew and everyone would rush to
her and hug her, kissing her on the lips, she was
slightly embarrassed but pleased that she had so many

Emily met her on the path near a group of people that
she did not know, Emily hugged, kissed her and began to
rub her breasts, she told her to stop people might see
but she wouldn't and pulled her behind a tree and tore
her blouse open popping all the buttons off, pulled it
and her bra down to her waist trapping her arms.

She dreamed that Emily sucked her nipples and she
climaxed soaking her thong. Emily smiled and said your
turn next time we meet and left. She couldn't get her
hands loose from the blouse and bra. From no where Mr.
Hale appeared and greeted her with a hug and kiss and
he started rubbing her breasts, she asked him to help
her get her hands free and he said of course, he bent
over and took her skirt ripping it up the middle like
it was a piece of paper and then pulled her thong off
her legs.

He ripped her skirt into strips and tied her to the
tree around her waist, she couldn't scream the people
were still near by and would hear and see her. He knelt
down in front of her and tongued her cunt, licking her
clit until she climaxed. He said thank you and left.
She realized that she was hearing the click and whirl
of a camera shutter, someone was taking pictures but
she couldn't see who it was.

She heard a voice saying oh my goodness, look at that
poor girl, she knew the two couples standing near had
seen her. Looking at them she saw they were hurrying
towards her, when they got close they stopped and
looked at her, she tried to ask them for help but all
she heard was her saying please over and over.

One man stepped close to her and reached for the dress
piece that was around her and the tree, but a woman
said wait look at her legs that's cum running down
them, her cum, she's a slut, she's here for everyone or
anyone. The other man stepped up to her and felt of her
breast and said yeah she's hot all right, let's lay her

The second woman cried out, no don't untie her she
might fuck you, look both of you already have boners,
Julie looked down and both men's cock were out of their
trousers and stiff as a board, she felt faint and
wanted to ask them if they would let her go if she
fucked one and sucked the other.

The first woman said to the man if you must fuck her
hurry up I want to go eat. He said yes dear and stepped
towards Julie holding his cock, she tried to get her
legs together but her heels were stuck in the soft
earth and she slipped a little and now her legs were
further apart and her knees bowed out. He walked right
in and stuck his cock in her cunt and started pumping,
they all could hear his cock sloshing in her wet cunt,
he came after about ten strokes and Julie came when she
felt the hot semen hit her cervix.

The second woman said I guess you've got to do her too,
her man nodded, and she said to the first woman, come
on we might as well suck her tits they look like they
going to explode, hurry up and do it and get out of the
way. The man rammed into Julie and fucked her like a
mad person who was on fire, she came before he did but
not much. As he stepped away the two women stepped to
each side of her and looked at her nipples and each
other smiling, one said, "Oh this is going to be good,"
and they engulfed her nipples with hot mouths and
lashing tongues.

Julie could hear herself moaning and begging please,
please but they paid her no attention and sucked her
nipples until she could feel her life being sucked out
of her though her tits, she came again hard and long.
They stopped sucking her nipples and a finger from each
went in her cunt and each grabbed a nipple pinching it,
Julie came immediately and slumped against the tree.

The women finished and kissed her lips holding her head
up by her hair, they went away one woman saying put
your cock in you pants some one might think you are a

Julie was almost ready to die she was so weak from
cumming, she closed her eyes and hung her head hoping
the dizziness would go away. She thought she heard a
sniffing or snuffing sound and she tried to focus her
eyes and could make out a dog in front of her looking
at her and smelling the strange smell of a woman in
heat. She called him and asked him to untie her, he
trotted up and began to lick her cunt she said no, no I
said untie not dry me the dog just kept on licking she
tried to squirm away but only succeeded in sliding down
a little further.

The dog looked up at her and it looked like he was
smiling in thanks for a better position, then he reared
up on his hind legs and walked up to her and started
licking her face paying a lot of attention to her lips
as he laid his front legs across her shoulders. She was
turning her head to keep his tongue out of her mouth
when she felt something hot, wet, and pointed touch her

"Oh no!!" she cried. "You can't do that, I'm not taking
anything to prevent puppies, and I can't cum anymore
today anyway. Six times is my limit, if I go over six I
will die."

The hot rod slid in her and the dog began humping like
a machine gun, he slammed her head against the tree and
ran his long tongue down her throat almost choking her
on his drool, in desperation she bite his tongue and he
yelped and fucked her faster. Spitting out the drool
she begged the canine, OH PLEASE! Stop please, you're
going to make me cum, it's building in me now. Oh
heavens! Your cock is hot, it's burning me please stop
your going to kill me! I'm going to die tied to a tree
and hung on a dog with puppies in me. Oh please I'm c-
cumming it's to late."

The sky starting turning dark and slowly she passed
into the, Julie woke with a start she sat up and
realized she was on the couch and covered with a
blanket, she was wet with sweat, it was running down
her face and her body was soaked, she was shaking all
over and she felt like she was going to throw up she
was so scared. She turned on the couch to get up and
stepped on Jimmy who laying on the floor beside the
couch that scared her more she though he was dead
except when her high heels hit him he jumped and got up

"What's wrong mom!"

"Nothing baby, I've got to go to the bathroom and
didn't know you were there, I'm sorry."

She hurried to the bathroom holding the towel and went
straight to the toilet and shut the door and locked it,
sitting on the toilet she broke down and cried, sobbing
as silently as she could, shaking and swaying. She was
still scared and wondered if she was going crazy and
cried more.

The release of crying helped her to calm down and she
kept telling herself it was just a crazy dream, like
the ones she had as a child when she kept dreaming that
some one sneaked in her bed at night and rubbed her
little slit made her put her hand on a big cock until
it spurted something, all the time telling her not to
make any noise. Besides dogs don't crave human cunts
they just like to smell of everything and people don't
act like dogs even if they see a woman in heat.

"Mom, are you okay you're not sick are you?" Jimmy
asked outside the door.

"No sweetheart, I'm okay, I'm just a mess right down I
need a shower and a cup of coffee to wake me up. And I
feel like a train wreck and look like a corpse, I can't
decide if I should hide forever or apply for a job in
the circus."

"There's coffee still in the pot I'll heat you a cup
and maybe you just need to soak in a hot tub of water
for a while cause you still look beautiful you just got
sleepy in your eyes and can't see. I'll turn the water
on and be right back with the coffee."

"Thank you baby, for the compliment to booster my
spirits and the coffee to booster my brain cells, you
are always so nice to me."

"Cause I love you."

She heard him turn on the water in the tub and then he
padded out to the kitchen. She wiped herself two or
three times and saw a lot of lubricant on the paper.
She flushed and went out hating to look in the mirror
but needing to wash her face before he got back, the
hot soapy cloth made her feel better and her eyes were
a little red so she put in some eye drops. She went to
check the water and found it really hot and turned on
some cold, she could smell the bath oil that he had
poured in the water and that lifted her spirits also.
She sat on the edge of the tub and stirred the water to
cool it and when it was half full she cut it off, Jimmy
returned with the coffee.

"I tried to get the temperature drinkable so you
wouldn't have to wait for it to cool, sip it and see if
it is hot enough."

"It's just right baby."

She took a couple of swallows and set it on the tub and
turned putting her feet in, she was accustomed to
moving freely naked in front of him and she knew he
could see her cunt when she turned but it seemed to be
silly to try and be modest after they had done
everything and still had plans for more.

"Want me to wash your back for you and give it a rub

"No, I would love for you to wash my back it feels
good, I love to feel your hands on me but if you start
touching me and I you, you know what will happen as
well as I do, and we both need to swear off for a while
don't you think?"

"Yeah, no fooling around until after dinner ok,
remember our promises for a date movie and popcorn."

"Buttered popcorn, I don't forget buttered popcorn."

"While you are soaking I'm going to take a shower and
dress, then you tell me what to start for supper, how
about hamburgers we could pick some up quick?"

"No burgers, no pizza, no KFC, your father deserves a
good healthy meal after working all day, go, I'll have
it planned by the time you finish and we can cook
together if you can keep your hands off the cook."

Jimmy grinned and went to his bathroom. Julie slid in
the tub and settled back to let the water soothe her
tired body and drank some more coffee. But her mind
wandered as she soaked and she wondered about her
dream, was it just a dream or was there a fear in the
deep recess of her brain that was trying to relieve
itself. She didn't know and decided to not worry about
it. But it would flash though her thoughts when ever
she would relax and stop thinking.

She was relaxed and feeling much better and was ready
for some more coffee when Jimmy appeared at the door,
he had on a pair of jeans and a shirt looking nice and
more mature than his age. She asked if he could find
her some coffee and he got her cup and went back to the
kitchen coming back in a minute with it.

"Thanks baby, you look very nice, jeans are a good idea
it might be cool in the movie."

"Wow, I hope not, not the way you want to go dressed,
remember you asked if you could go without a bra and
thong, you want me to play with your cunt in the car
and you promised to show someone safe your bare beasts.
But you could take a sweater to throw over your
shoulders. What do you want me start for dinner?"

Julie was speechless for a moment, she vaguely
remembered some talk between them about no thong and
the promise at the window to show her breasts to some
one that he would tell her who. She told him what to
start for dinner and he left to work on it, she thought
about the movie in a different light now and wondered
how it would come out, maybe there wouldn't be any one
that they knew there.

Julie got out of the tub and drained the water, she
dried herself and went to the mirror to look at the
string loops on her nipples, they were to tight for her
to slip them off and she couldn't figure how to loosen
them. She didn't want to ask Jimmy to take them off for
her nipples would get excited if he touched them and
she knew he wouldn't stop at just getting them off he
would be squeezing and rubbing them.

She thought maybe she should put on a bra so Harry
wouldn't be feeling of her tits and she could tell him
she was getting ready for the movie because he always
wanted her tits free when he got home. She got the
lotion and even though her body was coated by the bath
oil she applied some and rubbed it in putting a lot on
her cunt and asshole to prevent soreness from all the
workouts they were getting.

When she went to her closet to get some clothes she saw
the bathroom scales and stepped on them and was shocked
to see she had lost four pounds since last week, she
found a skirt that was light in weight and smooth on
her skin not to short coming to the top of her knees. A
light white blouse was a good match for the blue of the
skirt and accented the tan of her legs, going to her
dresser she grabbed a white thong and white bra which
was just for home and dinner as they would be coming
off she was certain once they reached the car or maybe

She went back to the vanity to dress in the better
light and Jimmy came in right behind her and as she
slipped the thong on he told her what progress he had
made on dinner, when she picked up the bra he said,
"Are you going to wear a bra and thong?"

"Just for dinner sweetheart, then you can get some
experience on undressing ladies but I am concerned
about walking down the street and entering the movie
with out a bra, I hope no one is there that knows us."

"Ok, I called David and got him to look in their paper
and he said that Sahara was playing, it's some action
and some romance hardly any sex, is that ok with you?"

"Sounds like a winner the less sex the better. Hand me
that skirt and blouse from the bed and then you better
check the food while I comb my hair."

"I'll check it and come back if you don't mind me
watching you."

"I don't mind in fact I enjoy it but you can't because
I already see you getting excited and we must not let
that happen remember?"

Jimmy grinned and went back to the kitchen, he is a sly
one, thought Julie, he knows if he gets his hands on
those strings and pulls I'll a goner and we would be in
the floor. Why am I such a push over? But she knew the
answer. She dressed quickly, brushed her hair and put
some lipstick on, and went to the kitchen.

The next half of a hour they spent cooking and
preparing dinner, finishing the laundry, and straighten
the living room. Harry blew the truck horn as he
arrived and she met him at the door with a kiss and
some body rubbing, he gave Jimmy a high five and headed
for the shower. By the time he finished and came out in
clean jeans and a casual shirt dinner was on the table
and they sat down to eat and talk about their day.
Harry thanked Jimmy for a great job on the lawn and
shrubbery and for helping Julie with the shopping and

"You two look good, I should go with you to movie,
would have more fun. Jimmy you hold moms' hand and
don't let anyone flirt with her for me will you?"

"Sure dad, I'll protect mom from all those dirty old
men, by the way could you let me have some money to buy
our tickets and popcorn, won't be cool to let my date
buy tickets will it?"

"Sure I'll spot you a twenty but you'll have to eat and
drink from the same popcorn and drink, that's a
unwritten law of dating and carry a handkerchief so you
can offer it to her to wipe her mouth.

"That's a dating law, Harry, I thought it was because
you were just cheap!"

They continued talking and finished eating and cleaned
the dishes before putting them in the washer and washed
the pots and pans. A car horn blew and the door bell
rang, it was one of Harry's crew come to pick him up,
Harry went to the door and invited him in and
introduced him to Julie and Jimmy and he to them as Lou
the latest guy hired. Julie asked him if he wanted some
thing to drink, but Harry said we don't have time we've
got to hurry to meet the guys at the shop and she and
Jimmy needed to go to make the first movie.

Harry and Lou headed out with a see you about midnight,
Julie responded with be quite and behave and they
kissed and he was gone. Jimmy said hurry mom, let's go
so she went to the bedroom and removed her blouse to
take off the bra and then the thong, she looked in the
mirror and saw that her nipples were very easiest
noticeable in the thin blouse but she looked great and
was proud of her breasts. Moments later they were in
the car and starting for the movie.

Jimmy reached over and pulled her skirt up to her hips
and placed his hand on her cunt. Julie said oh my god
don't make us wreck but she shifted in the seat so she
could spread her legs and raised up so he could pull
the skirt on up to her waist. They rode through the
city with him rubbing her cunt and her gritting her
teeth to fight down the urge to turn around and go

Twice she had to pull his hand away from her cunt as a
finger would work it's way into the slit, she looked at
him and saw he was grinning, after the second time she
told him that she was seriously considering murder but
would offer a pardon if he would just stay outside. As
they drew close to the theater he pulled her skirt down
enough to cover her cunt and said thanks mom.

Finding a parking spot was easy as there weren't many
cars in the lot but as they pulled in another car
pulled in close and Julie said wait until they are gone
as her skirt was above her hips except in front and any
one could see all she had when she got out.

Finally the coast was clear and she got out and pulled
her skirt down, as they walked to the entrance she was
aware that her breasts were swaying from the heels she
was wearing and she tried to take shorter steps but
that made them bounce. Jimmy bought the tickets and
they entered, the ticket taker couldn't keep his eyes
off her breasts and took a long time to tear the
tickets and return the stubs. Julie told Jimmy she
would go to the ladies room while he got in line for
the popcorn.

When she returned two girls from Jimmy class were
standing with him talking in the line so Julie went to
the waiting area and turned to watch. The girls were
animated and she was amused at how adept they were in
flirting as they swayed and bent their bodies while
talking, placing their hand on his arm to make a point
and hold his attention, sipping a drink through a straw
and glancing upward at him batting eyes and smiling.

They were dressed almost alike but different colored
outfits consisting of a tight top with shoe string
straps so short they barely were below their budding
breasts and nipples clearly outlined. Their shorts were
so low on their hips that the vee from hip bone to the
inside of their legs was half visible and the legs
stopped at their crotch.

Julie thought how times had changed, and how glad she
was that she didn't have any girls. No wonder kids got
in trouble so young. Then she had to smile as she
remembered how she looked in the rest room mirror, she
looked hot and ripe for sex and these girls looked the
same except they were not fully developed yet. But it
wouldn't be much longer.

Jimmy got the popcorn and they headed towards her and
the girls said, hey Mrs. Cole almost in unison as they
went by, she replied hello Brittany, Jessica. She and
Jimmy when inside the curtained entry and Jimmy ushered
her into a seat immediately to the right and all the
way to the wall where it was the darkest and she was
relieved as she didn't fancy sitting in a aisle seat
where everyone behind them could see and had been
afraid that he would want to sit way down front where
the light from the screen was bright.

They sat eating popcorn and sharing their drink talking
about the theater and the people who were entering and
she was surprised at how many he knew as he would tell
her what grade they were in and who their parents were.
She was almost surprised at how many kids were by
themselves as their parents just dropped them off and
went other places or back home. The lights dimmed and
the prevue came on and then the advertisements and
someone closed the curtain at the entrance then as the
feature film credits started the lights were dimmed

Jimmy leaned over to Julie and said, "Now you know why
they call this the Saturday night make out corner."
Julie looked around and realized you couldn't see
hardly any thing except those sitting right next to
you. She looked at him, smiled and then crossed her
legs so the top foot could reach his leg and she rubbed
her instep against his calf muscle.

Jimmy set the popcorn between his legs, gave her the
drink to hold and reached under the arm rest putting
his hand on her thigh where it joined her hip. They
watched as the movie started occasionally rubbing, her
foot on his calf and his hand on her thigh.

The movie was fair but not wonderful and soon she was
aware that every ten or twelve minutes his fingers
would walk up her thigh pulling the skirt down. When it
was half way from her knee she looked around and saw
that no one was watching and no one was really near to
them. She twisted in the seat bringing her leg closer
to him and pulled her skirt all the way to that side
and draped it over his hand hiding it from view.

He immediately moved his hand under the skirt to her
naked thigh and rubbed it with his finger tips
beginning a slow journey towards her cunt area, she
knew he couldn't do much as his arm wouldn't reach and
she was sitting on the places he wanted to touch. Jimmy
leaned over to her and whispered.

"I wish we had a private booth."

"Aren't you interested in the movie?"

"No, there's more interesting and wonderful things to
do than watch a bunch of actors pretending."

"Why don't we go check some of those wonderful things
then I'm not interested in the movie either."

"Great we finished the popcorn anyway."

Leaving the theater the ticket taker saw them and
rushed to meet them, asking if everything was ok did
something happen or did the movie offend them. Julie
told him no that it was not very interesting and they
decided to go home and watch TV. He said he was sorry
that he could not refund their money but if she would
step in the office he would get her some complementary

Julie told him it was very nice of him but he didn't
need to do that. He said it was no problem that they
would like to have her return when a movie more to her
taste was playing, that it wouldn't take a minute and
he turned to the office door. Julie looked at Jimmy and
he made a motion of opening her blouse and exposing her
breasts. The boy had his back to them opening the door.


"I'm going to the backroom mom, it's a long ride home."

Julie looked at him with her mouth open in
astonishment. He left for the bathroom giving her a
smile and a nod. She turned and the boy was holding the
door for her. She went inside and waited until he came
in leaving the door half open. He went behind the desk
and she walked up to it.

"Really you don't have to do this, I wouldn't want you
to get in trouble."

"It won't cause me any trouble, I'm glad to do it for
you. All I have to do is sign these and you give them
to the ticket seller when you return and she will give
you a ticket for each one."

As he opened a drawer and looked for the passes and
signed them he kept glancing a Julie and smiling and
she noticed his eyes always froze for an instant on her

"Well, it's very nice of you, where are you from I
don't remember seeing you around?"

"No Ma'am, I'm from Willisburg, it's a long drive but
this is the only job I could find that let me finish

"I understand, I wish there was some way I could repay
your kindness, is there something on my blouse, did I
drop some butter on it? You keep looking at it, where
is it?"

"No Ma'am, there's nothing on it, it's just, just that,
I'm sorry for staring, it's just that you... uh, uh."

"Oh I understand, you needn't be embarrassed, you
aren't the only man to look at a my breasts, that's a
man thing and it's not a problem with me. Have you ever
seen a woman's breasts?"

"No Ma'am, I mean yes, well in playboy you know."

"Well maybe there is a way I could show my appreciation
for your kindness, would you like to look now?

And can you keep a secret and not go bragging to your
buddies, a secret between just you and I?"

Julie walked to the door and closed it and returned to
the desk walking right up to it so that they were only
three feet apart. The boy was nodding his head as she
walked to the door and back, he didn't seem to be able
to speak. She reached up and unfastened three button on
the blouse but looked at him before moving her hands.

He croaked, "Yes Ma'am."

Julie smiled at him and grasped the blouse and pulled
it open all the way to her ribs and thought his eyes
would come out of his head as he was frozen on her
breasts and nipples. She waited and waited then
realized he was not capable of speech at the moment.
She looked down at her breasts and the nipples sticking
out like they were pointing at the boy, she was turned
on by the exhibition of herself and could feel her
nipples tingling.

She ran her hands around the globes of each breast and
squeezed them slightly then rubbed her finger over the
nipples. Then she buttoned the bottom button and worked
her way to the second covering her self as she
progressed up like a curtain closing on a play. She
left the top button undone. She stuck her hand out to
the young man and he recovered enough to take and shake

"Thank you I hope to see you again soon."

"I hope so too, your welcome and just ask for Fred when
you come back."

Julie went to the door and as she let herself out she
said bye and shut the door behind her, she saw Jimmy
coming from the bathroom they left the theater. Not a
word passed between them until they got to the car and
then Jimmy held her arm and asked, "Did you do it, what

Julie turned, checking to see any one was around, the
street was empty. She pulled her blouse open, undoing
the two buttons, and showed her breasts to him.

"Just like this, I promised and I did it. He almost
turned to stone, a red stone at that. Let's get home
fast I need something now and you got it in your
shorts. Oh that made me so hot, hurry."

They got in the car and started home. Julie had left
her blouse open and he could see her tits in the
dashboard lights and the hard nipples were fascinating.
Jimmy turned in his seat and put his hand under and
around her closest tit and rubbed the nipple with his
thumb. Julie whimpered and bit her lower lip to help
her keep her mind on driving. They were lucky and the
few traffic lights did not require them to stop and
they made a fast trip home and in the garage.

Jimmy was out of the car and waiting for her at the
door into the house, Julie approached him and he
grasped her blouse and pulled it from her skirt and off
her shoulders. She melted in his arms, kissed him
rubbing her tits on his chest, he reached for the
garage door button and pushed it to close the overhead
door. They went inside and Julie remembered that they
needed to check and make sure that Harry wasn't home
early, he wasn't but she knew they needed to hurry so
she removed her skirt and was naked except for her

Jimmy had gone to his room and got his stuff from the
closet and took it to the living room as she went to
the bathroom. He removed his clothes and put them in
his room and went back to the living room. When she
came in she saw his cock standing away from his body,
stiff and ready for her. She went to him and again
kissed him placing her warm hand around his cock.

"Baby it feels so good to hold you like this, I'm so
hot for you to fuck me! Please fuck me! Take me any way
you want, do anything you want to me, but please put
your lovely cock in me and make me cum, I need it,

Jimmy pulled away from her, she was reluctant to
release his cock, and he put the towel over the coffee
table and picked up the towel strips and looked at her.
Julie looked at the strips and, remembering the feeling
of being tied and blindfolded as he fucked her, began
to tremble; she looked at him then walked to him and
put her hands behind her back, kissed him and again
rubbed her tits on him and turned around for him to tie
her. Jimmy tied her as he had earlier and when he was
finished with her hands she turned to face him and
straighten her back thrusting her breasts out and
looking in his eyes.

Jimmy began to bind her breasts and as they got tight
he could see her trembling finally he was finished and
she turned when he put the ends around her neck and let
him tie them together, moaning when he pulled them
tight. She waited for him but he reached around her and
rubbed her tight aching breasts and squeezed her
nipples, she felt faint again as she had early and her
heart was pounding.

"Sweetheart, may I love your cock with my mouth,
blindfolded? For just a little, please?"

Jimmy got the blindfold and put it around her head
covering her eyes, he was amazed at how she was willing
even wanting to be tied again and while he had been
worried that she wouldn't want anything in her ass
tonight he knew she would take it now and love it. He
helped her to her knees and went in front on her and
touched her lips with his cock, she whispered oh yes
and opened her mouth and engulfed it rubbing the
underside with her tongue.

She sucked and loved it seeming to get more excited
occasionally swallowing it into her throat and moaning
as it penetrated, he removed it and let her kiss along
the side and then to his balls where she kissed,
licked, and sucked them into her mouth.

Jimmy knew he couldn't take much more of that without
cumming so he moved away from her and watched as she
waited to see if he would give it to her again or some
other way. He touched her lower lip with his finger tip
and she opened her mouth and tried to capture what ever
it was but he moved it and as she waited he touched it
again and again she tried to get it and realizing he
was playing with her she moaned and said please.

"It's time to make you cum, lover. Let me pull the
table to you."

He moved the coffee table to her and placed a pillow
for her face and one for her stomach and lowered her
body to lie on the table she squirmed until she was
comfortable and then spread her legs and pulled her
knees forward displaying her cunt and asshole for his
use. Jimmy went behind her to his knees and she heard
the pop of the lubricant jar opening, he spread some on
her cunt lips and she sighed as it felt good for his
finger to rub her cunt lips. Then he rubbed some on her
asshole and inserted his finger in and spread some
inside her, next he put some lube on the zucchini and
placed it at her asshole slowly applying pressure until
it began to slide in.

Julie knew immediately that it was not his cock going
in her it was hard and unyielding, it had to be the
same thing he used this afternoon, she tried to relax
and let it enter. When it popped though her ass ring
she cried out not from pain but the feeling of being
fucked in the ass by a hard object that made her feel

She wiggled her ass as he kept moving it deeper into
her until she suddenly without warning began to cum
hard and couldn't keep still as she bucked against it
trying to make it slide in and out. She was moaning,
crying out, and saying fuck me over and over, Jimmy
began to move the object, fucking her ass with it, and
she murmured yes and lay still except for quivering and
shaking as she came.

Jimmy moved his cock to her cunt and rammed it in her,
his body pressing against the object and plunging it
deeper into her ass than anything had ever been, he
began to fuck her in earnest with his cock in her cunt
and the zucchini in her ass and she continued to cum.
She was getting dizzy and everything seemed to fade
into the background and she remembered her dream and
wondered if she would have another, or was her dream
coming true and she was dying from to much fucking.
Slowly every thing went blank and she lay still as her
two holes were being fucked without mercy. Jimmy didn't
notice her condition as he was pounding away with his
head back and eyes closed concentrating on not cumming
to quickly, he knew she was steadily cumming as fluid
was running from her cunt coating his cock and making a
sucking sound each time as he withdrew. But he couldn't
last and when he blasted his load in her he was aware
that she did not respond as she normally did. He looked
at her face with his cock still buried in her cunt and
realized she had passed out again.

He was satisfied, she had said earlier that she was his
slut and told him to take his bitch and then had let
him do anything he wanted to her and done everything
that he told her to do. He was certain that she would
be his sex slave for as long as he wanted and as long
as he kept her satisfied with lots of sex and different
experiences to stimulate her. But now he had to get her
up, clean, and back to normal before his father got

He grabbed the end of the towel hanging from the table
and used it as he pulled out of her to wipe and catch
the stuff dripping from her cunt. Then he pulled the
zucchini from her ass, it was a lot deeper than he
thought was possible, she moaned and stirred as it came
out. He leaned over her and rubbed her shoulders
talking to her, "Wake up slave, wake up and let me
untie you for your bath. You are a good sex slave, you
love to be fucked in your cunt and ass until you cum,
from now on you are my slut, you will do everything
that I tell you to because you know that you belong to

"I will let you suck my cock when you need something in
your mouth and I will fuck you every time we get a
chance. When I ask you what you are you will say that
you are my slut to fuck and do anything that I want you
to do. You will show your naked body to any one that I
tell you to and fuck anyone that I tell you to. When
you are clean and rested you will come to me and ask me
to make you my bitch as you did earlier."

Jimmy continued to talk to her as he rubbed her
shoulder until she began to rouse from her unconscious
state. She tried to get up but couldn't and then she
felt him untying her hands. When he finished he helped
her to her feet where she wobbled on unsteady legs, she
felt of her breasts still tied and hurting a little.
She rubbed them and did something that shocked Jimmy
she gripped each nipple and squeezed twisting them and
he could see her mouth grimacing in pain but she kept
pinching the nipples.

Jimmy took her hands and moved them from her nipples
she looked at him with a dazed pleading look, he rubbed
her nipples and they were hot like they had a fever.
She thrust them towards him, placed her hands on his
hips then sliding one down and grasped his cock, she
leaned her head back and closed her eyes making soft
mewing sounds as he rubbed.."

"Do you want to be fucked again, is my slut still hot
and horny?"

"Yes, your slut is ready to be fucked again and again.
As long and any way you want."

Jimmy looked at the clock wondering if they had time
but that didn't help as he didn't know when his father
would get home.

"We must rest first, I will take your breast binding
off and you will shower then we will watch TV. When Dad
gets home you will fuck him if he wants to and then
when he is asleep you will come to my room and we will
fuck again and I will make you cum so you can sleep."

"Will you tie me and make me stand in front of the
window? Make me take something in my ass? Pinch my
nipples until I cum?"

"Yes, even better I will take you outside naked and
make you walk to the street and back, will you do

Julie moaned but nodded her head, he turned her around
to untie the strips behind her neck and then back and
started loosening the bindings around her breasts, she
held his cock all the time. As he removed the strips
around her breasts she cried out in pain when the blood
began to flow normally and quaking leaned against him
laying her head on his shoulder. She was hurting,
confused, and horny, she knew in her mind that he was
right they needed to rest but she didn't want to, she
wanted to stay tied with some thing in her cunt and ass
fucking her and a climax building.

Julie began to calm down while in the shower but she
was still horny and she kept thinking about walking
outside naked in the front of the house. She could
smell coffee and hoped that Jimmy was making some for
her. She dried and put lotion on her body and saw the
loops hanging on her nipples, she had forgotten them as
they had been on her for a long time. She tried to take
them off but couldn't loosen them and had to call Jimmy
to come and help. He struggled with them and finally
got them off.

"I'll have to find something that we can put on your
nipples that aren't so hard to get off."

"Am I going to wear them all the time?"

"Only for me to show that you are willing to be my slut
and fuck anytime. Normally you can take them off and
only put them on when we are together and alone. Ok?"

"If that's what you want, baby."

"That's what I want, but I want you to want that also,
do you want to be my slut and fucked every time we have
an opportunity?"

"I do want that."

"Then tell me now, make a commitment to me, give me
total control to have your body any time and anyway
that I want, that you will never say no to anything as
long as we can be discreet and keep it a secret and
it's does not interfere with normal life and family."

Julie took a deep breath, she knew that this was a
major and new direction also she was aware that it was
just the beginning of a new relationship. She was a
little afraid but also a little excited, it was so
thrilling to be as they were today trying new things
and be treated to sex in new ways and also to give over
to someone else and let them control you. But she knew
that she had to maintain some measure of control.

"Yes, I want to be your lover, your slut, and your
bitch, I really do. But you must never embarrass your
father, or try to take his place. You must always
remember to respect him for it was he that gave me to
you, that first time when you made me cum in the
kitchen just by touching me was because he had told me
it was alright to tease you with my breasts and let you
do whatever you wanted to. I did and I loved it. I
never want him to know what we do unless he asks then I
will tell him but I always try to make sure that his
feelings are not hurt nor his ego threaten. And you
must do the same, promise me that."

"I promise, I love Dad. I will never hurt him. I know
that you and he need some time alone with me not around
and I will respect that and not be jealous when you are
making love with him that is your right and I will
spend the night with David or someone at least once a
week to give you time alone."

"Thank you baby, I am always amazed at how mature you
are. Then I will commit to you and ask that you accept
me as your slut, lover, and make me your bitch to have
anytime and anyway you want, will you accept me?"

"Yes, you are mine! I made some coffee for my slut, I
bring it to you while you dress."

Jimmy went to get the coffee and Julie finished by
combing her hair and checking her wrists and breasts
for bruises but they looked ok except her breasts had a
few lines where the towel strips had cut into them that
would disappear soon. She decided to wear her cream
knee length terry robe and furry house shoes with heels
and was putting it on when he came in with the coffee.
They went back to the kitchen together and Julie got
Jimmy some milk and they sat at the counter eating
cookies, drinking, and discussing what they would say
about the movie, both agreed it would be best to tell
the true that it was boring and leave it at that.

When the clock showed ten they said goodnight and went
to their separate bedrooms, Julie had just begun to get
drowsy when she heard a car pull in the drive and in a
few moments Harry was unlocking the front door. She got
up and went to meet him. They had some small talk about
their day and as Harry undressed she lay on the bed in
her robe waiting. He asked if she was ready for bed and
she replied that she had to get things ready for
breakfast but could do it later as she had missed him
tonight. He grinned and lay beside her and said he was
tired and the beers had made him sleepy so if she would
be happy with a quickie he might be able to stay awake.

Julie reached and rubbed his cock and as it stiffened
she smiled and said she would take anything he would
offer. They kissed awhile and he removed her robe,
kissed her nipples and sucked on them, Julie almost
winced as they were sensitive and hurt a little. They
moved close together and she inserted his cock in her
cunt and they worked together slowly enjoying each
other until Harry finally rolled her over and got on
top, beginning to fuck her deep and with long strokes
and they both climaxed, Julie a little ahead of him.

They lay in each other's arms kissing and caressing
until Julie got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned
herself then returned with a wash cloth and bathed
Harry's cock wiping it gently and giving it small
kisses. He was flat on his back with a smile on his

"Sweetheart, don't worry about breakfast for me and
Jimmy, we can grab something when we meet with the
crew. I can turn on the coffee pot and get a cup and
you can sleep late. You need to rest."

"Thanks baby, I'll take you up on that. But I need to
get up by eight as Emily will be coming around nine."

"What plans do you have for tomorrow?"

"No plans just lay in the sun until lunch and then go
shopping, I'll just play by ear and see what happens."

"Ok, are you excited or dreading it?"

"I'm not sure, maybe a little excited but not dreading,
I just hope that I have read her right, would hate to
lose my best friend. Go to sleep, you need rest also,
I'll try to be quiet in the kitchen. Goodnight."

"Good night sweetheart, I love you."

"Love you too."

Julie turned out the lights except for the nightlight
and went to the kitchen where she prepared the coffee
pot for turning on in the morning. There was a cup and
a one half from the earlier coffee that Jimmy made so
she sat down and drank some, thinking about the events
of the day and how things had changed so fast. She
turned out all the lights and sat on the couch, untied
her robe and let her breasts slip free then pulled it
completely open enjoying the cool air on her body.

As she sat with her feet on the hassock she began to
idly rub her stomach with her hand slipping closer and
closer to her cunt. When she realized what she was
doing she put the cup on the end table and rubbed her
breasts with the other hand, they were tender and very
sensitive. She spread her legs and slipped her
fingertips down to her slit and along the edge of her
cunt, she felt the slight ache start in her breasts.
She wondered how she could still be hot after all the
sex today, it had only been about two hours since they
got home and she had been fucked twice but it seemed
that the more she got the more she wanted.

Julie got up from the couch and walked around, her bare
feet soundless on the carpet, but realized that she was
making herself nervous and what she really wanted was
in Jimmy's bedroom so why delay. She went to the master
bedroom and opening the door saw Harry was asleep, she
shut the door and finished her coffee and placed her
cup in the sink then proceeded to Jimmy's room. As she
approached she could hear the radio softly playing.

She removed her robe and shivered from excitement as
she opened the door. The room was softly lit from the
bedside lamp, she expected to find Jimmy asleep but to
her surprise he was sitting on the bed with his back
against the headboard naked. She approached him and
stood close with her legs touching the mattress and
looked at his cock which lay on his leg, then she
looked at his face and eyes which were shining as he
looked at her naked body.

"Lover your slut has come to ask you to make her your
bitch, to use her anyway you desire."

"Are you ready to go naked outside with your hands tied
and walk to the street and back?"

"Yes, I will do that for you."

"Put your hands behind you and turn around."

Julie shivered again, she wanted this more than she had
realized, and did as he instructed. Jimmy got the towel
strip from the bed beside him and moved to the edge of
the bed and tied her hands being careful not to make it
tight. Then he reached around her and grasped her
breasts rubbing and squeezing them and rubbing the
nipples, Julie leaned her head back against his
shoulder then rubbed her face against his.

"Ooohhh baby, that's so good I love for you to play
with my breasts, yes rub your cock against my ass, it's
hot and getting hard, so good for me."

"You're so beautiful, mom, your breasts are wonderful
and you have a beautiful ass, and you are giving it all
to me to love and fuck."

"Yes it's all yours, I have surrendered my body to you.
I lust for your cock and want it anyway I can get it.
All that I have is yours, fuck me and make me suck you,
treat me like a bitch, fuck my ass, just do what you
want I will not complain or protest, I am yours."

Jimmy turned her around and kissed her lips and open
mouth, then he moved back and pointed to the floor.
Julie whimpered as she sank to her knees before his
cock and opened her mouth as he moved forward and let
it slide into her mouth, she began to suck and rub it
with her tongue.

He moved closer and it slid to the back of her mouth to
her throat entrance and she began to swallow as it
moved further in and down her throat until her lips
were pressed against his pelvic bone. After a few
moments he pulled it out of her mouth and rubbed the
head against her lips and face, she was trying to kiss
it each time it came close to her lips.

Then he moved back and bent to help her to her feet,
and took her arm and started out of the bedroom to the
front door. The house was dark and silent as they
reached the door and Julie could almost hear her heart
beating as Jimmy unlocked and opened it, they went out
and after checking to make sure the door was not locked
he closed it.

As she stood in the entry as he checked the door, Julie
could feel the emotions coursing through her, fear,
excitement, near panic, and unknown feelings, she was
trembling. Jimmy touched her as he moved to her and she
jumped then backed against his body as she stared at
the outside darkness as if she knew a monster lurked
there waiting for her. His body was warm and comforting
and she didn't want to leave it, her hands tied behind
her were flat against his lean belly and she could feel
his hot cock nestled in the crack of her ass.

"Wait a moment for your eyes to adjust and you will be
able to see better, then I will help you down the
steps, follow the walkway to the truck and turn going
to the street, when you reach it stop and count to ten
and then come back."

"You aren't going with me!"

"No, you have to do it alone."

"But what if a car comes or some one is walking. I
can't run fast with my hands behind me."

"We'll just have to hope that one doesn't come or that
it's not loaded with horny men."

Jimmy helped her down the steps and she started walking
in small unsteady steps with tits bouncing and swaying,
by the time she got to the street she could hardly
breath must less count so she stood there for she
thought was enough and turned and started back. Looking
towards the house she realized she could hardly see it
and felt all alone and helpless, as she drew nearer she
could make out Jimmy standing at the steps and she
sobbed and wanted to run to him. When she reached the
steps he took her arm and steadied her as she went up
and led her to the entry and stopped, turning her and
moving her back against the wall.

Jimmy placed his hand on her cunt and she spread her
legs and leaned against the warm bricks. He rubbed and
she could tell she was wet and it was running down her
legs but she had been so scared that she hadn't
realized it. Jimmy moved to her and kissed her, she
opened her mouth in acceptance of his tongue and
sighed. He moved down to her breasts and kissed each
nipple and licked it.

"I love you, mom. Always remember that." He said and
went to his knees and kissed her cunt at the top of her
slit and ran his tongue across it, Julie almost fainted
as the ache slammed her stomach and her legs began to
quiver and lose strength. He put his hands between her
legs and gripped her ass and pulled her to his mouth
and she slid slowly down the wall bowing her legs
making her cunt to flower open.

When his tongue touched her clit she shuddered and
began to cum. He continued licking and running his
tongue though the length of her slit and across her
clit, Julie twisted and moaned as she reached the
zenith of her climax and slowly began to subside until
she half stood leaning against the wall almost listless
feeling nothing but that tongue.

Jimmy nibbled her clit with his lips and heard her
whimper, he ran his tongue into her cunt and tasted her
secretion, then gathered it on his tongue and stood up
pulling her from the wall and putting his lips against
her waited until she opened her mouth and slid his
tongue into it. Julie tasted her secretion and sucked
his tongue and swallowed all she could get.

Julie had forgot that they were outside and when the
lights of a car passing on the street lit up the entry
momentarily she was confused about what was happening,
she thought she was having another fainting spell and
wondered if she would dream again.

Jimmy pulled away from her and led her inside and
closed the door locking it. On to his bedroom with her
weaving and having difficulty walking straight, she was
not accustomed to walking with her hands tied and
couldn't get a natural swing in her step.

Inside Jimmy closed and locked the bedroom door, she
watched, aware of what he was doing but not caring just
waiting for him to give her whatever he was going to do
to her. He led her to the bed and sat on it motioning
for her to get on her knees, when she did he reached
and held her shoulders and slowly pulled her towards
his cock and she opened her mouth and engulfed it,
taking it all the way into her throat in one swift
movement. She sucked and rubbed her tongue along the
bottom of it and moved her head back and forth fucking
it with her mouth and throat.

Jimmy stopped her and stood up, Julie looked up at him
in confusion and frustration, she wanted to make him
cum as he had done her. Instead he helped her up and
sat her on the bed then laid her down on her back with
a pillow under her head and another under her ass. He
got something from the night stand and got on the bed
between her legs, crawled forward and sank his cock
into her cunt, she raised her legs and clasped them
around his legs. He fucked her for a few seconds and
then pulled out rising up.

Julie whimpered and whispered please baby, he moved up
her body until his cock was at her mouth and dangled it
against her lips, when she opened her mouth he slid it,
wet from her cum, into her mouth. Julie moaned and
sucked it clean, again tasting herself and his pre-cum.
He removed it and went back down and inserted it in her
cunt again pumping a few seconds and repeated the
process. Except this time he raised her head and put
the pillow under her shoulders when he let her head
down it was arched back and he crawled around her and
placed his cock in her mouth, this time facing her

As Julie sucked his cock deeper into her mouth, Jimmy
leaned over and kissed her cunt licking the clit which
was protruding from her slit. Julie groaned around his
cock and then he sucked it, the suction pulling it and
causing it to hurt, she began to move her legs
helplessly but not trying to stop him just moving them,
hurting but not wanting it to stop hurting.

She knew she had never felt this way before, helpless
and loving it, hurting and loving it wanting more,
wanting a cock in her mouth shooting cum so she could
taste it as it slid down her throat, wanting a cock in
her cunt shooting cum against her womb opening, wanting
a cock in her ass filling her with hot cum.

As they settled into this loving, Jimmy reached and got
the two zucchinis that he had gotten from the night
stand and were already coated with lube and pulled her
feet up and laying her knees over to the side he began
to insert the big one into her cunt.

Julie could feel something entering her and as it moved
easily in she realized it was tapered and getting
bigger the farther in it went. A couple of inches more
and she could feel her cunt being stretched, she sucked
harder on Jimmy's cock as her excitement grew, she
wondered how long it was as it felt like about twelve
inches were in her, but it continued to slide in her
stretched cunt and she began to feel it filling her

She was experiencing new emotions, the fear of being
hurt by whatever the big thing was, excitement of
having some thing strange in her, and the satisfaction
of being stuffed by it. When it bumped against her womb
she flinched and gurgled out around his cock, he
stopped pushing it and just left it in her stuffed

Jimmy leaned down and licked her clit again and she
moaned feeling the ache start except it was in her womb
this time and caused her to squirm making the object
rub her womb. Julie tried to stay still but couldn't as
the ecstasy was to great, she had to move and humped
against the object making it bump harder. Jimmy raised
up and found the other zucchini and placed it against
her asshole and began to push the slick green object
in, Julie froze as she felt it touch her ass opening
and as it began slide in she groaned.

She felt it almost touching the other object as it
moved alongside it deeper into her and an incredible
feeling came flooding through her and her cunt began to
convulse around the first object. She had often
wondered what it would be like to be fucked by two
cocks at once, and now she knew what a feeling of being
crammed and stuffed with two felt like, it was partly
wonderful and partly extremely sexy plus a sense of
being a nasty slut, but she liked it. Then she realized
she was wrong this was three counting the one in her

Jimmy could feel her trembling all over and she was
holding his cock deep in her mouth but not sucking as
she had forgotten about it. The bigger object in her
cunt was jumping in his hand as her cunt convulsed but
he didn't know if she was cumming or not.

He wanted to watch her so he reached for the towel
strip he had intended for her breasts and placed it
under her hips and across the two zucchinis buried in
her ass and cunt crossed the ends to hold them in her,
and raised up after tying it to her legs. Leaving his
cock in her mouth he reached and pinched her nipples
applying a steady pressure on them. Julie groaned and
began to suck him again, he could see her hips
beginning to rotate trying to fuck the two objects.

Julie was cumming but not a big one and she desperately
wanted a big cum to rocket through her, she kept
working her cunt and hips but because there wasn't any
opposition on the objects she couldn't get them to pump
in and out of her. Jimmy watched her struggle and saw a
sheen of sweat forming on her skin, she was moaning,
groaning, and whimpering as she worked her body and
sucked his cock.

He waited and watched, occasionally pinching her
nipples harder then letting off, she was in pain from
the objects and pinching but he could see she was in
worse pain wanting to cum and knew she wanted a cock in
her blasting into her cunt or ass.

"Are you cumming, hot bitch?" Julie nodded her head and
kept sucking. "But you need something more don't you
slut?" Again she nodded. "Tell me what you need and
what you will do to get it."

Jimmy removed his cock from her mouth and pulled the
pillow from her shoulders to her head so she could
straighten her neck and went to her side lying down.
Her eyes were smoky looking as she continued to try
fucking the zucchinis, she whimpered and tossed her
head from side to side.

"I need you to put your cock in my cunt and fuck me,
this is torture I am stuffed with something but it
doesn't move, I can't cum enough to satisfy the craving
and I'm getting tired, please help me."

"What will you do to be fucked deep and slow until you
build up to the cum you need?"

"Anything, just tell me and I will do it for you, I'm
your slut."

"I want some pictures of you dressed, half dressed,
showing your tits and cunt, and nude hiding nothing. I
will make them and you and I will be the only people to
see them, unless you want to show them to some one.
Just say yes and I will make all the arrangements all
you have to do is be your normal beautiful self."

"Yes, please hurry I'm getting dizzy."

Jimmy immediately untied the strip and removed the
large zucchini from her cunt, next came the one in her
ass and he rolled her to her side and untied her hands
then helped her to sit up. He went to the kitchen and
got her a cola and returned giving it to her, she drank
thirstily and lay down in the middle of the bed.

He drank some cola and went to the bathroom and got a
wash cloth, he washed her face and wiped some of the
sweat on her body. Julie looked at him and smiled. He
got on the bed and pulled her bottom leg up and lay on
it, she raised her other leg and he slid between her
thighs and placed his cock at her cunt and rubbed the
head up and down the slit, Julie sighed.

Inserting his cock in her he began to fuck her in long
slow strokes and moved close to her wrapping his arms
around her and pulling her against him he kissed her.
Julie's breasts were crushed against his chest and her
mouth was open for him, she placed one arm around his
neck and the other hand on his ass as he pumped his
cock into her.

She loved to fuck this way. This way made her feel
loved and like she was helpless to prevent being taken,
she had no will, she could not protest nor did she want
to, she was slave to her passion and submissive to the
male fucking her.

Also she could now feel the head of his cock as it slid
against the inner wall of her cunt and the bone just
above his cock mashed her protruding clit when their
bodies came together sending shock waves through out
her body. All these things added to her pleasure and
she felt the ache in her breasts start swiftly towards
her vagina and she began meet his thrusts with her own
getting faster and gripping his ass with her hand.

"Yes baby yes, fuck your slut, I'm going to cum, oh
yes! Ohh, so good so good, take me fuck your cunt, I
love it I want it forever, fuck me make me your bitch
fill me with cum, oh please cum with me, shoot your cum
in me. Oh god! Now! Right now!"

Both were cumming, Julie was wild, thrashing about and
slamming her body against him, moaning, and pleading.
Jimmy was quiet trying hard to match her movements more
or less just hanging on hoping he didn't blast his cum
in her to quick and leave her unsatisfied. They both
reached their goal and quickly lay still breathing hard
and very tired all of a sudden.

Jimmy's cock had lost all its power and was shrinking
fast and he was ready to crawl in bed and sleep. Julie
was satisfied and no longer wanting anything, she was
also ready for a long restful sleep and smiled as she
thought that she wouldn't be dreaming tonight.

Of course there was still the unending task always
spoiling the great feeling of satisfactory sex, the
cleaning of one's self of the sweat and cum that was so
great a few minutes before.

Julie and Jimmy slowly rolled apart and went to the
bathroom, finishing they kissed without any comment and
went to their beds. Both were asleep within minutes.


2016-08-21 17:12:40
lots of repeat action, but also new stuff to keep us excited. well written,


2009-09-22 21:06:46
Part 3 will be posted soon.

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