Husband doesn't satisfy his wife
Sexually Frustrated Wife
I am divorced and haven’t been with a woman in about six years now. I have been horny as all hell lately; even more so than usual. Talk about the pressure of blue balls. Of course you women wouldn’t know how painful that feels. I have tried getting myself off, like I normally do, but it just hasn't been doing the trick lately. This time I need the real thing; a woman to take care of matters for me. So I go on one of those personal sex sites looking for a “Wife for a night.” I fill in my profile stating that I am an older man, just average looking and somewhat a little over weight. I also spill the beans that I am impotent but the insurance paperwork is in for a penis implant and for the time being I do have ways to penetrate a vagina. Might as well be truthful up front and not waste time and money meeting someone the first time and have them say not interested; especially if you have to travel a couple of hours to get to her.
So about the eleventh day on the site I get a hit. She is a lot younger than me being 41 years old and a nurse but what older man wouldn’t want to be with someone young enough to be his daughter? Besides, I didn’t advertise for a long term commitment; just a few hours once a week or so to take care of hers and my sexual frustration. Did I mention that the older I get the stronger my sexual desires become? I swear that I could take on two 30 year olds and wear them out. Well back to the story.
This younger woman that answered my profile said that her husband was a truck driver and away from home a lot. She says that the sex life with her husband was not all that thrilling anymore. Although he makes a good pay, when he comes home all he does is eat supper and fall asleep in front of the TV watching sports. If she can get him interested in making love then he plays with her tits for a few minutes, spends less time rubbing and caressing her pussy, then mounts her and fucks her till he cums inside her pussy, roles over and falls asleep. Then she’s left horny as all hell with a cum filled pussy; which none of the cum was hers because she never orgasmed. She can’t remember when the last time was that she has had an orgasm; outside of the one’s she has to give herself which aren’t the same as someone giving them to her. By the way, this sex starved nurses name is Debbie, she about 5’3” tall, has a 38C bust line, slender waist and an ass made for fucking.
So now I am interested very much in this woman. I send her back an email asking for more specifics. Did she like sex outdoors or in a hot tub? Did she enjoy receiving oral sex? Did she love giving oral and did she enjoy doing so? Has she ever tried anal and did she like it? Has she ever been spanked?
She replied with never have been spanked but for some reason imagining being turned over on a man’s lap and having her bare ass spanked made her excited enough to make her cunt juices flow. Debbie also said that she had never been fucked in the ass but have always wanted to try it. And finally she said that she loved receiving and giving oral sex.
At the end of her email she said that I didn’t tell her much about myself either and what did I like? Then she got real daring and asked me about my cock. How big was it? How thick was it? Did I have hairy balls?
In my return email I gave her my phone number and told her to call me; mentioning nothing else. An hour went by and I gave up on receiving a phone call from Debbie. I thought that maybe she decided to forget everything seems I was impotent. Well soon after the phone rang; I picked it up and heard a sweat voice say, “Hi, this is Debbie.” She said that she picked the phone up several times wanting to call but got nervous and put it back on the receiver seems this would be the first time she would be cheating on her husband. She thought what would happen if she didn’t call? Would I stop emailing her? Then she wondered what I would want if she did call? Would I want to meet her? Of course I would!
I said hello Debbie. Your voice sounds very nice.
Her voice was shaking as she said, “You didn’t answer my questions.”
In a quick response I said, “My cock was average size hard, about 6 inches, but very thick being about 6 and a half inches in circumference. Now if you can’t imagine a 6 and a half inch circumference penis that is about as round as a normal mans wrist. You won’t get your fingers around it touching ends and it will certainly stretch your vagina open. I also told her that I went impotent a few years ago after a stroke but was in the final paperwork at the moment for a penis implant and so that she could feel penetrated I told her that I would stop at a near-by supermarket and pick up a vegetable that would for sure send her into an orgasm that she would never believe possible. To finish my answers I told her that my cock and balls were always shaved clean and smooth and that she wouldn’t be dental flossing her teeth while sucking my cock.”
There was sort of a long pause by her so I asked, “Is something wrong?”
She said no, “I’m now talking to a strange man about the size of his penis!”
I then asked her about her breasts and she told me that they were an all natural 38C cup. “Oh my God,” she said, “You must really think I’m sooooo terrible. Here I am talking to you about your cock and my tits.”
I told her that I didn’t think that she was terrible and that her breast size sounded like a nice size.
After a short pause I told her that I thought we should meet and what would be a good time for her. Well seems her husband just left that morning for California she asked if tonight would be ok with me and I said yes. I asked if everything was favorable could we go back to her home. She said yes, that she lived in the country and that her nearest neighbor was a mile away and she was the last home on the road. No one would know that she had a strange man in her home while her husband was away and I could hide my car in her garage in case someone did happen to come along; which she really doubted they would.
It’s now six o’clock Thursday evening and we meet at a small restaurant in a part of her town that she had never been too so she had little fear of anyone seeing her with me. I got there first and went inside and choice a booth in the back part of the restaurant so that we would be less visible. It was a week day night so not many people were seated inside. Ten minutes later I saw her walking around looking for me. Debbie was wearing a button down blouse and a mid-thigh length skirt. She knew it was me in the back because I sent her a photo of myself over email and approached me saying hello. I replied with hello back and said to have a seat, pointing to the bench opposite me. We both ordered a soft drink to hold the seat to be able to chat and to get more familiar with each other.
I told her that she undersold herself in the looks department and that she looked remarkably gorgeous. Her face got hot and red with embarrassment as I said that and she thanked me for the compliment. My gaze kept going to her breast. She didn’t have a bra on and the a/c in the restaurant was making her nipples poke against the material of her blouse leaving nothing to my imagination. She caught me looking a couple of times and her face filled with blood to a bright blushing red but she didn’t try to cover her tits up. As if she wanted me to see more of her breast she reached up and unbuttoned the second button on her blouse. For sure I got a glimpse of her deep cleavage as she bent slightly forward reaching for a napkin and she blushed again as I licked my lips. Drinking half of my sprite I excused myself and went to the bathroom. When I returned I sat next to her in the booth. Looking around the room I saw that no one was paying any attention to us so I put my arm around her shoulder and my other hand slid inside her open blouse to gently fondle her bra free breast. My fingers started to pinch, rub and caress her nipple into a more rigid hardness. After a few minutes of this I removed my hand from her breast and slid it under the table. I whispered in her ear that I was going to explore under her skirt. She put both of her arms on the table and nervously spread her legs so that I could have the access that I wanted.
My hand starting at her knee and slowly slid up her leg rubbing and caressing against her inner thigh. Soon I was at the crotch of her panties and they were soaking wet from her cunt juices leaking out. I slid my fingers the length of her panty crotch feeling the defined shape of her outer and inner labia. Looking into her eyes I pulled her panty crotch aside noticing that she was smoothly shaved. She sat still as one of my fingers split her pussy lips apart and my finger easily slipped inside of her wet cunt. I slowly finger fucked her in the restaurant booth and she started to squirm on my hand. Next thing I know is she is softly whispering in my ear that she needs more privacy. She said that she needed me to make her cum really soon so I paid for the two drinks and we walked out of the restaurant. Once outside I put my arm around her waist and could feel that she was walking on shaky legs. Getting in our own cars I follow her to her home which was only about 15 minutes away.

When we got to her front door she was having trouble trying to get her key in the lock because of nervousness. I reached out and took the key from her hand and unlocked the door. Holding it open for her to walk in first I followed behind. She turned and faced me as soon as the door was closed and locked; pushing me back against the door. My hands went straight to her tits. As I caressed and squeezed them I tenderly enclosing her nipples between two fingers and she moaned. She grabbed between my legs rubbing my cock and balls.
I put one hand behind her head and pressed my mouth to hers. Our tongues fought with each other trying to get in the others mouth and I gave in letting her slid her tongue into my mouth and sucked on it gently.
I pulled my mouth away from hers asking where the bedroom was. She grabbed my hand and led me to it and then I pushed her back against the bed so she was sprawled across it. Her skirt flew up around her hips and her bare legs instantly spread wide apart. I then unbuckled my belt, pulled down my zipper and let my pants drop to the floor as I reached to remove her soaking wet panties. I sniffed the crotch of them, letting the musky aroma drive my senses crazy with arousal and then tossed them over my shoulder.
I reached in my travel bag to pull out the ear of corn that I bought at the supermarket. The ear of corn was about 8 inches long and as thick as my cock in circumstance. I placed a condom over it and then lubed it with KY. Getting back on the bed I spread her legs wide and got between them. I moved the ear of corn up and down her slit, slowly separating it till I saw her tunnel of love. Placing the ear of corn at the entrance I slowly applied pressure. A loud gasp escaped her lips as two inches of the ear entered her pussy, stretching it to a width that she had never felt before. I let it sit there for a few seconds till her cunt walls could adjust to the girth. Then I slowly pulled out an inch only to slide it back in about 4 inches this time. Debbie turned her head to the side, closing her eyes and moaning like a slut in heat. She began to beg me to put more of that corn into her cunt so I pulled out and quickly slid it all the way in till I could barely hang on to it. A very loud scream escaped her lips and I was glad that her neighbors where at least a mile away. She started screaming for me to fuck her hard and that I did. The corn acted like a ribbed dildo and I was fucking her with it hard and fast by now; tipping the cob slightly upward so that the ribbed effect rubbed against her g-spot. She was thrashing wildly on her bed now, begging for me to make her cum quickly. She couldn’t stand the pleasure any longer and needed to cum. To make it happen more quickly I placed the palm of my hand just above to V of her mound and pushed down applying a little pressure. That did it, forcing her g-spot to put pressure on the ear of corn she started to shake and thrash violently and I pulled the ear of corn out as she squirted her cum at least four foot away. When she stopped squirting I shoved the ear back into her pussy and kept fucking her into multiple orgasms. After about two minutes of continuous orgasms she finally started to come down; unable to speak or move on the bed from the violent orgasm for about five minutes after. When she was finally able to speak she told me that she had never had such an orgasm in her life and she sure wanted it to happen again and again. She said that she knew her husband could never do that to her; he couldn’t even fuck her properly because all he thought about was his own pleasure and didn’t care if she got hers or not.
I didn’t want for her to lose the feeling she had because I had plans of giving her more multiple orgasms and didn’t want to start from scratch again. So as we lay side by side chatting I kept rubbing her pussy lips with my fingers but making sure that I didn’t come close to her clit because it would be too sensitive at this time from her orgasm.
Looking at the clock I noticed that an hour and a half had passed by. We still had a long night to go because I wasn’t near done pleasing her yet. She was my wife for the night and she knew it.
I rolled her over on her back and placed my index finger on her forehead. Very slowly I moved my finger down along her nose. With my finger now at the tip of her nose I leaned over and gently kissed the spot on her forehead that my finger had just left. My finger by now had moved down and traced around the outline of her lips. At the same time my lips had moved to the tip of her nose and lightly kissed it. Moving my finger down again my lips touched hers and soon my tongue was in her mouth giving her a long passionate French kiss.
While French kissing her lips passionately my finger trailed down between her heaving breasts. I visited each of her nipples with my finger while leaving a cool trail behind with my tongue as it joined in licking and sucking on her nipples. She was moaning loudly and passionately by this time; hardly able to catch her breath. Again she was begging me to make her cum but I like to tease and ignored her request.
As I was licking and sucking her nipples my finger started to move downward again. It slowly moved across her tummy, headed for her pussy. She said that her mind was having trouble dealing with my tongue licking her nipples as my finger was running up and down her outside labia. I didn’t enter her pussy with my finger, just passed it up and down each side of her trembling pussy lips. At that moment my tongue left her tits and nipples, following the same trail that my finger had explored. Knowing what was about to happen she pulled her knees up to her tits, spreading her legs wide open so that my face could get to her pussy easily. Soon my tongue trailed the same path as my finger had along her trembling outer labia lips. Debbie was so turned on that her pussy was leaking cum like a river. I kept going back cleaning and licking it up to swallow.
I loved the taste of your musky and slightly salty pussy juice and didn’t want to leave that part of my teasing you but did. With her knees resting on her tits so that her pussy lips where spread wide open now for me to see inside I ran my tongue down along her inner labia lips. I tickled the hole she pees from inside of her pussy with the tip of my tongue and she jumped then moaned loudly again. I still have not even touched her clit with my finger or tongue yet making her beg for relief. But still I ignored her request. My tongue finally running down to the end of her cunt and I now flicked it over her asshole. I applied a little pressure with the tip of my tongue on her asshole as if trying to get it inside. She really moaned when I did that saying that no one had ever tried to tongue fuck her ass before and that she loved the feel of it.
I didn’t stay on her ass to long and began to move up her sloppy wet cunt again but this time I went for her clit. She was very hot at this moment and I finally flicked my tongue over her clit causing her to peak again. She said that her cunt was tingling incredibly and soon went into another mind blowing orgasm. I just kept licking and sucking on her clit till she exploded her thick cum into my mouth several times for me to swallow. Her orgasm this time was stronger than her last and she couldn’t handle any more till she could get control of herself again. I stayed down between her legs just watching her pussy spasm as she was trying to catch her breath once again. Her cum was running out of her pussy and I leaned my head in closer licking up her juices just before they started to run into her ass crack. I stayed clear of her clit again knowing that she would be extremely sensitive this time around. She was so exhausted that she couldn’t move again. She just lay there letting me lick her; taking my pleasure in licking her discharging cum clean of her snatch.
After she laid there for awhile in my arms and letting her body and heart settle down she realized that I hadn’t orgasmed yet; that all the pleasure so far was hers. That’s the way I like it; make sure the woman is well pleasured first before getting my own. She jumped up and said that it was my turn to be pleasured by her and that she loved to suck cock and swallow cum. Debbie apologized for her actions and said that it had been so long since she had been satisfied that she just couldn’t stop me from taking control of her body. She said that she loved being the submissive and letting me dominate her totally.
Debbie then got up and kissed me on my lips, tasting her cum on my lips. She stuck your tongue in my mouth getting an even stronger taste of her cum. I told her not to lick too much of her flavor out of my mouth because I loved it and wanted to go home thinking of the evening we had here tonight and tasting her pussy juice all the way home. She wrapped her arms tightly around me as we keep on passionately kissing. Debbie grabbed a hold of my partially hard cock, knowing that it would not get any harder, stroking it with one hand and massaging my swollen balls with her other hand. I said that what she was doing felt so good but then she knew that from the way I was moaning. She said that she wanted to suck my cock till I cum in your mouth and I replied, “What are you waiting for? I am so horny for you and need you to relieve me now.”
I closed my eyes as Debbie pulled away to kneel in front of me still stroking my semi hard shaft. Just then she leaned down and sucked the head of my cock between her lips and I moaned in pleasurable satisfaction as Debbie’s’ tongue swirled around the head of my cock. Her lips wrapped tighter around my cock as she increased the speed of her up and down movements. Pulling my cock almost out of her mouth so that only the head was still in her mouth she tried to shove the tip of her tongue into the slit at the end of my cock head. It felt so good as she started sliding the tip of her tongue along the groove of my cock slit. Debbie made me moan loudly from the sensitive feeling her tongue was causing on the head of my cock. Occasionally Debbie would slip my cock out of her mouth to gently suck and lick my balls. Just from the moans coming from Debbie’s mouth I knew she really enjoyed sucking my cock.
I turned Debbie around so that I could lick her pussy again as she sucked my cock. I loved the sweet, slightly salty and musky taste of her pussy. As soon as she sat on my face I could feel how wet and dripping you cunt became again just from sucking my cock. I gladly licked and swallowed every bit of her sweet cum that she could get out of your pussy after cumming so many times earlier.
Debbie could feel my heart beating faster as I got closer to my orgasm so she speeded up her sucking and licking trying her best to get me over the edge. My hands came up to play with her hair and push her head closer to me. Seems I couldn’t get a total erection Debbie took my whole cock into her mouth. It felt so wonderful feeling her mouth clamp tightly around the base of my cock while her tongue moved as much as it could around the thickness of my cock.
I know had my mouth wrapped around your clit trying to give Debbie one more final orgasm of the night. I wanted her to be totally sexually pleasured and desire to call me back one day soon. Sucking her clit with my lips and flicking my tongue over it at the same time was bringing her close to yet another orgasm.
Knowing that you were getting close to cumming again you started sucking my cock extremely hard hoping that we would orgasm at the same time. You were sucking so hard that I thought that just maybe you could suck a grapefruit through a soda straw. I knew for sure that when you got me to cum that the suction you had on my cock would definitely drain my balls dry.
I started twisting and bucking on the bed and said that I was about ready to cum. You took your mouth off of my cock just long enough to say, “Go ahead and cum in my mouth. I can’t wait to taste your full load as it shoots across my tongue.”
My whole body stiffened up, my balls felt like they were going to be sucked inside out from the pressure of your suction. I felt my cum moving out of my balls and along the length of my cock as I shot one of the biggest loads of cum ever. As soon as you felt my hot cum hit your mouth you screamed and pushed your cunt onto my face so hard that I could hardly breathe. I quickly shoved two fingers in your cunt and my thumb up your ass bringing you to yet another tremendous orgasm greater than any your husband had ever given you.
You were desperately trying to swallow every bit of my cum as I shot load after load into your mouth. I couldn’t stop cumming and you didn’t stop sucking. There was so much cum that some of it leaked out around your mouth. After about 6 large gushes of cum from my cock I finally felt my balls empty out; they were drained. You licked the cum that slipped out of your mouth off your lips with your fingers and pushed it back into your mouth to swallow and said, “That was so incredible. I love licking you clean after.” You were amazed at how sweet my cum tasted compared to your husbands and ask why. I said that I don’t have the bitter taste because I don’t smoke or drink all that much.
Looking at the clock now I noticed that 4 hours had pasted since we started fucking. She couldn’t believe how quickly the time had gone by and said, “I want you to know that this has been a most wonderful experience for me. I have never cum so hard or so many times in one night.”
I had to admit too that I had more fun than I have in years. I told her that she was a very pretty woman and I am glad that we had this time together and that I didn’t know about her but I love to do this again sometime. She agreed and said, “You bet! I would like to do this again. We will just have to wait till my husband goes back on the road again and that won’t be all that long. She said that she loved her husband because he was a good provider but knew that he could never please her the way that I did. Then she said that I didn’t spank her and she was looking forward to the excitement of it.
As I was getting dressed to head back home I told her to call me when she was ready to do it again. I then said that the next time we meet I would not only be sure to spank her bare ass but I was going to take her virginity there.
She just smiled and said that she could hardly wait for the next time to get together again and still being naked, jumped out of bed to give me a kiss good-bye on the lips then walked me to the door. Yes, at the door she was still naked.

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