The day and night after our first time playing
Again, if the subject matter above is not for you then do not bother reading on. This is a continuation of a true story about my first summer experimenting with a crush of mine a few years older than me. I was 11, he was 15.
The following morning after my first experiences with Matt I felt like I had butterflies in my stomach since I woke up. I was so damn excited to see him, but nervous at the same time. I was not really sure how to act or what to say. I couldn't eat anything, so I just grabbed my surfboard and headed out to the ocean. I was usually not out for more than 10 minutes before I saw Matt running down through the dunes towards me. Today though, an hour had passed and there was still no sign of Matt. Like with any crush, I started to think the worst.
My mood quickly changed when I saw his shaggy dirty blond mop bouncing through the dunes with the surfboard over his head. I was about to catch a wave, and tried to show off a bit and wound up eating the wave pretty damn good. As I spit out the water and swallowed my pride, I paddled into shore as he paddled out. He spoke first thankfully to break the ice and calm my nerves. "Nice one dumb ass!" I splashed him and said, "Shut it punk, let's see you do better!"
The rest of the day was normal as is. In a shy way I asked if he would hang out later on. He looked puzzled and said,"Duh, why wouldn't I?!" He then proceeded to tell me his brother was coming down tonight late, so he would have to go home earlier than the previous night.
So night came around and we didn't speak a word all day about what had happened. Nothing really felt different either, so I was wondering if maybe it was a one time deal. We sat by the pool and started up talking again about cars, music and all kinds of things. I didn't care though and was not putting much into what I was saying, as all I could think about was playing with him again. After a minute of silence between topics, I got up the nerve and asked him a question. "Matt... so... um... where did you learn how to do that stuff we did?" He blushed a bit and looked down and just said, "I dunno... I just did." I wasn't buying the story though as he obviously knew exactly what he was doing. I then asked if he had a boyfriend at home he played with and he got defensive quickly and said, "No dude... I'm not gay!"
I wanted to drop the subject at that point because I hit a nerve. I tried to back peddle a bit and didn't really know what to say except, "Sorry Matt... I... uh... just figured... well... cause I think I am gay." He sat up and looked and turned and looked at me and just said, "Really?" I proceeded to tell him that I was not really sure about any of it, and the only thing I knew is that I had a crush on him even before we fooled around.
I obviously was just searching around for words at this point, and just thought to myself "screw it." I sat up, faced him, leaned in and kissed him. The instant hard on was back for both of us. He stopped me and asked if anyone in the house could see us. I didn't think so, but took his hand and lead him to the other side of pool shed for more privacy. I had been thinking about this all day, and my hormones were taking over. I never thought I would be aggressive and do something like this, but it felt good to do!
I pulled over a lounge chair and sat him on the end of it and continued to kiss him. I did not waste much time feeling around in his shorts though. Before he knew it, his beautiful dick was out in the moonlight. I quickly turned my attention to it, and he laid back while keeping his feet planted on the ground.
I started going at it like I was an old pro already. No jerking him off, no messing around... I took his cock in my mouth and went all the way down. I could feel him wiggle around and loved knowing he felt good. I tried to go slow, just taking the head in and then the whole dick. I stopped a few times just to lick it and swirl around the tip like he did to me. I also licked his balls, and played with them in my hand as well.
Once again, it did not take long for him to be ready to cum. I heard a soft, "I'm going to shoot" and he grabbed the end of the lounge chair behind his head. I sucked faster and then all of a sudden my 11 year old mouth was flooded with his juice. I think I moaned as much as he did. A night before I didn't even know what cum was really, and now I was enjoying it being in my mouth. Tonight it tasted sweeter too, and I really do not know why. All I know is that I milked his beautiful little cock of everything it had.
As soon as the last drops were out, he sat up on the lounge and leaned forward toward me. I leaned over and kissed him. As we were kissing he was pulling down my shorts. I stood up and my little cock was just about face level to him. He took me in his mouth and the flood of pleasure was amazing. He grabbed my butt cheeks and pulled me back and forth to fuck his face. I would say I only lasted a minute before my balls got sucked into my body and I had an amazing orgasm.
When I was done my legs were literally shaking, and I pushed him to his back and laid down on top of him. His dick was poking my stomach and I just wanted to stay there forever.
After a few minutes, he pushed me up though and got up. He turned me over and laid down on top of me. His dick was sitting between my cheeks and he kissed the back of my neck. I think every hair on my body stood up at that point, and I felt tingly all over. He then softly and slowly started to move his hips back and forth, sliding his cock between my cheeks. I didn't question him at all... it felt great. The bottom of his dick was sliding over my hole and it felt amazing. He asked, "Is this OK?" My soft moan was the only response I could give. I knew he wanted to put it inside me, and I wanted him to put it in so bad. While jerking off sometimes I would use hand lotion and slide a finger into my own ass and fuck myself. I couldn't even imagine how good my crushes' cock would feel!
The anticipation was killing me! My little cock was poking through the slats in the lounge chair, and I was reaching underneath to jerk myself off already. He kept sliding back and forth, and finally spread my cheeks and spit right onto my hole. My heart was once again racing, and I was relaxing like when I would finger myself. Then, I just heard a small grunt and felt some wetness on my lower back. He collapsed onto me and laid down. He kissed my ear and whispered, "You are too fucking cute buddy." He then reached underneath the lounge chair the knocked my little boner back and forth while giggling. He then said, "Stay there!" He got onto the ground and said, "I'm gonna milk the cow!!!" He slide under the lounge, and took my dick in his mouth through the slats. My giggles at first turned into gasps as I was once again having an amazing orgasm.
We pulled up our shorts and went to sit on the step in pool to put our feet in. I asked him, "So... was that fucking?" He just laughed. "No dude... I was just rubbing on you!" I said, "Oh, ok... just wanted to make sure! Why didn't you put it in?" He looked at me a bit more serious and said, "Austin, it felt good just like that and I didn't want to hurt you." I responded, "I wanted you to, it would not have hurt." He said, "It hurts at first... trust me!"
Obviously I did not need to ask the question, I now knew he had done this before. In a way, it made me even more excited about it all. We just sat there splashing our feet back and forth for a couple minutes, and he turned on the radio and we were chilling. I could not leave it there though, and HAD to ask. "So, um, have you been fucked?" He did not really respond so I followed it up with, "Or, um, have you just fucked someone." After another few seconds of silence he said, "Both."
He made the point that he had to be getting back now, and I tried to stall as much as possible. I needed the mystery solved now. My dick was still hard as a rock thinking about him fucking, and thinking about him getting fucked. To my surprise he came out and said, "You better promise on your life that you will never repeat this ever." I nodded. "Well, my brother used to mess around with me. It doesn't make us gay though, we were just fooling around and practicing for girls and stuff." I was amazed, yet even more turned on at this point. I asked, "How long have you been doing it?" He responded, "Well, I dunno, I guess since I was your age." I then asked, "Do you still do it?" He then went on to explain that in fact they do, but not really often at all since he was away at school this year and he was a girlfriend at school.
I could tell he was uncomfortable with the conversation at this point, but I was so fucking horny I couldn't take it. I wanted ALL the details at this point. Where Matt was cute, his brother was fucking gorgeous. I suppose they looked alike, but his brother had darker hair and a damn toned body. I never really thought about it and him being good looking, but thinking about him fucking Matt had me hot beyond belief. I just looked at him and said, "I want you to fuck me so bad." He gave me a loving smile and said, "OK, but I have to go home now."
As he walked home I put my shirt back on, and held my hard on back with my gym shorts so it would not be obvious if my mom was still awake. I slipped into the bathroom, grabbed some hand lotion and went to my bed. I laid back, put lotion on my finger and slide it inside myself. I just laid there for a few minutes and just pictured his perfect little cock inside me throbbing away. It was not easy, but I slide the one finger out and slide two in this time. I barely had to touch my dick before I came. Feeling my ass grip my fingers was amazing, and I could not wait to do the same to my Matt's cock.

Thank you for some of the positive feedback on the original one. It was a long summer with many great events that I would like to share if there is a desire for it.,,, and even more and better afterwards as well! Again though, I am not a writer, but just wanted to share my stories with the world a bit as otherwise I do not get to talk about it.

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