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Four stories by solipsistic about a couple going to California, the husband to work and the wife to vacation and visit with her sister
The wife, Stacy, carries on sexually in front of her husband, fully participating as this stranger pounds his large cock into her pussy and she exclaims loudly for him to bury it deeper and to cum in her pussy. I don’t know if solipsistic is going to conclude the storyline or leave it hanging, but this is my own ending of the storyline. I wrote what I and other husbands would actually do in real life, not the reactionary extreme of cutting off Todd’s penis and balls to render him useless, which is what I’d consider paying someone to do. I had to add a couple of characters in order to have a complete storyline. Hope they publish my ending version, whether solipsistic writes one or not. You can always have two different endings to a story. Sorry there’s not much sexual activity in this one, I’m new to writing stories. Hope you enjoy my ending.

Laura got everyone up early Saturday morning so we could get everything ready for the beach. All the chairs, towels, and food were loaded up in the car and we were ready to go. Laura locked her house up and we walked out together. Stacy was already in the car sitting next to Todd in the back seat, of course. I had decided that I would use the beach to confront this crazy attitude of my wife wanting to fuck another man. The truth is, I didn’t know exactly what was going on or even how to approach Stacy about her actions. Stacy was normally a very conservative, very reserved woman and didn’t do anything without planning it all out ahead of time and never had uttered any curse words since I’ve known her. I didn’t know who planned what was unfolding or how Stacy and I fit in with the plans. There was very little conversation on the way to the beach. At least in public, Stacy will have to keep her clothes on and be civil in her language and actions. Laura started the trip and quietly I watched the rear seat to see what was transpiring. My wife was holding hands with Todd and rubbing his fingers. Glancing back several times, I caught them both pulling their hands back from each other’s thighs where they were trying to get more intimate in the back seat. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other. I was very curious what they would try to do when they got to the beach. They acted like two lovers on their honey moon eager to have as much sex as they could engage in and didn’t even acknowledge my presence. I thought about how to conduct myself at the beach; I wanted to scream, yell and pound my fists into a couple of people! We arrived and Laura parked her car. We got out and packed our chairs, towels and food to the beach. After picking our spot on the sand and laying everything out, I walked off down the beach to be alone in my thoughts. I really needed time to think

Several hours later, Stacy, Laura and Todd found me. I simply nodded to them politely to acknowledge their presence and kept my mouth shut. I really didn’t think I needed to say anything; I figured by now all three knew I was really angry at what had been going on between all three of them. Whether it’d get them to alter any of their actions; I had no idea at this point. I thought I knew my wife, but I was obviously wrong. Stacy finally spoke first and asked what was I so mad about? I replied, “That’s a pretty stupid question. I’m supposed to enjoy watching you, Stacy, ridding the big cock of a strange man and flaunting your enjoyment in front of me by screaming comments like “Todd get deep inside me and fill my pussy full of your cum!” Do you really expect me to ignore,”Put your whole cock inside me and stretch me deep!” and all of your other comments like this, like it’s something normal and fucking another man doesn’t really mean anything! You were just enjoying your vacation! Well I can’t and won’t! Your actions with Todd have been totally inappropriate! That’s all I’ve been listening to from you all week! Don’t you realize you’ve torn my heart out! In this week, you and Todd have destroyed our life together! Stacy, you’ve spent every night naked in Todd’s bed and never even given me a hug or a kiss. I no longer feel that I have any life or obligations to you at all! You’ve made it very clear to me that you have no love for me nor do you respect me in any way!”

They had totally destroyed my life and maybe my job! I had trouble at work concentrating because I was so worried about my marriage. “Laura, I think I know what devious plot you and Todd are playing. Todd’s cock is so large that he stretches and elongates a woman’s vagina and vagina canal so the only sexual pleasure that the woman can get in the future is with similar large cocks. You and Todd planned to stretch Stacy to ruin our marriage and take her away from me by destroying our sex life together
I explained to the three of them, “The normal male has a penis no longer than 6 inches maximum. Todd’s 11 inches is in the rarest of the male population range. So when a man that size fucks a woman continuously, he stretches her. After a while she stays stretched permanently and doesn’t return to her original size because of the loss of vaginal muscle strength. She becomes dependent on his cock alone from then on to receive any sexual pleasure. Stacy could not get any satisfaction from a normal male only from a large cock, which means that my own wife is ruined for me sexually and our married life is all finished. Like you Laura, you got no satisfaction from me when you sat on me by the pool that first night nor did I from you. I was too small for you, Laura. You, Stacy, now have too large an opening in your vagina to give me any satisfaction. I heard you both making jokes last night about my tiny dick and laughed.”

“Stacy, the only two words you’ve said to me this week was Hi honey as you sat on another man’s face and he buried his tongue in your pussy! You have barely acknowledged that I’m even alive since we’ve been here. What do you expect of me? Are you proud of the slut you’ve become? When I got to Laura’s from work the third day, you greeted me lying naked on the couch with Todd and you had a smart ass grin on your face! Then you proceeded to spread your legs wide apart displaying your gaping pussy full of Todd’s cum to show off to me to what, that another man has been fucking your pussy while I was out working hard to earn a living? You wanted to show off to me that you’ve been fucking Todd all day and know you’re chock full of his baby making sperm! How do you think I felt when you did that, Stacy? I’m discussed with your attitude and what you’ve been doing! We are supposed to be on vacation, enjoying ourselves working on starting our family, but so far I haven’t even been allowed to sleep in the same bed with my own wife! You’ve been trying to have children with Todd, not me, your husband! Todd, you’re damn lucky you’re still alive!”

Stacy then said that Todd told her in the pool that first night that Laura had told me of their plans to swap partners and that I was anxious to watch Todd fuck her with his large cock to see if she could take it all inside her. Todd kept telling me that you were watching as he felt me and you were excited at his fondling my big breasts! I thought you were enjoying yourself with Laura. You seemed fine with everything!

“Stacy, what you’re saying is a lot of crap,” I yelled!

“I haven’t been fine with anything! Yea right! You’re going to believe that no good bastard Todd over me! I was never fine with anything! All you had to do was look at me anytime and my face told the tale! I was devastated that first night when you put Todd’s cock to your pussy and told him to put it in you and your constant moaning as he shoved his cock all the way into you! Oh sure Stacy! I’m just so thrilled to watch you get naked with Todd and let him fuck you day and night, filling my fertile ovulating wife with his sperm and attempting to impregnate you with his baby! We had discussed this vacation and I thought we had agreed to finally work on starting our family and having several children now that our finances are secure! This is supposed to be our vacation, not yours and Todd’s! I thought you were here to be with me and enjoy our time together, THAT’S OUR, NOT

My anger drove me on. “If I was fine with everything that was happening, why did you stay as far away from me as you could? You’re a lying bitch, Stacy! You stayed away from me because you could tell how angry I was! You never approached me to hug me or kiss me on the cheek before I went to work or returned home. You wanted to extend your fucking! Every night you made it a point to go to bed with Todd and avoid all contact with me, your own husband! You haven’t said three words to me so far on our vacation! THERE’S ONLY ONE THING YOU’VE CARED ABOUT THIS WHOLE WEEK AND THAT’S TODD’S DICK IN YOUR PUSSY! I can tell you feel guilty for how you’ve been treating me and you know I’m telling the truth! That’s because you know your present action is totally inappropriate and your excuses are nothing but a line of crap! You stayed away from me because you knew just how mad I was and were afraid I’d slap the shit out of you! If it would have been a plan like Todd said, I would have discussed it with you before we got on the plane and I definitely wouldn’t have let you get off your birth control pills and got your opinion or simply told you that I didn’t like the idea and I was going to stay at a hotel by myself if that’s what you wanted to do. Laura, I didn’t realize you hated me so much that you’d conspire to destroy our marriage and Stacy I thought you were a faithful, loving wife, not a lying, cheating, fucking whore! You’re all very lucky I don’t have a gun, because all three of you would be dead right now! I’d have shot all of you that second day with no regrets! I may have gone to prison, but I could care less! You know, in prison I’d be looked up to for killing all three of you for what you’ve done to me! It would have been worth it!”

At that point, I rose and walked off. “I’ll be by the car when you get ready to leave. Sorry I’m being a bore on your good times. Don’t let me slow down your fucking!” I went to Laura’s car in the parking lot to wait to go home. I didn’t care to associate with anyone. I wanted silence to think about what I needed to do next.

About three hours later, Stacy, Laura and Todd walked up. They didn’t hurry because of me. If anything, they stayed longer than they normally would have, maybe they had a few things to discuss. The ride to Laura’s house was quiet. Not a word was said in normal conversation. Stacy and Todd whispered to each other. I couldn’t believe anything that would have been said at this point anyway. Getting to the house, I went to the guest bedroom to shower and pack. Around 8pm I went to the kitchen and made a sandwich for supper. The fucking three were there planning something. They stopped talking when I entered. They finished eating and Stacy grabbed Todd’s cock and led him towards the master bedroom. I think all my questions were answered. Stacy wanted to fuck Todd as much as she could! Her glare at me when she strolled by me said it all! She didn’t give a shit to anything I had said! She was pissed at me for not agreeing to let her fuck Todd! I don’t think that she actually realized just how mad I was and when she found out, she got mad! Stacy was dead set on fucking Todd, period! I concluded that she no longer wanted me for her husband! If that was what she wanted, so be it, that’s what she’ll get! I’ll end it very soon! I kept silent and observed what was happening. I walked down the hall a few feet towards my guest bedroom, and listened. Todd, Laura and Stacy were talking in the master bedroom and I heard Stacy say that she really enjoyed Todd’s big cock a lot more than my little dick and Laura laughed and replied so did she. Laura told Stacy that she couldn’t see how Stacy could stay married to such a little dick. IT WAS OBIVIOUS TO ME, MY OWN WIFE CHOSE TO MOUNT A NEW COCK OVER OUR YEARS OF MARRIAGE! I figured if my marriage was over, and no longer important to Stacy, I would give her some help. Stacy could just stay in California and fuck Todd and all the big cocks she could find.

I went to the guest bedroom and shut the door. I considered locking it, but down deep I wished Stacy would come to her senses and come to bed with me. I didn’t think she would, though. I got out my laptop and finished some minor company work I had and then started composing some new emails. I had decided to send emails with attachments of the videos I had taken of Stacy and Todd fucking with the video cam in my laptop, to her boss, her parents, her close friends, and my personal attorney. I’d send them in the morning when I got to the airport if things tonight went like I thought they would go.

I got up at 8am, shaved, dressed and finished packing. As I was coming back from getting some juice in the kitchen, I could hear Stacy and Todd talking in the master bedroom. Todd was telling Stacy that he was going to miss her when she went home. Stacy replied that Todd and Laura could visit us and stay at our house in a guest bedroom as we have a six bedroom house. She even told Todd that she’d have no problem with me stopping her from sleeping with him in a guest room if he came. I then finished loading the car. I had decided last night to leave early and get breakfast at the airport. Just as I finished loading the car, Laura came out the front door and asked where I was going? I kept silent and went to get my laptop. Then Stacy and Todd came out, and I told all three that I was going to the airport to catch my plane home. Stacy said that she wasn’t finished packing yet. “Don’t bother,” I replied. “You’re not going home with me! You’re not welcome in my life anymore! I canceled your reservation! You have demonstrated to me in every way possible that I’m not important in your life anymore! You want a new large cock more than me! I’m going home a single man! Our marriage is over! I never want to see or hear from you ever again! And Todd, I want you to know that I think you are the most worthless, disgusting piece of shit that I’ve ever had the misfortune to meet! You can all go rot in hell! I haven’t decided exactly what I’m going to do yet, but I assure you, Todd, you’re living on borrowed time! I have the financial capacity to see you dead before the end of this year, and right now that’s how I feel! Think on that every time you put your cock in Stacy, Todd! Oh yah, Stacy, I’ve emailed videos of you, Todd, and Laura naked and fucking by the pool to your parents, my lawyer and your boss, Stacy, and your friends! After I get home, I’m going to post them on several public porn web sites along with your full names, cell numbers and address!

That’ll get you some publicity! I’ve burned your past! Your mother had called me at work two weeks ago and I told her about us discussing having a couple of children and she was happy! I guess she’ll be disappointed now! You no longer have access to any of our credit cards or any of the bank accounts anymore, I’ve cut you off! I’ll be donating all your clothes and jewelry to charity! The only cloths or possessions you have are what you have in your suitcases!

Stacy then stuck her hand out to get me to stop and I saw our wedding rings. Before she could react, I grabbed her wrist and took our, rather my engagement and wedding ring off her finger! The shock expression on her face was priceless! I “officially” ended our marriage!

I told her, “Stacy, you don’t deserve a wedding ring from me! I don’t want a whore for my wife!” I put them in my pocket and got in my rental car to go to the airport. As I backed out the driveway, I looked up and saw Stacy in shock with her hands to her face, crying. That was her first expression of any emotion for me during our entire vacation.

BYE BYE, Going Home
Sunday, Arriving Home

There were several emails from Stacy and one from Laura that downloaded when I opened my email at home. Stacy was supposedly sorry, but I didn’t believe either of them. I didn’t reply to anyone, yet. I got emails from Stacy every day, even on my work account where nothing is really private. At the end of my first week back from California, everyone at work knew I’d left Stacy in California and why. I didn’t see any point in trying to hide my embarrassment at what happened. I phoned Stacy and Laura’s parents to inform them on what just took place in California. I had told Stacy that I had emailed her parents videos of her fucking Todd by the pool, but I didn’t, not yet. Parents shouldn’t get news such as this, just in your face type thing. I told them everything over the phone and told them of the videos and gave them the option of deciding. I ended up emailing them to a friend of theirs for viewing and let him give them the vivid deions for them to decide. Stacy’s boss called me and I met him for lunch and filled him in on all that happened. He was shocked that Stacy would act like that and I gave him Laura’s mailing address so he could send Stacy her final paycheck and a notice of termination of employment because she hadn’t given official notice or showed up for work. I started getting questions about meeting someone new from some of the single and divorced women at work. A couple of happily married women made some hints to me that they had some very eligible friends they’d like to introduce me to. I wasn’t interested yet. All of the free dinners to introduce their friends to me were very tempting. I made myself a mental note to get a pocket calendar to keep all the invitation dates straight. There were a load of free meals to be taken advantage of out of this situation of mine.

I thought of different actions I could take against Todd to get revenge. I didn’t think there was anything I could do that was legal. Although something illegal would work for me. Since California was so far away, I might get away with it and not leave a clear trail back to myself. I was so angry at what happened that I really didn’t care about the consequences of actions I took. My life was taken away from me by Todd and Laura with the total cooperation of Stacy and I really didn’t feel any compassion for their future. I found quite a few open websites you could post to and I posed the videos with all identifying names and addresses. I hoped that Todd had made enemies that would find him and get their revenge and some for me.
Two Weeks Home

The emails started getting more desperate from Stacy. She apologized more and more and kept repeating how sorry she was in the way she treated me and that Todd really didn’t mean anything to her but sex and she realized that now and was through with him. I emailed her and Laura the same email that I didn’t believe anything she said as yet; I was too hurt by the way she treated me to even consider any apologies. She had a lot to be sorry about; that she hurt me too much to “just get over it”. I then told of all the offers that I’ve been getting from women at work and friends of ours who knew me and what Stacy had done and what a good husband I’d be for some lucky women that could appreciate a good loyal loving man. If we did get back together, and that was a humongous IF, I wanted Stacy to know that she had better be on tip-toes because she could be easily replaced. I emailed Laura that I was really devastated at what was done to me by her and Todd, but I held Stacy fully responsible for how she treated me, but them more because I believed it was their devious plan. I reminded her of the financial help I had given her in the past when she wanted to buy that house and told her that she’d never get any help from me ever again because of her actions.

Three Weeks Home

Stacy said she had been a fool to believe anything Todd said. She and Laura had a fight with Todd about his conning Stacy. He still insisted that I knew everything all along. Laura told Todd that she believed he was lying. Todd paused and looking at Laura and finally admitted that I hadn’t been told anything at all and he didn’t care because his main goal was achieved. He got to fondle Stacy’s big tits and fuck her insanely and stretch her pussy and ruin her for her husband. Todd even boasted that he’s done that many times in the past, stretching a wife’s pussy and her ending up in a divorce because her husband obliviously found out that she was fucking around. Laura then told Todd to get out because she was going to get a gun and shoot him. She said it so sincerely that Todd took off, he was afraid of when she’d do it and that was three days ago. Laura said that he’d probably never come back. That’s what Laura emailed me right after that supposedly happened and apologized profusely for what happened to Stacy and me. She admitted that she was the cause of her sister’s marriage breakup. It sounded too good to be true and I paused to take any action. I was going to be very cautious. After all this time, Stacy could never satisfy me sexually ever again.

One Month Home
I called my personal Doctor and he consulted with an OB specialist about the problem of a woman being stretched by a large penis. A very large penis introduced repeatedly into a small vagina opening can cause the loss of vagina muscle flexibility and permanent stretching. A woman typically conforms to her husband’s size over time in a marriage, so it really is no big deal in a continual marriage. He said it could be corrected with surgery and time to heal to get back to normal, but it would be quite difficult to put back to normal. That was biological but the mental relationship was more complicated and a lot harder to deal with. I emailed Stacy and simply asked her what did she suggest we do about Todd leaving? I was stalling.
Six Weeks Home

In order to believe that anything in California was factually true, on my personal cell phone I called Patrick the gentleman that I had company business with in California. He already knew everything that transpired because I told him daily what was happening. He agreed to go around Laura’s and take a look at the situation for me by using the fence. He went by that afternoon and surprise, surprise; all three of them were naked by the pool. Stacy was naked and moaning like the whore she was, while riding Todd’s cock. Laura was watching. Nothing had really changed. To make sure, he went again the next day before emailing me an update. Todd and Stacy were again fucking by the pool at supper time. Patrick was an electronics gizmo nerd and he told me he could install a miniature weather proof spy cam on a pole overlooking the back yard with the permission of the guys next door, but I had to pay for it. I told Patrick to talk to them and get it all set up and I gave him an old credit card number that I seldom used, but was still valid and he could use it to pay for everything he needed. The guys all agreed, as long as they got to watch. Hey, what the hell. I could care less if they watched my ex-wife and her sister fuck a big dick by their pool. They watched through the fence anyway. I paid for the whole setup and Patrick got it all installed. The guys said they would copy all the video off the hard drive onto DVDs for me and them. I figured I got the best of that deal. Patrick put up a pole with a large birdhouse on top of it and underneath it he installed the web cam. It was well hidden and protected from the weather. The DVD’s would be good in the divorce. Stacy would have no grounds to demand anything.

Two Months Home

It was now two months later, Stacy and Laura were still fucking Todd. Patrick sent me DVDs almost daily made of Stacy, Laura and Todd fucking in the back yard by the pool. It was easy for Patrick to pick up the DVDs because it was on his normal route home. The guys next door were enjoying the “home” movies. Patrick and his wife were running errands on one Saturday, two months after I had returned home and they went by next door to Laura’s house to pick up my movies. He had told his wife about the whole sordid affair and she couldn’t believe that any wife who loved her husband would do such a thing. She wanted to take a look for herself. She got an eye full; Todd was lying naked on towels by the pool on top of Stacy humping his large cock in and out of her like two horney teenagers. Stacy was screaming for Todd to “fuck her harder” and to “fill her up”. His wife couldn’t believe what she saw and heard. She had to take a video for herself with her cell phone. Good for my divorce. I continued to email Stacy that I was still too distraught by what Stacy had done to forgive her. I still wanted my divorce. I didn’t want to let on that I had a contact in California and knew what was going on. Obviously she’d been lying to me about Todd being gone.
Three Months Home

My divorce proceedings were going smoothly. Stacy got her old boss’s attorney to represent her before the court. She didn’t appear in person, she just let him handle everything. He had a deposition that Stacy dictated and signed in California and sent by that lawyer to the one here to present before the court thus making all the steps nice and legal and quick. She asked for very little, except her good jewelry and some clothes, which I had boxed and sent by UPS to Laura’s house. I was trying, as per my lawyer’s advice, to be as civilized as I could be in my gut wrenching situation. I don’t really know if Stacy and Laura realize how they tore my heart out with what they did. I don’t think I’ll ever know the truth about how the whole ploy of getting Todd and Stacy together came about. Whose idea it was and who put the plan into action? Was Stacy lied to about my feelings and actually believed that I was watching Todd feel of her naked tits and later enjoyed watching Todd fuck her with his large cock. Was Stacy told about the plan before and wanted to spend her vacation in California having Todd’s cock buried in her pussy? One thing Stacy could have done to make sure that I was okay with Todd fucking her was to come to me and hug me and ask if I was okay with it. But she never tried, which leads me to think that she didn’t care. She certainly did one thing that emphasized that she was enjoying herself by loudly telling Todd by the pool that first night for him to “put it in me” and then going to bed with him and spending the night. Then consider what Stacy did every night, yelling at Todd to “stretch my pussy and fill me full of your cum”. Never did she make any mention of spending any night in bed with me, her husband. Every night she was in the master bedroom in bed fucking Todd and screaming; so I guess I’d be sure to hear just how much pleasure she was having being fucked and loving his large cock filling her full of cum.

Six Months Home

The divorce papers were sent to Stacy’s attorney in California and he got her to sign them in front of him and witnesses. He notarized the papers and returned them to my attorney for filing with the court. Now that my divorce from Stacy was finalized, I let Patrick know that I no longer needed or wanted any more movies of the three stooges: The Laura, Stacy and Todd show was officially canceled. I was sick of the whole spectacle. Patrick told me he was sorry how everything turned out. I told Patrick to thank the boys next door for me and tell them to just keep all the electronics I had paid for. Their cooperation was worth every penny I spent.

Seven Months Home

I received a surprise package from Patrick in California with a DVD in it. Stacy and Laura had not yet realized that they were continuously on a mini cam and the neighbors continued to record and make DVD movies for them and their friends. It was good entertainment for a bunchy of horney young males and the price was right and it was true life. I sure as hell didn’t care. In fact, whenever I thought about it, I had to chuckle a little inside. Laura had bragged that she had told Stacy that the guys next door could see through the fence, and they both liked the fact that the young gentlemen could see them totally naked and committing sexual acts by the pool and would masturbate watching them. In a short letter he stated that he thought I might like to view this movie. So, I’ll bite and inserted it into my DVD player. As usual it was of Laura and Stacy naked around the pool, but no Todd. In fact, in watching the whole hour long movie, Todd was never in it. I was watching Stacy sitting in a deck chair talking to Laura with her back to me. Finally Stacy got up and walked towards the back sliding door. STACY’S BELLY WAS STICKING OUT! SHE WAS PREGNANT! Patrick my California computer nerd also printed and sent an 8by10 color print of that frame! I took that frame to my family doctor the next day and he estimated the bulge to be four to six months. I knew it wasn’t mine because the last time Stacy and I had intercourse she was on the pill and hadn’t gotten off them yet, plus that was before we went to California and she has now been there almost eight months. It wouldn’t surprise me if Todd was now gone due to the pregnancy; he didn’t seem to be the type to own up to any responsibility and take care of his child. This is the ultimate payback for wanton sexual activity with all dismissal of responsibility. Stacy and I had talked of having and raising children together and now she’s doing it all alone!

Sometimes there are conseqences of your actions!

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all I can say is kudos to the writer for the husband having the balls to get rid of that pig wife........ hope she gets aids from
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about time a husband took action against his cheating pig wife

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Now write your own stuff.

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