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This story is divided in two parts the first part is heterosexual, the second part contains Bi-Sexual writing however, no homosexual acts will take place until Ch. 2.
Sam awoke slowly, nestled in between his two drop dead gorgeous slaves; this, Sam thinks is the understatement of the year because these women transcend beauty. Jean slender with brunette hair and medium sized tits, her hips were just the right shape for a good fuck. Alex also very slender was blonde she had the hips and ass for a good anal work out.

Sam, 6ft. 2in. 135pounds, sandy hair, all over tan, major pecks, wash board abs, light happy trail leading to a 9in. cock, and powerful legs. Sam was a stud, he had all the women he could have wanted all through college he was freshly out 26 years old.

Sam came to consciences, becoming aware that his 9 inch throbbing member was in the midst of a deep throat by his slave Jean, her talented tongue performing wonders he cannot even begin to describe. Jean works hard to pleasure her master as her master attacks Kim’s cunt eagerly slurping Kim's womanhood until he finds the spot he's been searching for and he clamps down barely avoiding drawing blood.

Kim screams out in intense, earth shattering orgasms that leave her withering in her master’s embrace as his tongue makes another go at her. As Kim shrieks in the wake of her multiple orgasms, Sam erupts spewing his hot seed deep into Jeans awaiting throat. Jean greedily hoards all of her masters present. In thanks Jean slowly drops onto her master’s chest and straddles him, grinding her cunt into his crotch, slowly bringing him to full mast taking his entire 9in. ball deep into her.

Jean eager for another load of gooey cum inside her, she sets a near-frantic pace; Sam notices his slaves renewed vigor with every thrust and every moan. Sam is on cloud nine enjoying the good cunt fuck he is getting, then a pair of luscious lips lock around his balls suckling his manhood.

Sam violently unloads into Jean’s cunt, as he slows to a stop the lips release him and he withdraws from Jeans dripping vagina. Sam slips into semi-consciousness aware his slaves lay beside him cuddling him; then it’s time to face the day and the three awake once more going to the downstairs (still naked) to the lower portion of the mansion for breakfast. Breakfast compared to the early morning hours was quite uneventful, after breakfast Sam sat reading his paper drinking his hot coffee.

Sam looks over at Kim and sees the longing in her face and he points with his right index finger to his naked flaccid cock; Kim soon has her master up to full mast with a few gentle kisses to his glands. Kim with nowhere near the talent that Jean proudly makes up for it with her raw passion, she stands her master up, gently running her hands down his hard pecks, to his wash-board abs, finding his light happy trail she knows the target is near.

Kim drops to her knees slowly taking her masters throbbing head into her mouth allowing her jaw to stretch to allow the bulging member entrance. Kim is vigorously bobbing her head taking in as much of the member as she can, she formulates a plan and prays to god it doesn’t backfire too badly. Kim’s hands start to softly drift up the back of her master’s legs to his thighs and then come to rest her hands on his ass.

With no adverse reaction the slave boldly continues with her devious plan, she begins to massage her master’s ass cheeks. Sam begins to moan softly as his slave begins to massage his ass cheeks, he makes a mental note to have her massage him more often. As Kim feels her master’s ass relax to its greatest point she takes her middle finger and rams in into his brown pucker. Sam roars and climaxes deep into his slaves belly.

Sam’s mind goes into a whirl wind of confused thoughts, he always considered himself unequivocally straight but he just had a ground shaking orgasm from being violated. “Knees now bitch!” Kim was instantly on her knees face down ass high in the air; Sam walked behind his slave and forcefully pried apart her ass cheeks.

Kim realized only too late her master’s intention; Sam plunged with all his strength and full weight behind him, burying ball deep into her virgin ass with no lubricant at all. “How do you like that?!” Kim was sobbing as glorious pain tore through her, she had always dreamt of her master taking her ass but he wouldn’t ever do it. Sam gave her no time to recover at all he set a past-brutal pace literately ass pounding the bitch into submission. Sam was having an experience like no other, it was so tight and so hot, exotic and tabooed; as Kim climaxed her anus contracted around Sam’s shaft and he exploded into her filling her to the brim.

When Sam finally withdrew he admired his handy work, no part of Kim’s ass was left unscathed not an inch was left scarlet red and throbbing. Sam walked to the couch and flopped down, the day so new already threatening to overcome him, then he relinquished control and fell to sleep.

(While it does not include acts of homosexuality the story includes homosexually suggestive writing from this point)

Sam awoke with a quilt laid over him, he got up folded the quilt up and walked around the house naked looking for his slaves (Sam is a private nudist rarely wearing clothes at home). Unable to find them and so immersed in his thought he called his good friend Mike to come hang out and help him to get his mind off of things; shortly thereafter he heard the doorbell.

So engrossed in his thoughts Sam answered the door buck naked showing off his semi-hard 9in. penis to his best friend. As Mike’s eyebrows arch Sam realizes his mistake and apologizes,

Mike: “So… I guess you really did have a lot on your mind.”
Sam: “So sorry, I’m a nudist I forgot to clothe myself”
Mike: “What’s it like being naked in front of other people?" Honestly intrigued by the life style he had never had one to ask before.
Sam: “I think it is the most liberating action. Nothing comes close to comparing with it.”

Taking a bold step he adds “You’re welcome to try it if you like.” Sam is suddenly interested to see his friend’s comparison to his own endowment.

(Mike was a shade taller than Sam at 6ft. 3in. 138 pounds, with deep black hair, bulging pecks, and his toned six pack with a scruffy happy trail leading to his 11in. tick cock, atop sculptured legs.)
Pondering his friend’s statement and then decides against it

Mike: “Nah”
Sam: “Then do you want me to get dressed?”
Mike: “Nah, It’s your house.”

The two make their way to the pool patio where the pair sit down for a beer, the two sit in companionable silence one nude as the day he was borne and the other awkwardly avoiding staring until.

Sam: “I’m going to take a swim, want to join me?”
Mike: “Umm… Sure but I didn’t bring my swim shorts with me.”
Sam: “Swim in boxers for all I care.”

Mike thinks for a moment then nods and begins to strip first his t-shirt, revealing his well tanned body, his bulging pecks, his six packs and happy trail. Then he removes the shoes and socks, and then pants revealing his sculptured legs and his bulge barley concealed by his skin tight boxer briefs.

Mike does a shallow dive into the spacious pool and the two swim around for a while doing some laps all the while Sam taking fleeting glances at Mike’s package. The two start splashing each other, then they begin to water wrestle each trying to submit the other Sam feeling Mike’s humongous bulge rubbing into his back.

Sam had to end the water wrestling in fear of popping a massive hard on in front of Mike, they got out and started toweling off. While Mike was drying his pitch black hair Sam stole another glance at Mike’s briefs; they were almost see through with the water.

Sam forced his eyes away when Mike finished drying his hair Sam decided to see how far he could push it until Mike would object.

Sam: “I’m going to go grab a massage. Want to go with me? I got two drop dead gorgeous women to do them for us.”
Mike: “Well I have never had a massage before, but I would love too.”

As Sam leads the way Mike can help but look at Sam’s naked ass, it was so perfect the shape and the glimpses of Sam’s hole almost made Mike’s groin tingle. Mike had to restrain himself from reaching out and groping his friend’s ass.

As they arrived in the massage room one look at the two women that would soon be rubbing him down in close physical contact Mike’s flaccid cock began to stir to a semi-erection. Sam turned and indicated the table on the left to Mike, Say commanded “Strip down and lay face down on the table.”

Mike didn’t even think of disobeying and he slid his boxer briefs down to his thighs and his semi-erect cock bounced out, as Mike continued till his briefs were on the ground and his dick was fully in the open. HOLY SHIT! Thought Sam it must be 8in. only semi-erect! Uncut, the perfect thickness, and not to grizzly looking… In short it was the perfect cock.

Sam’s view of Mike’s magnificent specimen was cut short as Mike lay down on the table, Sam followed suit laying on his right then called for the girls. The pair came out wearing the same sexy lingerie.

Sam: “Blonde or Brunette?”
Mike: “Brunette.”

Jean walked over to Mike and began to warm the oils around the table allowing Mike and her master to make small talk, Mike looked over two feet to his right and talked with Sam for a while then began the massage of his life.

Jean started slow and strong, knowing this was Mike’s first time receiving a professional massage, she began by working the warm oils in-between each of Mike’s toes. Jean next massaged the soles of his feet her strong fingers probing and poking massaging away the sores, Mike looked over two feet away and saw Kim mirroring Jean’s actions onto Sam. As Sam looked over at Mike, Sam winked and Mike returned his attention to Jean who was by now massaging the backs of his legs.

As soon as Jean reached the upper thighs she moved to the opposite end of the table and began to work lavish amounts of oil into his shoulders and upper back. Again, she stopped right before reaching the ass and moving to the opposite end reworking the feet and legs as before. “Why the tease?” thought Mike

Jean working on the soles of his feet again, Mike steels another fleeting glance at Sam; to Mike’s surprise Sam is already looking at him Mike looks away shyly. He hears Sam chuckling softly, and Mike resumes enjoying the professional massage until a hand large and rough grabs a hand full of his ass Mike whips around an sees Sam grinning wildly; After Mike returns the harsh favor the matter is closed.

For the second time Mike and Jean are at the men’s upper thighs only this time the women continue their ministrations northerly. The women simultaneously begin to work the toned tissue of the men’s asses giving them deep tissue massages. Sam and Mike are soon moaning in time with the massage.

Both men are at full mast when the two women instruct the men to roll over on to the backs; Mike rolls over shyly ashamed and fully aware of his friend’s blatant stare at his full-fledged boner. Soon Mike became accustomed to the occasional glances at his 11in. monstrous weapon.

The women again began their massage at the feet and ignored the pubic regions until on the third pass Jean shocks the hell out of Mike when she takes his weapon into her mouth. She gently slides back the skin revealing the velvety head. Even as a professional cock sucker Jean found this to be extremely hard going; the width was threatening to tear her jaw open with each throb. Because she can only fit the head and a few inches of the monster into her mouth she makes up for it with a lot of tongue and dragging her teeth across the velvety head.

Mike gasps in shock and pleasure as Jean drags her pearly white teeth along his velvety head. Astonishingly when Mike looked over at Sam he found Sam overtly staring at his giant tool, intrigued by the stare Mike took it as permission and watched his friend getting a sweet blowjob.

For some unexplainable reason Mike found it extremely hot to watch his friend getting head, although Mike vastly out measured Sam, Sam still had a big dick. It was so disappointing to Mike to see hyped-up porn stars with tiny penises. Watching and getting a real life blowjob was so much better than anything porn or his own hand could do for Mike… especially sense it was his best friend getting head.

Before either man climaxed Sam pushed Kim on her hands and knees, slowly pushing his throbbing member deep into her; this time Sam used a little oil and went slowly so his slave might enjoy it. Mike assumed he was to follow suit, so he lavishly oiled up his massive tool and her ass with the lubricant; he rested his slippery tool at Jean’s back door then pushed.

The pain is too much for the virgin ass hole to accommodate, the inexperience lead Jean to tighten up her anus only causing her further pain. Mike had faced this problem before her oiled up his hands and began to massage Jean’s ass and anus. Once Mike judged she had relaxed enough he oiled his cock and took the position for another go. With all the leverage weight and strength he could muster Mike dove ball deep into the waiting hole; raping her of her cherry in one mighty impalement.

Pain unlike her master had ever subjugated her to before rip through her anus, she felt every twitch every throb and every flex as if someone was torturing her. With every throb came the threat that her anus would tear in half, Mike allowed her a few moments to adjust to his girth and then he showed her what pain was, he began to viciously pound the taught hole over and over long hard strokes diving ball deep and slapping her ass on every withdraw.

As Jean climaxed earth shattering orgasms one after another her ass hole tightened harder around Mike’s pulsating shaft Mike was so very near cuming along with her. He reached up and grabbed her shoulders driving again and again once after another. And he came, shooting squirt after squirt of his hot cum deep into her belly with each shot she came and with each orgasm she tightened her anus causing another shot they went on like this for a few moments until Mike was empty.

Sam is staring at the pair of them, wondering to himself what it would feel like to have that monster violate his anus and belly filled with the bubbling cum.

After both women were filled to the brim with the gooey substance the men pulled out, exhausted but happy with the day. Sam leads Mike over to the hot tub and lets Mike slide in nude with Jean on his right; Sam gets in after him immediately to the left of mike; the two women sitting beside the men sandwiching the two in-between them.

Underneath the glassy water the women are gently fondling the men’s cocks and balls, and then the two girls take deep breaths diving under the reflective water and took the two men’s flaccid penises into their mouths staying down for well over two minutes. The two men sat chuckling to each other looking into each other’s eyes as they both got head unabashed at their respective nudity.

The two girls left the two guys to wither in their own blissful worlds and went swimming in the pool the luscious tits bouncing as they ran.

As both men regained consciences they looked at each other grinning wildly, and then Mike felt a hand come to rest on his upper thigh right next to his floating crotch with Sam’s knuckles brushing against Mike’s balls. “I sure would appreciate it if you would stay at my mansion over summer break.”…

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