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Part two to my, hopefully long running series of, short strories about my girlfriend living out her fantasies
My Cheating Girlfriend (Pt. II)

Storm clouds rolled over the darkening streets of the town centre, as she stood teetering on her stiletto heels. A cool breeze rustling the pleats of her skirt as lamp posts hummed to life, illuminating the sidewalk as passersby brushed their way home. Shopkeepers rolled down the security gates of their premises, signalling the end of another busy weeks trading, while lights flickered on inside the pubs and clubs down the high street, to welcome the throngs of late-night revellers that were sure to populate the area in mere hours. As a trademark black cab pulled to the curb, she dropped her arm and reached for the door handle.

"Where to, love?" the welcoming query of the cabbie, as she entered and took her seat.

As she gave the driver her address, he humored her with a jovial;

"Pretty girl like you, dressed to kill? And you're off home? Seems such a shame, considering."

"Considering what?" she asked.

As he pulled out of the taxi bay, the driver responded;

"Well, pardon me if I'm speaking out of turn, but with a skirt like that you should really be hitting the town."

He raised his glance to the rear view mirror, and gave her a sly wink. She smiled at his compliment, her eyes drawn to his through the reflective surface. She thought to herself, 'Hmm... he's not half bad. Not your typical cabbie.' And, she was right. He wasn't balding, like most in his profession. His physique wasn't overly paunchy. Probably not too many early morning bacon sarnies, or late-night pints down the pub after his shift had ended. She estimated he was no more than 30, he obviously took care of himself, his muscular arms testament to that. He had a full head of dark hair with firm facial features. She couldn't tell, but guessed he probably stood about 6 feet tall.

"How long have you been driving a cab?" she enquired.

"Not long, love. Only about a year or so," he replied. "My father was a cabbie, his father was a cabbie, his father was, and his father before him probably ferried people by horse and carriage," he joked. "It's in the genes, I s'pose."

"What else is in your jeans?" she retorted nonchalantly.

They smiled at each other one more time, and then she turned her gaze to the passenger side window, as droplets of rain began to fall.

She reached into her handbag, producing a compact and proceeded to fix her makeup.

"So, what is it that you do for a living?" The cabbie asked, breaking the silence.

"I work in a corner shop, in town." She responded.

"Oh, there in the town centre?" He asked.

"No, in the town where I live. It's just a small news agents. Been there a few months now."

She reached into her carry-all once more retrieving her lip stick, and dabbed the rosy colour over her top lip. Then pursed her lips together making sure to even out her makeup.

The journey continued, uneventful. They both continued to flirt, with witty comments here and there. But eventually the cab pulled up outside her residence and she proceeded to pay the fare and exited. The cabbie's glance never detracting from her slender frame as she strode to her front door, inserted the key into the lock, entered and closed the door behind her. Puffing out his cheeks, the cabbie thought to himself 'Mmm, I'll see you later, sweetheart!' as he shifted his throbbing member in the confines of his tight jeans and lazily thought of what she would be doing in his thoughts as he would stroke himself to climax later that evening.


Upon entering the house, my girlfriend retrieves the post from the floor, places it on a little side table, steps out of her heels, drops her key by the post, and skips up the stairs. Heading for the bedroom, she drops her handbag on the floor, and slumps on the bed. Reaching for a throw pillow, she stares off into space and dreamily recounts everything that had happened earlier that day.

'That was so unlike me, I've never done anything like that since I've been with my boyfriend. I know we have problems, but who doesn't?! We're going to have disagreements, sure. But, are ours any different from anybody else's? If we were to break up, do I honestly think that I'd be happy? Do I need anyone else? Do I want anyone else? Do I want to be in a long-term relationship, or do I need to be on my own? Do I want to be tied down, or do I want to have some fun, while I'm still young? I do love him... But, he was so BIG!! I don't remember him being that big when we were together?...'

She reaches down, and rummages in her handbag. Retrieving her mobile phone she reads her 'inbox' messages again.

"for you or him, if ever you change your mind x"

She opens the attached video file, revelling in her afternoon exploits. 'My God... He IS good,' she thought to herself. She reaches down to her clit, massaging the still-exposed flesh underneath her mini skirt. She watches the clip, as it shows her going down fully on his mammoth cock, taking all nine inches of his rock hard member down her throat. She continues to vigorously frig her pussy, slowly piercing her tender lips open with an exploring finger. Massaging her clit, the video turns to him entering her tight ass hole. In the clip, she turns her head to the camera lens and utters the words 'Mmm, baby fuck my ass hard and deep'. As the images on her phone continue to recount her anus getting pummelled, she enters another finger into her throbbing pussy. She adds a third digit and forces them deep inside of her, furiously frigging herself towards orgasm.

'Mmm, God.. I wish I'd have fucked his big hard dick. I need that cock to fuck me so bad now!' she thinks to herself.

Continuing to finger herself, she remebers how good it felt to have her ex-lover's dick stretch her anus. Pulsating deep inside her as she welcomed his entire girth. All she wanted now was for him to come over and she would gladly spread any orifice of hers that he wanted, so she could be completely filled up with his massive rod.

With those thoughts now running rampant through her conscience, she dials her ex's number and as the dial tone rings, she slowly caresses her genitalia with her soft and moistened fingers.

"Hello?," comes the response on the other end of the line, "How's it going, babe?"

"Mmm," her only remark as she continues to caress her delicate pussy lips.


"I'm thinking of you," she tells him.

"Yea?" he asks. "And what are doing while you think of me?"

"I'm laying on my bed, I'm pretty exhausted from earlier."

"I bet you are, hun. You had quite a workout, didn't you?"

Thinking about how best to answer, without sounding unfulfilled, she slides off the bed, and ventures into the bathroom at the end of the hall.

"Some parts of me didn't get as much attention as I would have hoped for..." she pauses. "Do you know what I want to do now?"

"I think I have an idea, babe." The sound of running water echoes into his phone's handset.

She reaches over the side of the bath, reaches for a bottle of Matey Bubble Bath, and proceeds to pour two cap-fulls of solution into the warm running water. Before he can suggest that he come over to satisfy her yearnings, she interrupts him.

"I'm going to take a bath, now. And I want you to tell me what you would do to me if you were here with me, OK?"

"Sure thing, babe. But, on the other hand, I could just come over and you wouldn't have to imagine anything at all," he declares.

"Mmm, that would be nice, but my Mum's going to be over soon. So that wouldn't give us enough time. I bet if you really tried, you could make me cum over the phone."

"OK, put your phone on speaker, and tell me what you're doing at this moment," he orders.

As the bath fills,she puts her phone on speaker, resting it on the side of the tub.

"Right, can you hear me okay?" she asks.

"Yes, what are you doing?"

"Well," she explains, "I'm standing by the side of the bath, wearing my skirt and tube top."

"No heels?" he asks.

"Nope, I took them off at the bottom of the stairs." she replies.

"Okay, well first off I want you take off your top."

She complies, lifting the top over her shoulders and pulls it off, letting it drop to her feet.

"Okay, now what?" she asks.

"Fondle your breasts. And tell me how it feels," he orders.

She raises her hand to her breast, cupping her firm bosom, and begins to recite to him what she's doing;

"I'm cupping my tit, squeezing it like you used to do when you fucked me, I'm raising it to my tongue," and with that proceeds to lick her nipple.

"Mmm,I love having my nipples licked!"

"Good, baby. That sounds so hot! Now I want you to rub your clit while you lick and squeeze your titties! Do it!"

She lowers her free hand, letting it caress her torso then follows a pleat of her skirt down to the hem-line, and slides her hand back up her thigh, a trailing finger brushing her exposed flesh towards her vagina. While she's cupping her breast, and licking her own nipple, she rubs her clitoris and awaits his instruction.

"Are you getting wet for me, babe?"

"Mmm, yes. I can't help but get so turned on when you talk to me like this," she confesses. The water suitably filled the tub, bubbles skim the surface, she reaches and turns off the faucets.

"That's good," he tells her. "Now, I want you to get naked and into the tub."

She removes her fondling hand from under her skirt, and runs it along her belt line. She pulls the zipper down, the clasping teeth slowly releasing, allowing the skirt to slip off her hips. She shuffles it down, over her buttocks and bends at the hip to lower the skirt all the way to the floor. Stepping out of her skirt, and now naked, she tests the water with her toe.

'Mmm, perfect...' she thinks to herself. Her left foot fully submerged, she lifts her right foot over the side, and down into the water. The warm liquid feeling incredibly inviting as she braces herself with her hands on the side of the bath, and fully lowers herself down. Submerging herself to her shoulders, the tingle of bubbles soothing her muscles.

"Okay, I'm in," she mutters into the handset just to the side of her head.

"How does the water feel, hun?"

"Very soothing, I feel so relaxed," she responds. "What would you like to hear me do, now?"

He tells her that he wants her to massage herself all over. To feel ever inch as she is to explore her body, to touch herself how she would like to be touched if, in fact, he were there with her.

She begins by grazing her hands up her silky smooth legs, slowly bringing them up to her knees at the same time as she raises her legs up so that her soapy knees are bent to allow her feet to rest firmly on the bed of the bathtub. Her hands continue up her thighs where one stays at the entrance to her vagina, as the other continues on to her ample bosom. She softly starts to caress the shaven entrance to her womb as her other hand teases her nipple. Continuing to explain where her hands are going she relaxes further into the warm, soapy water and raises her hips slightly as she lowers her hand further under the water and inserts a soaking finger into her pussy. Parting the lips, and explaining how she yearns for his penis to be entering her, she slides another finger into her entrance and massages the inner walls of her vagina. Still twisting and pulling at her nipple, she enters a third finger into her cunt and beings to probe herself faster. Reaching for her G-Spot she tells him that the thought of his huge cock entering her will help her to climax faster. Her nipple now fully erect, she cups her tit firmly, and inserts a forth finger into her swollen clit. Close to orgasm now, she longs to have her lovers cock enter her, her fingers are good but nowhere near able to penetrate her as deep as his full nine inch member could.

"Im playing with myself, baby. You're getting me really turned on," he tells her.

"Mmm, good. That's what I like to hear, is it good and hard?"

He goes on to explain that he has his trousers down to his knees, and he's sitting on the edge of his bed with both hands slowly pumping his cock. He has the video of her posing for him uploaded on his computer, and he's staring at her in her skirt and heels while he strokes himself off.

"That's so hot, baby. I wish you were here and fucking me hard in this bath. I'm so ready to be penetrated right now," she tells him.

"Do you have anything to hand that you could use?" he asks.

Searching the immediate area, and finding nothing overly suitable, she responds with a dispondent;


Recalling an earlier experience during their initial relationship, where during a holiday they took a shower together and he had inserted a shampoo bottle up her anus, he innocently joked;

"Fancy another go?"

Surprisingly, or maybe not (due to her heightened arousal), she agreed;

"I'm up for it again, but I think I'll use him in my pussy, baby. I want you to continue wanking off, while I fuck myself with Matey," she replied.

Reaching for the iconic, novelty, boy-shaped bottle of bubble bath lotion, she unscrewed the sailor hat-shaped cap, and proceeded to pour some fragrant lotion into the palm of her hand. As if she was wanking Matey himself she used the liquid in her hand to lube the outter shell of the bottle. Once it had been suitable lubed up, she replaced the cap, and proceeded to insert the bulbous form of the bottle into her swollen vagina. Slowly inserting an inch at a time she was soon riding Matey like a professional.

'No wonder he has a smile on his face,' she thought to herself.

On the other end of the telephone, he continues to wank off to the vision of his desires on his PC monitor, while enjoying the erotic sounds of her moans and groans, and the ripple of the bath water. His full nine inches throbbing between the grasp of both his hands, precum occaisionally spurting from the tip. Stopping only to dab at the juices emitting from his mushroom tip and taste the salty jizm off his finger, he continues to jerk himself faster as he could hear her on the other end of the line furiously fucking herself with the Matey bottle.

"I'm going to cum, baby!" She exclaims as she vigourously thrusts the bath-time buddy into her sore cunt.

"Fuck yourself hard! I'm going to cum with you."

"Shoot it all over your chest, baby. I want to hear you wank all that hot, sticky spunk all over yourself," she demanded.

As Matey penetrates my girlfriend deeper, stretching her vaginal walls to what feels like tearing, her orgasm courses through her. She uses her pelvic muscles to tighten her vice-like grip around the shapely form as her juices erupt inside of her, filling her cunt with sweet hot cum. Continuing to ride her bath-time aide, her fluids increasingly build up inside her, and trickle out of her relaxing pussy. Her body quivers as her climax slowly abates. On the other end of the line, he can feel his erection stiffen as he slows his caresses and, pausing slightly to delay his own ejaculation, eventually releases as his adrenaline takes control. A steady stream of hot sticky jism erupting form his ballooning mushroom head and landing firmly on his ripped torso. His stroking slowing as he squeezes another, albeit shorter stream, of cum which lands slightly lower on his stomach. Still admiring the still images on his computer screen, he manages to cum a few more times, each lesser amount of fluid spurting down his shaft.

Respectively, they both relax into a more comfortable position. My girlfriend, completely gratified lays back in the tub, a leg trailing over the side of the bath. Her lover, calmly prostrate on his matress, swirls a finger through the pool of semen formed on his chest. He raises his finger up to his mouth, and graciously sucks it clean.

His lover asks him over the phone;

"Did you enjoy that, hun?"

"Very much," he responds, "I feel completely spent. How was it for you?"

"It's a poor substitute to you, but I enjoyed Matey very much!"

Completely spent, they enjoy a few moments casually recounting their virtual romp, satisfied in releasing all their pent up sexual cravings. He, continuing to enjoy tasting all his secretions from his bare chest. She, finishing her bath by washing her hair and wrapping herself in a long, fluffy bath towel. They end their conversation with a promise to meet up again in the week, hanging up just before my girlfriend's mum chimes the doorbell.

My girlfriend enjoys the night spent with her mother, chatting, cooking dinner, glass of wine. Ending with an early night under the duvet, where her thoughts unexpectadly turn to that of me.

Where do we go from here? Is there any way back after everything that's gone on today? Can I have the security of being with the one I love, without being with the one I yearn for? Is it fair on him? How would he feel if he knew my true desires? Is it really that fair on me? Why be unhappy alone, but at the same token -- Happy, but craving the touch of another? So much to think about...

And with that, her eyes drearily close, and she drifts off to sleep. Left alone with her thoughts dancing through her subconscience. Unaware how she'll feel in the morning.

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