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As soon as the car had disappeared Beth was on the phone to Mark
Educacting the girls

By anon y mouse

Chapter 12: Mark and Beth

As soon as the car had disappeared Beth was on the phone to Mark Jerry’s brother. He agreed to come over to keep her company, he was at a loose end anyway, but he had to babysit for the next 2 hrs., he would come over after.

Beth being in need of come cock wanted it sooner than that, and suggested the child be bought over here, after all her daughters room was full of toys the child could play with, she reasoned and anyway children love to play in big back yards ,and she had access to the Jacksons they had a pool and a swing.

Mark capitulated thinking he could have this girl any time, just a pity it coincided with Beth being alone, he remembered last time he had her sweet pussy right outside the back door, while Jerry was in his computer room.

20 minutes later and he was on her doorstep.

“Pretty girl” said Beth

“Yer sure” Mark replied

He gave no hint that he fucked her and stepped in the house.

“Beer Cold” he shouted

Beth went and got him a beer, and asked Sally what she wanted to drink or eat; the girl refused anything. Beth suggested she explore Angela’s room, but Sally just sat there. Mark told her it was OK but she still sat there; both Mark and Beth were getting frustrated, and Sally even at 5 knew it.

“Garden then” suggested Beth “There’s swings and a pool next door they won’t mind, I’m house sittin for them”

Sally still refused to budge until she suddenly said

“It’s OK if you two wanna fuck go ahead, I don’t mind I seen momma and her boyfriend’s”

Beth was shocked but she was too horny to worry, she winked at Mark and led him upstairs out of earshot of the girl. Soon Beth had Marks Pants off and was greedily sucking cock. Mark had remembered correctly she was one hell of a cock sucker. Beth continued for a while and felt it growing. Quickly she needed it in her aching pussy, and she let go long enough to hitch up her skirt and remove her panties.

Laying back she opened her legs, and Mark moved to inch his cock into his brother’s wife’s sweet pussy. Marks thrusts were getting longer, and her moans were getting louder. Beth tried to keep her noise down but this was just what she wanted.

“Oh yes fuck me hard, gimme that cock”

“I’ll fuck you whore”

“Yes make me cum fuck this cock whore”

Both were in full throes and never noticed they had a watcher. Sally moved in as soon as Mark removed his cock from Beth.

“Want me to clean that Uncle Mark?”

Beth and Mark both jumped with surprise, but Sally did both wait for her answer she came in between them and licked on Mark’s cock till it glistened. Beth lay there transfixed as she watched this small child in her labours. By the sounds Mark was making he was obviously enjoying it and it was sort of erotic.

“Now your turn” Sally told Beth

Beth was like a rabbit caught in headlights, she was frozen and numb, but once the girl started her muscles relaxed and she began to enjoy the experience. Moaning her pleasure she offered no resistance to the girl. Sally was an expert pussy licker, and soon the task was complete. In fact Beth wished it had taken her longer.

As Beth and Mark relaxed Mark told Beth all about Sally and her situation. Beth was not going to tell anyone, if she did that would mean admitting she had fucked her brother in law and the pact was made.

Soon after resting Mark made a call

“Seems Sally, you can stay longer I just contacted your momma, I told her we were going shopping and asked if she would mind you being out longer.”

Sally clapped her hands in delight, and they all 3 went back downstairs for refreshments. This time the girl ate like a horse, and drank copious amounts of Juice. Beth admired her little frame, and wondered now why they had not started Angela off earlier, but the thought had never crossed their minds until that fateful day when the Jackson girl Bonnie had interrupted her parents lovemaking, and would not cease asking why she could not do the same. Angela was interested too, and she had somehow made a pact if Bonnie got to fuck then she would too.

Suitably refreshed the 3 without shame went over to the Jacksons poolside, stripped of clothing and began swimming in the cool water. As they swam Sally would dive under them, and Beth was sure she rubbed her between the legs on purpose as she did. Mark was not left out Beth had noticed he had his cock brushed several times.

Swim over all lay out in the sun with abandon to dry off. Beth quizzed Mark and Sally more, and was only mildly shocked when she learned Jerry had also fucked the girl. As Sally skipped around in the garden, and on the swing she wished she lived in a place like this, instead of the 2 bedroom shack she and momma shared. The walls were so thin, she could hear every time her momma bought someone home, and it was that that drove Father away when he caught her one night.

Not only had she lost her Father, but she missed the sex games they played when momma was out. It was a nice surprise when she found Uncle Mark liked playing too, and once more she was happy. Momma still had her friends round, and she still heard the moans and creaking bedsprings, but dreaming of Uncle Mark playing with her drowned all that out, and she found she often reached down and played with herself.

While Sally was skipping around Beth’s mind turned to Angela and Bonnie, and hoped their day was going as well as hers.  Checking the time on her watch she realised there was time for another fuck, and this time Sally was welcome to join in.

Mark was in heaven, he had Sally suck him till he was hard, and then Beth lay back and proffered her ass for him. Mark placed his cock at Beth’s entrance, helped by Sally; he lunged forward and Beth gave out a scream.

Mark pounded Beth for all he was worth, as Beth pushed back to get more cock. All spent Sally licked Mark clean and then proceeded to clean out Beth. Sally was good thought Beth a real find; she must find a way of including this child again. Suitably cleaned there was just Sally’s bath to complete.

Beth watched as Mark bathed the child, the way he ministered and pampered her ass and pussy. Beth was making notes to use with Angela and Bonnie.

Sally always enjoyed this part, allowing Mark to fondle her at will. She just wished he could bathe her every day. All too soon it was time for Mark and Sally to leave; she kissed Beth and thanked her for a nice time.
The rest of Beth’s afternoon left her alone, with the thoughts of the way Sally had worked so expertly in the sexual play. This released Beth’s hormones, and as the trio were late getting back, she decided to chance it. She went upstairs and reached for her vibrators, lying naked now on the bed she began toying herself, and with the ecstasy she fell asleep.

Beth never heard the car pull up; Jerry carried each girl still in costume into the house to surprise Beth. Finding no sign he went upstairs to find her naked on the bed, with her dildo’s scattered around her. He shut the door and left her to it.

Realising the moment had passed Angela and Bonnie were allowed to remove their costumes, and they ran upstairs to Angela’s room. Exhausted from the trip, and the sex they too soon fell asleep on the bed. Jerry went to check and found them; he shut their door too and went to make himself something to eat.

It had been quite an afternoon, and was quite a fruitful one, as he counted the cash in his pocket. $700 plus change was left after paying the gas attendant his commission, and paying for the drinks the girls had. He certainly had a lot to tell the others, and some things to mull over. It was then he found the envelope he had stuffed in his pocket, but that would be best opened when all were present.

To Be Continued......................

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