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There was much to discuss as the journey home progressed
Educating the girls

By anon y mouse

Chapter 11: Chance meeting

There was much to discuss as the journey home progressed and both Bonnie and Angela tried to question Jerry about the offer but as Jerry needed to sort it out in his own head and also ensure Conrad and the others knew and that the girls safety was the main issue he was not much help.

“Would you do it if they asked?” enquired Bonnie

“Dunno depends what we have to do”

“We might have to suck cocks like in the park”

“And get money”

“Guess so”

“Well we did it before why not”

“Exactly” agreed Bonnie

The girls were sure they would do it now it just down to their parents. They had wanted to go out in the streets again and get fucked so what was the big issue.

On the way back Jerry needed gas and pulled into the station as the attendant was filling up he noticed the girls in the car and could not believe his eyes where there two mermaids in the car. Jerry came back out the office and the attendant diverted his eyes.

“Say mister are those real mermaids”

“As real as you want them to be”

“Mind if I look”

“Sure go ahead”

AS the man opened the door, he saw the 2 lovely girls in fishtail's. He took a double take when he saw pussy. The girls obliged by adjusting their pose and opening their pussies giving the man a better view.

“Can I touch em?”

“Afraid not unless you got cash”

“How much”

“A two minute feel be $10 each girl”

“Can’t do it here” the man said “There’s a private park space round back I got the money and can I call the boss he would like to take a look”

“Lookin is $2 a 30 second show but you had it free because u filled the tank”

“Mister park round back I got friend we make you a heap of money”

“Ok tell you what I do but keep this to yourself whatever we make I give you 10% deal”

“Mister you have a deal”

“Just one thing if anyone wants a photo that’s $30 a snap”

The man agreed and showed Jerry where to park the car. Jerry and the girls waited and in about 5 minutes the man came back with 5 others.

“Has he explained the terms” Jerry asked them all

They all nodded and the girls fun began no one was allowed to peek without paying first. Each man waited his turn and paid to peek or feel. Before the last man had had his go there were about 10 more lined up. My god thought Jerry they really don’t get out much round here and chuckled inwards.

From the next group a voice came out

“Do they suck Cock?”

“Sure” Jerry replied “$20 and if you wanna cum in their mouths $40

Soon there was a rustling of pockets as everyone checked what they could afford and some of the previous group checked too. Some had cameras and Jerry just knew the girls were going to be busy.

For 2 and a half hours the girls would either be sucking cock or posing or flashing and at the end as the last one was finished Jerry counted up the cash $450.

The girls were shown where they could freshen up but so as not to give the game away Jerry covered them in blankets and cleaned them one by one. He went back in the store gave the attendant his share and bought 2 cold drinks for the girls.

As he drove home he was reminded of what Joseph had said there is good money in photos and it would seem men would also pay just for a peek or a suck.

As he rounded the bend heading for the main highway to pick up the route there was a flashing blue light behind him. Christ he thought what the hell now and he had 2 half naked girls in the back he looked to be in deep trouble.

“Afternoon Officer anything wrong”

“Driving licence please”

Jerry showed his licence the Officer inspected it and looked at his face for confirmation.

“Open the trunk for me sir”

Jerry complied

“Step out the vehicle please anyone else in the car also step out please”

Dilemma the girls could not step out without taking off their costumes then he would be in bigger trouble.

“Sir I beg I have my daughter and her friend back there and they are not well we went out they had too much pop and both sickening and I need to get them home.”

“Open up for me sir”

Jerry opened the door and the girls were wrapped in blankets. He looked at both and back at Jerry

“I see the resemblance sir” he said looking at Angela “But can you tell me one thing please”

“Is it true they are dressed as mermaids and suck cock?”

Jerry stumbled his words

“I’m not gonna arrest you Sir” It’s just we have a party at the station and the stripper didn’t turn up for the Captains retirement”

Jerry was gobsmacked

“If you have the time could you fill in for us we raised the $300 she wanted but at short notice if you need more we can raise it”

Jerry and the officer struck a deal, there was no touching, or photographs and he would accept the $300 for the 1 hr show.

Following the police car was easy as they sped through intersections and traffic parted finally arriving at the station the Office showed them where they could wait till called.

They didn’t have to wait long but during this time Jerry and the girls worked out a routine.

Cheers went up as Jerry placed 2 chairs on a makeshift stage he then went and bought out each girl individually wrapped in a blanket nothing was on show. To great applause and wolf whistles Jerry slowly revealed the girls from fishtail first then the naked body and finally he whipped off the blanket to reveal their pussies.

The place erupted in table banging and jeering and the girls did the little wriggle dance that Jerry had prepared them. As they squirmed in their chairs like fishes out of water their pussies were seen and hidden many times. Then slowly they removed the costumes and opened their legs wide so the audience could see what they had for breakfast.

More jeering and banging of tables as each girl stood up and inserted a finger into her pussy turning around backs to the throng they showed ass and bent down and stuck a finger in their little bottoms.

Then they stood face to face and wrapped an arm around each other and kissed full on letting their hands slide into each other’s pussy. Pushing each other to the ground they had full on sex in various positions for about 20 minutes to conclude the show.

Claps and cheers all round as the girls stood sweating and perspiring on the makeshift stage. They spent around five minutes completely in awe of their audience and lapped up every second.

The men were appreciative too giving wolf whistles and a standing ovation for the spectacle they had witnessed. I was Bonnie who spoke

“And which one is the Captain then”

A portly gent with a full face of hair was pointed out to her. Bonnie took Angela aside and had a whisper

“We have one more thing to do before we leave” Bonnie said

They approached the man and knelt down in front of him Angela put her hand on his crotch while Bonnie kissed Angela’s neck then she joined her kneeling friend and began to remove the man’s pants to great applause the reached his cock and soon were busy lapping at his cock and balls two young tongues in unison. They sucked and played with him until with great groans he exploded in Angela’s throat and as she swallowed Bonnie licked the rest clean.

After it was over the bid their farewell to the crowd and gathered their costumes. Returning to Jerry they hugged him as they were escorted from the building after getting dressed a policeman carried Angela and Jerry carried Bonnie.
Back in the car they all took stock of what had happened and all agreed it was a good show.

To be continued........................

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2009-09-28 12:46:21
sorry detail has left your stories pllease give alittle more detail
love the plot and the age group


2009-09-26 05:41:21
great story, i just wish u would include sally!!

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