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Conrad was exhausted as he pulled back into his drive.
Chapter 13: Sally

Conrad was exhausted as he pulled back into his drive. The round trip had taken 8 hours and they had spent 8 with Ruby’s parents. Ruby rushed the kids Amber and Rosie into the house to give them a bath, and put them to bed. Conrad meanwhile was emptying the car when Jerry approached him.

“How did it go?” Conrad asked

“Yer that went well Bonnie got her photo”

“Good tell me all about it later when I sorted this lot out”

Jerry gave Conrad a hand to unpack, and settle away the kid’s clothes into the girl’s room they shared as they were younger. Bonnie had her own room, but that was because she went school, and needed peace with homework and stuff.

Conrad was planning on building an extension in a couple of years, that was why they bought the house the grounds had so much potential.

Jerry figured this was not the time to tell him all, anyway there would be chance later when he and Beth popped over for a late drink. But this time they would not be sending Bonnie and Angela to bed as they were part of it too.

Conrad was busying himself with the clothes, as Jerry gave him Bonnie’s photo

“Geez that’s hot” Conrad said “If I wasn’t so tired I’d want to fuck the little bitch”

“Oh it was” said Jerry “I was there and that guy he’s amazing”

“That he is” replied Conrad “That he is”

At that Jerry went back to his place and Conrad looked in on the girls being dried by Ruby. As he watched he was aware he was getting aroused. Shit he thought they is babies, and I seen them plenty of times. He had to leave and adjust himself before Ruby spotted him. He still had Bonnie’s picture in his hand, and so went to his bedroom, shut the door removed his pants and masturbated over it.

When the girls were finally in bed Ruby entered the bedroom, amazed to see Conrad with his cock in his hand and yes it was a picture of Bonnie he was masturbating over. She could see he was nearly finished, and she left him too it to make some little snack’s before the Henderson’s arrived for a nightcap, she was dying to hear all about Bonnie’s day.

Jerry and Beth arrived later, followed in by Bonnie and Angela who were naked still. Ruby’s eyes were drawn to her daughter’s pussy, and how it made her feel all warm and cosy. The two women kissed and soon removed their clothes, Jerry doing likewise, and Ruby went up to inform Conrad the guests had arrived.

Normally on these occasions they would remain dressed until Bonnie had gone bed but there now was no need at pretence. As Conrad went downstairs he noticed he was the only one part dressed that was quickly resolved. Ruby checked on Amber and Rosie and closed their door quietly, so as not to disturb the sleeping children.

Once everyone was in the room and all seated Jerry began the account of the day’s events, starting with the shop, but leaving out the photo shoot part to come back to. He went on to relate the incident at the Gas Station, and all the adult eyes lit up.

He then told them about the policeman’s retirement do, and now they were enthralled. When he produced the money they were totally gobsmacked.

“All that in one afternoon” Ruby remarked

All concurred it was a lot of cash, and that as the girls had earned it they should have half, but not straight away it had to be put away for their future. Beth remarked that it was a pity it wasn’t an everyday occurrence they could all retire in style. This bought much laughter until Jerry bought out his trump card.

Jerry had not opened the package yet and proceeded to tear back the flap. All eyes were upon him as Jerry removed the contents. There was a letter to be read before opening a further envelope inside. The letter read thus.

Dear parent/guardian.

This letter sets out the terms and conditions of the photo sets that will be taken if you and your charge are in agreement.

Please sign and return on the back of this letter and return to the address where you obtained it.

The photographs taken will be as explicit as you wish them to be. The terms are as follows at current rates. All rates are for a set of 10

Clothed/Glamour $50 a set

Part Nude $60 a set

Fully Nude $100 a set

Showing open bottoms or genitals’ an extra $5 per photo

Handling male genitals $10 extra per photo

Scenes involving a sexual act will be paid at a flat rate of $100 per photo

All photos will remain the property of the photographer to freely distribute in any manner he chooses. A copy of every photo will be given free of charge to the parent/guardian and all negatives not used will be destroyed.

A small sample of work is enclosed in the inclusive envelope but for security reasons there will be none showing sexual acts between males and young children although child/child ones are included .

Any further questions contact the shop/studio where you received this letter


M Chambers

Jerry opened the other envelope and passed round the letter so they could all read to themselves to confirm it was as he had read. Inside were indeed photos of girls and boys of varying ages, some as young looking as 2 or 3, all in various states of undress, and children fondling each other boy/boy, girl/girl and even boy/girl

The photos were so erotic that all the adults were having a hard time containing their libido but now was not the time for sex this was a serious matter to discuss.

Angela and Bonnie were also shown the pictures so they would have some idea of what was involved.

“Are we going to vote or discuss further” Conrad said

“Vote” Shouted the chorus

“Bonnie, Angela are you two happy with this?”

“Yes” replied Bonnie

“Yes” replied Angela

“Very well then Ladies first”

“Yes“replied Ruby

Beth nodded

“Sorry Beth we need it spoken not just nodded” Conrad told her

“ Yes” was the reply

Now was the men’s turn

Both Conrad and Jerry agreed yes.

“Now one more thing” remarked Conrad “Level of decency, how far do we let them go in the photos, bearing in mind the Marketplace could be massive, and we do not not know who buys them”

“May I interject?” Beth asked “Why not just let them do naked to start, and work up from there as the comfort level grows”

And so that was agreed by all. the next item was signing the consent. It needed the signature of all parties who were the legal guardians of the child involved. Duly signed, Conrad said he would take it back to the shop rather than post something like this wasn’t safe in the mail.

That being over now the fun could begin; Jerry was attended to by Bonnie and Ruby, as Conrad was by Angela and Beth. First the two youngsters gave oral ministries to the men and the two women were finger fucked. Then the older and younger women changed places.

Bonnie lay on the floor next to Angela and Beth and Ruby then licked and sucked on those little pussies; both girls were squealing their pleasure. Conrad and Jerry took their places behind the respective other ones wife and began an oral assault.

In unison and as if planned the men lubricated their recipients anus and prepared to fuck them. Beth loved anal sex this was her favourite and the only hole she had not had filled today. Ruby did not mind anal but was not a great lover of it but she allowed the cock to enter her.

As each man thrust his cock in and out the women pushed back on the cocks, still maintain their licking of the youngsters.

Jerry came first and as he did he withdrew from Ruby’s ass and his seed went all over her back. Conrad was not long after and he did likewise. The women then lay on their fronts as both Bonnie and Angela were released and the two girls licked and cleaned all the sperm off Beth and Ruby.

Conrad and Jerry were cleaned too. With a final regaining of energy both men fucked the other ones daughter, as Beth and Ruby went into a 69 clinch. All spent and exhausted they relaxed and lay on the floor.

“That sure was good” said Conrad

“Better than good” replied Jerry.

Beth and Ruby had to agree that sex with each other’s husbands was good, but since the addition of Bonnie and Angela it had made it from good to superb.

Conrad was as true as his word; he drove to the shop and gave the forms to Joseph. The old man’s eyes lit up as he took the consents. It transpired that they always started out with clothed shots, and worked their way from there, depending on the parent/guardian, or the child’s mood on the day in question.
Conrad arrived back to be met by Mark. He recognised Jerry’s brother he had seen him on a few family barbecues. Mark seemed anxious and Conrad ushered him in the house.
“Day mate and to what do we owe this visit?” asked Conrad
“Sort of a problem with Sally” Mark replied “And her mother”

Mark explained that Sally had witnessed her mother being beaten up by one of her current lovers. He would love to take her in, but he was childless; he told the social he knew a couple who had smaller kids, and room to save her going in care. Sally was in care right now, but if he was to phone they would arrange a home visit and maybe Conrad could take her in until her mother recovered.
Conrad was not sure he wanted the responsibility, but he knew of the child and was assured she be no problem. Conrad called Ruby in from the garden, and the 3 talked at length. Ruby had no objections in principal if it was short term.

When asked why he had not gone to see Jerry, Mark explained that as he knew Jerry’s place was smaller, and Conrad had the room and the garden, it would make a better impression. All Ruby wanted, was assurances that this was what the child wished and they made the call.

It was 3 hrs. later that a car pulled up with a lady and a small child in tow. Sally smiled seeing her Uncle Mark and ran up and hugged him. The lady had noticed the reaction and was scanning all before her. She went through the whole house noting the room sizes, and then out back to check the garden.

As she walked and asked questions she made notes in a journal. Inspection over the official asked where she may sit. Mrs Frobisher was her name, and she explained that normally a relative would be contacted, but the child's father was untraceable, She had mentioned an Uncle but as he was childless that was unsuitable.

Normally we vet before allowing a child to be placed, and you have to register she went on to say, but we are not heartless. She had noticed the environment was sound and there was adequate scope for placement on a temporary basis providing 2 counts.

1 the child would be cared for in a responsible manner, and 2 there was signs that it was a loving and caring home.

“I am pleased to report” said Mrs Frobisher “That I would be happy to place this child in your care for the foreseeable future, subject to a judges authorisation which is usually a formality.”

“The child they were told will remain with you, if you will sign these papers and she is all yours” Mrs. Frobisher said

Conrad read and signed the papers and Ruby had to do likewise, a copy was left with them plus a small booklet explaining their responsibility and duties as a fostering family. Having discharged her duty Mrs. Frobisher left.

Sally of course has seen the outside and inside of the house and felt very at ease. Ruby and Conrad of course knew nothing of this. Sally was just pleased to out the detention hall although it had only been 1 night it was a scary place.

Jerry had seen the car pull up and the woman and the girl get out the girl he recognised but he would wait till the car had gone before coming round to find out what was happening. Beth was out shopping so she had no idea at all.

Once the car had gone Jerry wasted no time in going round Conrad's. What he was surprised to see was his brother Mark. While the men talked Ruby showed Sally up to what was to be her room it was only a box room but sally was happy to have a room and a soft bed.

Mark and Conrad meanwhile were explaining to Jerry the situation. It was agreed that the wives were not to have any idea that any of the men had fucked her. Of course Mark realised that Beth knew but he had to maintain the pretence in front of Jerry.

Ruby sorted out a few clothes for the child from her own daughters wardrobe that would suffice until they knew how long she would stay. Sally was helped out of the clothes she came in and a hot bath was ran. Ruby as was her way soaped the child and dried her and put her in clean clothes.

Amber and Rosie had gone with Beth, Angela and Bonnie into town shopping Ruby was wondering what they would make of it all upon their return. Being changed and cleaned Sally followed Ruby down, she was surprised to see Jerry too but said nothing as she ran to Uncle Mark and flung her arms around him. Ruby was amused.

Leaving the men and Sally, Ruby busied herself preparing dinner, now ensuring she had enough for 1 extra mouth. Mark took Sally by the hand and asked her not to mention for the time being the relationships she had with any of them. Sally was confused, she had been in the house with him and the lady next door, but told Mark she would say nothing.

Ruby came back in to ask Mark if he wanted to dine too, and to enquire if either were vegetarians or diabetics. Assured they were neither she returned to the kitchen.

When the others returned they were surprised to see the small child, as Beth recognised her she was particularly shocked. Beth glanced at Mark wondering what was going on it was Ruby that took her aside to explain.

Bonnie and Angela also recognised Sally and looked at the men but their faces gave nothing away. Jerry, Beth and Angela left as Ruby dished up dinner. Rosie and Amber had the most questions but were told all would be said after dinner.

Having eaten all but Ruby went into the living room, Mark began the tale. All listened and the girls offered sympathy to Sally. Mark told Sally he had to go see next door and if he didn't come back he would soon. Sally kissed his cheek and Mark was gone.

Now Sally was all on her own she knew some of them but was not sure what was to happen next. Conrad had earlier agreed with Mark but now felt it was wiser to tell all he asked Bonnie to nip next door and call them over. Of course Amber and Rosie would be put to bed 1st as it was getting late.

Once the youngest were settled Conrad took Jerry aside and the two exchanged words. Deciding that Conrad was quite correct they formatted how to tell the group. It was decided that Conrad be chair and take it from there.

The only real person that was shocked was Ruby, but Beth pretended shock too at first until she made her confession and that included Mark. Jerry laughed at her he had his suspicions about them but he now knew the truth and if she wanted to avail herself again he was not adverse to the matter.

Sally was in tears by the end she had not expected everyone to be so open she had promised Uncle Mark and now everyone knew.

“Well” said Bonnie “Seeing as how we all know can Sally sleep in my room?”

It was agreed if Sally wanted too she could and the girls headed up to Bonnie's room.

The talk among the adults was of whether to let Sally be part of their sexual fun. It took a lot of deliberation and heart searching to decide that if Sally wanted too she could.

Bonnie, Angela and Sally had settled on the bed talking. Angela and Bonnie looked at Sally and soon the three were undressing. It took no time at all before all 3 were sucking and licking each other. Bonnie hit on and idea she whispered to the others and all 3 went downstairs naked.

The adults were shocked to see the girls return. Bonnie nodded to Sally who without a second glance went up to Conrad and fumbled for his cock, having gotten Conrad exposed she did the same for Jerry.

Bonnie told the fathers to stand and Bonnie and Angela helped them out of their pants and shorts. Once naked from the waist down they were asked to stand centre of the room. Sally knelt and moved in between them and took a cock in each hand.

Meanwhile Bonnie stood alongside Jerry and Angela alongside Conrad. They stood legs wide open brushing up against them, and played with their own pussies. Meanwhile Sally was stroking both cocks and also in turn sucking each one.

Beth and Ruby stared goggle eyed at the display and were now each playing with themselves. Both glancing from time to time at first their husbands reactions and at the child who was enjoying what she was doing.

Conrad and Jerry were grinning at all and each other, this child was one hell of a cocksucker be it so young. Sally was also enjoying what she was doing to have an Uncle Mark was a joy and now to have more cocks to play with she was made up to heaven.

Conrad had let a hand slip behind Angela and was fingering her ass, Jerry noticed this and followed suit on Bonnie. Sally stopped working the cocks and Bonnie and Angela in one seemingly motionless manoeuvre slipped from the men's sides and took over Bonnie on Jerry and Angela on Conrad.

Sally had moved on she was now fingering Beth and Ruby who lay back and opened their respective legs to allow the child access. Beth knew what Sally was capable of but Ruby was blown away in her heightened senses as the child fingers found their mark.

Soon Conrad was coming into Angela's mouth and he groaned as his seed hit her throat and was sucked to completion. Jerry held out a bit longer and soon he too had released his seed.

Beth was gushing great wads of juice, as was Ruby and Sally had switched to drinking all that poured forth. Having finished off Beth and Ruby's juices Sally lay on the floor. Conrad fingered her pussy and Jerry her anus as the child writhed in sheer pleasure.

The night had taken a toll on everyone, Sally signalled she had a dry orgasm and the orgy of activity ceased. The youngsters send their good-night's and went up to Bonnie's bedroom whereupon Conrad would check on them shortly.

It was once the girls were out of sight the adults discussed the possibility of Sally doing a photo-shoot, but how to broach the subject. Bedtime beckoned as the Henderson adults left and Conrad and Ruby went upstairs.

To be continued...........................

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