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After watching Stacy grew up over 25 years, she gives me the shock of my life.
I drive to the airport and wait for my beautiful cousin to arrive from California. After a long wait I see Stacy’s beautiful face and flowing black hair. After getting her bags, we head for the car and to my house in the country. I tell her how sorry I am about her boyfriend’s philandering, and tell Stacy we’ll have a good time and do our best to forget him and his wondering ways.

Stacy is 25 years old, 5'3" tall and weighs all of 110 pounds soaking wet. When she was growing up in the neighborhood, I often wondered what kind of woman she would grow into. Her mother was a sexy tight bodied woman whose 5'5" well shaped 120 pound body had me lusting after her since the day she married my Cousin Paul. Stacy was a slightly smaller version of her mother with her shoulder length black hair, tight athletic body, 32C tits, slim shapely hips, and Jessica Biel ass, she reminded me of Alyssa Milano.
After a 30 minute drive, we reach the house and I show Stacy around my home. I show her the bathroom and show her the spare bedroom so she could cleanup and relax after her long trip. Once she put her clothes away in the dresser, I get the shower warmed up, and leave Stacy to wash away the day’s troubles and get ready for bed. After a few minutes, Stacy calls out to me and asks me to come into the bathroom. Why she was calling me I didn’t know, but I was worried that something was wrong. I stick my head in the door and ask her what’s wrong. Stacy says there’s nothing wrong but she wanted to thank me for the hospitality, and for being such a good friend. Then, she asks me question that almost floors me. She asks me if I’d like to join her in the shower to help her washup and give her a back rub. I may be her cousin and 18 years older than her, but I’m not stupid. I undress and slip into the shower to see Stacy in all her naked glory. The sight of her takes my breath away, causes my heart to flutter, and my cock to grow. I grab the bar of soap and slowly run it up and down her body as I say over and over in my head “This can’t really be happening to me. It must be a dream.” I start soaping up her back and work my way down her sexy ass and perfect legs.
As I slowly build up the lather on her glistening body, she lets out soft sounds of pleasure. I rub the soap up and down her back, across her shoulders, and back and forth across Stacy’s perfectly shaped ass. While marveling at the sight of my cousin’s tight tanned body, I go for broke and slide my hand between her legs, lightly touching her pussy. She lets out a gasp and conveys her approval by moving her hips against my hand. My fingers slide between the silky folds of her pussy and feel how hot and wet she is inside. While this is happening, my other hand is caressing her perfect 32C breasts that sit at attention on her glistening body and the attention brings a low whimper from Stacy’s mouth. As I work my hands across her tits and rub a finger over her clit, Stacy reaches back and takes hold of my cock, touching my balls at the same time. The excitement is almost too much for me. I turn her around to face me and plant a kiss hard on Stacy’s lips as I continue to rub her swollen clit with my finger. As much as she likes the kissing, she pulls away from my touch, bends down and kisses the head of my cock. It jumps a little at the touch of her tender lips. She then kneels before me and takes the head in her mouth as she fondles my large heavy balls. As Stacy licks the head and runs her tongue the length of my shaft, I can’t believe how good it feels and try to control myself. Stacy slowly slides her mouth down the whole length of my cock until her nose and chin are resting against my balls and bush. As she slowly works my cock in and out of her mouth, I start losing the ability to control myself. The sight of my 25 year old stunningly beautiful cousin swallowing my cock sends me over the top. I warn her that I'm going to cum, but she just keeps sliding my 7" cock all the way into her mouth. She has my cock all the way to her tonsils when I let loose a flood of hot cum into her throat. She grabs my hips and holds me in place while she swallows all of my seed down her throat. Six long hard pulses later, my balls are finally done sending their sauce past her tonsils. After drinking my seed down, she looks up with a sly grin on her face. I turn the water off, pull back the curtain, hand her a towel and we head for the livingroom.
There I lay Stacy down on the floor and tell her it's my turn to please her. I start kissing her soft lips and tender neck. I start my way down to kiss her heaving chest and softly suck on each one of her nipples. They are hard, red, and a firm ½" long. I lick and nibble on each of them until she begs me to stop. I stop only to begin my way down to her silky folds. When I arrive at the prize pussy between her legs, I’m in for another surprise. There is a small tattoo just above her neatly trimmed pussy and it says “open for business”. I chuckle at it and ask her when she got it. Stacy replies that she’s had it since her Junior year in High School.
As I place my tongue against her pussy, I can smell the scent of her excitement and soon have my tongue parting her vulva and tasting the nectar that is dripping out of her tight pink hole. I work my way up to her clit, and give it a flick with the tip of my tongue. It's swollen and red like fire, and begging for my attention. As I touch the tip of my tongue against it she lets out a groan. As I continue to flick Stacy’s clit with my tongue, I work my fingers into her pussy and start rubbing the walls her love tunnel. Before long I feel her tense up, quiver all over, and stop breathing.
Now I know I've found the magic spot that drives all woman crazy. As she continues to have her 1st orgasm I rub my fingers back and forth across the G-spot that is sending her into a frenzy. I love the reaction she’s having and I don't stop. I continue licking and eating her tasty pussy until she has had numerous orgasms and begs me to stop. Stacy begs me to put my cock into her pussy and to do it quickly. She cries out to hurry up and get my cock deep inside of her hot quivering pussy.
Not wanting to argue, I get on my knees and put the head of my cock against the swollen lips of her pussy. Stacy’s impatient with me and wants my cock inside her, so she starts thrusting her hips towards me. She begs me to stop teasing her and to get on with it. I start pushing my cock slowly into the tight velvet tunnel and marvel at the sensation. Even though I'm only 7" long, and her pussy is dripping honey, it’s the tightest pussy I’ve had since my virgin sister and I enjoy the sensation of it squeezing my cock. For too many years I’ve been fucking stretched out MILF pussys or some other worn out slut’s cunt. It feels so nice to have a young tight pussy clenching my cock and doing it’s best to milk my dry. Once inside, I pause for a few moments and revel in the fact that my 43 year old cock is buried deep inside my sexy little cousin that I watched grow up over 25 years. But Stacy doesn’t like my inactivity and starts thrusting her hips up and down as she pleads with me to start fucking her. I start sliding my cock in and out of her as she reaches out to me and grabs for my hips. Stacy wraps her legs over my hips and starts pulling me into her harder and harder as her voice becomes more difficult to understand. As Stacy pants, whimpers, pleads and moans in an ever increasing volume, I watch as her tits jiggle ever so slightly as I pound her pussy harder and harder. Those tight tanned titties hardly sag over the side of her chest and the areolas and nipples get harder and redder as we fuck longer and longer.
Stacy is now in a full on fuck me hard like a whore mode. She wants me inside as fast and as hard as I can. I warn Stacy to slow down because I'm getting ready to blow another load. I want to give her tits some protein moisturizer, so I wait till the last possible moment. I pull my cock out place it between her firm tits, and as she kisses my cock head as it shoots a load of hot cum all over her tits and chin. She smiles and taste some of my seed and rubs the rest into the beautiful mounds on her chest.
Even after blowing 2 big loads of cum, my middle-aged cock-n-balls say it’s not the end. I roll Stacy over onto her belly and pull her up on her knees. The site of her bare ass sticking up in front of me is out of this world. I place my fingers inside of her pussy to coat them with her juices, and then head for new territory. I take my slick fingers and probe the edge of her asshole and get it nice and slick. As she looks back at me, I place my slick cock at the entrance of her ass. I slowly apply pressure, and my cock starts to slide into her brown eye. Stacy starts whimpering and moaning again, and soon is breathing heavy as my cock continues it's travel into her tight ass. With a slow continued pressure, I'm soon buried balls deep in her ass as they come rest against her pussy lips. She continues to whimper in ecstasy while reaching back and tickling my balls with her finger tips. I start sliding my cock in and out slowly at first, but as her ass loosens up and her excitement builds, I pick up the pace. As my balls continue slapping against her dripping pussy Stacy cries out in a earth shattering orgasm shaking and quivering as if hooked to and electrical outlet. Watching her reaction and orgasm, I reach the breaking point. I grab her narrow tight hips, plunge my cock in as far as it will go, and blow long streams of hot cum deep inside her ass. We both collapse and embrace for the moment and as soon as we gather our senses, we head back for the shower to clean up.
While cleaning up, I ask Stacy why she wanted to fuck me. That’s when surprise number 2 comes out. She told me that she has been working for an escort service since her Junior year in High School. That’s why she moved to California once she graduated. It became too hard to lead the double life while living close to home, so she went where there was plenty of money and people willing to pay. There are only so many “sleep overs and field trips” that her parents would buy into while she was in School, so she needed to get away. She also said that her boyfriend had found out about her double life, so that’s why she came home. She told me she would “pay the rent” when ever I wanted. I told her I was willing to accept an installment plan, if that was ok with her. She smiled and said that could be arranged.

After drying off from our second shower we head for the bedroom. I walk Stacy to my bed and lay her down as I kiss her on the lips. I light a few candles, turn out the lights, lay down facing her and gently kiss her lips and neck. As I do this I slowly run my hands up and down Stacy’s beautiful body and think to myself how lucky I am to have such a beautiful young woman sharing her body with me. I trace the out line of her light red areolas and tease her nipples. I slowly drag the tip of my finger across her slim hips and down those tender legs to her knees where I follow the inside edge of her legs until I get to the neatly trimmed pussy. Stacy is shaven clean except for a small strip pointing right at the dew covered lips of her pussy. I gently rub my fingers between the folds of her hot dripping pussy, and Stacy’s reaction is immediate. She quivers at the sensation and attention of my fingers moaning softly and telling me how much she likes the feeling of my fingers in her pussy. I get her love button between my finger tips and gently rub it, and she begs me to stop. Stacy says she can't stand the teasing anymore, and needs me to get her off quickly. I decide to solve that problem with the use of my tongue, and quench my thirst for her honey.

I slide down in the bed so that I can get my mouth near her pussy an notice that Stacy’s pussy is glistening from the honey that has been flowing from her tight pink hole. I inhale deeply as I get the scent of her arousal as I flick out my tongue and run it the length of her lips. I drink down every drop of the juices that flow from within Stacy’s honeypot. As I continue to drink up her sexy sauce, she grabs and claws at me. She wants something to play with so I turn around and straddle her face with my manhood. As I continue licking at her pussy she starts sucking my flaccid cock back to life. After multiple orgasms already, my cock is in need of attention to continue exploring the wonders of Stacy’s body. She takes my cock in her mouth and starts working on getting it rock hard again. As Stacy sucks on my cock, she also sucks and fondles my balls one at a time. She tries to take one of my balls in her mouth but has trouble getting the tennis ball sized testicle completely in. Between the taste of her pussy and the talent of her mouth, Stacy has me hard again and attacks my cock like an animal. She wraps her arms up over my waist and pulls herself up closer to me and rams my cock deeply into her small mouth. As Stacy continues thrusting my cock into her mouth at a furious pace, and I peek back towards her and revel at the sensation and sight of her technique . My cock head is now at the back of Stacy’s throat and she loves it. She continues to swallow me and works herself into a frenzy. Soon I have to stop her because I want to send my hot load of cum deep into her pussy .

I get on my back and tell her to straddle my waist facing me. Once in place, she reaches down and grabs my throbbing cock while guiding it towards her tight, wet, wanting pussy. She places the tip of it at the entrance of her lovely box and slowly starts to sink down onto my cock. The sensation of her hot slick pussy is something that is as close to heaven as possible. Her pussy stretches and squeezes my manhood as it slides deeper and deeper into her talented depths. I grab her hips and enjoy the sensation of the hot tight pussy engulfing all of my cock as she smiles and runs her hands over my chest. When all of me is inside her, she rests there for a moment before starting to rock her hips back and forth. Stacy starts out slow, but continues to increase the pace of her movements as I reach up and grab one of her tight tits with each hand. I fondle and squeeze them while flicking the nipples with my finger tips as I watch Stacy slide her pussy up and down my throbbing cock. As she rocks her hips faster and faster, she lets out a long slow loud moan while having another orgasm. As the pace gets quicker and quicker, I'm having a hard time keeping control as her juices run out of her and trickle over my balls. It doesn’t take long to reach the point of no return, and I grab her slender hips tightly and hold her still. A surge of cum builds from deep within my balls and blasts seed deep inside of her dripping pussy. My cock pulses multiple times as I have an electric orgasm. She collapses on top of me from exhaustion and tells how good she now feels now that she has my load of seed deep inside her womanly recesses.

I tell Stacy we're not done yet and I roll her off me while putting my cock in front of her lips. She hungrily sucks my semi-hard cock into her mouth telling me how good we taste. After about 5 minutes she has me hard again, and ready to fuck some more. I roll Stacy onto her stomach and straddle both of her slender shapely legs. I part the cheeks of her ass and take aim at the well lubed pussy staring at me. I place my cock head at the entrance of her cunt and plunge in with one swift thrust as my balls slam into those well tanned thighs. After resting at bottom of her pussy, I start pumping her hard and fast. I pump my cock against her G-spot and don't let up for more than 10 minutes. All this time Stacy is whimpering, moaning and crying out in total pleasure. I can tell she’s getting close to cumming again, so I pump my cock even harder into her shuddering body. All the while my balls are bouncing against her legs and the bed is rocking like crazy on the verge of breaking thru the wall. After about 25 minutes she’s screaming in ecstasy and I'm getting ready to blow again. I pull my cock out of her pussy and head for her ass again. I place my slick cock against her asshole, apply steady hard pressure, and slide in balls deep in one thrust. I move my cock back and forth in her bowels while she cries out in total pleasure. It's too much for me and I grab those sexy hips and pull her tight against me. I scream out as I fill her with another load of cum and collapse in a heap on top of her. We sleep until late the next morning naked on the livingroom floor wrapped in each other’s arms.

I think I’m going to like the rent payments for awhile.


2013-05-05 04:42:30
Really, no one mentioned the tennis ball sized testicles. That would be a severe case of blue ball and you might need medical attention, golf ball sized tops.


2013-05-05 04:31:35
Really, no one mentioned the tennis ball sized testicles. That would be a severe case of blue ball and you might need medical attention, golf ball sized tops.


2011-04-21 20:53:51
Contrary to the other idiots, I enjoyed this story and don't care about the heading/classification.

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2009-09-25 17:40:45
This is pretty bad.. mislabled, poorly written, just general crap.

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Fuck off

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