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This is where the story changes.
Note: Several days ago, 12 year old wendy had been train raped by mexicans in a field then double penetrated by Mr.Patterson and his boys, all people she knew from church. Now Mr.Patterson has used the mexicans as a cover to keep wendy from getting hurt, she must come to his house after school until her father picks her up.

In Mr.Pattersons truck that drove steadily on the road towards his house, the road was old but recently re-built because it was made on a hill, a guard rail was installed on either side.

Matt, Mr.Patterson's youngest son sat on wendy's right side, Mr.Patterson drove and sat on her left.
Wendy hated both of them, hated the two at home waiting for her, hated everything about what was about to happen to her.

Matt turned to wendy and said "Hey..." he whispered, wendy looked at him and whispered back "what?" a little harshness to her tone, Matt smiled "We never got a chance to last time, so this time you're gonna suck my dick" wendy frowned at those words and turned, looking at the road, she knew it wasnt far from the house.

She dreaded every second of the ride. But she looked at either side, to her left was the left lane of the road, no cars out today. To her right, the small expanse of road for cars to pull over in and then the guard rail before the hill.

Matt unbuckled his seatbelt and turned to wendy, his right hand grabbed her right, 38D breast, groping it through her bra, wendy cringed as matt moaned " have such big tits...mmmm...." as matt reached for the other breast, wendy couldnt stand it anymore. She punched with her right hand, all her might hitting matt in the eye.

Matt wailed out in pain and fell towards his dad, Mr.Patterson yelled "what the fuck!?' spinning his wheel, the car lurched sharply to the left and he hit his brakes, squeeling tires and the smell of burning rubber filled the air.
The sharp turn of the truck caused matt to fall in front of his father, wendy saw her chance and unbuckled fast, hitting the truck door and throwing it open, she jumped out and ran towards the guard rail.

Mr.Patterson screamed "get off me, damnit, she's getting away!" Matt had struck his head against the steering wheel and lay unconscious on the seat as Wendy ran and ran to the guard rail.

Mr.Patterson threw open his truck door but felt choked as his seatbelt stopped him, he unbuckled shouting "damn...damn...damn!" as he jumped from his truck and ran around it, it was too late. Wendy was just jumping over the guard rail when he came around the truck.

Wendy hit the hill side and her left knee gave out, crumpling she rolled down the hill, little sharp rocks and twigs scratched her and tore into her clothes as she rolled, when she finally stopped she heard Mr.Patterson "You can run, but you cant hide little slut!".

Wendy looked up from her place on the ground, seeing Mr.Patterson by the rail, he wasnt looking at her but in another direction, apparently he couldnt see her.
Mr.Patterson jumped over the guard rail and held his footing as he slowly came down the hill, but near halfway down, he lost his footing and tumbled much as wendy did, wendy watched as he rolled but smacked hard into a tree.

Wendy waited but didnt hear anything, no sound of movement or footsteps. She rose to her feet but decided to be cautious, she grabbed a rock, about the size of a baseball, it was heavy and dirty but she thought it was better than nothing.

Wendy walked to where she believed Mr.Patterson had rolled to. He had rolled into a tall oak tree, he lay unconscious as his son in the truck, though blood poured from his left and his right hand looked horribly twisted.
Wendy said to herself "good..." she frowned but walked closer to Mr.Patterson, wanting to see if he were dead or simply hurt.
As she neared him, one of his eyes opened slowly and he tried to turn his body but let out a weak moan of pain "ooh..oooh....p...please me..." Mr.Patterson pleaded

Wendy looked at him and then the rock in her hand and said "You watched those mexicans rape after another..." Mr.Patterson cried "I'm sorry...." Wendy then said "You raped me, had your boys rape me, both my bum and my vagina" again Mr.Patterson cried "I'm sorry....".

Wendy said "You were gonna do it again and again and again....werent you?" Mr.Patterson was quiet, just looking at this little girl who now stood over him, holding a heavy rock and glaring at him with such anger.

Mr.Patterson said "yes....we were..." Wendy screamed a high pitch scream and raised the rock high, striking Mr.Patterson's head as hard as she could, Mr.Patterson opened his mouth to yell but only a soft gurgle came out as the rock connected with his head, making a sharp crack noise.
Wendy raised the rock again and struck, she did this three times before she remembered were she was.

Wendy stood up and looked at the rock in her hand, blood dripped down its side, she looked at Mr.Patterson, his skull punched in.
Wendy didnt care, she had hurt the man who had hurt her. She went to the hill and climbed , going slow, she kept the rock in her hand.

She reached the truck, matt had still not woken up from being knocked out.
Wendy dragged him towards the edge of the seat and then off of it, he fell to the ground and his head struck pavement.
Matt cried out "aaah!" , grabbing his head as he lay on the ground. Wendy came to him and sat down on his stomach.
Matt's face seemed to go red like hers did as she had been raped. His breath pushed from his stomach.
Wendy said "You were gonna rape me with your were never gonna used to be my friend". This time wendy didnt wait for a response, she struck down, striking matt's forehead with the rock, she did so, again and again and again and again until blood splattered upward from his open skull.

Wendy used all her strength to drag Matt's body to the guard rail and dump it over the edge.
It rolled and tumbled and stopped only ten feet from Mr.Pattersons body.

Wendy went back to the truck, sat inside and cried, not for killing the people who had hurt her or for her lost virginity but because of her actions now, she'd never be able to return home.
People would figure out that she had killed them, she was supposed to go home with them.
Wendy slid across the cab and tried to remember how her dad would drive his station wagon.

She remembered adjusting the steering wheel, lowering it to her level. But seeing over it was still difficult, she turned the keys Mr.Patterson had left in the ignition and reached as best she could for the gas pedal.
The truck moved along smoothly but it was lucky for her that no one was on the road.

As she drove along, she remembered that there were two other people who had hurt her. Waiting for her at Mr.Pattersons.
Wendy said "let them wait....I want them to feel sad for their loss..."
Wendy drove on down the road, thinking about what she would do.
She would have to make a new name for herself and start a new life...but how? She didnt have any money or know anyone other than her parents.
Wendy did her best to pull the truck over to the side and stop, she sat in the trucks cab and just thought.

Wendy grew tired, all the adrenaline from killing Mr.Patterson and Matt wore off and her head slumped as she fell asleep.

A sharp tapping on the truck window sent her head jolting up. Wendy looked out the windshield, the sun was just setting, it must have been about 7 or 8 pm. She then looked to the side window from where the knocking had come.
She saw a big black man, a little fat, with short greying hair and a nice smile. She lowered the window and the man asked "car trouble little lady?" he laughed and said "now what is a pretty young thing like you, doin out on the road in a truck?"
Wendy wanted to tell the man, tell anyone her horrible story but she only said "I'm running away"

The man scratched his head and said " aint gonna get very far, your tank is nearly on empty"
Wendy looked at the little arrow that showed a large F and a large E, she realized she had left the truck running the entire time.
Wendy leaned her head against the steering wheel and cried.
The black man quickly said "hey...hey now...its okay...look... I aint got nowhere to be, how bout I take ya home?"
Wendy looked at him, her eyes red, her cheeks flushed and shook her "no....cant go home.."

The black man opened the door and said "now why not? Pretty young girl like you, must have a home and nice parents" wendy nodded and said "I cant go home....because...because..." the man patted her shoulder, she cringed but then relaxed at his touch "because of what?"

Wendy began to tell the man, through tears and sniffles about the mexicans, about each one as they raped her, about Mr.Patterson and Matt and the other boys, about how she had hurt them and now she had no choice but to leave.

The man said "damn went through hell..." wendy nodded, agreeing, it was hell.
The man said " well how bout this? I'm headin to california, to see my brother...if you really wanna go, then come with me".

Wendy looked up at the man and saw his gentle smiled, his greying hair, he was like a grandfather figure.
She nodded and said "I'm...wendy" and the man said "I'm henry" wendy smiled and said "nice to meet you henry" Henry smiled wider and said "nice to meet you wendy, now lets go...may van is just over there"

Wendy saw the old brown van, some rust on the bottom edge but nodded "okay.." she walked beside henry towards the van and said "thank you.."

End of part 4.

If you'd like to see more of Wendy and her story, let me know.

If you do wanna see more, I am changing the title from "wendy's gangrape" to "wendy's story"

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2010-06-16 23:56:07
Pure genius! The more I read this, the more I crave a new chapter in "Wendy's Story". Great story, man, GREAT story!

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2009-11-01 20:10:39
Awesome story! I liked the fact that justice was served at the end.

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