Private lessons 2: Nancy

I had begun to settle in to a fairly comfortable routine at St Mary’s School. My language and music classes seemed well received and I was getting positive feedback from the Head Mistress. I was also getting plenty of extra curricular activity with one of the girls Lisa, who came round to my private office a couple of nights a week for some ‘personal tuition’. The sex with her was great, as I taught her what
I like to call ‘life skills’. She was particularly keen on riding on top of me like some sort of a cowgirl, all the while talking dirty and telling me what she wanted me to do next. ‘Fuck me, harder, harder…. Make me come!!’ she would cry, as she bounced up and down on my rock hard cock. As with all
good teachers, I was happy to help with her homework. However, there were plenty other nubile young girls at that school and one or two had caught my eye. One such girl was Nancy. She was American and a boarder at the school as both her parents were in the armed forces. Nancy was tall and slim with shoulder length blond hair and a smile that could light up a room. She had the most perfect mouth with
straight white teeth and long shapely legs that seemed to go on forever. She was really into sports and was captain of a number of teams including hockey. This by the way was hockey played on grass with a ball, not the incomprehensible version played by psychopaths on ice skates! Well, patience rewards those who wait, and in June the annual county hockey tournament was held at our school. The school
was rightly proud of its sporting traditions and had beautiful playing fields, which that day were full of teenage girls in sportswear. Short skirts and tight blouses were the outfit of the day it seems. As with all staff, I was expected to assist with the running of the event, and the Head Mistress had asked me to man the First Aid post, remembering that I had a basic qualification in First Aid. I was happy enough to oblige, and spent a couple of hours relaxing in the sun beside the First Aid caravan, drinking
tea and dispensing the odd sticking plaster to a procession of pupils. Late in the day however, things changed. I was listening to the shouts and cheers as the final game was under way.
St Mary’s had reached the final of the tournament and were playing last year’s champions, St Trinians. It was a grudge match and the girls were giving it their all. Staff and pupils shouted encouragement and abuse with equal measure and everyone sounded like they were having a great time. Suddenly
there was a collective gasp and a groan from the crowd. I couldn’t see what was going on, but it sounded like someone had got hurt. Sure enough, a few moments later, I saw two girls approaching
my tent, supporting a third who was hobbling towards me. As they came closer, I realised it was Nancy and saw a large red mark on her right leg, just below the knee. I beckoned them into the caravan and helped Nancy on to the treatment table. I chased her two assistants away and turned to my patient, asking what had happened. Through her tears, Nancy told me that the opposing team had broken through on goal and that she had sprinted back to defend her goal line. As the forward struck the ball,
Nancy had got her leg in the way and taken full force of the ball on her leg. I could see the bruise forming and told her that I thought it best if she lie back while I rub a salve onto the bruise.
This would relieve the pain and help to reduce bruising. She lay back and I squeezed some lotion from a tube onto her leg. Gently I began to rub lotion into her skin. Suddenly she squealed and jumped with pain. ‘Ouch, that hurt Mr Peters!’ she gasped. ‘I’m sorry, but you are going to be tender there for a while.
Shall I carry on?’ I asked. ‘Ok’ I gently smoothed the lotion into her skin, all the while sneakily admiring her lovely long legs. As I did so I began to day dream, fantasising about this gorgeous young girl
on the table before me. Without really thinking about it, I began to widen the circle of strokes as I massaged the salve into her skin. She gasped slightly and with a shock I came back from my day-dream.
Much to my surprise, I was now massaging above her knee and was stroking her thigh gently as I rubbed cream into her leg. She was lying back, with her eyes closed, apparently quite relaxed. Feeling brave, and not a little horny, I added more cream a little higher. As a rubbed, my hand slipped up underneath her short gym skirt and I stroked her inner thigh gently. Without a word, as my hand moved higher up, her legs parted to allow me in. With my other hand I began to stroke her other, uninjured leg. This was going way beyond First Aid now, as I lifted her skirt to look down at her white cotton panties
and those beautiful thighs. Watching her face, I stroked closer and closer to her most private areas. She never flinched as my hand gently brushed her panties, but her breathing was picking up. I laid my finger right onto her crotch and began to slowly do a figure of eight on the front of her pants.
As I did so, I gradually increased the pressure and was soon rewarded by the sight of moisture beginning to show on her pants. I stopped the figure of eight, leant over her ear and whispered: ‘If this treatment is going to continue, I think we’ll need to remove these’ Without a word she raised her hips as I slipped my hands down to the waistband of her panties, pushed my fingers under the elastic and slowly drew them down. Her young teenage pussy was exposed to my view and I paused for a moment to admire its beauty. She was neatly trimmed, and her little pussy was glistening up at me from between those beautiful thighs. I returned my hand down there and began to stroke her cunt. She was sopping wet and there was no resistance at all as I slid my finger slowly along her lips. As my fingers worked
their way up to her clit she gasped and began to raise her hips to meet my hand. With my other hand I pushed her back down to the table and slowly but surely began to masturbate her. As my fingers stroked and smoothed their way around her pussy, she began to writhe as she approached an orgasm.
Still, we had barely spoken as I lowered my head and lapped at her cunt with my tongue. She tasted sweet and warm as my tongue parted her lips andcoursed its way around her pussy. As I ate her out, I could feel her orgasm building up and she grabbed my head and forced my face into her pussy. She began to grind her hips against my face as she came, gasping and moaning. I kept up the licking as her spasms began to subside and her breathing returned to a more normal rate. When I did lift
my head, she looked down at me with that incredible smile on her face. ‘Wow, Mr Peters! No-one has ever done that to me before. I’m guessing its not part of the normal first aid treatment for bruised legs?’ I smiled as I agreed that I was into ‘alternative therapy’ as well. Nancy leaned forward and kissed me squarely on the lips.
As she pulled back she licked her lips and again smiled as she tasted her own pussy juice from my face. ‘ You know, Lisa told me you were pretty hot, and knew a few things that I really needed to find out about, but I had no idea just how right she was!’ I almost fainted as I realised she knew all about Lisa and I. ‘Don’t worry, ’ she smiled, ‘your secret is safe with me. I just hope you can fit me in for a few sessions of your own special private tuition?’

I nodded and smiled. Just then I heard footsteps approaching the caravan. Nancy barely had time to make herself presentable before there was a knock and the door and the Head Mistress strode in without waiting for a reply.

‘Well, Nancy!’ she cried in that schoolmistress voice of hers. ‘you’ll be glad to know your heroics saved the day! St Mary’s won 2-1 thanks to you. I do hope Mr Peters has been taking good care of you?’

‘Oh yes ‘ said Nancy, ‘I’m feeling much better already’

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