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A little girl woke me from my nap and improved my life forever.
Fbailey story number 429

Bonnie No Boobs

I was sitting on my front porch drinking a nice cold beer and watching the world pass by. My neighborhood is full of overachievers, workaholics, and exercise nuts. I am the only retired person that I know of. Even my wife of forty years still works.

I was shocked back into reality by a shrill voice asking, “Are you okay, Mister?”

I snapped back to reality with a jump as she had startled me. I looked straight ahead at a little girl standing on my porch not three feet from me. Somehow in my dazed state I had not seen her. Perhaps I had dozed off for a few minutes, I have been known to do that.

The voice asked, “Can I have one of those? I’m real thirsty.”

I looked down into my hand and found a beer can sitting there. It was no longer cold. I looked back up at her and replied, “No, you cannot have a beer. However, I’ll get you a cold soda, what would you like?”

She asked, “Can I see what you have and then pick?”

I opened the door and waited for her to follow me in, through the house, and into the kitchen. I dumped my warm beer into the sink and opened the refrigerator for her. It was full of beer, soda, and mixers for drinks.

She asked, “Don’t you eat food, Mister?”

I laughed and pointed to the other refrigerator standing next to an upright freezer near the stove and said, “This is MY refrigerator. I keep it full of my drinks.”

She asked, “Then what are the juices and fruit for?”

I said, “Mixed drinks like Bloody Mary’s, Tequila Shots, and Margaritas.”

She said, “My mother likes, Sex on the Beach.”

I smiled broadly at that.

She looked at me, thought a moment, and said, “Not that silly, the drink.”

She finally made her decision and grabbed a Cherry Coke and a beer for me. She grabbed the same one that I had just poured down the drain.

We went back out on the front porch and talked as we drank. Her name was Bonnie, she was thirteen years old, and she had just moved into the neighborhood. One of the people down the street was her grandfather and he had gotten ill recently. Bonnie and her mother had come to take care of him for the summer. I also found out that most people thought that she was only nine years old and that irritated her greatly. She has had her periods for over a year and was on birth control because her mother didn’t trust her not to fool around.

She was only wearing a handkerchief with shoelaces holding it on and a pair of tight shorts. So when I asked her about her clothes she told me that she wouldn’t wear them except her mother told her that she was to keep her tits and pussy covered at all times outside the house. When I asked if that included her ass too she smiled, got up, and turned around as she bent over. I had to smile. More than half of her ass cheeks were exposed, she had cut her shorts in the back.

Bonnie said, “I love my ass, it’s my best part so far. My tits are still just nipples, that’s not fair. My old girlfriends used to call me Bonnie No Boobs. And my pussy doesn’t have any hair on it but it looks good to me. What to see it?”

Before I could say a word Bonnie had her foot up on the arm of my chair, the crotch of her shorts pulled to the side, and was opening up her pussy with her fingers. I had to admit that it did look rather nice. Bonnie dipped her finger inside and then straightened up. She placed her finger near my nose and then she asked me if she smelled good. She sure did. Then her finger went into my mouth to taste. Yes, she tasted good too.

Then without any notice her top came up just enough to show me both of her fantastic nipples. She might not have tits yet but her areolas were sure puffy enough.

Well Bonnie was quite a little girl. In less than fifteen minutes she had told me her life story and shown me all of her ‘good’ parts.

What more could this summer hole in store for us?

Each day Bonnie would come by for a soda and a talk. Her grandfather was not doing much better and it looked like they were going to move in permanently.

Then one day Bonnie asked me if I could make a ‘Sex on the Beach’ for her mother. We went in and I looked it up on the Internet.


Sex on the Beach recipe:

1-1/2 ounces vodka
1/2 ounce peach schnapps
2 ounce cranberry juice
2 ounce orange juice

Add vodka and peach schnapps to a highball glass over ice. Fill with equal measures of cranberry juice and orange juice, and stir.


Then Bonnie asked me if I would make one to go. She promised not to drink it herself. I did her one better than that I made up a small pitcher full and poured it into a thermos bottle. I grabbed two glasses and a bucket of ice and walked home with Bonnie.

I knew that house and I knew her grandfather to wave too. He was a recluse and only went to and from work. He had some outside contractor take care of his lawn and flowerbeds.

Bonnie invited me in and called to her mother. Julie introduced herself and invited me to sit down. Bonnie told her mother that I liked Sex on the Beach too. Her mother had the same reaction that I had at first then saw the thermos and glasses and started laughing.

Julie said, “Thank you so very much. You don’t know how much I need this. My father is driving me insane and to top it off there isn’t anything in the house to drink, not even vanilla extract or cough syrup. She sounded like an alcoholic.

I poured us each a drink and watched as she downed hers. Then I filled her glass again. She drank that one much slower as I looked her over. She could be a model she was that pretty. I could see where Bonnie got her looks and her figure. Julie had tiny boobs too but they looked so sweet that I actually wanted to see if I could suck the whole thing in my mouth. Her blue jeans were tight and that just enhanced her fine ass even more. Her shirt had the top three buttons undone and I could see just a hint of her lacy white bra.

She really enjoyed that second drink but then resisted the third one, saying that she needed to stay somewhat in control. Too bad, I could only imagine what she could be like out of control.

She worked her way into her third one before accepting my offer to dinner. She said that her father usually fell asleep around eight o’clock and that she could slip out then. I said that dinner would be ready at eight and that Bonnie was welcome to come over before that if she wanted to meet my wife.

Julie emptied her glass and let me take it home. My wife came home shortly after that and I told her that we had company coming for a late dinner. I did my best to describe Bonnie and her mother Julie. My wife smiled and went up to take a long bubble bath and get ready for our guests.

I started to go out to the grocery store to get some meat to barbecue when I ran right into Bonnie. So I invited her to go with me. She had not changed her clothes and kept giving me fantastic butt shots as she reached for items in the meat section. Because of her I bought way too much meat but then again I could always invite them over again.

I started the barbecue but decided to wait to put the steaks on until I knew how Julie liked hers cooked.

When my wife came down I was amazed. She looked as pretty as the day I married her. She had on a red half bra that just kept her big breasts up on a shelf like thing. The white see through blouse that she had on didn’t cover a thing. Then she had on a black micro miniskirt with red high heels. I had never seen any of those clothes before. Her hair was up on her head in a nice bun. She had on her best earrings and necklace too. Who was she trying to impress…me! I had made such a big deal over how pretty Julie was that my wife had gotten dolled up for me.

She walked to me and whispered in my ear, “I shaved my pussy and I’m not wearing any panties either. If you can keep your hands off Julie you can have whatever you want from me later.”

Bonnie was just staring at my wife and finally said, “God, you are so beautiful. I wish I could look like that.”

My wife asked, “Wouldn’t your mother object?”

Bonnie said, “I run around nude at home most of the times.”

My wife smiled and took Bonnie up to our bedroom.

Just before eight o’clock Julie rang our doorbell. When I opened it up she had changed and she looked extremely good. She said that Bonnie had told her how my wife was dressed and then got her permission to get dressed up too.

As I invited Julie in I was even more impressed that I had been earlier. She had on the same bra but a new blouse that didn’t have any buttons on it. She had a cute unicorn pin holding it together just under her bra. The lacy edge of her bra showed as well as her lovely bellybutton. Beneath that she had on a bikini bottom that left very little to my imagination.

As drool was running down my chin Julie said, “I see you like my outfit. I’m glad that I got a heads up. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have changed my clothes at all.”

I was able to say, “I’m glad that you did. I love your outfit.”

Then Julie turned around. That bikini bottom was a thong and exposed her entire ass. I watched as she tensed her muscles making that firm ass of hers even firmer. I looked down her long legs to her high heels. Her calves were perfect too. Then she turned back around and I found myself staring at her pussy mound.

She let me look for a while and then asked, “Do you want to see my tattoo.”

I was drooling again when I must have nodded. Julie hooked her two thumbs in the top edge of her bikini bottom and lowered it far enough for me to see the top of her slit. Her pussy had been shaved recently and there on her mound was the prettiest little colorful unicorn that I had ever seen.

I was still staring at her exposed pussy when my wife walked down and cleared her throat. Bonnie just smiled at her mother and then I looked at Bonnie. My wife had applied makeup to Bonnie and fixed her hair. She had also dressed Bonnie in one of my old T-shirts that had been cut up and tied back together. It was very sexy though.

Then Bonnie said, “I’m not wearing any panties either.” Then she lifted up my wife’s skirt to show that she wasn’t wear any panties. I was just smiling at her actions when she then lifted up the T-shirt that she was wearing to show us that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

Julie asked, “Well now that you have seen all of our pussies do you want to see our tits too?”

I said, “Maybe after dinner. How would you like your steak cooked?”

I was outside cooking while the girls did the inside stuff. Soon I was joining them with the meat. There was a nice cold beer sitting at my normal spot and a pitcher of Sex on the Beach between the two women. Bonnie had her Cherry Coke. There was a tossed salad and fried mushrooms in bowls on the table. Our dinner was very good and the women looked great. We had a good conversation too.

The women put the leftovers away and loaded the dishwasher before joining Bonnie and I in the living room.

Then as if on command the three women stood up and undressed.

Julie said, “There, it’s after dinner now and you get to see our tits. Bonnie and I don’t have even half of what your wife has.”

She certainly was correct. Bonnie had those puffy areolas with her hard nipples, Julie had A-cup breasts with nice nipples, and then there was my wife with her C-cup breasts that have sagged with age, her very dark areolas, and her puffy nipples that I love to suck.

As I looked from one set of breasts to the next and then to one bald pussy after the other I could feel my cock tightening in my underwear.

My wife came over to me and then started to undress me. My shirt came off and my pants went down. I took off my shoes and she pulled off my pants. Then Bonnie and Julie joined her and I had six hands pulling my underwear down. Somehow Bonnie wound up in the front and when my cock snapped up it hit Bonnie right in the forehead and surprised her.

Her mother scolded her for hurting my beautiful cock and told her to kiss it and make it better. Bonnie grabbed onto it with both hands and kissed my little pee slit. Then she slipped her lips over the head while her mother smiled.

I looked down to my left and saw my wife, I looked down to my right and saw Julie, then I looked straight down at Bonnie with my cock sticking in her face.

My wife and her mother were rubbing Bonnie’s back and encouraging her to keep sucking me. I just smiled down into Bonnie’s eyes as she looked up at me. This had to be the best blowjob ever with the two women encouraging a thirteen-year-old to suck my cock. I gave her fair warning before I cum. Her mother told her to just keep sucking and try to swallow it all. My wife told Bonnie that my cum tastes pretty good. Finally I grabbed the back of Bonnie’s head and started fucking into her mouth but just an inch to cause her lips to give me a little extra friction under the head of my cock. Her mother told her not to panic because I wasn’t going to hurt her. Then I yelled out and started cumming like never before. Both women gave encouragement to Bonnie for doing such a good job. When my final burst shot out I released her head and just stood there. Julie sucked my cock clean and told my wife that I did taste good. I watched as the two women kissed Bonnie and licked her face clean before they lay her back on the floor and started sucking her breasts clean where some of my cum had dripped. I knew that they were just sucking her nipples because they could. I smiled as my wife fingered Bonnie’s clit for her. Julie pushed me out of the way so that she could suck on her daughter’s pussy. I got down under her pussy and started licking her. Meanwhile, my wife squatted over Bonnie. I smiled knowing that Bonnie had given us both oral sex. When I got hard I slipped it into Julie’s pussy.

My wife said, “Remember when I told you that if you could keep your hands off Julie that you could have whatever you wanted from me later? If you let me suck your cock after you cum in Julie you can still do whatever you want to me for the rest of the week.” Then she leaned over and kissed me.

With an offer like that I started cumming in Julie right away as I held her hips and pumped into her. When I pulled out I stood up and duck walked over Julie and Bonnie to offer my cock to my wife. While my wife was sucking me Bonnie was cupping my balls and Julie was kissing my ass. I loved the attention from all three women. I would have never in a million years believed that a sixty-year-old, a thirty-one-year-old, and a thirteen-year-old would be having sex with me at the same time.

That summer was one of the greatest summers of my life. Julie’s father died and she inherited the house. Bonnie started school in the fall and all three women took excellent care of me. It was decided that I wouldn’t fuck Bonnie’s pussy until she was fourteen years old, which would be shortly after Christmas.

The End
Bonnie No Boobs
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