This is the 3rd part in a series of stories.
As with the other stories, if you are uncomfortible with the subject matter listed, no need to read on. This is the 3rd part of a true story of my summer discovering myself (and many other things).

I knew the next few days would be rough and full of anticipation. With Matt's brother in town for the weekend, I figured many family events would happen and I would not see him much. It was likely better off this way regardless, as I did not want any questions as to why I was spending every second with him. My little brother would also appreciate me spending some time with him too. He had friends in the area as well, but always liked hanging out with me when I would let him.

It was hard to not think about the previous couple nights, and I think the following day or two I had a boner more than not. By Saturday night, I think I rubbed a layer of skin off from jerking off so much. On top of that, my little butt was getting sore from fingering myself too much. Sore or not though, once again I was in the bathroom playing with myself after I got back from the beach. I had tried to fuck myself with a few objects from a banana to a hot dog, but they both were unsuccessful. As I sat there I glanced over at the toilet plunger and thought the circumference was about the same as his dick... hmmmmm.

Here I am, an 11 year old (soon to be 12) looking at a toilet plunger and thinking I would fuck myself with it while thinking about my 15 year old crush. Thinking back to it now it seems ridiculous, but then I almost came just thinking of it. The bathroom was big, and there was plenty of room to lay down. I took out some lotion and put some on my butt, and a bunch on the smooth end of the plunger. I put it down on the floor with the plunger end against the one door, and laid on my back with my hole near the end of it. Slowly I slide in a couple inches.

The first though I had was, "FUCK this hurts!" I tried to relax a bit and push in a little more. I got it to the point where it was not hurting, and felt really good if I just shifted my position around ever so slightly. This by far was the biggest object I ever stuck inside myself. It would have helped if it was softer, but the soft objects I tried before just didn't work. I had limited things to try at this point. I made it best of it though, and just closed my eyes and thought of Matt inside of me. My hands moved to my rock hard cock and quickly had a powerful orgasm. When I came, it actually hurt a bit with the stick up inside me as I moved around too much, but regardless, I was keeping it there and ready for round 2!

The second round was just as good as the first. I slowly removed the stick which was an odd sensation itself, and stood it on the floor next to me. The deep carpet bath mat I was laying on was comfy and the A/C was blowing down on me cooling me off. I suppose while relaxing I dozed off for a few minutes though. Suddenly I hear, "What are you doing?!" I was startled and jumped to me feet. There is my brother Tyler, just looking and laughing and a bit confused. I was in a bit of a panic. Tyler was 9, and I had no idea how to begin explaining this. All I know is he came in and saw me naked on the floor, lotion on my privates, a still rock hard boner, and a toilet plunger that was obviously somewhere else just previous to him coming in.

"Get out of here you fucking retard!" That was the only thing I managed to get out of my mouth. Shit though, this was my fault. I locked my door but didn't even think about his door. The bathroom was between our bedrooms and I thought he was out with his friends all day. I didn't expect to be doing this... I thought it would be a quick jerk off session until the idea about the plunger came in. I quickly got dressed and went into Ty's room to start damage control.

I felt sick at this point. First, because it would not take much for Tyler to figure out what I was doing. Secondly, because I just yelled at him and he ran out with tears in his eyes. He worshiped the ground I walk on, and now I feel totally guilty. When I went into the room, he was laying down trying to hide his face. In a soft voice I said, "Buddy, I'm sorry I yelled at you. You just scared me is all." He responded, "Whatever, just leave." I sat down on the edge of his bed and rolled him over. He looked pissed, so I started to tickle him and quickly a muffled laugh was starting to come out.

"That's better Ty!" He smirked, and I gave him a big hug. I knew I still didn't dodge the bullet on what he saw though, so it was explaining time. "What you saw is something older boys do sometimes Ty. Do you ever rub your boner if it gets hard?" He looked at me a little confused. "Well, you will soon enough. It feels good, and it is just something older kids do." He said, "It gets hard when I was it something or it rubs on my cloths."

Without really thinking about it, I said, "Here, let me show you what happens when you do it right." I slide down his shorts and took his dick between my fingers. I slowly started rubbing the skin up and down, and within seconds he was hard. I laid down next to him and pulled mine down. I told him to watch me and do what I am doing, and proceeded to jerk myself. He quickly followed suit. "Does it feel good buddy?" He was blushing but nodded. I then spit into my hand and took over for him. My spit was nice and slick, and I was able to glide my fingers over his cute little cock.

After a minute I could tell he was totally enjoying this, and secretly, I absolutely was as well. Jerking my little brother off was far hotter than anything I could have imagined. All I could think about was sucking on him now, but I didn't want to go too far. Right as I was thinking that he said, "Stop! I have to pee!" My heart was racing as I knew he didn't have to pee... but that I was about to give him his first orgasm! I said, "No you don't Ty, you are going to cum! Just be quiet, relax and enjoy it!" He was pushing my hand away and wanting to get up to go to the bathroom, so I just pinned his shoulders back with my hands and took him into my mouth. Seconds later, I could feel the shivers going through his body. His little dick jerked all over inside my mouth, and he was wiggling all over the bed.

"You didn't have to pee, huh buddy?" He just looked at me in both bliss and amazement. "Tyler, you can never speak about what we did to anybody, promise?" He agreed. "Also, that is something you can do by yourself anytime you want, just do it in private where mom is not going to see you, OK?" I knew I just shared something very special and very innocent, as well as something I never would have imagined with him. As I was taking a minute to think, he reached over and grabbed my dick and started to roughly jerk me. "I want to do it for you too!" I was not going to object! Without a word, he puts his mouth over the tip and licks around. Holy shit was that hot! I could not believe I was watching my cute little brother with his mouth around the head of my dick! He stops and says, "Like that?" I just smiled and he went back down. I could not hold out longer. I grabbed his head and had an earth shattering orgasm of my own.

Dinner time was fast approaching, so I told him to get dressed and to once again promise this never happened. The sly look on his face told me he not only enjoyed it, but would be hornier than me and wanting to do it often! The past week of my short life had already been filled with so many twists my head was spinning. I should not be enjoying any of this as much as I was and I knew it, yet all I could think about now was Matt inside me plus the cute way Tyler just came for the first time with me. I really did not think about what just happened with Tyler as too sexual, more of just playing around I suppose. To be honest, I did not know what I thought. All I knew was that this summer and beyond would only get more exciting.

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2017-01-03 05:14:27
Good story just well kind of wires the whole invest thing

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2016-11-18 08:34:24
Anyone who believes this is a true story is a complete retard.


2016-10-24 14:05:58
damn that's hot!!!

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2012-12-20 21:20:12
Teresa Affronti - Dear Bailey Photo-The wait was SOOOOO worth it! You captured the fun, engery and the love on Jamie and John's special day. We so look forward to seeing every single picture. We know how very, very precious every single picture of loved ones become in the future. I wish we could take a billboard out and advertize how great you were. Good luck, wait, you don't need luck-you are gonna need to clone yourself! Best wishesTeresa and Mike P.S. And first dibs for Justine's wedding someday in the future!

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2012-12-01 11:31:49
when i was 14 my dad came to me to tell me about sex he had me take my shorts down got my cock and started to rub me and he told me all sorts of things about sex it fellt so good i could not cum at that age so i said to him can i rub yours he siad ok itook his cock out it was about 9 ininches and very thick i rubbed him till he come after that we did it a few more times then i started to have sex with my sisters

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