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The dog lucky learns a new trick.
Lucky dog Ch2: Accident
Angela was wet in that special place. She was wearing no bra and no panties. She was on her back in bed. She was alone except for lucky. She needed to do something about her urges or she would go just as nuts as her boy friend.

Looking over at the dog's raging red shaft she sighed. She wanted it, but at some level she knew that it would break her in half. Some girls go for black guys based upon cock size. They really need to get themselves a good dog if that's the only thing they're after.

“You can watch. That's all you get.”

Her hand moved down and she began rubbing herself. Her hands were better than her boyfriend's tongue had been and she was building towards climax. Her free hand came up to play with her nipples and she noticed something really wrong. She was off balance. Lucky was on the side of the bed and she was on the far other edge. She was falling off.

She hit the floor with a thump and her one hand still on her clit. Her butt was in the air and her shoulders were on the floor. She was so close to orgasm, but she really should get up off of the floor. If she got up she might lose it.

She started to gather together the will power that it would take to get up, but she couldn't quite do it. Her laziness cost her. Lucky's tongue found her hungry slit. Lucky's tongue was much better than her boyfriend's had been. It was soft and warm and wet.

He must have gotten some nourishment from consuming her will power because he kept at it until there was nothing left other than a buzz of pleasure in Angela's mind after a few minutes. Tingling had spread outwards from her legs and at some point it met the inferno of heat that came off her nipples.

The orgasm was here. All that lucky would have to do would be what he was for another few seconds. Unfortunately that didn't happen. He hopped up and placed his paws on either side of Angela's body. She could feel fur on the sides of her breasts.

His tongue began lapping at the back of her neck where her short hair didn't cover. She liked the tingles that it gave her up and down her spine, but it wasn't going to get her off.

“You're an evil dog. You couldn't just finish me off could you?” The pleasure was dulling her mind and blurring her voice. She suspected that she would go to bed a particularly frustrated young woman.

Lucky began to hump the air between her legs. The poor dog wasn't going to get anywhere today either. Angela wasn't at her strongest and lucky was a big dog. He would be hard to get off of her. He was going to be at this for a while until he got up.

In an act of mercy Angela decided to give her boy a hand job. At least one of them didn't have to go to bed frustrated.

Lucky sensed his master's hand moving towards his shaft to stop him and adjusted his thrusts to avoid it. This brought the tip upwards and it came in contact with her pussy lips. Angela's hand clenched on air and her heart skipped a beat. That felt so good, but it would have to stop.

She had shoved her hips to the side once tonight to prevent the penetration of a cock she wasn't expecting. She attempted this again and Lucky growled and barked angrily. She could feel his mouth holding the sides of her slender neck. It might have worked on a human, but Lucky wasn't having any of it.

“No!” She said in a commanding voice and Lucky's teeth clenched.

“Please?” she whimpered.

Lucky began humping her and her body responded by reminding her how close to an orgasm she had been. A high pitched moan escaped her lips. She whimpered as the orgasm flooded over her. Her orgasm was here.

This had all happened just as Lucky had entered her. His tip was only just inside and she still had her hymen. Her pussy contracted violently as her orgasmic shudders took her body.

Lucky wasn't going to let an extremely tight pussy stop him. He shoved forward hitting her hymen. Angela's eyes flew open but didn't focus on anything. It wasn't as painful as it was going to be, but it got her attention.

Lucky shoved forward and did what Angela's boyfriend had been unable to do. Angela doubled over in pain as the hit to her gut took hold. Lucky shoved forward entering her more thoroughly. Another shove filled her up fully inside. When the shove after that came Angela knew that the dog was too big for her. There was one further shove, and Angela suspected that if Lucky wanted he could have entered her a little bit more.

Lucky was a big dog.

Lucky did what males do and he was oblivious to the condition of his master. He worked himself up to climax and his knot began to push at the base of Angela's pussy. The dog was a monster and he would destroy her little innocent kitty.

Angela tried to get up, but her strength wasn't any greater after her orgasm than it had been before. If anything she was worse off. She struggled to get up and happened to look over towards her window. There, watching the whole thing, was her boyfriend.

Their eyes locked and each knew that the other was watching. Her boyfriend turned away and ran for his car. Angela heard the motor start and the vehicle roared to life. The car didn't move though. It just sat idling in the driveway.

Lucky shoved her down and pushed his knot into her. She saw blood dripping down from between her legs. A lot of blood was there, and it wasn't slowing down any. Lucky had hurt her. His cum shot warm and wet into her cunt.

When he was done Angela once again pulled down her shirt and skirt. She went to the door with blood and cum dripping down her legs. Tears were streaking down her face. She loved her boyfriend. She loved her dog. Her mind wasn't thinking rationally. She kicked the dog out of the house.

Her boyfriend's car pealed out of her driveway. Lucky, looking back hurt, walked out in front of his car. Her boyfriend's car swerved to avoid the dog and hit a tree. He had been driving frustrated and without his pants on. His girlfriend had refused to give her the hymen he had been after, and instead had given it to a rescue dog.

This is the sort of thing that messes with someone. The next day Angela did something unethical. She removed her dog's balls and replaced them with the testicles of her now dead boyfriend. She was a vet and she was at the forefront of her field. Never the less, nothing like this had ever been done before.

Weeks later she got undressed and let Lucky fill her up with her boyfriend's seed. She had given Lucky her boyfriend's balls and in her mind she had also given his spirit to him. Lucky couldn't get another dog pregnant, but now he had a taste for young naked women.

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2012-08-30 22:22:11
This fucking sucks dog balls lol

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2012-06-18 01:21:27
my dog does the same

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2012-01-19 00:15:42
@Anonymous reader
2012-01-06 22:10:03
wouldn't work, the dog would reject the human balls and die. good story though.

I doubt the dog would die.

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2012-01-06 22:10:03
wouldn't work, the dog would reject the human balls and die. good story though.

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2011-03-23 18:52:41
it needs more detail.....other than that it was good

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