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One can only begin to wonder where I possibly got a name such as this for my latest work of eroticism, but if you know me as well as some, you wouldn't have to submerge yourself in great depths of research or conjecture for too long.

The Okeanides were the Greek Goddesses of clouds and rain. They rose from the fresh water, earth-encircling stream of their father Okeanos, carrying his waters up to the heavens and raining them down upon the earth. Melit?s the cloud-goddess who represents the fresh taste of rain water (the purest spring water was likewise called honey-sweet by the Greeks). Akast?s the cloud-goddess who represents the unpredictable nature of rainfall. Admet? name is derived from admetos (meaning wild or unbroken) and is the cloud-goddess who represents the wild downfalls of rain.


"The liquid diamonds rain down upon me and after pooling in certain areas, overflowing, they trickle down my sides. In their path, they leave sensitive skin that is gently tickled with the featherlike touch of a thousand angels' tongues. Delicate parts, once always hidden from natures most tranquil and exquisite act, now are enraptured by hundreds of caressing melodious tips. I feel the orgasm, intense as ever, building deep within my soul. I cannot help but wonder, is it because of his dancing tongue, hungry lips, or gently nibbling teeth on my most sacred and luscious inner place or is it because of the rain that gently smothers my naked body with soft wet kisses”

Oh but how did I arrive at this most incredible junction of my young life Before jumping ahead of myself, allow me to take you back in time, to where all this excitement first began.

As a young girl, dressed in a pretty dress of satiny white lace and matching socks with ruffles that shadowed small white shoes, I found myself more than once in trouble for ruining such elegant attire. Though having all the delicate looks of a collector's china doll that had escaped and climbed down the shelves that held me, I also had the rambunctious urges normally held within that of a typical young boy. I found it almost impossible to stay out of the fresh puddles that the heaven's had just painted upon earths thirsty surface. More than once did I see my mother's disappointed glare as I stood ankles deep in the murky waters that coaxed me and teased me to come in and play.

As a child unlike other children, I would be quite happy, when out playing, to see the summers' sunny sky turn gray with the ominous clouds of a brewing storm. As my friends gathered up their belongings and raced home, with all attempts to win the race against the oncoming drops of rain, I would welcome it with open arms.

As I grew older, out of childhood and into my early teen years, I noticed a remarkable change within me. The excitement that I had all my life over rain was quite honestly taking on a whole new meaning, one that at first I wasn't quite sure about, but one that not many years later, I began to understand. I started to love, even more, the feeling of water in general; baths, showers, the pool. I found myself remaining in it for as long as I could whenever time allowed. The simple pleasure of being surrounded by it and having my naked body enveloped and caressed by it, was just magnificent.

As I grew up to become a young lady, it was then that my mind began to envision the pleasure and excitement that water brought to me, especially rain. My mind quite simply became the stage for displaying my inner passions by portraying the love and excitement I had for rain. The wonderful feeling of it massaging my skin, as well as the elegant rhythmic sound it played while tapping on my windows, aroused me like nothing else. Upon that stage, the innocent portrayal gradually changed as did I and soon became an intense fantasy, a fantasy I would live with for many years to come, and one I so many times longed for, to become a reality.


I arrived home after a night out and feeling rather restless still, even though it is quite late; I wasn't ready to settle down just yet. I figured a nice bubble bath would relax me enough to release me from the grasps of high energy. Heading to my bathroom, I began running the water, placing my hand within its flow to adjust the temperature that would be most comforting. I dropped in some scented oil beads and poured in the bubbles. I then lit a few vanilla scented candles, turned out the lights and went into my bedroom to disrobe.

Upon reentering the bathroom, first I was hit by the romantic glow of the candles, then by their enticing scent. The two sensations added to the overall ambience of the entire room and instantly I felt my body react. I walked up the two steps into my tub and stepped down into the absolute pleasure of my watery haven. As soon as my foot entered the tub, a million tiny bubbles enveloped it. Due to the sudden contrast of the normal air that hugged me and the hot water that grasped my foot, goose bumps quickly encompassed my entire body and my nipples instantly hardened. I sighed loudly and inhaled a deep breath of air.

I inundated myself in the water and its alluring effects quickly surrounded every inch of my nakedness. I lay back and felt the soothing liquid move smoothly up my sides, soon engulfing me completely with its wet heat.

I lay there silently watching the gentle flicker of the candles flames dance against the bathroom walls. I gazed to the stars as I peered out the huge skylights at the clear skies of heaven above me. My mind wondered, as it usually does in this state of total relaxation, to the night's events, and beyond to what the future ones may hold. I now had my eyes closed and was dreamily thinking of more passionate scenarios. I was thinking of how nice it would be to have someone in here with me, right now, with his naked body pressed up against mine.

I would feel his smooth skin and gently run my fingers across it, anywhere, everywhere that I could touch. I would feel his flaccid cock, pressed up against my thigh, grow erect under the exquisite feeling of itinerant hands; smiling as it throbs. I'd moan ever so quietly as his hands too, caress my skin and work their way gradually, teasingly, toward my more delicate regions.

In the depths of my now overly excited state, my hands gently massage my breasts, pinching the nipples before wandering downwards to the innermost source and reason of my naughty thoughts. Imagining that my hands are his, I run my fingertips up both inner thighs, pressing firmly on each to spread my legs further. I raise my knees slightly, tilting them outwards, to accommodate his mental request.

Now with my legs spread, I creatively build within my mind, his fingers as they approach my sensitive and excited pussy. Very gently I feel them trace around the entire region, before one finds its way to the slit and rubs delicately across the entrance to my sexual being.

I shiver as his finger continues to run up and down the folds of my pussy, swirling around the slippery opening of my desire, and then periodically stopping to caress my button of lust. My clit, now swollen, sends shockwaves throughout my body each time the finger makes contact with it. I move my other hand ever so slowly into action, continuing to pretend it is his. I feel as it gently parts my puffy, wet lips giving instant access to the other hand. Fingers that were gently rubbing instantly find their way to the tight opening and hesitate not at all, to slowly proceed inward. I breathe in heavily as one finger penetrates me, then two. I feel the tightness of my pussy give way ever so slightly to the invading digits before grasping them firmly.

I arch my back, pushing my breasts upward, out of the hot water, into the cooler air as I plunge my fingers, his fingers, deeply inside over and over again. A moan escapes my lips as I feel the deep incursion. I bask in self pleasure as my mind continues to imagine that it is my lovers fingers that are sawing in and out of my pussy at an increased pace. Every so often the fingers stop only to gently rub my swollen nub.

I imagine of what would be next. Would his lips take the place of fingers Would his tongue dance deep within me Or would his hugely swollen cock, unable to refrain any longer, slowly slide inside My mind quickly races past the oral mentation and straight to the thickness of a nice juicy cock. Instinctively my hand goes to my mouth and I suck teasingly on a finger as if my imaginations' wish came true. Oh how I love to pleasure a man with my mouth”, I think to myself. The feeling of a fat vein-rippled shaft sliding between my tightly clasping lips is exquisite. The nudging of a big bulbous plum-like head up against the back of my throat is even more incredible”. I can almost imagine the delicious taste of his precum as it leaks onto my hungry tongue.

I lay in my hot bath sucking on one finger and being generously fucked by another. My young naughty mind was just about to slowly drift to another incredible contrivance of the two small fingers being two fat cocks instead, both working me over simultaneously. The silence was suddenly broken, however, as was the frenzy of a sexual adventure I was working myself into; but the phone had other plans. The ring startled me and caused my heart to beat faster than it already was beating. Now who could that be at this hour”, I hissed, knowing that I was thrust out of a fantastic sexual journey in an instant. I heard my answering machine kick on but couldn't make out who it was. Whoever it is, it better be important”, I mumbled. Slowly standing up on trembling legs, I reached for a towel and enjoyed the feeling of the water as it cascaded down my body.

I pressed the play button on the answering machine, Hey gal”, chirped Lisa. Are we still on for tomorrow Call and let me know”. I had planned to have a few friends over to swim in the afternoon as the temperature was supposed to soar well into the nineties. I called and let her know, definitely”. Of course before hanging up I just had to sarcastically let her know of her interposal and of the state I was in when it occurred. She just laughed and half-heartedly apologized.


I awoke to the euphonious sound of birds chirping and to the imagery of sunbeams permeating into my room . I lay sprawled out naked on top of my satin sheets and thought to myself, good thing no one entered my room or they would see all that I have to offer.” I hopped out of bed , went to the French doors and enthusiastically swung them both open. I was instantly impinged by the warmth of a beautiful summer day. Both the heat on my body and the fresh morning air enthralled me and I found myself unable to move momentarily. I then stepped out into Mother Nature's morning light and allowed her to wrap her arms around me and hold me tightly. A sigh of contentment eluded my lips.

I quickly went inside, showered and prepared myself to meet the summer day that awaited my arrival. I put on the skimpiest of tanning bikinis that I owned and headed downstairs. My parents were both up already, and I chuckled as I watched my Dad's eyebrows rise over the top of his coffee mug from the sight of his daughters' scant attire. Relax Dad,” I said to him as I gave him a good morning hug. I'm just going to the backyard.” I kissed him on the forehead and turned to give my Mom a hug and kiss too. We're going shopping in a few and will be back later on”, she said. We'll lock the front door on our way out”, she added. Ok”, I replied as I headed out to the pool area.

I set my towel on a lounge chair and walked to the pool's edge, dipping a foot briefly into the cool oasis. I strolled to the steps and slowly walked in. I always love the feeling of water creeping up my body as I submerge myself slowly into its cool depths. I swam across the length of the pool and stopped at the furthest edge. Leaning my head back and holding on with my hands, I kicked my feet upward in the water a few times. I then swam to my floatation bed, climbed up on it and lay back, deciding it was time to soak up a few rays.

I was floating in a dream-like state for about ten minutes when suddenly I heard the squeak of the gate opening. I looked up and saw Jake, the pool guy enter the back yard. Even though he was there to take care of the pool duties, I didn't really want to get out just yet. He said hi gorgeous” and came over to the edge of the pool. He always called me gorgeous which was so flattering. I said hello Jake” and asked him if he needed me to get out of the pool. He said nope, you can just lay there looking as hot as ever. It makes my job that much better. Plus, I'm not going to put the chemicals in until this evening, so you're fine right where you are.” I giggled and told him to tell me if I was in his way.

I lay my head back on the inflated cushion of the air bed and closed my eyes. I was thinking of Jake pretty heavily at that moment . He was a few years older than me, but was a great looking guy. He was an avid surfer with a ripped body, a beautiful tan and that typical beach boy look. He'd been maintaining our pool for a couple years now and we'd had a strong flirtatious relationship happening, but it never went further than that.

I watched out of the corner of my eye as he began skimming the surface of the water and noticed how he couldn't keep his eyes off me. I giggled inside knowing what kind of affect I was having on him. I love how his muscles flexed as he held the skimmer tightly and maneuvered it around the surface of the pool. I would do him”, I thought to myself. Strip him of his clothes, push him down on the lounge chair, mount his stiff cock, and ride him like a wild woman.” Just at that moment, he asked if he could use the bathroom. I told him sure, use the one in the house or the pool house”. He slipped into the pool house and my mind suddenly drifts off into thoughts of the oh-so-famous-scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High .

There's poor Jake, flustered from watching me almost naked, floating around the pool he is so desperately trying to clean. Just a mere few feet out of his grasp is the object of his frustration. His poor cock is straining inside his shorts, straining to be free. I picture him in the bathroom, sliding down his shorts and releasing his cock. Swollen it is, rock hard and throbbing. His hand instantly wraps around the thick shaft and begins to pump vigorously back and forth as he watches me from the window. He undresses me with his mind, removing the bikini from my body, leaving me floating naked. Staring at my more than ample breasts and my smoothly shaved pussy he pumps his cock faster, gripping the thick shaft more tightly with each passing moment. He spits in his hand and rubs the wet saliva all over his cock before commencing the hand job. I envisage the wet sounds his hand now makes as it slides back and forth over the rippled skin. I picture in my mind his raging cock now throbbing as his hand pummels it back and forth vehemently.

I see his balls swinging freely between his thighs as he pumps his dick mercilessly, driving it ever closer to the release he so desperately desires. Whispering my name over and over he imagines his cock spreading my pussy lips and thrusting deeply into the tight wetness. The raging head now purple and painfully swollen is aimed directly at me in the pool. His mind then places him over top of me, straddling me on the floatation bed, pounding his dick and pointing it towards my pretty face. Then I watch, within my mind, as his cock explodes all over the bathroom wall and all over his hand and fingers; Dripping and running down the tiles. He watches it within his mind as his cock explodes all over my face, neck and chest; Dripping off my lips and chin. He pumps the softening shaft a few more times releasing the last remaining droplets of hot sperm from the tip...

Jake suddenly emerges from the pool house and I search for any clue that my imagination wasn't running rampant; sadly I find none. He continues his job at hand, flirting with me none the less. As he continues to clean, I feel him undressing me with his beautiful eyes and I see an obvious bulge growing within his shorts. I blink a few times trying to ward off the impending figment of imagination within my mind but soon realize that this time I'm not imagining it at all. Jake's cock is seriously hardening and I can't help but wonder what he's thinking about as he stares at me. My eyes leave his bulging shorts and seek out his eyes and I see him grinning at me knowing I was checking out his hard-on. I tried my best at acting nonchalant but apparently he didn't buy into my innocence.

Suddenly, without speaking, he just pulls his shorts down. I gasp loudly as his raging cock bounces free. He grasps it in his hand and strokes it slowly back and forth over the entire thick length. I am transfixed to his dick as he continues to jerk off in front of me. He then jumps into the water and swims over towards my air bed. Taking my legs one by one, he quickly spreads them, pushing my feet off and into the water. Then, using his strength, Jake grips the width of the air bed and curls the end downward into the water as he climbs up between my spread thighs. Feeling as though I am in some type of hypnotic state, Jake suddenly pulls me towards the end of the air bed, near the pool water, and with one swift move places his fingers into the crotch panel of my bikini bottoms. He then proceeds to pull it aside exposing my hot bare pussy for his eyes to devour.

He tilts his head closer and lavishly licks my puffy bald pussy lips from bottom to top over and over, soaking them with his saliva. Then just as quickly, he plunges his tongue into my opening as far as it will go. I squeal out loudly with the pleasure I instantly begin to feel. He begins to bob his head up and down, driving his firm tongue in and out of my, now wet pussy, like a slippery little cock. I moan loudly with each inward thrust and scream each time he stops to wiggle the tip deeply within me. I can't believe this is happening but am lost in the wonderful feeling this pool guy is giving me. My pussy is on fire and the flames are quickly spreading throughout my entire body. He continues to tongue fuck my pussy with an incredible intensity. As his tongue lashes my slit his thumbs massage my lips and clit driving me absolutely crazy.

After a little while, he pushes the floatation bed to the pool steps, and straddling me, he walks up them. With one leg on each side of me, his hard fleshy pole is right in front of my face. As he leans forward the tip nudges my full lips and begs for me to open. I oblige and let him in. Jake instantly pushes his fat head all the way to the back of my throat. Quickly he begins a pumping motion, driving his nice cock in and out of my mouth. My tongue tries to keep up and swirl around the head with each thrust, but Jake is just moving too fast. I feel his balls slapping my chin as he continues to fuck my mouth. Without notice he stops and withdraws his cock completely. My eyes open just as his cock erupts. Hot sperm blasts out of the tip and all over my face. Glob after glob of sticky jism squirts from the tip and splashes on my cheeks, nose, and lips...then...

Another splash hits me...”what the...” I open my eyes and notice my day dreaming has again gotten the best of me. Just then Jake splashes pool water at me again, splashing me in the face. Hey sleeping beauty, I'm done for the day and am heading out. Do you need anything else before I go” he asks. I think to myself do I ever need something”, but I only look at him strangely and mumble a soft, no thank you sweetie.”


I head inside and get a glass of cold lemonade and grab the phone. Walking back outside I call Lisa and tell her to get her butt over here. She says, I was getting ready to come over, but thunderstorms are brewing, so I figured I'd wait a little while to see what the weather is going to do.” (tut) The sky is totally blue, but ok, come on over as soon as you can”, I reply. Just after hanging up with Lisa, the phone rings. Hello”. Well hi there baby doll”, Jim's sweet voice echoes. Hello sweetheart, whatcha doing” I reply. Well I was about to ask you the same thing, wanna see me” he asks. I quickly respond with an enthusiastic Oh that would be wonderful, come on over.” I'll be there in a few” Jim states.

After about ten minutes the door bell chimes and my heart instantly begins to flutter. My sweetheart has a way of making that happen. I swing open the front door and we throw our arms around each other immediately. I feel my breasts press against him. His lips soon find mine and we kiss each other passionately causing my body to tingle with arousal. After a few minutes Jim steps back and looks me up and down stating his approval of my tiny bikini. My God Lil'B you look absolutely hot. Mmmm mmmm.” Giggling I assert, Well thank you. Flattery will get you everywhere, you know”

Jim comes in and I offer him a glass of lemonade before we both head out back to the pool. I watch as he kicks off his sandals before removing his t-shirt from his muscle toned body. He is very good looking and I get this funny tingling sensation every time I look at him. His body is just an incredible chiseled work of art, tanned and solid. I just want to jump on him right there and then, but I somehow find the ability to control myself.

We swim for a while under the burning hot sun and I savor the moment of being in Jim's arms in the deep-end of the pool. He kisses me so softly and his tongue gently parts my lips as it seeks out mine. My whole body is feeling a pleasure I always dream of. While cool water embraces me, his strong legs are entangled with mine and I'm held by the strong protective arms of my lover, as our tongues dance a slow dance of a passionate kiss. I tremble with excitement from the pleasurable curiosity of where it will go from here.

We are both startled suddenly and our kiss is broken, as thunder fills the silence. Jim quickly states, Ok, that's enough, we're outta here.” Of course, with my love for thunder and water, it takes a little bit more to get me out of the pool, but after a few moments I comply with his request.

Quickly the sky turns black and lights up with the display of Mother Nature's electrical fury. We both head inside. While the storm rages outside, my excitement level is at an all time high. Jim waits in my bedroom while I rinse off. I get done in the shower, and wrapping myself in a towel, I saunter out to my bedroom. Kissing Jim, I walk to my French doors and peer out to the wonderful watery world. The storms warm breeze blows through the open doors and embraces me with its firm grasp. I cannot help but undo the towel and drop it to the carpeted floor. Naked, I stroll out onto my deck into the heavy rains. Oh what an exquisite feeling”, I think to myself. I feel the water pouring down my skin, trickling and tickling me. The delicate sound of thunder, now passed by, rumbles in the near distance.

Brandi, what are you doing Get your ass in here” I hear Jim say from the bedroom. I turn to face him standing in the door way looking at me like I have lost my mind; I have, I presume. My mind has traveled off into a heavenly place, somewhere far, far from this earth. I step towards him seductively and gripping his shorts by the waistband, I pull him out onto the deck into the rain with me. His objections only last for the briefest of moments as my mouth locks onto his and my tongue dances between his semi-parted lips.

We continue kissing through the most tender and passionate kiss I have ever experienced in my life. The only thing coming between us at that moment is the pouring rain; rain that I love oh so dearly. I break the kiss abruptly and reach within the doorway to my fallen towel. I quickly lay it out on the deck at the feet of Jim. Kneeling down and looking up to him with blue eyes that always speak a thousand sexy words, I undo, slowly, Jim's shorts and with one quick motion, I pull them to his ankles. I tremble with excitement as I look upon his beautifully tanned and muscled body, naked before me, as water from heaven flows down every inch of his skin. His cock hangs limply but plump between two extremely strong thighs and I am mesmerized by the rain water that trickles down the shaft to the tip where it falls to the towel below. I cannot help but sigh and lick my soaked lips at the sight before me.

I reach out a hand and lovingly take his flaccid cock firmly, gripping the shaft. The heat of his member against the cool rain is an exciting contrast which only promotes my own feelings of lust that are building within me. Instantly, I feel his manhood react to my touch and begin to swell to the bigger proportions that I love so much. I gently take my other hand and massage his wet balls as I slide the other up and down the length of his growing shaft. Soon I hold the prized possession of a hugely throbbing monster of meat within the grasp of my tiny palm and fingers. I have always been amazed at the way a man's penis transforms from the smaller version and morphs into a raging, hard as steel one. It is just such an incredible phenomenon.

I lean ever so slightly and place my tongue to just the tip of Jim's cockhead. Rain water, flowing from his dick, fills my mouth and Instead of swallowing it, I save it in my mouth until it's almost full. Once my mouth is full of water, I then enclose it around the head of Jim's inflamed flesh. Locking my lips tightly around the engorged shaft, I proceed to swirl my tongue and the rain water all around him. He moans his approval at the sensation I am obviously causing him to feel. He firmly entangles his fingers in my hair as I suck on his cock and give him the mind altering blow job that I so proudly can give. My hand gripping his rod works up and down, and at the same time twists in a circular motion, as my lips work over every inch of his throbbing member. As I suck on Jim, I try to look up into his face to see the enjoyment I know he's feeling, however the rain is falling far to hard to be able to keep my eyes open. I love to look into a mans face while I suck on his hard-on, and see the different expressions as I change through various motions, leading up to a deep-throating that will assure a very satisfactory orgasm on my mans part.

As his groans become more verbal and his hips involuntarily begin their thrusting, fucking motion, pushing his cock into my mouth and closer to my throat, I quicken my pace of both my hand and my mouth. Soon my mouth is meeting the hard thrusts that Jim offers. He then yells out with a loud final grunt that he is going to cum. I release his swollen appendage from the confines of my mouth and pound my hand up and down his long fat shaft. After only a few strong strokes, the first of his many orgasmic eruptions occur. His fiery hot cum, sprays my face, my lips, and my mouth. I quickly take the bulbous head between my lips where again and again his cock fires its loaded ammunition. I swallow every drop of Jim's delicious seed, until there is no more to be released. I suck and lick clean every inch of softening cock and savor the taste of my sweetheart.

On trembling knees, Jim reaches down to me and kisses me deeply, a thankful appreciative type kiss that I always take as a job very well done”. He then pushes me back gently to the deck, to the towel, to my soon to be paradise I have yet to ever feel; making love in the rain. He then kneels down between my spread legs and placing both hands on my thighs, parts them ever so gently, further apart. I feel his first kiss on my inner thigh and it strikes me as powerful as the lightening that not too long ago streaked across the ominous sky. His kisses of delicious passion move slowly upward, as does his tongue, licking the rain waters from my heated skin. Then his tongue runs up the outer edges of my labia; wet from the rain, wet from excitement, my smooth shaven pussy quivers at the simplest of caresses his tongue delivers. I feel his thumbs reach inward and gently open me, immediately allowing his hot tongue to slither inside. I scream out from pleasure, and moan loudly, continuously, as he pushes its wiggling length, deeper. My hands grasp my breasts and pinch my nipples hard as my body serenders to Jim completely and trembles from the implausible feelings his tongue is causing me to obtain.

I lay on my back staring through squinting eyes to the sky above me. The tears of angels, their liquid diamonds, pour down upon me in a delectable fury and after pooling in certain areas, overflowing, they trickle down my sides. In their path, they leave sensitive skin that is gently tickled with the featherlike touch of a thousand angels' tongues. Delicate parts, once always hidden from natures most tranquil and exquisite act, now are enraptured by hundreds of caressing melodious tips. I feel the orgasm, intense as ever, building deep within my soul. I cannot help but wonder, is it because of his dancing tongue, hungry lips, or gently nibbling teeth on my most sacred and luscious inner place or is it because of the rain that gently smothers my naked body with soft wet kisses

My hearing becomes faint, and my eyes a blur as a mysterious fog envelopes me quickly. I feel as though my head is spinning as I approach the beginning stages of what feels to be a tremendous orgasm. I feel myself getting unusually dizzy then I black out entirely. I awaken to the distinct sound of birds chirping. The harmonious sound of birds chirping combined with the rains rhythmic patterns as it falls to the ground. I look up to blue skies, bright blue with absolutely no clouds at all, however the rain is still falling, heavily. My heart skips a beat as I notice three beautiful young girls standing beside me, overlooking me. They are gorgeous from head to toe. I begin to speak, but a gentle finger touches my lips, stopping me.

All three, wear sheer gowns that cascade to the ground with a fabric that appears almost liquid-like. Their magnificent bodies show through the thin fabric and are encompassed with a light glow. All their movements are smooth and accompanied with incredible grace. I again begin to speak. Who are you Where am….” Again I am hushed.

We are the Okeanides, the Greek Goddesses of clouds and the rain,” one begins to speak in a soft angelic voice. I am Admet ? the Goddess who represents the wild downfalls of rain and these are my two sisters, Melit?he Goddess representative of the fresh taste of rain water, and Akast?the Goddess whom represents the unpredictable nature of rainfall. We are the daughters, raised from the fresh water stream of our father Okeanos, the God of Water. We were created to carry the waters of our father up to the heavens and rain them down upon your earth.”

We have been watching you for a lifetime, play, cherish, and excite yourself from our heavenly downfalls,” Akast?hirps in. Yes and it was our fathers wish to bring you here, YOUR wish of a lifetime to be here; though a silent wish deep within your heart, a very loud wish to our ears,” adds Melit? Admet?continues, There are a chosen few whom cherish our rain as much as you, to those who wish for it and do not curse it away, a very chosen few that have the opportunity to live that which you are about to experience. Welcome to our world Brandi, welcome.”

I close my eyes believing that my silly daydreams have really gotten the best of me now. Or this is one heck of an intense orgasm Jim is causing. Upon opening my eyes I realize that it is neither, as the so-called Goddesses are still standing there. I shake my head to clear it of the mental mirage, nothing. This is incredible, impossible, but incredible,” I state loudly. Standing, my eyes look around. I am no longer on my deck but in an amazing world of disbelief. Rain, rain, everywhere, and rainbows arching over lush tropical forests, with gorgeous cascading waterfalls, descending into sparkling clear lagoons. And rain, as I said, lots of rain, falling from azure skies; my paradise of paradises.

I am taken by the warm wet hand of Admet? Melit?nd Akast?nd I am lead to a crystal palace only yards from where we were. As we get closer I notice the entire palace is made from water, or of water, but how I wonder. I run my hand under the warm stream of the wall nearest me; water, the entire structure is nothing but water. I am now truly amazed as well as breathless. The Goddesses lead me to the entrance which is closed by two immense waterfall gates. Gripping my hand more firmly they walk through the falling waters and pull me with them until we end up on the other side, the inside of the palace. Wiping the water from my eyes I am awestruck by the beauty that lies before me.

A flowery garden as far as my eyes can see, with giant butterflies, fluttering, and the brightest of rainbows lighting the pathways. I notice however, that no rain is falling, but why. I ask the sisters and they tell me that the rains only fall every hour within the palace walls, the rest of the time is a glorious sunny day.

The girls take me by the hands and lead me to a secluded garden in the palace, where I am greeted and introduced to four servants. These are our Love Servants and will prepare you for your wish and assist us in the fulfillment of your life's' fantasy,” the sisters all say with a smile. My mind is reeling with unpronounced thoughts and wonderment of what is to come. They lay me down on a giant pedestal like platform about waist high that is covered with silky soft rose petals of numerous colors. Immediately I feel my body being caressed by numerous hands. My breasts are squeezed, my pussy is petted and stroked, and my legs are grasped firmly and spread gently. I feel soft kisses all over my skin, but see no faces that are bent down to kiss.

I am passionately and deeply kissed suddenly and at the same time I feel a tongue lapping at my now glossy wet slit. The kiss continues as a tongue dances within my mouth and frolics with my own. The other tongue has now worked its way inside my sizzling hot pussy and wiggles deeply inside causing screams of pleasure to explode within my throat, screams that are unable to escape through lips that are preoccupied. At the same time I feel lips sucking on my clit and numerous ones on my breasts. I am just totally lost in absolute ecstasy as I have never felt such wonderful stimulation. My body is quickly losing control as I feel an extreme orgasm building deep within. I tremble uncontrollably as all the astonishing lips and tongues drive me ever closer.

With my eyes closed, I have no idea what is about to occur, until it does. Suddenly I feel my pussy lips gently spread open by, I assume, the Love Servants and a very large sponge-like object nudges up against my pussy opening. I soon learn that the object is a well endowed cock, for as it enters me it is followed by many inches of thick shaft. I feel every ripple and vein as it slides along my inner walls, opening me as it is driven inside. I cannot lift my head at all from the kiss I still receive, but moan loudly as the fleshy intruder burrows deeper into my inner space. My pussy is so wet that the huge cock slides in smoothly, but I feel myself being stretched open to accommodate both its girth and length.

Soon my arms are outstretched and a fat dick is placed in each hand. I immediately grasp them firmly, almost to hold on, as my bearings are still a little bit fuzzy. My head is then lowered slowly backward and another stout cock nudges up against my lips. Almost as planned, the one in my pussy suddenly throbs which causes me to scream out, and when I do, the cock at my face is inserted into my open mouth. Pleasure soon overtakes me as I have never felt so much throbbing, pulsating flesh before.

All at once, they begin sliding back and forth. The one in my pussy and my mouth synchronize there movement perfectly as do the two cocks in my hands. As they all speed up their movements, I again feel tongues caressing me all over. My nipples and clit are sucked on gently by angel soft lips and tickling tongues. I tremble again with unbelievable excitement and pleasure beyond anything I could ever imagine. As I am pumped by incredible manhood, a gentle rain begins to fall. My heart beats as fast as ever with the knowledge that my fantasy is truly becoming a reality. All four cocks speed up as the falling rain falls harder, and then I actually feel them grow. As the rain gets harder so do the cocks and with each passing minute they actually grow to about two inches larger. Oh my God' I scream out as my pussy is stretched almost painfully now, but the pleasure far surpasses any pain.

After about fifteen minutes, all four dicks are removed from their places and my head is raised back up to a level where I can see. Three gorgeous naked men surround me and pump their spectacular penises in their hands, but one man, between my spread thighs is unrecognizable, as the light that surrounds him is nearly blinding. Unexpectedly, with guttural moans, I watch as the men's cocks explode in synchronized orgasms. Their cum powerfully blasts out and splashes onto my tummy, breasts and face. They keep coming, over and over, like I have never seen, and their sperm rains down on me until I am just covered in the sticky, hot jism. Immediately I watch as the Goddess sisters begin to lick it all off me. Their tongues travel over every inch of my glazed body until I am licked entirely clean.

My attention again is brought back to the man between my legs, as he once more pushes his fat member into my tunnel of lust. He now pulls me to the edge of the pedestal so that my ass is barely on it and begins again to fuck me like I never thought possible. I scream as his cock just punches its way into my pussy over and over again. I am held down tightly as I am relentlessly pounded by this solo cock, and by the man whose identity I still don't know. For at least twenty minutes or more his swollen, steel hard cock saws it's way in and out of me, driving me ever so closer to an incredible orgasm that has built for what seems like hours now. The rain continues to pour down on us, harder than any rain I have ever seen and hotter than any I have ever felt.

My brain suddenly explodes with millions of colors, almost like a fireworks display within my mind. A full spectrum of light ignites my senses and again I feel the sucking lips and licking tongues all over my most sensitive parts as the incredible phallus continues to fuck me senseless. I grit my teeth and tighten my muscles as I am racked by an incredibly intense orgasm. My toes curl, my fists clench and my head rocks from side to side. As my pussy contracts, the talented cocksman never once lets up, as he continues the same pace of slamming his flesh pole in and out. I scream out loudly as I continue to erupt in orgasm, trembling uncontrollably. I feel my juices squeeze out through the seal between the shaft of cock and my taut stretched pussy lips. It is then washed away quickly in the heavy rains and I feel it pour down my body and between the cheeks of my ass, before dripping away. Still the great penis slides in and out of my now juicy wet quim, but only for a few moments, before I hear a roar of pleasure. I feel the cock swell that much larger and pound so much harder before a scorching flood of liquid fire empties into my hot wet depths. Throb after throb deposits my unknown lovers cum, deep inside my tightly gripping pussy, coating my insides with a creamy finish. A gallon of cum feels like it fills me, as the cock continues to throb and blast its baby making seed inside.

Soon the throbs and thrusts diminish, and almost at the same time the rain stops. I lay there spent, entirely, as I feel my lover withdraw his now softening penis. I flood of cum pours out and down my ass once the fleshy plug is removed. I lie there with eyes closed, as pictures flash within my mind, of the incredible sexual occurrence that I just experienced.

I open my eyes and find myself back on my deck, back with my sweetheart. The rain is still slowly falling. Jim is on top of me, holding my legs behind my knees with his arms, and pounding his cock into my pussy. With one final thrust he bellows, I'm coming” and I feel his cock flare up and pump the first discharge of a massive load into me. With each spurt he thrusts forward, driving his cock inward and forcing the deposited cum out between where are bodies are interlocked. Jim continues to piston his cock in and out of me until his orgasm subsides and his balls are drained completely dry.

After a few moments, Jim pulls out of me and as he slowly rises I look at his fantastic body, glistening with the mixture of sweat and rain. I eye his plump cock dangling semi-erect and coated with a radiant luster of our mixed orgasmic juices. What a God of a man”, I think to myself, an absolute God”.

Within the gentle summer breeze that encircles me, I hear the soft voices and playful giggles of sweet girls', three Goddesses from a far off place whispering my name. It is then that I know my life-long fantasy of making love in the rain has finally come true.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this story as much as I enjoyed living it and writing it for all of you! Love and huggles, Brandi xoxox

Please feel free to email your feedback to . I LOVE to hear from readers and see what they have to say! Thank you!

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2010-07-23 09:46:11
I fail to understand why the rating of the story is so low. Incredibly deive and fluid writing that simply kept me wanting to read more and more. Keep up the good work, you certainly have made a fan out of me.


2010-07-05 03:19:59
I really don't understand why anyone would not enjoy this story, if people are looking for a story, this is a story, if they are looking for a sex scene, there is plenty in there, and if they think actually reading a good story for the writing and the eroticism is hard, they shouldn't complain for their own hindrances. Great work really, my stuff is no where near as good.

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2009-09-25 16:52:43
Weird, overblown, and boring. The rating says it all.

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