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Kelly and Angela the vet go at it.
Lucky dog Ch7: Special Accommodations
Lucky's ears perked up. He heard Angela's car coming home next door. He jumped through the window and made his way home. He was more interested in speed than stealth, but Angela didn't hear him come home.

“My lucky panties!” was called after him, but he had no ears for such concerns.

Lucky arrived home and got inside before Angela could notice him missing. He ran to greet her at the door. “I love you too Lucky.”

Angela began stripping her clothes off. Lucky was usually interested in a bit of a fuck when he hadn't seen her for a while. The other dogs simply ignored them at this point.

She noticed lucky with the panties on his cock. The color drained from her face. Lucky's cock was piercing the crotch of a pair of tattered panties. There was blood on them. Lucky had hurt some poor woman.

Angela, half naked, leaned down and hugged Lucky. There could be consequences if he was tracked back here. He could be neutered. Angela could be charged with whatever Lucky had done. What she did to her dog could be discovered.

Lucky leaned over and licked Angela's breasts. They were sensitive just now. They were more than sensitive, they were lactating. Lucky cleaned them up and Angela's mind went away.


Kelly leaned over and sucked on the nipple that Lucky wasn't licking. Angela was still holding a pair of panties that clearly weren't her own.

“Click” A camera took a picture.

“I know I'm just your neighbor, but your dog just came into my house and fucked my brains out while I was practicing for the tournament.” She didn't specify what tournament, to Kelly there was only the one and the rest of the world would need to get on board.

“You're going to blackmail me aren't you?” Angela asked.

“No, yes, sort of.” She composed herself “I need to win the tournament. First off I want my panties back. I wore them before the preliminary tournament and I broke some records. Second I am going to need him tomorrow morning to blow off some steam.” Kelly really loved that fuck. She knew she would want more later, but she didn't have time for a boyfriend.

“What did you just say?”

Lucky began nipping at Angela's panties. Kelly locked the door behind her and yanked her neighbor's panties down. Lucky hopped up behind Angela and pushed her to the ground on top of Kelly.

The dog knew what to do. He mounted his master and shoved in. Kelly positioned herself underneath and placed her lips on Angela's ponderous breasts. They had plumped up to a D with milk and were over full. It had become clear earlier that Angela's breasts were a sensitive spot so a mouth on them was all that it really took to floor Angela. The dog worked on Angela's back while Kelly worked the front.

Kelly's bath robe fell open and the two women were skin to skin. Neither had tried a woman before. To be exact neither had tried a human before. Both were learning on each other's body. Kelly's own breasts were rubbing against Angela's stomach. Her nipples were hard. Lucky's balls were rubbing against Kelly's stomach.

Lucky's pace increased. Angela crawled backwards forcing Lucky back. The two women who had both lost their maidenheads to this dog locked lips. Angela was a good kisser. Kelly had never had occasion to learn what she was doing.

Lucky would be building his knot soon. Angela reached behind her and pulled the dog out before he could lock them together. The dog gave a brief growl, but Angela placed it at the entrance to the other girl.

Lucky wasn't gentle this time. He hadn't been last time, but by comparison he had been. Lucky rammed against Kelly's crotch and pounded his knot into her. The two were locked together and human cum was being pumped into Kelly. Angela crawled out from between them and watched as her dog slammed himself into the girl next door.

“There are a few things we are going to get straight. I do need help giving attention to lucky apparently. You have my permission to be his bitch when I'm not around. Oh and you might think about going on some sort of contraception.”

“What did you just say?”

Angela took the camera and erased the pictures. She was tempted to keep them, but she didn't want to run the risk. She was several months pregnant and couldn't afford the risk. She had too much on her mind today to play around.

Results had come back from tests done on her system. The date of conception had been firmly nailed down as it were. It turned out that her deceased boyfriend's pre-cum had been enough to get her pregnant. Either that or Lucky had impregnated her on their first fuck. She hadn't had sex with his human balls until a few weeks later.

Kelly didn't believe that Lucky could get her pregnant. She put the comment out of her mind and concentrated on her mad skills. She won the tournament so overwhelmingly that she won not only the top prise, but every award that could be won. Angela sponsored Kelly for the Nationals where she won as well. She earned more money still when she got the sponsorship of a womans empowerment group.

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2016-06-29 17:27:42
Can't wait to read what happens next in the story with them all. Love it, can't wait to read what's gonna happen next. I wanna read more and more!!

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2011-01-26 09:30:38
Great story. Ending is funny.. A regular dose of dog fucking will make you a winner!
Only improvement I could see is a little more detail in the sex scenes.

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2010-06-23 12:17:04
Excellent series. Now it's time for Kelly to miss her period and have a surprise pregnancy. And after Angela has her baby, Fido can pump another one into her so there'll be no doubt in her mind who the daddy is. By the time Angela's and Kelly's kids are thirteen or fourteen, their daddy will be really old or have been lovingly laid to rest in a really nice pet cemetery.

I liked the comment/short story previous to this one. If it's true, it's really hot. FOUR Mastifs?? She's getting some serious cock.

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2010-06-23 11:45:07
I know a girl who's 14 yr. old brother fucked and came in her when she was 10 and then held her in place while their three dogs took turns fucking her. He also made her suck their cocks while he was fucking her and then made her get on her hands and knees and let them keep mounting and fucking her until the sun was coming up. She told me that at some point she started cumming while one of the dogs was fucking her and she couldn't stop. After that, she started cumming as soon as another one mounted her. She said that their cum was still running out of her the next day but she'd gotten to like it and didn't tell their parents what her brother had done. She had to fuck them all for over three years, until he went off to college and ended up becoming a successful Gynacologist. She told me that she kept fucking her dogs because she loved how hard they fucked her and how hot their cum was when they pumped it into her. She's a grown woman and has four Mastifs, now, all with huge cocks.

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2009-11-10 21:46:04

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