Here is my story about how my husband gets what he asked for
This is a story about my husband that cannot stop thinking about sex. I believe that he is thinking about it 20 hours a day. He dreams about it and talks about it and keeps pushing me to play along with all the silly games he wants to play. I want romance and passion and all he wants is to fuck and he wants us to dress up and pretend to be other people and he especially likes for us to role play with me being the Mistress or Dominatrix in charge and in control. I am not sure I understand his drive but I have decided to give him what he’s been asking for and he doesn’t even know it yet.
He is in his mid 50’s and I think he wants sex as much now as when we first got married. He is 6’ tall and about 190lbs, not a body builder but very nice for his age. He has a nice cock that is about 7” long and 2” thick. I haven’t had many men but from what I read this is about average. I am going to take him to an empty house next week and really give him the sexual game he has been asking for. I am going to start tonight to get everything ready for our little game. I think for the game I will pretend to be an employee of his. He has a small company and he has treated me (this pretend employee) like dirt for about a year. I am a single woman that has a night job also to make ends meet and he has taken advantage of my situation at the office by giving me all the crap assignments. He doesn’t know what I do for my night job; I am a professional Dominatrix and carter to discrete clients that want this service. He will have booked a session with me online and has no idea who I am. He happened to hear about me from other client that has been using my services and is quite pleased. I only discover who he is because I make all my little fuck toys send me a picture with their bookings. You cannot imagine how lucky I am feeling right now because my Boss is soon going to be my sex slave tied up, naked, being spanked, having his balls crushed and eating a very special surprise. I will have a video of all this so now my money problems are over.
I go ahead and order a leather outfit that fits the bill for this job. I have to get together all the props I will need handcuffs, whip, cock leash, nice strap on dildo, and lube, some other restraints, video camera and some refreshments. I am getting a little excited thinking about this plan to teach my husband that you need to be careful what you wish for, because he is going to get it on Wednesday. The outfit is a leather suit that has the beasts cut out and I have fishnet stockings with a leather garter, knee high boots, gloves and a mask so he won’t know who I am until it is all over. Well what do you think, will he like my little plan? Today is only Friday so he won’t get to fuck any pussy until we play the game that will keep him nice and Horney and on the edge. I will have him orally pleasure me every night until then. He is a very skilled pussy eater and when he sets his mind and tongue to it he can make me cum very nicely with his mouth. I think I will also have him tell me a different scenario each night after he has eaten my pussy. I will tell him that if I find out that he has masturbated anytime between now and game time that we won’t have a game night. I think it should be good to hear all the naughty ideas that he wants me to do. He won’t know that I have already decided on what I am going to do, but he might give me some different ideas that I might use and they can be his ideas that I will make him do if I like them.
Well it is Wednesday and this is play day. I had him get up first thing and get in the shower and shave his hairy body from the waist down. I had him pay special attention to his dick and balls and told him to make sure they were stubble free. When he thought he was finished I had him get out of the shower and get on all fours on a bench in the bathroom and I did a very thorough inspection and had to trim up a few areas he had missed and then I got out my hairbrush and gave him 10 very sharp whacks to punish him for missing the hairs I had to trim up. I told him to go to work today without and underwear and to keep his phone handy because today was his lucky day and we were going to play his silly Role Playing game and he was to do everything he was told by his new Mistress without question or hesitation, if he balked we would be finished and he could not ask me to do this anymore. He was stiff just think about this and said he would be a good boy today.
I sent him his first text message about 10:30 am and told him get $300.00 cash to pay for his evenings activities. This message was from Mistress Mary the Dom that he was booked with for the evening. Later that morning I sent an email that told him what the game was going to be. Mistress Mary has been booked by him for the evening of wicked naughty sex, he was going to completely submit to this unknown Mistress and do everything he was told. I choose the name Mary because he has a real employee named Mary that is a single woman and I thought this would add some reality to the game. Right after he came back from lunch I sent him another text that told him to go into the bathroom and work his dick until it was fully stiff and hard but he was not to cum. Then he was to take a picture of his nice hairless dick and balls and send it back to me. He had 10 minutes to get me the picture or the evening was off. It was just a little over 9 minutes when I got a new pic message and it was a close up of a rock hard dick that was nice and smooth. I think I love all this new technology. I was getting a little excited about having this much control over him and he was so willing to do anything I asked. While I was sitting at my desk at work one of my friends came over and asked where is your mind today you seem so distracted. I told her I was busy planning a special evening for my husband’s birthday. We are just chatting back and forth and my cell phone beeps again with a new message. The phone was next to my friend and she picks it up to give to me and I do not know how but the picture of this nice hairless dick and balls comes on the screen. She does a double take and then hands me the phone. She gets a very naughty grin and says I hope that is your hubby’s balls you have there, how did you get him to do that? I am blushing bright red and my face feels like it is on fire. She says don’t worry your secrete is safe with me. She says lets go on break and talk a little about this I have to hear what you are planning. At first I try to resist saying I have things I need to do, but she knows better and I finally relent and we go outside on break to talk. When we get outside the door she is firing questions at me a mile a minute. What are you two going to do? How long have you been doing this kind of stuff? Will he do anything you ask him to do? And on and on… I said slow down a little let’s not get overheated. I told her everything that I was planning to do tonight to my husband. She was divorced and has been for about 3 years and I do not think she had anyone steady in her life. I asked Rachel did your husband ever want you to dominate him in the bedroom. She said they had talked about it a little but never really did anything about it because he was such a jerk that she didn’t trust him to not to try something funny with her. She had looked at a lot of different things online and she liked the idea of FEMDOM because she could get a real thrill from making men do her bidding and she said she even liked the idea of making them a little uncomfortable with some spanking whipping and dick and ball punishment. She said the idea of having that kind of control over a man was exciting. Well she asked if we could make him take another picture in a different place. I agreed and then sent him another text message that said I want you to take a picture of your pants hanging over the back of your office chair with the blinds open to the outside. He works on the third floor and has a large window that faces outside so he could do this without much problem except that he was naked under his pants so I knew he would have to be naked from the waist down to take the picture. About 10 minutes later we get the pic message and sure enough his pants are over his chair. My friend was getting very excited about this which also made me even more excited. She asked if she could come and watch me dominate him tonight she wouldn’t say a word and would even hide so he didn’t know she was there. That got me to thinking and I decided that this might be fun to humiliate him a little more, anyway that’s was another thing that he always wanted. I agreed to let he come and watch and set the plans in motion. At 3:00pm I sent him another text and told him to go by the sex toy shop and buy a hood that would cover his whole head and eyes and to meet me at 7:00pm sharp at the address I gave him. I also told him to text me when he made the purchase while he was still in the parking lot.
I told Rachel that she could come and I wanted her to record all this tonight on our camcorder, but she would have to do anything I asked her to do also or she would have to leave. She said anything? And I said yes anything then She agreed and asked if she needed to bring anything else. I told her no I had everything. I got a text at 6:15 from my husband saying he had the mask. I told him to get some drinks and be on time not early and not late. Rachel and I left work and drove together to the meeting place. When we got inside we started setting up so we would have plenty of light when we were filming and then it was time to change. I took the camera and told Rachel to strip while I filmed her and then I had her put on a little Marti Gras mask and some high heels and some bright lipstick. She didn’t even hesitate and I was wet as I filmed all this going on. When she finished I had her film me as I changed into my Dominatrix outfit and got everything ready. My pussy was dripping wet with excitement and we had about 5 minutes before the naughty boy showed up. We talked about what would be fun to make him do and positions to put him in. The doorbell rang and I knew this was it. I sent him a text and told to him to go into the back yard onto the patio and to strip and put all his clothes in the bag we had left out there and then to put on the handcuffs I had laid out for him. He walked around and did as I had told him and there he was naked and cuffed in the back yard. I opened the door and brought him in and let him drink in the sight of this dominatrix that was about to make his fantasies come true. He started to say something and I slapped him across the face and told him he was not to speak unless told to do so. His cock was already hard and as large as I think I have ever seen it. I grabbed it and led him to the family room and then had him kneel down and I told him what was going to happen but I left out a few details. I put on his hood so he could not see and then motioned for Rachel to come out. She had already been filming and knew not to say a word. First thing I did was ask him where the money was and he told me that it was in the pocket of his pants. I went and got it to make sure. Then I started My name is Mistress Mary and you have come to be dominated and used and humiliated is that right? Yes Mistress Mary. You are doing this because you are not man enough to please any woman on your own right? Yes Mistress Mary. You want me to own your tiny little cock and balls and that sissy little ass of yours right? Yes Mistress Mary. Will you do anything I tell you to do without question because you need to please me? Yes Mistress Mary. Good stand up and lay back on the chair so your dick and balls are fully exposed to me and he struggled to get up and then I lead him over to the chair and pushed him back so his legs were hanging down and his cock was sticking straight up in the air. I picked up the little whip I had brought and stood right between his legs and swatted his dick and balls about ten times. This is for you being such a naughty boy that you had to come here. Yes Mistress Mary. I then bent down and started to such his dick and to milk his balls. I was being a little rough and he was squirming all over the place so I slapped his cock and told him to be still. Rachel was right there getting all this on film and I could see here pussy leaking. I just reached out and stuck my finger into her sopping wet snatch and I thought she was going to pass out. I worked my fingers very slowly in and out of her while I was sucking on his dick then I just pulled out my fingers and stuck them in his mouth and told him to lick them clean. He wasted no time and had a huge smile on his face and so did Rachel. He had no idea that he had just tasted another woman’s pussy. I then stopped and got him up and tied a dick leash onto his cock and balls and lead him all around making him walk faster than he could because he couldn’t see. His balls must have stretched out about 6 inches and looked painful. I stopped and asked him if he was ok and he said he never hurt so good. I had him get on all fours and spanked his ass for being naughty again. I went over and gave Rachel the whip and whispered to her to go ahead and have a little fun and I started filming her whip him good. I was amazed that his cock was staying hard the entire time. I lead him to the middle of the room and had him lie on his back and undid the cuffs. I spread him out with some ropes and had him spread eagle in the middle of the room. I told him it was time to put his mouth to good use and I walked around and sat down on his face and had him to start eating my pussy. I was very wet and leaked all over his face as he was busy down there eating me. I told him what to do and was giving instructions to him because I told him he couldn’t even eat pussy correctly without a woman telling him how to do it. Rachel came back over to me while I was sitting on his face and I stuck two fingers back into her pussy and was working here to orgasm. I then decided to take this to the next level. I told my little fuck toy that his mask was getting in the way but he had to keep his eyes closed until I told him to open them and then I removed the mask and decided to stick his nice stiff cock into my pussy. I slowly lowered myself onto his cock and rode it fast and furious for just a minute or two. I did not want him to cum yet. I then had Rachel lower her wet aching pussy down onto his face and told him to start eating again. I was till telling him what to do and I am sure he didn’t even know he was eating another woman’s pussy at that time. While he was busy I stood right in front of Rachel and pulled her face to my pussy and she started to eat me with all the gusto of a pro. I had never expected this to happen but I came with a flood as I had one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had and almost collapsed on top of Rachel as she was Cumming all over our little fuck toys mouth. As I regained my strength I decided to sit on that huge cock that was sticking straight up from our little toys midsection. I knew that as soon as he realized what was happening that he would now know that there were two women in the house with him. I grabbed his cock and just stuffed it into my hot wet pussy and sat down on him, I started bouncing up and down and I think he figured it out after about a minute because he shot his big hot load into my waiting snatch and I sat there and milked his cock with my pussy and could hear him groaning under Rachel’s pussy. When he had stopped squirting I told him to keep his eyes closed and I then motioned for Rachel and I to switch places. His cock was still hard and as I sat there I had Rachel get up and I quickly sat right down on his face again with my freshly fucked pussy gapping open and I could feel him licking and sucking like a mad man. Rachel sat down on his cock and had a great smile on her face as she rode him until she came. I then had her get up and take a little more film and then she got up and hid back in the other room after she walked out the door to hide I got up off his face and told him to open his eyes. He was still tied down but could see and he started to open his mouth to say something and I told him don’t forget who is in charge here mister. I took off my mask and told him I was his employee Mary and I had just filmed all this. I told him he was now my personal little fuck toy and he would do what I wanted when I wanted it and he was never to ask any questions about tonight. He would have to give me a raise at the office and make me a Vice president. If he was a really good boy one day I might let him see the video but for now that was just something he would have to fantasize about while I would enjoy this with my new friend. I told him that I hoped he liked the taste of fresh cream pies because I was sure he was going to be eating them from now on anytime we had sex. When we make love things will be different but when we just fuck you will always be the clean up boy. I told him not to say a word and I untied him I said just nod your head if you enjoyed this game and he nodded quickly yes with a great big smile on his cum covered face. I told him to leave his clothes here and go home and wait for me. He left and Rachel came back out and said she could not believe what had happened but she came over and we started to kiss and fondle each other, but that’s another story.

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wow great story keep up the great work

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This is a great story and I did not have any problems reading it. Keep up the great work and i think this can make a lot of men happy thinking about your hot BBW body as they wank off reading this

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It might be a good story, but I refuse to read a long story with out paragraphs. Paragraphs are a courtesy to the reader. Your reviews sound good, but presenting your work and your talent is your job. Next story use paragraphs.


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Very hot story. I envy your hubby.


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You should resubmit this with better spacing but it is a good story

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