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"Where are you" he asked.

"In my bedroom, on my bed."

"Are you sitting up or laying down"

"I am laying back against pillows," I replied.

"Satin, I presume" he asked.

"Yes, satin." The small talk went on for quite some time. He asked questions concerning every detail of my room. Furniture, lighting, music playing; I guess he wanted to build the image of where I was, what my surroundings looked like, how it smelled, and what it sounded like. In detail I replied to all his questions. Then his questions turned to me. "What are you wearing"

"A black silk robe," I commented.

"And underneath"

"Black lace panties and matching bra," I quickly answered, then heard him sigh heavily.

"Hmmm sexy, very sexy. Lay back now and tease me," he stated rather firmly.

Finally he gave me the opportunity to take over. I did. I asked him a lot of the same general questions he had asked me. He was wearing jeans, no shirt. He too was lying down on his bed. I began my verbal seduction.

"Take your free hand and gently rub your palm down the bulge in the front of your jeans" I told him. "Make it grow. I want your cock to become painfully erect for me. Do not undo them yet. If you do I will hang up the phone without so much as a goodbye." He sighed deeply. I smiled knowing I was in total control. "Are you hard yet" I asked.

"Yes, very" he breathed. I instructed him further. "Trace the outline of your cock with your pointer finger, then slowly slide it up and down the underside of the swollen shaft. Again rub it with your whole hand. Grasp and gently squeeze your big balls for me." I heard him grunt quietly as he apparently did exactly what I asked of him. "Now slowly unbutton the top button of your jeans, slowly. Take the zipper and lower it all the way down. Does your cock feel relieved to be somewhat free" He replied quickly with an enthusiastic yes. "Now take a moment to take your pants all the way off. I want your swollen cock to be free."

After a couple seconds he came back and said, ok. "You are now naked" I asked. "Yes" he replied. "Describe your cock for me. Tell me what I will be wrapping my lips around. Tell me what type of flesh will be pounding in and out of my wet pussy, fucking me into my mattress." "It is about seven inches long and five inches around. The head is quite large and well-defined veins ripple around the thick shaft." He then added, "just the sound of your voice has made it as hard as steel." "And your balls" "They are fairly large, hanging quite low and full of hot cum for you to…" I quickly interrupted, "will you let me drink it or would you rather explode in my cunt" "Both" he simply replied. Again I smiled.

Teasingly I kept my seduction going. "I am now going to get naked for you. I am standing and slowly removing the black robe. I am untying it." The front falls open, revealing the treasures beneath. "Slowly I'm pushing it off my shoulders and down my arms. It falls in a heap to the carpeted floor." Holding the phone up to my ear with a shoulder, I take my free hands and massage both of my firm young breasts. "My nipples are so hard" I tell him. "They are longing to feel your tongue, your lips. I am squeezing and caressing them. I'm now slowly reaching around and unclasping the bra." I slip it off and let it too fall to the floor to meet the robe. My tits are free. The hard nipples stand out firm, excited. I again rub the warm flesh, this time with much more aggression. I hear his breathing getting harder in the phone as I continue. "Don't you want my tits I bet you want to taste them, to suckle them. I bet you are just dying to straddle my chest and fuck them with your penis, aren't you" He just moans. "Well they want your tongue, your lips, and your cock. My nipples want to be pinched hard.

I am now slowly lowering my panties. Over the swells of my hips, down to uncover my bare pussy and down each long tanned leg. I am not stopping; lower, lower, lower I push them. I bend to remove them entirely and toss them to the floor." I feel the rush of cool air against the wetness of my excited womanhood. I explain to him how wet I am. "Are you touching your cock" He replies, "Yes." "Grip it tight," I state, "just like my pussy would feel on it. Stroke it slowly for now, but with long complete strokes. That's the way I like to begin fucking. Slow with full complete thrusts. I want to experience the total length and width and feel every single ridge and ripple of my lovers' penis. I want to feel the cock head as it pries me open deep inside and then submerges into my tight depths. Picture me on top of you. Straddling your hips, I lower my cunny down onto every last inch of your luscious cock until your pubic hair tickles my ass."

I tell him, "ooohhh lover, work that cock with your strong hand. Imagine the wetness of my pussy surrounding your hard meat. So very tight, almost virgin like, it grips your fat shaft. You feel the heated pussy walls compress your throbbing cock as you slowly slide every inch in and out repeatedly." A groan escapes his lips and echoes through the phone. I teasingly ask if he's ok. "More than," he replies. "I am now back on my bed, naked, and so very, very horny," I tell him. "I am laying back against the satin covered pillows. My chest heaves with the deepened breaths I am now experiencing. My nipples are painfully erect. My pussy is sopping wet with excitement." He again groans and I hear his breathing so much heavier now. I can vaguely hear the slapping of his hand as he pumps his cock. I try to envision his fist sliding up and down his swollen pole.

"I can't resist," I teasingly tell him. "My fingers have made their way down to my wetness. I am slowly, in tiny circular motions, rubbing my swollen clit. Oohhhh yesss it feels so good. I so badly want your tongue there. I want to feel it lapping at my cunt. I want to feel it spread the lips apart and slide inside me, wiggling deeply. Like a tiny cock, I want to feel it fuck me and fuck me hard." He suddenly speaks, "oh God yesss baby, don't stop talking." I tell him, "my fingers are now working my clit at an accelerated pace," then I bark out, "keep pumping that huge cock but do not cum until I tell you to," he reluctantly says ok.

"I am now holding a nice fat cock in my hand" I explain to him as I grab my dildo from the nightstand, "your cock," I purr. "I picture you straddling my face, lowering your member to my mouth. I open up as I feel the swollen head bump up against my full lips." I slide the dildo into my mouth. Immediately my hungry tongue swirls around the fat tip and the following shaft. The artificial veins feel incredible against my tongue. "I am sucking your fat cock now lover. The head is hitting the back of my throat. I just know you want to plunge your dick in completely. I know you want me to deep throat you, don't you You want to let loose and fuck my mouth like it's a pussy, thrusting your sensitive head, over and over again, down my tight throat. You want to hear me moan and whimper; see me panic and struggle against your huge throat-invading phallus. Well do it then. Fuck my face hard. Give me that fat cock."

I stop speaking briefly to hear his masturbating hand pounding. The slapping sound is proof that his dick is getting a serious work out. I picture my phone lover as he lies on his bed and masturbates. I envision his erection, a swollen purple head, a beaten red shaft, and a blur within his pounding fist. I see his balls being thrust up and down between his spread thighs, balls that contain his delicious juice, bouncing from his hands mighty pumping.

Excited even more by my vivid imagination, the sounds coming over the phone and my own dialogue, I swiftly move the artificial hard-on down between my spread legs. "Ok lover, I cannot take it anymore, please give me your fuck stick. I want to feel every inch of your flesh penetrate me completely. I am putting the dildo to my ever-so-horny pussy. You are now going to fuck me." He almost screams his approval. "I am so fucking hard sweetie. I wish I were really there to fuck you. God what I would do to you. I want you so bad," he continues. "My cock is huge and swollen and begging for your tight hot cunt."

I gently take my hand and part the tender swollen lips. I place the tip of the dildo to the opening and slightly push. A soft moan escapes. He hears it, "yes honey fuck yourself good. Take every inch of my big cock and fuck yourself with it." At his coercing I begin the slow penetration of cock. I feel my pussy stretch to accommodate the moderate width of the dick. I again moan out. "Aaahhhh God yessss" I continue to gradually sink the dildo into my depths. Slight pain arises from the sheer size of the artificial penis but the pleasure is much much greater. I continue to push with my free hand. My moans become much louder, almost to a scream. He continues on the other end of the phone to cheer me on. "Yes," he yells, "fuck it, fuck that fat cock…take every inch." I thrust one final time and feel the head bump up so deep inside me. Every inch of the dildo is buried all the way to the fake balls.

I breathe in heavily just trying to catch my breath. I tell him "You are sunk to the hilt. Every inch of your big shaft is spreading me open and throbbing uncontrollably." Teasingly I add, "I just know your precum is painting the insides of my sugar walls." I feel my tight pussy contracting against the object, the hard rubber cock. I still hear his hand slamming up and down on his flesh. My mind cannot help but wonder if he could last this long inside me Definitely not, I decide! I slowly begin sliding the dick out of my skewered pussy. I feel my pussy being pulled outwards with the cock's withdrawal. Then I thrust it back in. A scream escapes my lips. He again comments, "Yessss baby, fuck me…fuck my cock."

I spread my legs further, arch my back, and thrust my pelvis upward to meet the dildo. My hand, now grasping the dildo with more strength, begins a fluid pumping motion, sliding the cock in and out fully. I feel, as the tip just about exits me, my pussy lips close slightly, and then the dildo pries me back open as I thrust it in again. Wetness now coats my entire hand and I feel it running down the crack of my ass. As I am oblivious to the world right now, I feel my massive orgasm building deep within me. I scream out to my lover, "NOW, cum for me now, cum in me and on me. Let your delicious man juice explode."

I hear him moan loudly and grunt like an animal, and then he screams out that he is coming. I hear his moans coincide obviously with his spurting cock. I imagine his orgasmic penis throbbing relentlessly. The tiny peehole opens just enough to release blast after blast of white-hot jism. I see it send streams of sperm all over his stomach and chest; splashing, coating his tanned skin. As I witness in my mind his explosive orgasm, I continue fucking myself with the fat fake dick. Now furiously pounding it in and out, as I feel my own orgasm arriving, I drop the phone from my ear to the pillow. My other hand automatically goes to my engorged clit and begins to frantically rub it in sync with the thrusting cock.

Screams and moans of pleasure fill my room now as I begin to enter the first phase of my incredible climax. I feel my body begin to tremble and shudder from my toes all the way up. Goosebumps cover every inch of my skin as my nerves are stimulated tremendously. Then my entire body goes stiff. I tighten my leg muscles so hard they almost hurt and my toes curl and then straighten. Then with a rush that overwhelms me, my entire body ignites.
Stars burst in my eyes and mind as the first gush of liquid fire explodes from my well-fucked vagina. Continuously my whole body releases the passion that I have longed to let go of. My screams, I am sure echoed throughout the whole house, and of course quenched my phone lovers' thirst for sexual accomplishment. As the spasms continued to race through my body, my tremendous orgasm slowly subsided. My pussy, as well as my head, throbbed with every heartbeat.

I quietly lay still, engrossed in the aftermath of a mind-altering sensation. I could barely move a muscle to grasp the phone I had dropped. I softly and seductively said "hello." My lover sighed and chuckled, stating, "that is the word, that earlier this evening, got this whole thing started.

I hope y'all enjoyed it! Comments are more than welcome.
Hugs and kisses, Brandi xoxox

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