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Tat continues to transform and takes a woman completely.
Tattia Chapter 2: Tat the taker of women
The police arrived twenty minutes later. The witnesses were useless. One just heard a gunshot and that's all. Another saw what they described as a giant bird or bat flying out of a window carrying a girl. And then there was the matter of the sister who passed out at the scene. She was high on something when the police found her. A sketch artist asked her to describe what she saw.
“Put out an APB for Dracula.” Said the police captain just before placing the sketch where it would never be seen.
“Would that be Dracula himself, or the elder Dracul?” asked the officer who handed him the sketch.
“Better haul in anyone running around naked with six inch fangs just to be sure.”
This being a suburban community, the police had messed up the scene before investigating it, and they didn't even think to look for sperm that might have been consumed by the deceased. Rather than research it fully, they decided it was a suicide, but that the file would remain open for some time.
Lin's taller older sister Lien, or Lee-Ann as she preferred to be called, was let go. This beauty would be faced with the terrible duty of putting her broken home back together. Unfortunately this was not what she wanted to do. The man who had killed her one sister and who had taken her other sister was out there somewhere. Lee-Ann would later find her attacker, but that is another story and will be told in due time.
Flying through the night Tat had a young Asian woman in his arms. She had short blue black hair and bright red finger and toe nails. She wore tan shorts and a formerly white tee shirt. It now had a lot of blood on it from Tat's recent fun.
This girl was named Jade, and she was a bit of a tom boy. She partied with her friends and she drank a lot. Tat could tell this from the way her scent told of alcohol and sweat.
Upon hitting the ground in the abandoned factory tower tat once again resumed his idealized male form. Another person might have wondered at the transformation, and the wonderful powers that had turned a girl into a creature of wonder and strength. Tat was not one of those people. Tat simply accepted this transformation completely and thus was transformed completely.
At Tat's feet was a woman. She was dressed in pink camouflage shorts, a white T shirt with a bloody hand print on the right breast, and socks. She was a young Asian woman with long blacker than black hair that draped down across her back. She was tall and she was thin. Her breasts were an upper A cup bordering on a B, but they had bounce to them.
Jade's eyes fluttered open and her nipples immediately began to grow hard. The venom was still on her lips and they tingled. Her left hand crept up to pinch her right nipple and felt the tacky blood stuck to her shirt.
On the floor in front of her was the gun that had shot her sister. She realized that she might be in real danger. This made her heart beat faster, but that simply made her feel a little bit more of the venom. Her mind swam.
“What are you going to do with me?” She asked. She knew that she was in no condition to do anything to save herself if this creature wished to take her and then kill her.
“What would you like me to do to you?”

“I want you to tell me what to do.” The words came out of her lips without her control, and she knew that by speaking them she would never again see anyone she cared about.

“Come here and suck on me while I ponder your fate.” The transformatrix spoke and his words were commands. He didn’t speak loudly, but he expected his voice to be law.

On all fours Jade crawled towards Tat. When she arrived at Tat’s drooping cock head she angled her neck up and took it into her mouth. Imediately it began to harden. The head alone filled her mouth and a trickle of cum dabbled upon her tongue.

This was a venom of sorts as well. As Jade followed the lifting cock up and began to bob her head up and down on it her entire personality was being consumed. What was once Jade was falling away and was replaced by something that Tat created.

Tat enjoyed the bobbing of this woman upon him, but wanted more. He wanted to take women by force, but he wanted to feel their will bend to be consumed by his own will.

Tat changed once more. The venom that his cock spat out would now make any woman that he had taken remain his. His cum would be the poison that dominated their minds.

Tat needed to speak with his servant and needed to instruct her body in what he wanted. He pushed her off of his cock head and shoved her to the ground. She enjoyed the rough treatment and laid on her back in servitude to her master.

Sharp claws destroyed the fabric of Jade’s shorts and panties. Tat’s cock head moved into position and felt the moist warmth of a hungry pussy.

A tiny bit of Tat’s cum oozed out of Tat’s cock head and entered Jade. It pushed her lips appart and made Jade’s cunt ready for Tat’s full shaft.

“I need you to tell me about those you know. I will be taking women from the valeys between the green mountains.”

“I hear and obey- Unnnh” The cock plunged deeply into Jade’s body. Ten inches was the measure of the monster’s length, but he gave her only eight.

Tat’s lips locked with Jade’s. Tat could feel the hunger in the woman. He took her thoughts and replaced them with ones of Tat’s own choosing. The transformatrix was now changing Jade to meet his own standards.

Heat washed over the young Asian woman’s body. Her eyes dialated her lips parted to accept the probing tongue of her master. The cock slammed in and out of her and the walls of her cunt was milked for all it was worth.

Tingling started in her nipples and in her clit. The sparks spread to her hips, her breasts, and swam up her back. This was better than any orgasm that she had ever had before.

“My master!” She said in excitement and adoration.

Cum shot forth into Tat’s servant and filled her up. The balls produced and pumped out cum for as long as Tat chose to allow them to.

The creature was done. He rested. He did not think about what had happened. He did not rest in anticipation of the next day. He simply accepted things as they were and it was time to rest.

The transformatrix rolled off of the young woman. His last action before falling into a deep slumber was to mutter.

“Those clothes do not suit you.”

“As you wish my master.” Jade’s blood stained clothes turned to dust and fell off of her body. Her body had been changed by her master and it was Jade’s body that commanded the clothes to disintegrate.

She had seen inside the mind of her master. Her will had been completely changed, but it was not the same as the will of her master. She could think ahead and could remember the past. She was still changing as her body thought of how she could best serve her master.

She cuddled up next to her master with her knee over one of his legs, and with an arm caressing his body. She rested her mind and allowed her body to continue its work. Metamorphosis took more out of her than it did out of Tat.

Her breasts swelled and grew heavy with milk as she slept. The milk would be needed to sustain her master’s new servants and to ensure that they remained pliant to his will. It would be as potent as the master’s venomous kiss.

Her muscles grew and tightened. Her feminine form remained feminine, but it was now far stronger than it had been before. Her eyes turned a mesmerizing green. She was transformed completely now. She would transform more if her master commanded.

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