Jenny's Bath
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Jenny's Bath by Wizard

Chapter 1 "Splish, Splash, I was taking a bath."

"You want me to what?" I exploded.

Linda shrugged and explained again. And again. And once more for good

"You're sure about this?" I asked again. She nodded tiredly. "And Dave
is cool?" She nodded again. I shrugged and agreed.

A little later I took the girls to Dairy Queen for cones, then to my
place for some TV. They settled down to watch `Totally Spies' and
`Dexter's Laboratory'. I went into the bathroom and started filling the
bath tub. I had some bubble bath left over from an old girlfriend and I
added a handful.

When the tub was full of warm water and brimming with bubbles I went
back into the living and plucked Diana from the sofa, her sister's didn't
even seem to notice. I carried her, tucked under one arm to the bathroom
and set her on the floor. She'd been so startled that she hadn't said a

"You..." I said, pointing at her, "...bath..." I said with a sweeping
motion toward the tub, "" I added with a handclap. She giggled.
"Wash good, and wear a towel when you're done. Your mom's bringing clean
cloths in an hour or so." I finished normally. Diana giggled again and
started to pull her t-shirt over her head before I could scoot out of the

I went back to the living. Carrie had taken over the sofa and Jennifer
was sprawled on the floor, both with eyes glued to the TV. I shook my head
and went to my desk to catch up on some paperwork, I was an independent
real estate appraiser and never ever really caught up.

Dave and Linda had been good friends for years. Unfortunately Dave had
been unemployed for almost nine months about the same time that Linda's
hours got cut way back, and they had some bill problems. The mortgage was
the biggest one and last month they lost the house, even though Dave had
just got hired at the mill.

It could have been worse, a lot of families wound up living in their car
or even a box, Dave and Linda had a travel trailer. A fourteen foot travel
trailer. Imagine for a moment, two adults, three girls, one almost a
teenager, and a large collie all living in a fourteen foot travel trailer,
then talk to me about cruel and unusual punishment because of overcrowded

Then just to top things off, the showers at the trailer park had been
broken for a week, which is how `Uncle" Paul wound with the three girls and
bath time.

Diana at eight was no trouble. About fifteen minutes later she came out
of the bathroom wrapped in a large beach towel, sarong style, with a
smaller towel wrapped turban style over her hair. Her bare arms and
shoulders had the pink glow from being washed hard. I patted her turban as
she walked toward my recliner and I went to clean up the bathroom.

The bathroom looked like an eight year old had just had a bath. There
was water everywhere. I take that back, there was one spot in front of the
sink that was miraculously dry. I wiped down the floors and drained the
tub. From the look of the water, you'd think the kid just had an oil
change. Then I refilled the tub, added more bubble bath and went to
collect the next victim.

Carrie was still laying on the sofa, her feet on the armrest, so I
grabbed the feet and lifted. "Hey." she shouted. Her sisters looked at
her suspended in the air then went back to Dexter and his lab.

I carried her inverted to the bathroom. Once inside, I considered
dunking her head first, but decided to be nice, and righted her and set her
down. "Your mom says she can't stand your pigpen act one more night."

"Pigpen?" she asked.

"Pigpen." I repeated, "You know, Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Pigpen." She
looked blank, I guess Pokeman and others had done in the old classics. I
pointed at the water and she nodded. I gave her the instructions about her
dirty cloths and left her alone. Ten year olds need their privacy.

When I went back into the living room I stood behind Diana in the
recliner and watched Dexter for a few minutes. I didn't get it. Beneath
me, Diana had pulled off her turban and was drying her long blond hair.
The girls couldn't look less like sisters, Diana was a blond, Jennifer was
a brunette and Carrie had flaming red hair. They were all cute but in very
different ways, Diana was small boned and petite, and Carrie had an
athletic build. Jennifer was somewhere in the middle. Diana had long hair
that almost reached her waist and Carrie was so short it almost looked
boyish, and again Jennifer was in the middle with medium length hair that
just touched her shoulders. As I watched Diana dry her hair I noticed some
red marks on her shoulder. "Lean forward." I instructed and pushed her
forward a little. Three deep scratches started at the top of her shoulder
blade and disappeared under her towel. "I'm going to look under here." I
told her, and pulled the towel away from her back. The scratches extended
halfway down her ribs. "How did you do that?" I asked.

"Do what?" she asked as she sat back and looked up at me.

"That." I said and pressed down on one of the scratches.

"Oww." She complained and tried to look over her shoulder but of course
couldn't. I had a small angled mirror among my tools that I used to look
at inconvenient places in houses, and I handed it to her. She held it up
over her shoulder and looked down at her back. "Wow. I don't know." she

The scratched looked fresh, so I figured she's done it sometime today. I
went to the bathroom and knocked.

"Yes." Carrie called out.

"Could I come in for a minute?" I asked, "I won't look."

"No problem." she called back, "I'm covered in bubbles anyway."

I walked in and she was laying back against the edge of the tub with
bubbles up to her neck. "I could stay like this forever." she moaned.

"Well, don't forget to wash." I reminded. "After all, that's why you're
here." I said as I looked through my cabinet for the aloe vera.

She leaned forward and the bubbles started moving around over what I
thought were her legs. I found the aloe vera and started toward the door.
She leaned back and the bubbles didn't move with her so that now her chest
was bare. She didn't notice, but I couldn't help but notice that here flat
chest had started to get a little puffy and that she actually had nipples.
"Uncle Paul, can I do this again tomorrow?" she asked as she rubbed her
belly with a wash cloth.

"If it's okay with your mom, it's okay with me."

"How about the next day?"

"You're pushing it." I told her.


I've always ben a sucker for a long drawn out `please'. "I don't mind
if you keep coming back until your shower is fixed."

She grinned. Then frowned. "What about after they're fixed? I like
baths better."

I stepped up to the tub. "Well, maybe not every day, but at least once
a week if your parents say okay."

"You're the best pretend uncle ever." she said and started to stand up
to hug me. She got about half and then remembered that she was naked and
sat back down. "I owe you a hug." she said with a self conscious smile.

"I hold you to that." I said as I left, smiling at the mental picture of
a bubble covered bald little pussy. `You've known her since she was five'
I reminded myself, but the picture stayed. I took the aloe vera over to
Diana and had her lean forward as I rubbed it into her scratches. I pulled
the towel away from her back and she let it fall into her lap.

When I finished and she sat back, she didn't bother pulling it up again
and I could compare her chest to her sisters. Hers looked flat as a board
except for the outline of her ribs and her nipples looked like they had
been painted on. I smiled to myself, reminded myself again that I'd known
her since she was three and went back to my paperwork, on which I couldn't

I realized that I had committed myself to bath time every day for
awhile. I was pretty sure that Linda would jump at the chance when Carrie
asked. What was I getting myself into?

It was almost twenty minutes later when Carrie came out of the bathroom.
She had another of my big beach towels wrapped sarong fashion around her
and a smaller towel draped on her head. Diana had moved over to lay on the
sofa, so Carrie took her position in the recliner.

I went to the bathroom expecting the worst but was pleasantly surprised.
The floor was dry and the tub was already drained. It even looked like
Carrie had taken the time to wipe down the tub.

I filled it for the third time, thankful that I had a big water heater
and added the last of the bubble bath. When it was ready I took a deep
breath and went to collect Jenny. She was laying on her stomach on the
floor and I leaned up and scooped her up in one motion, being careful to
pick her up by her stomach and thighs.

"What the fuck are you doing?" she shouted.

"Picking you up." I answered, as I carried her toward the bathroom.
"And watch your language."

"What for?" she demanded, but I didn't answer. Jennifer's grades might
not show it, but Jenny was a very intelligent girl. I knew that she'd seen
her sisters running around in towels and could put two and two together.

I walked into the bathroom and kicked the door closed behind me before
setting the squirming girl down on the floor. "Bath, now." I said,
pointing at the tub while backing toward the door.

"No way." she responded. With a little stomp of her foot.

"Jenny..." I started.

"Jennifer." she interrupted.

"Jennifer, your mom wants you take a bath." I said reasonably.

"Then my mom can get our house back."

"You know that she can't" I answered, wondering if stubborn and twelve
year old girl were synonyms.

"Then I won't take a bath." she stated calmly.

"Jennifer, you won't believe just how much your mom wants you to take
this bath." I said, hoping she'd take the hint.

"How much?" she asked sarcastically.

"She told me that you either take a bath, or I give you one. You're
twelve years old, you really don't want me to give you a bath like a baby,
do you?"

"You wouldn't dare?" she said with a set face.

"Jennifer, you've known me since you were seven years old. Do you
really think I wouldn't dare?"

"I'll call the cops, the CSD, the FBI." she shouted.

"But you'll be clean when you call." I informed her. "Whose giving this
bath, you or me?" I asked one last time, knowing the answer.

Jennifer turned her back to me and stomped her foot again. I sighed and
stepped behind her and in one fluid motion grabbed the bottom of her
t-shirt and pulled it up and over her head and then down her arms.

She whirled around in fury. "You can't do that." she shouted.

"Promise to take your bath and I'll leave you alone right now." I told
her, dropping her t-shirt to the ground and trying not to look at her
breasts encased in a flimsy pink bra.


I stepped up to her and reached around her back with both hands to
unfasten her bra. Fortunately, I'd had a little practice in this
department. As the clasp came undone, Jenny hit me in the shoulder with
her fist and tried to bring her knee up into my crotch. There are
advantages to being tall, she didn't reach. I grabbed her arms and pinned
them against her side, her bra was barely hanging on the front of her
shoulders and wasn't doing a very good job of covering, I saw a flash of

"Jennifer Marie." I said looking her straight in the eyes. "I promised
your mom that you would be clean when you left this afternoon. But I also
told her that you might be black and blue, do you get my drift." I squeezed
her arms hard against her sides and she winced, then nodded. I relaxed my
hold. "I'd prefer that you did this yourself." I told her and she stared
back defiantly. "Okay, if you change your mind, just let me know."

I released her arms and reached forward to slide her bra down her arms.
She didn't resist. I tried not to look at her tits as I reached for the
button on her jeans. They were beautiful and very large for her age.
About the size of half softballs, with nice pointy erect nipples surrounded
by large dark brown areolas. I thought to myself that if she were six
years older I'd start washing those tits with my tongue.

Hell If she was four years older, I wouldn't hesitate.

If she was two years older, I'd hesitate, but probably give in to
temptation. I've never been good with temptation. It started me thinking.

I unfastened the top button then reached down slid the zipper down,
trying my best not to put any pressure on her crotch. Then I turned her
around so I wouldn't be tempted by those beautiful tits of hers.

As I skinned her tight jeans down her legs, I was wondering. Society,
or at least the legislature of my state, said that eighteen year olds were
fair game. But I knew that I'd have no moral qualms about a willing
sixteen year old. And from the thoughts I was having, a willing fourteen
year old was just as much in season. But I was telling myself that a
twelve year old was off limits. Was that the dividing line, they had to be
a teen, or was it that I'd known Jenny for so long.

I tried to shake off my thoughts as I lifted first one leg then the
other out of her jeans. Then I made the mistake of looking up and I
started wondering why twelve was off limits. Right next to my face was her
ass. This was not a twelve year old ass. Encased in lime green panties
that didn't quite cover the top of her crack. And I could follow the
shadow of her crack down until it disappeared between her legs.

I gulped and reached up, grabbed the waistband of those panties and
yanked down. I let go and they fluttered down and settled around her feet.
Her ass was everything I'd thought and that dividing line was getting less

I stood up behind her. "Are you going to get into the bath?" I asked,
almost in a whisper. I had trouble getting saliva to lubricate my throat.

"What do you think." she retorted without turning around.

I put my hands under her armpits and lifted her, making sure that my
fingers stayed above her tits. I was trying to be good. I lifted her up
and over and into the tub. As her legs disappeared into the bubbles, I had
a quick look at the lush triangle of brown hair that outlined her pussy.

I set her down and stood up. She sat there for over a minute, then
looked up at me. "Did you enjoy your look? You pervert." she accused.

I didn't hesitate. "Yes, I did. You have a beautiful body."

She looked startled that I hadn't denied it.

"Are you going to wash your beautiful body, or will I have to?" I asked,
hoping that she'd back down because I wasn't sure how much more will power
I had.

She folded her arms across those beautiful tits and pouted.

I picked up a bar of soap and knelt next to the tub. I dipped the bar
into the water between her legs, giving her one last chance to change her
mind. When she didn't, I pushed her forward and started running the soap
across her back and down, beneath the water to her butt. By now my hands
were soapy enough that I set the bar on the edge of the tub and rubbed her
shoulders with my hands. Again I went below the surface, soaping the back
of her waist, then her butt cheeks. Finally I pushed a soapy finger along
her ass crack. Jenny jumped but didn't say anything.

I picked up a wash cloth and started rubbing her, starting at her
shoulders and working down again. Finishing by rubbing the rough cloth
along the crack of her ass. The thought kept hammering at my brain that to
be really thorough I should clean her asshole, but somehow I resisted.
Long before I finished I had a huge erection in my jeans.

"Are you having fun, pervert?" she asked, glancing down at my tented out

"Actually I am." I admitted. "You've got a great ass." Again her stone
face cracked a little at my honesty. "Don't you think you should do the
front?" I offered, no longer sure what I wanted her to answer.

As an answer, she set her face again and settled back in the tub letting
her arms drop to her sides and her breasts standing up perkily. I sighed
and reached for the soap. I started rubbing it on her shoulder and then
her underarms. I ran it down both arms, then I took a deep breath and
started soaping up her tits. Her nipples were already erect and I heard
her stifle a moan as I rubbed them with soap. By now I was so turned on
that I felt like my cock was going to rip through the denim fabric of my

I've been very lucky in my life about sex. I've known hundreds of girls
in my twenty six years. There was a time when I was fourteen when I gave
tongue baths to three varsity cheerleaders at the same time. But I don't
think I've ever been as turned on as I was right now. I spent a lot of
time getting her tits soapy, especially her nipples. I could tell it was
an effort for Jenny to maintain her stone face.

Then I moved the soap down her stomach and outside her right leg. I
soaped her foot good, then started back up the inside of the leg. As I got
to her thigh, I could feel her tense up, but she didn't say anything. I
ran the bar of soap all over her thigh, then down across the skin that
separated her ass crack from her slit.

I was having trouble controlling my breathing, but from the look on her
face, so was Jennifer. I rubbed the soap across her slit, being careful
not to touch her myself, then up and around her pelvis. Then I reached
across the tub and soaped the outside of her other leg down to her foot and
back up, repeating her pussy and pelvis.

Still she didn't say a word, so I soaped up my hands and started at the
top again.

This time my hands rubbed themselves all over her tits and I worked my
soapy fingers on her nipples. Then down her stomach. I skipped her outer
legs, I didn't have that much will power and started with a hand on each
inner thigh. Then my fingers closed on her pussy and as I felt that soft
downy fuzz I shot my load into my jeans. I stayed frozen, my hand on her
pussy but not moving as my balls pumped out load after load into my shorts.

"Think I'm clean enough?" she asked just as I got my breath back. Her
breathing wasn't much better.

"Almost." I grunted as I worked my finger about an inch between her
pussy lips. She gasped as my finger grazed her clit, but I pulled it out
as if nothing had happened and finished soaping her pelvis.

Then I started with the wash cloth. As I worked her nipples between my
fingers through the rough material, she stiffened and stopped breathing for
several seconds and then relaxed. A small smile on the corner of her
mouth. I wondered if she orgasmed.

I tried to pretend I was all business, continuing down her stomach,
washing the outside of her right leg then her left. But I knew that no
matter how hard I tried, as I started back up those inner thighs, my smile
was anything but professional. I wiped her thighs, then her pussy,
thinking that apparently the dividing line had moved down below twelve. At
least well developed twelves like Jennifer.

I finished and stood up. I reached down and picked up the young girl
and lifted her out of the tub. Then I started toweling her dry. I wrapped
her sarong style with another towel, draped another towel over her head and
swatted her on the but. "You can go now." I told her as I reached down to
let the water out of the tub.

As she opened the door, I could see her sisters were dressed and sitting
by their mother on the sofa. Looking at me, and not realizing she was
there, Jenny said, "I told you I wouldn't take a bath."

"And I told you, little girl, that you'd leave her clean."

Chapter 2 "Rub-a-dub-dub, Just Relaxing in the Tub"

After she'd gotten Jennifer dressed and hustled the all the kids out to
the car, Linda looked at me and sighed. "Carrie says you volunteered for
this again tomorrow."

"She looks so sad when she begs."

"Sad but true." Linda agreed. "All the girls?"

"Do you think Jennifer will take her bath."

"Jenny can be a stubborn little bitch."

"Was that witch or bitch?" I asked with a smile.

"Both." Linda said with a smile. "Can I send her too?"

I hesitated. "It probably wouldn't be a great idea. Bitch or not,
she's growing up into a young woman and I don't think it's a great idea to
have a dirty old man giving her baths." Saying no to the chance of bathing
Jennifer was one of the hardest things I'd ever done.

"You're not old." Linda assured me. "And she may look like a young
woman, but she hasn't learned to act like one yet. She needs to learn that
she can't always have her way. Forcing her to take a bath is one part of
the lesson."

"To be perfectly honest Linda, the problem is that she looks like a
young woman, no matter how she acts. I hope you won't take offense, but I
had a major hard-on while scrubbing your daughter. That's why I don't
think it's a good idea that it happen again." Damn I hate being mature and

Linda laughed and I felt myself turn red, which made her laugh harder.
"I know what my daughter looks like, so that fact she gave you a woody
doesn't surprise me all that much." I was beginning to wonder if Linda was
related to Peggy Bundy. She took a deep breath and got the last of her
laughter out of her system. "I really appreciate what you did today, and I
know Dave will too. And I know it will be hard on you..." sub-consciously
she glanced at my crotch and then started giggling again. "... but if
you'd do it again tomorrow I'd owe you big time."

"The problem is, I don't know if I can control myself." I admitted,
almost whining.

"I trust you. I know you'd never do anything to hurt Jenny or the other
girls." That was true, I'd never hurt Jenny, except maybe breaking her
Hyman, but that only hurt for a minute. As the thought popped into my
head, I turned red again, and damn if Linda didn't look like she guessed
what I was thinking.

"Being twelve, living in the trailer is probably hardest on Jenny. This
will be good for her."

"Just how long do you think this will go on?" I asked, wondering just
how long I could hold out.

"The showers should be fixed next week. Then if it's too hard..." she
glanced down at my crotch again and smiled, "...too hard on you, we'll deal
with her there. But Carrie said that you promised, even after the showers
got fixed they could still take baths here."

"I told Carrie, that if you said it was okay, they could come once or
twice a week after the showers got fixed. She said she likes baths more."

"She loves baths." Linda corrected. "And I sure don't mind, but if the
other girls come, I'd like to send Jenny too, if it's not too hard..."
cough, "too much trouble."

I sighed. "As long as you realize that a twenty-six year old man was
alone with your naked twelve year old daughter, rubbing every inch, and I
do mean every inch of her body and thinking thoughts that don't belong in a
Disney movie."

The next afternoon, Linda dropped the kids, including Jennifer off about
four. This time she left a supply of clean underwear and clothes too.
Carrie immediately took up the sofa and settled in with the remote,
switching between MTV and the cartoon network. Jennifer wanted to play
games on my computer and I told her okay. Diana looked up at me and said,
"Me first?"

"You first." I agreed and hand in hand the two of us headed for the
bathroom. I started filling the tub and realized that I'd used the last of
the bubble bath yesterday. "Sorry squirt, no bubbles today. I told her.

"No bubbles?" she repeated with a pout. Jennifer has these pale blue
eyes, and when she pouts, it's hard to take. I left her to watch the
filling tub and went out to the living room. "Jenny, I mean Jennifer,
would you do me a big favor?" I asked from behind her. She seemed immersed
in some gory shooting game. I knew I didn't have any such game and figured
she'd gone online.

She paused the game and spun around in my chair. "You might as well
call me Jenny. After all, we've been intimate."

"Intimate?" I asked.

"At least I'd say so."

"Okay, Jenny. Would you do me a big favor." she cocked her head and
listened. I reached into my pocket and pulled out some money. I peeled a
twenty and held it out to her. "You know where the store is?" she nodded.
"Would you run over as fast as you can and get some bubble bath, I'm all
out." Jenny gave me a strange look, probably wondering why I had bubble
bath in the first place, then snatched the twenty and headed for the door.

I live in a big two story house set in an acre of woods. Just behind my
stand of trees in the back is the parking lot for a big supermarket/variety
store so I knew it would only take a couple of minutes.

I went back to the bathroom, and Diana had turned off the water and was
sitting on the toilet taking off her shoes and socks. I nodded, without
telling her that I'd sent out for bubbles. "Anything you need?" I asked
before I beat my retreat.

She started to answer, changed her mind and went back to pouting. As I
closed the door, she was standing up to finish getting undressed. I went
back to the living and stood watching the TV from behind the sofa. "Now
that's a cartoon." I said. Carrie looked up at me and nodded then returned
her eyes to the screen. On the screen, Jonny Quest was sneaking into a
building. Of course, Jonny was always sneaking into something. I stepped
around the sofa, lifted Carrie's feet and sat down, setting her feet in my

When Jenny got back five minutes later, Jonny was running and the bad
guys were shooting. I wondered why the villains didn't enroll their men in
shooting classes. It seemed like they always put out a lot of bullets, but
never hit anything.

Jenny reached over the sofa and taped my shoulder with a bottle. I
scooted out from under Carrie's feet and took it from her, starting for the
bathroom. Then she held out fourteen dollars in change. I was amazed. I
really hadn't expected change. When I was a kid, my mom practically had to
call the cops if she wanted change from a store run. I reached out and
snatched the ten from her hand. "Thank you." I told the surprised girl.

At the bathroom door, I knocked, "can I come in?"

"Okay." she singsonged. I stepped in unscrewing the cap. "I've got
something for you" I said.

I walked to the tub and poured some of the liquid in. I resealed the
cap, reached down and started churning the water. "Bubbles!" she said in
an excited voice and started her own stirring. I grinned and left her to
her bubbles, trying not to think about the bald little pussy I'd just seen
beneath the water. At least the water wasn't as murky as it ad been

She came out about ten minutes later, a towel wrapped around her waist
and a turban on her head. Carrie and I had just finished watching Jonny
Quest and started Spongebob Squarepants, a show that I didn't get, though I
had several adult friends who thought it was great.

Diana settled in the recliner and started drying her hair and I got out
from under Carrie's feet to go clean the bathroom.

"You better cover up your boobies." Carrie warned her little sister, "Or
I'll tell mom."

"Mom won't care." her sister retorted. "It's just Uncle Paul." I wasn't
sure if I should take that as a complement or not. "Besides, I don't have
any boobies."

"Leave her alone." Jennifer warned from my computer and Carrie dropped
it and went back to her show.

I drained and refilled the tub, making sure to add bubble bath, then
cleaned the bathroom floor.

When I went back out, Carrie was laying on her stomach on the sofa. I
swatted her butt and told her it was her turn. Reluctantly, she pulled her
eyes from the television, but then skipped to the bathroom. I settled on
the coach, and a few minutes later a still wet bundle of eight year old
settled on my lap. I took the towel out of her hands and started
vigorously drying her hair, then her back. I was just starting to wonder
if I should do her front next, after all, she may not have any boobies but
it was still a private area, when I heard Carrie calling me. I deposited
Diana on the sofa and went to the bathroom.

I knocked, and she invited me in. She was leaning back against the end
of the tub, her `boobies' in plain sight. "Uncle Paul, will you give me a
bath?" she asked holding out the soap and a washcloth in her hands.

I grinned in spite of myself. "No, you're too big for a grown man to be
giving you a bath."

"But you gave Jennifer a bath yesterday. And she's older than me."

"That was different. That was special. Your mom told me to." I
explained. Knowing that it didn't make much sense.

"If mom says it's okay, will you give me a bath tomorrow?" she pleaded.
"Okay." I agreed, knowing that her mom would say no. There was no reason
for me to be giving carrie a bath. "If your mom says okay." I added as I
backed out, closing the door and wondering just when I fell through the
rabbit hole and where the hell was Alice.

I glanced at Diana and Jennifer who were wrapped up in their cartoons
and computer game respectively and trotted upstairs. I went into my
bedroom and shut, and locked the door. I walked to the bed and fell down
on it, then rolled over onto my back. I pushed my shorts and underwear
down, lifting my ass enough to get them down to my thighs and inspected the
flagpole that was pointing proudly at the ceiling.

Damn, I'm to old for this, I thought as I grasped my cock at the base
and slowly ran my hand to the head. Or to young, I added to myself.
Mentally I pictured Jenny's pert young body as I stroked my meat. As I
remembered the feel of her skim in the bathtub my hand started moving
faster up and down, again and again. Inter spaced with visions of Jenny
were snapshots of her sisters. Diana's bald little pussy, Carrie's barely
grown `boobies', but always Jenny and the feel of her ass, her tits, her
sweet young pussy.

Just as my cock exploded with cum, there was a knock at the door. I
pumped vigorously and caught my breath, "Yes?"

Diana's voice, "Carrie's out of her bath." she said and I heard the
doorknob rattle as she tried it.

"Thank you." I said as the last of my sperm pumped out of my dick.
"I'll be right down." I sat up and kicked off my shorts and underwear. I
picked up my briefs and used them to wipe my hand and cock clean, then I
slipped into the shorts. I took a deep breath, I was ready for Jenny.

When I walked into the living room, Carrie was sitting on the recliner,
drying her hair, a towel knotted around her waist. "I thought your mom
wouldn't like your boobies hanging out?" I asked with a sarcastic tone.

"I decided..." she started, glancing down at them, "...that I didn't
have enough boobies to worry about." Her breasts were barely puffy spots on
her chest, but damn if her nipples didn't seem to be erect. I shook my
head to clear it and went to the bathroom to ready it for the next victim.

When the tub was full again of hot soapy water, I went out for Jennifer.
She was still at the computer. I walked up next to Jenny. She was in a
gunfight with four ogre like thinks and they all had sub-machine guns. I
watched as Jenny blasted one, then another. The third wounded her screen
image in the arm, but she switched her gun to the other hand and finished
him off and then the forth.

"If you're at a good stopping point, save the game." I instructed.

Jenny sighed and followed my instructions, then logged off the game
site. I reached down and picked her up, placing my right hand unashamedly
under her ass and carried her to the bathroom. "I can walk." she said

"But would you?" I asked as we passed into the bathroom.

"Not sure." she admitted as I set her down and closed the door behind

I considered stripping her without saying a word, after all I had mom's
blessing. But I decided that to be fair, I had to give her a chance.
After all maybe I was reading too much into yesterday's experience.

"Are you ready for your bath?" I asked. I admit I was hoping for a
negative answer.

"No." she said, making my day."

"Jenny, I'm serious. You know, I'll do this. Will you take a bath?" I
asked, giving her one last chance.

"No." she said and stuck her tongue out at me.

Today she was wearing cut-offs and a black t-shirt. I stepped up to her
and grabbed the bottom of the shirt and lifted. She didn't resist and
lifted her arms over her head as I pulled the shirt up. No bra. I dropped
the shirt on the floor and stared down at her pert young tits, her nipples
definitely erect. I briefly imagined caressing them and sucking the

"You could at least wipe that grin off your face." she said snidely.

"No, I don't think I can." I admitted as I dropped to my knees and undid
the top button on her cut-offs. I unzipped them and opened them into a V
and started sliding them down her legs. Her panties today were baby blue
and I wanted to pull them off with my teeth, but figured that might be a
bit much, even with mom's backing. As the cut-offs reached her knees, I
released them and let them drop to the ground.

Then I slipped my fingers into the waistband of her panties on the side
of her hips and started pulling, enjoying the uncovering of her pussy. It
was even more beautiful than I remembered As I pulled the panties to the
ground, Jennifer lifted her right foot and I pulled panties and cut-offs
off it, then she repeated with the left foot. For someone who was supposed
to be fighting me, she was being very cooperative. Maybe I wasn't reading
too much into the situation. My cock had already grown back to it's full

I stepped to her side and slid my right hand under her pussy and my left
hand on her back and lifted her up and over the rim of the tub. As I sat
her down, my hand lingered against the lips of her pussy and the soft down
of her pubic hair.

"I think I'm in the tub." Jennifer reminded me. Reluctantly I moved my
hand, my fingertips trailing against her slit.

I took a deep breath and picked up the soap and started washing her
back. I used the same routine as yesterday except when I got to her ass
crack. I soaped it good with my fingers, and Jenny shifted slightly
lifting up one of her cheeks from the floor of the tub, so I took the
opportunity to push a soapy finger into her asshole up to the first

Jenny looked shocked as I entered her, but I smiled and said, "Can never
be too clean."

"Pervert." she accused, but didn't try to pull away as I wiggled the tip
of my finger in her ass. We stayed like that for over a minute, Jennifer
awkwardly sitting on one cheek, my finger intruding into her body, not
invading further, but not retreating either.

Finally I pulled it out. "All clean." I assured her. She gave me a
funny look, but shifted to a more comfortable position.

I retrieved the soap and lathered my hands again, then started working
on her chest. Working each nipple between thumb and forefinger, gently
tracing around them her tanned brown areolas, soaping the breast
themselves. Jenny's breathing became shorter, more ragged as I continued.

"Think they're clean enough?" I asked, slowing my ministrations.

"No." she managed to moan, so I continued for another minute before
reluctantly moving down to her flat hard stomach. I quickly washed her
stomach and legs, then moved to `X marks the spot. My soap lathered hand
caressing her pussy mound. My fingers tangled in her soft brown hair.
Jenny opened her legs as wide as the tub allowed and lifted her knees out
of the soapy water. I pushed a soapy middle finger deep into her pussy and
out again. Jenny's eyes had closed and her breathing had slowed to where I
could barely hear it, so I stabbed my finger in again, gently exploring her

Once again I found her clit and I felt her shudder. She leaned forward
and grabbed my arm, trapping my hand against her pussy and my finger deep
inside her. I could feel her pushing her pelvis against my hand and I held
it still, letting the little girl fuck herself against my finger.

Finally she opened her eyes and pushed my hand away. "Are you going o
leave me in here all day." she asked rudely. "I'll get shriveled like a

I picked up the wash cloth and gave her pussy a final wipe, then lifted
her out of the tub and set her on the floor. I picked up a towel and
started drying her. When I finished, I started to wrap another towel
around as a sarong, but she pushed my hands down to her waist. I knotted
the towel around her and looked into her face questioningly. "Boobies seem
to be in today." she said with a smirk.

I'd cum in my shorts when my finger was in her asshole, but I'd gotten
hard again when my finger explored her pussy. Now she looked down at my
bulging shorts. "What's that.?" she asked. She pointed, her finger inches
away from my erection, "You've gotten all pointy and there's a big wet

She moved her finger closer. My cock twitched in my shorts. Closer
still, stopping when she was almost touching the tip. My cock twitched
again. Jenny laughed, "You really should do something about that." she
said and pulled her hand away. She turned and let herself out the door.

I kicked the door closed and dropped my shorts. My hand encircled my
staff. Three strokes and I orgasmed, cum shooting out of my cock and into
the used bath water. I milked my cock slowly, imagining Jenny's tight hot
pussy and even tighter asshole.

I pulled my shorts up and went back to the living room. Diana and
Carrie were sitting together in the recliner, both still wearing towels.
Jenny was on the sofa. I sat down next to her, picked her up and deposited
her on my lap. I took the towel that was draped on her head and started
drying her hair.

I was still drying it when Linda walked in the front door, smiling at
all her daughter's boobies. "You going to take your bath tomorrow like a
good girl?" I whispered into Jenny's ear.

"Maybe, maybe not." she replied with a grin.

Chapter 3 "Jump in the Shower and the Blood Starts Pumpin' "

The next day when I stopped by the trailer to pick up the girls, I had a
chance to talk to Linda again.

"I really think we shouldn't do this again." I told her seriously,
afraid of what I might do, I mean Jenny was only twelve. "Why don't you
come by the house and give Jenny her bath?"

"She'd never let that happen." Linda said seriously. "One of us would
get hurt."


"I trust you." I was readying my next argument when she added, "Good
news though. They're supposed to have the showers fixed no later than
Friday afternoon." Today was Monday that meant today and three more days of
trying not to rape a naked little girl.

I loaded the girls in the car and we drove off to do a couple of errands
before we went home. While I went into the bank, the girls wanted to run
across the street to the multiplex and see what was playing and I agreed.

I took a long time in the bank, I have several accounts there and the
bank had messed up and taken money out of one account instead of another.
When I came out into the daylight again, the girls were just crossing the
street to come back.

Diana skipped over to me as soon as they were across, "Uncle Paul?" she
said in a sugary voice.


"Could you take us to see `Cheaper by the Dozen'?"

"I don't think so..." I started when she added, "pleeeaasssse."

"I really..."

Carrie chimed in to, "pleeeaasssse." Now I had stereo.

"Girls, I..."

Jenny came in too, "pleeeaasssse."

Stereo plus one, what could I do. "We'll see what your mother says." I
said passing the buck. We piled into the car, the younger girls in back
and Jenny in the passenger seat. As I started the car and backed out of
the parking space, Jenny took my cell phone out of the holder on the dash
and called her mother.

"Hi mom. Uncle Paul said he'd take us to the movies this afternoon if
ut's okay with you." pause, "PG," another pause, longer this time.
"Cheaper by the Dozen, Steve Martin." a final pause, "Okay, I'll tell him."
she disconnected and put my phone away.

"Well?" I asked.

"She says you're a mass-a-chist and okay." Jenny reported with a
triumphant grin. "What's a mass-a-chist?"

"Masochist." I told her. "That's someone who likes pain."

"Weird." she said, then suddenly looked at me accusingly, "Is she
calling us pains?"

"Sort of." I admitted.

Jenny shrugged then turned to her sisters, "We can go." The two younger
girls cheered loudly.

We got to my house and started the ritual.

Diana took a fast bath and when I went in afterwards, for once it didn't
look like the Mississippi River Delta after the levee broke. I cleaned up
and got the tub ready for Carrie. When I went back to the living room, I
told Carrie it was her turn and sat down and started drying Diana's hair.

A couple of minutes later, I heard Carrie call, "Uncle Paul." I shifted
Diana off my lap and went to the bathroom. I knocked on the door and she
shouted "Come in. As I walked in, Carrie was holding out the soap and a
washcloth to me. "Give me a bath." she pleaded in the same sugary voice
that Diana had used to ask for the movie.

"I told you, you'd have to ask your mom." I reminded her.

"I did, she said it was fine." Carrie said with satisfaction.

"Really?" I asked, amazed. Carrie nodded. "She didn't say anything to

"Call her." Carrie ordered, pointing to the cordless phone sitting by
the edge of the sink. I hadn't noticed it before, Carrie must have known
that I'd resist.

I picked up the phone and dialed, Linda answered and I said hello, "How
did I know it was going to be you?" she asked with a laugh.

"Carrie says you want me to give her a bath." I blurted, not knowing how
else to begin.

"I told her it was fine." Linda said.


"Paul, I trust you." I said goodbye and hung up. I was getting real
tired of those three words.

As I set down the phone, Carrie again held out the soap and washcloth to
me. I considered saying no, but the look on her face made that impossible.
I knelt next to the tub, wet my hands in the water and started lathering
up. Carrie squirmed a little as I started rubbing my soapy hands around her
back, she was terribly ticklish.

I grinned and enjoyed myself. Carrie had a nice body for a ten year
old. I ran a soapy finger between her butt cheeks but didn't linger. When
I got to her chest, I discovered that her nipples were erect and just as
sensitive as Jenny's. Then without waiting, I plunged my hand into the
water between her legs and started soaping her tiny little pussy. She was
only ten so I didn't try to force my finger inside, but she seemed to enjoy
the feeling of my rubbing against the outside of her pussy.

I took a last feel of her pussy, letting my fingertip trail up her slit,
then sat back on my heels. Carrie was smiling, a huge satisfied smile. I
stood up and lifted her out of the tub and started to dry her off. I was
still kneeling and her pussy was right at eye level. It looked so soft, so
tight, so vulnerable without a single hair guarding it's passageway. I
imagined my rock hard cock pushing into it, just how tight it would be. I
wondered if I could get my cock in, or even a finger. I wanted to find
out, but managed to control myself. I knotted a towel around her and
swatted her butt to send her away.

Jenny came in while I was refilling the bathtub. Without another word,
I kicked the door shut and started stripping the twelve year old's shirt
off. "That's a hell of a battering ram you have there from giving a ten
year old a bath." she accused, pointing her finger at my cock and moving it
closer and closer until the tip of her finger grazed the fabric of my
shorts over my cock head.

She was wearing the silky kind of gym shorts and I pushed them and her
panties down, not even bothering to check out what color they were today. I
pushed my hand between her legs, palm against her pussy and put my other
hand on her back, ready to lift her into the tub. "Is that a problem." I
asked as I held her.

"Not for me." she giggled and wiggled her pussy against my palm. I came
with a sharp intake of breath and a moan. "Not for you either." She added,
as a large wet spot appeared in the front of my shorts. I enjoyed my
orgasm and the feel of her pussy and wondered if I should always wear
underwear around these girls, or never wear it.

I lifted her into the tub, and by the time I had knelt beside it, I was
hard again. I washed Jennifer quickly, just taking time for a quick feel
of her asshole and a quicker feel of her pussy. I wanted to get out of
there because I wasn't sure what I would do. I lifted her out of the tub
and dried her off. "Not the most satisfying bath I've ever had." she
commented, but I didn't care.

I didn't even bother draining the tub, I just opened the door and walked
out into the living room. Carrie and Diana were sharing the sofa, towels
knotted around their middles. "You girls better get dressed if we're going
to a movie." I told them.

Jenny came up behind me. "Check out his tentpole." she said, pointing
at my tented out shorts. The two younger girls giggled while Jenny
grinned. I mumbled something about a shower and retreated upstairs.

In my room, I eased my shorts over my engorged cock and dropped them to
the floor, then kicked them toward a pile of dirty laundry in the corner.
My cock looked even bigger than usual. I walked into my bathroom. My
bathroom was twice the size of the one downstairs, and contained an
oversized shower and Jacuzzi tub. I started the shower and jumped in. The
hot water felt good against my body. There were four shower heads in the
stall so that hot water hit my body from every side.

I picked up a bar of soap, lathered my hands and started stroking my
much abused cock. I could feel the stress of resisting my two little
nymphets drain out of me. I stroked slowly, wanting the feeling to last,
and the door opened.

Diana was standing there, still in her towel, just outside my shower,
watching my hand as it continued to stroke my cock without conscious
effort. "What are you doing?" she asked. "Before I could stammer out some
excuse, Diana dropped her towel and stepped in with me. She reached for my
cock and my hand slipped away. Hr tiny hand wrapped around the top of my
cock and her thumb brushed against the tip and I shot my load right across
her chest.

As load after load of white sticky cum shot out at the girl, her face
was a mass of confusion. She didn't know whether to be excited, grossed
out, or what. I understood completely, not sure what to feel myself as her
hand remained on my shrinking cock.

After the last of my cum dribbled out of my shrunken cock, I took a
washcloth and cleaned my mess from Diana's chest, thankful that none had
gotten on her face or into her hair. I know there are girls that like cum
facials, but I didn't think Diana would be one of them.

As I gently removed her hand from my cock, she said, "It got small." In
that child's voice of wonder.

"They do that." I agreed and started drying her off, then myself. We
walked into the bedroom where I got some clean shorts and a shirt. I
didn't bother with underwear. We went downstairs where the other girls
were dressed and waiting. Jenny raised an eyebrow at her naked sister but
didn't say a word. I told Diana to hurry and get ready so we wouldn't miss
the movie.

I didn't mention what had happened upstairs, because I didn't have a
clue what to say. An eight year old had just jerked me off. Well, she
didn't really jerk me off, but she held my cock until I came, that's almost
the same thing. For the first time since all of this started, I wondered
what the food was like in prison. Did they have a good library, maybe I
could catch up on my reading.

Chapter 4 "? Jack and Diane, his hand between her knees"

After Diana got dressed, in shorts and a t-shirt just like her sisters,
we piled in the car and headed for the supermarket behind my house where we
stocked up on pop and munchies. I don't know about you, bust after
shelling out eight bucks for a movie, I refuse to pay three ore for a small

When we got to the multiplex, I had an old field jacket that I kept in
the trunk for just such an occasion. We filled the pockets with our
contraband and headed in. At the box office, I noticed that the third Lord
of the Rings was still playing and made a mental note to come see it again.

Twenty-six bucks later we were inside the air conditioned theater and
settling in our seats. Diana and Carrie wanted the front row, but I talked
them into seats about six rows back, right in the middle. The girls sat
down and I distributed pops and snacks and then took my own seat. Jennifer
was on my left and Diana was on my right with Carrie on the other side of
her. I glanced around and we had the whole theater to ourselves. Just as
I was twisting the top off my coke, the trailers started. `Peter Pan'
looked like it might be interesting and I could take the girls. And the
new `Harry Potter' looked good but it wasn't until June. There was a black
remake of `Can't buy me Love' which as far as I could tell from the trailer
had absolutely no redeeming social value and the Supreme Court could ban it
anytime. There were two more trailers for `Dumb and Dumber' type movies.
Jenny seemed interested, but she was on her own for those. I had no use
for the `stupidity' type movies that seemed so popular today.

Then there was a Pepsi commercial. The one with the little girl as a
gunfighter in a saloon. Cute kid. I silently toasted her with my coke.

The movie started and as it did, Diana crawled up on my leg and Carrie
moved into her seat next to me. I'd forgotten that Hillary Duff was in
this movie, I'd always liked her. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a huge
Hillary Duff fan because I like little girls, despite what had happened in
the last couple of days. I just liked her show, `Lizzie McGuire'. At
least I used too. It started out as a cute show about a typical adolescent
growing up, the cartoon alter ego was a nice touch. But after se got to be
in the background of a junior rock stars music video, had another rocker
sing on her Christmas float, and went to Italy and met a third rock star,
she stopped being typical and I stopped watching.

Still, she was cute. And growing up nicely I must say, as I admired her
enormous chest on the screen in front of me. I reached over and pulled
Jenny up onto my other leg. She settled without complaint. My hand found
a comfortable place on her warm inner thigh

As I watched the movie, I found myself watching Hillary and the other
girls on screen, more than following the story. I looked down and my left
hand had moved up to the crotch of Jenny's shorts. I didn't remember
telling it to move. Jenny didn't seem to mind, in fact she had opened her
legs a little more, but I was still disturbed, hands aren't supposed to
move without order from the brain are they? Then I noticed my right hand
had found a similar resting place on Diana's crotch. I knew I hadn't
consciously moved that one. She was eight, for God sakes.

I stared at my hands. I didn't move them, but I stared.

Maybe I was a closet pedophile and my sub-conscious was taking over. I
decided to focus on the movie. But as I looked up, there was Hillary's
chest again. Taking up practically the half the screen. I felt my left
hand start to stroke Jenny's crotch. I decided that I couldn't be held
responsible for anything my hand did on it's own and enjoyed the movie and
the feel of Jenny's warm pussy beneath the thin silky fabric of her gym
shorts. She hadn't bothered with panties.

When the movie ended, the left hand was down the front of Jenny's
shorts, gently stroking her slit and my right hand was stroking the crotch
of Diana's shorts. I decided that this was going to have to stop right
now. As I watched the credits roll on the screen I decided that it would
have to stop after the credits were done. These people worked hard to make
this movie, and we owed them to at least watch their names roll past.

After the last credit and even the copyright notice had flashed by and
the theater lights came up, Jenny stretched then looked down at my right
hand in her sister's crotch. I thought she was going to say something, but
she just opened her legs a little wider. Then I noticed Carrie. She was
leaning over, with her elbows on the armrest and her head propped on her
hands watching my one hand stroke Diana's crotch and the movement of my
other hand under her big sister's shorts.

This was too much, I decided and pulled my hand out of Jenny's shorts.
"Time to go I announced as I took my other hand off Diana. The two girls
smiled and stood up. I stood and stretched, realizing that there wasn't a
lot of circulation in my legs.

I made sure that the girls cleaned up their trash and we left. Walking
painfully out to the car with Carrie and Diana holding my hands, I thought
about what I had to do.

I drove the girls home, then told them to go out and play while I talked
to their mother. Inside the trailer, I got a big surprise, Dave was home
too. I hadn't seen him in over a week. Seeing Dave made me reconsider my
decision. Dave looks like the kind of guy NFL linemen cross the street to
avoid. I'd never seen him anything but mellow and laid back, but I could
imagine the kind of damage he could do.

We made small talk for several minutes, then Linda commented, "I'd just
been telling Dave before you got here, that I should go with the girls
tomorrow and have you give me a bath too."

I could feel the flush on my face. I glanced at Dave, but he was
smiling like usual.

I stood and gave Linda a courtly bow. "Madam, you are always welcome in
my bathtub. In fact, I invite you to use my Jacuzzi upstairs, but if madam
wishes to be bathed, she must get her husband to do it. My religion
forbids me to bathe anyone over thirty."

Linda stuck her tongue out at me. "Ageist." she accused. She'd
recently had her thirtieth birthday and it had been a little traumatic.

"I'm only twenty-nine." Dave commented.

"Anytime you're ready." I offered and Linda stuck her tongue out at both
of us.

"You know, if you'd beat her more often, she wouldn't be so uppity." I

Linda leaned back in her chair to say something, but lost her balance
and fell backward onto the floor. Dave and I both started laughing and
couldn't stop. Linda just crossed her arms across her chest and pouted.

Several minutes later, Dave and I were able to get ourselves under
control. I was about to stand and offer Linda a hand up when Jenny walked
in. Jenny looked at Dave and me sitting at the table and her mom laying on
her chair on the floor. "Why's mom on the floor?" She asked. Which set
Dave and me off again. After a few seconds Linda started laughing too.
Jenny looked at the three of us with a `everyone over twelve is crazy'
look, picked up a basketball off the bed and left.

By the time I stopped laughing, my ribs hurt. Dave and I both stood and
offered hands to Linda. She took one of each and we pulled her and her
chair into an upright position.

"Seriously..." I started, then took a deep breath because the giggles
almost came back, "If you and Dave would like to come over and use the
jacuzzi sometime, you're welcome." I thought that would take some of the
sting out of the rest of what I decided to say. "But I really don't think
the girls should come over anymore unless one of you comes with them."
There, I'd said it.

"Paul, I thought we settled this." Linda said.

"Things are getting out of control." I said, looking at Dave out of the
corner of my eye.

"What things?" Linda asked.

I looked at Dave , then back at Linda. I wasn't sure what if anything
she had told him. And I wasn't sure I was going to live long enough to
tell it all.

"Today, after giving Carrie and Jenny their bathes. Your daughter got
in the shower with me." I expected an explosion, but Dave just sat there,
smiling like always.

"And." Linda prodded.

"And grabbed my cock and I came all over her."

"You probably needed it after Jenny's bath." Linda said understandingly.

"Not the point." I told her.

"Which daughter?" Dave asked.

I looked down at the table as I answered, "Diana."

Dave and Linda looked at each, "Figures." they said in unison.

"Is that the only problem?" Linda asked.

"We can tell Diana to stay out of your shower." Dave offered.

I really didn't understand what was going on. I'd just told these two
great parents that I'd cum all over their eight year old daughter and they
didn't care. "At the movies, two of your daughters sat on my lap."

"So." Dave said.

"I rubbed their crotches during the entire movie." I admitted, not even
blaming my hands which had acquired lives of their own.

"Did they mind?" Dave asked.

"Which daughters?" Linda inquired.

"Diana and Jenny." I answered as I wondered what had happened to
reality. Had someone slipped me some bad LSD and I was really in a rubber
room somewhere and this was all a dream?

"Be careful that you don't give Carrie middle child syndrome." Linda

"We don't want another Jan Brady." Dave offered.

I shut my eyes and shook my head. Maybe I was in a coma somewhere,
hooked up to one of those machines that goes beep...beep...beep. I'd just
told them that I'd molested their eight and twelve year old daughters at
the movies, and apparently they wanted me to molest their ten year old so
she wouldn't feel left out.

I stood up and nodded to my best friends and left the trailer. The
girls were playing basketball with some other kids. I waved but I don't
think anyone noticed. I drove home and even though it was just seven
o'clock, I went to bed.

I knew I would wake up in the morning from the most erotic dream I'd
ever had, and I'd had some doozies. There was the time that I was driving
a bus load of super-models and we got stuck in a blizzard, and needed body
heat to keep alive. Now that was a dream.

Chapter 5 "They was a-splishin' and a' splashing', Reelin' with the
feelin', movin' and a'groovin' "

The next day I woke up refreshed and ready to meet the day. I had four
houses to inspect and was glad to get an early start. Through the
incredible luck of everybody being home when they were supposed too, I
managed to get all four houses done in time for a late lunch at Sizzler. I
had a big ribeye and baked potato and headed home, not even bummed about
the four feet of paperwork I was going to work on. Life was good.

About three, there was a knock n the door, and a second later, Diana
stuck her head in and announced, "We're here." The three girls walked in,
followed by their mother. The girls took up positions around the TV and
Linda came over to me at the computer.

"I thought we decided we weren't going to do this anymore?" I asked.

"You promised my girls baths until the shower was fixed, and I intend to
hold you to it." Linda said sternly. "But if you're too sacred to give
Carrie and Jenny their baths, they'll just have to understand." I relaxed,
"After you explain it to them.


"No buts. We trust you."

"Would you please stop saying that." I almost shouted.

Linda grinned. "And Jennifer has something she wants to ask you." I
groaned, now what? "She's promised that she'll only ask once, and that
she'll accept your decision, no matter what it is."

"Just like her mother?"

Linda grinned again. "She wants to ask you while you're giving her a
bath, but if you don't give her one, or you think you'll think clearer with
her clothes on, she can ask you before."

"You're not a nice person." I told her after glancing at the three
beautiful girls sitting on my sofa, and knowing that I couldn't tell them

"I'm a wonderful person." Linda informed me and leaned down to kiss me
on the mouth. It was a nice kiss but it shocked me. She'd never kissed me
before, or me her. "Do you want me to pick them up, or you drop them off?"

"I'll drop them." I said resignedly. Linda blew me another kiss and
skipped to the door. Literally skipped. She was enjoying my discomfort
way too much.

I saved my work on the computer and walked resignedly to the bathroom.

Actually, on the inside I was skipping myself. I realized that I'd
hoped Linda would ignore my pleas. I filled the bathtub with water and
bubbles and called in Diana. It must have been a skipping kind of day,
because a few seconds later she came skipping into the bathroom, already
pulling off her shirt. "Are you going to give me a bath, like you do my
sisters?" she asked as she pushed down her jean skirt and white panties.
"I sure am." I told her, giving up all pretense. I knew that if she hadn't
asked me, I would have volunteered. Diana giggled and stepped into the tub
before I could lift her. She sat down and started splashing and blowing
handfuls of bubbles and I realized how my floor got so wet. I knelt beside
the tub and before I could pick up soap and washcloth, I was soaked.

I stood up and pulled off my t-shirt. I hesitated a second, then
dropped my shorts as well. I kicked the wet clothes into the corner and
stood there in my briefs. "Is your thingy long and pointy? Or did it get
small again?" she asked"

"Let's see." I told her and dripped my underwear. My cock was small but
already starting to grow. Diana looked disappointed for a couple of
seconds but then went back to splashing around in the tub.

I knelt again, found the soap and started lathering my hands, then
rubbing the little girl all over her back. When I got to her ass, I
started exploring a little. I found her asshole and as I rubbed it,
realized that it was too small and tight for my finger even if I wanted

I switched to her front. Her chest was no different from a boys. With
nipples that looked like they had been painted on and no areolas to speak
of. I washed it and her stomach, then I gently explored her pussy. No
hair of corse, but fat puffy lips that were just a little ticklish. As I
rubbed her, I tried to insert my finger, but it would only go in up to my
fingernail. I finished by washing her legs.

I stood up and lifted her by her armpits out of the tub. As I set her
on the floor, "It got big again." she said with awe.

"Yes it did." I agreed.

"Can I touch it again?"

"Okay." I agreed, after all she already had, and her parents didn't
care. She reached up and wrapped her little hand around the head.

"Is it going to shoot that stuff again?" she asked.

"Do you want it to?"

She thought for a few seconds, then nodded. "Yeah, but not on me."

I stood so that I was pointed at the bathtub full of dying bubbles.
Then I took her hand and moved it up and down my shaft. It only took four
strokes. "It's happening." I whispered, and Diana giggled as a long slimy
rope of sperm shot out of my cock and landed in the water. She kept
stroking and four more loads of semen landed in the tub.

When nothing more came out, she looked up at me, her hand still on my
cock, "That was fun." she said. "Yes, it was." I agreed.

"Can we do it again?"

"Not right now." I told her, "But maybe later." Thinking about the two
other baths on my schedule.

I dried her off and sent her to the living room wrapped in a towel, then
cleaned the bathroom. When I finished, I found my shorts and wrung them
out and put them on. The damp shorts were cold against my body, but I
thought, maybe that would be a good thing. I refilled the tub and called

Carrie was wearing a jean skirt too, and when I pulled it off, I
discovered that she wasn't wearing any underwear. "And where are your
panties, young lady?" I asked in as stern a voice as I could manage.

Carrie giggled, "I didn't wear any today." she admitted.

"And why not?" I asked, not trying to be stern anymore but just curious.

Carried giggled again. "I was playing with Bobby Taylor this morning
and he gets all excited when he sees my cunny."

"How often does he see your cunny?" I said, looking at it myself.

"About a year ago, I forgot my panties and he saw it accidentally.
After that, every couple of weeks, I'd `accidentally' forget my panties." I
liked the way she put the accent on accidentally.

"And who is Bobby Taylor and just what does Bobby do when he gets
excited?" I asked as I unbuttoned her shirt and took it off. She hadn't
started wearing bras yet.

"Bobby's a friend from school. Actually he'll be a sixth grader next
year." Carrie would be going into fifth, I knew. "And when he gets
excited, his pants get all pointed just like yours and he tries to touch me
down there."

"Do you let him?" I asked as I lifted her bu her armpits into the tub.

"Once." she admitted as she settled into the warm water. "About two
weeks ago. But his pointy thing went away and he ran home." she said, in a
confused voice.

"And what did you do?" I asked as I started soaping her back.

"Started forgetting my panties more often." she said with another
giggle. Then she got serious. "Why'd he run away?"

"Well, I'd guess that he came in his pants and got all embarrassed."
"Well of course he came in his pants, do you think he'd come over to my
house naked?"

"Different kind of came." I explained. "When boys have sex, they get
all excited, then they feel real good and shoot semen out of their..." I
hesitated over what word to use. "...Cocks." I looked into her eyes as I
soaped her butt and saw that she understood. "Semen is also called cum,
that's C-U-M and shooting it is called cumming. " I felt like an English
teacher, except that I had the tip of my finger in her asshole.

"So when I said he came in his pants, I meant that he shot a load of cum
into his underwear. That's probably why he got all embarrassed and ran

"What's cum look like? She asked as I removed my finger from her butt
and started washing her future tits.

I considered standing up and showing her. My cock had already come back
to attention. "Kind of like hand lotion." I said as I squeezed a nipple
between thumb and forefinger. She moaned softly and sank a little deeper
into the bubbles.

She was quiet for awhile as I washed her stomach and legs. Then as I
started on her pussy, "You said that boys cum when they're having sex." I
nodded and separated her outer lips so that I could rub the inner ones.
"Me and Bobby weren't having sex, he was just touching my cunny."

"Well, guys sometimes get so excited that they can cum without anyone
touching them." I said. I could feel my own hard cock throbbing. "In
fact, the first time I gave Jenny a bath and washed her pussy..." I pushed
a finger past her inner lips and started `washing' the inside of her cunt.
"I came in my shorts." I admitted.

She thought about that, then asked, "Did you cum when you washed my
pussy yesterday?"

"No." I admitted, but not wanting to hurt her feelings, I added, "But
I'm sure that when you're twelve, I would."

"That's okay." she assured me. "I know that I don't have much of a body
yet compared to Jenny."

"You have a great body for a ten year old." I told her as I pushed my
finger in deeper, about halfway.

"You really think so." she asked and shoved her pelvis against my hand,
pushing my finger in all the way. I couldn't believe it. She seemed happy
to have the intruding digit buried in her cunt. I pulled it out and then
quickly pushed it back in and she moaned.

"Does Jenny like it when you do this?" she asked breathlessly.

"I haven't done this to Jenny." I told the ten year old. True as far as
it went. I hadn't really fucked Jenny with my finger, just explored a bit.
"Yet." I added.

"I'm first?"

"You are." I agreed and kept pistoning my finger in and out of her cunt.
She leaned back more, pushing her pelvis against my hand. For a minute, I
thought she'd slip beneath the water, but she didn't. Suddenly her whole
body went rigid while my finger was deep inside, then she relaxed.

"God, that was awesome." I grinned and stood up. "Did you cum too?" I
looked down and my cock had shrunk in my shorts and cum was dripping out
the leg hole.

"I guess I did." I admitted, surprised. I'd been so caught up in her
orgasm, I hadn't noticed mine.

I lifted her out of the tub, dried her quickly and sent her out to the
living room. Diana came in while I was draining the tub. She looked at my
crotch disappointed. "Did you let Carrie make you shoot your stuff?" she
asked, a touch of jealousy in her voice.

"Nope." I told her as I started running hot water back into the tub.
"It did it by itself."

Diana looked at me suspiciously, then nodded and skipped away.

My life was getting complicated. But in the words of Artie Johnson,
`Very interesting'.

I went to the living room, scooped up Jenny and carried her back to the
bathroom. She was wearing a pair of tight jeans that looked like they'd
been painted on and a halter top. As I undressed her, I asked, "Were you
playing with Bobby Taylor today?"

"No." she said as she stepped out of her panties. "He's just a sixth
grader. Besides he likes Carrie." She giggled as I lifted her into the
tub. "But sometimes when I'm getting a tan, he likes to look at me."

I picked up the soap and started washing her back. "Do you like him
looking? I asked. "And just how small is your bikini?"

"My bikini covers everything it's supposed to cover." she assured in a
shocked voice, then giggled and added, "Sort of. And I don't mind Bobby
looking, he's kind of cute. But Carrie likes him, so I won't encourage him
or anything."

"It's nice that you respect your sister's property." I agreed and she
giggled again at calling Bobby property.

"But he is cute and I wouldn't mind sharing if Carrie offered."

"You're a good sister." I told and ran my fingers lightly over her spine
in the small of her back, She shuddered.

"Yes I am." she agreed.

I moved down to her ass. As my fingers parted her cheeks, she shifted
onto her left cheek to give me easier access. I ran my soapy finger up and
down the length of her crack, then I found the entrance to her ass and
pushed my finger inside.

"Your mom said you had something to ask me?" I inquired as I explored
her asshole.

"Not yet." she said as she moaned softly.

I grinned and kept finger fucking herb tight young ass. After a couple
of minutes, I pulled out my finger and re-soaped my hands, then started on
those great little tits. I rubbed my fingers around her dark brown areolas
and then rubbed her nipples between my thumb and forefinger. Jenny groaned
and sank deeper into the warm soapy water. I wondered what she'd do if I
leaned over and started sucking on one of those nipples.

But I decided to be mature and responsible. Not that I wasn't going to
suck on her tits, but I was going to at least be patient.

I gave her nipples a last tweak and then started washing her flat
stomach. I washed all the way down her pelvis, but left her slit alone,
then I started doing her long beautiful legs. I'd come twice already but
my cock was again hard and ready for action. I could feel it pressed
against the side of the bathtub through my shorts.

I dropped the soap and washcloth into the water and sat back on my
heels. "All done." I announced.

"You forgot something." Jenny told me with a slight pout.

"Oh yeah. You wanted to ask a question before your bath was over." I

"No, you didn't wash something."

"Let's see." I said and looked off into space as if thinking. "No, I
think I did everything. Did an especially good job on your asshole."

Jenny blushed, but said, "No you didn't wash me here." and pointed to
her pussy with both hands.

I slapped my head, "You're right, I forgot. Remind me tomorrow."

Suddenly Jenny's hand shot out of the water and reached down and grabbed
my hard cock. "Listen mister." She said in a tough voice. "My mom told
you to give me a bath, and you damn well better finish the job."

"Okay." I agreed as she squeezed. She released my erection, I was
amazed I hadn't come, but I'd been too surprised. Then she leaned back in
the tub, lifted her knees up and spread her legs as wide as they'd go.

I soaped my fingers again and gently washed around her pussy, stroking
the outside of her slit but not penetrating. Just like a responsible

"Listen Mister. You can do better than that." She said as I made as if
finished. She made a claw of her hand and slowly moved it toward my

"Okay, Okay." I laughed and started giving her the attention she wanted.
Pushing my finger in and out of her soft warm cunt and rubbing along her
clit. She relaxed and lay back against the tub, her eyes closing. "What
was it you wanted to ask me."

Her eyes popped open again. "I almost forgot." she said and then
groaned as I gave some special attention to her clit. "Oh, that feels so
good." she murmured. Then she tensed up again, without realizing it, she
reached down and grabbed my cock through my shorts. I could feel her
orgasm as my finger continued it's work, and I shot my load at the same
time. As we finished, she realized that her hand was wrapped around my
rapidly softening cock, but she didn't pull away, just smiled sheepishly.
"I needed that." she whispered.

"So did I." I said and pushed my finger deep inside her one last time.
Then I pulled my finger out, brought it to my lips and licked it like an
ice cream cone. She tasted of girl and sex and soap. A little too much
soap, I needed to cut back in the future.

As she watched me, she blushed and giggled. "Can I ask my favor now?"

"You can ask me anything?" I told as I stood up and lifted her from the

She giggled again. "I used to have sleep overs all the time with my
friends, but now that we live in that tiny little trailer..."

I almost laughed at the way that she emphasized `tiny'. "Yes?"

"I was wondering..."

"Yes?" I could already see where she was going, but I had no intention
of helping her get there.

"Could I invite my friends over here?"

"For a sleep over?" She nodded. "I don't know." The idea of Jenny
spending the night was making me hard again. But with a bunch of friends.
I wasn't sure that was such a good idea. Then I had a brainstorm. I'd
pass the buck and let somebody else say no.

"I suppose." I told her and her face instantly broke into a huge smile.
"But the problem is, your friend's moms won't go for it. I mean I'm a
single guy. There not going to let their little girls spend the night with
a single guy they don't know." There, that should take care of it.

Jenny's face had fallen when I said but, but now she grinned again.
"Not a problem. Mom already talked to them and they're cool. She told
them that she trusted you completely." I was really beginning to hate the T

I knew what a general felt like when he realized that he'd lead his men
into a trap. "Just when did you want this sleep over?"

"Tonight." she admitted softly.

"Tonight!" I exploded.

Jenny looked down at her toes. "It's okay with everybody, if it's okay
with you."

I stared at her silently, stone faced. Jenny looked at her toes for
almost a minute, then looked at me , then back at her toes. She was
dripping on the bath mat, so I picked up a towel and started drying her
off. AS I worked my way down to her legs, Jenny looked up and grinned,
"Would it help if I mentioned that they're all cute."

"I'm not sure if that helps or hurts." I growled. I turned her around
and started working back up her backside. I smiled at that cute little
ass, but returned to a stoneface as I turned her back around.

The whole idea bothered me. As Jenny's `uncle', I would have said yes
in a second, just to be nice. But considering some of things that had
happened with Jenny, her sisters and me in the last few days, this whole
thing could be a catastrophe waiting to happen. I had a suspicion that
Jenny's friend's moms wouldn't be nearly as understanding as Linda was.

I dropped the used towel on the floor and picked up another one to wrap
around her waist. I maintained my stoneface as my mind raced with images.
I pictured Jenny and two or three junior high sexpots running around the
living room naked. I pictured high grey stone walls and iron bars. I
pictured Jenny laying on her back on my bed, legs spread wide waiting for
my cock saying `whose cherry is next?' to a group of giggling naked girls.
I pictured an angry father with a shotgun banging on my front door as I
cowered behind the sofa.

As I stood, Jenny sighed and smiled. "That's okay Uncle Paul. I

If she'd pouted or whined, or pouted and whined it would have been so
simple. "What time are your friends coming?" I asked, my stone face
cracking a little.

"You mean it?" she almost screamed, her face literally exploding into a
smile as she launched herself at me.

I caught her and held her in an off the floor hug. "How many?" I asked
looking down at her grinning face.

"Four." she said timidly, afraid that she'd overdone it.

I nodded. "There are rules." I said with authority and set her back on
the ground.

She nodded.

"One. There will be no mention of your bath time." She nodded with a
knowing smile. "I don't want you embarrassed when your friends find out
you're not old enough to take a bath by yourself." Jenny nodded again, with
a smile that told me she didn't believe my explanation.

"Two. My house will be cleaner when you leave than it was when you get
here. I don't care whether you do it by yourself, or all your friends
help. Fair enough? I asked, she nodded again.

"Three. Bedtime is when I say it is. No arguments."

"You wouldn't say bedtime at eight or nine or anything? She asked.

"If I do?"

"If you do, we go straight to bed." she agreed. "Do you want to give us
all baths first?" she asked slyly.

"Any talk like that and the deal is off." she lost her grin and nodded

"Any more rules?" she asked.

"Do I need more?"

"No. We'll be good. You'll like them I promise." She grinned again,
opened the door and skipped out of the room. I wondered just how she meant

I didn't bother cleaning the bathroom, after all I had a junior high
maid service coming in later. As I walked out, I looked at the clock, four
thirty. "Okay, troops, here's the plan." I announced. "I'm going to take
a quick shower while everybody gets dressed. Then I'm taking Jenny home
and Carrie and Diana out for ice cream." Jenny frowned. "Then I'll drop
off the two troublemakers, pick up Jenny again, and we'll hit the store on
the way home for chips and drinks and things."

Carrie looked at her sister and whispered, "He said yes?" a little more
loudly than she meant too.

"Yes, he said yes." I agreed "Because he's a mas-o-chist and you're all
pains." I added as I headed up the stairs. I stripped off my soggy, cum
soaked shorts and headed for the shower. I was hard again from thinking
about Jenny and her fore nymphet friends.

The water had just started beating down on my shoulders when the door
opened and a naked Diana was standing there. I wasn't very surprised.
"Can I come in?"

"Aren't you supposed to be getting dressed? I asked with a grin I
couldn't hide.

"Yes." she agreed and stepped into the shower without waiting for
further invitation.

She stepped in and closed the door behind her. "Did Jenny make you
shoot your stuff?" she asked as she reached up and wrapped her tiny hand
around my shaft.

"Yes." I admitted as she rubbed my cock from the head to the base and
back again. "But only through my shorts." Diana looked thoughtful then
nodded. I wondered if she thought this was her personal toy.

I leaned back against the shower wall and enjoyed her handjob. When I
felt like I was about to cum, I pulled her hand away and dropped down to my
knees. I leaned forward until her tiny pussy was eye level and reached up
and touched it. Diana giggled. I rubbed my forefinger against her slip
and then pushed it in. It penetrated to about the fingernail before it
stopped, just like before during her bath.

Diana giggled again. I looked up into her face. "Do you want me to
push in farther?" I asked. "It may hurt."

"Do you do that to my sisters?" I nodded, she hesitated then nodded

"It's going to hurt a bit. Tell me to stop if it hurts too much. I put
my other hand on the small of her back and then pushed again, twisting my
finger as I did. Her pussy resisted, then all of a sudden I was in to the
second knuckle. Diana gasped and as I looked up I saw her biting her lip,
a single tear running down her cheek.

"It should be okay now." I told her and reached up with my spare hand to
wipe away the tear and gently brush her hair.

I read someplace just recently that fewer and fewer girls have intact
hymens any more, because of bike riding, and accidents, etc. But I had
definitely broken Diana's. I wondered what Linda and Dave would say if I
announced that I had busted Diana's cherry. Probably, `That's okay. We
trust you.' My cock was throbbing as I sat on my knees, my finger half
buried in her tiny pussy. "I'm going to move my finger now." I told her.
"It may still hurt a little, but it shouldn't be as bad."

"Jenny and Carrie like you doing this?" she asked as I pulled my finger
almost out and she grimaced.

"Yes, but remember that they're older and bigger, so it didn't hurt as
much the first time. I pushed my finger back in, a little fourth this time
and she seemed relaxed.

I moved the tip of my finger around in her pussy and she giggled. "That
feels funny." she said.

"Do you like it?" I asked as I pulled my finger back out again.

"Do you want me to stop, or to keep going?"

"Keep going." she said after a short pause, so I pushed my finger back
in. I explored her tiny cavern and located her clit. As I touched it, she
gasped. "Do that again." I did and Diana spasmed into orgasm. I wondered
if it was her first. For that matter, I wondered if Carrie had her first
one in the bath today.

"That was wonderful-ed." She announced, threw her arms around my head
and pulled me forward into a hug. Since my face was at her crotch level I
wound up with it pressed against her pelvis. I reached my tongue out and
tasted the top of her slit. "That tickles." she shouted and hugged me
tighter, so I did it again.

I pulled my head free and stood up. My cock ached it was so hard.
Looking down at it, I could swear it was a couple of inches longer than
usual. Can cocks grow when they get hyper excited?

I took her hand and put it on my cock just below the head. I guided her
hand up over the sensitive head of my penis and exploded. At least she was
to the side. Diana giggled some more as rope after rope of creamy goo shot
out of the tip of my cock as her hand gently massaged it.

I leaned back against the wall of the shower and slowly sunk to the
floor. Diana's hand came off my softening cock and I pulled her down into
my lap, my small soft cock pressed against her leg. I kissed her on the
mouth, my tongue gently teasing her lips. "Thank you." I told her.

"Did that feel good." she asked wide eyed.

"It was wonderful-ed." I agreed, and she grinned at me.

I stood her up and told her, "Get dry and get dressed." Swatting her on
her bare butt to emphasize my command. She stuck her tongue out at me, but
opened the door and disappeared.

I felt exhausted. I'd cum four times in two hours. I don't think I've
been that horny since high school. I reluctantly pushed myself to my feet
and started lathering my body. I still had a sleep over to get ready for.

Chapter 6 "I Went to a Garden Party"

I came downstairs a few minutes later. Jenny gave me questioning look,
"A quick shower?" she commented with a grin.

"Would you like a quick sleep-over?" I threatened. Jenny looked
startled and I looked away quickly so I wouldn't ruin it by smiling.
Carrie and Jenny were dressed and ready to go, Surprisingly Diana was
dressed and just tying her second shoe. "Grab your stuff and let's go." I
announced as Diana pulled her lace tight.

The girls grabbed their piles of dirty clothes and we headed out the

We dropped Jenny off at the trailer with all the dirty clothes and I
took her two younger sisters out for sundaes. I thought about having the
girls sit on my lap while they ate, but one thing would lead to another and
I figured I didn't need the stimulation right now.

I dropped off the girls, picked up Jenny and we headed for the
supermarket. When we got inside, I picked up a computer magazine and stood
at the check-out counter reading an article about servers. After a few
seconds I looked up at Jenny who'd been watching me. "Don't you have some
shopping to do." I asked, then flipped to the next page.

"What can I get?" she asked.

"Whatever you need." I told her without looking up. "It's your party
after all/" Jenny turned and started toward the line of empty shopping
carts. "Just remember, it's coming out of your allowance." Jenny grinned
and skipped off, figuring she was safe since she didn't get allowance from
either me or her parents.

I grinned to myself and went back to my article about servers. Dell had
a new one that looked hot, not that I needed anything with that much power.

I'm not sure how long she took, but I finished the article on servers,
another on virus software and I'd started one on the newest digital cameras
when she came back. I looked in her cart and she had a selection of pop,
chips, a couple of frozen pizzas and some popcorn. I shook my head and we
headed for the checkout. Who knew that being an sort of uncle could get so

Actually it was less than thirty bucks. We loaded the groceries in the
car and headed home. When we got there, I left Jenny to take care of the
groceries and I settled into my recliner with a new Turtledove novel and
relaxed. A few minutes later, Jenny wandered in, turned on the TV to MTV
and settled in my lap. I ignored her.

It must have been the right time of day or something, but for once, MTV
wasn't too obnoxious. Jenny laid her head on my chest and listened and I
read my book. Despite my best intentions, my other hand found a nice
resting place on her denim covered ass.

A few minutes after six there was a knock on the door and Jenny leaped
up and raced for it. I put the recliner back to a sitting position, found
a bookmark and followed more slowly. Jenny was talking animatedly with a
girl who reminded me a lot of Carrie. Same super short haircut, but this
one was a blond, same athletic build, same bare beginnings of a chest. The
new girl was wearing a green half shirt and cut-off jeans.

Somewhere in the jumble of words they were spewing almost
simultaneously, Jenny found time to tell me that "this is Angie.". I
wished my computer could pass information that fast.

I looked at the woman behind them. "Hi, I'm Mona." She introduced
herself. "Angie's mom." she added unnecessarily.

"Hi, I'm Paul. Jenny's sort of uncle." I acknowledged.

"And a brave man."

"Or a stupid one." I agreed, "There's a fine line."

"What time should I pick her up?" she asked. "I'm getting Debbie too."

"I don't know any Debbie's. And I haven't got a clue." Mona laughed.
"What's usual in these situations?"

"How does ten sound?" I nodded just as two more little girls ran up and
pushed past her.

The girls were twins and dressed identically except the one on the left
had a purple t-shirt and white shorts and the one on the right had a white
t-shirt and purple shorts. They were a little taller than Jenny and their
tight shirts showed that their tits were a lot bigger than Angie's but not
as big as Jenny's. Both had black hair that hung down to their shoulder
blades. They immediately joined in the fast paced conversation.

"That's Erin and Whitney." Mona told me as another woman walked up and
joined us. "And this is their always tired mom, Katey."

"Hi Katey." I acknowledged. "Always tired?" "They're like the energizer
bunny. They never wear down." She said, nodding at the twins. "And
they're not twins as you probably thought, just sisters. Erin's twelve and
Whitney is eleven." I looked at them again and I would have sworn they were

I shook my head. "I don't think I'll believe you without birth
certificates and a note from their doctor and a Ph.D. in Genetics."

"I know what you mean." Mona agreed. "And to top it off, Whitney
skipped a grade so they're both going into seventh this year." I grinned
and shook my head again. "And I believe this is Debbie." She added as a
girl walked up holding hands with a not too much older woman.

Debbie had brown hair that looked like Jenny's and was even cut the
same. In fact they could have been sisters except that Debbie's chest was
much more developed. I felt my cock stir in my pants. "Hi, I'm Jenny."
the new woman introduced herself. I couldn't believe she was much more
than twenty one or two. And she was definitely hot. I felt my cock stir
again. She couldn't be Debbie's mom.

"That's a problem." I told her. "Girl's named Jenny give me nothing but
problems." My Jenny shot me a dirty look and went on talking to her

The older Jenny noticed the look and laughed. "That works great,
because I love being a problem child. I'm Debbie's sister." she added.

Mona noticed the way I was looking at Jenny and warned, "Watch out, she
may look like a super model but she's more like a rocket scientist."

"A rocket scientist?" I asked Jenny.

She blushed. "I'm working on my doctorate in math and physics at
Stanford." she explained.

"Rocket scientist." I agreed.

"Their parent passed on a couple of months ago." Mona explained in a
hushed voice.

"I'm sorry." I told them.

"Thank you. It was a car accident. We're..." I saw Jenny squeeze
Debbie's hand, "getting used to it."

"Is Debbie going back to Stanford with you?" I asked without thinking. I
was getting pretty personal for someone I just met a couple of minutes ago.

"We're not sure what we're going to do yet." Jenny said. "Debbie
doesn't want to eave her school and her friends, but of course she can't
stay here alone..." her voice trailed off.

"Maybe Paul will take her." Mona said to break the mood. "After all,
he's learning about slumber parties and everything. Mona and Katey laughed
and Jenny smiled.

"First we'll see if I can survive tonight." I told them, then we'll
worry about the next step." The three women grinned and said their
goodbyes. I ushered the girls past the door and shut it. My first slumber
party was starting.

The girls congratulated on the sofa and chair in front of the TV, so I
settled in at the computer My plan was to be productive and catch up on
some of my paperwork, but instead I pulled up a copy of Age of Empires and
tried to conquer the world. I was doing pretty good considering that my
concentration was broken by giggles and the occasional shriek.

About seven Jenny got out the pop and chips, even bringing me a coke.

About seven thirty Linda called. "Hi Paul, surviving?"

"So far, so good. Actually they've been pretty quiet so far."

"That's when you should worry the most." she told me.

"Any words of wisdom?"

"Try not to show fear. They can smell fear."

"You're a lot of help."

"I try." She answered with a small laugh.

"And I won't forget who set me up for this. I thought sure I could get
out of this by saying that the other girls moms wouldn't go for it. But
somebody had already called them and cleared the way."

"Just trying to be helpful." she said, laughing again.

"Just remember, not only do I know where you live, but Dave likes me
better than you."

"You hear that?" she asked. "That's the sound of me sticking my tongue
out at you."

"Just because you know it's true." I kidded. "Just a second." Jenny had
walked over and I looked up at her. "Yes?"

"Can we have the pizzas now?" she asked.

"You know where the kitchen is." I told her and went back to her mom.
"Just your daughter wanting to be fed."

"An all to regular occurrence." she sighed. "Get's expensive."

"You wanted to be a mom."

"I never planned on it. Dave and I were just having fun and one day I
had a belly ache and out popped Jennifer. A couple of years later Carrie
showed up and we were just getting used to the two of them and Diana was
sitting on the doorstep."

"Must be something in the water."

"That's why I stopped drinking it after Diana. Can you imagine three
kids, two adults, a dog and a baby in this trailer."

"I'd rather not, I'm Squamish."

"So are there any virgins left at your house?" she asked. I could hear
the grin in her voice. I hung up on her.

Jenny served the pizza. The girls all sat at the dining room table and
ate, and Jenny brought me a couple of pieces at the computer. I saved the
game, I'd been doing great and wanted to finish it some time and moved to
my recliner. I balanced the pizza on my lap and picked up my book. The TV
was tuned to MTV, some rap video, but I ignored it.

After dinner, Jenny got out a monopoly game she'd brought from home and
the girls set it up on the table. "Do you want to play with us?" she

I wish she hadn't put it quite that way. I almost said yes. I love
monopoly, but I get a little too competitive and I was afraid I might scare
them. I get downright blood thirsty. "No thanks, you go ahead."

"You can change the channel if you want." Nice of her, I thought.
Letting me change the channel on my own television. The remote was over on
the sofa, so I got up and went and got it. When I sat back down, I tuned
in CNN. The girls might peg me as an old fuddy-duddy, but I was a news
junkie and I needed my fix. So far it was like any other night. I was
camped in my chair with a book and CNN. Life was good.

From the sounds I heard over the next couple of hours, my blood thirsty
nature might have fit in just fine with the girls. About eleven thirty the
girls all came over and sat on the sofa together. Jenny looked at the
television and then back at me with an arched eyebrow.

"So who won?" I asked.

"Debbie." The other three answered together. "Debbie always wins." Erin

"But I came in second." Whitney chimed in.

"Debbie always wins?" I asked.

"I haven't lost a monopoly game since I was in third grade." Debbie
announced proudly. "And that was with Angie's big brother and his friends
and they were all in high school. Besides, I think they cheated." she
added to justify her loss.

"Maybe I should have played." I mused, thinking that I could teach her
some humility.

"My sister Jenny's taken some psych classes and she says that the male
ego is very fragile." Debbie said with confidence.

Jenny whispered something to the girls and they giggled, got up and ran
to the bedroom. My house is huge. Upstairs is the master bedroom and
bath. Then I have three more bedrooms and another full bath. Two of the
bedrooms barely have room for the beds, because they're full of bookcases
and books. Downstairs, in addition to the living room, dining room and
kitchen is another bedroom and another full bath. Five bedrooms, three
baths and a full acre of land and I got it for a song at a tax auction.
I'd told Jenny that she and her friends could use the downstairs bedroom
tonight. It had twin beds.

They came out a few minutes later looking like a wet dream. They were
all wearing long t-shirts for nighties. Angie's was purple and said Gap
across the chest. It hung to about an inch above her knees. Jenny's was
white with a picture of gymnast Barbie and barely covered her crotch.
Whitney and Erin had identical powder blue shirts that hung about halfway
between knee and crotch. Identical except that Whitney had a galloping
horse going to her left and Erin had one going right. Debbie's shirt which
was only an inch or two longer than Jenny's was yellow with a picture of a
blond boy on it. He looked familiar and I thought he was a singer or on TV
or something.

Jenny hadn't been wearing a bra all day, and it was obvious that Debbie
had taken hers off. Too obvious. My cock, which had been peaceful and
quiet for the last few hours started to grow and twitch.

The girls sat in a circle between me and the television. They were
sitting Indian style and I had a chance to see beneath their shirts as they
settled into position. Angie was wearing purple panties that matched her
shirt. Whitney had on orange ones and her sister had chosen royal blue
ones. Debbie's were pink and Jenny wasn't wearing any. I made a mental
note to beat her severely, the little tease.

I only had a chapter to go in a really great book, but I couldn't
concentrate. Instead I watched the girls over the top of the book. They
were talking about boys. I could tell from the occasional word that
drifted over and the giggles and blushes I saw. My cock was fully hard now
and twitched in my shorts as girls shifted positions and I caught glimpses
of cotton covered crotches.

After a few minutes, Jenny and Debbie got up and walked over. "Uncle
Paul?" Jenny said as she sat down on one of my legs, straddling it facing
me. I was very conscious of her bare pussy rubbing against my bare leg and
my cock twitched again.

"Yes?" I said as Debbie sat down on the other leg in the same position,
except her pussy was separated from my leg by a thin layer of pink cotton.
Her cheeks were pink.

"Do you think Debbie has nice tits?" Debbie's face went redder.

I looked at Debbie, then purposely down at her chest. I could make out
nice pointy nipples and the darker area of her areolas. "Yes, very nice."
I answered and Debbie went two shades darker.

"Better than mine?" Jenny asked, pushing her chest out toward my face.

I made a show of inspecting first Jenny's, then Debbie's chest. In
front of us, the other three girls giggled and whispered. "Definitely
bigger, but better is hard to say."

"What do you mean?" Debbie asked, her face losing just a little of it's

"It depends on who you ask. Some guys like huge tits, so they'd say
that Debbie's are better. Some like them smaller, so they'd like Jenny's."

"What about mine?" Angie asked getting up and coming to stand next to
us. "I barely have any."

"That's true today." I agreed. "But all girls grow at different times.
Who knows, by the time you guys are seniors in high school, you may have
the biggest tits of all. So what is this all about?"

"We were getting a little bored." Erin said, as she and Whitney got up
and came over on my other side.

"So Jenny decided that she'd try to embarrass Debbie and me."

Whitney and Angie nodded as Jenny sputtered out a denial.

I lifted Debbie off my leg and pulled Jenny until she was laying across
my lap, face down with her ass centered in front of me. "Debbie, how many
spanking do you think she deserves?" I asked as I lifted my hand menacingly
above her bottom.


"What do you think Angie?" "Ten."




"Fifty." she said firmly. "On her bare butt." and she reached down and
pulled up the hem of Jenny's shirt, revealing that beautiful ass.

"I don't think so." I answered, pulling her shirt down again. "What
about you Jenny. How many do you think you deserve?"

"Ten." she said meekly.

"Let's see. That's two votes for fifty and three for ten. We could add
them together and that would be a hundred and thirty." I mused out loud and
Jenny cringed. "Or we could average them and it would be twenty six. "Or
we could use the median and that would be ten."

"What are you, a math teacher or something?" Whitney asked.

"Or something." I agreed. "I think we'll go with my vote, three." And
without waiting for further discussion I brought my hand down on Jenny's
cotton covered ass three times, not too hard, and then set her on her feet.

Jenny looked at me, and then looked at Debbie. "Sorry Debbie."

"That's okay." Debbie responded.

"I wish I had a video camera." Erin said, "Cameron would have gotten so
turned on."

"Whose Cameron?" I asked.

"A boy in our class." Angie answered.

"He thinks Jenny is super hot." Whitney added.

"And you think that a video of Jenny in a short nightshirt getting
spanked would turn him on?" I asked.

"He's twelve and a boy. A video of Jenny in a snowsuit shaking hands
would turn him on." Debbie suggested.

"Oh yeah." Jenny put in, "What about Tyler?"

I didn't know who Tyler was or which one of the girls he was being aimed
at, but I decided to go in a different direction. "If you ladies are
bored, I have a hot tub in the backyard and it's a beautiful night."

Jenny brightened immediately. "That's a great idea." The other girls

"We didn't bring any suits." Debbie pointed out. And every bodies face

"I could point out that I have no neighbors. You could skinny dip."

"Cool." Erin said.

"What about him?" Whitney asked, nodding her head in my direction.

"I'll stay here and won't peek." I assured them.

The girls looked at each other and seemed to be communicating
telepathically, then Jenny nodded and said, "I know where it is" and led
the others toward the back deck.

After they had gone, I breathed a sigh of relief. They were just too
sexy. I mentally commanded my erection to subside but it ignored and
throbbed. They'd left the sliding glass door open and on the deck I could
hear the sound of bodies entering water.

I picked up my book and managed to finish the last chapter. There was
another book on the end table, I picked it up and started it. Another
sci-fi novel, this one by James Hogan. I was about three chapters into it
when Jenny peeked around the corner. I think she was surprised to find me
still sitting there and not spying on them. "Don't look." she commanded.

"At what?" I asked, not understanding.

"At me." she said. "I have to go to the bathroom and get towels."

"Okay." I agreed and held the book in front of my face. I could hear
bare feet run across the living and then a few seconds later run back.

"You didn't look." she said in a voice that was halfway between a
question and an accusation.

"Nope." I assured her, and dropped the book to it's normal reading
position. Jenny was peeking around the door again.

"Well, okay." she said and disappeared.

A few minutes later, she and the others all appeared back in their
nightshirts. "That was great." Angie told me and the others quickly
agreed. "We voted and you're the best uncle ever." she added.

"Thank you." I said, "But I'm not a real uncle, just a pretend one."

"You're the best uncle ever, real or pretend." Erin said.

"We'll see if you still think so when I wake you at five for our seven
mile run." I said, an evil grin on my face.

The other girls looked uncertain but Jenny assured them, "He's kidding."
then added softly, "I think."

The girls gave me a last suspicious look, then plopped on their stomachs
in a circle, their heads close together. As they settled, I noticed that
Whitney and Angie had decided not to put their panties back on. My hard-on
which had been quiet for the last twenty minutes came roaring back to life.

I thought about standing up and letting them all see it tenting out the
front of my shorts. I smiled as I played a small fantasy where all of them
gathered around me and wanted to touch it, but in the end I was a coward
and stayed where I was.

Whitney was directly in front of me and subconsciously, at least I think
it was subconsciously, shifted position and I was staring up her shirt and
the bottom of her ass and her nearly hairless pussy. My cock most have
jumped an inch.

"Time for bed." I announced, my mind flashing with the image of five
naked girls and me in bed together.

Jenny's friends started to protest, but Jenny stood and said quickly,
"Come on, five o'clock comes early. The others grumbled but got to their
feet and started to follow Jenny to the bedroom. Just before they got
there, Jenny turned around and walked back to me. She leaned down and gave
me a quick kiss on the lips, "Thank you, uncle Paul. This has been so
cool." she blushed as she stood up and walked quickly back to the gaggle of

Angie grinned and walked over to me. "Thank you uncle Paul." she said
and leaned down and gave me a quick kiss. Then Angie, Erin and Whitney
followed, thanked me and each gave me a quick kiss. When the girls had all
gathered again, they waved then disappeared into the bedroom, and shut the

I looked down at my cock, "Sorry pal." I told it. "Better luck next
time." I climbed out of my chair and started getting the house ready. I
shut off all the lights except in the bathroom, so the girls could find it
if they needed, then I locked the doors. I don't usually remember, but I
had five precious treasures to protect tonight. Then I wearily climbed the
stair to my bedroom.

Inside, I stripped off my clothes quickly and fell onto the bed.
Grabbing my hard throbbing cock, I remembered. I stared at the ceiling,
gently stroking it while I pictured bare and panty clad crotches. And
Debbie and Jenny's barely restrained tits inches from my face. I came
hard, jets of semen covering my legs and stomach. As the last of it pumped
out, I thought about getting up and getting cleaned up, but closed my eyes
and went to sleep.

Chapter 7 "Could We Have Kippers for Breakfast"

I woke up at six ten, still covered in sticky cum, my sheets covered in

I rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom to get clean. I got a
washcloth, rinsed it in warm water and started cleaning my legs. When I
was finished, I went back in my room and found some shorts and slipped them
on, I didn't bother with a shirt.

I let myself out the back door and started stretching on the deck. As I
stretched I saw five wet towels dropped on the floor along with two pairs
of panties, orange and purple. They hadn't put the cover back on the hot
tub either.

I finished stretching, put the cover on and took off for a run. Not the
seven miles I'd promised the girls, but three in the morning gets my blood
pumping. When I got back I took a long hot shower and felt human again.
Especially after I jacked off in the shower thinking about Whitney and
Angie's cute little pussys.

I dressed quickly in shorts with underwear and a t-shirt and went
downstairs, poured myself a glass of orange juice with just a splash of
grapefruit for bite, went to the computer and started checking my e-mail. I
finished about eight and went to the bedroom to wake the girls.

I opened the door and waked in. Now in most of the erotic stories I've
ever read, I would have found a tangled web of bodies where they'd fallen
asleep after passionate lesbian sex. What I found was no entangled bodies.
Angie and Erin were sleeping peacefully on one bed and Jenny, Erin and
Debbie shared the other.

Of course it had been warm enough that they slept on top of the sheets.
And all but Debbie had taken off their nightshirts. Angie was naked on her
bed, though Erin was still wearing her blue panties. Jenny and Whitney
were naked, Debbie's shirt had hiked up around her waist and her panties
were laying on the floor at the foot of the bed.

I was tempted to get my camera. Shots like these might be enough to
retire on. But in the end, I was almost a gentlemen. After enjoying the
vision for a couple of minutes, I closed the door and then knocked loudly.
"Ladies." I yelled through the door. "Time to get up." I pounded again.
"Are you decent?" I yelled as I rattled the doorknob.

Through the closed door, I could hear moans and groans, then a high
pitched, "Don't come in." and a few more squeaks.

I grinned at the door. "I expect you all showered and dressed in twenty
minutes." I could hear bedsprings creaking as they moved around. There's a
shower down here in the bathtub, and two more upstairs." I added, to help.
"Then just to be mean, "If I haven't seen five smiling faces in the next
five minutes, I'm coming in and pulling you out of bed."

"Do they have to be smiling?" someone yelled.

"Yes." I answered and walked toward the kitchen to survey my food
situation and figure out options for breakfast.

About two minutes later, I had my head in the refrigerator and Debbie
came out and smiled a me. Weakly, but a smile. Then she trudged back
toward the bathroom. Unfortunately she had pulled her nightshirt down to a
more respectable position.

The twins were next, about a minute later smiling at me with droopy eyes
that refused to stay open. I told them that the second bathroom was
straight ahead at the top of the stairs and they wandered off. In all the
erotic stories twins would have been `discovering each other's bodies'. I
wondered if these two did. I'd figured out how to tell them apart and
noticed that they were wearing each other's nightshirt.

Angie came out about two minutes later right on the five minute
deadline. It was a stretch to call the look on her face a stretch but I
gave her credit. Jenny made it about a minute later. "You're late." I
told her.

"Bite me." she responded. I figured she was still nude under her shirt
and the thought was very tempting.

"You're not smiling." I accused.

"And I'm not going to." she answered back. "It's five o'clock in the
fucking morning."

"Actually it's a quarter after eight." I informed her. "And watch your
language." There was just a little edge in my voice. She started to answer
me, thought better off it and just glared. I leaned down until we were at
eye level. "Smile."


"Angie, get the rest of the tribe. There's going to be a spanking."
Before Angie could move Jenny gave me the biggest most fake smile I'd ever
seen, leaning her head to the side, tilting it up, and showing an amazing
amount of white teeth.

I grinned at her in triumph and said, Jenny do you know where my
bathroom is?" she nodded. "You two can use my shower." Jenny gave me one
more fake smile and the two of them headed for the stairs.

I smiled, picturing the two of them in my shower then went back to my

About twenty minutes later, they were all gathered on my sofa, dressed,
unfortunately, and waiting.

"Ladies, for breakfast we have a choice of pancakes, waffles, french
toast or eggs any style but benedict. All of those can be accompanied by

"What's benedict?" Whitney asked.

"Eggs with hollandaise sauce." I explained.

"What's hollandaise sauce." Erin asked.

"If you don't know, don't worry about it." I clapped my hands together
in front of my chest, "What's it going to be? Group decision."

They put their heads together and I could hear them whispering back and
forth with a few giggles. Finally they sat back and Jenny announced,

"Everybody want bacon?" they all nodded. I noticed that Whitney was
pouting. "What's your problem?"

"I wanted french toast, but I got outvoted." she said. "Again." she
added, almost under her breath.

I smiled and turned toward the kitchen. "About twenty-five minutes." I
announced over my shoulder. "Watch TV or something."

"Everybody sit down at the table." I announced almost exactly
twenty-five minutes later. The girls who had been sprawled in various
positions on the sofa and floor scrambled to find places at the table.
They wound up with Jenny and Debbie on one side and Angie and Erin on the
other. Whitney sat at the foot of the table and they left the head for me.

I brought out two huge platters and set them in from of Angie and Erin.
The platters each held a huge waffle, 14 inches across with four strips of
bacon at North, South, East and West. A generous splat of butter, I'd even
whipped it, sat in the middle with a strawberry in the center. And of
course maple syrup dripping everywhere.

I went back to the kitchen and returned with two more platters and set
them in front of Jenny and Debbie.

"God, I'm going to have to diet for a month." Debbie moaned as she
started smearing the butter all over the waffle.

I reached down and grabbed her waist and squeezed, "You don't have to
diet at all." I told her. She giggled and ate a bite of waffle. As I
walked back to the kitchen, I could see Whitney muttering silently, I was
sure that it was something like, `I even get fed last."

I returned with the last two platters and set one at my place and the
other in front of Whitney. As her plate hit the table Whitney jumped up
and grabbed my neck in an almost painful hug. I straightened and she came
up with me, My hand went naturally to her butt to support her. "You're the
best uncle in the history of the universe." she told me and gave me a quick
kiss on the mouth, blushing as she did.

"Looks like Whitney's found a new boyfriend." her sister said cattily.

"That would make me pretty lucky." I told her.

"Does her butt feel good." Jenny asked.

"Very good." I answered and Whitney blushed again but didn't try to
move. "Nice and firm, just the way I like them." Whitney blushed redder and
Jenny glared, while the rest of the girls giggled. I set Whitney down and
walked to my place.

My plate and Whitney's held french toast. Two pieces stacked on each of
the four corners of the compass. The french toast was sprinkled with
powdered sugar and surrounded by maple syrup. In the center was a huge
mound of whipped cream, topped with a cherry and surrounded by four
strawberries. I make my toast out of cinnamon bread that I bake myself so
each piece was a beautiful golden with swirls of cinnamon brown. I"m not
famous for my french toast, but I should be.

"I though we all had to have the same thing." Jenny complained, eyeing
Whitney's plate with obvious dissatisfaction.

"No. I said you all had to decide on the same thing. I didn't say that
was what I was going to serve you." I responded. God I love a little
dissent in the morning.

"Sis, can I try a bite of that?" Erin asked. Whitney ignored her for
several bites, then cut a piece of french toast, dipped it first in maple
syrup, then in whipped cream and held it out to her on the end of her fork.
Erin leaned forward, wrapped her lips around the food and pulled it off the
fork. Erin leaned back and chewed, then she turned to me with a blissful
look, "That's fantastic."

"I know." I agreed and took a bite from my own plate.

Pretty soon all the girls but Jenny were sharing back and forth with
Whitney. Jenny just glared stubbornly, first at me, then at Whitney, then
at me again. I struggled not to laugh.

After a couple of minutes, I cut off a piece of toast, dipped in syrup
and whipped cream and held it out to her. She clamped her lips shut and
glared at me harder. I considered telling her I force feed it to her, but
decided not. I set my fork with it's food in the middle of her waffle and
picked up her fork and continued to eat.

Jenny glared at me, then the offending fork, then back at me. I have to
give this to her, she knows how to glare. Finally she picked up the fork,
she made as if to push my food off it, then changed her mind and ate it.

"It's mean to give someone just a bite of something so good." she told
me with just a hint of a smile. I grinned at her and picked up my half
eaten plate and swapped it for hers. She smiled and attacked my food.
Pretty soon she was swapping bites with all the other girls.

I shock my head and ate the waffle. I make great waffles too. Not as
good as my french toast, but great.

Finally I sat back with a clean plate. I looked around and all the
girls had stopped eating, their plates ranging from half to three quarters

"Damn, I'm stuffed." I announced and all the girls agreed. "I don't
think I could move." Murmured agreement. "But then I don't have too. You
guys need to get busy cleaning."

Jenny's friends looked blank and Jenny explained the deal she had made.
Everyone groaned and started to stand up.

"Of course the deal we made was that the place had to get cleaned. We
didn't agree that you had to help. So you could all sit her and be stuffed
and let Jenny do all the work."

Everybody looked tempted and Jenny looked pained, but Debbie said, "Not
the way it works. Jenny, you and Whitney go clean the upstairs bathrooms,
I'll do downstairs. Erin, you get the deck outside and Angie do the
bedroom. Then we'll meet in the living to finish up." No one disagreed and
they split up to their appointed tasks.

I had to hand it to Debbie. I thought as I leaned back in my chair.
She could be a leader when she wanted to be.

I got comfortable in my chair and flipped on CNN, but the world was
pretty quiet at the moment so I changed to the cartoon network, Roadrunner
cartoons. Erin came in a few minutes later carrying soggy towels and two
pairs of panties, she smiled as she passed through and went into the

I watched the coyote, wondering if he had better luck chasing girl
coyotes than he had chasing dinner. I heard Debbie come out of the
bathroom and head into the bedroom, then a few minutes later Debbie, Erin
and Angie went upstairs. About five minutes and four coyote crashes later
the five of them came downstairs, lined up and the girls curtsied while
Jennifer saluted and reported, "Mission accomplished sir." I smiled and
returned the salute.

There was a knock on the door. "Looks like it was just in time." I said
and nodded Jennifer toward the door. She walked over and opened it,
letting Mona in. "Hi Mona." I called and waved her in without getting up.
She walked in and came over to the living room.

"I see you survived." she commented.

"Barely." I agreed, thinking about my long term erection.

Mona laid her hand on Angie's head and mussed her hair before the girl
could pull away. "So how bad was she? How long do I have to ground her

"It's hard to say." I mused. "Do you want me to use society's
standards, my standards, or in relation to the other girls?" Angie and Erin
both suck their tongues out at me. "Compared to the other four hellions,
she was an angel." I added Angie came over, kissed me on the cheek and sat
in my lap. I wasn't sure how good an idea that was, after all her mom
didn't know me, and she was a sexy bundle. "She's welcome back anytime."

"Really." Mona said in obvious disbelief, "Well, I may take you up on

"Anytime." I agreed and meant it.

"How about that one?" she asked, hooking a thumb toward Debbie.

"Ah, the ring leader." I said, and Mona arched an eyebrow. "She was
good too. Actually Jenny was the only trouble maker." Jenny gave us a
`who, me?" look.

"How bad?"

"She got spanked last night and threatened with another one this

"For Jenny that's actually a good night." Mona said with a smile. Jenny
put her nose in the air and walked over to my computer and sat down. I
grinned at Mona. Angie got down and she and the other girls followed
Jenny. Mona lowered her voice and asked, "They were really all right?"
"They were really fine." I assured her. I was serious when I said I could
be talked into this again. They even cleaned up after themselves this

Angie walked over as I finished and hugged her mom. "Mom, he makes the
best french toast."

"Better than mine?" her mom asked.

"Totally." Angie assured her. I was embarrassed. "Mom's not much of a
cook." she added.

Mona agreed quickly, "She's right about that. Angie does most of the
cooking at home. Between her, Wendys and Pizza Hut we survive." Mona gave
her a hug. "Maybe you could teach Angie your french toast."

"I don't know. If the secret of my french toast got out, it could spell
the end of the world."

"Oh, really." Angie said sarcastically.

"Really." I agreed. Imagine three and a half billion people all gaining
ten pounds. Could throw the Earth off it's axis and it would spin into the

Angie giggled and her mom gave me half a smile. Try to be concerned for

The twin's mom had come in while we were talking and we exchanged
greetings and small talk, then she took her girls and left.

"What about Jenny? Are you taking her home or would you like us to drop
her off.?"

"I haven't got a clue." I admitted. "Jenny?" Jenny looked up, she and
Debbie had moved to the sofa and were watching a Bugs Bunny cartoon. "Are
you going home, are your sisters coming here or what? Jenny shrugged, got
up and walked to the phone.

"The girls have been coming over her for baths while the shower at the
trailer park is broken." I explained for Mona's benefit. "I'm never quite
sure when they'll show up."

"That sounds like Linda." Mona agreed.

Jenny covered the phone with her palm and said, "Mom says she was
planning on about two, cause Carrie has something to ask you. And I can
stay or go, whatever you want me to do."

"What do you want to do?" I asked her.

"Stay." she ask with just a tiny whine in her voice.

"Okay by me." I said. As Jenny got back on the phone I looked back at
Mona, "Looks like we're set, but thanks anyway."

"Anytime." she said with a sly smile, "Besides I may need a favor
someday. Anyone who can keep Angie in line without a whip and a chair is
worth cultivating."

"Mooooommm." Angie moaned.

"In all honesty, I didn't do anything. Maybe I caught them on a good
night or something, but the girls weren't any trouble at all."

"Sometimes the good nights are few and far between."

Angie looked about ready to clobber her mother so I decided to change
the subject and put some oil on the waters, "Angie you are welcome back

Angie started to thank me then got that idea look on her face and
whispered into her mom's ear. Mona looked amused and said, "It's not my
decision, ask him."

Angie blushed and looked at me shyly, "Would it be alright if I used the
hot tub sometimes?"

Naked? Was my first thought. "It's all right with me, but be sure you
check with me and your mom first."

"Cool." Angie and Debbie said together.

"You had kind of a pained look on your face when Jenny said that Carrie
wanted to ask you something." Mona suggested.

"Not so much pain as inevitability." I told her. "I'd guess that since
big sister got to have a sleep over, that Carrie thinks it's her turn."

"And is it?"

"Probably. She's hard to say no to and it's only fair."

"And then Diana?"

"She's impossible to say no to, so probably."

Jenny got off the phone. And came over to the group. "Mom made the
standard threats about being good." she told me.

"For all they're worth." I agreed and Jenny grinned at me.

"Well, we've got to get going. Paul it was a pleasure meeting you. And
it was very nice of you to let the girls get together here. They've been
miserable all summer." I looked at her questioningly and she explained.
Angie has three brothers and two sisters so it's not easy to have all the
girls at our place. Katey's place is really small so it's not very good
either. And of course Debbie's house hasn't been good because nobody
wanted to make it any harder for her sister. They always used to gather at
Jenny's place because there was so much room, but since Linda and Dave
moved into the trailer it's just been impossible. So you really came to
the rescue."

"You make me almost feel guilty for having all this space. I'm just
glad I could help out." I smiled and then had a thought. "Three brothers
and two sisters?"

"Angie's the oldest. The girls are ten and eight. The boys are two,
four and six."

"Same age as Diane and carrie." I said and had a mental image of Carrie,
Diane, and Jenny all naked in the hot tub with Angie and her, I hoped, cute
little sisters, but Mona shot that idea down.

"Yep but the younger ones don't seem to like each other. Linda and I
have tried." she said.

With my fantasy dashed, we said our goodbyes and they left.

Chapter 8 "This Girl is a Woman Now"

With the house to myself again, well almost I decided that the hot tub
sounded like a great idea. I walked out onto the deck and stripped off my
t-shirt and pulled the cover off and watched the steam rise off the water
even on a warm summer morning like this. Before I climbed in, I went back
in the living room and turned on the stereo and switched on my outside
speakers. I was feeling pretty mellow this morning so I put in a
collection of seventies romantic stuff.

"I didn't know that you had music out here." Jenny said as I walked back
onto the deck.

I just grinned at her and climbed into the hot tub.

I leaned back and relaxed, closing my eyes. A few seconds later I heard
Jenny climb into the water. I opened my eyes and saw that she was naked. I
closed them again and tried o relax. She settled on the seat next to me,
her leg rubbing against mine. "This was a great idea last night." she
murmured. Even the contact of her leg had brought my cock to full

I made a quick decision and pushed my shorts down my legs, then used my
foot to push them the rest of way off. They floated to the surface of the
bubbling water and I tossed them onto the deck. I'd never been naked in
front of Jenny, but I figured if her eight year old sister had seen me,
then she should too.

Jenny notice and giggled, then she leaned back and closed her eyes. I
thought she pushed her chest out a little bit, but maybe I was imagining
it. I leaned back next to her and closed my eyes too. I felt good with
just the pressure of her leg on mine. My cock was aching but I ignored it
and just enjoyed being close to the pretty twelve year old.

The hot water relaxed me so well that despite my erection I was almost
asleep when I felt her small hand brush against my cock. I came instantly
awake, but didn't open my eyes right away. I opened my right eye just
barely and looked at Jenny. She was laying back, her eyes not just closed,
but squeezed shut, pretending to be asleep. Her hand which she was
pretending was moving with the currents of the tub brushed the head of my
cock again and I almost lost it right then.

I open my eyes and decided to take the initiative and I captured her
hand and wrapped it around the head of my cock. She held on for several
seconds then gave me a squeeze and left her hand float way on the current.
I looked at her face and she still had her eyes squeezed shut, but there
was a smile on her face that I doubt she was aware of.

I captured her hand again and we repeated the performance. I grinned
enjoying the charade almost as much as the contact. I grabbed her hand
again and this time wrapped her tiny fingers around the base of my shaft
and held them there. I felt a tiny squeeze and then slid her hand up the
shaft to the head and back down again. She didn't try to pull away and
every now and then I'd feel a quick squeeze.

A look at her face and she was grinning uncontrollably though still
keeping her eyes closed and pretending to sleep. I released her hand and
it was almost a minute before she stopped rubbing it up and down my cock
and let it `float' away.

I reached over and gently, so as not to `wake' her, eased my right hand
behind her back and my left hand between her arm and ribs. Then I lifted
her up and settled her on my lap, so that her pussy lips wrapped around my
cock and her legs straddled mine. The touch of her cunt was too much and
my cock spasmed once and shot several loads of semen into the frothing

I didn't worry about an enterprising sperm wiggling it's way into Jenny.
I'd been selected to beta-test a male contraceptive from Thunder Bay
Pharmaceuticals and so far the tests were all positive. As a side note, I
recommend a flyer in Thunder Bay, they should be announcing real soon and
the stock will go through the roof.

As my cock shrank between her legs I reached down and worked a finger
into her pussy. It felt just as good as in the bathtub. With my other
hand I played with her nipple, then I whispered in her ear, "How long are
you going to pretend to sleep?"

Jenny giggled and opened her eyes. "You knew?" "Of course I did." I
told her and started rubbing her clit. My cock was already starting to
stir again.

"Did you peek at us last night?" she asked in a moan.

"No. I told you I wouldn't."



"So you didn't get to see anyone's puss..." the rest was lost in the
moan of her first, I hoped, orgasm.

When her breathing returned to normal, I told her, "Well Angie and
Whitney weren't wearing any panties when they came in from the hot tub, and
they flashed me a few looks. Then this morning I looked in on you guys
before I woke you, and Debbie slept without her panties so I got a good
look. In fact I saw every pussy but Erin's"

"Whose was cutest?" she asked with an evil grin.

"Do I look stupid. I'm not going to answer a loaded question like

"Whose was cutest besides mine? She prodded.

"I guess I do look stupid." I told her and nibbled on her ear.

"If Angie comes over to use the hot tub, are you going to peek?"

"Probably. She's cute."

"Cuter than me?"

"You're just dying to get me in trouble." I told her and concentrated on
her pussy. A few seconds later I pushed her over the edge again.

"Oh Uncle Paul, that's soooo goooood." she moaned. My cock had come
fully back to life and it felt great as her legs rubbed against while she
bucked against me in throes of orgasm.

When she finished, I said in her ear, "Still want to get me in trouble."

"Never." she moaned. I grinned and picked her up again, she was
startled but didn't resist as I turn her around and set her back down
facing me. Her legs still straddled me and now the head of my cock was
pressed against her pussy lips instead of the shaft. I stared into her
eyes and she didn't resist as I leaned down and kissed her, my tongue
pushing past her lips into her mouth and wrestling with her tongue. After
a minute, I broke the kiss and breathed deeply. "Somebodies taught you to
kiss." I said matter of factly.

"Billy Preston." she said dreamily.

"I take it that Billy is cute." I said. Just a little jealous of the
little shit.

"And a freshman last year." she added.

She'd been a sixth grader last school year. "You shouldn't be kissing a
freshman." I said. Realizing as I said it just how absurd that sounded
coming from a twenty-six year old man who'd just kissed her and had his
battering ram at her castle's gates.

"I know." she said with satisfaction.

"And just what else did you do with this freshman?" I asked.

"Nothing." she said with frustration.

"Good." I said and put my hands on her ass cheeks and pulled her toward
me. As my cock head pushed past her inner lips into her cunt I hesitated
waiting for an objection that never came. Without a word, Jenny pushed
herself all the way onto my cock.

"So what are you going to do with Billy this year." I gasped as her cunt
squeezed my cock.

"Probably nothing." she moaned. He just likes to kiss. He kissed a lot
of fifth and sixth graders last year.

"Horney little bastard." I got out.

"Not horny enough." Jenny said and tried to pull my cock deeper inside

"I guess he's not the horny little bastard.' I told her.

"I'm not little." she defended herself and tried to push a tit in my
face. I obliged her by leaning down and licking the nipple.

She seemed to enjoy the attention for a minute or two then pulled back
and looked me squarely in the eye, "Can we fuck now?" I was shocked to hear
the suggestion coming from her mouth despite where my cock was lodged right
then. Shocked and turned on. I nodded and Jenny pulled away from me, my
cock sliding out of her pussy almost to the head before she pressed her
pelvis back at me. I leaned back against the edge of the hot Tub and let
the sexy little twelve year old fuck me. I wondered if her mom would use
the `T' word if she could see us now. Hell I wondered if her sisters would
want to join in if they saw us now.

It didn't take long before I announced, "I'm gonna cum." Jenny ignored
me and kept fucking. Felt that tickle that said I was just about to blast
off and grabbed her ass and pulled her onto as hard as I could, my cock
buried deep in her womb gushed with semen, I felt like every muscle in my
body contracted at once, then they all relaxed. Jenny started pumping
again, milking my cock until it shriveled and plopped from her pussy.

I leaned back against the edge, eyes closed, totally drained. That had
been the best fuck of my life. Finally I opened my eyes and looked into
her face. "Did you cum too?"

"No." she said sulkily. Hadn't she ever heard of faking an orgasm for
the good old male ego.

I put my hands on her hips and lifted her, she got her feet under her as
I stood her up and pressed my face into that recently used pussy. As I
pressed my tongue deep into her slit, my own cum leaked back at me. I
teased her clitoris with my tongue and it didn't take long to bring her to
her third orgasm. Gratefully she sank back down onto my lap.

"That was the best one ever." she cooed as she laid her head on my chest
and looked up at me.

"So you like tongues better than fingers." I asked as I stroked her

"And a lot better than soap bars." she agreed. "I like cocks better
too, but I just didn't get off."

"I was kind of on a hair trigger after all the sexy girls running around
here." I apologized.

"That's okay." she reassured me, giggled, and started licking my nipple.

A few minutes later I climbed wearily out of the hot tub. I needed a
nap, but I had too much to do. I walked over to the computer and started
filling in some of the forms that went to the various banks and insurance
companies that employed me.

"What are you doing?" Jenny asked a few minutes later. I noticed that
she was still naked, which made me very aware that I still was too.

"Paperwork." I told her.

"But you're not using paper." she said.

"And actually I won't, since I'll send by fax straight from the

"That looks pretty simple, I could probably do it." I started to tell
her how ridiculous that was, after all I was a trained, licensed
professional. Then I realized that she was right. At this point I was
just taking figures from my notes and putting them in the right boxes and
it was simple. And time consuming.

I considered pulling a `Tom Sawyer' on her, but decided to play it
straight. "You think you could do it?"


"Want to earn some money?"


"Then sit down here." I vacated the chair and waved my hand at it. "And
start typing. When you get to the bottom of the form, don't, I emphasized,
don't press the send button. I'll check it first."

"How much" she asked, sitting down.

"What do you think two hours of typing is worth?" I asked making a quick

"Five dollars?" she said tentatively. I love it, a secretary for two
fifty an hour.

"Maybe even a little more." I told her, thinking that twenty would be
about right if she did a decent job.

Jenny smiled and started typing. I went out to my car and got my laptop
out of the trunk. Then I sat down with my portable and started my own
work. Every few minutes I came over to check on Jenny. She was a better
typist than I was. And was actually making fewer mistakes than I usual
did, except where she couldn't read my writing.

In a little under two hours, she did work that would have taken me over
three. And at the same time, I got two hours of my other work done. I
might have to offer her a permanent job.

As we finished up, I asked her, "What do you think? Did you earn five
dollars worth?"

She hesitated, then said "Yes!" very definitely.

"I don't think so." I said, trying to sound disappointed. "Here." I
handed her some wadded up money. As she unwrapped it and saw that it was
twenty-five dollars I thought her eyes would bulge out of her head.

"For real."

"You earned it." We got dressed, reluctantly. And had lunch. We were
sitting on the sofa chatting about boys and school when her sisters showed
up around two. Since Jenny had already had a shower and a hot tub this
morning I sent her home with her mother. But not before telling Linda just
how much help Jenny had been this morning. Jenny showed her the money
she'd earned and wanted to stop at Wal-Mart on the way. As they left, I
wondered what the rest of the day would hold.

Chapter 9 "And Though You Know That it's Wrong to Be Alone With Me"

I looked at the two little girls standing in my living room. Diana was
wearing cut-offs and a halter top, though she didn't have anything to
halter. And carrie was wearing gym shorts and a half shirt. They looked
so cute that I was amazed when my cock didn't stir.

"So who's first?" I asked.

"I'm always first Diana announced before Carrie could say a word.
Carrie nodded agreeably and turned to settle on the coach. Diana took a
step and launched herself at me, jumping up and grabbing my neck in a hug.
My hand went to her butt to support her, then I shifted it so that I was
cupping her crotch. I saw Carrie watching from the sofa, a grin on her
face. I noticeably gave Diana a squeeze and carried her to the bathroom.

When I walked in, I was amazed. The bathroom was spotless. Somebody
did good work. I tried to remember and I think it was Debbie who did it. I
made a mental note to compliment her on it. I set Diana down and dropped
to my knees. Then I grabbed the bottom of here halter and with a quick
jerk pulled it over her head, the girl lifting her arms to make it easy.
Then I leaned forward and kissed each of her nipples, her future nipples

I unbuttoned the top of her cut-offs and pulled the zipper all the way
to the bottom, then slid them down her legs and pulled them off over her
tennis shoes. I lifted up her left foot and she grabbed the top of my head
for balance. I pulled her tennis shoe off. I thought about kissing her
toes, but she hadn't been wearing socks and her foot really was sweaty and
I decided to skip it, so I set that foot down and de-shoed the other foot.

The little eight year old was displayed in front of me wearing just a
pair of yellow bikini panties with a white trim. Very sexy, though still
my cock didn't stir. I must be getting old, Fuck one twelve year old in
the morning and can't get it up again.

I leaned in and kissed her belly button. She was an innie, so I swirled
the tip of my tongue inside of it.

"I thought you were giving her a bath?" came a voice from behind me. I
pulled away and looked over my shoulder. Carrie was standing there, a
smirk on her face.

"I'm getting there." I told her and kissed Diana's belly button again.

"You don't even have water in the bath tub." Carrie pointed out.

"A little privacy please." Diana said indignantly as I licked all over
her stomach. Carrie chuckled and I heard the door close behind me. I
leaned a little lower and tried to grab the waistband of her panties with
my teeth. It looks easier than it is, especially since I didn't want to
bite the little girl, but I finally got hold of the fabric and started
pulling them down. Diana giggled as she realized what I was doing. When I
got them to her knees, I let go and watched them flutter down around her

My plan was to fill up the bath tub and give her a good washing, but as
I sat up, her pussy was right there in front of my face and I couldn't help
myself. I pressed my face into her pelvis, feeling her fat little pussy
mold itself around me then I started teasing at her pussy lips with my
tongue. It must have felt good, because the little eight year old grabbed
the back of my head and tried to pull me even closer.

I obliged by pushing my tongue as deep into her pussy as it would go,
until I felt the base of my tongue was almost pulling out. I had a mental
image of explaining to a doctor that my tongue had come off in a little
girl's pussy and could he dig it out and reattach it. I laughed into her
pussy and she seemed to like that too. Her pussy tasted saltier than I
remembered and I wondered if it was sweat from playing all morning. Do
pussys sweat on the inside?

As my tongue explored, Diana started moaning louder and louder. "Oh
God, oh God, ohGod, ohGod, ohGodohGod, ohGodohGodohGooooood." the last one
long and loud. Behind me I heard the door open again and knew that Carrie
was staring at the two of us. And that was when my cock came back to life
and started growing.

All the air seemed to go out of Diana and she deflated on top of me.
Since this kept her crotch pressed in my face, I kept licking, and tickling
her clitoris with my tongue and a minute or so later she started another
orgasm. I sensed Carrie moving up beside me for a better look so I reached
up and started stroking the crotch of her shorts. My other hand I pushed
into my own shorts and I squeezed my cock which was now back at full

I vaguely remembered a few days ago thinking that a twelve year old was
too young to mess with.

As Diana relaxed from her second orgasm, I slipped a finger into the leg
hole of Carrie's shorts and then into the crotch of her panties and pulled
down. Then I lifted off of Diana and pressed my face into Carrie's crotch.
She stiffened and I wondered if I had gone too far, but she relaxed and I
started exploring her outer lips with my tongue.

I'd never planned to seduce both girls together. Yes, I'd imagined it,
but I never dreamed that it would happen. Carrie shuddered as I teased at
her inner lips with my tongue and then pushed it inside. Just how far
would I take this, I wondered.

Diana dropped to the floor next to me and watched as I ate her sister's
pussy. After a few minutes her hand wormed it's way into my shorts and I
let it take my own hand's place on my cock. Her hand rubbed along my
shaft, her thumb brushed the head at the top of her stroke. She was really
becoming accomplished at hand jobs.

As my tongue found Carrie's clit she tensed into her first orgasm. I
felt like Santa Claus, bringing goodies to the kiddies. I leaned backwards
and admired the ten year. She was so beautiful. They were all so

Reluctantly I pulled Diana's hand from my cock and stood up. It was
bath time. I toyed with the idea of taking the two of them to the hot tub,
but decided to save that for another day. For the moment that was Jenny
and my place. I stepped over Diana to the tub and started filling it with
water. I added bubble bath, then picked up Diana and set her in. "Wash
good." I told her then picked up her sister and carried her to the living

I sat on the sofa with Carrie across my lap and kissed her. She still
wearing her half shirt so I grabbed the bottom of it and in one quick
movement pulled it over her head. Then I leaned down and started nibbling
on her titties. My cock, which had been enjoying Diana's ministrations a
few minutes go, twitched in my shorts to remind me of it's presence. The
tented out material was pressed against the side of Carrie's leg and I
decided that this was the perfect time to introduce Carrie to my buddy.

Still sucking on her nipple. I captured her hand and placed in on my
tent. She was tentative at first. Not afraid, just tentative. She rubbed
the head of my cock through my shorts with her palm then at last, she
closed her hand around it. I switched my attention to her other nipple,
and took her hand again, this time I pulled it inside my shorts. She
quickly found her place and continued exploring my rigid pole.

This was the life, I decided, as I enjoyed the feeling of her fingers
sliding up and down my cock. A naked ten year old on my lap, an eight year
old ready to take her place in a few minutes. What could beat this? Then
I answered my own question. A house full of naked ten year olds.

"Didn't you have a question to ask me." I prompted, as I dropped a hand
into her lap and started prying her pussy open.

"Yeah." she agreed dreamily.

"Did you want to ask it now?" I prodded, and pushed a finger deep into
her cunt.

"Okay." she agreed, then continued to sit. I found her clit and started
rubbing it with the underside of my finger. It only took a few more
seconds to push her over the edge into the abyss of pleasure.. As her
breathing increased she squeezed my cock head painfully, but not so
painfully that I didn't erupt in my own orgasmic pleasure. My cock pumped
load after load of semen onto her hand and into my shorts.. At last we
both relaxed. I gave her nipple a last lick and leaned back against the

"I love you, Uncle Paul." Carrie whispered as she melted against my
chest. Her hand still wrapped, more loosely thankfully around my shrunken
shaft. "Can I have a sleep-over like Jenny did?" she asked breaking the

"I suppose your mom has already checked it out with your friend's
parents?" I asked sarcastically.

Carrie nodded, then added, "There's only two of them, not four like
Jenny." I was disappointed. I wouldn't have said no to an even dozen. But
I guess I could live with just two of the little darlings.

"There will be a couple of rules." I told her.

"Did Jenny have rules?" she asked.

"The very same ones." I assured her. She thought for a few seconds,
then nodded acceptance. "One. You don't say anything about your bath time
or what happens here." She nodded quickly. "Two. You and your friends
will be cleaning house in the morning. Jenny's friends left the place
spotless, I expect your friends to do the same."

"Free maid service."

"I may even get you cute little French maid costumes to wear."

Carrie's eyes went big as something occurred to her and she laughed so
hard that her side started to hurt, I could see her hold it and try to get
her breath back. When she did, I waited for an explanation but she didn't
offer one. "What else?" she asked finally.

"Three. When I say it's bedtime, you and your friends all climb into
bed without argument." Carrie giggled again, and again offered no
explanation. "Are those rules acceptable?" I asked when she had a straight
face again.

"They're all right with me. Can I have a slumber party tomorrow?"
Diana's voice from behind the sofa startled me so much that I jerked my
finger out of Carrie's pussy. As I did, I felt the edge of my fingernail
catch on some of the soft tissue inside and Carrie winced.

But her look of pain was quickly replaced with her usual smile.
"They're okay with me too." she informed me.

I pushed her off my lap and gave her bare ass a swat. "Go take your
bath and get nice and clean for your friends." I told her and reached over
the back of the sofa for her sister. As I pulled Diana to me, the towel
wrapped around her waist came off and fell to the ground, and I had a lap
of naked squirming eight year old girl. I loved it.

"You perv." Carrie accused as she headed for the bathroom. "Funny." I
said to her retreating ass. "That's what your big sister calls me too.

Diana squirmed around until she could push her hand down the front of my
shorts. With the experience gained in the last few days, she quickly found
my soft cock and the sticky mess around it. "Did Carrie do that?" she
asked accusingly.

I picked her up, her hand coming away from my cock, turned her around
and set her on her feet on the sofa, her feet straddling my hips. "Yes..."
I said and kissed her left ass cheek, "...she..." I kissed her right cheek,
"...did." I finished and pushed my tongue between her cheeks and licked her
crack from bottom to top.

"That's nasty." she said with a shiver and a giggle.

"Want me to stop." I asked.

"No." she said quickly and I pulled her cheeks apart with my hands and
started giving her ass a good tonguing.

"That's a better way to clean than with soap." she said with another

"I think so too." I agreed. My tongue couldn't penetrate her anus, but
she seemed to enjoy my trying.

"Do I get a slumber party too? She asked with a sigh. I turned her
around and attacked her pussy with my tongue. She moaned loudly. It still
amazed me that I could get my tongue as deep into her as I did.

I let go of her legs and reached down and pushed my shorts over my hips,
wiggling my ass to get them down and hoping that the load of cum wouldn't
leak out and stain the sofa. After I got them halfway down my thighs, I
managed to work them completely off with my feet, all without removing my
tongue from that delicious little girl cunt.

As my shorts dangled off the end of my foot and then fell to the floor,
I imagined I heard a squish from all the cream inside. I pulled my tongue
out of Diana and leaned back to look at that beautiful tiny pussy. I
reached up and grabbed her hips and then sat her on my lap. My still soft
cock pressed against her pussy lips. "You're all sticky." she accused.

"True." I agreed. "Want to help me clean up?"

"A shower?" she asked with obvious excitement.

"I was thinking more of a tongue." I answered. "Remember, we decided
that was better."

"You can't get your tongue way down there." she said with a tone that
stated it was a cold hard fact.

"No but you can." I suggested.

Diana giggled and wiggled off my cock, which started stirring and moved
down between my legs. She leaned forward until her nose was less than an
inch from the tip of my half hard cock. She reached out with the tip of
her tongue and I watched as it came slowly, agonizingly slowly forward and
just barely touch the skin of my cock. That little touch made my cock
twitch, which made Diana jump backward until she was sitting on her heels,
contemplating my crotch.

"What do you think?" I asked but she didn't answer. She leaned forward
again. The tip of her tongue pushed way forward and touched it again, this
time licking halfway around the head. My cock twitched again, but this
time she didn't pull back.

She closed her mouth on the head of my cock and her tongue teased my

My cock was fully erect again and I was thinking about a hole to bury it
in. Wondering if it could squeeze into Diana's pussy.

Without prompting, Diana scooted forward, her knees straddling my hips
and her crotch pressed against my cock. I swear her pussy lips tried to
reach out and grab it. My cock was pressed down against my pelvis and
Diana rubbed the underside with her pussy lips as she shifted forward and

"Is this fucking?" she asked.

"It's awful close." I told her. I tried to save myself, but the feeling
of those soft warm tiny lips against my cock was too much.

"You made another mess." she announced as cum squirted out of the end of
my cock.

"You helped." I reminded her as I watched the stuff pool on my stomach.

"Here. You need this more than I do." Carrie said from behind the sofa
and pulled a towel off of her hips. I grinned and took the towel and
started dabbing at the mess. "Did she talk you into a slumber party

"She didn't have to." I said and dabbed a spot of cum on the tip of
Diana's nose. "She's my favorite."

Carrie looked down at her little sisters pussy pressed against my again
soft cock. She leaned over the sofa and dabbed her finger against the head
of my cock then lifted her finger to her mouth and tasted. "Why doesn't
that surprise me."

I grinned again, What was there to say.

It took a long time o get the two girls dressed and ready to go. Diana
kept wanting to taste my cock, and it's very hard to say no to a cute eight
year old at any time, when she wants to lick your favorite appendage, it's
impossible. Then after Diana would lick it a few times, Carrie would want
to try to. It stayed soft, but I sure enjoyed the attention.

Finally I got them loaded into the car and we all headed for the
supermarket where Diana and I sang silly songs while Carrie went shopping.
She got almost as much junk for her two friends as Jenny had for her four.
I'd have to take out a mortgage to feed Diana and her tribe tomorrow. We
loaded the car and then Diana connived me into ice cream cones.

I finally got them home about four. Carrie's friends were scheduled for
six, so Linda invited me in for coffee. Diana and Carrie disappeared
outside and Jenny was laying on a bed reading when we sat down at the

"You hung up on me last night." she accused.

"You were asking embarrassing questions." I reminded her.

"But appropriate."

"Or inappropriate, depending on your point of view." I saw Jenny give us
a strange look then go back to her book. It was one of the Harry Potter
books, but I couldn't tell which one from here.

"You never answered me." she reminded.

"A gentleman never tells." I said as enigmacly as I could.

Linda gave me a long appraising look, then she gave her daughter the
same stare, then looked back at me. "The girls really enjoyed the hot tub.
They skinny dipped." I said just to add to her suspicions. Jenny gave me a
dirty look which I ignored.

Linda started a retort, changed her mind, then changed the subject. "I
really do appreciate you giving Jenny the chance to hang out with her
friends. And then Carrie tonight, that's going beyond the call of

"And Diana tomorrow night." I reminded her. Linda arched an eyebrow.
":she asked me today when Carrie was asking."

"She was supposed to wait until tomorrow." her mother said

"Why? I knew it was coming."

"Yes." she chucked. "I suppose you did. The girls last night weren't
too much trouble?" I saw Jenny looking over the top of her book awaiting my
answer. "The girls were fine. Not a bit of trouble." I saw Jenny letting
out the breath I hadn't realized she was holding. "I'm sure the two girls
tonight won't be any more trouble."

Jenny giggled and Linda choked on her coffee and I wondered what I was
missing. But nether offered an further information.

"I have you all figured out, you know?" I said after a minute.

"You do?" Linda said with some amazement.

"Yes, I do." I agreed. "Baths, movies, sleep-overs. You're trying to
make me bond with your children." Linda looked startled, so I knew I was on
the right track. "You're trying to make me envious of family life, then
you've got some girl you're going to match me up with."

Linda laughed and agreed, "You've got me."

But I knew she'd agreed too quickly, so I hadn't figured out her devious

We chatted about inconsequential things for another half an hour, but
then Carrie came in and stood around impatiently, so I took pity on her and
we loaded up and left. I was ready for my second slumber party.

Chapter 10 "Getting to know you, Getting to know all about You."

Carrie and I got home about five, and after putting away her groceries,
I settled down to read and Carrie paced. It was hard not to laugh as she'd
pace, then sit, then stand, check he clock and then do it all over again.
Several times she picked up a magazine, read a paragraph or two, then put
it down again.

After a while, I took pity on her and challenged her to a game of war.
She'd never played before which made it even better. I dug some cards out
of a kitchen drawer and we settled down at the dining room table to play. I
shuffled and dealt out all the cards and we started playing. If you've
never played, it's amazingly simple. No skill at all, pure luck. Each
player starts with twenty six cards, which you put down one at a time
against your opponent. The highest card wins, suits don't count, and the
winner gets both cards. If both player have the same card, say jacks, then
you each put six cards face down, and turn over the seventh card. Winner
gets the whole mess. When you run out of cards, you pick up the cards
you've won and keep going.

Like I said, no skill, just luck. But a great way to kill time. We
were both getting into it when there was a knock at the door. I glanced at
the clock and it was ten after six. I started for the door and Carrie
stopped me, then changed her mind and sent me on while she plopped down on
the sofa and tried to look nonchalant. I grinned to myself and went to the
door. When I opened it I saw a very pretty young girl with medium length
black hair and a slightly Latino look. She was probably just a little
taller than Carrie and just a little more developed. She was wearing a
tight pink t-shirt that showed off her tennis ball sized tits and the fact
that she wasn't wearing a bra. She looked vaguely familiar but I couldn't
put my finger on it.

The woman behind her looked completely Latino so I greeted them, "Buenos
Noches." The woman cocked her head and I added, "And I'm afraid that's all
the high school Spanish that I remember. I looked at the little girl, "You
must be one of Carrie's friends?"

The girl nodded and her mother said, "This is Miranda. She takes a
while to warm up to strangers."

I squatted down and looked her in the eye. "Does it take longer with
strange strangers?" she giggled and nodded. I smiled back at her,
"Carrie's in the living room." She pushed past me and went inside. I stood
up and addressed her mother again. "Hi, I'm Paul, Carrie's make-believe

She put her hand out and I shook it. "Hi, I'm Maria. Miranda's
make-believe mother."

"Really." I said, startled.

"Really." she confirmed. "I'm a step." Then with just a hint of
embarrassment she added, "I'm also her aunt."

I must have looked questioningly, because she explained, "Her mother was
my sister."

I figured it was best to let it go at that, so I changed the subject.
"I'm new to the slumber party game, I had my first one yesterday for
Carrie's sister Jenny."

"And Linda said you're doing another one tomorrow for Diana."

"What can I say, I'm just a big sucker."

"Well if you survived Jenny and her friends, tonight should be a

"That's kind of what I thought."

"But tomorrow with Diana's gang could be a different story."

I wondered what she knew that I didn't, "Gang?"

"It's an interesting group. Miranda has a sister that age, though she's
not in that group."

"Do I need a whip and a chair?'

"I was thinking more handcuffs and manacles though electro shock collars
might work."

And Diana seemed like such a nice girl. "I had the mothers picking up
about ten this morning, does that work for you?"

"That's fine, and I'm taking all three of them. We're doing the zoo."

"That should be fun, I'll have the girls ready." I assured her.

Maria looked at me quizzically and started to say something, but changed
her mind and walked to her car in the driveway. I really hate the feeling
that everyone knows something that I don't.

I closed the door and went into the house. Carrie and Miranda were
camped on the sofa talking in hushed tones, so I left them alone and went
to the dining room table to clean up our game, she'd been winning anyway.

I was thinking about getting a coke and reading some more of my book
when there was another knock. I glanced at Carrie and nether she nor
Miranda were making any move to the door, so I went to answer it.

I opened the door and a boy about twelve was standing there. I noticed
a minivan in the driveway, engine running, with a woman behind the wheel. I
wondered what he was selling.


"Hi, I'm Bobby."

Okay kid, I thought. If this is a sales pitch, you got to tell me what
you're selling. "Uh, huh."

"I'm Bobby." he said again as if it should mean something to me.

Maybe he was my long lost son. But if he was twelve that means he was
born when I was fourteen. Which was possible, I was sexually active long
before that. But most of the girls I was active with went to school with
me, and I think I would have noticed. "Yeah?"

"I'm Bobby." he said with mounting exasperation. I saw the woman
getting out of the van. I heard twin giggles behind me. I looked over my
shoulder and Carrie and Miranda were about ten feet behind me and both were

Have you ever had one of those moments when everything clicks. All the
funny looks I'd been getting from Jenny, Linda and Maria. The giggles.
"You're Bobby Taylor, aren't you?" I asked and he nodded with relief. "And
you're here for a slumber party?" He nodded again. "And to watch Carrie
get beaten severely?" Bobby looked confused again, but behind me I heard a
shriek and feet running toward the back of the house. "Carrie and Miranda
are inside, go on in." I told him as the woman walked up.

"Let me guess." she said with an evil grin. "Nobody told you that Bobby
was a boy, you thought it was a girl's name."

"Actually, Carrie hadn't told me who she invited. But I should have
known something was up when Linda kept grinning when I would mention the

"Linda likes surprises." the woman agreed, "Especially nasty ones. Is
Bobby coming a problem fr you?"

"Not a problem." I assured her, "Just a surprise." I grinned evilly
myself, "Like the ice water, I'm thinking of waking Carrie with about five
in the morning."

"That would be mean."

"Yes it would." I agreed.

"He's spent the night with Miranda and Carrie before. There's never
been any problems." she assured me.

"I don't have a problem with a boy at the slumber party. And if there
are problems tonight, I doubt Miranda or Bobby are going to start them.
And Carrie I'll sit on."

"Sounds like you got things in hand." I nodded. "Maria, Miranda's mom
is picking him up in the morning."

"I know." I told her. "They're going to the zoo."

She started to turn away and walk back to her van. Halfway there she
turned, "I'm Kellie, by the way. Bobby's mom."

"I'm sorry. I didn't introduce myself. I'm Paul, Carrie's fake uncle
and soon to be executioner."

"Just be sure to hide the body." she said with a laugh and went on to
her van. I waved as she drove off.

I sat down at my desk and swirled the chair toward the sofa. "Carrie
would you come here a moment?" I asked in a sweet voice.

Carrie came and stood in front of me, her head slightly down. "Yes?" I
could see her friends peeking over the top of the sofa.

"Don't you think you should have mentioned that you invited a boy?"

"Why? He's my friend."

"I know he's your friend. But you should have told me."

"I was afraid you'd say no."

"If I was going to say no, young lady..." I said in my best `principle'
voice. "Having him just show up wouldn't have helped."

"I'm sorry. Mom knew and she didn't tell you either."

"I'll deal with your mother later. Right now, somebody needs a

"Okay." she said, barely above a whisper. I indicated my lap and she
laid down across it. I lifted her slightly, centering her ass in the
middle. I lifted my arm up as high as I could reach. Through the tops of
my eyeballs I could see her friends peeking ver the top of the sofa
wondering what they had gotten themselves into.

I brought my hand down as fast and hard as I could. SLAP. As my hand
hit the side of my leg.

"You missed." Carrie said in amazement.

"Damn." I swore. "I guess you can go." Carrie giggled and wiggled off
my lap. She took a couple steps toward the sofa then came back and hugged

"Miranda, come here." I bellowed. Miranda stood up and with a fearful
look at her friends walked over and stood in front of me. "If you don't
say at least four words, you have to go home." I told while wagging my
finger in her face.

"What should I say?" she asked.

"Four words." I told her, and held out my hand to shake. "Welcome to
the party, I'm Paul."

Miranda shook my hand and asked, "I can stay?"

"Of course." I told her, picked her up and set her on my lap. "Anybody
who can say at least four words is welcome."

She cocked her head and looked at me. "You're weird." she announced.

I leaned over and whispered in her ear, "I may be weird, but at least I
remembered my underwear." Miranda looked down at her lap where her short
jean shirt had ridden up to reveal the bottom of her pussy. She jumped
down, turning red and pulling at her skirt. She ran back to the sofa.

"Bobby, can I see you for a minute?"

Bobby looked at Carrie, swallowed hard and walked over. I reached up
and grabbed his head in an armlock. "You know Bobby..." I said in a low
voice, "If you don't treat the girls nice, I'll rip off your head and shove
it up your ass." I was smiling as I said it.

"It won't fit." Bobby said with a good bit of bluster."

"Want to bet?" I asked, and tightened my hold on his neck. Bobby
managed to shake his head and I released him.

The kids all retreated to the sofa and I figured it would be a good time
to catch up on my letters, so I swung around to the computer and opened up
my address book to see who I hadn't written recently.

I was halfway through a letter to Jerry, he'd been my best friend in
high school and we hadn't seen each other since, but we kept in touch with
both snailmail and e-mail letters. I had an idea. I checked the internet
and the event I remembered was there.

"Carrie, fetch me a phone and be quick about it." I bellowed. "Miranda,
three Oreos and make sure they're double stuff. Bobby, get me a beer."
Behind me I heard scurrying feet. A few seconds later Carrie handed me the
phone and Miranda, at arm's length, a small plate with three Oreos. I took
both and the girls retreated.

Bobby came up and stood, almost trembling, "You don't have any beer,
just root beer."

I leaned forward until my nose was an inch from his, "Then don't you
think you should put some in a glass with ice before I do something
drastic." I said in the coldest voice I could muster. Bobby ran to the
kitchen, but I think he'd seen past my mean act.

I set down the plate and popped a cookie into my mouth as I looked for
the piece of paper I wanted. Naturally it was on the bottom of the pile of
paperwork that Jenny had worked on this morning. By the time I'd found it,
Bobby was back with my root beer.

Bobby stood in front of me and took a sip of my drink. "I believe it's
cold enough for you. Will that be all m'lord?" he asked with an
exaggerated flourish and bow.

Twirling my finger, I indicated I wanted him to turn around. "Bend
over." I commanded and he did, sticking his rear end in my direction. I
gave him a soft swat, "For impertinence." I told him. He'd definitely seen
past the mean act. I turned back to the computer to hide my smile.

I sipped my drink and looked at the paper for the phone number, then I
dialed. A girl answered.

"Hello, Jenny?" I asked. In the reflection of the computer monitor I
could see Carrie perk up, she probably thought I was talking to her sister
during her time.


"This is Paul, Jenny's ersatz uncle."

"Yes?" she said with some obvious confusion. Carrie had slumped back
down on the sofa when she realized that it wasn't her sister.

"I just found out that the Chabot Center in Oakland has a special show
on curved space-time and black holes, and I thought I'd enjoy it more if I
had a physicist there to help explain it." I said.

"Are you asking me on a date?"


"To a black hole?"


"Well, at least it's original."

"I have a slumber party tonight and another tomorrow, But on Friday, I
thought we could park Debbie with Linda, after all she owes me."

"If you're doing three slumber parties in three nights, I'd say she owes
you big. But Debbie has a date."

"She's to young to date." I said without thinking. Or remembering what
I'd been doing with her best friend that morning.

"I agree. But I started dating when I was twelve. So I don't have much

"Well if Debbie is taken care of, What about Oakland? I think you
should know, that if you say no, Jenny will be forced to find a new best

"Well, I can't be responsible for that." she said with a laugh. "It's a

"I think you should know, that I'm a virgin." I said and waited a beat
for my statement to sink in. "I was going to take physics in high school,
but it interfered with naptime."

"I'll be gentile." she assured me. We made arrangements to meet and
said goodbye. I felt pretty good. I hadn't dated for several weeks and I
had a feeling that Jenny could be a lot of fun. I was certainly glad that
I'd had the girls all write their phone numbers down last night. While I'd
talked I'd transferred the information on Jenny, Mona and Katie to my
address book. I made a mental note to get phone numbers from Bobby and
Miranda and swung around to see what the kids were up to.

The three of them were standing in a semi circle a foot behind me. As I
swung out, they all sing-songed "Paul and Jenny, sitting in a tree,

I growled and reached for them. Bobby and Carrie scampered away, but I
caught Miranda and hauled her to my lap. "I'm not afraid of you." she
announced with a grin and I set her down.

"I'm not afraid of you either." I said and kissed her on her nose.

"You're weird." she said with another giggle.

"You said that before." I answered and then lowered my voice, "And
you're the one not wearing underpants.

She blushed. "So?"

"Why aren't you wearing your panties? does your mom know?" I whispered
in her ear.

She darkened further and whispered back in my ear, "Bobby likes to peek,
and please don't tell my mother."

"I won't." I told her and then whispered, "What else does Bobby like to

She got even darker which I would have thought was impossible, and
whispered back, "Sometimes he tries to touch me down there." she widened
her legs and pointed and I had a real good view of her young pussy. She'd
already grown a nice triangle of black hairs above her slit.

"Do you let him?" I asked quietly.

"Sometimes." she admitted and giggled again.

Bobby is a lucky boy, I thought as I looked down at her pussy.

Just then I heard him say from behind me, "Quick Lizzie, we have to
rescue Miranda." He attacked and wrapped his arms around mine while Miranda
jumped off my lap. Unfortunately for him, I was a little stronger and I
managed to get loose and grab him. A few seconds later he had taken
Miranda's place on my lap and I had his arms pinned. Miranda and Carrie
laughed from behind the sofa.

"Ah grasshopper," I said in my best David Carradine impression as he
struggled. And to be honest, my impression wasn't very good so he probably
wouldn't have recognized it even if he knew who David Carradine and Kwai
Chang Caine were. "The best laid plans..." I added and laughed a passable
mad scientist laugh.

He struggled a few more minutes and then relaxed.

"So why did you call Carrie, Lizzie?"

Now it was Bobby's turn to blush. "Well, we kind of think of ourselves
as a young Lizzie McGuire group. Two girls and a guy and Miranda even
looks like Miranda. I realized that he was right. Miranda looked a lot
like the Miranda character on the show, that was why she seemed familiar.

"So that makes Carrie Lizzie?"

"Except I've got two dorky sisters instead of one dorky brother." Carrie
yelled from behind the safety of the sofa.

"So that makes you Gordo?"

"Except he's not as smart." Carrie yelled.

"Is Miranda ticklish?" I whispered and Bobby nodded. "When I let go, we
get them. You go left and I'll go right. Grab whichever one you can."

I let go and Bobby jumped down quickly and went around the right of the
sofa. I shrugged and went around the left. The girls screamed, but didn't
move fast enough and a few seconds later I was sitting on Miranda's legs,
tickling her ribs and Bobby had Carrie in the same predicament. He was
laughing as much as she was.

After a couple of minutes we stopped and just sat on top of them,
pinning their arms. "You went left." he accused me.

"That was because you went right." I defended myself.

"What do we do with them now." he asked.

I had a few ideas about that as my cock twitched in my jeans, but I
said, "We could tie them up, leave them here, and eat all the food."

Bobby thought about that, "Do we have to let them loose someday?"

"Someday." I agreed.

"Then it's not a good idea, Carrie's big on revenge." Carrie glared up
at him.

I looked down at Miranda, "If I let you up, are you going to try
anything?" Miranda shook her head. "Can I trust her?" I asked Bobby.

"Yep." Miranda never lies. He said.

I let go of her wrists and then swung my leg over her and let her up.

"What about her?" Bobby asked.

"Can you trust her?"

"No." Bobby, Miranda, and Carrie answered in unison.

"What should I do?" he asked.

"Not my problem." I said as I sat on the sofa and swung Miranda onto my

"If I let you up, are you going to hurt me?"

Carrie smiled and said, "Yes." sweetly.

Bobby thought about it, "A lot?"

"Yes." she answered just as sweetly.

"Is it going to leave marks?"

"Oh, yes." she said enthusiastically.

Bobby looked doubtful.

I watched the scene for another minute, then decided to intervene.
"Bobby when I say now, let her go and move away. Carrie when Bobby lets
go, you WILL come here. Now!"

Bobby let go of her wrists and rolled quickly off of her. Carrie glared
at him but got to her feet and came over to Miranda and me. I pulled her
head down and whispered a suggestion in her ear, she stood up and thought
about it for a minute while she glared at Bobby who stood behind the arm of
the sofa. Then she nodded.

"Bobby, Carrie has decided to forgive you if you tell her you're sorry
and kiss each of her toes." Bobby came cautiously around the end of the
sofa and stood in front of the red headed girl.

"I'm sorry." he said and dropped to his knees in front of her. Miranda
was sitting across my lap but Carrie sat on the end of my knee and lifted
her foot for Bobby to take off her shoe and sock. Then he kissed each of
her toes. Then he did the same with the other foot.

When he stood up, he held out his hand to her, "Friends again?" Carrie
reached out and pulled him into a tight hug. As she did, one of his hands
settled on her butt, then he saw me watching and moved it to the small of
her back. When she let go, he looked at me, "But it was your idea." carrie
spun around and glared at me.

"What the hell." I said, "Give me your foot." Carrie sat down on the
sofa and extended her foot to me. I took her foot and kissed each of her
toes, then her heel. As I finished, "Friends?"

"Always." she said, and she and Miranda started giggling.

I moved over to my chair and started to read, but Miranda and Carrie
started talking some girl talk which left Bobby out. So I took pity on him
and called him over. He surprised me by plopping down on my lap. We
started talking and I discovered that he was into baseball which was my
favorite sport. He told me he was a third baseman and that he was pretty
good, but his hitting sucked and I told him that we could work on it
sometime. He thought that was great, he lived with only his mom and she
didn't know anything about sports.

The more I thought about it, the better the idea seemed. I'd always
loved baseball and I hadn't played since I got out of collage almost four
years ago. Getting involved with the local little league could be a lot of
fun. It was too late in the summer now, but maybe next year I could take a
team of young studs and shoot for Williamsport. I'd been pretty decent in
my day and I had a lot that I could teach these kids. All district three
years in a row in high school and all state my senior year. And I started
for Stanford, three years out of four. I must have been doing something

Bobby told me that he had a big game on Saturday and immediately wanted
to know when we would work on his hitting. I told him that was a problem
since he was going to the zoo tomorrow and I had plans for Friday. That
meant we couldn't do it until next week. Bobby pouted and then hopped off
my lap.

I grinned, remembering the impatience of youth when a couple of days
could be a lifetime. I got up and walked over to the girls who were
sitting in a corner talking in low voices. They sat indian fashion, which
may be politically incorrect to say, but I don't know how else to describe
it. That's what we always called it growing up.

"Ladies, can I get you something to drink?" I asked when they noticed
me. Miranda wanted coke and Carrie chose root beer. As I walked to the
kitchen to fill their orders, one of them called out for chips too.

I filled the glasses with ice and then the desired beverages, making
sure I remembered which was which and delivered them along with a bag of
Fritos. As I walked up, Carrie was saying something about a bulge in some
boy's pants, but they both got quiet as they saw me.

As I walked back to my chair, I noticed Bobby standing there waiting for
me with the phone in his hand. "Mom says I can skip the zoo if I want to,
and work out with you. That's if it's okay with you."

When I was thinking about the impatience of youth, I forgot the
resourcefulness. I thought about it. I really should do some work
tomorrow, but I was my own boss, and I didn't have anything really
pressing. Besides, it would be fun. "Sure, why not." I told him.

"He says okay, mom." Bobby said into the phone. "She wants to know how
long you want me, and that I shouldn't take up your whole day." I told me
after listening to the receiver for a minute.

"Here." I said and indicated the phone. "Hi Kellie, it's Paul."

"Paul, this is awfully nice of you. And for someone you just met."

"Well, so far, he's a good kid, and I really love baseball. I played in
high school and collage."

"You must have been pretty good." she said. Was she buttering me up?

"I thought so. Major League scouts didn't." I'd actually been scouted
twice that I knew of, but nothing ever came of it.

"How long did you want him for?" Kellie asked as I sat back down in my
chair. Bobby immediately settled himself on my lap.

"I was thinking till about four." Bobby grinned and gave me a thumbs up.
I figured that gave me time for Jenny and Diana to come over for their
baths and still get ready for Diana's slumber session tomorrow night.

"That's way too long. You've got better things to do." she argued.

"Not really." I told her, "And besides, I'll have more fun than he

"Well, if you're sure."

"I'm good if you're good." "That's wonderful. You're just too good to
be true."

"Oh, I'll get mine in the end." I chuckled. "I'll make him mow my grass
or something. And I've got a lot of grass."

"Great. A little work will be good for him. So I'll see you about

"Unless I decide to keep him." I said with a grin.

"Most days, all you have to do is make an offer. Anything over a buck
and he's yours." "If he's any good tomorrow," I said putting my hand on his
hip, "I may offer five and take him."

"Let's see if you make it through the night first." she said and then
said her goodbyes.

"So tomorrow..." I told him and slid me hand to his butt, "We'll hit the
field about ten, right after the girls leave, and see if we can't teach you
to hit."

"Cool!" He either didn't notice or didn't mind my hand on his butt. He
had a very tight firm ass under his jeans. I"d been bi-sexual in junior
high and high school, though I'd kind of fallen out of practice in collage
and after. The guys there just hadn't moved me. Bobby was moving me. My
cock twitched under his leg. I'd been hard since seeing Miranda's pussy.

Should I invite some of my friends to practice with us?" he asked as I
moved my hand right along the crack of his ass. Yes, I thought, if they're
as pretty as you.

"Why don't we hold off." I said after a few seconds thought. "We'll
start out with just the two of us and see how it goes. Maybe call some of
your friends in the afternoon."

"Can you come to the game on Saturday. It's at eight."

"I don't see why not." unless Carrie and her sisters try to sneak
another slumber party in on me.

Chapter 11 "It's my party..."

Bobby and I decided to challenge the girls to monopoly, but they wanted
to play risk. A few minutes later, Miranda was handing out armies as we
sat around the risk board. I'm not sure how they broke the two to two tie,
oh yes I am, they're cute when they pout.

A few bad rolls of the dice and an impulsive decision to try and take
over Western Australia and I was out of the game watching. So I cooked and
served a frozen pizza, and kibitzed. Not that anyone was taking my advice
since I'd gotten knocked out so early.

Another pizza and a bag of Doritos later, Bobby was out too and Carrie
and Miranda were slugging it out head to head. Bobby came over and sat
down on my leg as if it was the most natural thing in the world. "Better
luck next time." I told him as I patted his butt and then let my hand
settle there as we watched the girls battle it out.

Almost an our later, Miranda came over and sat on the other leg. "She's
being mean to me." she complained.

It was true, Miranda was down to three armies and one country.

"Roll the dice!" Carrie ordered the other girl as she mounted her final

I whispered in Miranda's ear and she giggled, then I whispered in
Bobby's and he grinned. "All in favor, say aye." I said out loud and both
responded with strong `ayes'. "Opposed same sign." silence. "Motion

"What was that all about?" Carrie asked.

"Nothing." Miranda said as she wiggled off my leg and returned to her
place. "Lets roll."

The end was short, but not sweet as Carrie conquered the world. I set
Bobby off my lap and the two of us walked around Carrie and stood behind
her. Miranda got up and came around on Carrie's other side.

"What's going on?" Carrie asked with just a hint of nervousness.

"We decided that the winner deserved a prize." I told her as I put my
hand on her shoulder.

"What?" she demanded, suspicious and intrigued at the same time.

"How did I put that?"

"You said," Miranda told me with an evil grin, "Tickle her till she pees
her pants."

"Oh yeah." I agreed.

Carrie tried to scramble out of her chair but I grabbed her and lifted
her backwards. The chair fell away and I carried her to an empty spot on
the living room carpet. I laid her down and held her on the ground.

"Miranda you hold her right arm and get her stomach." I commanded.
Miranda grabbed her arm and sat on it and started tickling Carrie's stomach
with both hands.

"Bobby, you get her other arm and go to work on her ribs." Bobby
grinned, grabbed Carrie's left arm and sat on it like Miranda had done,
then started tickling Carrie's ribs.

I got down between Carrie's legs and held them down and apart with my
own legs while I started tickling Carrie's sensitive inner thighs.

Carrie was laughing hysterically and making vague incoherent threats
about getting people and never speaking as the three of us worked on her.
Miranda moved her t-shirt up her stomach until it was just below her
breasts. And I noticed that Bobby would occasionally move a little higher
than her rib cage and tickle her tits. I couldn't complain because
occasionally I'd sneak a tickle on her crotch.

We must have tickled the struggling young girl for five minutes until
she was fighting for breathe and I was afraid that she would pee her pants.
"Carrie, we're going to let you up now. Truce." I nodded to my two
co-conspirators and they ley go and jumped back. As I started to get to my
feet, Carrie launched herself at me.

I fell back against the sofa with the tiger in my arms. After a wild
struggle I finished with one arm pinning her chest, my hand cupping her
breast under her shirt and the other hand pinning both her hands in her
lap. Bobby was obviously turned on by the sight and turned slightly to hide
his tented out jeans. I hadn't planned to grab her tit. When she attacked
her shirt was still up above her stomach and it just kind of happened. At
least her shirt had slid down enough to cover my hand and her breast.
Carrie struggled for another couple of minutes, then relaxed and caught her
breath. "If you let go now, I'll be good." she said in a very reasonable
tone of voice.

"How good?" I asked, "Are you going to cause anyone pain?"

"No." she said simply.

I looked at Miranda and Bobby and they nodded, though not very

I let go of her tit and hands and pulled my hands away. She sat for a
few seconds and then calmly stood up. She walked into the dining room and
set her chair up and started putting away the game. I wondered if we'd
gone too far.

Miranda came over and sat on my leg. "She scares me when she gets all
quiet like this." she whispered.

Bobby settled himself on the other leg. "Me too." he agreed. We
watched together as she packed everything back in the box and closed the
lid. Then she came and sat down in front of us and looked at the TV,
ignoring us. I knew that she didn't care about the TV, it was tuned to
CNN, and right now they were talking about new farm programs in Russia. I
figured the only way to get through to her now was to get her attention on
somebody else. And I had the perfect candidate. I leaned back against the
sofa and put my hands on Bobby and Miranda's chests and pulled them with
me, so that they were laying back against me. I left my hands on their
chests, Bobby's smooth one and Miranda's bumpy one. Nether complained.

After a few seconds of relaxation, "Bobby, are you part indian?" I

"No. Why?" he answered startled.

"Because that's a pretty good teepee you've got there." I said and
pointed at his crotch. Miranda giggled.

Bobby tried to sit up and cover himself, but I put my hand back on his
chest and held him down.

"Does that show up often?" I asked.

"All the time." Miranda answered between fits of giggling as Bobby
turned redder. I saw Carrie turn slightly so that she could see out of the
corner of her eye.

"I'm not sure your jeans can take it, they may rip." I added, and Bobby
deepened a shade. Miranda was laughing so hard that she fell off my leg,
rolled off the sofa and onto the floor. A quick glance showed that Carrie
was smiling.

I let go of his chest and reached down and flicked the tip of his
tentpole. "You could put somebodies eye out with that." I said and Bobby
darkened another notch. Carrie was completely turned toward us and
grinning at Bobby's discomfort. Miranda was rolling on the floor holding
her sides.

I put the tip of my finger on the top of his tent and held it there.
"Did you get so hard just tickling Carrie?" I asked and now it was Carrie's
turn to blush, but she still grinned. "Or was it when you felt her up?" I

"You little perv." Carrie accused as she stood and came and stood over
us. "You felt me up when I was helpless?" Bobby tried to look innocent but
it didn't work. "Did my titties get you all turned on?" Bobby nodded

"Good." she said, surprising both of us, then she grabbed the bottom of
her t-shirt and flipped it up, flashing her tits at both of us. Steve
Taggert told my big sister that if one of those gets hard enough it can
kill you."

Carrie grabbed Miranda's hand and pulled her to her feet and then pulled
the other girl toward the bedroom, muttering something about boys.

Bobby looked at me and laughed. I smiled back. "Nice teepee you have
there Paul." He said and pointed toward my crotch. My finger was still on
the tip of his cock so he put his finger on the tip of mine. It felt nice.

"Yeah." I agreed, not pointing out that I'd had it for awhile and that a
good part of it was from him and his cute little ass. "Come on." I said
and pushed him off my lap and stood up. I led him up the stairs to my
bedroom. As soon as we were in, I closed the door and dropped onto the
bed. I stood him in front of me and unfastened his jeans and unzipped the
fly, then with a quick jerk I pulled jeans and underwear down his legs.
His erection, four and a half to five inches stared me in the face.

I wanted to try and swallow it, but I didn't want to scare him, so I
pushed him down on the bed beside me. Then I pushed my own shorts and
underwear off and lay back and started jacking off. Bobby watched open
mouthed for a few seconds and then started taking care of his own problem.
It took four strokes for a little geyser to erupt from the head of his
cock. I know, I watched and counted. He jerked at his softening cock until
the last spurt came out, then grinned at me while I still pulled on mine.

"Is it true that a hard-on can kill you?" he asked and leaned down to
watch my cock, getting so close that I could feel his warm breath.

"No." I said as his breathe brought me a little closer to the edge.
"But if you have one for a long time, and can't do anything about it, you
may want to die."

As my hand slid down my shaft to the base, he reached out and put the
tip of his finger on the head and that was all she wrote. The first jet of
cum shot several inches in the air and landed on my stomach, some of it
smearing his finger. He pulled away as a second spurt erupted and landed
on my leg. I squeezed and slowly milked every drop from my shaft.

When I finished, I looked at Bobby. "I needed that." I told him.

"Me too." he agreed.

"Stay there." I ordered, got up, and went to the bathroom for towels. I
cleaned myself up and then went back into the bedroom with a towel for
Bobby. I wiped up the cum that had splattered his stomach and legs, then,
with the towel I wiped off his tiny shrunken cock. He shivered while I

We got dressed and went back downstairs. The girls weren't back from
their conference yet so I sat in my recliner and Bobby made himself
comfortable on my lap and we watched a Kim Possible cartoon on the Disney

The girls came out a few minutes later and for a while we sat around and
talked. Mostly they talked about Miss. Kelley. A substitute who had
taught math and that nobody liked. Apparently she was mean and stupid, but
it was hard to get specifics.

"And she's a lesbian." Miranda said as if it was the final argument."
"And that's bad?" I asked.

"Well, dah." Carrie said.


"Cause she's a lesbian, a dyke." Carrie said.

"Dyke is just another name for lesbian, it doesn't explain anything.
And it's usually used a bad thing like calling a black person a nigger.
Not a nice word to use. But you haven't explained why it's so bad that
Miss Kelley is a lesbian, if she is."

"She likes girls." Bobby said.

"So do you." I told him.

"That's different I'm a boy."

"She molests kids." Carrie charged. I almost reminded her about what
we'd done earlier in the day.

"And you know this because she's hit on you?

"Well, no." Carrie admitted.

"Then she's hit on you." I asked Miranda and she shook her head. "Your
friends. She's come on to some of your friends and they told you?"

"No." Carrie admitted. "But everybody knows she does."

"Try not to believe what everybody knows too quickly. Rumors are easy
to start."

"But..." Carrie and Miranda said together.

"But nothing. Who's another cute guy at school?"

Carrie and Miranda looked at each other, smiled and said in unison,
"Tommy Sanderson."

"Okay, first day of school I could start a rumor and by lunch, everyone
would know that Tommy and Bobby are lovers."

"But we don't..." Bobby stuttered.

"They do hang out a lot." Carrie said with a mean smile. "But, I

"Bobby, truth is unimportant. Everyone would just know. Bobby was beet
red and the girls were both enjoying his discomfort. "Of course, at the
same time, I could start a rumor about Miranda and Carrie. Would long do
you think it would take before everyone knows you're both dykes." I asked
with a grin.

"You wouldn't dare." Carrie said in a threatening voice.

"Not the point. Everyone would know."

"So you're saying that Miss Kelley isn't a dyke, a lesbian." Miranda

"Don't know. She might be. She might even like little girls. My point
is that what everyone knows, especially around a schoolyard isn't always
true. When I was your age, everyone knew I was fucking Taylor Benedict." I
was watching Miranda as I said it to see how she reacted to my using the
f-word, she didn't even blink.

"And you weren't?"

"Couldn't stand the bitch. But there were a couple of others I was
fucking and that not EVERYBODY knew about."

The kids were quiet for a long time. I wondered if maybe I had actually
taught them something.

"Jenny said that they got to go in the hot tub last night. Can we?"
Carrie asked.

"Did you bring swimsuits?"

"No. But Jenny said they skinny dipped."

"They were also five girls, no boys." I answered patting Bobby on the

"You were here." Carrie accused, with a sly smile.

"And I stayed in here and read a book." I informed her. From the look
on her face, she didn't quite believe me. Carrie pouted.

"Go ahead." I told the girls and they jumped up and ran for the deck.

"But..." Bobby started to complain.

"Shush." I told him. I slid my arms underneath him and stood up. Then
I shifted him until he was laying over my shoulder like the proverbial sack
of potatoes. I walked to the stereo and turned it on, adjusting the
outdoor speakers, then I carried him to the bathroom and set him on the
floor. "Strip." I commanded.

Bobby looked confused, but quickly pulled off his t-shirt, jeans and
underwear. While he was doing that I stripped myself, taking off shorts,
underwear and shirt, then putting the shorts only back on. I rummaged
through the closet and found what I was looking for and gave them to Bobby.
"Put these on." I ordered.

"But they're..."

"They're Jenny's bikini panties, the closest thing I have to a Speedo
for you."


"Just do it." I told him in a tone that brooked no argument. He stepped
into the pink panties and pulled them up. They were actually a pretty good

"Almost perfect." I told him, and sat down on the toilet seat. I pulled
him toward me and skinned the panties down to his thighs, then I sat him on
my lap. "We need to get that thing hard, think about playing with Carrie's
titties. Bobby smiled and I think his cock twitched a little. I reached
between his legs and picked it up, rubbing it between thumb and forefinger.
"Think about the time that Carrie let you touch her bare pussy." Bobby
blushed, startled that I knew. "Think about the time you felt up Miranda's
bare pussy." This time Bobby didn't blush, but I felt his cock start to
grow under my fingers. As it grew I started rubbing up and down the shaft,
playing with the sensitive skin under the head and teasing his pisshole. A
few seconds later, he had a pretty impressive erection.

"That's better." I said as I stood him up and pulled the panties up. I
adjusted him so that his cock was vertical against his pelvis. The tight
pink panties outlined the shape of his cock and balls perfectly.

"What about you?" he asked.

"That's taken care of." I said and stood up. I turned sideways so that
he had a good view of my tented out shorts. "Shall we join the girls?" I
asked and Bobby grinned. We walked sedately to the deck. I know it was a
struggle for me not to run, I don't know how Bobby did it.

Just before we stepped on the deck, I yelled, "Here we come."

Miranda shrieked and Carrie complained, "But we're naked." and both
girls covered their breasts.

"No big deal." I said. "You've already shown Bobby your pussy a few
times. Carrie turned beet red. "So has Miranda." I added for good
measure. Carrie snapped toward Miranda and the two girls glared at each
other for a few seconds, then giggled and hugged. Watching those naked ten
year old nipples rub against each other would have gotten the pope hard.
Whoops, bad example considering the stories coming out of the Catholic
church these days. Would have gotten a bronze statue hard.

As we climbed the steps to the hot tub, Miranda exclaimed, "He's wearing

"Today they're speedo." I told her.

"They're Jenny's." Carrie added.

"Today they're speedo." I repeated. "This is a proper slumber party.
We can't have a naked boy climbing into a hot tub with a couple of girls."

"Especially naked girls." Carrie added.

"Especially." I agreed.

As we climbed into the tub, I caught both girls staring at our crotches.
I waited until Bobby had gotten in to the waist then said, "Oh Bobby, would
you go back to the bathroom and get several towels." Bobby looked
disgusted, but I didn't mind. I had a plan. As he got out, the water had
made the thin cotton panties cling to his cock even more, giving the girls
an even better view.

I sat down on one of the benches, Bobby came back a minute later and
deposited the towels on a picnic table in the center of the deck before
climbing back in. I watched the girls staring again. Then I motioned
Bobby over. The swirling water covered him from the waist down. I reached
out to his hips and found the top of the panties and pulled them down to
his knees. Bobby grinned and stepped out of them.

I lifted the sopping wet panties out of the water on the tip of my
finger. I swirled them around several times and then let them fly over
Carrie's head and land on the deck. I smiled at the girls, "He looked
uncomfortable." I explained.

"What about you?" Miranda asked with a grin.

"I'm fine, thank you." I said.

"I don't think so." Carrie said and walked over and stood in front of
me. She reached down into the water, grabbed the top of my shorts and
pulled down. I protested while lifting my butt to make it easier for her.
I lifted my legs straight out from the seat so she could get them off.

She held up the wet dripping shorts in front of my face "Ha!" she said
and threw them over on top of Jenny's panties. I grinned and pulled her
down on one leg, then I motioned for Miranda to join her. The young girl
grinned and moved across the hot tub and sat on my other leg. Under the
frothy water my hand settled immediately on Carrie's pussy and the other
hand on Miranda's thigh a couple of inches from the promised land. Bobby
sat down opposite of us. "I thought you only liked Bobby sitting on your
lap." Carrie teased.

"That's true." I agreed. "We could switch." Nether girl made any motion
to leave. "Comfortable?" I asked.

"Yes, except for this hard thing rubbing against my leg." Carrie teased
and Miranda blushed. Beneath the water I felt a hand close on the `hard

"Apparently you both like to show Bobby your cute little pussies." I
said, "And let him touch them." As I talked, I moved my hand up Miranda's
leg, when she didn't complain, I let it settle on her pussy mound.

"He's our friend. We like to make him happy." Carrie explained, and
made me happy by rubbing her hand up and down my shaft..

"Do you think Lizzie and Miranda on the show, make Gordo happy?"

Carrie thought about it and nodded.

"What do you think they do besides letting him feel them up?" I asked.

"Probably give him a hand job at least once a day."

I motioned Bobby over, he came and stood in front of us. I took my hand
off of Carrie's pussy and reached out to him. I grabbed his cock and
lifted it up, only the tip showed above the top of the water, but it was
obviously very hard. "What about your Gordo?" I asked.

Carrie reached out and rubbed the tip of her finger over the top of his
cock. Bobby shuddered and for a second, I thought he was going to sink
into the water. Hell, maybe I'd have to give him mouth to mouth. Then
Carrie wrapped her hand around his cock, I let go and put my hand back on
and then a finger into her pussy. Nothing was visible above the water, but
from the movement of her arm and shoulder, it was obvious that Carrie was
giving Bobby a hand job. An equally obvious that he was enjoying the hell
out of it.

I felt another hand on my cock and realized that it was Miranda's. She
seemed surprised to realize that there was a hand already there, and in a
second realized that it was Carrie's. They looked at each other across me
and Carrie grinned and took her hand off my cock. Miranda smiled and
wrapped her fist around the head. I realized that she didn't have a clue
what to do next, but just enjoyed having her touch me. I took that as an
invitation and gently pried her outer pussy lips apart and ran my finger
along her inner lips. She shivered and leaned against me, squeezing my
cock even tighter.

I leaned to the left and kissed her erect nipple. In front of me, I
heard a strangled, "Oh god." and from the corner of my eye, I saw Bobby
sink to his knees until only his head was out of the water. It was tilted
to the sky and his eyes were closed.

I pushed my finger into Miranda's pussy and I felt her shudder into an
orgasm. With my other hand I started teasing at Carrie's clit. As I did,
I felt her hand close on Miranda's and start to manipulate the other girl
into rubbing me up and down. I felt my own orgasm building toward a climax
and started really working at Carrie's clit, a second later we both came

We sat there like that for a long time. Me hugging the two girls,
occasionally kissing their four little nipples. Bobby kneeling in the
center of the tub, grinning like an idiot.

Chapter 12 "I don't Like to Sleep Alone"

About twenty minutes later I managed to get everyone out of the hot tub.
We dried each other off and padded into the house, still naked.

After we'd come in, I saw it was a little after midnight and announced
it was time for bed. I told the girls to bed down in the downstairs room
and that Bobby and I would sleep in my room. It really wasn't that I
wanted Bobby to myself, but despite what had just happened in the hot tub,
maybe because of it, I didn't think that he should sleep in the same room
as the girls.

We said goodnight and Bobby and I headed up the stairs. In my bedroom I
plopped down on the bed without bothering to turn on the light. I was
exhausted. A second later Bobby plopped down next to me. We lay on the
bed, inches from each other for a long time and just talked.

`The time has come the Walrus Said, To talk of many things...' and we
did. We talked about baseball and school. He liked math and science,
hated art. He told me about the teachers and coaches. We talked a lot
about girls. I got a complete list of which girls were cute and which ones
were hot in the upcoming fifth and sixth grades. And then there were the
girls who were HOT!!, capitalized and with exclamation points. He put
Miranda and Carrie in that category, though I didn't ask if flashing their
cute little pussies at him accidently had been worth bonus points. He also
included Jenny and some girl name Sandra, who I'd never heard of.

While we talked about girls, I noticed that his cock came back to life.
And watching it, though trying not to be too obvious, so did mine. I'd
left the hall light on, so that Bobby could find his way around in the
night if he had to. And the low light and the shadows it created made the
scene that much more erotic. They grew towards each other and for a couple
of minutes, I thought they'd touch, the tips anyway, but the angle wasn't
quite right and they missed by a couple of inches. I thought about
shifting position until they `accidentally brushed, but in the end, decided
not to push it.

"And just what are you two doing." an amused voice interrupted. I
looked and two naked nymphs were silhouetted in the doorway. "Should we
leave you alone?"

"Just talking." I answered. I knew that Bobby would be bright red if I
could see his face. "Aren't you two supposed to be in bed?"

"We got lonely." Carrie said and climbed onto the side of the bed behind
me. Miranda hesitated and climbed up between Carrie and me. "What are you
talking about?"

"A little bit of everything." I said and rolled over until I was facing
Miranda. My hard-on brushed her leg as I did.

"It looked like you were staring deeply into his eyes. I thought maybe
you were going to kiss him." Carrie teased.

"I was planning to, until you two interrupted." I said. Behind me,
Bobby swallowed wrong and started coughing. As he did, his cock brushed
against my ass. I was startled enough that I jerked and my cock brushed
against Miranda's leg again.

Miranda giggled and rolled onto her side facing Carrie. She whispered
something to the other girl who scooted forward to hear her. "Miranda
wants to know, what you were going to do after you kissed him." Now it was
Miranda's turn to choke. Apparently Carrie wasn't supposed to identify the
source of the question.

"Well, I've got this huge erection." To demonstrate, I wiggled forward
and pushed my cock between Miranda's legs. "So I thought I could teach
Bobby how to give really really good blow jobs. But now that you two are

I could hear Miranda's sharp intake of breath. Then I reached one hand
underneath her and the other between her arm and ribs and started kneading
her breasts. Miranda giggled.

"Are you playing with her pussy?" Carrie accused.

"No, ma'am." I said, thought that wasn't completely true with my cock
nestled between her legs, pressing against the underside of her cunt.
Apparently Carrie didn't believe me, because a few seconds later, I felt
fingers feeling around Miranda's legs and pussy and closing on the head of
my cock.

Then Carrie scooted forward until her nipples were pressed into the
backs of my hands and her pussy was pressed against the head of my cock.
She pressed a little more and the head of my cock popped into her pussy. I
couldn't believe how easy it was. The two girls lay pressed together,
pussy against pussy.

"That feels good." Carrie sighed. Miranda just moaned. "What's going
on?" Bobby wanted to know. He had scooted forward and was up on one elbow
trying to see over my body.

"Let's see, Carrie has her pussy pressed against Miranda's while the
head of my cock is buried in it. She can't get anymore of my cock because
Miranda's legs are wrapped around it. I'm playing with Miranda's tits and
Carrie's tits are rubbing against my hands." I summarized. "Oh and one
more thing, your cock is trying to bury itself in my ass." I added. His
cock had pushed between my cheeks and was pressed against my asshole.

Behind me, I could feel Bobby drop off his elbow but he didn't remove
his cock. In fact at that moment, his cock flooded my crack with about a
pint of his baby juice. I was nice and didn't mention that to the girls.

"This is very relaxing." Carrie said.

"For some of us." I told her. I felt like I'd never been more excited
in my life. I wanted to fuck Carrie so bad, but I didn't want to move.
I'd never really liked things up my butt, a kind of `better to give than to
receive' sort of thing, but I would have loved for Bobby to shove his cock
in all the way to the root. I wanted to reach back and help him, but I
also didn't to scare him. He was probably already embarrassed about
cumming between my cheeks.

Mostly I didn't want to break the mood.

So I fell asleep. We all did.

I woke at six ten on the dot. My cock was still hard and still nestled
between Miranda's legs and Carrie's pussy lips. I wondered if it had been
hard all night. Can a cock stay hard for almost six hours? While
someone's sleeping? Or did it go down and then grow back in the same

I could feel Bobby's hard cock still pressing against my asshole. I
knew it had gone soft last night, so this was a new morning wood. My
sphincter muscle seemed almost relaxed, so I pushed my ass backward at
Bobby's pelvis and felt the head of his cock push into my rectum. As I did
that, my own cock head had popped out of Carrie's pussy, so I pushed it
back in.

I would have liked to stay like that until the kids woke on their own,
but I knew from years and years of experience that my bladder would wake up
in a few minutes, and when it woke, it wanted attention and wanted it now.

I grinned evilly and reached back and put my hand on Bobby's hip and
shook him gently, looking over my shoulder at him. "Bobby, wake up." he
groaned. "Wake up." I whispered again.

"What?" he mumbled. "Would you mind taking your cock out of my ass? I
need to get up."

"My cock?" he repeated.

"Yeah, out of my asshole." I urged.

Bobby turned beet red and quickly pulled out and rolled as far away from
me as he could without falling out of bed. "I didn't...I wouldn't..." he

"Shushhh." I told him and looked back at the girls. Nether had stirred.
Reluctantly I withdrew my cock from Carrie's pussy and then from between
Miranda's legs. I rolled over until Bobby and I were inches apart. "Don't
worry about it." I told him, and then crawled over him, my cock brushing,
accidentally I assure you, against his hip as I did.

I had just finished and was shaking my now half flaccid cock when Bobby
walked into the bathroom. It had been a battle of wills between my bladder
and my erection, but finally my bladder won. I shook my cock one more
time, I remember one of my gym teachers saying that shaking it more than
three times was playing with yourself, and turned to Bobby.

"I just wanted... I mean... I wanted you o know that I'm not...

"A fag, queer, gay, a homo?" I supplied.

"Yeah." he said barely above a whisper.

I sat on the toilet and motioned him over. He came and sat across my
lap. His cock was still hard and I wrapped my hand around it and gently
stroked a couple of times. "There are those who would say that I am." I
told him. I stopped stroking and just held him. "Yours was not the first
cock I've had up my ass." Actually it was the fifth, but I wasn't going to
tell him that.

"But, you..." he couldn't seem to find words and waved his arm in the
direction of the sleeping girls.

"I like girls. Hell, I love girls. But I like boys too. Just for
something different, now and then. They call it bi or bi-sexual. Have you
heard of it?"

He nodded, but didn't seem convinced. I squeezed him a couple of times
and started stroking again, on the up stroke I rub my thumb across his

"So am I bi, or just gaaaaay?" The question got stuck as he had his
first morning cum.

"Nether." I said as I milked his dwindling cock. "You're just eleven
and horny. My ass was an accident."

"Should I be bi?" he asked with a sigh.

"Depends?" I told him. "I know you get turned on by girls, I saw your
cock growing last night when we talked about the girls in your school, so I
know you're not gay. Every get turned on by another guy?"

"Uh, sort of."

"Well, that could be routine horniness or you could be a little bit bi.
As you get older, you can experiment and figure out just what you are or
what you want."


"For now, let's let the girls sleep. We'll jump in the shower..."

"Together?" he interrupted.

"Together. Then we'll go downstairs and talk. In a couple of hours
we'll make them breakfast in bed and maybe they'll be so grateful they'll
let us lick their pussies>"


"That's the plan." I told him, then let go of his soft little cock and
set him on the ground. I closed the door and started the shower. We got
in and started lathering ourselves up. I had a definite look don't touch
policy at this point, I wanted to give him time to get used to new ideas,
but occasionally we'd brush against each other.

We got out and dried ourselves off. We didn't bother dressing. As we
passed through the bedroom I made sure that Bobby got a good look at the
sleeping girls. They were still pressed pussy to pussy and breast to
breast, but at some point Miranda had thrown her arm over Carrie and their
heads were pressed together at the forehead. I wondered how much the
pictures would be worth at the grade school.

Bobby and I went downstairs and talked for almost two hours. I gave him
a basic autobiography. I told him all about discovering girls when I was
ten and then experimenting with boys a little after that and deciding that
I liked both. I even told him that I stopped messing with boys after a
while. "at least until last night." I added. And Bobby had the courtesy
to blush.

Then we fixed breakfast. French toast again, after all it was my
speciality. We loaded the heaping plates on two trays and carried it up
the stairs. The girls were still sleeping, but had rolled apart and were
sleeping on their backs a few inches apart. We set the trays on the
dresser and I motioned Bobby to go to the go to the girls. With pantomime
I told him to tickle their nipples. The kid grinned and started. Carrie
was an easy reach, but he had to stretch for Miranda. Very gently he
brushed at their nipples with his fingertips. Carrie tried to brush him
away without waking up. Next I had him work on their stomachs with the
same results, so I turned him loose on their cunts. His fingertips brushed
lightly on both girls pelvises then down to their pussies. He stroked
their pussy slits and dam if both girls didn't open their legs wider for
him. Both of us had gone erect again and I kept looking at his tight rear

I motioned him down and he reluctantly obeyed. I whispered in his ear
as I rubbed his butt, "You're going to get up between Carrie's legs." For a
second, I thought the kid was going to cry with happiness. "When I signal
one, you can gently kiss her from her stomach to her pussy." He nodded

"When I signal two, you can rub your cock against her pussy." You know
the phrase, `so happy you could burst', looking at Bobby I wondered just
how much it would cost to clean up the mess if he did. "But I warn you
little buddy, put your cock inside her while she's asleep and I'll rip it
off and stick it in your ear." Bobby went pale but nodded.

"When I signal three, I want you to lick her pussy and drive your tongue
in as deep as it will go." Bobby nodded so hard I was afraid for his neck.

I motioned him to climb up, and while he did, I took position at
Miranda. I motioned one finger at him and together we lowered our heads
toward our targets. First I kissed Miranda's belly button, she was an
outie, so I took a second to tease it with my tongue. Then I gently kissed
my way down to her pussy. I kissed the top of her slit. Then the bottom,
and for luck ran my tongue back up to the top. Then I sat back on my
heels. Bobby was kissing all around Carrie's slit. I tapped him on the hip
and he kept kissing, so I flicked him with my finger and finally got his
attention. He grinned in apology and sat back on his heels. Both girls
slept peacefully, and though it might have been my imagination, both seemed
to be grinning.

I gave Bobby the two signal and leaned forward. Keeping most of my
weight on my knees, I leaned forward and put my hands next to Miranda's rib
cage, then I pushed my hips forward until the tip of my cock touched her
lips. Next to me Bobby was watching and mimicking me with Carrie. I kind
of scrunched down until the length of my shaft was pressed against her
pussy slit and then slowly raised myself dragging my cock across the lips.
I swear they seemed to reach out for it. I watched as Bobby did the same.
I repeated three more times until I wasn't sure I could take any more and I
was sure that Bobby would explode. I signaled him to stop and we both sat
back on our heels. Both of us were breathing heavily as we grinned at each
other. The girls slept on.

I gave him the three sign and lowered my face once more into Miranda's
crotch. I licked her outer lips and then pushed my tongue deep into her
cunt, immediately encountering her clitoris. According to scientists, the
clitoris contains about eight thousand nerve endings, and my tongue must
have gotten every one of them. Miranda grabbed my head with both hands and
pulled me into her while thrusting her hips outward and arching her back
and emitting a loud guttural moan. Supposedly we guys only have about four
thousand nerve endings in our cocks and right then I really envied her
those extra four thousand because I could feel her orgasm with my face. A
few seconds later she released my head and I sat up. Jenny and Bobby were
staring at us. Miranda seemed to be having trouble forming sentences,
"Who...what... how could... I... it... you... Oh God."

I tried to look as innocent as possible, "We were just trying to wake
you for breakfast." I explained. Bobby got up, I noticed that his cock had
dwindled again and there was a large wet spot between Carrie's knees. He
carried over the first tray and handed it to me, then got the second and
set it on Carrie's thighs. He climbed back between her knees, looked at
her, grinned, blushed, looked down at his plate, and started using his fork
to cut a piece of french toast..

I looked up at Miranda. "Good morning. Breakfast is ready."

"I can't believe you did that." she said.

"What? Woke you for breakfast?" I had to, you're going to the zoo in
less than two hours."

"No, that!" she said, nodding toward her crotch.

"You want me to promise that I'll never do it again?"

"No!" she shouted. Then blushed, and looked down at her food and
started eating. I grinned and started on my own plate.

We ate in silence. Every now and then, one of them would start to say
something, but then the others would look up and they'd stop. Me, I
figured that everyone needed time to digest events as well as food and just
let things be.

When we'd finished, I stacked the plates and trays and started to carry
them down to the kitchen while telling the girls to jump in my shower.
Bobby started to make a smart ass crack about together but a look silenced
him and he followed me down.

While I did the dishes, I gave him the facts of life, my version anyway.

"I want you to understand that it's not necessary to go bragging about
any of this in the locker room or anywhere else. Most of the guys who talk
the loudest are getting the least real sex. First it's disrespectful to
the girls, not just Miranda and Carrie but any girls in the future. What's
between you and them, should stay between you and them. Second, if you
talk about it to the guys, they spread it to the other guys, then the next
group of guys, and pretty soon it gets back to the girls. You can lose out
on a lot of good experiences if the girls think you have a big mouth."

"Plus," I added, "If it gets back to the girls, they'll tell me about,
and I won't be happy. I'm not going to make any ridiculous threats about
ripping off your dick, but I won't be happy."

"And you can tell everyone about my dick in your butt." he said.
"You're not listening. What every went on between us, is between us. It's
nobody else's business even if I'm mad. Okay?"

"Okay." he smiled.

The girls came down and I sent the three kids to get dressed. Then
after I'd put them to work cleaning, I headed upstairs and got dressed

Miranda's mom showed up a little before ten. She was surprised that
Bobby had decided not to go to the zoo, until I explained we were going to
play some baseball, then she nodded understandingly.

After they left, I dug my old glove out of a closet and we headed for
the field, stopping only a Bobby's house for a minute for him to pick up
his glove and bat. My plan was to play for a couple of hours then go back
to my house and deflower his cute young ass, but we got so into it, that we
stayed on the field till after five. A few of us friends showed us and
joined in.

I had a lot of fun even if Bobby's ass would have to wait.

[Note: I wish I could report that Bobby hit the game winning home run
that Saturday, but alas, it didn't happen. He had to be happy with two
singles, a double, and a walk, instead of his usual two or three
strike-outs. Damn I'm good.]

Chapter 13 "Thank Heaven for Little Girls"

"Where the hell have you been?" Jenny yelled accusingly after I'd driven
up to my house and gotten out of the car.

"Excuse me?"

"We've been waiting over an hour." she said, waving her hand to include

"I'm sorry I'm late, but I don't think I work for you. In fact the last
time I checked, I was doing you a favor." I said, a bit put out by her

"But we let..." her voice trailed off and she bit her lip. "That is,

"What she means is, she's sorry she yelled." Diana supplied, and pushed
past her sister to me and gave me a hug. "She's got a bit of a temper."
she added, looking up at me.

"I hadn't noticed." I whispered down to her and she giggled, burying her
face in my stomach.

Jenny took a deep breath. "I'm sorry I yelled. Diana's right, I let my
temper get control sometimes, but I'm working on it."

"No problem." I told her. "We all lose it sometimes."

"Mom dropped us off over an hour ago." she explained in an accusing

"Your mom should have checked that I was home first., and you have my
permission to ding her on it, but no yelling. Jenny nodded. "I'd planned
to be home by four, but I wasn't watching the time. Why didn't you go in
the backdoor? I'm pretty sure I didn't lock it."

Jenny looked embarrassed. "We didn't check it." she admitted.
"Besides, we couldn't just walk in your house without permission."

"Consider permission given. You can go in anytime, at least as long as
your intentions are honorable."

"What do you mean by honorable?"

"Well, if you're looking for a place to smoke, drink or do drugs, forget
it. Likewise, if you're looking for a place to have sex with your

"I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs." she protested.

"And hopefully won't start." I added, noticing that she hadn't denied
the sex part. I tried to move but found that Diana was still molded to me.
My keys were still in my hand, so I tossed them to Jenny, who caught them
in the air. "It's the shiny one with the round head." I told her.

While Jenny unlocked the door, I reached down and picked up Diana. She
almost glided into my arms. I cupped my hand under her butt and carried
her into the house.

In the living room, I deposited Diana on the sofa. Then I sat in my
recliner and motioned for Jenny with my forefinger. She walked over,
looking wary. As she approached I reached out and grabbed her wrist and
used it to pull her across my lap. She was wearing a pair of yellow cotton
shorts and I pulled them down quickly. She wasn't wearing any underwear.

"But I apologized." she whimpered as I raised my hand above her ass.

I brought it down with a good smack, but not a lot of force. "I know."
I agreed. "I just wanted to play with your cute little ass." I added as I
released her. She scrambled off my lap and stood just out of range,
glaring at me, her shorts around her knees. Then she giggled. She let the
shorts fall around her ankles and stepped one leg out of them, then used
the other foot to kick them at me. "Perv!" she accused."

I caught the shorts in the air and threw them back, catching her across
the face. "So what else is new?" I answered back.

I noticed that Diana was pouting on the sofa. I motioned her over with
my forefinger, she approached cautiously, wondering if I was going to grab
and spank her too. But as she got close I reached out and lifted her up
setting her on my lap. "What's with the quivering lower lip?" I asked.

She tilted her head and looked up at me through the top of her eyeballs,
not understanding.

"What's wrong?" I said, simplifying the question.

"Don't I get to have a slumber party? Like Carrie and Jenny?"

I thought about it. We hadn't talked about details, but it was only
fair." Of course you do."

"Good, my friends will be here in less than an hour."

"Then we'd better hurry." I told her. "Jenny, you need to take your
bath alone while I take Diana shopping." Now Jenny's lower lip quivered,
but she nodded and started stripping off her shirt. "We'll have to get
your mom to come get you."

She stepped toward the bathroom, then looked back, "I could stay and
help?" she offered.

It was a tempting offer. I could probably use the help with a wild herd
of 8 year olds, and she could sleep in my bed after we got the little ones
bedded down. On her own side of course, all perfectly innocent. You
buying that?

"No, I think you'd better go home." I said, "But I really appreciate the

I took Diana and we jumped in the car and drove to the supermarket just
behind my house. It would have been faster to walk through the woods, but
I didn't know how much stuff we'd be bringing back.

I gave Diana a shopping cart and let her stock up, just like I had her
sisters. I was amazed by the amount of processed sugar going into the
cart, but didn't say anything. If a bunch f eight year olds ate all that,
I might get them asleep by next Tuesday.

We checked out and I added up three days worth of snacks in my head, a
shade over a hundred bucks. If I was going to be friends with this family,
I was going to have to work harder. Or at least faster.

We got back to the house and Jenny was clean and dressed and sitting on
the sofa drying her hair. "Is the leech coming?" she asked as we walked
in, our arms full of grocery bags.

"Jenny" I said sharply. "It's not nice to call one of Diana's

"It's okay." Diana interrupted, "That's what daddy calls her. She's
coming." she added for her sister.

"Why?" I asked, looking down at her.

"You'll find out." Jenny said with a laugh. Almost an evil laugh.

"Why'd you want to know if she's coming?" Diana asked.

"Cause I can get a ride home, dummy."

I went into the kitchen and set down my groceries. Then I came back
into the living room. I put my hands on Jenny's shoulders and bent down
until we were eyeball to eyeball. "I'm pretty sure that dummy is not a pet
name your dad has for your sister."

Jenny dropped her eyes to her lap. "Sorry sis." she mumbled.

I squeezed her shoulders and she looked back up at me, "Maybe a little

She nodded and looked a Diana, "Sorry Diana." she said and sounded
sincere. "You'd better set those bags down quick." she added.

I glanced over and the little girl was sinking fast. I rushed over and
relieved her of her burdens. Then I went back to my recliner and sank
down. I had a feeling that I wouldn't get much rest. "Diana go take a
quick bath or shower before your friends get here." I ordered.

"Are you going to help?" she asked almost shyly.

"Nope. I'm going to stay right here and rest up." I informed her. She
pouted for a couple of seconds, then scampered upstairs. I cringed at the
thought of my bathroom. Jenny came over and plopped down on my lap. After
a minute, she leaned back against me, her head on my chest.

"You're pretty tough on me sometimes." she observed.

"Somebodies got to be."

"You're harder on me than dad. Or mom either."

When she said harder, my mind pictured my hard cock driving into her
pussy, and my cock which I hadn't heard from all afternoon stirred.
"That's because I'm still trying to civilize you. They've given up on
civilization and are just trying to keep you out of jail."

She sat up and glared at me, stuck her tongue out and then laid back

I grinned to myself and patted her bottom.

"Thank you." she said after awhile.

"For what?" I asked.

"For trying to civilize me. I know that I can be a brat sometimes."

"Sometimes?" I asked.

"Well, most of the time." she admitted. "But I'm working on it."

"That's all I ask." I told her. "I'm not perfect either."

"True." she said quickly. "You take advantage of innocent little
girls." she jumped off my lap before I could react.

"You're not so innocent. And not so little either." I told her as Diana
came down the stairs naked. "Innocent doesn't exactly run in your family"

"You'd better get some clothes on, your friends could be here any time."
I said glancing at the clock which said it was a couple of minutes after

"My clean clothes are in the bathroom." she explained.

Just then, there was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it." Jenny announced and ran toward the door.

Diana squeaked and sprinted toward the bathroom. At the door, Jenny
looked to make sure that her sister had made it, winked at me, and opened
the door.

Four little girls were standing there along with two women. I realized
that I had no idea how many munchkins I had agreed to.

I started to get up and one of the women yelled not to bother. She and
the other one walked in and headed for me. "Save your strength." she said
as they got to the sofa. I waved for them to sit and they did. "You must
be Paul." The first one said, "We've heard a lot about you."

"Really?" I said in surprise, picturing little Diana telling all about
her bathtime.

"Linda can't say enough good things about you."

"Well. Linda's a pathological liar." I explained, the second woman

"She said you were nice..."

"A lie." I explained.

"And reliable..."

"A total falsehood." I corrected.

"And liked kids." she finished.

"An out and out slander." I added. "I'm irresponsible, mean, and I hate
kids. Especially twelve year olds." I added since Jenny had come over and
was standing next to my chair.

She leaned forward and stuck her tongue out, but I'd been expecting it.
I reached out and grabbed her pulling her face down across my lap until her
ass was centered between my legs. I leaned my forearms across her thighs
and waist trapping her. "Kids are a royal pain."

"Tell me about it." the second woman agreed. Both women smiled as Jenny
struggled to escape.

Diana had come out of the bathroom, dressed fortunately and been
whispering with the four girls. Now she brought them into the middle of
the living room. "That's Paul. He's neat. He likes to beat up on Jenny."

"Only when I can't catch you." I told her. She grinned and Jenny kept

"These are my friends, this is Becky and Carly."

"Becky's mine." the first woman added. "And I brought Carly too."

"And this is Montana and Dakota. They're twins." Diana finished.

"They're mine." The second woman offered.

Montana and Dakota?" I asked.

"Road trip. They showed up a month early, almost exactly on the
border." I shrugged.

"Any more?" I asked Diana.

She blushed and looked down, scuffed her feet a bit then held up two
fingers. That was six girls, seven with Diana. I had my hands full.

"Uh hoo." Jenny had left the door open and a woman with two more little
girls had stuck her head in.

"That's Carly and Marsha. They're sisters." Diana told me.

Oh great, I thought. Two Carly's. Jenny stopped struggling and lifted
her head, "Carly's the one that dad calls leech."

"Thanks." I told her and gave her butt a soft swat.

"Let's see if I've got this right. Becky." I pointed at Montana.
"Carly." I pointed at Dakota. "Marsha." I pointed at Carly number one.
"Carly." I pointed at Becky. "Wyoming." I pointed at Carly number two.
"And Minnesota." I finished, pointing at Marsha.

"NO, NO. " Diana said in exasperation and introduced all the girls
again, standing behind each and putting her hands on their shoulders. The
last two girls had moved into the group.

"Okay, I've got it. Carrie." I pointed at Carly number one. "Martina."
I pointed at Marsha. "Idaho." I pointed at Montana. "Utah." I pointed at
her sister, Dakota. "Bertha." I pointed at Becky. "And the lemur."

Diana stomped her foot in frustration.

Jenny lifted her head. "Diana you..." she twisted around to look at me,
"Can I call her a dummy this time?" I shook my head. She looked back at
her sister. " little sister. He's doing it to bug you. He knows
their names but won't get it right until you can't take it anymore."

Diana looked at me suspiciously, "Is she telling the truth." I nodded
with a grin. "C'mon girls. We're taking our party somewhere else." Diana
started toward the door.

"Not my house." woman number one said.

"Or mine." woman number chimed in.

"We're having a dinner party. You can't come to my house." Woman number
three added.

"Fuck! Diana snapped. The room got very quiet.

I let go of Jenny and she quietly got off my lap.

"Diana." I said quietly. She looked at me with a little tear already
forming in the corner of her eye. She knew she'd gone too far. I looked
at her, then I looked at the floor in front of me and she walked slowly
over and stood in front of me.

"Are you going to spank me?" she asked almost in a whisper.

"No. I don't believe in spanking girls in front of their friends." From
the corner of my eye I saw Jenny give me a funny look, but I knew she'd
figure out that I meant for real. "Do you think it's fair that your
friends get punished because of something you did?"

"No." she said so softly that I could barely hear her.

"You lost your temper and didn't think. Something I believe you accused
your sister of earlier." Diana looked up at her sister and grinned weakly.

"Tempers run in the family." Jenny told her. "You should have seen how
mom lost it the time I stole ten dollars out of her purse." then she
hastily added, "I was only seven." so that everyone would know it was an
old crime.

I looked back at Diana. "You may go up to my bedroom and sit. Your
friends can still have their party."

"Thank you." Diana said quietly and I think sincerely.

"You may not turn on the stereo or the TV, understand?"

Diana nodded. She smiled weakly and started to turn toward the stairs,
then she looked back at me. "Will I get to come back?"

"If you were me, what would you say?"

She thought about it for several seconds, then said, "No." She turned
toward the stairs again, her friends all looked away so they wouldn't have
to meet her eyes. Then Diana turned back to me and threw her arms around
my neck and gave me a tight hug. "Thanks for letting my friends stay." she
whispered in my ear, then turned quickly and ran up the stairs.

When she was gone, "How long you going to keep her up there?" Jenny

"I'm shooting for half an hour." I said, "But it may be tougher on me
than on her. I was tempted to pardon her right there and then."

"No, it'll be good for her." Jenny said sagely.

I looked at her and raised an eyebrow in curiosity.

"Maybe she won't be as big a brat as me when she's twelve." Jenny
explained. I nodded.

I looked back at my adult visitors. "Well ladies, if you want to take
your babies and run, I'll understand."

"I think my girls are in good hands." Lady number two said, then added
as she stood up, "Paul is in charge. If you need punishing, he has my full

"Yes mama" the twin murmured.

"That goes for me too." Woman number one said, standing.

"And me." Woman number three added.

The women started moving toward the door.

"Mrs. Woods." Woman number three looked back at Jenny's voice. "Could
I get a ride home?"

"I thought you were here to help with the girls." woman number one said.

"I"m not staying here with him. He's mean." Jenny said with a smile.

Woman number three, I guess Mrs. Woods, nodded that Jenny could get a
ride and the three woman and one pre-teen headed toward the door. A minute
later they were gone.

I looked at my guests. They were huddled together in the middle of the
living room. Not knowing quite what to expect. They reminded me of the
last scene of the last `Mary Tyler Moore Show' as the entire group was in
one giant hug and couldn't seem to let go.

I considered yelling `Attention!' bu was afraid I'd scare them to death,
so I said quietly. "Girls line up please." They looked at each other, then
slowly shuffled out until they were standing in front of me a ragged line.
Dakota was on the right end of the line, her twin next to her. Becky was
next, then Carly number two, `the leech'. Carly number one was next to her
and Marsha was on the far end of the line.

Dakota was the tallest and Montana and the leech tied for shortest. The
leech and Becky were really skinny, the rest had nice eight year old bodies
with just a few traces of baby fat. Montana was a blond and so was Becky.
Dakota and both Carly's had brown hair. Marsha was a Strawberry blond.
They were dressed almost alike, all but Marsha and Carly number one were
wearing cut-offs and they wore bike shorts. All but Dakota were wearing
half shirts that showed off lat or nearly flat stomachs. Dakota was
wearing a bikini top.

"Girls, I'm not really mean and Diana will be coming back pretty soon."
Dakota took a chance and smiled at me and I smiled back.

"Let's start with you." I told her and she looked leery. "You're
Dakota, right?" she nodded. "And that's your twin, right." I nodded to the
girl standing next to her and she nodded. "Well, one of you is lying,
cause you don't look anything alike."

She giggled then told me, "We're not identical."

"Of course you're not identical." I agreed, "But how come you're lying
about being twins?" This time Dakota and Montana both giggled. "Twins
don't have to look alike." Dakota explained.

"You." I said, pointing at Carly number one. "You look pretty smart.
Come here." Carly walked up cautiously. I leaned forward conspiratorially,
"She says that twins don't have to look alike. Do you buy that?" I
whispered loudly enough that all the other girls would hear. Carly nodded,
and I motioned her back in line.

I looked back at Dakota, "I knew that." All the girls giggled. "You're
the big sister, right?"

"Nope. Montana is. She's fourteen minutes older." I was surprised
because Dakota was about three inches taller. "Oh, and I'm an Aquarius."
So was I.

"So you're the big sister?" I asked Montan and she nodded. "Do you take
good care of your little sister and try and teach the things you're
learned?" Montana giggled and Dakota turned red. "Do you talk?" Montana
giggled again and nodded. "Will you talk?"

She giggled again and asked, "Can you guess my sign?"

"Sure, easy."

"Bet me a buck?"

"How about a bag of Oreos?" she nodded. "You're an Aquarius."

She and Dakota both grinned and I knew I'd been had. "Nope, a
Capricorn." I kicked myself, I should have smelled a set-up and from an
eight year old yet. She explained, just in case I hadn't figured it out,
"I was born at eleven fifty six on January nineteenth and Dakota popped out
at twelve ten on January twentieth."

I stood up and bowed to the twins, then walked to the kitchen and
returned with a package of Oreos, double stuff and handed them to Montana.

"Are you all eight?" I asked the group.

"I'm nine." the leech said.

"I'm seven." her sister chimed in.

"And we're gonna be nine in three weeks." the twins said in stereo.

"And two days." Dakota added for accuracy.

"Well, I have to go see if Diana is ready for parole." I told them.
"Make yourselves comfortable. You can all watch Montana eat a whole bag of
cookies." It had only been about fifteen minutes, but I didn't have the
heart to wait any longer.

As I walked toward the stairs they were all crowding around Montana and
I had a feeling that she'd be sharing whether she wanted o or not.

At the top of the stair I looked toward my bedroom. Diana was sitting
on the edge of the bed facing away from me. She was looking out the
window. I have very thick carpeting so I doubted she had heard me. I
walked into the bedroom, around the bed and sat down next to her.

She looked at me then back out the window. "I'm being good." she said

"I see that." I agreed. "Do you have any idea why I'm upset with you?"

"Yes." she said and waited. When I didn't say anything, "I said a bad
word. You get mad at Jenny when she does too."

"Well, lots of people say bad words. I know your mom and dad do
sometimes. And I do, more than I should. But it bugs me when little girls
do. I just think you should be better than that."

"I don't understand."

"I'm not sure I do either." I admitted. "But I get tired of kids, some
Jenny's age who can't say anything with adding fuck or fucking to it. `I'd
like a fucking piece of toast' or `I'm going to fucking town.' or whatever.
I really like you and Carrie and Jenny and want you to talk better than

"Okay. I'll try."

"You better get downstairs before Montana eats all the Oreos." She
jumped up and looked down at me, "You mean it?"

"You gonna say anymore bad words tonight?" she drew an X across her
heart. "I mean it." She grabbed me in a quick hug that almost dislocated
my neck then raced down the stairs.

I plopped back on the bed. I don't know how parents do it.

It was actually a pretty quiet night. No that's not right. It wasn't
quiet. There's was so much yelling and whatnot that I kept expecting the
cops to show up and I don't have any close neighbors. But it was calmer.
For one thing, despite all the cute little pixies my cock was not in a
constant state of arousal. They were a bunch of little girls and they
played like little girls, though I did hear a few whispered remarks about
David who everybody thought was cute.

They ate cookies and chips and pizzas, and drank way too much pop. And
pretty much acted like kids. I enjoyed it.

I quickly found out how Carly number two got her nickname. She jumped
up on my side and wrapped her arms around my neck and spent most of the
night attached to me. At first I was careful to keep my hands on her legs,
but sometimes when I adjusted her, they slipped to her butt and she didn't
seem to mind. About ten they all changed into nightshirts. Long t-shirts
with Scooby Doo, Tweety, butterflies, puppies and one frog. They all wore
panties except Dakota and I only glimpsed her naked butt a couple of times.

I didn't mention the hot tub and Diana didn't ask.

Around two, I got them bedded down and the talking stopped about three.

All in all, eight year olds are easier than ten year old or twelve year

I woke up the next day ready to attack the world. I realized that it
was Friday and I wasn't sure if I was relieved or sad that the trailer park
shower was supposed to be fixed today. It had been an interesting week.

I looked at the clock on my night stand, six ten as usual. I thought
about rolling over and going back to sleep for a couple more hours.

That was when I realized that I wasn't alone.

I'd been sleeping on my side facing the edge of the bed, and there was
somebody sleeping against my bare back. I decided that I was going to have
to kill Diana. I rolled over gently so as not to wake her, the sheet
covered her head. When I faced her, I flipped the sheet off her and was
surprised that it wasn't Diana. It was the leech.

I thought about picking her up and carrying her down to the other girls
and pretending that this never happened. Did she know that she'd come up
and gotten in bed with me? Could she not know?

I couldn't help noticing that her shirt, she had the one with Scooby
Doo, had ridden up to her stomach and that her panties had ridden down to
where they showed most of her pelvic area. I reached down and brushed the
back of my finger against her bare skin. She shivered slightly but didn't
wake. I really couldn't help myself, I reached down further and brushed
the back of my finger against her cotton panties, against her pussy.

Then I mentally punched myself in the nose and pulled my hand away.

I slipped out of bed and went into my bathroom to take a shower. A very
cold shower, first making sure that I closed and locked the door. I
finished and wearing a towel went back into my room for some fresh clothes.
I noticed that Carly had rolled over onto her stomach. Her panties were
rolled down enough that I could see almost all of her ass crack. It was
cute and my damn cock started stirring. I took my clothes and beat a hasty
retreat to the bathroom to get dressed.

Downstairs all was quiet, so I let myself out the back, stretched and
started running. Instead of my usual three miles, Today I pushed for ten.
I think I was trying to punish myself. I'd convinced myself that games
with Diana, Carrie and Jenny were okay because they seemed to enjoy them
too. But taking advantage of a sleeping nine year old was just wrong.

I staggered back to the house. Downstairs was still quiet. I tiptoed
upstairs for another shower. In my room, Carly was still sleeping soundly,
now curled in a fetal ball with her panties completely off her butt. I
considered trying to pull them up, but wasn't sure my will power was strong
enough not to take advantage. I picked up some more clothes and retired
into the bathroom.

This time I took a hot shower and allowed the heat to pull the soreness
out of my muscles. I teased my cock to life and slowly massaged it to
erection. Then I jerked off in the most relaxed fashion I'd ever tried.
No urgency for release, just enjoying the sensation. I wished that Diana
was here to help, but whatever. I enjoyed the feeling of the hot, almost
scalding water on my body almost as much as the feeling of my hand wrapped
around my cock.

It seemed to take forever. I know the water was getting colder, and I
have a huge water heater tank. Maybe that was a signal for my body that it
was time, but my cock jerked in my hand and pumped a surge of cum against
the wall of the shower. As the second surge pumped out, I washed the first
run down the wall with the water. A third, forth, and fifth spurt shot out
and settled on the wall. The water was getting noticeably cooler. The
sixth spurt didn't make it to the wall and then rest just dribbled from the
tip of my dwindling lance.

The water had passed cool and was well into cold as I turned it off, but
all in all, I think that was my best solo performance ever.

Downstairs I went to the kitchen and started organizing an assembly
line. When I was ready, I went back upstairs to wake Carly. I shook her
and she mumbled something about school. I shook her again. Her eyes
popped open and she saw me leaning over her. At first she pulled away, not
remembering me, then her brain caught up and she smiled.

She lifted herself up on her elbows, then reached up and wrapped her
arms around my neck and pulled herself the rest of the way up and kissed me
on the cheek. "Good morning."

"Good morning to you too." I said, disentangling myself. "Time to get
up. I'm going to get the rest of the flock up in a couple of minutes."
"I'd decided not to mention her being in my bed unless she did.

"I slept Good." she announced as she wiggled to the edge of the bed and
swung her legs over. Then she noticed that her panties had rolled up and
covered nothing, but didn't seem embarrassed. Her shirt had dropped down
onto her stomach. I couldn't help looking at that cute little bald slit,
and remembering rubbing my finger against it through her panties. Then she
stood and her shirt dropped covering it all. She reached under and
adjusted her panties. "I must sleep pretty restlessly, because they never
stay in place." she explained.

"Come on." I said and motioned her to follow, then I led her downstairs.
At the bottom of the stairs, I pointed at the bedroom, "Go wake the others.
They all know about the bathroom down here, tell them there's two more
upstairs and they can take turns and all get some quick showers. Breakfast
is in half an hour." I swatted her on her butt to send her on the way and
went back o the kitchen and started heating up my griddle.

By the time the girls started appearing twenty minutes later, fresh from
their showers and dressed in clean clothes, I was ready to start dishing up
plates full of french toast and bacon. And these girls could eat. They
ran me completely out of bacon and I had only one piece of bread left to
make french toast for me. But everybody got enough, except me. And I had
a houseful of happy healthy kids. Then I announced cleaning details.
There was a lot of squawking, but Diana told them that was the deal she'd
made and they all pitched in and helped.

I didn't lift a finger but I could tell that I'd be cleaning up after my
clean up crew, but at least they were trying.

The first mom arrived a few minutes after ten. I'd realized that I
hadn't made any arrangements to have the girls picked up. But either Linda
had suggested ten to the ladies, or ten was the universal slumber party
pickup time.

"Montana and Dakota's mom was first. I complimented her on her well
behaved, by slumber party standards kid but complained that Montana had set
me up. She laughed and tried to console with the fact that I wasn't the
first, then hustled them away.

The sound of their car hadn't completely died away when Carly number
one's mom showed up. At least Carly said it was her mom, I hadn't met her
last night. She almost had Carly in the ca when Becky's mom drove up.
This necessitated the two girls collaborating and in the end, Carly number
one's mom drove off with both girls and Becky's mom left empty handed.

I was thinking it was like watching a ballet and about to shut the door,
when the last mom showed up. I looked into the house and the three girls
were sprawled in front of the television watching Kim Possible on the
Disney Channel, ever notice what perky tits she has? So I closed the door
and stepped outside to meet Mrs. Woods.

"Hi." she greeted me sunnily as she walked up to the door. "Need some
peace and quiet?"

"Eh." I said, holding my hand to my ear and feigning deafness.

"Don't worry." she pretended to yell. "Two three weeks, you'll be as
good as new." Then she added normally, "Everything go alright?"

"Pretty much. One little problem." I wasn't sure how to say this, but I
figured that I should tell her and not let her find out when Carly let
something slip.

She looked at me strangely, "I'm calling the sheriff right now, you damn

"But, I..." I sputtered. The last thing I needed was the sheriff or CSD
nosing around considering the sort of things that had been going on. Even
If I was innocent of Carly. Maybe I could kill the woman and bury out back
in the forest.

She held her hands up and grinned. "Relax. Take a deep breath. You're
freaked out cause you woke up and Carly was in bed with you."

"How the bloody hell did you know that?" I exploded.

"You're not her first."

"I'm not?" I said, not sure whether I was offended or relieved.

"Nope. The first time she did it to Dave he almost had a heart attack.
He was sure that Linda and I were going to take turns flaying him alive."

"You could have warned me." I protested.

"Well, she doesn't always do it. Just to the dad's she really likes."


"Her dad took off on us when Carly was four. And she's been searching
for a father figure ever since I guess."

"Well, I'm glad to help, I think. But it was a hell of a shock to wake
up with a nine year old in my bed."

"A half naked one?"

"Well, yeah."

"I swear that child can't keep any clothes on when she sleeps."

"Another thing you might have warned me about." I made a mental note to
make sure that Diana always invited her.

"And miss all the fun. By the way, did Montana ask you to guess her
sign?" I nodded. "So how much did you lose?"

"A package of Oreos. You?"

"I got off cheap, a dollar."

"Ready to face your kids?"

"Do I have a choice?"

"Not really. I have a date tonight so I can't keep em. Though I could
keep Carly, I don't know if my date will sleep with me on our first date
and Carly's a sure thing."

"I think I'd better get Carly out of this den of sin." she said in mock

"Damn." I said and opened the door for her.

It took us about ten minutes to get the girls ready and out of there.
But finally Carly and Marsha drove off waving as I belted Diana into my car
and drove her home. First she'd wanted to go home with them, then to have
the other girls come home with her. At one point she suggested that we all
stay at my place.

I drove up to Linda's place and Diana was out of the car almost before
I got completely stopped. By the time I got into the trailer, she was
already sitting on her mama's lap talking a mile a minute about how much
fun she'd had.

I sat down at the table and listened to the fast forward replay of the
evening. Linda smiled at me then turned back to her daughter's discourse.
When Diana finally ran down she kissed her mom on the cheek, then came over
and hugged me, kissing me on the cheek too, Then she disappeared outside.

"I WISH I had that kind of energy." Linda mumbled and I nodded in

"Your shower still coming back online today?" I asked.

"Yes, so they tell me. Relieved?"

"Not sure, to be honest." I admitted. "Anyway, if something happens and
they can't take a shower, you'll have to take them to the house yourself.
Jenny knows where I hide the key."

"Where will you be?"

"I've got a date." I announced.

"With who, anyone I know."


"You've got a date with my daughter?"

"Different Jenny."

Linda thought for several seconds, "Not Debbie's sister?"

"The same." I admitted.

"She's got some real brains. Sure you're not out of your class?"

"Probably, but that's half the fun."

Linda chuckled. "Good for you." she encouraged.

We talked about absolutely nothing for a few minutes until I finally got
the idea that Linda was holding something back. "You want to tell me about


"Whatever it is you're not telling me. Jenny is really an axe murderer
or something."

"Our jenny maybe, not yours."

"Then what is it that you're not saying."

"Not asking, really."


"I want to ask you a big favor?

"I've been bathing your girls all week and just spent the last three
straight nights hosting slumber parties, and now you want a big favor."

"Maybe I'd be leave well enough alone." she stammered.

"No, we're friends and you can ask me anything. But I have the right to
say no."

"Fair enough."

She took a deep breath, she started to speak when we heard stirring on
one of the bunk beds and Jenny peeked over the edge of the top bunk. "What
are you guys talking about?" she asked sleepily.

"Jenny, I thought you were outside." Linda said, obviously startled.

I picked up that whatever Linda wanted to say, she didn't want witnesses
and decided to make it easier. "Jenny, if you're still here in a hundred
and twenty seconds, I'm gonna call Debbie, find out what boy you crushing
on at the moment, invite him over, and spank your butt in front of him."

"You wouldn't." she challenged.

"How well do you know me?" I asked looking straight back at her.

She wasted several seconds deciding, then slid of the bunk and stripped
off her nightshirt in one motion. She pulled on a pair of shorts, not
bothering with panties and was pulling a t-shirt over her head as she went
out the door with at least thirty seconds to spare.

Linda looked at me in amazement. "It would have taken me at least
twenty minutes to get her out of here if she didn't want to go."

I buffed my fingernails against my shirt then blew on them, "I have

"I guess."

"Now, you were saying?"

She only hesitated a second, "Dave got a new job."

"That's great." I said, happy for my friends and not seeing a problem.

"Great money and fantastic benefits." she added.

"You lucky dogs."

"But it's in Alaska." she said, dropping the other shoe.

"I'll miss you both of course, and the girls. But I don't see what has
you walking on eggshells."

"We haven't told any of the girls yet. But we know they won't be happy.
Their friends are here, their schools."

"Moving is a fact of life. Happens to a lot of kids, they'll get over

"Dave and I thought we'd live out of the trailer for several months.
That would give us a chance to get all the bills caught up and get us back
on our feet."

I was starting to get a glimmering. "Just say it." I said, a little

"It's so crowded in here with the five of us. I know the girls aren't
happy about it. Especially Jenny and she's at an awkward stage right now."

"You haven't said it." I said, more coldly than I intended.

"We thought that you have so much room and you seem to like the girls so

"Did you arrange Jenny's bath situation so that I'd get involved with
your girls and you'd have a better chance to sell this?" The word
prostitute was boldly printed on my brain.

"No. That was never the plan, it just kind of happened. Jenny's always
liked you so much."

Do you remember the old Mission: Impossible Show? The original back in
the sixties and seventies, not the lame remake or the movies. There was
always that moment when the villain realized that he'd been set up. That's
how I was feeling. I stood up.

"Feel free to bring the girls by the house for baths today, I won't be
home until late. I'll think about what you said and maybe I'll come back
tomorrow and discuss it. Maybe not." I walked to the door and opened it.
Outside, Jenny and Carrie were playing basketball with a few other kids.
Diana was sitting on the grass with another girl watching.

"Paul, I'd..."

I shut the door and left with a wave to the kids.

I went by Bobby's house and collected him, and he called some friends
and we went to the ballfield where I burned off my annoyance by running
them all over the field. Then I went home, took another shower and picked
up Jenny for the drive to Oakland.

Our first date and I spent most of it talking about the girls and
Linda's crazy plan. I was over my mad and was trying to think about what
was best for the girls. I told Jenny all about it, except for those
details that violated state laws and she didn't think it was all that
crazy. Somehow it made us pretty close talking about such a twisted
personal situation. By the time we got home, I knew I was going to do it.
Crazy or not. But there were a few conditions.

Dave had already left and had a motel up in the forty-ninth state, so we
got him on the phone and had a family meeting. Linda explained the
situation to the girls and told them they each got to decide for themself,
my condition, whether they wanted to go to Alaska and live in the trailer
or stay here with me, at least for a couple of years. I also explained, in
front of Linda and with Dave listening on the phone, that no matter what
had happened or would happen during bath time or other games, that I would
not hesitate to punish them in whatever I thought was appropriate.

Jenny being the oldest got to vote first. She walked over and stood in
front of me. "If I ever try to blackmail you or hold anything over your
head, you have my permission to beat me black and blue." Then she kissed me
and sat on my leg. Carrie nodded, and came over and sat on the other one.

Diana had the most trouble deciding. She wanted to be with her sisters
and her friends, but she also wanted her mom and dad. It made it easier
for her when Linda said that they'd come down to visit several times a
year, and I added that I'd take the whole group up to Alaska a least a
couple times. Diana came over and sat on Jenny's lap.

And that's how I got my family.

Linda and Dave, who'd never had a lot of time to themselves discovered
each other al over again. I considered sending them a case of Trojans,
since I didn't want to build an addition on my house.

And we lived happily ever after.

Oh, there was one more detail.

A day after the big family meeting the girls were all moved in, they
didn't have all that much stuff. I moved all my books out of two of my
bedrooms and moved Carrie and Diana into one and Jenny into the other.
That still left me two guest bedrooms.

I'd just finished moving all my books, about two and a half tons worth
out to the garage when I decided to take a break. The girls were all in
the hot tub, naked. I watched them for a couple of minutes then picked up
the phone and called Jenny.

"Hi, Jenny, it's Paul."

"Paul. I haven't heard from you for over a week. I thought maybe I
scared you off."

"Well having an IQ twenty or thirty points higher than mine is
intimidating, but nothing scares me away from a pretty girl."

"You say the sweetest things." she laughed.

"I just thought I'd let you know that I took the girls."

"I thought you would."

"I know you've been worried about what to do with Debbie when you go
back to school. Well, four is no harder than three..."


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Some bits were great, but others daft. Basically he's just a paedophile, facilitating sex with and amongst kids sick really, and with boys as well not my cup of tea . Well written though thanks bits made my really wet. Luvsalik xx

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