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This story will include in parts extreme scatgames. So if you don’t feel in mood for that stuff don’t read this story. But I would be happy if you commented on this story. If you like it I will write more parts. If you don’t I will do, too. Have fun reading it.
Mummy’s true passion, book two: pregnancy days- chapter nine

Mum had left the Monday after that weekend again. During the night to Saturday and almost the entire Sunday we had had sex and made out as much as possible. I had given her some great foot massage and as she hit the road her shoes- she wore classy black high heels- were filled with my several kinds of juices. We had hugged and said goodbye for about two hours and none of us had been able to leave the other for a while. But since some things in life were certain, such as that the economy would rise and rise before it collapsed and you would never have tea with milk in the United States and the Wopper was is and always will be the best burger, mum had to leave. We changed one last kiss and when we split after decades mum pushed the pedal and was gone.

We quickly came back to our routine of talking on the phone and having phones sex. Mum still gave me little nasty tasks and I obeyed. And the best thing was that the semester would have the fall break soon and we both knew it wouldn’t be that long until we would see each other again.

First I thought I was suggesting the possibility to myself when I got under the impression that Wendy followed me or simply that I saw her more often than before that special party. I had expected her to just take what she won by waiting for me naked in my bedroom or calling me and telling me to meet her in the library or any other of those so very childish but admittedly seductive things you could do to get what you want. But she didn’t do any of that. I knew she was the only one on that entire university I was allowed or let’s say ordered to have sex with. But I wasn’t sure if she knew about that. The longer she let me wait and just was around and looked at me in a way that was beyond the normal “he’s so cute” looks I got from time to time the more nervous I got. First I didn’t want to confess it to myself and played it down. But the simple truth was that she made me want her just as much as she obviously had wanted me.

I mean let’s face it: she peed into a glass at a party for she was after me so much.

My last University relevant appointment in each week was the biomedical lecture on each Friday’s afternoon. Since it was the last thing to happen before the weekend the room was quite empty and only the geeks and Flanderses visited the lecture although it was really interesting. And the small group of elite people allowed the Professor from time to time to focus on special things more than he normally would have.

That Friday I sat in the middle of the room and unpacked my block and my pen when all of a sudden Wendy sat right next to me.

“Hey thick pants.” She said loud enough that everybody around would hear her.

“Hey” I gave back and moved my arm to show her to speak more quiet.

“You know what is today?” she asked and didn’t even think of lowering her loudness level.

“Friday?” I gave back and tried to sound a little pissed.

“To be correct” Wendy leaned back like a super confident expert in some TV show, “Friday the 31st.”

“Interesting” I replied and sounded as uninterested as possible but realized that deep inside I was really glad she talked to me.

“You don’t get it, do you?” she raised her eyebrow like mum did from time to time.

I raised my eyebrow, too and started thinking. It didn’t take long until it hit me. It was Halloween. My face lit up as I got what Wendy was after.

“You’re not the fastest, thank god you’re hot…” she smiled at me.

I nodded and smiled brighter back at her than I actually wanted. Then Wendy leaned over to me placing her hands on my lab. My cock ran down my leg as usual and she certainly didn’t hesitate to touch it lightly and as if it was an accident. She kissed me and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. I had not known how much my body had been hungering for Wendy’s kiss and so I let fall all my walls of defense and kissed her back almost as if she was my mistress. Wendy felt my cock getting pumped and wrapped her fingers around it in a way that never could be an accident. She giggled sweetly while we kissed. Then we split.

“I’ll pick you up later. Now be a geek and do whatever you do here. I have to get dressed.”

“Pick me up for what?” I asked.

“You’ll see silly.” She said and left in a way that her curly dark blond hair slapped into my face and I got a perfect nose full of her strawberry shampoo which was a clich?ut a good one. I inhaled her odor and for the blink of an eye I thought about marrying her and having three kids with her named Charles, Clarissa and Duchess of Thunderstorms black Peek- Hill the third.

As the lecture was over and I had accepted that I had not the first idea what the Prof had been talking about I went home. The way was short since I walked straight through the park where Miller had his villa and I just hang after my thoughts which- you might have noticed by now- is one of my favorite ways to beat down time.

Had Wendy ever been alone with mum? That actually wasn’t the first time that question appeared in my head. Why didn’t she do all those things I had expected? Why did she behalf that way? I thought about how much of mummy in some of her moves was and how perfect her plan- if it was a plan and if it was her plan- worked. I had become used to feel like a labor rat when mum did her games. It actually had never felt as if I really had the control since that change in our relationship almost a year ago. Oh my god. I thought. Was it really almost a year? And how did mum always manage to find the one in a million who was willing to not only accept but to participate in all those dirty things we did? There were times when I had some strange theories about a world wide web for perverts. It might be called the internet. Damn. Then I thought if I ever wrote down this internal dialogue my readers would be so confused.

I had no idea or memory about the way but suddenly I stood in front of my door with my keys in my hand. I opened and entered my apartment. Flanders was in his room, I could tell from the light- and the church music.

“I’m home” I yelled intentionally too loud.

Instead of an answer I saw his shadow move smoothly in his room as a sigh of realization. I shook my head and smiled inside myself. At least he is lucky with this way of living.

I took a shower and opened my closet. I knew no matter what this surprise was I would have to be disguised. What kinds of cloth did I have? My slave outfit. I placed it on the “maybe side”. I had tons of beige pants, short pants, Band T- shirts, Polo- shirts, some Yale clothes…to make a long story short nothing you would wear as a costume on Halloween. Except for that slave outfit… but who would expect me to wear it without any cover in fall? I hoped the phone would not ring and the one who would expect me to wear it would be on the other side.

Then the phone rang.

“Happy Halloween” mum sang into my ear.

“Happy Halloween” I didn’t sing it.

“Guess what” mum said.

“Mm, let’s see. I’d guess you found the one mistress like girl in Yale and told her how to deal with me and tonight we will go to whatever- I guess a party- and have sex…”

“Right” mum said short but happy, “since it worked so well with that stewardess...”

“…Mary” I interrupted her.

“Right, Mary” mum went on “I thought it would be fun to train a mistress myself.”

“Yeah, it sounds like fun.” I commented. “But isn’t this a little as if you were Ben Kenobi and tried to train a Jedi yourself although you knew the best trainer is Mistress Ling who- you might have gotten it by now- in this allegory would be Master Joda?”

“What do you think? Do you think she will turn to the dark side of the power and dress like Darth Wader?” I heard her laughing.

“This could happen.” I fought down my own laughter as I pictured Wendy dressed up like Wader. And then I though that this would make me Padme’. I shook a little.

“This would make you Padme’” mum said.

“Damn” I thought. “It’s as if you were reading my mind mum.” I said.

“Mm. I’m your mummy. That’s my job.” Mum sounded relaxed. “I’m so sorry I can’t be with you now. I would love to go out with you again and do all those dirty things we love so much.”

“I know mum. I’d love to have you here, too.” I said “But I’ll get home next week. As soon as the holydays start.” We had planned this long before. Mum was in her ninth month by now and so it would not be long until she would give birth to our daughter.

“I’m looking forward to it.” Mum said and her voice was full of love. “Have you checked your mail?”
“Not yet” I replied and walked into the living room. “Hey Flanders,” I yelled, „Was there something in the mailbox for me?”

“On the couch.” He yelled back.

“I think I found it” I said to mum as I saw a big brown package lying on the sofa.

“Open it.” Mum commanded. So I ripped the paper in rags. The addresser said it was from May’s shop. So I got some idea of what I had to expect. As the box was finally opened I saw black leather with some smooth shine lying inside. I held the phone between my ear and my shoulder and pulled the leather out of the box. “What do you say, baby?” mum asked.

“Wow” was all I could say.

“A good wow or a bad wow?” mum wanted to know and I wasn’t sure about the answer that moment.
“I guess a wow wow.” I replied.

“That’s enough so far I guess.” Mum sounded neutral.

“Ok” I said.

“Now get ready for Wendy. I’ll go to some restaurant with the other mistresses. Hurry.” Mum had a voice like a cat. “I love you.”

“I love you, too” I said and was still a little stunned from that expectedly unexpected costume I just had gotten.



We hung up. I took the leather thing to my room and had a closer look at it. It was like that Eddy Murphy outfit from “delirious“but black. So I guess it was more wearable than it appeared on first sight if you had that 80’s revival back in mind. It was an overall with some zipper on the front. I opened it. Then it got a little strange. It had looked as if that zipper ended about the height of my navel. But in fact the zipper went down to the place where my balls would be.

Anyways. It didn’t seem as if I had any other option. And it was not as if it wouldn’t make me hot myself. So I opened the zipper. Then I saw the next shocking thing. In fact that suit was formed in an anatomic way. That meant it had an excrescence which would be wrapped around my cock. Great.

I somehow managed to get myself into that suit. It turned out that that zipper was a double zipper and could be opened from both sides. Either from the bottom to the top or the other way round. What a nasty outfit this was. Finally I was the one dressed up like a whore and not my date. I checked my look in the mirror and was satisfied in a way. Although I wasn’t wearing my cock ring the sheer imagination of wearing this in public turned me on. My pride was already semi hard and didn’t hang down my body but hang down my body in some extraordinary ankle. I knew that in fact nobody would think it really was my cock they all would think it was some nasty maybe European gag with a fake penis. How shocking. I smiled into myself.

Then the bell rang.

Flanders didn’t even try to move. He didn’t expect anybody to visit him and so he was a hundred percent sure it was for me. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

I opened my mouth.

“Shut your mouth” Wendy said and sounded like a girly mistress should sound.

I shut my mouth.

“You look marvelous. You look like…like….” I was on a quest for the right word in the depth of my brain like that guy from “Dreamcatcher”.

“Like a mistress from the matrix out of the 80’?” Wendy obviously had thought about the right way to describe the outfit mum or to be correct mum and May had bought her.

“Yes, that’s it” I gave back. “Come in”

Wendy stepped inside. Her impossible shoes clicked on the wooden floor. Her heels were higher than the most I had seen on mum and I was absolutely sure mum had never worn higher ones. Wendy’s heels were almost as long as her entire foot. So she was almost an inch taller than me. Those shoes could not have been higher without a plateau. Her big toes broke through the front and showed me she had painted her nails in a dark red. I could also see that she had let those toenails grow a little longer.

I had realized it on mistress Ling first. And I knew this was some insider signal in the new world I had discovered. If someone had to do real work and wear normal shoes from time to time she would not be able to let her toenails grow that long. But if someone was totally in the mistress and slave world like Ling was and didn’t have to do anything herself- later I found out that Ling had had slaves since she was 14- you can do things with your body you wouldn’t be able to do under normal circumstances.

I found that a little longer toenail very sexy and wondered at the same time how she had managed to let it grow but maybe it was fake and she had just placed it there for that evening. No matter which way she had gotten it; it looked hot to me.

The high heels with the open toes went into tight black leggings. Those didn’t leave any room between the shoes and themselves so nothing of Wendy’s California skin was in sight. Those leggings gave a perfect idea of Wendy’s well formed legs and supported her tight little ass additional to the effect the high shoes hat onto her composure. I saw it when she turned for me like a little girls would do for her daddy on Christmas evening when they got a new dress. Those leggings bottom line was very low cut. Not as low as mum’s cloth was, but low enough to tell from seeing it that Wendy shove her pubic hair.

You could tell so because the area was uncovered. The next thing she wore was a white thing. I really don’t know how to call it. It looked a little like that orange thing Lilu wears on “The fifth Element” but had bigger holes in it. It performed a V over her front side and another smaller one on her back. That way her ass looked like women’s asses look in those aerobic suits but not in reality but on that “Call on me” clip.
The outfit was completed with a black super tight top made from the same material as those leggings. The top was a long sleeve. The end of the sleeves had small gum rings though which Wendy would stick her middle fingers. That way the sleeves would always be stretched and never have the smallest pleat. The top’s neckline was deep- what a surprise and Wendy had made her breasts look extra hot. The top ended right under her breasts which had some push up effect to her front optics.

All in all you could certainly say it was an outfit mum would have worn without any regrets at my prom.
“Did I spin enough?” Wendy asked me when I had looked at her with the fascination of a fife year old enough.

I nodded. “Yes dear.” I tried to sound unimpressed but failed ruefully.

“I guess we should go.” Wendy said like Mary Poppins.

I nodded again and pictured myself like one of those old men who always say their wife is right with whatever. And then I came back to myself.

“A coat, young lady?” I asked and managed somehow to hit the Clark Gable tone.

“I would be pleased” Wendy replied like Doris Day finding into the scene quickly.

I took her coat from the bench she had thrown it on and helped her to get into it. It was a black leather coat which was the Matrix part of the outfit.

Then I took my own black cotton coat and we left for whatever.

As soon as we left the door behind ourselves Wendy took my hand and puller me after her like an impatient child. I enjoyed the view this gave me of her breathtaking backside and wondered how she managed to walk that fast on those shoes. I liked the way her butt moved underneath the tight leather and gave me some idea of her peach skin covered by it.

Our way led us through the entire park. We saw the Hot Rod guys with their cars and Miller raised his hand to beck. He screamed something and I yelled back the last two words hoping it would be the right reaction. But Wendy pulled me behind her and seemed to become faster and faster.

“Why are we hurrying so much” I asked after a few minutes and got a little angry from the treatment I was given by her.

“You’ll…” Wendy begun.

“No, no, no not this time.” I interrupted her rudely. “I want to know where we are going. I’m fed up with following you around and being pulled after you.”

I could see Wendy’s masquerade getting small cuts for she obviously hadn’t expected me to be that tough.

“We are going to a party.” Wendy said and her voice sounded like a girl’s voice sounds.

“What kind of a party?” I asked and hated myself for I was about to ruin the night.

“Honestly?” she asked and stopped running.

“Honestly” I said and faced her.

“Honestly I don’t have the first idea.” She gave back and looked to the ground like a child being trapped lying to its parents…

I began to laugh. Then I couldn’t do else and grabbed Wendy and kissed her. “You have no idea?” I laughed louder “You are so sweet.”

Wendy kissed me back and hugged me. The situation was nearly the most absurd one can imagine. We stood there hugging and kissing each other as if our lives were romantic movies. I almost hoped it would start snowing and a white spotlight would be held on us and that we were accidently standing underneath the eldest tree ever to give the perfect picture to some camera and the perfect picture to print a poster from which would hang on each fourteen year old girl’s wall.

For the blink of an eye I asked myself why in the world I thought such things while I was kissing the hottest girl in Yale.

Then we split.

“So you don’t have any idea where this party is?” I asked her in my friendliest tone as if to apologize for my former rudeness.

She shook her head. “No”

I thought for a moment. “Why did you bring us here then?”

“The map told me so” she gave back and looked at me as if I had asked her why I shouldn’t vote for the Republican Party.

“Oh,” I replied, “the map…” and looked at her as if she had told me several reasons why one should vote for the Republicans.

“You don’t have a map yourself, do you?” she asked and sounded as if we were playing in some Saturday Night sketch.

I shook my head while she moved a small piece of paper from one pocket of that coat. She handed it to me. It showed a map in deed. There was the building I lived in and Miller’s villa and the tree as well as the wall we were standing in front of. Actually the tree was right left of us if we faced the wall. It all showed exactly the scene as it was. There was even a small painting of ourselves looking around with a clueless expression and small question marks over our heads. And there was one more thing: An arrow to the tree with the words “phone call” above it.

I would not had been surprised if our small painted selves would have started to talk to us- that much this thing reminded me on Harry Potter.

Nevertheless we walked to that old tree and walked around it. The two of us expected the tree to ring or at least to find some mobile in a hole or anything else that would turn this night into an adventure. We circled the oak many times but didn’t find anything. Then we sat under it on some bench and just waited. I held Wendy in my arms as she stroke my leg with soft and caressing hands. We kissed from time to time and it I have to say it was one of the most romantic moments I ever had.

Then a black Mercedes limousine drove up the way. We both thought it would be some guest for Miller’s party or his family but the driver stopped right in front of us. He rolled down the window and yelled louder than necessary “Mistress Wendy and her slave?”

It was like being ripped from some dream but as he held a mobile out of the window we knew that the dream maybe was just about to start. So we got up and I didn’t even try to hide my erection. The good thing was wrapped in that leather it looked like a shameless gag and not as if it was real.

Anyways Wendy took the phone. She laughed several times and said “yes” and “all right” and cheered from time to time a little. Then she pressed the red button and told me to enter the car.

I followed her into the black limousine getting another fantastic look of her ass.

“I’ve got new advice” she said and smiled luckily.

“Ok, shoot” I gave back while the car slowly rolled on.

“We have to fuck now.” Wendy sounded lustful.

“Oh, if we have to…” I gave back.

Then she kissed me again and this time she was more passionate than ever before. Our lips met and our mouths performed some melting pot of pure heat and lust. It was as if Wendy and I as well had been held back by some invisible power until that point and now our hunger and our pleasure for the other one was breaking out of the depths of our souls like magma would break out of any volcano.

Wendy sat on my lap and grabbed my leather wrapped cock with a strong right hand. She used the other hand to control my head as she kissed the hell out of me. I myself had one hand placed on her butt under that coat squeezing it and the other at her back to give her stability for the pressure of our kisses.
“I want you so bad” she didn’t whisper in some rare second there we split.

“I want you, too.” I replied and realized that I really wanted HER.

She reached down in the middle between us. The place of the biggest heat. She pulled a little on her white piece of cloth until one of the holes was right at her front entrance. I saw that she now was uncovered. Obviously her leggings had cuts on the right places and only the white did was covering them. The hole was big enough for me. I immediately smelled her lust as it filled the cars inside.

None of us cared about the driver and he didn’t seem to really care about us.

Then Wendy opened some small zipper on my outfit while I kissed her now uncovered nipples. That certain zipper only uncovered my glans. That way my penis looked like a black tower with some reddish top.

“That looks interesting” Wendy giggled and opened the next hidden zipper to peel my pride out of its prison completely.

She rolled over in a way that the two of us were in some 69 position. The girl lay on top of me on that backseat.

“Lick me, baby.” She said seconds before her lips wrapped around my penis.

As if she had to tell me so I thought but certainly obeyed. My well trained tongue hit Wendy’s lips and a pure stream of her inner volcano floated my mouth. Wendy tasted like an angle. She tasted sweeter than Kayko and better than mum. In fact I have to confess that until that point Wendy was the best tasting girl I had ever had.

I forced my tongue inside her tights and discovered each and every part of her innermost. It was as if wherever I kissed and licked her I found some new and totally unexpected source of her liquids and she seemed to have cum before. As if her lust had been waiting for its conquistador. When I pinched her clitoris lightly with the tip of my tongue she flouted my head.

“Oh my god” she yelled “yeah you’re doing so well. Make me cum; keep me cumming…oh my god…”
She herself did a great job on my cock. I felt her tongue circling my glans lightly but with a hungering passion and pressure. Then she sucked it completely in without throwing up. As her lips hit the place where the scrotum goes into the shaft I had to think of anatomic facts to prevent myself from shooting my juice down her esophagus.

“You’re a goddess” I pressed out when she loosened my penis and left it behind glittering from her saliva and hard like a piece of steel.

“I want you inside me” she said and her voice was the voice of a woman who wants to get fucked right now.
We turned again since none of us had expected the other to be that hot and to bring him that quick to the edge of its pleasure.

Then she grabbed my glittering pride with two hands and placed it on her vagina’s entrance. Her juices run down her legs and onto my cock. She smiled at me and I could tell from the glow of her eyes how long she had waited for this moment and how much she had been hungering for this to happen.

“Show me what you’ve got, baby.” She said lovely as she slowly let herself fall onto me.

I felt my cock smoothly gliding along het inner walls and I felt her tightness around me. I could tell from the feeling that she hadn’t had that much sex until now. She was way tighter than Kayko and certainly than mum although mum was tight and well trained down there.

Wendy enjoyed the first slide in just as much as I did. She did it slower from time to time when my cock would hit some very sensible point of her innermost to enlarge the pleasure. I could feel those points when the edgy of my glans hit them tenderly. Once we had made it all the way in Wendy smiled at me.
“I wish we could leave it in there forever.” She said finding into a relaxed breathing.

I just nodded and tried to control my so very much erected self. I thought for a moment how mean it was that women could come so much more often than men could.

Wendy begun to move on me. She didn’t do it quick and hard. She rode me careful as if I was some toy she didn’t want to break. Whenever she leaned forward I kissed her hard nipples and sucked them in lightly. We found a rhythm after a few moments and had great smooth and lovely sex. We both controlled our breathing and focused on the other’s excitement. I felt massive streamed of Wendy running down my shaft and partly into my outfit. I also felt my clear precum building on my cock’s top and I knew that it wouldn’t take that much longer until I would have lost the fight. My balls already moved lightly but obviously hard enough for Wendy to realize it.

“What is this? Do I make you that hot? Do you need to cum?” she said things a mistress would say but sounded like a girl-

“I’m close.” I replied.

“I don’t allow you to cum yet.” She said and her voice got tougher.

“Mm.” I replied.

“I want you to fuck my ass first. Your mum said you were a fantastic ass fucker.” She sounded like a junior Mistress.

Then she got up until my cock popped out of her with a wet sound. This seemed to have been more than she could take for she begun to shake on top of me without being touched anywhere. She lost control over her lower body half and her hips shook as a massive wave seemed to roll over her. When Wendy surfed on top of her climax she squirted a few times huge streamed of juice on my cock and my entire lower self.
“Oh fuck. That never happened to me. How did you that? I swear I never came that hard.” she was still catching her breath since this seemed to have surprised her more than me. “Now.” She ordered breathless “take me from behind. I want you cock in my ass. I know you looked at it all the time and I know its tight and well trained. So fuck it.” It seemed as is this California girls couldn’t get enough of having orgasms.

I didn’t hesitate to get my hard flesh into that breathtaking butt of hers. She bent over on that backseat like a cat and offered me her pink butthole. The white and the leggings left a hole there, too.

I placed my cock on top of her asshole. I could feel it moving underneath my glans and pumping from excitement and pure anticipation.

“Now come on, honey.” Wendy almost begged. “Stick that big cock into this little girl’s asshole”
I pushed forward slowly and with much sensibility. Wendy’s ass was tight but I felt her relaxing underneath me and got easy entrance. The more she relaxed and got used to the feeling of having something in her ass the better I got inside. From time to time I pulled her pussy liquids onto her asshole to make it smoother and slippery to allow myself an easier slide in. it felt great to get inside her ass inch by inch. She breathed slowly and relaxed until I was all the length inside.

“Now I know why all the girls love to get there asses drilled.” She cheered and I saw her pussy moving as the next climax build up in her deepest. “Now fuck me until I cum again.”

I started moving slowly and with low pressure. I slid in and out only two inches till I felt her getting used to the movement. Then I sped up my pumping. It was as if she was made for being fucked in the ass. The longer I fucked her, the deeper I got and the harder she could take it.

“Oh my god I’m so close again baby.” She yelled “I want you to cum, too. I want you to shoot your load in my ass.” It was as if she was out of her senses.

I could feel the wave as it hit her vagina’s backside and knew that I could finally release my own pressure. I made two more hard moves and then my cum shoot out of mine like a train out of a tunnel. I felt the girl shake from the power my climax was reloading into her ass and her own third orgasm as well.
“I feel your juice in my ass” Wendy went wild. “Give me another wave please.”

I kept fucking her until the last drop was milked from my prick and into her ass. I had run out of rage a little, too. Wendy really had surprised me and so had I.

I pulled my cock out of her ass. She turned around smiling the happiest smile anybody ever smiled. Then she licked my cock until it was clean and a little hard again. It was as if she was reloading a weapon after she had shot with it. She packed it accurately back into the leather prison and pulled the white down to cover her fucked fuck holes again.

“That way your cum stays in me” she tinkled at me.

Then we leaned back on those comfortable backseats. She leaned against me with her head on my chest like any Bond Girl did on any Bond Movie. She looked up to me and I kissed her like Bond would kiss a Bond Girl.

“I love being fucked in the ass” she said “I should have tried it earlier.”

“You were an anal virgin?” I asked but knew the answer.

“Yes.” She replied with a tender voice, “but you took me great.” Then her hand wrapper around my cock again and I felt as if she was stroking her weapon.

That moment we entered the driveway of some big grey house. And I knew that whatever mum had planned for us that night had only just begun.

End of chapter nine. Please leave comments and if possible more than one or two you thousands of readers.

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