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this is a true story of my cougar hunting
I wasn't your average teenager when I was growing up. I had plenty of female friends but never really had a girlfriend. I went through highschool not really paying much attention to finding a girlfriend either. But when I started going to the local community college I decided that was it. I was never really good at picking up women. Really didn't know how to go about it either. So I went to the internet. I came across some women at my school or who lived nearby my house or school. I had a few flings here and there that first year, But when i was 19 years old i decided to start exploring older women.

i found out cougars are the most thrilling experience I've ever had. My first cougar was a beautiful BBW ebony goddess. She was 36 and had three kids. We met the next day after we started talking. I picked her up at her house and we drove down to her moms house in elk grove where she had to pick up her kids from school that afternoon. When she walked out of her house I couldn't believe my eyes. See I am a skinny white boy who at the time probably weighed about 130 pounds. She had told me her weight, but I didn't think much of it. But when I saw her that day that was the sexiest ebony BBW I've ever seen. She was about 5 foot tall, dark black skin, soft pink lips, and full voluptuous breasts. My nerves were all over the place. All I was thinking was why me. Why would this beautiful ebony bbw want my young white dick in her. On the way down to her moms house we talked a bit but I didn't know what to say. I was kind of hoping to maybe get a peek at that black pussy in the car or have her want to play with my cock. But nothing but talking happened. When we arrived at her moms house she had a smoke and we went up stairs. She turned on the TV and we sat there together watching I-Robot. I was so nervous I didn't do anything but make small talk and fiddle with my hands a lot. Towards the end of the movie she asked me if she could see my cock. I replied "of course". She started playing with it a bit told me how she never has seen an uncut cock before. Then she got up and walked over to the bed. She then proceeded to take off her her shirt ever so slowly. Almost like a strip tease. Next was her pants, as she bent over to take them from around her ankles I got a glimps of her pussy. Sticking out of the sides of her thong she had the darkest black skin with an extremly pink pussy. After she removed the rest of her clothing she climbed onto the bed and laid on her back. I took off my clothes and joined her on the bed, her pussy was so wet she was dripping down her thighs. I wasn't sure what to do first so I licked her wet pussy from her clit down to her ass. She had a huge clit and tasted so sweet. After a few minutes she pulled me up ontop of her. When I got ontop of her, staring me in the face were her huge, soft, and very perky tits. I sucked on them as I slid my white cock into her chocolate pussy, she began to moan as it went in deeper. She was on her back and much bigger than I was so it was a challenge getting on top of her and keeping my cock in her. As I fucked her I could feel her cum dripping out around my cock. She had wanted me to cum in her so she could snack on it later. When I blew my load into her she curled her toes and arched her back, pushing me up out of her. When we got up you could see my cum dripping out of her. She reached down and ran her fingers between her lips and licked the cum she wiped off of her pussy. She had the biggest smile on her face. Afterwards I drove her to her kids school, that was the last I saw of her. She emailed me a few times afterwards cause she was bragging to her friends about younger cock. They wanted to know if I knew any black guys my age. Her friends were white and wanted black cocks.

My next cougar was 43 and had a kid my age. She was about 5'5" and also was a bbw. But she was a white girl with red hair and a very fuckable ass. We met numerous times. She called me her cunt hound cause I loved eating her fat pussy. She was quite the squirter too. She lives down the street from my work so I would go over there on my lunch and get some lunch. She too also enjoyed being filled up with my cum. Never got to see her 100% naked though. She always had a shirt or night gown on. But I didn't care. That was one sweet pussy. And her ass... Oh god that was tight. Once again I lost contact with her too. She had changed her number, and stupid me misplaced it.

My most memorable hunted cougar was a one time deal unfortunately. I met her online thinking there was no way she would be interested in me. But I was wrong. Her daughter helped her get set up on an adult sex site. she even took the photos for her. her daughter was a cougar herself. but this particular women was more. she was a 63 year old cougar. we talked for a bit and figured we would never really do anything physical. we talked on the phone, fantasizing. until i got a call one morning. she was ready to go. so i drove over to her mobile park. knocked on her door. when it opened my heart was racing. felt like it was beating 200 beats a minute. there she stood. in a night gown. white curly hair, soft skin. she said to me "are you coming in or not?" so i stepped in. she went straight for the bedroom. as i followed her she started telling me about how she came to wanting to find a partner to please her long awaiting needs online. when we got to the bedroom she started telling me about her daughter and showed me some photos. then she walked around the bed and stopped. she turned and took the shoulder straps from her shoulders. it seemed like it was going slow motion as her nightgown dropped. hitting the floor in what seemed like hours. as i gazed at her naked body standing in front of me, she said " didn't think i was serious?" i replied no i didn't. she laughed and went for my pants. she pulled them down and reaches for my now throbbing cock. "mmmmm" she said. then she stated "your pictures due you no justice." i heard that all the time but never believed it. so i kind of just brushed it off as she laid down in bed and spread her legs open for me. not too sure what she wanted i asked if she would like me to eat her out first. she replied "its up to you" its my favorite thing to due so that's exactly what i did.. and when the say women are like a fine wine, better with age. they don't lie. Vintage 1942 pussy was the best year I have had. as i laid there and graze upon that magnificent pussy. she asked me if i would like her to suck my cock. so i stop and she got up and slowly slid my cock into her mouth. my instinct was to grab her head cause it felt soooo nice. but she informed me not to cause she doesn't like to be feel forced onto a cock. so as i laid back and enjoy the blowjob my heart beat finally started slowing down. i became relaxed and asked if she is ready to be fucked yet. she replied "god yes". she laid back as i climbed ontop of her frail wrinkly body. i spread her soft lips apart and slid my throbbing hard cock into her. her eyes rolled back into her head with each stroke. i continued to be gentle with her. until she said " I'm old not dead, fuck me already" my jaw dropped. not knowing what to say i started thrusting. harder she said. i didn't want to but she demanded it. i thrusted hard into her, as her moans got louder and more frequent her body began to tense up and toes curl. she let out one last big scream as she came. i soon found out she packs quite a squirt. she squirted out past my cock getting me a little wet with her cum. i asked if she wanted to feel what i had for her. she informed me at that point i wasn't leaving that house until she had my cum running out of her. so i continued to fuck her harder and harder. sucking on her soft sagging tits as i thrusted. when i finally came in her she released my back and just laid there relaxed. i asked her if everything was alright. and she replied with a huge grin "everything is perfect". i pulled out of her and gave her soaking wet pussy some last licks to clean up her cum around her thighs. as we got redressed she told me i was too nervous but when i got relaxed it was the best sex she has ever had. that made me swell with confidence. i left that house with a big smile on my face and a stomach full of vintage 1942 cum. i lost contact with her after that, which is upsetting. not only a outstanding fuck, but she was a great friend. so Ella if your out there reading this somehow. i would love to talk to you again sometime :)

I've hunted many other cougars since and all have been out of this world. If there are any cougars out there looking for a cub, email me.
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