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Out of town on business and miles from the wife can tempt a man to stray.
Fbailey story number 431

No Names, No Regrets

I hadn’t been out of town on business in several years. Back then I used to sow my wild oats but since then I had settled down, gotten married to a wonderful woman, and had two lovely daughters.

As I flew non-stop from New York City to Portland, Oregon my mind wandered back to the old days when I would try to pick up a girl in every bar that I entered. That brought back some memories. The woman across the aisle from me was staring at my crotch so I looked down. I had a good erection from all of my dirty thoughts. Since I didn’t know this woman I said, “I was just having some dirty thoughts.”

She replied, “I was having some of those myself.”

I smiled and said, “I don’t think you were thinking the same things that I was.”

She smiled back at me, licked her lips, and said, “Want to bet? Did it involve mad wild sex with a perfect stranger. No names, no regrets.”

I asked, “How did you guess?”

She replied, “I told you. I was having dirty thoughts myself.”

I asked, “Would you like to do something about it?”

She replied, “If you are inviting me to join the mile high club, I’m already a member.”

I asked, “How about a quickie in the restroom then?”

She replied, “How about a quickie now and then a slower one later?”

I stood up and offered her my hand as everyone around us that had heard our conversation stared at us. She said, “Don’t worry we are actually married. Its just a little game that we play.”

She was absolutely correct, we were married, just not to one another.

We walked down the aisle to the back of the plane, past the Flight Attendants, and into one of the restrooms. She told me to drop my pants and underwear to my ankles and sit on the toilet. That gave her just enough room to remove her dress and hang it on the coat hook. She removed her bra and her panties too, leaving her in just her high heels before me.

I looked at her lovely face, her long sleek neck, and her breasts, which seemed high on her chest. Her breasts formed perfect half globes with hard nipples and tiny areolas around them. Her tummy was flat and her belly button formed a perfect indentation. Her pussy mound was protruding nicely and had a cute little kitten tattooed on it. The kitten was curled up in a ball and sleeping comfortably. Her outer pussy lips were puffy too and there was the slightest hint of moisture coming from between them.

She sat up on the edge of the hand bowl and motioned me to her. I stood up and slipped my cock into her. She wrapped her legs around me and then her arms as I started thrusting into her. I tried not to cum too quickly but then she did say that we could do it again later. We managed to reach our peeks at the same time. We were breathing hard and thrashing about. It felt as if the plane was vibrating. It was by far the best mile high fuck I had ever had. We cautiously dressed before opening the door to the cabin.

The Flight Attendant smiled at us and said, “Welcome to the friendly skies. Did you two cause that turbulence a while ago?”

My fuck buddy replied, “Well now that you mention it, he did rock my world in there.”

One of the other Flight Attendants said in a thick Southern accent, “You all come back now, hear.”

Once again my fuck buddy had to say something, “Oh we will. Maybe in an hour. Can you fit three people in one of those tiny restrooms?”

The Flight Attendant smiled and said, “We do have a larger one for handicap passengers and we don’t have any on this flight so it is available if you would like me to join you two.”

The Southern Flight Attendant smiled said, “If I sit on his face I bet four of us will fit in there.”

The first Flight Attendant said, “If I sit on his cock I can eat your pussy.”

My fuck buddy said, “It’s not clean, he came in me.”

The Flight Attendant smiled and said, “I know.”

My fuck buddy practically pushed me toward my seat and pulled the Flight Attendant back into the restroom. I though about going to my seat but I wanted to listen to the Southern Flight Attendant talk. She sounded so sweet.

When the ladies finally came out of the restroom the Flight Attendant smiled at me and said, “You sure do taste good.”

We returned to our seats. A little over an hour later my fuck buddy asked, “Are you up for round two, honey?”

The guy next to me smiled, the two old ladies behind her frowned, but the couple next to her asked, “Is there really enough room in there. I’d love to join the mile high club.”

My fuck buddy rang for an Attendant. When she arrived she said, “We have another couple that wants to join the mile high club. Will you take care of them first. Then my husband and I will be in need of your services up front.”

The Flight Attendant smiled and took the young wife’s hand.

A few minutes later the Flight Attendant returned and led us up to the front of the plane where our Southern Bell was waiting for us.

The Flight Attendants had already removed their panties so all I needed to do was drop my clothes to my ankles and have a seat. The one Attendant sat on my hard cock while the other one found some place for her feet next to my ass. I looked between her legs as my fuck buddy removed her panties and sat up on the tiny sink. Once the Flight Attendant on my cock had her face in my fuck buddy’s pussy the Southern Attendant stuck her pussy in my face. I had the best of both worlds that was for sure. The moaning and groaning coming from us must have been heard for several rows back. We did not all cum at once as I had hoped. First my fuck buddy cum and then the one on my face. That left the one on my cock. She grabbed a hold of the counter and forced herself down onto me so hard that I thought that we might break the toilet itself.

Since she was doing all the work that was necessary I reached up and pulled her dress shirt out of her dark blue skirt. I reached under her shirt up to her bra and then under that too. I had seen how well she fills out her uniform. She looked like a good C-cup and possible a D-cup but what I felt could not have been any more than an A-cup. Her bra must have had at least four to five inches of stiff foam padding.

As my hands roamed over her small mounds and encountered her stiff nipples she turned her head around and said, “Don’t say a word, just fuck me please.”

It was a plea from a woman with a secret that she didn’t want to get out. Hey, I was fucking that beauty so I sure as hell wasn’t going to blow it. I kept my mouth shut and fucked into her with gusto until I shot my load in her. She had the other two women pull there skirt and dress down and step outside to give us room. I needed to pull up my pants and she needed to flush some of me down the toilet before she got herself put back together.

When we were alone she said, “Thank you for not revealing my secret. What can I do for you?”

I smiled and said, “Show them to me. I love tiny tits. My wife has tiny tits.”

She smiled and said, “No she doesn’t, I was playing with them while I ate her.”

I smiled and said, “Oh that’s not my wife, she’s my mile high fuck buddy. I never met her before this flight and I don’t even know her name.”

She asked, “Do you want to know more about her? It’s the least I can do for you.”

Then she loosened her tie, opened up her dark blue blazer, her light blue blouse, and her front clasp bra to reveal the sweetest little titties that I have seen since my wife’s. I feasted on her nipples until there was a light knock on the door letting her know that it was almost time to serve beverages.

With my beverage she handed me a computer printout. My fuck buddy was Amanda Susan Smith. Her initials spelled out ASS. She was married to James. I had her birth date, address, and Social Security number. I had her cell phone, her home phone, and even her business phone numbers. There was also a Goggle report on her. She was a motivational speaker based out of Portland, she owned her own company, and she had been in a Miss USA Pageant representing her state a few years back.

The Flight Attendant let my fuck buddy know that we had time for one trip to the restroom if we wanted. She smiled at me, pointed to the back of the plane and then led the way. I was greeted to both jeers and cheers as I got up. I just smiled knowing that I would be fucking Amanda again.

That time she went in first, stripped, and got in position leaning over the toilet so that I could come at her from behind. When I opened the door to go in the Flight Attendant smiled at seeing Amanda’s position. I got in behind her and got the door closed. My pants and underwear went down and my cock went in. She said that from behind was her favorite position. It gave her all the feeling that she needed and she could let her mind wonder without seeing who it was that was fucking her. With women it seems to be ninety percent mental. She may have been on an island with a bronzed beach boy or on a stage getting fucked by several muscle builders. Knowing Amanda just a little better I figured that I was her husband and giving it to her just the way she wanted it. I reached up and held her big breasts as I fucked into her. She was holding on tightly so I didn’t have too. I twisted her nipples and she cried out, “Yes, yes, that’s it.”

After I cum in her I looked down at her smooth back and asked, “What’s your name?”

She looked over her shoulders and replied, “No names, no regrets. Remember?”

As we disembarked from the plane our Flight Attendants thanked us for flying the friendly skies once again. In the tunnel to the main building Amanda stopped me, wrapped her arms around me, and gave me our first and our last kiss. It was a very good kiss too, I got an erection, and she told me that there were no restrooms in that airport, then she laughed.

She walked ahead of me and out into the waiting crowd. She ran right into her husband’s arms and kissed him just as passionately as she had kissed me.

As I watched Amanda and her husband walk away arm in arm my sexy Flight Attendant came up behind me and said, “I have a two day layover and I still owe you for keeping my secret.”

I took her up on her offer but on the second day I had to leave her for a few hours to attend the motivational meeting that I had been sent out there for. Amanda was the speaker and all she did was smile at me. The final session that day was entitled, No Names, No Regrets.

I certainly have no regrets.

The End
No Names, No Regrets
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