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I dream of taboo things at night.
I have the same dream every time I close my eyes. I live on a thousand acre ranch with the usual livestock, horses, cows, pigs, chickens, and you get the picture. I love to my favorite stallion "Smoke" more than anything else. Lighting stands 17 hands tall and is a beautiful Appaloosa. Lately I only ride him bare back wearing a sports bra and a pair of "Daisey Duke" shorts. I love to feel the play of his muscular body between my legs, my fingers twined in his mane with his spine rubbing my swollen clit. No one else can come near him and he is very protective of me almost as if I were part of the herd, perhaps his own personal mare. Sometimes when we go for a long ride the lather on his body is indistinguishable from the wet cream flowing from my wet pussy. The strong smell of horse and my sex is a powerful aphrodisiac that never fails to excite me to the limit of endurance. I used to wish he were a man or maybe a centaur of legend, but no more, because I now know that he's my perfect soul mate.

Today is the day to take our relationship to the next level. After riding for about an hour I rein in and dismount patting him and telling him how much I love him. He buts he with his head a couple of times as usual then
puts his nose in my crouch and blows his hot breath between my legs. I remove my clothes as I stand before him, my nipples are so hard they hurt and the juices are leaking from my pussy. The smell must draw him because he again puts his nose between my legs and the velvety softness is maddening to me. I walk him for a while then remount. The course hair is rough against my shaved pussy and i take him to a canter so that the feeling is intensified. I lean forward so that his wind blown mane whips my nipples making them harder that I ever thought possible and in this position my clit is is being pounded like never before. I nearly fall off as I orgasm, screaming his name over and over! I rein him in as we head for the barn, but I'm still entertaining certain thoughts. Thoughts of the most wonderful lover I've ever had and what I might be able to do for him to return the favor.

I walk him back to the barn and let him drink and put some oats and corn into his feed bag. Then it's bath time for him and this Smoke always enjoys because I pay special attention to the places that matter. I lather him up from top to bottom and rinsed him off. Then I started soaping his belly and worked my way to his cock that was peaking out of the sheath a bit. I started to get wet again thinking about that huge cock in my hands and decided this was the day.

I lay down in the hay. His legs were so long, his lovely strong body towering above me. It was so scary lying down under him, yet I was so wet that I didn’t care. His cock hung down, swaying at me, and then to my delight a hot gush of piss sprayed out onto my naked body. The odor was so strong. Fuck! I was so horny! I lay there enjoying the powerful jet of horse piss spraying me. Hitting my clit, my belly, splashing all over me. It was hitting my face, and I couldn't resist. I moved down and took some into my mouth. The strong taste of horse piss hit my tongue.

My pussy was aching for release, but I forced myself to wait. With the stream still going strong, I knelt up and took hold of the leathery shaft. I rubbed my hands up it length until I reached his two warm ball sacks. I cupped them in my hands, feeling their weight. I returned back to his wonderful cock, rubbed its length with my piss-wet hands. His stream of piss had subsided. Until there was a slow waning drip on the end. I ducked my head down to his cock and sucked on the tip. As I rubbed his cock again, I felt a slight twitch as he began to harden up. I caressed his warm shaft, licking into the hole at the end, getting even more wet by the feeling of the horse dick hardening at my touch. His shaft grew, and it was soon as long as my arm.

The head flared out. I so wanted it inside me- but I thought that there was no way it would fit into my tight little pussy. I licked up its length, my hands following my tongue, and jacked him off. I returned to the huge cock head, sitting on the floor I took as much in as I could. I sat on the floor, sliding first one hand up his huge length, followed by the other, replacing one hand at the end when I reached my full stretch, thereby continuously jacking him off.

It seemed to take forever, but all of a sudden his started to buck a bit. I scrambled out the way of his hooves, but kept hold of his beautiful cock. Licking and sucking my way from one end to the other over and over, rubbing that cock all over my face, my breasts, oh fuck I can't get enough! Suddenly a huge amount of scalding cum gushed out, coating my face. I raised it up, letting it spray onto my hard nipples. I rubbed my throbbing clit with a hand full of his gooey horse cum which almost made me cum right then but some how I held back. The horse was still shooting cum. I ducked down, letting the cum shower my head some more. Oh fuck was I horny! With my entire body nearly cover in horse cum; I set about arranging my own release.

I pulled over a hay bale, got up under my friend and aimed his hard cock at my hole. I rubbed his huge cock up and down my wet slit,loving every minute of it. Yet the pressure of his cock was too much for me to bare. With only a few strokes of that big head against my swollen lips I started to lift my ass up higher. I fell back, resting my head on the hay as he surged forward, impaling me on that huge rod and head of his cock pressing against my womb. Me screaming as he shot what seemed like a gallon of cum inside me like a volcano. I lay there limp as he stood over me with his tail twitching, tickles of his dried cum covered my skin. I managed to roll off of the hay. How could I resist? I lifted his cock and planted my lips on his hole, sucking out the cum he had left. I could feel his cock twitching away under my lips. Damn! Such a fucking turn-on. I slipped my fingers around him again.

To my dismay, Smoke decided he’d had enough. He reared up pulling away from me. I stumbled out of the barn into the house to clean up… and vowed it would happen again soon.
Love Nikki xoxoxoxxo

anonymous readerReport

2010-08-07 07:48:38
Damn, I got so fucking wet while reading this! Good story Nikki, love to join you next!!

Anonymous readerReport

2009-10-15 12:21:29
Wow Nikki! That's a wild dream!


2009-09-26 13:46:32
Very hot dream, Nikki, and your writing skills are improving. Still need some attention on spelling, though. Loved the story. donb9033

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