Victoria watched with satisfaction as her little sister, now completely obedient to her will, disappeared into her room. Her Father was already inside the room, waiting for Victoria and now Crystal was going to join the fun also. Just before Victoria went in she remembered that her pussy was leaking, it was her wetness that had led to Crystal falling under Victoria’s control same as her parents. She was curious what she tasted like, so she gathered some of her juices on her fingertips and brought it to her mouth. Before she even got it to her mouth, she could smell it and it smelled heavenly. The instant she the aroma hit her nostrils her mouth began to water, her nipples got hard, and she got even wetter, though she didn’t think that was possible. The way she tasted was beyond explanation and she had two completely different reactions. First, she went weak in the knees and felt fuzzy. After a brief moment Victoria regained her composure and her second reaction hit her, she now felt lust stronger than she ever had before flowing through her. In a flash she pulled her dress up and off her body and tossed it on the hallway floor and went into her room.

Victoria was pleased to see that Crystal had already gotten undressed, but displeased that she was giving her father a blowjob.

“Crystal, stop that immediately!’ Victoria yelled, ‘I did not tell you to do that. If you want to give Daddy a blowjob you’ll have to ask permission from now on, got it?”

Crystal nodded her agreement and tried her best to look sheepish and innocent, but it was lost on Victoria, who was looking her sister up and down. Victoria hadn’t realized it, but her sister had really grown recently. Her tits had swelled to a firm 36B and her ass had begun to stick out just enough that it gave her back a nice, gentle curve. Crystal had clearly been sitting out in the sun with her bikini on, because her stomach, legs, back, and face were a beautiful golden brown. However, her tits, pussy, and ass were still pale in the exact shape of a bikini, a look that Victoria had always found sexy. It was especially sexy, because her nipples, pussy, and even her asshole were a stark contrast of dark pink against the ivory, un-tanned, skin. Victoria had to have her, right now! She willed back a cock even bigger than before, a solid 13 inches, and ordered Crystal to start sucking it. Crystal didn’t have to be told twice and flew over to her sister’s mighty cock.

Crystal wrapped her hands, which looked tiny in comparison, around Victoria’s impressive cock. Slowly, she began to pump up and down with both hands while licking around the head. As her hands started to pick up speed, Crystal stretched her mouth wide and popped Victoria’s cock in her mouth. She sucked on the head for a minute, before pulling back and spitting all over Victoria’s cock getting it nice and slick. Then she slid it back into her hot, wet mouth. At first she only sucked on the head, but Victoria watched as one inch disappeared into her little sister’s mouth. Then two, then four, six, eight, ten, and finally all of Victoria’s now 13-inch cock was inside of her little sister’s mouth. Crystal had to pull the impressive cock down and away from Victoria’s huge stomach in order to get it all down her throat, but she managed it. Victoria was amazed that Crystal could still breath; she had to be halfway down her throat. But then she remembered she hadn’t choked on her father and her mother hadn’t choked on her, so it must be another gift of the beast. Victoria was extremely turned on by the thought and grabbed her little sisters head and pushed it even further down onto Victoria’s cock pushing it down her throat, which elicited a moan from Crystal. Just then Victoria noticed her Father still standing there and had another great idea. She pulled her cock out of Crystal’s throat and went over to her bed and sat on the floor. Victoria beckoned for Crystal to resume her position, but she also told her Father to come over and fuck her mouth. Like Crystal had done to her cock, Victoria did to her Father’s getting it slick with spit before slowly sliding all 11 inches into her mouth. Once her Father had bottomed out in Victoria’s mouth he grabbed the back of her head and began fucking her face. Just as Victoria had hoped he would.

As she had earlier that day Victoria was getting her face brutally fucked by her Father’s huge cock and at the same time she worked her 13-inch cock deep into her sister’s throat. It was an amazing feeling, the hot, slick cock sliding in and out of her throat, and at the same time feeling her cock being swallowed by her little sister. The pleasure from both ends was driving her insane and all she could think about was pumping her massive load into her sister’s throat, while she swallowed her father’s load too. She didn’t have to wait long, after a few minutes more of solid throat fucking, Victoria felt her Father’s cock swell up in her throat. When the first blast of jizz hit her throat wall it pushed Victoria over the edge and she moaned into her Father’s cock as her first wave of cum fired into her Crystal’s throat. For 30 seconds neither of their cocks relinquished their cumming. Victoria had no problem swallowing the enormous load her Dad was releasing; however, Crystal was have a much harder time and though she swallowed over and over, cum had begun to leak out of the corners of her mouth and dripping onto Victoria’s legs. Finally, when the cumming ceased Victoria’s Father pulled his cock out of her throat and mouth and Crystal pulled her head off Victoria’s cock. Victoria stared in amazement once again as her Father had grown again, only this time wider.

Victoria sat on the floor and decided what to do next. She really wanted to fuck Crystal, but she also needed to get fucked in either her pussy or ass, she didn’t care which one. She thought about it for minute and then told Crystal to lie down on her bed. Once again, Crystal did as she was told and laid down, spread eagle, on Victoria’s bed. Victoria also told her Father to lie down on the bed. Victoria assumed a position on her Father’s hard cock; quickly working the whole thing inside of her. She pulled her sister’s thighs up on top of her and held her up by the ass. She pressed the tip of her cock against the thin, blond hair of her sister’s cunt and dragged it along Crystal’s wet pussy, before pushing in. Victoria did not take it easy on her sister and shoved her cock in as far as she could get it in the first plunge, 5 inches. Crystal arched her back and cried out in pain and pleasure. Victoria pulled out to the very tip and again slammed into her sister, this time getting nine inches in. Again, Crystal arched up and screamed; only this time it was more pleasure than pain. One last time, Victoria pulled almost all the way out, before shoving in all the way. At this point, all three of them were going crazy with pleasure. Her Father from penetrating Victoria’s hot, tight cunt; Crystal from being fucked by her sister’s huge cock; and Victoria, from being fucked by her father’s thick rod and from fucking Crystal’s tight, soft pussy. The three of them quickly found a rhythm and started to speed up. Only two minutes in Crystal was on the verge of climaxing and when Victoria started rubbing her clit, she couldn’t stand it anymore. Her whole body tensed for a brief moment, before twitching and bucking under an intense orgasm. Her pussy was clamped down on Victoria’s cock to prevent it from going anywhere, as if Victoria was going to pull out of that pussy!

When Crystal came down from her orgasm, Victoria slid her off her cock. Then she changed to a doggy style position, which would allow her father to really pound her, and told Crystal to enjoy the show. Her Father wasted no time getting up to speed and was fucking Victoria so hard that her tits were dangerously close to hitting her in the face. Dirty thoughts were racing through Victoria’s mind, she wanted her Dad to pull her hair, spank her ass, play with her asshole, call her a slut, she wanted to be treated like a slut. Without her saying anything, her Father slowed his pace and grabbed a fistful of hair, yanking Victoria’s head backwards. At the same time he spat on her asshole and roughly shoved two fingers into her tight hole. Victoria moaned loudly as her Father violated her asshole and played rough with her.

“You like that, bitch?” Her Father asked, “You like it when I play with your asshole? You like being my little, dirty slut?”

“Ohhhh! Yes, Daddy. I want to be your dirty slut. I want you to violate me and use my body for your pleasure!” Victoria was in heaven.

“Turn your head to face me!” Her father ordered (But really Victoria thought of it).

Victoria turned her head and looked over her shoulder at her Father as he inserted another finger into Victoria’s tight ass, which elicited another moan from Victoria. He then let go of her hair and gave her several hard, sharp spanks. Each one making Victoria moan louder. After about 20 spanks, he grabbed her hair again and began to fuck her wildly again. He pulled his fingers out of her ass and brought them to her mouth. Victoria wasted no time and greedily sucked on the fingers, which ten seconds ago had been in her asshole. Victoria knew her father couldn’t last much longer and she wanted to get off at the same time. So, she removed her father’s fingers from her mouth and told him to put them back in her ass, which he did adding a fourth finger. And she dropped one hand down to her clit and began rubbing feverishly. Within a minute they both let loose huge orgasms. Victoria nearly blacked out from the pleasure and her Father jizz almost immediately started over flowing from her pussy. For half a minute, Victoria writhed around on her Father’s cock, while he continued to pump sperm into her pussy. Victoria’s Father pulled his cock out of her cunt and cum poured out of her and onto the bed, where a nice puddle had already formed.

“Crystal, lick up all that cum! I won’t let it go to waste.” Victoria ordered.

Crystal made quick work of the puddle on the sheets and then took to licking her sister’s pussy clean. When Victoria was satisfied with the job she told her Father and Crystal to get dressed and to head downstairs. She followed a few minutes later. Over the next six days Victoria fucked her Mom, Dad and Crystal multiple times everyday. Victoria would’ve definitely gotten pregnant, had she not already been. However, she was pretty sure that her or her father had probably knocked up both her Mom and Crystal. Victoria was sure that the monster would be very pleased with all the food she had given the offspring.

Victoria had a terrible time sleeping that night, because she knew in the morning she would get fucked by the monster again. Despite being so excited and aroused, she eventually fell asleep. What felt like only moments later, Victoria awoke to that same pulling sensation. She was once again finding herself drawn to the bathroom; none of this was new to Victoria. However, she was startled when she got into the bathroom, as Crystal and her Mom were already in there. None of them said a word as they waited for the monster to appear. They didn’t have to wait long. Two tentacles came shooting out of the drain and hovered right in front of Crystal and her Mom. Suddenly, the tentacles covered the two of them in the same sticky substance that had covered Victoria. She watched in astonishment as their skin absorbed the fluid and the two of them regained consciousness. By the time they had come to their senses, the monster had emerged from the drain. It was even larger than before; the number of tentacles had increased in number and in size. Victoria assumed it had done so to accommodate the two new guests.

Without warning, three tentacles shot out from the body and completely penetrated the three women’s pussies. All three of them moaned loudly and dropped their weight on the tentacles, hoping to get them deeper inside of their pussies. The monster complied with their desires, pushing the tentacles even deeper, penetrating their wombs. At that point Victoria’s knees gave out and she fell towards the ground, but before she hit four tentacles shot out and grabbed her arms and legs, suspending her in mid-air. The monster hoisted her up and held her aloft a few feet off the ground. Victoria watched as more tentacles hoisted up her sister and her mother and brought them to her, so that they were all pushed together. The monster fucked them all on a different rhythm, making their tits rub up against each other at different times, increasing the pleasure. The feeling of getting fucked and having her sister and mom’s tits rubbing against hers was driving Victoria insane. While the three of them were in ecstasy, the monster brought a tentacle to Crystal’s anus and pushed deep into her ass.

Slowly, the tentacle snaked its way though Crystal’s body, the whole time taking her to a new level of arousal. When the tentacle reached the bottom of Crystal’s throat, she began convulsing in an intense orgasm. Her eyes rolled back into her head, while the tentacle popped out of her mouth and immediately shoved into her Mother’s mouth. Like Crystal, her Mother was brought to another level of excitement and climaxed as the tentacle pushed out of her asshole. Lastly, the tentacle pushed into Victoria’s ass and began making its way up her body. Each inch in crawled sent waves of pleasure through Victoria’s body making her tremble all over. When the tentacle reached her stomach, Victoria was sure she was going to climax, but something was preventing her from reaching her goal. Seconds later, Victoria was opening her mouth to let the tentacle come out. Victoria, Crystal, and their Mother were impaled on thick tentacles and intertwined on one tentacle that had weaved its way between their bodies.

Crystal and Victoria’s Mother had already been allowed to climax, but the monster was preventing Victoria from reaching her orgasm. Just when she felt she was about to, the monster pulled its tentacle out of her dripping pussy. For a moment, Victoria felt empty, but then she felt something else. Something had shifted inside of her and was making its way towards her pussy. Victoria had never felt a sensation like this, pressure was building every second. Each move it made was like a thousand orgasms building up, but never getting released. Finally, Victoria felt she couldn’t take it anymore, she thought her body might explode she was so hot. In that same moment, the offspring inside of her pushed its way out of her, releasing the most amazing orgasm of Victoria’s life. For two minutes she thrashed uncontrollably, eventually, blacking out from the overload. The last thing she remembered seeing, before passing out, was a small, green ball of tentacles lying at her feet.

Victoria wasn’t sure how much time had passed since she passed out. What she did know was that the monster and its offspring were gone, and her sister and mother were still in the bathroom with her. Victoria pulled herself up and examined herself in the mirror. Her stomach had flattened out, as it was prior to the impregnation, and she looked like a typical high school girl. Unlike a typical high school girl, and much to Victoria’s delight, she could still grow a cock at will. Victoria got her Mom and Sister up and told them to get dressed and she did the same. While slipping on something tight and slutty, Victoria couldn’t help but wonder if she’d ever see the monster again.


2014-09-04 22:08:04
"Victoria's (nee Victor) Secret 3: Family:" - Victoria (nee Victor), Mom and Dad, and Crystal - (Seventeen Year Old Daughter [Son], Forty-two Year Old Mother and Unnamed Father, and Young Teen Sister).

The Chapter 03 of the story is progressively further into more of the happenings from Chapter 02--sort or similar to "the seventh-inning stretch" in Baseball. Although Victoria (the Hermaphrodite) did use her dick to fuck her younger teen sister Crystal, a repeat of Victoria giving her (now) dad's thirteen-inch dick another blowjob. Additionally the "mother" monster has returned to claim the (baby monster ) offspring birthed by Victoria!

My idealism that love, romance and fidelity can accomplish most anything, I'm wishing that son (originally) Victor, our newly formed Hermaphrodite Victoria (with all and fully functioning male and female sex organs) would be able to consummate a human daughter, and at puberty, would take the same Hermaphrodite form of it's mother Victoria!!

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"Victoria's Secret 3: Family" - Victoria (nee Victor), Crystal, Unnamed Dad and Unnamed Mom - (Daughter [nee Son]), Daughter, Father and Mother)

Weird! The story is difficult to follow with son Victor now being Victoria the hermaphrodite daughter/son (being referred to as "her" and "she"), the unnamed mother being referred as "her" and "she", and Crystal most times being referred to as "she" and "her"!!

The one tangible item I do get from the story, and enjoy immensely is the Victor/Victoria hermaphrodite having both fully operational female parts (genetalia) and fully operational male parts (genetalia), including cum, sperm, balls, scrotum, and female reproductive parts including pussy (vagina), juice, womb, cervix, and birth canal!!!! If the story were absent the monster and tentacles, the saga would be erotically fantastic and magnificent!!

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Kori - I'm just getting back into sciaobpokrng now that I have a new baby and this is so beautiful and is giving me so many great ideas! Thanks for making this website!!

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please write more. it made me so horny.

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