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Cynthia (Cin to me) has been using hypnosis to lose weight. Her brother David has implanted a secret phrase that puts Cynthia into a deep hypnotic trance, ready to receive his suggestions. He has successfully convinced her that she needs his help to have an orgasm while masturbating. His most recent accomplishment, with a little patience, was to have her fuck him. Now her girlfriend Yvette is coming into the picture.
Hypnosis Weight Control 4

Cynthia (Cin to me) has been using hypnosis to lose weight. Her brother David has implanted a secret phrase that puts Cynthia into a deep hypnotic trance, ready to receive his suggestions. He has successfully convinced her that she needs his help to have an orgasm while masturbating. His most recent accomplishment, with a little patience, was to have her fuck him. Now her girlfriend Yvette is coming into the picture.

Author’s note: Every character in or referenced in this story is 16 years old or older. Sometimes in real life people lie about their age. In the same manner, these story characters may lie about their age, stating that they are younger than 16. But I am stating here and now, as the author of this story, that every single character is at least 16 years old. Any reference to an age younger than 16 is a lie, stated by the character or narrator of the story in an attempt to shock the reader. But do not believe them. It is not true. They are really 16 years old or older. Believe me. I know. I wrote the story.

"David, wake up I said." It sounded like my sister Cin's voice. I opened my eyes and there she was sitting on the edge of my bed with her hands on my shoulders, trying to wake me up. I looked over at the clock and couldn't believe what time it was.

"Cin, are you crazy?" I complained. "It's 2:00 AM.

"Yeah but you have to see this," Cin said. "It's Yvette. She is in my bedroom in a deep self-hypnotic state. It only took her a few attempts and she was able to do what took me a week to accomplish. She's really good at this."

"What's Yvette doing here?" I asked, still half asleep.

"I called her and had to her over for the weekend, since Mom and Dad are gone," she explained. "You don't mind do you?"

Though my head was still a little foggy I was awake enough to realize that this was my perfect opportunity to connect with Yvette. She was my sister's girlfriend, best friend that is. Cin shared everything with her. But they were different in so many ways. Where Cynthia was slightly on the chunky side (she thinks she is fat), Yvette was skinny as a rail. They were both 5 feet 2 inches tall and 18 years old. But Yvette hardly had any breasts at all; at least that's what it looked like through her clothes. Maybe that helped her with her running. She did well in cross-country running in college. But her height, lack of any real breast size, and skinny body all over made her look like a pre-teen. She was African-American and as black as night, her father being from Kenya. Her short black hair was usually just pulled back in a ponytail. I'm sorry for saying it again, but if I hadn't known better I would have said that Yvette wasn't any older than 13.

"I don't mind at all," I told Cin. "So she is in a trance right now you say?"

"Yes, you have got to go take a look," Cin insisted.

"Cin sleep," I whispered, saying those special trigger words that immediately put Cynthia into her hypnotic trance.

"Yes David," she said in that monotone voice of hers.

"Stay here until I return," I told her and then left my sister in my room while I walked over to Cynthia's room. As I entered I saw Yvette sitting on the bed with her back to the wall, staring straight ahead to the opposite side of the room. She had on a pair of flannel pajamas and looked like a little girl.

"Hello Yvette," I calmly said. "How are you?"

"Hello David," she replied in that same monotone voice that Cin used. "I'm fine thank you."

"You look good this evening," I said, trying to get a rapport going with her.

"Thank you for saying so," she replied.

"I would like to thank you for being such a good friend to Cynthia," I told her. "That means a lot to me and I would like to consider you my friend too."

"It's easy to be friends with Cynthia, she is such a nice girl," Yvette said. "But I appreciate you thanking me and yes, I would hope that we are friends."

"I want you to know that you can always count on me to help you whenever you need it." I wasn't sure where I was going with this, just wanted to build a bond with Yvette.

"That's good to know," she said. "I just may take you up on that one day."

"You are doing really well with your self-hypnosis. I think you will be able to accomplish anything you want."

"Thank you for noticing David," she said.

"In fact I would like to help you too if you would let me," I offered.

"Sure, but how?" she asked.

"Well when you hear me say the words Yvette Sleep, then I want you to immediately go into a deep hypnotic sleep, just like you are now. Then you won't have to go through all the self-hypnosis process. I am doing this because you have been such a wonderful friend to Cynthia and I want to help you in any way I can."

"Thank you David," she simply said.

"Now on the count of three I want you to wake up from your sleep feeling refreshed and positive about you accomplishments with the self-hypnosis. You will not remember that we had this conversation but you will always respond to me when you hear me say Yvette Sleep, and you will immediately go into the deep state of hypnosis. If you ever hear me say the words Cin Sleep, you will ignore them as if you didn't hear them at all. You will ignore everything I say to Cynthia until you hear me wake her up. Now, one, two, three."

Yvette woke up, looked up at me and smiled. "Hi David, when did you come in?"

"Oh I just walked in," I lied. "Cynthia is in the other room." Then I tried the trigger words to see if the implant worked. "Yvette sleep."

Yvette immediately went into her trance state. "Yes David."

"When you wake up you will continue to sit on the bed for five more minutes. Then you will get up and come into my bedroom to get Cynthia."

"OK David," she said.

"You and Cynthia will have a little fun rivalry tonight. Whatever Cynthia does in my room you will want to do too, only better. This will go on until either I tell you to stop or ... or ..." I couldn't think of what to say. Then it hit me. "...or Cynthia kisses you."

"Cynthia wouldn't kiss me," Yvette said.

"Well then I will have to tell you to stop," I said. "But if she did kiss you I am sure it would only be for fun, just kidding around, nothing serious."

"Oh, I understand," Yvette said.

"But just between you and me, I think Cynthia likes you more than you think. To test this theory out, if she does happen to kiss you then I want you to kiss her back, passionately, just for fun, like a game."

"OK David, it sounds like we are going to have some fun playing tricks on Cynthia tonight."

"Yes, and one more thing," I told her. "When you go to bed tonight, where will you be sleeping?"

"On the floor, of course."

"Not tonight," I told her. "Cynthia has a double bed and it would fit you two easily. I want you to be comfortable while you are here and get a good night's sleep."

"Thank you for you concern David," she said. "I see that you do care about me."

"I have an idea. Let's try a test to find out how much Cynthia really does like you. Are you up for some more fun?" I asked Yvette.

"I think so," she said a little hesitantly. "It won't hurt will it?"

"Of course not. I want you to get in the bed first. And I want you to take off your pajamas and toss them at Cynthia before she gets in bed, just for fun. That will shock her," I said.

"Yes, that will be a good joke on her," Yvette agreed. "She won't know what to think. But do I keep them off?"

"Oh yes, all night long. I want you to see if Cynthia can go all night without touching you. You can tell me in the morning how it went. OK?"

"OK David, I'll report back to you in the morning," she promised. "But what do I do if she does touch me?"

"Ummm...why touch her back of course, only better. This is a competition and you want bragging rights for being the best," I explained. "Listen, just do whatever she does, only do it a little better, a little longer, a little gentler, a little more forceful, whatever, just better. Just like you leaned how to do self-hypnosis faster than Cynthia, you can do anything better than she can. I know you can do it Yvette, don't you think?"

"Yes, I can do that David," she said with confidence. I caught a bit of pride somehow breaking through that monotone voice.

"Now on the count of three you will wake up feeling wonderful. You will not remember our conversation but you will do everything just as we discussed. One, two," and as I walked out of the room I said, "three."

A moment later I was in my own room. "Cin, how are you feeling tonight?"

"Fine David, excited about Yvette and her accomplishments," she said.

"Yes, she has done well. But you have taught her well too," I praised her.

"Thank you David. You are always so nice to me," she said.

"It is only the truth, and of course it is easy with a wonderful sister like you," I told her. "I think Yvette was coming out of her trance just as I was leaving. If you ever hear me say the words Yvette Sleep you will act as if you never heard them. They are not meant for you and you will never respond to them."

"OK David."

"Now I thought it would be fun if we played a trick on Yvette, sort of a game really. I'm going to go to bed and after Yvette comes into the room I want you to give me a goodnight kiss," I instructed Cin.

"I can do that," she said.

"I know you can Cin. You are a very good kisser. Sometimes I wish I were your boyfriend so that I could kiss you all the time. When you wake up you will remember that I said that. Well anyway when you kiss me, Yvette might try to do it too. If she does then turn it into a fun little contest and you do it even better. Don't let her out-do you," I warned her.

"OK David, I won't," Cin promised.

"If Yvette starts getting carried away with me you can always stop her by kissing her," I said. "It will be such a shock to her system, to have her best friend kiss her, that she will forget all about me."

"That sounds pretty bold David, but if you say it will work then I'll remember it, just in case I need to."

"Oh and I have noticed that Yvette has a crush on you," I pointed out, "so I want you to try something to find out for sure. When you two go to bed, if she tries something then you try it too, see if she responds. Like if she touches you then you touch her back. If it was just an accidental touch then that will be the end of it. But if she likes you she will try to touch you again. You may have to start it though so don't be afraid to touch her first. Then just see how far she is willing to go. But don't let her out-do you. Tell me in the morning what happened."

"That sounds easy David," she said.

"Remember if you hear me say Yvette Sleep then you will ignore everything I say to her until you hear me wake her up. Now on three you will wake up feeling refreshed and as usual won't remember our conversation, except any specifics I told you to remember. You will remember to do all that we have discussed. One, two, three." Then she was awake.

"So are you going to come see Yvette in her trance? Oh Yvette, you're here," Cin said as Yvette walked into the room.

"I was wondering where you were," Yvette told her.

"Well ladies, I have got to get back to bed," I said. "I am about to fall asleep standing up." I hopped back in bed and asked them to shut out the light as they left.

Cin walked over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Good night David, sleep tight."

Yvette, not to be undone walked over to the bed and leaning in gave me a quick kiss on the lips. "Good night David, see you in the morning."

As Yvette stepped back, Cin took her place and said, "If you're going to kiss him on the lips, this is how you do it." Then she gave me a passionate open-mouth kiss for about five seconds.

"I think I know how to kiss," Yvette said as she moved in close. She then started making out with me. Her mouth was smaller than my sister's but worked just as well. Her tongue darted in and out between my lips as she sucked on my mouth.

Cin reached over and grabbed Yvette by the shirt, pulling her away from me. I was about to break up the fight when Cin said, "I'll be the one to say whether or not you can kiss." Then she pulled Yvette to her chest and kissed her on the mouth. Yvette responded instantly and suddenly I was watching my sister and her best friend making out in front of me.

After a couple of minutes I said, "OK ladies, break it up. Get a room or something, just take it out of here and let me sleep."

They stopped kissing and giggled as they walked out of my room, flicking off the light and plunging me into darkness. I quickly fell asleep.

It was 8:30 AM when I woke up to the smell of bacon and eggs. I got up and wandered out of my bedroom to the kitchen, taking a seat at the table. The two girls were in the kitchen, talking, giggling, pinching each other, all while they were finishing making breakfast.

"You two seem chipper this morning," I commented. "Just what did you two do last night after I fell asleep."

"That's for us to know and you to find out," Cin shot back.

"Well I intend to because whatever it is, I want some of it," I told them both. "You two look too happy. Give me a hint."

"We want to tell you but we're going to make you work for it," Cin said.

"It's not for guys," Yvette revealed. "Though all guys want it."

"Breakfast is served," Cin said as she put the food on the table and the two of them sat down.

I wanted to be ahead of the game this morning, not trying to play catch-up. I quickly said to each girl their appropriate trigger phrase. "Cin sleep. Yvette sleep."

"Yes David," they both said in unison, and then just sat there staring at me.

"Yvette, please sit there and wait while I talk to Cynthia. You will not hear my conversation with Cynthia but will wait until I touch your hand, hearing nothing until then." I knew that I had already instructed each to ignore my conversations with the other girl, but I just wanted to be sure this first time.

"OK David," Yvette said.

"Cin, tell me what happened last night," I instructed my sister.

"Well you were right about Yvette. She had a big crush on me. She got in bed and removed her pajamas, even tossing them at me. I did as you suggested and played along, even removing my own pajamas. I felt a bit awkward. There we were under the covers, lights out, but still totally nude. I waited a while but she didn't touch me. So I reached over and touched her on the stomach, lightly. She did the same to me, caressing me a little. So I had to do a little more to her. Each time we did something to each other it had to be better than the previous person's action. I don't know where the time went but before we both realized it I had gone down on Yvette and when she went down on me she brought me hard. If the things we did to each other could be called fucking then that's what we did for the next hour. Exhausted we both fell asleep, only to wake up this morning and just enjoy the touch of each other."

"Do you love her?" I asked Cin.

"Not like a girl and a boy love each other," she tried to explain. "I love the feeling she gives me and I love giving it to her. But I don't want to marry her if that's what you mean. I'm not a lesbian, am I David?"

"No Cin. You are not a lesbian. What you had with Yvette was wonderful but it was only a one night thing, youthful experimentation. The only time you will enjoy being with her like that will be when there is one guy with you. You haven't tried that yet and you will enjoy it when it happens. You will not only give and receive satisfaction from Yvette but will with the guy too. For this conversation let's call it a three-way. In fact you will want to give the guy even more satisfaction that what the two of you got last night."

"That sounds like fun," she said. "Who will be the guy?"

"Well you will need to make that decision on your own. But it has to be someone that you care for deeply and who also cares for you," I explained. "Then you will be able to give yourself completely without any reservations. That is how you will get the maximum satisfaction out of your three-way. I am telling you this because I care for you deeply and want you to have the best experience possible. Save yourself for that special guy who loves you dearly."

"You always have my best at heart and I love you for that," Cin replied.

"That's because I love you dearly. Remember this conversation about the three-way after you wake up. Now after breakfast today it might be fun to see which of you two can put a banana the farthest down your throat and pull it back up without breaking it."

"Why would we do that?" Cin asked.

"Because one day you will need to do that when you have a boyfriend, but using his appendage, not a banana. And I want you to be prepared and ready, because I care for you deeply and always want the best for you." I was reinforcing some thoughts for her. "Always remember my words of encouragement to you after you wake up."

"Thank you David. Again you are looking out for me. I could never have a better friend or brother than you," she told me.

"Now I am going to talk to Yvette and you will not hear anything, just sit there quietly until I touch your hand and address you again. When I wake you up you will do all that I have suggested. You will especially remember that I care for you deeply, more than anyone else ever could."

"OK David," she said as I turned to Yvette and touched her hand.

"Yvette, do you hear me?"

"Yes David," she replied.

"Without going into too much detail, please tell me how last night went for you with Cynthia," I asked her.

"Well first of all you were right, Cynthia does have a crush on me. I felt bad about leading her on but I have to tell you that it was the most erotic and incredibly satisfying night of my life. I got blood on the sheets as she broke my hymen last night with her finger. We fucked each other silly."

"Though it was fun, I'm sure you realize it was just a one time thing," I suggested to her.

"Of course, if you say so," she replied. "You know Cynthia well."

"It was just an experiment that young women do so you won't need to do it again. You will be able to have the same kind of fun again though, but only if one guy joins the two of you. It will be a three-way. When that happens you will want to give that guy even more satisfaction than what you gave or received last night with Cynthia. But the guy has to be someone that the two of you both like and who likes you and cares for you and your well-being."

"I understand," she said.

"Have you ever gone down on a guy?" I asked her.

"No, never," she quickly replied. "But I know what you mean. I have seen it many times on TV late at night."

"Doing that will always give you great satisfaction and enjoyment," I promised her. "But you need to know how to do it. Practicing on a banana is fun and you should try it after breakfast. You might suggest it to Cynthia."

"That's a good idea, David," she said.

"I only tell you this because you are my friend and I like you and care for very much. I always want the best for you Yvette," I told her.

"Thank you David. You are always so kind to me," she said.

"When I wake you up you will remember everything I have suggested. You will remember that I care for you as much as I do for my sister Cynthia and that I always want the best for you."

I reached over and touched Cin's hand. Now the two of you will wake up and feel refreshed, ready to eat your breakfast. Oh and to start the day out right you both will want to give me a good passionate good-morning kiss because you know that I love you both dearly and always want the best for you both. Now on the count of three you will wake up. One, two, three."

"Well you two out did yourselves this morning with this great breakfast. I love you both and really appreciate you two for all you do for me," I said. "Let's eat."

Yvette was the first to make a move. "Before we eat I just want to say how much I like and appreciate you too David. You are always so nice to me." She stood up and in one step was next to me. With me still sitting she leaned down and gave me a kiss that made me hard and want her right then. But I had to wait, wanted to wait. I wanted to stretch this weekend out and enjoy the buildup as much as the climax. Her open mouth allowed her tongue to dance around my teeth and play with my own tongue. It took my sister to break us up.

Pulling Yvette back gently, Cin said, "Give him a break Yvette, and me a chance at him too. You are the best brother a sister could ever have. It's like you only have one goal in life, to make my life better. I love you David." And then she kissed me. Her moist lips quickly washed away the taste of Yvette as she too pierced my mouth with her tongue. I let her roam around a little before returning the action to her mouth.

"Enough, the two of you," Yvette interrupted. "Let's eat breakfast before it gets cold." So we did.

When we were all done eating Cin cleaned up the dishes while Yvette walked over and grabbed a banana.

"What are you doing?" Cin asked. "Those are green."

"Yep, nice and hard," she laughed. Yvette cut off the top and peeled it nearly to the bottom. She seductively slid it into her mouth like she was a professional at cunnilingous.

"How deep can you take it?" Yvette asked Cin.

"I don't know. I've never tried before," Cin admitted. She grabbed another green banana and preparing it slid it into her mouth. She began to choke and pulled it out quickly, coughing.

"Relax your throat and breath through your nose," Yvette instructed.

"How do you know this?" Cin asked.

"Late night TV," she admitted. "My dad has all the channels. You can learn a lot from TV."

Cin tried it a couple more times before she kind of got the hang of it. "Is it the same with the real thing?"

"I don't know. I've never tried it," Yvette admitted. "But I wouldn't mind giving it a shot."

"Yeah but you can never be too safe with that sort of thing," Cin warned. "Besides I wouldn't want to put just anybody's in my mouth. It would have to be someone I cared about and who cared about me."

"I agree," Yvette said. "Something like that is too personal. I would want"

At that moment it was as if they both had the same idea at the same time because they looked over at me and together said, "you."

"Me?" I meekly asked.

"Yes, you would be the perfect candidate David," Cin said. "Please, you have to do this for us. We wouldn't be able to find anyone else to practice on, not someone we trust anyway. Please David, please."

"Absolutely not," I stated flatly. "You are my sister and you Yvette are her best friend. I would be taking advantage of you two. I couldn't do that. I care for both of you too much to use you like that."

"That's why you are the perfect person, David," Cin argued. "You are so innocent and honest with us. If it were anyone else they would take advantage of us but you would never do that. Please, it's the perfect solution for us and you do want us to learn don't you?"

I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Well OK, but I'm doing this favor for you two because I care for you so much. You will both owe me big time. Agreed?"

"Yes," they both said, excitedly.

"But you got to know you may make me cum," I warned them.

"What do we do then?" Cin asked.

"You swallow it," Yvette said. "That's what you want to do, make him cum. Then you know you are doing it right. If you want you can go first because he'll cum easier the first time."

"OK, thanks," Cin said. "But you continue to surprise me at what you know." Yvette gave her a few instructions and we went to the living room couch. I pulled off my pajama shorts and sat back. Cin was kneeling between my legs when she took my erect shaft in her hand. Now I had already fucked my sister once and though it was incredible, it was also fast. My sister had an urgency to climax so I was more of a tool to get her off and didn't get a chance to really enjoy it. I wanted today to be different.

As she wrapped her fingers around my shaft I felt a rush of blood surge into it as it stiffened up even more. Doing as Yvette had instructed Cin stroked my dick a few times and then slid it into her mouth, getting it nice and wet. Her mouth felt warm and wet, increasing my anticipation. Yvette had told her to use lots of saliva. She then began sliding my erection in and out of her mouth, sucking on it as she did. Each time she would go a little deeper with it until I felt the back of her mouth. Cin continued this for a couple of minutes before stopping. She took a deep breath and then slowly dropped her head onto my shaft. I could feel the head slide into her throat. She held it there a moment and then pulled it out. Taking another deep breath she did it again, this time even deeper. I felt myself throbbing and knew I couldn't last much longer. She repeated this several times until I was fully inside of her, as deep as I could go, her teeth pressed against my body.

I couldn't take it any longer and felt the rush of my cum flow up my shaft. I remember every moment of it like it was in slow motion, that exquisite feeling as your cum rises up your shaft. The feeling truly was fantastic and I exploded into my sister's mouth. Surge after surge of my cum shot down her throat. Her eyes went wide as she tried to pull her head back but by now I had both my hands behind her head and kept her pressed hard against my body. Finally I was done and let her free. She fell backwards onto her butt, breathing hard.

"God that was awesome," she exclaimed, still coughing.

"For me too," I admitted. "I'm afraid Yvette, I'm going to be out of commission for a while."

"Yes, I know," she agreed. "So you won't mind if I clean you up a bit and work on getting you hard again?"

"Of course not," I told her. Yvette took my sister's place between my legs. My dick was already going limp when she put it in her mouth. She too was warm but I was too spent to respond right then. Yvette sucked out any last drops of my cum and then began the task of bringing me back to attention. Though I was hairy, she didn't seem to mind as she took my balls into her mouth and gently played with them before returning to my dick.

"Have you done this before?" I asked her.

"Never. I told you I've watched a lot of late night TV," she explained. It probably didn't take even ten minutes, but little Yvette, this 18-year-old girl that looked like she was barely a teenager had me hard and ready. I wanted to pull her up to me and ram my cock into her tiny little cunt right then. But I had to play the game out. And this part of the game was for Yvette to give me a blow job.

She had my erection in her hand and gave it a few more strokes before ever touching it with her lips for the first time. I wondered how this tiny mouth would be able to take me but when she slid me in that first time I closed my eyes and let out a moan of pleasure.

"I guess that mint really worked," Cin said to Yvette. "David, she's been sucking on a mint. She said it would add a little spice to the feeling." Well she was right. My dick felt like little sparks were going off all around it.

Yvette began sliding her head up and down my shaft, keeping me wet and hard. She sucked as she moved, rubbing her tongue against the underside as she slid up and down. Sometimes she would hold her mouth around the head of my shaft and suck really hard, giving me several quick jerks with her hand. Then she was back to taking me, ever deeper into that little mouth of hers.

I realized that Yvette was already taking me partway into her throat as she made her down stroke onto my erection, but just not holding me there like Cin had done. Soon Yvette too was slamming her lips against my body as she fully engulfed my member. That's when she stopped. Pressed against me she had me impaled in her mouth and partway down her throat. After several seconds she pulled off. Stoking me a few times with her hand she did it again, put me all the way in. This time I grabbed the back of her head and held it hard against me. I throbbed inside of her mouth as I felt my cum on the edge of eruption. She started to struggle to pull out but I held her firm. Her fight to get off of me sent me over the edge. My cum shot up my shaft and I came hard down her throat. I could hear her gag but kept her there while I emptied myself. When I was done I released her, coughing and gagging as she fell to the floor. That was best blow job I had ever experienced. Looking at Yvette and how small she was, it felt like I had just gotten a blow job by a baby teen, the best I'd ever had.

Wow, I just got a blow job from each of my two most favorite girls in all the world. Yvette was by far the superior of the two. As I looked at her sitting on the floor, catching her breath, all I could think about was how much I wanted to explore her body, to taste her lips again, her breasts, her pussy. God, I wanted to fuck this little girl. But I couldn't rush it. It might be overload for her and she would reject it. It wasn't a sure thing, even with hypnosis. I had to take my time. Working the two girls together, with a little competition seemed to work so far, but would it continue to work? What should I do next? I really skipped completely the make out step with Yvette. I wanted to suck on her little breasts but would she let me? After what she just did, why not?

I pulled up my shorts, before sitting on the floor next to Yvette. I put my arms around her and gave her a hug. "Hey, are you OK?"

"I didn't know it was going to be so rough," she said.

"It does get better with practice. But you were fantastic, honest," I truthfully told her. "I can't imagine a better experience than what you just gave me." I leaned in close for a moment and whispered to her, "You were way better than Cynthia." Then out loud I said, "God, I love you two girls so much," hugging Yvette tighter before letting her go. She had a big smile on her face.

"Cin, Yvette, because of what you just did for me, I am at your service all day today," I told them both. "Whatever you want me to do I will do, anything. I'll do your chores Cynthia. I'll wash your car Yvette. Anything. Just consider me your slave for the day."

Then I said, "Cin sleep. Yvette sleep."

"Yes David," they said together, in their hypnotic state.

"I told you that I am your slave for the day," I said.

"Yes David, that's correct," Cin said.

"We can have you do anything all day," Yvette added.

"Of course I could do chores, wash cars, whatever, anytime. But this weekend we are alone. Since you took an opportunity and used me to learn about blow jobs, maybe you should consider using me as your sex slave this weekend. You won't have another opportunity like this, with all of us alone like this."

"You're right David, that's a good idea," Cin said.

"You would do any sexual thing we asked, without objection this time?" Yvette asked.

"As long as you don't hurt me too much, I mean seriously hurt me, then yes?" I answered.

"Even a little S&M?" Yvette asked.

"You watch too much TV Yvette," I said. "OK, even a little of that, whatever it is. I just don't want any of us to really get hurt, that's all. I care for you both so much," I told them.

"Now I am going to protest some of the things you want me to do but you won't let that stop you, because you know that I am your sex slave. You may just have to punish me. When I wake you, you will come up with the idea of me being not just a normal slave but a sex slave for the day, all on your own. You will do all that was suggested. One, two, three."

"OK then, you are our slave for the day," Yvette announced.

"Yvette," Cin interrupted. "My parents are gone for the weekend. We won't have a better opportunity than now."

"To do what?" Yvette asked.

"To make David our sex slave," she proclaimed. "Who better than David to practice on with anything we want to try?"

"Yes, I like it. You're a genius Cynthia," Yvette said. "OK David, for the rest of the day you are our sex slave and you will do whatever we ask of you."

"Without complaint or you will be punished," Cin added.

"Now wait a minute," I argued. "I agreed to do some chores, not be your sex slave all day."

"Shut up slave," Yvette said. "For that outburst you will kiss my feet." I stared at her with a questioning look on my face. "Do it," she ordered. So I did. I leaned down to her feet and kissed each of them several times. "Now suck my toes," she said, halfway giggling. I sucked on each toe, one at a time until I had done all ten of them. "Now let that be a lesson to you to obey us immediately, without question. Do you understand?"

"Yes mistress Yvette," I answered.

"Oh I like that," Yvette said. "For that you may kiss me on the mouth." I claimed her mouth with mine, making her moan with pleasure. But she soon regained her composure and pushed me away.

"Cynthia, I have to go home for a few minutes, to...uh...get some clothes and stuff. I didn't come prepared to spend a second night and I think I will, if that's alright with you."

"Absolutely," Cin consented. "I'll hold down the fort here while you're gone."

It only took Yvette a few minutes to get dressed and leave. It all seemed a little odd, like she was hiding something. But I didn't have much time to think about it before Cin brought me back to pseudo reality.

"Now slave, I haven't had a good foot massage in a long time. It will make me feel real sexy and I am a good mistress when I feel sexy, if you know what I mean," she laughed.

"Yes mistress Cin," I said as we she sat in a chair and I took her first foot into my hands. Slowly, yet firmly, I gave my sister the best foot massage I could muster. I would gently caress her calf as I shifted my hands around. I took my time with each foot and she loved every second of it.

"Your mistress is very happy with her sex slave," she said. "I grant you one wish. Of course I can deny that wish at any time so wish carefully."

"I wish only to please you my mistress," I told her.

"Oh you are such a good little slave," she said as she slid out to the edge of her chair. "Come to me," she said. I was on my knees and scooted up to her, between her legs. She leaned down and took my face in her hands, kissing me hard. She then pressed my face against her thin pajama top, against her full firm breasts. "Yes, you feel so good my little slave. Touch me slave; touch me with your hand. Touch my bare breasts."

Yes, this is what I wanted. I reached under her top with my left hand and let my fingers gently slide across her large breasts. I played with her nipples a little, even pinching them while I listened to her moan. Just then the front door opened and Yvette walked in.

She looked at what we were doing and screamed, "How dare you touch her like that slave."

Cin played along and pushed me away. "Outrageous. You will be punished for this slave," Cin said.

"Yes, for this you will...uh...have to wash my back with your tongue," Yvette announced. "Bring him," she said to Cin as she walked off. She had a bag in her hand that sort of jingled as she walked. I wondered what was inside.

"That's my parents room," Cin said.

"I know," Yvette responded, walking in and tossing her bag on the floor, next to the bed. She climbed up on the bed onto her stomach. "OK slave, wash me."

I got up on the bed and pushing her top up to her shoulders I saw that she had on a bra. "Would it please my mistress Yvette if I undid her bra so that I could wash her more thoroughly?"

"That would be fine but don't get any ideas," she warned. "Just do as you are told, wash my entire back with your tongue."

So I did. Yvette is small and it only took me about 15 minutes. Cin said she had to use the bathroom and left for a few minutes. I leaned up near Yvette's ear and whispered Yvette sleep.

"Yes David," she said.

"You are doing very good with this sex slave thing," I said.

"Thank you David," she replied. "It's fun."

"You might want to step it up a bit, you know, a little more daring, a little more sexy. You will find that each time you have me do something daring, it will be easier to ask me to do the next more daring thing. And you will always think of something more daring. Remember, I'll do anything you ask," I reminded her.

"Yes, I know," she agreed. "I'll do that, step it up. I just didn't want to scare you off too soon. I brought some things back with me that you will love, but I don't want to spoil the fun by telling you just yet."

"I won't make you tell me," I said. "I like surprises."

"We will have fun today," she said.

"From now on, when you are in a trance and I say Yvette wake, you will wake up feeling refreshed, remembering all that you need to, to accomplish all the suggestions you have been given, just as if we had counted to three."

"OK David," she said.

"Yvette awake."

"Are you done yet slave?" Yvette asked me.

"Just about mistress Yvette," I told her as I quickly finished off her back. "Now I am mistress."

She reached down and undid her pants. "Remove my pants, slave." I obeyed and pulled her pants off, removing her shoes in the process. "Now pull down my panties and clean my butt with your tongue, but don't get too close to my hole. I don't like to be touched there."

"Yes mistress," I said as I began to lick all over her ass. She had incredibly soft skin but even more so on her butt cheeks. As I licked her I would occasionly kiss her ass or suck on it a little, just teasing her some. She didn't complain. When I was done she pulled up her panties, just as Cin walked in.

"What did I miss," Cin asked. "It looks like something nice," staring at Yvette's pants on the floor.

"I had him clean my ass cheeks too," Yvette said. "You've been a good slave so I am going to reward you." Yvette turned over onto her back and pulled off her top. Her bra was undone already and it fell to the side. "You may kiss my breasts slave. But I warn you, you better please me."

"Yes mistress Yvette," I said as I crawled up onto her. I straddle her hips and leaned down to her tiny breasts. Her nipples and areolas looked fully developed, just not very big, her breasts the size of a young teenager. I let my tongue touch a nipple as I slowly dropped my mouth onto her breast. I sucked her breast gently as my tongue kept it wet, gently massaging her. After a couple of minutes I repeated with her other breast.

"I want some of that too," Cin said as she laid down on her back next to Cynthia.

But I wasn't ready to end my session with Yvette. I moved my mouth up to hers and kissed her. As I did I felt my shaft grow hard against her body. Her panties and my pajama shorts were the only thing between my erection and her pussy. I gently rocked my body against hers for about half a minute before she pushed me away saying, "You assume too much slave." But she was slightly out of breath and I knew I had an effect on her.

"My turn," Cin said as she pulled me over to her. She had already removed her top and bra and pulled my head down to her breasts. I took one in my mouth as my hand massaged the rest of her breast. My other hand was on her other breast playing with her nipple, squeezing her breast, making her moan. "Yes, slave, very good slave. Keep it up slave." I gave both breasts equal time before moving to her mouth, just as I had done with Yvette. Cin was still in her pajama bottoms as I pressed my body against hers. The thought of fucking my sister right then kept me hard, but to actually feel her beneath me had me panting with anticipation.

I had lost track of Yvette when I felt her take my arms and pull them behind my back. A moment later she had me handcuffed. "What are you doing?" I asked, a little perturbed.

"Are you objecting slave?" she asked.

"No mistress, just wondering," I quickly responded.

"That's what I thought," Yvette said. "Now take this vitamin. You'll need your strength." She shoved something into my mouth and had me swallow it down with water.

I still had a t-shirt on but Cin got some scissors and cut it off of me. Yvette removed my shorts, leaving me totally nude and handcuffed.

"God, you're loaded with ideas Yvette," Cin observed. Quietly, as if to keep me from hearing, she asked, "What pill did you really give him? It won't hurt him will it?"

"No it won't hurt him. I had to go home for it. I got some from my brother. They are special pills for men that can't, you know, get hard," she whispered back.

"But he can get hard," Cin said.

"That's just it," Yvette went on. "If you don't need it, then when you take it you get bigger and harder than you normally would and stay that way for hours."

"You gave me the V?" I interrupted.

"Yes. Got a problem with that slave?" Yvette asked, slapping my semi-hard dick. Yvette grabbed her bag and dumped it out on the bed. Several pieces of rope fell out and Yvette went about fastening them to my ankles. She then took off the handcuffs and moved my hands over my head where she re-attached me to the cuffs, looped through one of the metal posts in the headboard. With my hands fastened to the bed she pulled my legs tight, spread apart, and tied them to the bed.

"We're getting kind of bold here aren't we?" Cin asked Yvette.

"Yes, it's weird. The more I do the easier it is to do the next thing," she tried to explain.

"Well I'm with you all the way," Cin said.

"Then let's go talk and plan this out," Yvette said as she led my sister out of the bedroom.

They were gone for over a half hour. I couldn't help but think about what was probably going to happen and I just kept getting harder.

When they finally came back in Cin noticed my erection. "My God look at that thing. I'd say our little sex slave isn't so little anymore."

Cynthia climbed up onto the bed and straddled my head, dropping her pussy into my face. "Eat me out, slave," she ordered. I obeyed and began licking and sucking her pussy. In no time she was wet all over from both my saliva and her own juices. "Yes that's it slave, lick me good. Oh yes, just like that, yes. Now my clit, lick my clit, oh yes, yes. Make me cum slave, yes."

Then I heard it. The zoom on a camera. They were taking pictures or making a video or something. But instead of bothering me it turned me on even more. I began licking my sister's cunt for all its worth. Within a couple minutes I had her screaming with her first orgasm of the day. I felt my own member throbbing in the open air, dying to be touched, to find its way into a pussy, any pussy.

"Please mistress have mercy on me," I begged.

"The only thing you should worry about is being a good slave. Do you understand?" Cin asked.

"Yes mistress Cin," I replied as Cin got off of me.

"Oh shit that was hot, Cin," Yvette said as she climbed up on the bed. "Thanks for showing me how it is really done, not some TV version but for real." She climbed up on my face like my sister had done and simply said, "Eat me slave."

I stuck out my tongue and realized she had just recently shaved. So that's what took them so long. When my tongue first touched her pussy lips she was already wet. I let it help me drive my tongue into her pussy, not far, but enough for her to feel it.

"Oh God, yes," she exclaimed. "Fuck, that feels good."

Since she was already wet I didn't waste any time warming her up. I went straight for her clit and made her howl. "Oh mother of God, yes, again, yes, yes, again, again."

She kept urging me on and I kept it up pushing up against her as she held her body down hard on my face. "Oh Cin, I'm cumming, he's making me cum, oh, oh, Cin." Then she went silent as I continued to work on her. I realized she had been holding her breath when she let out a gasp and was breathing really hard. "Oh did very well," she praised me. "You will be rewarded for this."

At that moment I felt my sister's mouth envelope my erection. She was hot and slobbery, sliding easily up and down my shaft. It felt wonderful and I had been hard and ready for a good while now.

"You first, right?" Yvette said. "I'll film it."

Cin didn't say anything. She just straddled my waist and slowly sat back down. Grabbing my shaft with her hand she guided me into her wet pussy. From the moment I felt the head of my shaft enter her it was like heaven on earth. She was snug and wet and I easily slid in and out as she rocked her hips on me. "Don't you cum slave," she ordered as she continued to rock on me. How could I not cum? I began thinking of anything but what was happening to me right then. I was being fucked by my baby sister and I had to think about horror flicks and people throwing up, whatever I could to keep from cumming.

My sister was becoming more violent in her motions and I hoped this meant she was getting close. "Oh yes slave, don't cum yet, don't you cum."

"I can't hold off much longer mistress Cin," I announced, hoping she would hurry.

"Don't cum damn it," she said as she rocked on me even faster. "Yes, getting close," she finally said. Good because I was running out of gore to think about. "Yes, yes, oh fuck, I'm cumming, yes, yes. OK slave, now you can cum." I didn't waste any time either. I exploded inside of her, shooting my cum hard. It wasn't near as much as I wanted but the two girls had bled me dry earlier that morning. Nevertheless it was wonderful.

"Thank you mistress Cin," I said, "for letting me cum. You are a good and wonderful mistress. I am lucky to be your slave."

Cin smiled as she dismounted me, taking the camera from Yvette. I realized then, now that I could relax a bit, that the camera was a movie camera. She immediately started filming as Yvette, my little black jewel, climbed up onto the bed and straddled me just like my sister had done. As if Cin had been her teacher, Yvette did exactly as she had done, guiding my shaft to her opening. But she held me there, rubbing the head of my dick across her pussy lips, gradually getting the head a little deeper with each stroke. Finally the head was fully inside. She Yvette slowly lowered her body down onto my shaft. She was incredibly tight and couldn't even get all the way down. In fact she had to lift herself up and back down several times before she had me mostly all the way inside of her. I felt every inch of her pussy and the end of her vagina as she dropped herself down. But that didn't faze her. She continued to move up and down on me, slowly but with a firm determination, letting my size stretch and lengthen her with each stroke. Eventually she bottomed out on me. I knew that if I had her in any of a number of other positions I could go deeper. But for now this was fine.

Yvette then began a rhythmic motion on my shaft that was driving me wild. I wasn't anywhere near cumming, having done so not a few minutes before. But thanks to the pill I was still hard as ever and enjoying this little girl's body as she fucked me. Though it wasn't my first time, it certainly was hers and I was going to let her run the show. Within a few minutes she was bouncing up and down on my shaft at a good pace. The tightness of her vagina pulled at me, while the slickness of her juices let me slide in and out. She was the best of both worlds, an incredible fuck. A moment later she screamed, "Oh God," and fell down onto me, taking my mouth with hers, kissing me hard as she came for the first time in her life from fucking a man. It was so fantastic. I hadn't cum, wasn't anywhere near it, yet I felt better right then than when I came with my sister.

That's when I realized Cin had untied my legs and was now unlocking my handcuffs. She leaned down to my ear and whispered, "Fuck her proper."

I took my new freedom and rolled Yvette onto her back, dropping my knees between her legs and forcing them wide apart. Reaching down with my hands I brought her legs up towards her head. I now had my arms under her legs and letting them rest over my shoulders I reached under her back with my hands, gripping the top of her shoulders from underneath. I then began to fuck this little bitch for all she was worth. She grunted as I thrust into her hard, deeper than I had ever been yet. I hit her cervix again and again as I stretched her vagina to take all of me. Over and over I pounded into her, listening to her grunt as I drove myself ever deeper and harder. I laughed to myself as I watched her little titties bounce with each thrust.

All of this was having an effect on me too. It had now been nearly 15 minutes since I had last cum inside of my sister Cin, but I was getting close again. I could feel it. The closeness just spurred me on even more. The first result of my extra effort was Yvette crying, "I'm cumming'" She scrunched up as her orgasm hit her, but I didn't slow down. She begged me to stop but I kept fucking her. I was struggling to cum. I knew I was close but my recent activity just made it harder for me. I was actually getting out of breath. But then Yvette climaxed for me once more. I looked at her child-like face and thinking for just a moment that she was only 13, I exploded inside of her, filling her with what little cum I could muster.

I didn't want to stop. I kept fucking her, trying to decide what to do, but knowing I had to stop, if only to catch my breath. In a surprise move I rolled back over onto my back, putting Yvette on top of me, still impaled on my erect shaft. She didn't move. She didn't fuck me anymore but she didn't pull off either. She just got her wind back. After a couple of minutes rest she looked down at me and smiled. "Good job slave. For that you will be rewarded."

What reward was there left? What else could she give me that was better than this?

"Cin, my phone," Yvette said. Cin handed Yvette her cell phone. I watched as Yvette, wrapped around my still hard shaft, called someone. She only said one word, "Now." Then she hung up.

What was that all about? Did it have something to do with my reward she promised? I let her lean down and kiss me while my sister played with my legs. Then I heard it, the click of handcuffs as she pulled my free hand up and fastened it to the other cuff. That's when I realized my sister had fastened my legs. I was once again secured to my parent's bed, sporting a nice hard on that was covered with cum and juices from both girls.

"How can I please you now my mistresses?" I asked.

"By pleasing whomever we want you to please," Yvette said.

"And we want you to please one of Yvette's younger sisters," Cin said.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "What's her name," I innocently asked, still deep inside of Yvette. I could feel myself throbbing inside of her in anticipation of the way this conversation was going.

"Sondra," Yvette said.

"And how old is she, 16, 17?" I asked. I prayed that maybe she was as young as 15.

"12," Yvette said.

The End (until Sondra arrives)

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