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another part nd i may have missed a few tags sorry about that
Naughty Mom

Chapter Seven:

Two down and one to go! Those words kept pounding in Alicia's
head like a chant shouted by cheerleaders.

She hadn't showered. She hadn't dressed. The unmade bed with
Ricky's cum on the sheet lay before her like a symbol, a symbol of
her messed-up mind and soiled soul. She wandered around her bedroom,
naked under her leopard-skin robe, sitting on the bed from time to
time, sometimes leaning over to sniff the wet spot and get a whiff of
Ricky's cum. The smell reminded her of the smell of the cleanser
she'd used today to scour out the sink.

Two down and one to go, said that wicked voice in Alicia's mind.
Zenobia's got nothing on you, Alicia. In two days, you've outdone
Zenobia with all her stableboys. Zenobia's a saint compared to you,
Alicia. Two down and one to go!

"Mom, you in there?" Ricky was shaking the door. "Mom!"

"What is it, darling? I'm not feeling well."

"I'm done with my route, Mom." He shook the door again.

"Fine," Alicia said. "Now why don't you find yourself something
to eat, maybe go out for a hamburger?"

"Ain't you gonna cook, Mom? I thought you said you were gonna
cook supper tonight. You said so this morning."

"I would if I were feeling better, honey, but I've got a
headache. Why don't you go ask Shawn to go out with you for dinner?"

"He probably won't wanna. Can I come in?"

"Tell him I'm asking him to do it. And, no you can't come in.
Please let me rest now, will you, darling?"

"Can I come in after I eat? Can we do it again?"

"Ricky, you march downstairs and have Shawn walk with you to
wherever you want to eat. Understand?"

"Yeah, I guess so," Ricky moped. "But can we do it again later?
I'm ready."

"Ricky, would you please let me rest?"

"Does that mean, yes?"

"We'll see," Alicia said, figuring it was the only thing she
could say to get rid of him.

"Great!" he said. "See you later, Mom. You can't see me, but
I'm kissing you through the door."

"Thank you, darling," Alicia said. She listened with relief as
she heard Ricky bouncing down the stairs.

She went to the door and pressed her ear to it, straining to
hear. She could vaguely make out Ricky's and Shawn's voices. When
she heard the front door slam, she smiled. After waiting a few more
minutes, she unlocked her door and went downstairs to the kitchen.

You're sick, an accusing part of her mind whispered every once
in a while. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Haven't you done
enough already? What are you, a nymphomaniac?

Two down and one to go! chanted another part of her, drowning
out the weak, accusing voice. Two down and one to go, Alicia. And
Alicia had to resist shoving her her hand inside her robe and
clutching at her throbbing pussy. Her pussylips were swollen up
again like slabs of raw, spongy liver, and her cunthole undulated
inside, starving for cock --- for Mark's cock.

A few minutes later, Mark walked into the kitchen. He was
dressed in white athletic shoes, jeans, and his maroon letterman's
jacket. He stopped, looking first at Alicia, then around the

"Hi," he said. "When's supper?"

Alicia's smile faded slightly. "I'm sorry," she said. "I was
so busy I didn't get around to making a meal tonight. I'll make one
tomorrow evening, though. I promise."

He gave her a kind of a blank look, then said, "I'm beat. Coach
had us lifting weights and doing gymnastics for two hours. Wouldn't
even let us in the pool. Said we've gotta build up our strength. I
was too worn out to even take a shower. I could hardly get dressed,
my muscles are so pumped up and tight."

"You look pumped up," Alicia said. "Isn't it a great feeling?
I always love that feeling when I'm done working out."

"I just feel stiff and burned out," Mark said.

"You need a good long soak in the hot-tub," Alicia said.
"That's what you need. Why don't you go downstairs and hop in the
tub? And I'll see if I can round up some food for you, a sandwich or

The boy's face brightened. "Yeah, I think I'll do that.
Thanks, Mom."

As soon as Mark had left, Alicia went to the refrigerator and
pulled out the bread. The only reasonable fixings she could find for
a sandwich were peanut butter and jelly. Hilda hadn't stocked up on
anything before she'd left on her vacation, as if it didn't matter if
they all starved while she was gone.

"The old bitch!" Alicia murmured, smearing peanut butter on a
slice of bread. She made a thick sandwich, plopped it on a plate,
poured a glass of milk, and headed for the hot-tub.

Mark looked startled as she swung the door open and entered the
room. He was up to his neck in the water.

"Thanks, Mom, you can just leave it and I'll eat it after I've
soaked awhile," he said.

Alicia gave him a suggestive smile. "You can soak and eat at
the same time," she said, sitting down on the tile floor next to the
sunken tub. Her robe fell open and she didn't try to hide herself.
She gave the boy a good look at her bare legs and at her breasts.

He glanced away from her tits with an apparent effort. "That's
kind of messy, isn't it, eating with wet hands?"

She let her legs dangle down into the water, let her knees
spread as they would. Her robe opened up and she knew the boy could
see her cunt under it if he bothered to look.

He did.

"You don't need to use your hands, darling, I'll hold the
sandwich while you eat." She picked up the sandwich and held it to
his mouth. "Open up."

He gave her a puzzled, foolish expression, then took a bite,
ripping off half the sandwich at once. As he chomped, his mouth
stuffed, Alicia held the glass of milk up, leaning toward him more.
Her right tit plopped out into full view, and she didn't try to hide

Her boy guzzled the milk, his eyes shamelessly devouring her
naked tit.

"More sandwich?"

Mark just about took her fingers off as he sucked in the rest of
the sandwich. He chomped, then drank the milk she offered him,
draining the entire glass. Alicia moved her feet in the water,
feeling her toes brush against a hard rod of cock flesh. She stroked
her son's stiff cock with her toes, then got her foot under his balls
and tickled his crotch.

He looked up at her as if he couldn't be sure he was feeling
what he was feeling, his eyes not really focused on her face, as if
her were listening to some far-off sound.

Alicia put down the glass, shoving both the glass and plate
along the tile. "I think I'll take a dip, myself," she said,
sounding as if she were talking to herself. "Do you mind, Mark?"
She looked at him straight in the eyes.

He shook his head, watching as if he'd never seen a creature
like her. He looked stunned.

Alicia untied the robe, letting it fall open. She pulled her
arms from the sleeves and let the robe slide off onto the tiled
floor. She sat naked in front of her oldest son, her knees wide
apart, her legs dangling in the water. She caressed his cock with
her toes one final time, then slid into the water, sinking in until
her breasts floated.

The boy still gazed at her as if he were too stunned to say
anything or do anything. She sat on the underwater seat across from
him, reaching across the tub with an extended leg so she could
continue to massage his prick and balls with her toes.

He sat back and closed his eyes, letting her play with him. His
breathing was becoming louder, more breathy. As she tickled his
balls with her toes, she suddenly felt his foot slide up between her
legs. His big toe found her cunt and slid between her pussylips.
She moaned as he wiggled his big toe into her cunt.

They were both breathing hard now. Mark caressed her foot. He
grabbed his cock and rubbed it up and down against her soft sole. He
twisted his big toe in her cunt, making her squirm.

"Oh, Mark!" she breathed, playing with his foot as he toe-fucked
her. It was a large, sinewy foot, full of veins. She wished he
could shove all of his foot inside her pussy.

Mark's eyes opened. "Do you like it, Mom? Do you like my toe
in your cunt?" He wiggled his toe wildly, twisting it.

Alicia almost shot straight up out of the tub. "Oh God, Mark,
that drives me crazy!"

Mark smirked. He popped his toe out of her cunt and kicked his
foot up out of the water. "Suck it," he said. "Suck my toe."

Alicia cradled his big foot in her hands. She devoured his big
toe, sucking the slimy cuntal ooze off it. When she finished
cleaning it, she licked between all his other toes, then sucked on
them. She kissed his foot all over, then hugged it to her cheek.

"I didn't you know you were into feet, Mom," Mark said. "In
fact, I didn't even know you were into sex."

Alicia giggled, embarrassed, not knowing how to respond. She
dropped the boy's foot playfully.

Mark stood up in the tub, revealing his hard-on. Water streamed
down his glossy hard cockshaft, rippling over the veins. The boy
clasped his hands behind his neck, arched backward slightly and
stretched, contracting the muscles of his arms and torso, shoving his
cock up high. He licked his lips, gazing down at Alicia.

"How do you want it, Mom? How do you like it best?"

"How do you like it?" Alicia asked quietly. She was admiring
his muscles.

"Dog-style," the boy said. "I like to do it from behind."

Alicia shivered despite the steaming water enveloping her. She
pictured herself bent over, Mark fucking her from behind. She
shivered again, her cunt undulating inside.

"I'd like that," she whispered, easing up out of the water and
moving toward her boy. "Oh, I'd love it!" She kissed her son's left
nipple, then started to lick his muscles. "But give me a minute,
huh, darling?"

He didn't move, must stood there with his hands clasped behind
his neck and his biceps flexed as if posing. All the muscles of his
upper body stood out as if carved in marble. Alicia lapped at his
salty flesh. He was sweating in the steamy air. Alicia sucked up
the sweat, lingering over his armpits and sucking on the wet hairs
there. The strong scent of male sweat made her moan. She kissed his
belly, then began to suck his prick.

Mark moaned, churning his hips, fucking his cock in her mouth.
His prick was no larger than Shawn's but it tasted sweatier despite
Mark's soak in the hot-tub. Alicia's lips rippled over his cock-
veins as she bobbed her head. She swallowed his cock to his balls,
letting his salty cock-knob fuck into her throat.

The boy sighed. "Mnnn, yeah, you're good at it, Mom! Not many
chicks can take it all like that. Most of 'em choke on just half of

Alicia munched, enjoying the taste of her son's big fucker. She
used her tongue to tease the cockhead. Mark's cock flexed hard,
vibrations shooting through it.

"Better lay off awhile," he mumbled. "I'm almost ready to blow
your head off."

Alicia struggled with indecision for a few moments. She longed
for a taste of her son's jism, wanted to feel his hot cum squirt down
her throat, but it might take him awhile to recover so he could fuck
her, and she couldn't stand the thought of waiting for his cock to
get hard again. With an effort, she pulled up, releasing his cock
from her mouth.

"Bend over," he said. "I want a piece of that beautiful ass."
He pulled her up, then turned her around and pushed her forward.

Alicia rested her elbows on the tiled floor that surrounded the
sunken hot-tub, sucking in her gut and letting her lower back arch so
her ass would turn up.

"Man, what an ass! What a pussy!" The boy squatted in the
water, forcing open her asscheeks and cunt with his big hands. He
sniffed her like a dog, then gingerly started to lick her cunt.

"Oh, darling!" Alicia gasped, wiggling her ass. "Lick me! Oh,
God yes, lick me!"

The boy lapped slowly, his tongue slithering up and down the
blonde, furry edges of her spread cuntlips. He used his thumbs to
keep her pussy wide open as he licked it. He licked faster,
growling, and soon he was eating her pussy with the same hunger as
Shawn had shown earlier.

Alicia moaned and whimpered with pleasure as Mark sucked her
seething pussy. His tongue slid into her fuckhole and electricity
saturated her loins. He chewed on her hairy cuntlips and sucked on
her clit. The pussy juice dribbled out of her cunt and Mark sucked
it up before it could run down her legs.

He moved up to lick out her ass furrow, spreading it wide. He
kept growling like a dog. He fastened his lips to her ass pucker and
sucked. His tongue probed the crevices of her pucker, then worked
its way inside. He buried his tongue in her asshole, licking her out

Alicia squirmed, hardly able to control herself. She felt
prickling sensations in her toes as Mark's tongue probed sensitive
crevices in her asshole. She'd had a taste of how sensitive her
asshole was when Shawn had tongued it, then finger-fucked it. Now
she was getting another taste of this new kind of pleasure. She
wiggled her ass, not caring if Mark kept his tongue buried up her
shithole all night. It felt that good!

He pulled his tongue out, rimming the open hole until it closed.
Then he gnawed on her asscheeks, petting them, kissing them, rubbing
his burning face all over her ass as he moaned with fuck-lust.

"You've got the sexiest ass in the world," he mumbled. "Oh God,
Mom, you've got the sexiest ass!"

He rose from his squat, rubbed his hot prick between Alicia's
legs, lubricating it with the fuck juice that continued to leak from
her seething pussy.

"Put your cock in me! God, put it in me, oh quick, fuck me!"
Alicia panted.

Mark fucked his cock up her cunt like a buttered cob of corn.
He fucked in all the way, until he was rubbing his hard lower belly
against her ass. He hunched over her, grinding his cock in her pussy
in circles, sliding his lower belly on her rotating ass.

Alicia tossed her head from side to side, crazy with pleasure.
"Oh Mark, yesss! Do it, baby, do it!"

He fucked like a tomcat, biting her shoulders and the back of
her neck. "Sexy bitch! You're my sexy bitch, Mom, aren't you? Man,
I've been wanting to fuck you for so long!"

Alicia couldn't believe she'd heard him right. His words sent
shivers through her. "Baby!" she whispered. "Oh darling, fuck me!
Do whatever you want! I'm yours, baby, I'm all yours!"

"Yeahhhhh!" Mark growled. "Yeahhh, fuck!" He pushed himself
up, bracing his hands on her ass as he fucked his cock in and out of
her cunt. As he rammed into her, his belly smacked against her ass
like a clapping hand.

"Ohhh, God, that's good!" Alicia arched her back even more,
turning up her ass as much as she could so Mark could get a perfect
view of it while he fucked her pussy.

"Jesus, what an ass!" Mark stroked her ass as he fucked her,
squeezing her asscheeks, spreading them. "I've never had a more
beautiful piece of ass and I've had a lot of 'em."

He started to tease her ass pucker with the tip of her finger,
rubbing his finger in circles, easing it in just a little.

Alicia wiggled her ass. "Push it in, darling! Shove that
finger in there!"

"Ohhhh, yeahhhh!" the boy sighed. "Bitch ass!" He fucked his
middle finger up her ass.

Alicia gasped as he reamed out her asshole with his finger. She
made little whimpering sounds as he pistoned his finger in and out of
her ass, all the while fucking his huge cock in and out of her cunt.
Her loins raged as she got fucked in two holes at the same time.

"Oh Mark, that drives me crazy! Oh Mark, I can't stand it!"

Mark laughed. He slapped her ass with his free hand. "Wiggle
it, Mom, wiggle it!"

Alicia churned her ass in circles, gibbering with excitement.
She loved the way he was being slightly mean to her.

"Fuck me!" she growled. "Ram me!"

Mark chuckled, slapping her ass some more, grinding his finger
in her asshole, fucking his cock inside her cunt. "Are you gonna
come, Mom? Am I gonna make you come?"

"Oh, God yessss!" she hissed. "I'm gonna come, I'm gonna come,
I'm gonna come!"

Her raving triggered her orgasm. Within seconds, her pussy
started clutching with spasms. As the hot pleasure surged through
her loins, the hot fuck juices spurted from her contracting cunt,
drenching her son's balls.

Mark fucked his cock in and out. "Yeah, come, come! Christ,
you're juicy as hell, Mom!"

"Oh, God --- I'm coming! Ohhhhh, Mark!"

He laughed, pounding his cock in her hard-sucking cunt, fucking
his finger in he clutching asshole. When her orgasm began to
subside, he slipped his cock out of her pussy and leaned over to lap
up the juices that continued to dribble from her quivering fuckhole.
He lapped up and down her crotch, making her whimper from the
maddening sensations. He licked out her ass furrow, chewing on her
ass pucker, sucking it and teasing it with his tongue, drooling spit
all over her asshole.

He straightened up, rubbing his prick up and down against her
slimy crotch, lubricating it with her cuntal ooze. He slipped his
cock between her asscheeks and rubbed it up and down.

Alicia knew what he wanted. He wanted to fuck his cock up her
ass the same way he'd fucked it up the ass of that teenaged slut
yesterday afternoon. She remembered how massive his prick had looked
stuffed in the girl's tiny asshole. She also remembered the way the
girl had writhed with ecstasy, driven to orgasm by by Mark's big cock
fucking in and out of her asshole.

"Ever get it up the ass, Mom?" Mark slid his juice-oiled fucker
up and down in her hot ass furrow.

Alicia loved the feeling. She was getting excited again despite
her orgasm of just a few moments ago. "No, darling."

"It feels great, Mom. It feels just as good as getting fucked
up the cunt, maybe even better."

"How would you know, darling?" Alicia was starting to squirm.
Tingles flooded her asshole.

"Let's just say I've talked to a lot of girls about it. Most of
'em love getting ass-fucked. Bet you'd love it too, Mom. Wanna try

"I don't know," Alicia said, loving her son's dirty talk.
"Won't it hurt?"

"Just for a few seconds. After that, you'll go crazy."

Alicia braced herself. She was shaking. "Give it to me,
darling. But go easy."

"Just relax," Mark said, grinding his prickhead against her
asshole. He forced her asscheeks wide, bore down with his cock.

Alicia held her breath. She felt her asshole being forced open.
Suddenly, Mark's huge cock-knob slipped inside her.

She gasped, panting rapidly, her ass pucker splitting with a
thousand burning fissures. "Oh, Mark, God!"

"Tight ass!" Mark growled. "Oh, yeah!" He buried his cock in
her asshole to the hilt, pressing his lower belly to her asscheeks.

Alicia nearly blacked out, more from shock than pain. Her
asshole throbbed, on fire for a few moments as she hovered between
consciousness and unconsciousness.

Mark chewed on the back off her neck, bent over, lying on her.
"Oh Mom, I lover your ass! I've beat off a thousand times just
thinking about shoving my cock up your ass. Do you like it, Mom, do
you like it, huh?"

He made his cock flex inside her, made it quiver and wiggle
around. He licked her cheek, nipped her shoulder, sucked on her ear.

Alicia's entire backside bristled with goose bumps. She
squeezed her son's cock with her asshole, her momentary pain
dissolving into a throbbing pleasure.

"I love it," she mumbled. "Oh Mark, fuck my ass, make me feel

"I'm gonna fuck you till you scream," he said. "I'm gonna give
your asshole a workout you'll never forget."

He pushed up away from her, straightening himself. He pulled
her ass up tightly against his loins. Alicia braced herself on her
elbows, her heavy breasts dangling, her nipples brushing the warm
tile. Mark began to ease his cock in and out.

"Oh Mark, that feels wonderful!"

"You haven't felt anything yet, Mom. We're just warming up."

He fucked his cock in and out with a slow rhythm, pulling out
until only his prick-knob remained inside her, fucking in until his
belly rubbed her ass.

Alicia felt prickling sensations throughout her body. Her skin
felt electrified and tingling. She started to work her ass in tight
little circles, fucking her asshole on her son's big cock. She
started to moan.

"I never thought you'd be this hot. Your asshole's like hell
inside. Christ, you're sexy! Mmmm, fuck!" Mark's fingers dug into
her hips and he pulled on her loins, working her asshole back and
forth on his cock.

Alicia's face burned. She was flushed from head to toe, as much
from her own excitement as from the steamy air of the room. She was
sweating ,starting to feel weak from the heat, delirious from the
sensations Mark was fucking into her. She kept grinding her ass in
sexy circles as her son's massive fuckrod worked in and out of her

"Play with yourself," Mark said. "Play with your pussy. I love
to watch a chick play with her pussy."

He leaned slightly to the side so he could look under her as she
shoved her right hand between her legs and started to clutch at her
throbbing cunt.

Mark fucked his hock in her asshole, breathing heavy and hot.
"Jesus, that's sexy! Do you like to jerk yourself off, Mom? I'll
bet you do, huh?"

"Yes," Alicia whimpered. "I love it."

"Goddamn!" Mark fucked her hard and started to ram her ass

She felt vibrations in her skull as her son banged her ass.

"I'm gonna come quick if I keep playing with myself," Alicia
moaned. "I can just about come now."

"Oh, fuck!" Mark had lost control. He fucked wildly, jerking
as if were riding a bucking bronco, ramming his cock up Alicia's
shithole again and again and again.

"Oh, Mark! I'm gonna come!"

Alicia was beyond the point of no return. Finger-fucking
herself while Mark fucked her ass had brought her off as easily as if
she'd pressed a button. Her asshole went into spasms along with her
cunt, chewing up her son's fucking cock.

"Oohhhhhh, Mark, I'm coming!" Her vision blurred as the fuck-
sensations exploded in her loins and streamed throughout her jerking
body. "Ohhhh, Mark, daaaarrling!"

Mark drove his cock in a grunting, moaning frenzy, fucking it
deep into her seething, contracting asshole. His hard belly collided
with her ass like a fast-pounding fist. His cock flexed powerfully
inside her, making her rise up on her toes, and he groaned loudly as
his jism erupted into her ass guts.

"Mommmmmm! Ohhhhhh, fuck!" He performed a jerking dance as his
prick shuddered and flexed, pumping out spurt after spurt of hot
thick cum.

"Give it to me, Marky! Give it to me!"

Alicia squirmed with pleasure, grinding her hand between her
legs, churning her clutching asshole on her son's fucking cock. She
could feel the boy's hot cum flooding her asshole. Soon his cock was
making obscene squishing sounds as he fucked it in his own cum, and
Alicia giggled with excitement and joy.

They uncoupled at last. Alicia fell onto the tiled floor, dizzy
and weak, her body tingling with a delicious sensation. She expected
Mark to plop his ass at the edge of the tub and relax next to her.
Instead, she sighed as she felt his tongue going at her crotch again.

Her boy couldn't get enough of her cunt and ass. He licked her
cunt clean, mumbling to himself, then lapped at her asscrack.
rimming it for a while, then fastening his lips to her ass ring and
sucking some of his own cum out of her asshole.

What a filthy-minded little boy I've raised, Alicia thought,
wiggling her ass and sighing as Mark licked and sucked out her cummy

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Then they asked to fuck me. I was hesitant..but I
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