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Naughty Mpm

Chapter Eight:

Alicia slept that night as if she'd died, having no dreams she
could remember, never once waking during the night. After leaving
Mark in the hot-tub to finish his soak, she'd gone straight to bed,
not caring about anything except to sleep. She'd never experienced
such a feeling of pleasant exhaustion, of complete relaxation.

If the boys had tried to disturb her during the night, she
hadn't heard them. She slept better than she had in many years, and
she awoke starving.

She made pancakes and sausages again for breakfast, but only
because the frozen sausage links and the pancake mix were the only
suitable breakfast food she could find in the house. She'd have to
stock up today. Tomorrow morning she'd feed her sons ham-and-cheese
omelets and maybe a cooked cereal. Enough of the prepackaged junk
Hilda had been feeding them.

She had a few dozen sausages keeping warm in the oven and a
gallon of pancake batter ready for the griddle, when Ricky wandered
into the kitchen in nothing but his underwear briefs, which were
tented with a stiff hard-on. Alicia was sitting at the table in her
leopard-skin robe, sipping coffee and finishing up her pancakes.

"Good morning, honey," she said. "How about a kiss?"

Ricky wandered over, rubbing his eyes and yawning. He leaned to
receive a kiss on the cheek and Alicia took his head, giving him a
good smack on the lips. She kissed him gain, this time probing
between his lips with her tongue. His mouth opened and his tongue
slid into her mouth as she slid her own tongue into his. Alicia felt
flickers of electricity in her cunt. The boy moaned.

She pushed him away. "I'll bet you're starving."

He shoved his hand down into her robe, his fingers finding her
nipple and feeling it. He bent down suddenly and burrowed his face
into her robe, catching her nipple between his lips and sucking hard.
Alicia's cunt contracted so many times it nearly cramped.

She forced him away, nearly getting her nipple chewed off in the
process. "My, you are hungry," she said, her lungs heaving. "We'll
have to teach you not to suck so hard, though. You must learn to be

"Take off your clothes," Ricky said. "I wanna fuck you."

"It looks like you do." Alicia eased Ricky's briefs down,
nearly getting banged in the nose as his uncut young cock escaped his
underwear and snapped up hard. She pulled his briefs down his legs
and let him step out of them.

He hooked his fingers under the neck of her robe and pulled
until she'd allowed her arms to slip out and the robe to fall down to
her waist.

"Oh, man!" He grabbed for her tits. "I wanna fuck you, Mom!
Oh, man!"

She pushed his hands away. "Be patient, darling. I want to
inspect your equipment first."

He stood there, quivering all over and breathing like a steam
engine as Alicia felt his stiff prick, peeling the foreskin back.
His prickhead glowed like a shiny plum. A small drop of lube oozed
from his pisshole.

She sniffed his cock-knob. "Darling, you haven't washed it this
morning yet, have you? It smells a little stinky. I guess I'll have
to wash it for you."

She started to lick his prick as if it were an ice cram cone,
lapping all over and around the cockhead as she held the bone-hard
cockshaft. Her boy moaned, rolling his eyes. She took his prickhead
between her lips, slid her lips down and started to suck his cock.

She had to grab Ricky by the hips to steady him. His prick
fucked to the balls into her mouth, flexing, vibrating.

"Mommmm! Oh, that feels good!"

It tastes good, too, Alicia thought, sucking on her little boy's
cock. She like the musky flavor of his uncut prickhead. She licked
his cock-knob clean, sucked the musky taste off his foreskin. You're
never going to have to wash this thing again, she thought. From now
one, I'm keeping your cock clean, even if I have to suck on it ten
times a day.

Ricky started to hump, fucking his pubescent prick between her
lips. His hairless groin rubbed against Alicia's nose. His silky-
skinned balls flapped against her chin. He held her head, fucking
her face.

Alicia made a tight ring of her lips. She kept her tongue
churning. She thrilled to the feel of Ricky's veiny fuckrod-sliding
back and forth between her lips. Despite his lack of hair, his groin
exuded a faint sex-scent, an aroma that Alicia enjoyed.

"Keep licking!" Ricky moaned, pumping his cock in and out.
"Ohhh, keep sucking! Oh Mom, suck!"

Alicia played with her boy's balls, sucking hard on his prick.
She sucked rhythmically, lapping circles along the underside of her
son's sliding prick. THe boy's prick quivered, throbbing faster and
faster. She sucked gently, trying to tease the cum out of him. She
was hungry of his jizz.

"Ohhh, Mommm, I'm coming!"

Ricky's toes curled against the floor. His skinny body shivered
and his prick flexed so hard that Alicia gagged. His jism squirted
against the back of her throat with such force that she gagged again.
Her boy humped, fucked his cum-spurting prick in her mouth, feeding
her his salty jism.

Alicia got control of her throat, swallowing repeatedly as Ricky
filled it with his fresh cum. She sucked his cock, hungry for all
the cum he could feed her. When his prick stopped shooting, he
started to squirm and he yanked his cock out of her mouth, giggling.

"It's real raw now," he said. "It feels too good to be sucked
on." He squeezed his cock, milking out a pearly drop of jism, which
Alicia promptly flicked off with her tongue.

"I'm hungry," he said, his cock still ramrod stiff and pointed
at the ceiling. "After I eat, I'll fuck you, but first I gotta pee."

Ricky ran out of the room naked, his stiff prick wagging.

The moment Ricky disappeared, Shawn slipped into the kitchen
from where he'd apparently been concealed beyond the doorway.
Shawn's face was deeply flushed, and he was squeezing his massive
cock, which poked out the fly of his underwear briefs, his only

"Good morning, my angel," Alicia said, startled but not shocked
by Shawn's sudden appearance. He'd probably seen everything she'd
done with Ricky, but she didn't care. In fact, she was glad he'd
seen. Now he knew. She wanted him to know.

Shawn moved toward her sheepishly. He let go of his cock so he
could stroke her tits with both hands. She kissed his cock, and he
caught his breath, still not saying anything.

"And good morning to you to, Mr. Huge," she said. "How can I be
of assistance to you this morning?"

"Can I fuck you, Mom? I'd really to like to fuck you."

She kissed him on the cheek. "Whatever your heart desires, my
angel. You know that. Take off your underwear."

As the boy bent over, sliding his briefs off, Alicia got out of
her chair, leavin


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