Part four in the true story series of a boyhood summer of learning about myself.
This is a continuation of my summer experiences... by far the wildest summer of my life. I am not a writer, but just wanted to share my stories with the world a bit as otherwise I do not get to talk about it. If you do not like the subject matter above, no need to read on.

I hadn't seen Matt since Friday, and even with the playtime with Tyler, I was still itching to see him. It was Sunday morning and I was in church with the family, getting a boner sitting there thinking about seeing Matt when his brother leaves later on tonight. At this point I would call it more than a crush, it was an all out obsession! Thankfully my mom did not notice the little tent in my slacks!

When we pulled into the house, I glanced over the fence and could see their family had guests over, and were having brunch on the patio. I heard Matt call out for me to come over, so I quickly darted through the dunes between our yards. I said hi to everyone, and his dad introduced me to their friends who came over from Orlando for the day. Matt's brother came back outside and gave me a high five and commented on how big I was since he saw me last summer. I gave him a warm smile, and the smile he gave back was almost mischievous.

Everyone started to clean up the plates, and I told Matt I was going to go put my bathing suit on and come back. It was supposed to be stormy that day, so I wanted to get some beach time in before it started to rain. By the time I got back to Matt's house, they had decided it was not going to be a beach day, so his parents and their friends were going to the outlets and flea market. I did not think too much of it right then, and just figured Justin, Matt and myself could surf or hang outside even if it did rain.

A few minutes after they left, Matt and I were just sitting in the living room watching TV. Justin came in and sat down, and we did the small talk thing for a little while. He said he was going up to take a shower and would catch us later, but to not go to the beach without him there. I saw this as a great opportunity for a few minutes of alone time at least with Matt. Right as I was thinking that, he got up and told me to come up to his room.

"Look at what Justin brought!" Matt exclaimed. He pulled out a DVD from under his bed. It had a picture of a naked girl with a dick in her mouth right on the cover.

"We watched it last night, and it was amazing!" he said with a grin. "I asked if I could show you too, and he was cool with it."

"They won't be home for hours, put it in now!" I said trying to hide my excitement. He slipped in the DVD and jumped past all the talking to a good part. I was never exposed to much porn yet, so watching a guy with a huge dick plow every hole on this girl was beyond wild. We both took our dicks out and were jerking off, and without asking I put my hand on his to help out, and he did the same for me.

The next thing I know, without a warning, in walks Justin with a towel wrapped around his waist. I freak and pull up my bathing suit quickly, and Matt just giggles. Laughing, Justin says, "It's fine Austin, that is what you are supposed to do while watching those! Would it be OK if I joined you?"

"Uh-huh" I said in a nervous voice.

Justin pulled up a chair next to the bed and let his towel fall to the ground. His body was smooth and toned, and his dick was hard as a rock. While it was only maybe 6" or so it looked HUGE to me, and I could not stop staring. "Come here Matt and help me out." Justin asked. Matt sprung up and knelt down in front of Justin and grab the base of his dick with his fist, and put his mouth over the head. This was obviously not the first time as no words had to be exchanged for them to know what to do.

"He is not as good as my girlfriend sucking dick, but he is getting better!" Justin said while leaning his head back and closing his eyes.

"And I'm not as good as Austin either!" Matt said while smiling at me.

"Well Austin, how about showing me?"

"Ummmm ok." I nervously said

I was so nervous I did not know what to do. Matt jumped on the bed and laid down to stroke himself, and I took my position on my knees in front of this huge, beautiful dick. I pulled it towards me and took the head in my mouth, which was still wet from Matt sucking it. I grabbed the base with my right hand, and started to to pump it while I sucked the head. After a minute, I got more daring and took in as much as I could. I could feel the huge head at the back of my throat, and I just get pushing and eating as much of it as I could. I had a good half of his dick in my mouth and I was not gagging one bit. I just kept sucking, slurping and licking as hard and fast as I could.

"Fuck dude, you ARE awesome!" He said while moaning. "Mmmmm, you are going to make me cum soon." He took a hold of my shaggy hair and started to lightly fuck my mouth. I stopped moving myself as he was getting his own rhythm. In and out, back and forth and fast and slow. He would push his dick as far as it would go, hold it for a few seconds, then pull out. He stood up from the chair and pulled my face back to his crotch. He was in control of my mouth, and I could tell he was loving every second of it.

"Yeah baby, yeah." he moaned. "Mmmmm, suck it baby... you know you want my cum."

"MMmmm hmmmm" is all I could say with a mouthful.

Matt came over and got next to me, and grabbed my rock hard boner and was jerking me off while I sucked his brother. All I could see was a big dick coming at me, and was not paying attention to what was going on in my lap. I felt a mouth over my dick and almost came right then. Matt had laid down between his bro's legs, and was sucking me while I sucked him.

"You ready for it," he said not giving me time to respond, "Ohhhh fuckkkkkkkk"

He held my head tight and flooded my mouth with cum. Pump after pump I tried to keep up swallowing. Instantly my body was shaking in a powerful orgasm while Matt sucked me, but all my attention was paid to the loads of sweet cum in my mouth. Justin withdrew his dick, and milked a few last drops out for me to lick off. I collapsed down on the bed, my still rock hard boner sticking straight up in the air. Justin sat back down in his chair and just smiled. "You going to help out Matt now?"

Matt jumped onto the bed and laid down. I wasted no time in getting on all fours and taking his throbbing boner into my mouth. The taste of cum was still in my mouth as I slide up and down Matt's shaft. Justin had left the room, and I kept sucking harder and with more passion than ever. The door opened back up, and in walked Justin still naked and rock hard. I figured he wanted to keep on watching the show, and I had a few found love of performing for a crowd!

"Whoa!" I yelled as the shock of a tongue touching my ass startled me. I looked back, and Justin was on his knees on the floor with my ass near his face. "Shhhhh... just keep sucking him." he instructed. With that, Justin put his tongue right on my asshole again and started to eat me out. The sensation was beyond belief. He would lick up and down and dart his tongue in and out. I was wiggling my little butt all over in sheer pleasure. I never thought of or heard of someone licking butt before but FUCK...was this hot!

"Hehehe feels good, huh?" Matt said with a smirk. "Mmmm hmmmm" is once again all I could say with a mouthful.

I stopped sucking and grabbed one side of him to flip him over... I had to lick some butt for myself! He knew exactly what I was going for, and turned over and spread his legs a bit. I wasted no time in sinking my hot, soft tongue into his hole. I do not know what it was so hot to do, but I licked with such force and tenacity that he was moaning out loud already. I would lick from by his nuts to all the way past his hole and back down. I would try to copy what Justin was doing to me back to him. Justin stopped for a moment, but I kept on going full speed ahead.

Someone could touched my hole right then, and I looked back to see Justin putting some more lotion on his hand, and a few more drops right onto my hole. Without asking, he slowly pushed his pointer finger all the way into my little body. I almost came right on the spot. Fuck the banana, fuck the plunger, fuck my finger... this was beyond amazing.

As he slipped his finger in and out I tried to relax further and further. I could tell he was moving his finger around inside me, pressing up against the walls of my insides. I was losing concentration on Matt as he was doing this, and Matt flipped around to lay on his back once more. I did not have to ask about what was coming next, I knew and my heart was racing with the anticipation of it. Justin slowly pulled his finger out, and squeezed some lotion onto his dick.

I felt the head of his dick press up against my little asshole and rub around in circles. Then he pressed harder and harder until he broke through past my hole. He grabbed my hips and pulled me back while pushing forward until I could feel his pubes against my cheeks. To say it was a tight fit would be an understatement. It hurt, but a good hurt. He just stayed there for a moment, pressed into me all the way. I was just kneeling there waiting.

"You feel like a good little bitch, Austin." he said with a smile in his voice. "I will go slow, I don't want to cum too soon."

I guess our interpretation of slow was different, because as soon as he withdrew to the head he thrusted all the way back in with force.

"Ouch!" I said in pain.

"Sorry dude, " he said in a soft voice. "I did not mean to hurt you."

I suppose the sorry did not mean much though, because he kept pumping with the same force he was before. I went from being in total bliss to being on the verge of crying and wanting it to stop. I buried my head in the blanket and tried to relax, but kept on tensing up. As soon as I put my head down he grabbed my legs even harder and pumped with more force. I swear I saw stars. I bit my lip hard and finally yelled, "Stop!"

"You are hurting him!" yelled Matt.

All I heard were grunts and groans, and Justin's hairy balls slapping my ass.

"Justin!" yelled Matt again.

With that, Justin slowed up his pace and let loose his death grip on my legs. I was hurting, and with a pop he withdrew his dick from my pummeled hole. Matt came and laid back down on the bed next to me, and I just stayed in that position with my head buried in the sheets, not wanting them to see my tears.

"I'm sorry buddy," Justin said in a soft voice, "But you felt so good I did not think it was hurting."

"Yeah." is all I could muster up.

"I promise to take it easy, and I swear it will feel good." he said in a comforting voice. I just kept my head buried.

From underneath I felt a mouth on my now limp dick. Justin was sucking on me, and I just looked up at Matt who kind of just rolled his eyes and smiled. I stayed in that position for moment, and did enjoy getting sucked back to hard by Justin.

"Can I finish Austin?" he asked softly.

I nodded, now feeling horny again and not wanting to disappoint either of them. He turned me over on my back, and put a pillow under my butt. He help my legs and pulled me to the edge of the bed where he stood. Slowly and gently, he stuffed his dick back into my hole. This felt better, and he was being gentle. He slide it all the way in, and I could feel the tingling in my own dick.

"Play with yourself, I promise it will feel good." he assured me. And feel good it did. I closed my eyes and barely had to touch myself to come to an amazing orgasm. My little body shook, and I could feel my ass squeeze his dick inside me.

"Oh yeah!" was the only warning he said. He thrust deep inside me, and I could feel a warm gush escaping his dick. Through his grunts he gasped for air as shot after shot painted my virgin bowels white. I grabbed a hold of my little boner, and jerked off furiously till I came again, even before he could pull out. At the same time, I felt a splash in my hair and realized Matt just dropped his load too, and was not pretty much in my hair and on my forehead. I cocked my head to the side, and sucked the remaining cum out of his dick.

"You will have a good future as a porn star!" Justin joked. A tad embarrassed, I just nodded while laying there. Matt's cum was in my hair and on my taste buds, while Justin's cum was dripping from my ass onto the sheets. I was still feeling some pain, but was in a euphoric state regardless. I was a bit disappointed that Matt wasn't the first guy to fuck me, but him being there was good enough.

Justin threw his bath towel from the floor. "Clean up and wash the sheets too." Justin said as he walked back towards the shower. I rolled over and Matt hovered above me and kissed me deep and long.

"I did not want him to see us kissing, he would think that was gay." he said apologetic. "But I really wanted to kiss you."

We both laid there for an hour dozing off a bit in his comfy bed, cuddling up a bit.

"Hey lovebirds, " Justin called out, "You going to hug all day like girls or you want to go surfing with me before the thunder starts?"

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