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The next two days drove Karrie crazy. This man who made love to her so fine just had her thought process completely a mess and concentrating on work was almost impossible. Luckily the boss was pleased with her project and he left her alone for the rest of the week.

On her way home Friday she stopped and got some of her favorite wine coolers. When she got home she put on her favorite nightshirt popped open a wine cooler and flipped through the pages of her high school annual. The pictures brought back warm memories but no clue to her lover. Somewhat frustrated she tossed the book aside and downed a couple more wine coolers. She then couldn't help but reminence how this man fucked her and how satisfied she felt after both encounters. As she thought, her hands started massaging her tits and she began pulling her nipples through the thin material of her nightshirt. Her hands then made there way to her panties and rubbed her crotch spreading her legs wide and she fingered herself through the thin material. She then sat up and stripped herself naked and got into her night stand and got out her vibrating egg. She layed back and turned on the egg and rubbed her toy over her nipples and then guided the toy down her flat tummy and down to her light brown pubes teasing her pussy lips making her hot cunt want the little intruder. After teasing herself enough she spread her pussy lips apart and put her toy right on her clit. She turned the vibrator to high and let out a moan as it's little motor started it's massage on her love nub. it didn't take long for a strong cum go through her. But then she took the egg and pushed it into her hot honey hole and rolled over on her stomach. And as she worked her sugar walls around her little pleasure maker she slid her hands undreneath her and her fingers attacked her clit she came hard and put her into a deep sleep for the night.

Finally Satuday night came. She wore her favorite light blue summer dress that showed off her long tanned legs and cut low enough to show off her 38C tits. As she got to The Plaza she went to the main desk and asked for room 17. She asked who the room was registered to but he said he wasn't suppose to say. She went to the room. A note on the door said to go in have a drink and sit in the chair in the middle of the room. Put on the blindfold. She went in and on a stand was a boquet of flowers, a cooler with her favorite wine coolers and beer. She got a cooler sat in the chair and put on the blindfold.

She heard the door open and He said "You don't know how glad I am to see you. I've been in love with you since the 10th grade. And when I took a job as a night watchman at our building I couldn't wait to come and say hello. "So why this game" Karrie asked.
"For one I was thought you would just remeber me as that sweet guy from school. And two when I came to say hi I caught you in the act of pleasuring yourself and the oppurtunity was just too hard to pass up." Karrie's cheeks blushed on the thought of being caught. "Now we did have many classes together. My favorite was 7th period study hall two years in a row." Karrie thought for a moment but it didn't come to her. "Who got you through American Government" And like a giant light bulb she shouted "ANDY" She pulled off the blindfold and she was right. If it wasn't for him she never would have passed. And Andy was one of the sweetest guys in school but never thought of him as a raging hose monster as she has found through their encounters. Now are you going to stay and without hesitation she threw her arms around him kissed him and said yes.

Andy had dinner reservations. And after dinner he took her dancing. It was a wonderful evening and Karried was surprised at how Andy was so charasmatic.

As they returned to the room Andy gave Karrie a small bag which contained a white teddy and a pair of crotchless panties. She went to the bathroom to put them on. Before coming out she spayed a bit of perfume between her tits and then just above her pussy hairs. As she entered the room Andy was there in silk boxers and the expression on his face spoke anthems. After a drink he led her to the bed. As they kissed his fingers found their was to the opening of her panties and he slowly rubbed her love button. His touch was magical and a small climax went through her body.

He then went to the end of the bed and before she knew it he had her pussy over his face. He pulled apart the opening of the panties and his toungue made its way to her swollen pussy lips finding her erct clit.

Now Karrie was never been a big fan of sucking cock. But for the first time in her sexual life she never wanted anything more badly than to take this mans tool in her mouth. She pulled down Andy's boxers and his cock bopped right into her face. Her tongue hungrily lapped up his precum and she nibbled on his peehole she took his big purple head into her mouth and with each suck took him deeper into her hot mouth. She tickled his balls with just her finger nails which made Andy let out a low moan of pleasure. And everytime Andy gave a nibble on Karrie's hot clit she returned the favor by letting his big cock out of her mouth and nibblling the end of his at cock.

As they sucked each other in unison the orgasm building in Karrie's body made her let go of Andy's cock sit up straight and ride his face until the she exploded her juices all over his face and he happily lapped up all he could. After catching her breath she straddled his big cock and slowly took all nine inches into her steaming cunt. He reached up and gave her hard melons a squeeze and rubbed her nipples with his fingers. She then teasingly just fucked the head of his cock which drove Andy crazy she then slammed her ass down hard and grinding her pussy squeezing his cock with her pussy walls. She felt the head of his cock starting to expand and she rode him as hard as she could til he let out a scream and his spermjuice flooded her pussy and as she collapsed on top of her new lover and ready to sleep in arms. Completely satisfied.


2006-09-22 05:35:06
think I need to go back through my high school year book! Great trilogy!

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