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Husband & wife share open sex
[My name's Bill and my wife, Janie and I have been married for nearly 27 years. Our sex life had taken a dive over the years with two kids but after they grew up and moved out, we decided we needed to liven things up. We went to the local X-rated sex store and rented some movies. We really got off on the amature ones and soon began using various sex toys on each other. Janie was fondest of her big black toy and loved for me to tell her how she looked when her pussy was full of that toy. She bought an anal massager for me and I would get off so hard that cum would fly everywhere.

After one of our kinky sex sessions, we began talking about sex and she asked what the kinkiest thing was that I'd ever done before our marriage. I had been sexually active since the age of fifteen but was concerned about telling her my deepest sex secret. She promised she would tell me hers too so I told her that I had had sex with a gay guy while in college. I told her that it was a one time thing but that I had enjoyed it and never regretted it. She was excited and not the least bit shocked so I answered all her questions. She wanted to know all the details so I told her that I had a gay roommate for awhile and that one day I came into the room and found one of his friends waiting there for him. We began to talk and sex became the topic and we decided to have sex. I told her we both stripped and he walked over to me with this huge hard-on and put it in my face. I just bent forward and wrapped my mouth around it and found out it was a good feeling. I sucked and licked at it and actually was able to deep throayt all 7 inches of it. He then got up on his hands and knees and I fucked his ass long and hard untill I came in him. He had me suck his cock some more and it was leaking and I realized I was tasting cum and it really turned me on. He then had me lay on my back and licked my asshole until it was very wet. He said since it was my first time that I shold lay on my back as it was easier to take cock in the ass that way. He was easy going in and there was some pain but I adjusted and loosened up and soon he was pounding my ass with his hard cock. My own cock was rock hard again and I began rubbing it and it was great. He told me he was going to come in me and that sent me over the edge & I came again, even harder than the first time. I never saw him again and that was the onlt bi-sexual experience I'd ever had. I told her that I did finger myself anally sometimes when I masterbated and fantasized about that experience. Janie told me that was the ;hottest thing she;d ever heard and said my honesty would make it easier for her to tell me her sex secret.

Janie told me that she was worried about getting pregnant so never had vaginal sex until college when she was on the pill. She said that she would go down on a guy if she really liked him and actually liked swallowing cum. She said she was dating a boy and made arrangements to meet him in the boiler room between the boys & girls locker rooms so she could give him some head. They'd done it several times before and had never had a problem. She told me that she was going down on her boyfriend when she heard a male voice ask what was going on. Her boyfriend jumped up and ran out of the boiler room and left her sitting there. The old black janitor came up to her and told her to come with him that she was in big trouble for this. She followed him back to a little room that had a desk and some cleaning supplies and he told her to sit down at the desk while he called the principal. She was frantic and begged him not to call the principal, saying her mom & dad would kill her and please not to get her in trouble. The janitor looked at her and said, I guess I could let this go if you was to give me some of that head like you was doing out there. She said she was shocked and reluctant but he started to reach for the phone again so she agreed out of fear. She said he walked over and locked the door and told her to get on her knees. Janie said he dropped his pants and underwear at the same time and she saw his cock for the first time. She said that it was huge, that she had been with a few guys but had never seen anything like it. He came over to her and told her to open her mouth and as she did he just stuffed as much of it in as he could. She said she was repulsed at first but as he talked dirty to her and told her she was getting some real cock for the first time she began to get excited and started sucking it harder. She said it got so big it felt as if her mouth would tear and that she went into a kind of daze and really got into it, she kept thinking about having a black dick in her mouth and hearing him call her a little white slut turned her on like never before. He grabbed her head and held it down on his cock as the first spurts of cum erupted into her mouth. She said it hit her that she was taking black cum in her mouth and it sent her over the edge and she actuall got off. She said she went crazy on his cock and swallowed every drop as he told her what a good little cocksucker she was and to drink all that hot nigger cum. She said that she was hooked after that and would try to get down to the janitor's room as often as she could to suck his cock. She said that she even went back to look for him after she graduated but he had retired. That was the only interracial sex experience she'd ever had but, like me, had masterbated to the memories of it throughout her adult life.

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2014-05-18 23:45:32
That's it? That's not a cuckold story at all.

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2009-10-27 03:19:47
hmmmm hardly cuckold telling of previous


2009-09-30 16:23:31
I was forced to suck a black man's cock when I was fourteen.My boyfriend and I were at my house alone and I let him just pull my skirt up to just see my panties.We had never did anything else.I looked up to see the gardener standing at the patio door watching us.
He came in the house and said that he had to tell my parents.After crying and pleading with him did not work I said I would do anything for his silence.He made me and my boyfriend strip down.I had never seen a boy cock before and I was excited looking at my boyfriends hard cock.
Then the gardener pulled out his huge black cock sticking straight out.It was three times bigger than my boyfriends.He had us sit on the couch and moved in front of me,His massive had black cock right in front of my face.Much to my surprise I really liked the feel and taste of his cock when he made me lick it.I couldn't get much of his fat cock in my mouth when I sucked him,but he said I was very good.He also made my boyfriend suck his cock.

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