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Party Time
By the time the first morning of my weekend visit at my brother’s fraternity house rolled around a fairly complex situation had already developed. I lied silently awake in bed beside Justin looking around his room. Justin’s roommate Andy was still snoring on the top bunk across the room from me, while his other roommate Trent was on the bottom bunk with his back to us, also sound asleep.

Justin’s moving away to go to college had left me without any outlet for all of the sexual desires and needs he had first created, then later satisfied over the past year when we we became forbidden lovers. The tension we had within us during our first month apart was beginning to mount. Justin’s attempt to solve the dilemma pitted me as his fuck buddy from high school to all of his fraternity brothers instead of as his little sister. That new identity not only allowed me to have the kind of relationship with him publicly that we shared in private, but it also gave me the persona of being easy to his friends. That was something I had already taken advantage of by secretly sexing Trent while Justin was at baseball practice the night before, but easy was something I had never been before. The anonymity of it all had me feeling extra secure in my decisions to explore my sexuality away from home while keeping my solid good girl reputation back home.

Trent had aroused me. His mind was not only dirty, he was also a bit deviant and it turned him on to secretly have his roommates girlfriend. It excited him that he had something forbidden going on, but he didn’t know of the real forbidden activities he had just become a party to. He was actually having his roommates little sister, something that may have excited him more anyway. It excited me to have him without Justin knowing too. It was very similar to the thrill that existed in our house when Justin and I were playing without Mom and Dad’s knowledge that anything at all was going on. It also excited me that Trent knew I was fucking Justin and had even stayed awake to watch us after we had gone to bed the night before. I never considered exhibitionism before because Justin and I were doing something that was so strongly forbidden and now it was not only as though it was okay, I had worked it out that someone was getting off by watching us. That situation was getting me off too, but not as much as knowing that Justin and Trent had climaxed because of me within fifteen minutes of each other, or that Justin unknowingly licked my pussy immediately after Trent had made it so wonderfully sloppy. In a way that was my own method of getting back at Justin for portraying me as a slut to his buddies, but I still realized he had only told the truth about how strong my desire for sex had become. I truly started wondering if I was becoming a nymphomaniac.

Justin rolled toward me and moaned, opening his eyes to see that I was already awake. “Mmm, you felt great last night Kar.” He whispered softly. “I’ve missed being with you all the time.” He told me, resting his hand gently on my hip.

Justin always woke up horny. I had been looking forward to how hard he was in the mornings. He was already well endowed for a guy, so when his wonderful cock was totally rock-hard, it felt amazing sliding into me that first time every time. I rolled over with my back to him and scooted against him, looking back over my shoulder and whispering sweetly to him, “I’ll feel great this morning too Justin.”

Justin took his cock in his hand and gently brushed it back and forth between my legs, moistening his swollen, spongy penis head with the slippery juices my horny pussy so generously produced because of him. I arched my back away from him to improve his access to me from behind and I gasped as the girth of his manhood made me feel like a woman again. His hips moved very slowly toward me until our bodies met and his entire cock was secured tightly inside the steamy confinement of my wanting pussy. Almost as slowly as my brother had entered me, he withdrew and then entered me again. His arm draped over me and his hand squeezed my tit tightly as his pace quickened.

It was all I could do to keep from yelling out the pleasure I was feeling at that moment, but I was so horny that I needed to talk dirty to my brother and I couldn’t do it with Trent and Andy across the room and my back to Justin. I rolled over onto my other side and let Justin slide into me from the front. His head was just beside mine perfectly and I started talking to him as his pace returned to where it had just been from behind.

“You fuck me so fucking good Justin.” I told him. “I’m so horny for your big cock. Fuck, I can’t get enough cock. I am a slut Justin. I just want you to fuck me all day and all night so when I go home I have something to think about when I am fucking myself.”

One thing about Justin that was great was that he had been sexual with me long enough that he had developed the lasting power I needed from him in order to reach my own peak of pleasure. He also knew just how to work his hips so that every part of me that needed to be touched was touched perfectly. My body was already trembling with pleasure and I could almost count down the seconds until my climax once that trembling started.

I started to whisper to Justin again when my eye caught Trent watching us intently from his bottom bunk, although I pretended not to notice him jerking off. I was too into my own pleasure to care a great deal, but I loved being watched and I certainly became a little more theatrical once I knew I was under Trent’s observing eye.

“Oh fuck!” I whispered in Justin’s ear, biting it gently as his powerful thrust pushed me forward and pulled me back to him. “You’re making me cum.” I told him, raising my leg so that he could fuck me deeper and so that Trent could see more of our hot, sexy action. “Oooh, I’m cumming baby.” I breathed heavily as my body shook and trembled with total uncontrollable pleasure.

Justin started tensing up about the same time I did and seconds later the two of us collapsed together in each other’s arms. I could still see Trent looking toward us when Justin slid out of me and I kept my legs spread for a few minutes so he would be able to see Justin’s generous lusty deposit trickling out of me.

“Thank you b.. Justin.” I said, catching myself.

“Thank you Kar.” Justin whispered back. “I love fucking you first thing in the morning. Starts my day off great.” He said kissing me softly on the forehead.

I smiled and waited a few minutes before heading to the shower to get cleaned up. That was something I had needed to do and it felt wonderful to be refreshed again. Being around all of the men in that house was having an effect on me. I felt like I was in heat or something. They all seemed to like having me there to look at, although a few more girls were scheduled to arrive for the party that night.

Once I dried off and dressed, I headed back to Justin’s room and quietly opened the door, letting myself into what had become a twisted weekend love nest for me. Andy was the only one in the room when I entered and he had a short white towel wrapped loosely around his waist.

“Where’d they go?” I asked, a little nervous because Andy hadn’t said too many words to me since I arrived. “You want me to leave for a minute?” I asked politely.

“No, don’t worry about it Karie. Trent and Justin just left for the shower a second ago.” He said, pausing for a minute and looking at me a little bit funny. His towel dropped to the floor and he stood there completely naked in front of me. He was a very attractive man. Andy was tall with sandy blonde hair and had a big muscular chest and a stomach with lines in all the right places. His thick penis hung heavy and low, with his head below his balls by two or three inches and his legs were beg and strong looking. I literally shook my head to break my stare and instinctively turned my back.

“You sure you don’t want me to leave for a minute while you get dressed?” I asked, pretending to be looking for something on Justin’s desk, but the only thing I could see was the beautiful image of his naked body that I had just witnessed.

“If you don’t mind, I don’t mind.” He answered with a chuckle. “Heck I’ve seen about all of you already, I figured it was only fair.” He added jokingly.

“Oh my gosh! You were awake!” I said turning without thinking and seeing him naked again, but holding my position so that I could.

Andy laughed softly again. “Hey don’t worry, it was a great show.” He teased. “Justin is one lucky dude.”

I smiled sweetly across the room at him. “Thank you.” I said blushing a little. “We have an interesting relationship.” I added.

Trent took the opportunity to learn more about that. “So you really are just friends that like to get it on then?” He asked.

I shrugged my shoulders a little. “We are more than just friends, but we do like to, um… get it on as you say.” I chuckled. “We’ll always be connected, but never anything more than that. We tried and it just didn’t work. I am pretty demanding in some areas, and a little too wild in others.” I told him with a wink.

“Yeah.” Trent nodded. “That’s exactly what Justin said. He said you’re awesome but you two just don’t work as a couple cause he couldn’t keep up. It seems like you guys are great together though.” He noted.

I agreed, happy that Andy hadn’t reached for any clothes yet, but surprised at his comfort to be naked in front of me. “What about you, where’s your girlfriend?” I asked him, changing the subject away from my brother and I.

“We broke up when I came to school. I’m from South Dakota and it is just too far to stay in love.” He answered sweetly.

“Sorry.” I told him, sitting on the edge of the desk through the awkward silence that followed. “So did you lose your pants in the break-up?” I joked.

Andy blushed a little. “Oh shit. I kinda forgot I was standing here naked.” He chuckled, reaching for his underwear. “You seem really sweet Karie. Most guys would give anything to keep up with a girl like you.” He teased.

I smiled at him and flirted. “It would take all you guys to keep up with me sometimes.” I laughed softly.

Andy flirted back as he slid into his shorts. “Well if those two fuckers can’t handle it, look me up. I’ll try and help them out.” He smiled warmly.

This wasn’t the first time since I arrived that the thought of just taking them all on at the same time had crossed my mind. I liked the idea of keeping Trent a secret from Justin, but how hot would it be to have all three of them at the same time and how crazy would it be to come visit my brother and have all the cock I could handle every time. Six warm hands exploring my body, three hot bodies all over me, three hard cocks to suck, fondle and fuck, and all of that wonderful cum sent my mind spinning with fantasies and desires. Plus, Andy was by far the hottest of the three of them and seeing him naked would be all my lusty mind needed to want more of that.

“They won’t be able too, so I’ll keep that in mind.” I played along.

The door swung opened and Trent and Justin came in laughing and joking about something. “You about ready Andy?” Justin asked, reaching for his baseball bag.

“You bet bro.” He answered, slipping a t-shirt over his head.

“You guys have practice again?” I protested.

“Sorry si…Karie.” Justin almost slipped up right in front of them. “Every day but Sunday. Gotta be there by nine. Let’s hit it Andy.” He said, holding the door opened as the two of them left.

As soon as the door closed, there was an awkward silence in the room. There I was again, alone with Trent and completely aroused because of someone else. That had worked out good for Trent last time and not too bad for me either. I had teased Trent so much through the night knowing he watched Justin and I's live porn show and then again in the morning that I wondered if he would just jump me the minute he could, but he seemed to be doing okay staying back.

Trent sat on his bed and flipped on the T.V., watching me as I walked over to Justin's bed and sat down against the wall. "So you're in high school?" Trent asked.

"A senior this year." I answered. "Thank gosh."

"Was Justin your first?" He asked.

"Besides you Trent, he has been my only." I answered again, moving my eyes toward him and wondering whether he was questioning me or just making small talk.

"You guys have done it a lot though, huh?" He asked.

"We have." I answered, getting a little bored with the questions. "What about you? Who was your first?" I asked.

"My ex-friends sister." He answered kind of solemnly.

I almost chuckled a little under my breath but quickly caught myself. "I had fun with you Trent." I told him since it seemed like he was having some regrets or worries that I was regretting it.

Trent's face lit up a little. "Really?" He said. "I had fun too." He added. "You are so sexy and you seem so innocent all at the same time. I am the kind of guy that will steal that innocence since I'm such a freak." He warned.

I chuckled playfully. "I can handle myself." I told him, "besides, I'm not so innocent. My desires and the things I think about are probably things most women would never even consider doing. Hell, a lot of men wouldn't do some of the things I fantasize about. I want to do things." I confessed, feeling pretty comfortable with Trent all of a sudden.

"I know the feeling." Trent chuckled. "Like you fucking me and then letting Justin go down on you... that turned me on so much. You letting me watch his cum drip out of your pussy last night and again this morning. Honestly Karie, I just wanted to come over there and fuck you right after he pulled out. I just didn't know what he would do." He told me.

"I probably would have let you lick me clean too, Trent." I told him. "If you would have." I paused. "I really like a man's cum. I like it in me and I like it on me, but I really love to feel it in my mouth and taste it the most. That is why I like giving head so much. But I like a man to not be scared of it too. That is a big turn on for me."

Trent had a big smile on his face. "I don't know many guys that would knowingly lick a hot load from your box Karie, even though you are smoking hot." He chuckled. "But I would do it." He hesitated. "Well, I would do it if none of these bastards knew I did it. It turns me on too. You know the party is tonight and it is here. You should try to get Justin to have a little gang bang in here." He suggested with a coy wink.

My pussy flooded with wetness again. Trent was the freakiest guy I had ever been around. He kind of thought a lot like me. "That would be fun." I said, squirming a little. "I'd rather it just be the guys in this room though. I'd fuck all of you together. I was thinking about that earlier this morning even." I told him. "You won't share any of this will you Trent?" I asked, suddenly worried that everyone in the house would just take me as they wished.

"You're safe with me." Trent smiled. "I like you Karie." He told me. "Hell, I'd really like to go out with you sometime, but don't want to lose another friend over a girl." He chuckled.

I suddenly felt flattered by him. "I'd like that too." I said. "Justin may not care, it is hard to say. We've never really talked about that, but he is almost as freaky as you. He likes to think about me with other guys even though he doesn't know that it happened yesterday with you."

Trent's cell phone rang and he jumped up and answered it. I could see his cock was hard in his shorts, but I didn't let him know that I noticed. It was funny that it was his Mom calling. He kind of rolled his eyes and gave me the indication that it was going to be a long conversation, so I turned to see what was on the television. It was nothing good, so I looked back over at Trent and noticed his hard-on looked like it was gone.

I still don't know why I did it, but I just stood up, bent over facing away from him, and pulled my shorts all the way off. I hadn't worn any underwear and I had shaved myself completely in the shower earlier. I sat on the bed, leaning back against the wall, spread my legs opened wide and started sliding my finger in and out of my pussy for Trent to see.

Trent's eyes were wide like saucers and he had a little trouble talking to his Mom for a moment because of the distraction I was giving. I just lied back and really let myself go all out, almost forgetting I wasn't in my own room at home. It only took about two minutes to get myself off and Trent was still listening on the phone, mostly saying yeah and uh huh without expanding much on the conversation. I walked over to his bed and held my fingers against his lips so that he could taste my sweet juice.

Tapping my foot against the floor as if to indicate I was impatient with his conversation, I motioned with my other hand for him to pull off his shorts and he nearly dropped the phone he was in such a hurry. With my hands on his shoulders and my tits right in his face, I slowly lowered myself onto his hard cock until it was all the way inside me. I didn't bounce on him or move around, I just sat there squeezing and releasing my pussy muscles slowly and steadily. His eyes never shrunk to normal size although his voice remained fairly normal while he talked to his Mom. I used every skill I had to milk his cock so seductively that there was no way he could keep from cumming in me and I knew it.

I whispered softly in his ear. "Cum for me Trent. Then you can suck your delicious cream out of my tight little pussy while you listen to your Mommy tell you how much she loves you."

Trent exploded in me right away. I could feel his cock threshing so hard inside me that I was sure it had to be a huge load that he erupted. I was so wet it was hard to tell the difference between my juices and his. I rolled off of him and lied back on his bed, letting my legs fall opened while my feet pulled his face down into me. He passionately devoured me, sucking me completely. He didn't just lick me, he ate me and I loved it. About the time he had me clean, he said goodbye to his Mom and I stood up and dressed again.

I was slowly beginning to realize I was completely out of control sexually. I was reckless and began to wonder if the level of my libido was actually an addiction. It seemed funny that I was so out of control, but I could control any man enough that he would want to fuck me. Maybe it was my youth that made me too naive to understand that virtually any straight man would fuck any willing good-looking woman. Trent certainly had no problem fucking me, but he seemed to like me more than just that way too. I unfortunately didn’t even really like him that way. He felt good and I liked his freakiness, but my brother satisfied me more sexually than he would ever be able to do.

Everything turned me on, maybe that was the problem. The only reason I started masturbating in front of Trent in the first place was he was talking to his Mom and I thought it would be hot to have him while he was on the phone with her. It totally was, but I realized it was a silly reason to fuck someone. Even sillier was that I couldn’t wait to feel him sucking his salty load back out of me for all the same reasons I wanted it in me to begin with. My sexual mind was quickly losing track of what was really taboo and the real taboo stuff was starting to just seem normal. I wondered where it would stop, or if it would stop at all.

I was barely seventeen and now I was comfortably having sex with two men in the same day, one was my big brother and the other was his roommate that didn’t know I was the sister of his roommate. It turned Trent on to watch me fucking Justin. I wondered what he would think if he knew what our relationship truly was. I knew he wouldn’t ever know, but I also knew it was only a matter of time until I had more than just Trent fucking me behind Justin’s back. I had been plotting since the moment Andy dropped his towel to the floor in front of me how I could be with him. The image of his hot body wouldn’t leave my mind. I was truthfully thinking of Andy when Trent was inside me moments earlier.

Justin came back to the room alone and he was quick to tease Trent that I hadn’t fallen asleep this time. Trent had an arrogant smirk on his face, but quickly excused himself, kindly leaving Justin and I alone.

“How was practice big brother?” I asked, hugging him and kissing him softly on his cheek.

“Good.” He said, tossing his bat bag in the corner. “How was Trent? Did he treat you okay or was he a dick?” He asked calmly.

“He was cool.” I told him. “He watched us fuck this morning you know.” I said cautiously. “I saw him stroking it while you were in me.”

Justin chuckled a little and sat on the desk. “Yeah, Andy watched us too. It’s totally fucked up that we have always had to be so quiet about it and now we’re fucking in front of other people.” He paused a second and held my hand loosely in his. “What do you think about it all?” He asked me sincerely.

My big blue eyes looked innocently into his. “It makes me horny to know they watch us. What do you think?” I asked him, squeezing his hand in mine, a little worried that he may pull away.

Justin chuckled. “I know it makes you horny.” He teased. “What doesn’t make you horny Sis?” He questioned playfully. “It totally turns me on too. I kind of thought one of them might try to come over and tag team you last night, but they were both kind of respectful of our relationship.” He sighed.

My mouth dropped opened a little, but I pretended not to be too shocked. “Oh you’d love that, gang bang your little sister with all your buddies.” I protested, pushing him on his shoulder.

Justin smiled from ear to ear. “Karie, I didn’t say all of them, sheesh you slut – ready to fuck the entire house. I just said the only other two in the room.” He pushed me back and gave me an ornery grin.

“Alright bro, whatever you want. I’m your little high school slut buddy and I realize that.” I teased, secretly wanting to take it a step further just to see how far he would let it all go.

Justin turned a little serious and his hand tightened around mine as his other found my shoulder. “Karie, tonight I’m going to use you then. I’m going to dominate you just like the fantasies you share with me.” He told me. “I’ll protect you, but you are going to be just what you are, my slut. You okay with that?” He asked me.

I nodded my approval even though my heart was pounding a mile a minute inside my chest. I was more excited than nervous, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous too. I loved Justin completely and I trusted he would protect me, but when we discussed my fantasies before, he always pushed my desires a little toward his own wants. While that turned me on, it was all part of giving up control and being submissive and that was something I had yet to truly experience even with him.

Justin smiled at my approval and released my hand and my shoulder from his tight grip. He took a step back, pulled his shorts down around his thighs and waited for me to drop to my knees. His cock hung limp between his legs and I could smell his steamy sweat already. My mouth watered with desire. I loved sucking him when he was salty with sweat. I quickly got to my knees and slurped the head of his perfect penis eagerly into my mouth. I cupped his balls in one hand and wrapped my other tightly around his shaft as it came to life and stiffened nicely for the sucking he desired from me. I moaned with pleasure, opened wide, and pushed my brothers sex meat all the way to the back of my throat, letting my lips trail the slippery saliva along his shaft as it slid back out. My hand rotated and stroked him while my tongue firmly massaged the underside of his delicious cock with a deliberate rhythm and an obvious purpose. I couldn’t wait to swallow every ounce of his orgasm and he couldn’t wait to cum down my throat. I let my middle finger press gently against my brother’s tight sphincter and an instant later his creamy ejaculate met my tongue. I stuffed his fat cock into my mouth deeper and gulped it down my throat with each powerful burst of his climax to make room for the next blast.

Justin moaned and smiled down at me as I licked him clean and wiped my slobber off his shaft with my hands. I stood and tugged his shorts up, kissing him deeply so that he could taste himself in our kiss. He loved it when I did that.

I spent the rest of the afternoon in the room pretty much alone watching T.V. The pledges of the fraternity had the duties of preparing for the party, so they were busy most of the day. It gave me some time to think, but I tried not to focus too much on the party because my brother had already warned me I would be his slut and I wasn’t sure what exactly that would mean or when exactly it may start. Either way, I was excited and turned on by it. I made sure to take another shower and shave again so that I would be perfectly smooth and not smell so much like sex when it all started.

By the time the party started, a lot of the guys, including Justin, were already pretty buzzed from all the beer and the Jell-O shots. There were a ton of people and the music was insanely loud, all the makings of a good party from what I could tell. I mostly hung out with Trent and Andy and danced a little bit, but tried to lay pretty low. Trent had forced a few Jell-O shots my way, so I was pretty dizzy, especially since I hadn’t had much drinking experience in the past. Justin was keeping a close eye on me and the minute he saw that I was getting a little drunk, he led me up to their room and cut me off for the night. Thankfully it was already past midnight and I was a little tired, otherwise I would have probably protested when he grabbed me and led me away.

Once we got upstairs, Justin closed the door to the room behind him and told me to take off all my clothes. I was excited, having wanted him all night, so I quickly took off my clothes, dancing playfully and stripping seductively for him the entire time. He led me to bed and gently laid me onto his mattress, assuring I didn’t fall over on the way.

“You ready to fuck me now J-ustin?” I asked, laughing in my drunkenness.

Justin climbed on me and pulled my arms above my head and held them there, not speaking a word. I was pretty turned on by how quiet and strong his approach was, so when he released my hands, I just arched my back up toward him and moaned my pleasure. A second later, I felt his hands on my wrists again and I didn’t realize he had me bound until I tried to hug him and my arms barely moved at all. Still, the alcohol in my system had me so relaxed that I just giggled and teased Justin a little more, calling him a tough guy and telling him I liked him tying me up.

I could feel the restraints against my wrists, so I turned my head and looked up to see them. He had strapped me to the bed with heavy black leather cuffs that didn’t allow me to move my arms at all. “You gonna fuck me now big boy?” I teased, humping my hips up against him, trying to knock him off of me, but unable to move his heaviness at all.

Justin pushed himself off of me and walked over to turn out the big light. There was still a lamp on in the room, so I was thinking he was pretty romantic to control the lighting like that for us. None of it registered with me until I saw him open the door to the room. I suddenly felt trapped and scared that he was leaving me unable to escape. The fear only lasted a second though because as soon as the door opened, in walked Trent, then Andy, and two other guys that I hadn’t seen before followed behind them before Justin shut the door behind them and lodged a chair under the door knob to secure the room.

Justin was the first to pull his pants down and he walked right over to me and with one knee on the mattress above my head, lowered his penis toward me and started slapping my face with it. The other guys just stood there watching, rubbing their dicks in their pants for a minute until Justin motioned for them to come over too.

Justin stopped slapping me with his cock for a minute and stood back up. “Here are the rules for my slut guys.” He said smiling proudly. “First load for each of you is in her mouth, second goes in her pussy, third is on her face and if you can give her more than three you can fuck her ass and cum wherever you like.” He said. “She’s a slut, not a punching bag, so be nice and fuck hard.”

The room wasn’t spinning anymore because my adrenaline had kicked in and I was nervous as could be. Five men stood around me, three of which I knew, two of which I had fucked already, one I dreamed of fucking all day, and two complete strangers. On top of it all I had never had anal sex before and I was sure that any one of those guys would be able to cum four times in a night. They were all athletes and full of cum. Hell, Trent came twice in thirty seconds the day before.

The guys all pulled the bed out to the middle of the room and before I knew it there was a cock in my mouth, and one on each side jerking off toward me. Justin’s was in my mouth and Trent and one of the new guys were beside me. Beyond that, I couldn’t see, but I was excited to feel one of the guys licking my pussy. Justin jerked his cock out of my mouth and the new guy stuffed his in quickly and instantly started cumming. His cock was small, but he came a lot and I swallowed it all. He quickly disappeared and Andy was beside me. My eyes looked up at him and he smiled, jerking his huge cock toward me while Justin dropped his wet dick back in my mouth from above, letting his balls rest against my nose and hiding Andy from my view. They were all cheering a little as my legs were lifted and someone penetrated my wet pussy. Justin pulled out again and Trent stuffed his cock between my lips just in time to unload his sex cream down my throat. As soon as he pulled out of my mouth I turned toward Andy and opened for his cock. He pushed it in, but the head was about all that would fit. His girth was impressive and the length was incredible. I had seen it looked big soft, but hard, it was a porn star cock. I was eager to suck Andy. I had daydreamed of fucking him most of the day. He came hard and I was honestly a little disappointed when Justin’s cock slid into my mouth again. His was the forth load I would swallow and the final one tasted like my pussy, so I knew it was the stranger that had been fucking me to that point.

From that point forward, there was a cock in my pussy and at least one in my mouth for a very long time. Andy came quickly in me the second time too, leaving me wanting to feel his full size, but unable too enjoy him. Before the last guy was done in my pussy, Andy and Trent had both spent their third loads all over my face and I was feeling very nasty. It all began to blur together and there were so many of them and so much cum being pumped in me and on me that my state of ecstasy was far greater than I had ever felt. There was so much activity going on with me at the center that I could hardly even focus on any one event.
By the time my face was sticky with what must have been at least the fifteenth load of the night, Justin had climbed between my legs and pushed his big cock against my tight asshole. I groaned as he entered me. It was a pain that had me unable to keep from moaning, but a pleasure that made me unable to want it to end. My brother fucked my ass in front of all of those guys and he didn’t do it gently or lovingly. He came hard, deep in my anus, and then made me suck his cock after.

The activity tapered off after that. I woke three times during the night being fucked; once by Trent, once by the small guy, and finally by my brother, who licked my pussy for a while when he was done. For the first time in my life, I had enough. I wasn’t craving it after it was over, I was ready for rest. It took five of them to satisfy my craving. My body was sore, not just my pussy. My muscles ached, my jaw was tired, my hips were out of sorts, my asshole felt broken, and my wrists were still tied above my head, making my shoulders ache horribly. I had no trouble sleeping, but the rest was not the best.

The next morning when I woke, Justin, Andy, and Trent were the only ones in the room with me. My bindings had been removed at some point early in the morning and I lay totally nude on top of the covers. It was Sunday morning and I dreaded driving home, but I was ready to get away too. I had been a horrible slut and I had that weighing on my conscious first thing when I woke up. Maybe this was an addiction I had. Perhaps I was a nymphomaniac, I wondered silently. I showered, dressed quietly while the guys slept, and sneaked out to head home.

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