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Superman wasn't very busy. He had lots of time on his hands to spend and wanted to find someone to go out with. So he looked up Spiderman. He asked Spiderman if he wanted to pal around with him for the day to see what adventures they could find but Spiderman declined because his hands were infected and he needed to give them a rest so they would heal. He then looked up Batman but Batman was also grounded because he needed to make some repairs to his Batmobile. Not finding anyone to hang out with for the day, Superman took off flying around solo. Finally with his x-ray vision he spotted the top floor apartment of Wonder Woman. She was lying in bed naked. "Why not?" he told himself as he landed on the apartment ledge and knocked on the window. Wonder Woman came to the window and opened it up for Superman to enter and they both quickly jumped into bed.
Zip--Zap! He was finished and off he went flying out the window.
"What was that all about?" Wonder Woman asked.
"I don't know," replied Invisible Man, "but my ass sure does hurt."
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