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Fiona soon realises being the office whore is a full time job
The following weeks for Fiona where totally different to her normal working life. After she became the office whore with my help and encouragement, in a humiliating and degrading way which I’ve previously written about, her working life was never to be the same at this company. This instalment from the family of whores describes Fiona's first month as the office whore.

On the first day of the week Fiona arrived as normal around about 7.45am, as the manager she was always the first into the department, with the blokes all drifting in from 8am till 8:30 start time. Fiona had told me that morning whilst sucking my cock that she felt nervous and apprehensive about what might happen, especially after last week’s events.

I picked her out some lacy French knickers and matching bra set, god she looked sexy for a mature woman, curves in all the right places. A nice tight white blouse that showed off her awesome cleavage and a tight skirt that finished 4 inches above her knee. She finished the outfit with stiletto shoes and looked stunning.

Anyway she was just settling at her desk when to blokes in her department entered her office without knocking, they briefly looked her up and down ogling her titties. She asked the blokes, who she referred to as Paul and Tony, what they were doing. She wasn’t ready for the response she got that was for sure.

“Were removing your door Fiona so that when your being used and fucked senseless we can hear you screaming and have a quick look at you performing like a whore”.

She sat stunned at the lack of respect she now had in the office, she was spoken to like a whore and I suppose that’s what here male employees now thought of her.

Still sat with thoughts swimming round her head Paul and Tony returned and stood in front of her desk, looking at her tits, then they caught her totally by surprise and dropped their trousers. 2 cocks hung in front of her maybe 5 and 6 inches long but growing by the second into raging solid shafts.

“Get round here you slut, start the day by sucking our fucking cocks you filthy office scrubber” Paul cockily said.

“What , what now?” Fiona asked slightly concerned.

“Yes right now whore, your were our boss till last week Fiona, now you’re our office whore and we decide when you suck and fuck, ok? So get round here and start putting that mouth to good use these cocks wont milk themselves bitch”.

Fiona stood meekly from her desk and walked round in front of the guys,

“On your knees bitch”

Fiona dropped to her knees and Paul fed his prick into her mouth, she was their office whore and this was her first cock of the week. On her knees in front of the doorless office she gave Paul an expert blowjob really going to town on his shaft and balls. After 10 minutes he held her head and filled her throat with a thick stream of gooey sperm. Tony hardly let her catch her breath before he fed his dick into her mouth.

Again she sucked him like a true cock sucking slut milking him off his seed, filling her belly with another load of salty deposit.

It was only 8:45 and she’d already swallowed two lots of spunk. She went to her coffee machine to make a drink and think about the situation she was now in. Fiona loved cock now after years of sexual neglect but this could lose her a very good job.

Fiona didn’t have long to dwell on the matter as she felt hands grab her waist from behind, the hands quickly moved up her waist onto her 38dd and began groping her. She couldn’t believe this was happening, is this how she would now work? As a office fuck toy.

She spun round and stood face to face with Gary the office trainee. Gary was only 17 but tall and handsome. He walked Fiona over to her desk and bent her forwards so her hands rested on the desk.

“Gary........what are you.......”

“Shut up slut don’t fucking talk till I tell you ok? Lift your skirt up round your waist I want to see your ass, that’s it bitch, ooh I like them knickers, take them off”.

Fiona hesitated momentarily then hooked her fingers in her knickers and peeled them down she let go and they dropped down round ankles. Gary bent down and tapped her calves urging her to step out of the knickers. Gary picked them up and stuffed them in his pocket, a souvenir of the occasion.

Gary then kicked her legs apart about a foot and a half aiding the exposure of her mature pussy flaps.

Fiona couldn’t believe that by 09:00am she’d swallowed two lots of come and the office junior had her bent over her desk, exposing her sex and panty less.

“Ooh yeah that’s a nice pussy slut I’m going to enjoy fucking that a lot”.

Fiona then felt Gary rub a finger around her entrance, before roughly forcing 2 fingers into her warm fuck hole. His inexperience began to show now as he mashed his fingers into her cunt, not once even paying her clit any attention. Gary worked a third finger into Fiona and pummelled her moistening pussy hard and fast. It didn’t take long for the finger assault to have its desired effect and Fiona came nosily over the juniors fingers.

“I knew I’d make you come like a whore, you’re ready for some young hard dick now aren’t you?”

“Umm hum” Fiona moaned as she heard Gary drop his trousers to the floor. Fiona looked back over her shoulder and caught a glimpse of the young hard dick that was about to penetrate her. She said it was about 7” and shiny and smooth, Gary had also shaved his pubes and balls.

“Aahhh oooooohhh yeah o yeah”

Gary had slid his cock into her and began humping his managers pussy with young enthusiastic vigour. There wasn’t much technique in his fucking he just pummelled away hard and fast but this soon had Fiona crying out as she came all over his cock.

“Take that you slut, I’m gonna enjoy fucking you everyday boss and spunking in your pussy”.

Fiona looked at the noise she heard at the door, standing there were Mick and Shaun big grins on their faces and bigger bulges in their pants. They began egging young Gary on telling him to “fuck the whore harder, pound her dirty little pussy”. This just spurred Gary on to batter her hole even more until he emptied his young eager seed into her willing cunt. He pulled out and wiped his slimy cock on her ass cheeks before pulling up his trousers and leaving.

“Stay there Fiona that position will do just fine” said Mick as he approached sporting a 8” boner.

“Well done Gary you fucked this slut good, her cunts fucking soaking, here have some of this you cock loving office whore”.

Mick’s 8 incher stretched her pussy and disappeared into her used hole, her moans were loud and constant as Mick rode her with long powerful thrusts.

“Shut this bitch up Shaun; make her suck your cock”.

Shaun pulled Fiona off her desk and forced her head onto his purple 8” knob, she was now being spit roasted in full view of the open office at 09:30 in the morning. For the next 20 minutes Mick and Shaun swapped places hammering her holes. Shaun filled her pussy with its second load of the day and Mick spunked down her throat. They left her dripping with come and panty less to clean herself up and eventually start some work.

I watched intently throughout the day hoping to see Fiona used again. I waited till lunch when George anally fucked her and she sucked off Tim. At 17:15 she was about to leave when Dominic, Oscar and Ryan accosted her and tripled her pummelling all her holes in a no holes barred fuck fest before covering her in spunk.

That night she came home sore and tired after servicing 10 of her male colleagues on the first day. The rest of the week saw her service the other 7 plus some of the previous ones two or three times. Fiona was beginning to see that being the office whore was a full time job and her work was suffering.

Throughout the first month Fiona was fucking between 3 -11 cocks a day depending on the mood her colleagues were in. I had collected so much footage from my web cam setup I didn’t know what to do with it all.

The last day of the month arrived, payday.

Jay had told Fiona to stay behind after 5 as he had a surprise for her. She also found it strange that know body had come to fuck her yet that day. Anyway by quarter past she’d decided to head home only for Jay to arrive as she went to exit her open office door.

“Leaving before your surprise whore?”

“Yes I didn’t think you were coming”.

“Well I’m here now so back in there you go there’s a good little slut”

Fiona was now stood in the middle of the office looking at Jay, waiting.

“Ok guys, were ready”

Her entire workforce filed into her office surrounding her in a tight ring, She felt nervous but excited at the same time. She wasn’t stupid, she figured she was about to be gangbanged but felt very nervous about so many cocks fucking her at once. She loved cock after so many years of sexual neglect, but 17 at once. Her pussy juiced at the thought.

“As a group we’ve decided that as your monthly bonus for being such a good whore....and boss, that you will be fucked by us all, take off your fucking clothes now”.

Fiona stripped without protest and stood in the group of men naked.

“Up on the desk, spread your legs wide, yes thats it so us that wet pussy of yours”
Fiona displayed her wet cunt for the 17 men and she could feel her lips becoming hot and inflamed, juice started to seep from her velvet folds.

“The fucking slut is gagging for cock, look her cunts leaking” one of the blokes announced.

“Get a butt plug from the drawer” asked Jay.

Over the month all of the staff had purchased Fiona a sex toy which she was made to masturbate with or used on one of her holes whilst she was being fucked. She had a drawer in the office which the blokes called box of tricks. A large but plug was fetched and quickly inserted into Fiona's dark tight hole making her cry out.

“Right up you get”

Fiona was pushed into the middle of the office and surround again, Jay came up behind her and bent her forward, pushing her mouth over the cock in front of her, she didn’t have time to see whos it was before it bumped against the back of her throat. Jay entered his cock into her wet pussy and began fucking her. Whilst this went on the others shed all their clothes and got their dicks hard, waiting for her to be passed around.

Fiona was moved around the circle in a clockwise action, cock in her mouth cock in her cunt, spit roasted in a circle of 17 of her employees. Fiona the manager sucking and fucking with a butt plug lodged in her ass at the same time. What a slut she was.

She had know idea whos cock was in which hole, all she knew was that come oozed from her pussy every time a big dick hammered inside her. Her thighs were sticky and her face was covered in stringy spunk, it dribbled from her mouth and hung from her chin and nose.

Watching the action on the web cam with a pair of alices panties wrapped round my cock as I wanked she was passed round the ring at least once.

“Has everyone had ago at this cheap sluts pussy and mouth?”

A chorus of “yeahs” rang out around the room, some saying “yeah that whores pussy is well fucked and full of come”.

“Right bitch bend over that desk, lift your leg up on there, thats it slut, reach round and spread your ass cheeks, pull them wide apart like a whore”

The butt plug was then removed from her ass.

“Time to fuck her arse boys”

“Beg us all to fuck your arse Fiona , I want to hear you say that you want 17 cocks in your ass”
In a low mumbled moan Fiona said “fuck my ass please fuck my ass I want 17 cocks in my asshole”

“We cant hear you whore”


“Thats better whore”.

Jay went first fucking her tight brown hole slowly at first, opening up her rectum with every gentle thrust, making sure that she could feel every vein in his solid shaft as it drove deeper into her anal passage.

Fiona came twice during Jays turn in her arse before he filled her back passage with his seed. All the blokes stopped to admire Jays sperm dribbling from her puckered hole as it contracted forcing out his white goo.

The 17 men then just formed a line all around the office waiting their turn to come in their managers arsehole. By the time 10 men had been through her Fiona was sprawled out on the desk, almost passed out her body had had so many violent orgasms it had taken it out of her. Her bum hole was just leaking sperm constantly now and her thighs were sodden with drying spunk. Some of the blokes were shooting a few jets into her bowels then pulling out and coming over her brown hole and pussy lips as if marking their territory.

The last man Oscar fucked her hard for 15 minutes alternating between her pussy and ass before coming all over her holes as well, Fiona was a mess. She was plastered in come.

She was then lifted off the desk and carried over to Norman who was laying on the floor, she was lowered onto his pole and pushed forward her boobs swinging in his face. A line was then formed at her rear and one at her mouth, 8 in each line and Norman buried in her twat fucking her.

She was then triple penetrated as the men used her whore holes, a bloke would fuck her face and butt for 5 minutes then join the end of the opposite line to use her mouth or arse this went on and on for what seemed like hours as their cocks had a rest whilst waiting in line. Every now and then Norman would be relieved so he could join a line.

As the blokes came either in her cunt, ass or mouth whichever hole they were in at the time they would dress and leave. Eventually she was left with Rupert he was standing over her bottom which was raised in the air alternating from pussy to ass giving her a real hard fuck. He decided to come all over face for his finale before leaving her in a pool of spunk. Fiona came home at half 11 that night after being subjected to the gangbang for 5hrs. Her mouth, pussy and arse were sore so she went bath and soaked. Before she went bed I ass fucked her telling her what a sexy mother in law she was and that she is a very good office whore.

Fiona has now been the office whore for 4 months, the novelty has worn off a little with her normal colleagues and she only fucks no more than 2 cocks a day, but they all still turn up to award Fiona her monthly bonus.

Next time you’ll hear how Fiona helps to interview the new candidates but her candidates have an ulterior interview lined up.

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