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Two young people of different religions fall in love.
Fbailey story number 433

The Mennonite Girls

The Mennonite girls that I see every week work in a very unique Country Store that my mother shops at. They stock most things in bulk and have a great Deli. Mom can get her meats and cheese for half the price that other grocery stores charge. They have locally grown organic vegetables too. All of the employees are Mennonites and most of them are girls.

The prettiest girl is about my age and she is always hanging around another girl that could be her older sister. Dad says that they have to travel in packs. Mom makes me go with her just so that I can’t enjoy myself at home. I don’t have to go inside so I can stand in the shade at the end of the building and wait for her to come back out.

I do go inside just long enough to check out Michelle. She is so adorable in her gingham dresses. She shows very little skin, just her head, hands, and feet stick out making me wonder what is underneath. She is nothing like the girls at my school that seem to flaunt everything that they have to offer. I can look up skirts or down blouses every day and they pretend that they aren’t showing themselves to me on purpose. I like Michelle’s innocence much more.

I got a cold soda and stood in her line even though it was longer and the ten items or less lane was open. We casually smiled at one another and made small talk. Well, actually she asked me if I had found everything that I wanted and later wished me a nice day. I wanted to tell her that she was what I really wanted but of course I didn’t.

I took my cold soda out to my usual corner and stood in the shade watching the cars come and go from the parking lot.

Soon I heard a ‘pest’ sound from behind me and turned around. Michelle was standing just slightly behind her older sister. Her sister motioned me to come to them. As I approached I saw her nametag and it read Rachael.

Rachael pulled me around the corner out of sight from the front of the store and behind a huge trash container. I found myself in a pretty well secluded corner.

Rachael pushed me back into that corned and blocked my escape with her body. I looked over her shoulder and saw that Michelle had her back toward us and that she was standing guard.

Rachael leaned in for a kiss and smashed my hand into her right breast. Apparently I was too gentle on both counts because she said, “Kiss me harder and squeeze my breast so that I will remember you when I masturbate tonight.” She said it loud enough for her sister to hear. I didn’t have to kiss her harder because she grabbed the back of my head and smashed her lips into mine as she kissed me. As to my hand on her tit I squeezed harder like she wanted me too and she moaned in my mouth. She had a good bra on but I found her nipple and pinched it hard, to her delight. They had some time frame worked out because Michelle coughed and Rachael stopped and pulled away. As we parted she said, “Next time I’ll let you feel my other breast.”

The two girls changed positions and then I got to kiss my dream girl. Before I could though, she hugged me tightly and whispered in my ear, “Be gentle and you will get more than you expect. I’m not my sister, I don’t need you to bruise me to remember you when I masturbate tonight, I always remember you at that time.”

I replied, “I always masturbate to thoughts of you too.”

When we kissed it was soft, gentle, and with lots of passion. After that first kiss she placed both of my hands on both of her breasts. They were a little smaller than her sister’s breasts but she herself was smaller too. I massaged them for a while and then Michelle pulled her dress up above her bra and let me see them. I ran my hand over the flesh that was not encased in her bra. It was soft and firm at the same time. She then lowered one of my hands to her pussy and pulled her big granny panties out giving me free access to her womanhood. Her dress fell and she held my hand to her pussy. Her other hand went to my crotch and rubbed my cock through my jeans. She cooed when I slipped a finger between her very wet pussy lips and touched her clit. She whispered in ear, “That’s it. That’s the spot. Please don’t stop.” I rubbed her clit fast and furiously to get her off before our time was up. Her orgasm hit her hard, her legs buckled, and I held her up until it passed. Michelle said, “Oh thank you God for sending this boy to me.” After a few heavy breaths she whispered, “I love you, I want to marry you, and I want to have your babies. Will you make love to me the next time we meet?”

I couldn’t find the words to express my thrill so I just nodded my assent. She reluctantly removed my hand from her panties and let her dress fall down around her ankles. I brushed both of her breasts and held onto her ass as I pulled her in for a passionate kiss. I also thrust my rock hard cock into her pussy as Rachael coughed signaling the end of her turn.

The girls had been on a ten-minute break and had to get back inside. Rachael smashed my hand onto her right breast again as she smashed her lips to mine. Then Michael kissed me gently and asked me to think about her later as I masturbated. She lifted my hand up to nose, smelled herself on my finger, and smiled sweetly as she went back inside with her sister.

I couldn’t wait until Mom went shopping again. I was sure that she noticed my hard-on, how could she miss it? However, she didn’t say anything on the ride home. I rushed to my bedroom and jerked off to thoughts of Michelle.

When I came back downstairs Mom asked, “Feel better?”

She knew.

Then she asked, “Which one is it Michelle or her sister Rachael?”

She really knew.

I replied, “Michelle.”

Mom smiled and said, “I thought so. She couldn’t take her eyes off you. Right after you left she asked for a break. When I got out to the car you were not in your normal spot so I went back inside to look for you. Right after I saw the girls come back in I saw you get in the car. Of course your hard-on was obvious too.”

She let that sink in and then she asked, “How far did the Mennonite girls let you go?’

I replied, “Mom I’d rather not discuss that with you.”

Mom smiled and said, “That far huh.”

Then Mom said, “You could invite them to our next dance. Their parents might allow that as long as your father and I would be there to chaperone.”

I replied, “I don’t know about that but you could go shopping two or three times a week…couldn’t you?”

Mom smiled and said, “I suppose I could use some fresh baked bread tomorrow. What time do think we should go?”

I said, “About the same time as today.” Then as an after thought I said, “Thanks Mom.”

I could hardly sleep that night thinking about how different Michelle and Rachael were. Rachael was aggressive and liked it rough, while Michelle liked it sweet and gentle. Then the way Rachael let me have just one tit and Michelle let me see her tits in her bra and then pushed my hand into her panties for my first feel of pussy. Her pussy was so warm and wet, covered with nice thick pubic hair, and her slit was so slick. I loved how sensitive her clit was and how easy it was for me to get her off. I never dreamed that I could make a girl melt in my arms like that.

I was anxious to go but Mom said that the store had to be open a couple of hours for the girls to need a break. She was right of course. I hated the wait but she really was right.

Finally we drove to the store and Mom went in with me. I caught Michelle’s eye and she smiled. She had not expected me to return the very next day but I could tell that she was happy. I went outside and around back to wait for them.

A couple of minutes later they came out and spotted me. Rachael rushed to me and I held her off saying, “I really like your sister. Can I just be with her?”

Rachael said, “Okay but feel me up first and make it hurt a little.”

I looked over at Michelle, she smiled at me, and then she turned her back to us. I turned Rachael around, reached under her arms, and grabbed a hold of both breasts. I squeezed and kneaded them as hard as I could, then I pinched both of her nipples. As a parting thing I reached down to touch her pussy and she stopped me. She tapped Michelle on her shoulder and then the girls traded places.

Michelle just lifted her dress up to her neck and stepped into me for a hug. She pressed her pussy into my crotch. We kissed and it was everything that I remembered it to be. She started trying to get my cock out so I helped her. Then she lowered her panties and stepped closer. I remembered what she had asked me, “Will you make love to me the next time we meet?”

She put the head of my cock in her moist slit and then she slipped her pussy over it. I could not believe how wonderful it felt to be inside her. I had heard that it hurts a girl the first time but she didn’t flinch at all, she just seemed to like it as much as I did.

Michelle got close to my ear and whispered, “Thank God for sending you to me. I love you and I really want to marry you and have your babies.”

I was cumming in her and she knew it.

She whispered, “Thank you for your seed.”

Rachael coughed and gave us a minute to get ourselves back together. Both girls gave me a nice kiss then I reached out with Michelle looking and pinched Rachael’s nipples giving them a twist.

They went inside and I went to the car. A few minutes later Mom came out with a smile on her face. She told me that she had waited for Michelle to go back to her register and then had gotten in her line to check out. Just as she was walking away Mom said to Michelle, “Shoot, I forgot to buy mayonnaise. I’ll just come back again tomorrow.” She noticed the way Michelle had smiled at her.

I looked over at Mom and said, “Thank you.”

Mom looked down at my lap and smiled as she said, “She must have taken care of your problem.”

I know that I turned red but she didn’t say any more.

At bedtime Mom came into my room to say goodnight but instead asked me about Michelle. What she really said was that we needed to have a ‘serious talk.’ Well I confessed to having had sex with Michelle. Mom was not too upset with that but wondered what would happen to Michelle. She might get pregnant and with a boy outside her faith. Her parents might not appreciate that at all. She suggested that her and I have a serious talk with Michelle and her sister Rachael the next day. I agreed.

That night I tossed and turned. I realized that I was safe and that my Mom understood but I was very concerned about Michelle. The more I thought about it, the more concerned I got. I also knew beyond a shadow of doubt that I loved Michelle and always had. It wasn’t just the sex either I had seen her for years and watched her grow up. Her parents owned the store and she had always been there stocking shelves or offering people samples of their products.

Again I was anxious to be on my way but had to wait for Michelle to earn her break. Mom and I walked in and Michelle lit up like a Christmas tree. I went out to our special place and waited. Mom joined me a few minutes later and just then the girls came out too. They looked at Mom and got very quiet and polite.

Mom asked, “May I ask what you girls are doing with my son?”

Rachael said, “My sister is approaching her sixteenth birthday. That means that our father will mate her to Jimmy our second cousin and she doesn’t even like him. I’m mated to his older brother and I’m to be married on my eighteenth birthday in a few months. I don’t love him either but that is our custom, to marry within our religion.”

Michelle said, “I have been in love with your son for a few years and decided to marry him against my father’s wishes.”

Rachael said, “If she does marry him she will be excommunicated and shunned by our Mennonite population.”

Michelle said, “I don’t care, I love him, I really do. Besides I am no longer a virgin and cannot marry within my Mennonite community.”

Rachael was stunned at hearing the news and said, “You didn’t…you couldn’t…”

Michelle said, “I could and we did, yesterday.”

Mom said, “Yes, I was told. Now what do we do about it?”

Rachael said, “First our father needs to be told, then he will tell the Church Elders, and then they will call for a Shun and then none of us will be able to look or talk to her for two years or possibly ever.”

I said, “Oh shit.”

Michelle gave me a hug and a sweet kiss and then said, “It’s not your fault, it was my decision, and I knew that you would not resist me. I take all of the blame.”

I replied, “I love you.”

Michelle smiled and said, “I love you too.”

Mom asked, “When should we talk to your father?”

Michelle replied, “Right now. He is in his office.”

So we all followed Michelle to her father’s office, she knocked politely, and told him that she needed to tell him something important.

He looked up at us and motioned us in. Mom closed the door and stood between Michelle and me with Rachael next to her sister.

Michelle told her father, “I do not want to become engaged to Jimmy or marry him. I do not love him and I do not believe in arranged marriages. I love Frankie and want to marry him. Besides we have already had sex.”

Her father turned beat red as his blood pressure threatened to burst an artery. Finally he looked at my mother and stammered, “Take her out of my sight. I’ll contact you as to when the Tribunal will meet on Sunday.”

We walked out and watched as Michelle and Rachael hugged, kissed, and cried. Then Michelle took us the front door of the store and walked with me to our car. She sat quietly in the front seat so, as not to sit next to a boy that was not related to her.

When Dad got home Mom gave him the news. He could see the excitement in our faces and said that he would do what he could to help us. Mom suggested that she spend the night in my bed but Michelle refused saying that it would not be right.

Mom laughed and said, “You let him make love to you out behind your father’s store but you can’t sleep with him. Isn’t that contradictory?”

Michelle said, “You are right but I have nothing to sleep in.”

Mom smiled and said, “I don’t wear anything to bed. That way my man can touch me whenever he wants too. After all I gave myself to him freely, as you did my son. However, I do have nightgowns that your mother wouldn’t be caught dead in, if you would like to see them.”

Michelle smiled and took Mom up on her offer. A while later they came downstairs to Dad and I. They had changed the bed linens on my bed and cleaned it up for our unofficial honeymoon suite. There were two scented candles burning and soft romantic music playing in the background when we entered.

Michelle smiled at me as she opened her robe and showed me what she was wearing. It was one of Mom’s sexiest neglig?. It was so sheer that it was transparent with just a hint of pinkness. Michelle was practically nude in front of me. I had not seen her breasts before because of her bra and as far as her pussy I couldn’t see it with her shoving my hand down there. She stood there letting me peruse her beautiful teenage body. Her breasts were about a B-cup, quite firm, and capped with nice light pink areolas and nipples. Her pussy had a light coating of brown hair that matched the hair on her head. I could see the goose bumps raising on her arms from her excitement. I took her robe and led her to my bed, putting her in it, and covering her. Then I undressed for her. She had not even seen my cock when she slipped it into herself. I liked the way that she smiled at me as I climbed in bed with her.

We spent hours kissing, cuddling, and talking about our future together. I proposed to her, she accepted, and we were officially engaged to be married. We consummated our engagement with gentle and loving sexual intercourse as she called it. We fell asleep in one another’s arms and were not disturbed until around noon when Mom tapped on the door and offered us breakfast or lunch in bed if we wanted it. Michelle asked Mom to call us when it was time for dinner.

We had the next five hours to snuggle in bed, talk some more, and make love two more times. We were perfect for one another. We were soul mates. We were in love.

When we came down for dinner Dad was there and asked how our day went. Michelle answered that with, “Quite well, thank you. We talked everything out, he proposed, and we are engaged to be married. We even consummated it three time times, once last night, and twice today.”

Dad smiled and said, “That’s too much information.”

Mom smiled and said, “Michelle, what my husband meant to say was that he didn’t need the intimate details.”

Michelle asked, “You are allowed to speak for your husband?”

Dad laughed and said, “Try to stop her.”

Mom replied, “Yes Michelle, in the non-Mennonite world women are people too, we get to vote, and express our opinions just as men do.”

Michelle said, “I think that I can get used to that.” Then she smiled at Dad and asked, “How is your love life?”

Dad spit out his tea and almost choked to death. Mom laughed. Finally Dad said, “None of your business young lady.”

Michelle apologized to Dad for her comment and then told Mom how much I had liked her nightie. Mom suggested that she take Michelle shopping for non-Mennonite clothes. Michelle admitted that she envied he girls that came into the store. She liked the sexual look, the short skirts, and the tight fitting tops. She mentioned that most of the girls didn’t wear bras either. Mom just laughed.

Dad and I stayed home while the girls went shopping. When they returned they had bags of stuff from several stores. Then Mom had Michelle model them for us. For a shy religious girl she sure lost her shyness quickly.

Mom helped Michelle change in the kitchen. There was no door to close. The kitchen was bright and it had a big table to lay stuff out on. I could scarcely believe it when sweet innocent Michelle entered the living room in just a bra and panty outfit. It was very sexy, it was gold and turquoise, and it was a matching set. It looked good on her too. Dad was speechless at seeing her this way. After all in the past she had been covered from head to foot in gingham dresses. Mom stood in the doorway and let us look all that we wanted too. She had Michelle give us a slow turn. The bra was front clasp and the panties were thong. She said that they felt funny but that Mom told her that she would get used to them. We were treated to three more sets; one was brown and blue, black and purple, and green and orange. After that we saw her in some skirt and blouse outfits, mostly miniskirts and tight tops. We saw her in tight blue jeans, shorts, and even in two bikinis that were smaller than her bra and panties. Dad and I got a glimpse of her pubic hair that just couldn’t be hidden.

Mom saw us staring at her crotch and said that she would teach me how to shave the edges of Michelle’s pussy. We followed her up to the bathroom but Dad was not allowed in. Michelle stripped and got in the bathtub as Mom filled it with water. Then I watched as Mom applied shaving cream to the right side of Michelle’s pussy and ran the razor down the outside edge. Then, it was my turn. She spread her knees wide and smiled as I lathered up her pussy. She closed her eyes as I ran the razor down the left side. Mom told me to trim the top edge too but just a little. Then she had Michelle pull her knees up to her breasts giving me access to the bottom of her pussy and her asshole. Mom saw the stray hairs growing around her asshole and told me to shave them off, then she suggested that I shave Michelle’s lower pussy if I intended to have oral sex with her. So I shaved her from the top of her slit all the way down to her shaved asshole. Mom told me to poke my fingers inside her and twist them around to clean her out for oral sex.

Finally I told Mom that I didn’t know how to do oral sex. Mom smiled and opened up Michelle’s pussy. She pointed out her vaginal opening, her clit, and even her pee hole. Then she pointed to her asshole and said, “Try to poke your tongue in both of these holes and pay special attention to her clit. That’s this bump right here. She’ll love it. I’m sure that if you do a good job that she will reciprocate with a blowjob.” She looked at a confused Michelle and said, “You suck his cock until he cums in your mouth and then you swallow it. Don’t worry it tastes pretty good, really.”

After her bath we went to my bedroom to practice what Mom had taught us. It wasn’t long before we realized that we liked it. I enjoyed her taste and Michelle enjoyed the extreme pleasure that I gave her. I gave her three orgasms and she certainly appreciated it. That was when she sucked my cock. I liked her mouth but I liked her pussy even more. Soon I was cumming in her mouth and she was swallowing it. She said it tasted funny but not bad and that she could get used to it.

We were up just before noon and joined Mom for breakfast. She told us that Michelle’s father had called and that we were to meet with the full congregation at noon on Sunday.

Michelle said, “Good. That way everyone will hear what I have to say.”

She spent much of Saturday outside staring in the direction of her church. Mom said to give her, her space. When she rejoined the living, she was happy and thanked us all for sticking by her and giving her support. She said that she felt more love from us than her own parents.

She made love to me twice Saturday night and again Sunday morning then she took a long hot bath to cleanse herself before going into her church for the last time. I thought that she would wear her old gingham dress or at least a conservative dress of some sort. Instead she shocked us all when she came down in her shortest mini skirt, a blouse that allowed me to see her black and purple bra, and a low pair of heels. Her hair was up in a bun on her head and she was wearing enough makeup to show that she was wearing makeup. She also had on big flashy silver earrings and a shinny silver necklace with a cross on it. She was unquestionably the sexiest girl that I had ever seen.

We went to church and waited until exactly noon. Then Michelle barged in the front doors as if she owned the place. Everyone was dead silent. Michelle walked to the front of the church and up to the podium.

Then she said, “You all know me, I’m Michelle. I am almost sixteen and my father was going to pick my future husband. I could not allow that to happen. We young women must put a stop to all of this inbreeding and incest. We must not marry someone that we do not love because it is our duty. I love Frankie and he loves me, we are engaged to be married, and we have consummated our relationship. Several times in fact. I sleep in his bed and will until the day I die. I now pronounce myself shunned, you do not have to look at me or talk to me, but I will say hello to each and every one of you whenever we meet. I hope God smiles upon you as he has to me.”

Michelle got down from the stage and proudly walked to me. She kissed me just as passionately as she could and then walked me out of the church. She closed the doors with a loud crashing noise and leaned back against them saying, “For the first time in my life I feel free and I feel loved. Thank you all of your support.”

Our life was filled with affection from her. She praised Dad, helped Mom around the house, and loved me as her husband.

Just before school started in the fall we were married by a Justice of the Peace in City Hall. Mom and Dad stood up for us and Rachael was there. She knew that she could get in great trouble but she did it anyway.

She adjusted to school and marriage easily. Then on Christmas Day she took an early pregnancy test and it was positive. She said that it was a gift from God.

True to her word we went shopping at her father’s store and she made sure to say hello to everyone. Rachael would smile and meet us out at the back corner for a hug and a kiss and to feel her sister’s belly grow. Rachael did not marry her second cousin after all and chose a boy from another Mennonite community instead.

After the baby was born we took it to the store with us. When we came back to the car Mom had a present for the baby. It was a doll that Michelle’s mother had made and brought out to Mom so that she could give it to her granddaughter.

I kissed Michelle and took my daughter back inside and approached my mother-in-law. I said, “Michelle may be shunned but I don’t think that her daughter Eleanor is.” Then I placed my daughter in her arms before she could protest.

Michelle’s father came around the corner and asked, “Eleanor what are you doing?”

She replied, “Holding my granddaughter.”

Tears welled up in her eyes and streamed down her face as she said, “Tell my daughter that I love her.” Then she kissed little Eleanor on the forehead and made the sign of the cross before handing her back to me.

The End
The Mennonite Girls
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