I just finished the new chapter for this story and I'm posting it before I head for bed. This chapter includes a few minor characters from the original Ben 10 show, major characters will follow.
Chapter 3

“But grandpa,” Ben whined, brushing Gwen’s red hair back so he could watch while his cousin sucked his cock, “why do we have to visit Aunt Vera?”

“Because she’s family and it wouldn’t be polite for us not to visit her when we’re this close,” Grandpa Max said as he turned to take the road leading to his sister Vera’s retirement community. “Besides, things were a lot more exciting than you expected last summer.”

“I know,” Ben’s groan was a cross between pleasure and exasperation, “but what are the chances that there will be two alien invasions in two years.”

“I don’t know,” Grandpa Max said with a shrug, “what are the chances that you’ll have a watch that changes you into different aliens and Gwen can cast magic spells. As a plumber I learned to expect the unexpected. Speaking of being a plumber, there’s something the two of you should know about your Great Aunt Vera.”

“What’s that?” Gwen asked, releasing her cousin’s hard cock from her mouth with an audible pop before she started rolling the tip of her tongue around the head of Ben’s quivering shaft.

“You should know that Vera knows about me being a plumber and fighting aliens,” Max said, scratching his head through his short iron grey hair.

“That explains her comment to me when we left last summer,” Ben said between pants while he tried to hold back the cum that threatened to explode all over the red heads face. “Remember Gwen? She told me to keep up the fight against the aliens.”

“Something like that,” Gwen said, stroking Ben’s prick with one hand while she used the other one to play with his cum filled balls. “But if Aunt Vera knew about you all along, why didn’t you say something before now?”

“I was still trying to keep things secret back when we visited Vera last year,” Grandpa Max reminded his grandchildren. “And after I told you about being a plumber and fighting aliens it just didn’t occur to me to tell you that Vera knew about me.”

“I guess that makes sense,” Gwen said she started stroking Ben’s cock faster when she saw the way her cousin clenched his teeth and fought to hold off his orgasm. “And now that we’re about to visit her again you decided it was time to let us know the truth.”

“That’s the idea,” Max said, “now you know that we can speak plainly about the Omnitrix and fighting aliens, but we should probably keep things secret about our relationship, especially where your new baby is concerned.”

“Right grandpa,” Gwen said, giving Ben’s balls a gentle squeeze when she felt them cramp in her hand and she let out a squeal when Ben’s cum shot out of his cock to spray her face and hair.

“I win,” Gwen said, licking the cum around her lips and slurping it into her mouth, “I made you cum faster than you made me cum.”

“Best two out of three,” Ben panted. “And this time I get to play with your tits while I eat your cunt.”

“No way,” Gwen said, “you know how sensitive my tits are right now. It wouldn’t be a fair challenge if I let you play with my breasts.”

“Well it’s not fair if you get to play with my balls while you’re sucking me off,” Ben said. “Either I get to play with your tits or you can’t play with my balls.”

“Let me think about it,” Gwen said with a thoughtful frown.

“It’s too late for another round now,” Grandpa Max called back. “The two of you should have just enough time to clean yourselves up before we get to Vera’s. And remember, she’s a pincher.”

“I remember,” Ben said reaching up to pat his cheeks as if he expected them to be gone after his last experience with Aunt Vera and habit of pinching every cheek that came within her reach. “I also remember that she has a weird taste in food.”

“”I didn’t think it was weird,” Grandpa Max said, “her Jello with cauliflower mold was mighty tasty.”

“Don’t remind me,” Gwen said with a wince. “I remember thinking it tasted good at the time, but later I realized that was because I was going through one of the weird cravings because of my pregnancy.”

“So I guess you won’t be eating any of it this time,” Ben asked.

“No way, my cravings are totally different this time,” Gwen said with a sniff. “Now if Aunt Vera made a Jello mold with chili fries I’d go for it.”

“In that case I guess I’ll have all of Vera’s Jello to myself,” Max said, smacking his lips appreciatively.”

“Thank God,” Ben whispered to Gwen as she giggled in response.

“Well, here we are,” Max said, braking to a stop in Vera’s driveway. “I hope you two are ready.”

“I am,” Gwen said adding her blue barrette to her short red hair.

“So am I,” Ben said, combing his fingers through his brown hair. “Are you sure I can’t change into XLR8 or Diamondhead before Aunt Vera has a chance to pinch my cheeks off?”

“Sorry Ben,” Grandpa Max said as he got out of the driver’s seat, “if I have to deal with Vera’s pinches so do you and Gwen.”

“Alright,” Ben said sullenly as he and Gwen followed their grandfather out of the rustbucket. Behind Grandpa Max’s back Ben whispered to Gwen, “As soon as I can sneak away after dinner XLR8 is making a burger run.”

“Count me in,” Gwen whispered back. “I’ll take whatever you can bring back.

“Max,” Aunt Vera screamed as she shot out of the front door and hugged her older brother until Max let out a groan when his back cracked under the pressure.

“That’s enough Vera,” Max groaned, “let me go or you’ll break my back for sure.”

“You always were such a hypochondriac Max,” Vera said, releasing her brother and pinching both of his cheeks before he had a chance to recover from her hug.

“Ben, Gwen, come here and let me see how much you’ve grown since last summer,” Vera said, opening her arms to her great niece and nephew while her brother rubbed the feeling back into his cheeks.

“Hi Aunt Vera,” Gwen said as she and Ben drew closer but made sure their cheeks were out of her reach.

“Don’t worry Gwen,” Vera chuckled, “I promise not to pinch your cheeks, at least not until the new baby is born.”

“How did you know?” Gwen asked.

“Well you’re starting to show,” Aunt Vera said with a grin, “but not enough that I would have noticed if your parents hadn’t told me. Don’t look so shocked, an old retired woman like me has a lot of time on her hands to keep up with her relatives, especially with e-mail.”

“I guess that’s true,” Gwen said with a weak grin.

“Once we get inside I have a lot of pictures they sent me of your son Ken,” Vera said as Ben just managed to avoid her cheek pinch. “I hope you have better luck catching your rapist this time.”

The wink Vera gave Gwen when she mentioned the fictional rapist told the eleven year old redhead that her great aunt at least suspected the truth about both of her babies. At least she thought she knew the truth, Gwen hoped she didn’t realize that Ben was the father.

Gwen was listening to her grandfather and great aunt exchange family news as they walked into the living room and didn’t realize that Ben had stopped in front of Vera’s picture window until she actually walked into him. “Ben, why did you stop like that?” Gwen said as she gave her cousin a shove.

“Gwen look,” Ben said pointing excitedly out the window. “Do you see who I see?”

“What?” Gwen asked shoving Ben aside so she could look out the window at the neighbor’s back yard.

“Ah, I see you noticed Marty’s grandkids,” Vera said looking over Ben and Gwen’s head. “They’re spending the month with him while there parents are in Europe. You should go over and visit them while you’re here, there about your age.”

“Actually Andy and Mandy are about a year younger than us,” Gwen said.

“You know Marty’s grandchildren?” Vera asked in surprise.

“Yeah,” Ben said, “we met them last year when grandpa almost ran over a kid from their summer camp with the rustbucket.”

“Max, you didn’t,” Vera said with a quick glare at her brother.

“Well he did run out in front of me,” Max said defensively. “Actually it’s a good thing he did because when we returned him to the camp we found out that a race of mushroom aliens was trying to invade the Earth. Ben managed to defeat them with Andy and Mandy’s help.”

“Sounds like you do know the twins,” Vera said, “you should go over and see them after dinner.”

“So what’s for dinner Vera?” Max asked.

“Well I wasn’t sure when to expect the three of you,” Vera explained while she escorted them to her dining room, “so I made a rattlesnake stew so it could simmer until you actually arrived.”

“Smells great,” Max said, glaring at Ben and Gwen as they exchanged faces at the prospect of the stew.

Somehow Ben and Gwen managed to hide the fact that they only choked down one or two spoonfuls of their Aunt Vera’s rattlesnake stew (usually by distracting their great aunt or grandfather long enough to add their stew to the contents of Vera or Max’s bowl). After dinner the two of them were still hungry but they managed to hide it from the two adults long enough to slip out the door with the excuse that they were going next door to visit Andy and Mandy. As soon as the door closed behind them Ben dialed up XLR8 on the Omnitrix and activated it.

“I’m off to find a burger place,” Ben hissed in his lizard voice, “I’ll be back with your food in just a minute.”

“Hurry back Ben, I’m starving,” Gwen said, sighing when she realized that she was talking to her cousin’s dust trail.

It took more like ten minutes for Ben to get back with Gwen’s food but Gwen barely listened to his explanation of hunting down just the right burger place as well as the slow server he had to deal with when he placed his order. Meanwhile Gwen was eating the loaded burger and chili fries so fast that she barely tasted them. But the last words out of Ben’s mouth froze her in mid bite.

“What did you just say Ben,” she asked after she managed to swallow the fries she’d almost choked on.

“I said that I ran past Marty’s house and I saw the twins in the back yard,” Ben hissed sibilantly. “And it looked like they were naked and fucking, in fact I saw Mandy’s little tits bouncing up and down while she rode Andy’s cock.”

“That I’ve got to see,” Gwen said as she shoved the last of her meal into her mouth and crumpled the empty bag in her hands. “Hurry and change back so we can go over and catch them in the act.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Ben said in his own voice after the Omnitrix let out a red flare as he changed back into his human form. “But I have an addition to it.”

Ben and Gwen could already hear the twins in Marty’s backyard before they opened the gate, the slight creak of it’s hinges covered by Andy and Mandy’s lust filled screams as they fucked each other on the freshly mowed grass. “Fuck me Andy, fuck your sister with that nice little cock of yours.”

“I love it when you talk nasty like that Mandy,” Andy said, his hips bouncing off the grass to meet his twin every time she slammed her hips down to smack against her brother’s thighs. “I just wish I was as developed as you so I could give you the cum you want so much.”

“So do I,” Mandy gasped, “it would teach mom and dad to abandon us while they go off to Europe on their own. I’d love to see the look on their faces when they realized my belly was growing with your baby.”

“As long as they didn’t know it was my baby,” Andy sighed, “but we don’t have to worry about that since I don’t cum yet.”

“At least you stay hard so I don’t have to wait for you to recover,” Mandy said. “I don’t know what I’d do if I had to wait for you to recover after every orgasm.”

“Hi Mandy, hi Andy,” Gwen called to the startled twins as she stepped clear of the bushes she’d been hiding behind. “It’s Ben and Gwen Tennyson, remember us from camp last summer.”

“I remember,” Mandy said hesitantly, bringing her hips to a stop with Andy’s cock buried deep in her ten year old slit. “We fought that giant mushroom alien together.”

“That’s right,” Ben said, stopping next to Gwen so the twins could see that they were just as naked as they were. “What were you just saying about getting knocked up to teach your parents a lesson?”

“Well,” Mandy said, looking at Ben’s naked body for a second and then down to where her brother’s small cock vanished between her bare pussy lips. “After the way things happened last year our parents didn’t want to send us off to camp this summer. At first they were going to send us off to live with our Uncle Matt and Aunt Jenny, but when I started having my periods a couple months ago they changed their minds.”

“Why would they do that?” Gwen asked, she couldn’t seem to take her eyes off Mandy’s tits as they bounced slightly every time the ten year old girl buried her twin’s cock in her tight little pussy. Mandy’s ten year old breasts were already larger than her’s, and hers were full of milk.

“It’s just a rumor,” Andy grunted while is sister continued to ride his shaft, “but we heard that our cousins Sue and Tammy are both pregnant right now. Our parents didn’t actually talk about it and since Sue is nineteen and Tammy is seventeen they were probably knocked up by their boyfriends but mom and dad didn’t want to take a chance with Mandy starting her periods so they decided to send us here to spend the summer with Grandpa Marty while they went off to Europe without us.”

“Since there’s nothing for us to do here at the retirement community Andy I decided to have some fun on our own and hopefully teach mom and dad a lesson when he knocked me up,” Mandy finished their story, “but it turns out he isn’t as sexually mature as I am. He doesn’t cum so no baby juice to knock me up, but we keep hoping.”

“You know Mandy,” Ben said with a lusty grin, “your brother may not have any cum, but I do.”

“Really,” Mandy asked, “are you sure you can knock a girl up?”

“I’m sure,” Gwen said, she’d already guessed what Ben wanted her to do and she patted her naked stomach so Andy and Mandy noticed the slight belly bulge that was already starting to show.

“This is our second baby together,” Gwen said as Mandy reached out to touch her swollen belly like she expected it to vanish. “And I’m not the only girl Ben’s managed to knock up in the past year. If you’re serous about having a baby my cousin is the one who can do it to you. That is if you want him to.”

“Oh I want him to,” Mandy said with a grin, “do you mind Andy? I mean to do you mind if I fuck another boy and have his baby?”

“I don’t mind,” Andy said slowly, “at least I don’t mind this time since I can’t give you a baby and Ben can. But what am I going to do while he’s fucking you?”

“Do you really need to ask?” Gwen asked with a chuckle. “Do you have any idea how horny a girl gets when she’s pregnant. “Ben is able to keep me satisfied most of the time but I do appreciate a change of cock every once in a while.. So while Ben’s giving you sister a baby I’ll be happy to fuck you, that is if you want to fuck me.”

“As much as I love fucking Mandy’s pussy,” Andy said, “I’ve keep wondering what it will be like to fuck another girl.”

“And here’s your chance,” Ben said, “you get to fuck Gwen’s pregnant pussy while I knock up your sister. And after I’m done with Mandy you’ll be able to fuck her pregnant pussy.”

“Now that sounds great,” Andy said with a broad smile, pulling his still hard cock out of his twin sister with a wet slurp.

“So Mandy,” Ben said, kneeling nest to the blond ten year old and reaching out to massage her tits, brushing his fingers across her erect nipples and sending a wave of sexual energy rushing down her belly to her pussy so a new flood of juice flowed out of her bald slit. “What position do you like best?”

“You mean there’s more than one?” Mandy asked with a puzzled frown.

“There’s hundreds, maybe even thousands,” Ben said, “and people are dreaming up more and more every day. Actually some of the positions are uncomfortable but if you want to try we can do it doggie style. Doggie is one of Gwen’s favorite positions.”

“What do I have to do?” Mandy asked after thinking about it for a few seconds.

“All you have to do is roll over and get up on your hands and knees,” Ben explained. “Once you’re in position I’ll come up behind you and fuck you that way.”

“Ok,” Mandy said as she followed Ben’s directions, “but I don’t see why this is one of Gwen’s favorite positions.”

“You will, Mandy,” Gwen said, “you will. Come on Andy, you fuck me in the same position and I can show you why it’s one of Ben’s favorite positions too.”

Mandy wiggled her ass impatiently as she waited for Ben to come up behind her. Instead of sliding his cock into her wet pussy right away the older boy used his fingers to tease her slit, inching up her cunt until he reached her clit and started teasing it. As soon as Ben’s fingers touched her erect clit another jolt of sexual energy rushed through her body and she let out a moan of pleasure.

“Oh God, that feels so good,” Mandy groaned as Ben brought the head of his cock up against the drooling pussy and teased her with it until she was ready to beg him to slide it into her belly.

“If you think that feels good,” Ben hissed, “just wait until I slide the whole thing into your tight little cunt.”

“Do it Ben,” Mandy gasped, “fuck that monster in my cunt and knock me up with your baby.”

Ben tried not to laugh at Mandy’s comment about his cock since he knew that while his prick was large for his age at six inches long, it was still small compared to most mem. Of course if Mandy’s only experience was with her brother’s cock, then maybe his cock was a monster.

“Hold still Mandy,” Ben said, switching his hands to the younger girl’s hips to hold her steady while he adjusted his cock. “I can’t slide it in while you’re moving your pussy around like that.”

“I’m trying,” Mandy whined, “but it feels so good I just can’t hold still.”

“Well try,” Ben said with a soft chuckle, “because here comes my cock.” With a deep breath Ben slid his prick slowly into Mandy’s cunt. If he was fucking Gwen he would have slammed his cock into her pussy with one quick thrust, but Mandy’s slit was so tight he had to take it slow.

Mandy closed her eyes at the intense pleasure that flooded her ten year old body as Ben’s cock slid into her body a fraction of an inch at a time. Ben’s cock was so much larger than Andy’s that she wasn’t sure if it would fit at first, but once the head wedged it’s way between her pussy lips she just relaxed and enjoyed the way it filled her pussy. “You’re so big Ben,” Mandy moaned as the older boy forced his way deeper into her flat belly. “Don’t hold back, fuck me Ben, fuck me hard and fill me with your baby juice.”

“Now that’s something I always love to hear out of a girls mouth,” Ben said with a grunt as he forced the last of his cock into Mandy’s tight underage cunt. “I love hearing it almost as much as I love doing it, so hold on Mandy, you’re going on a ride to motherhood.”

“Yes,” Mandy said, strangling the yell of pleasure that threatened to escape her lips when Ben’s cock reached her cervix and he held it there with his balls brushing the base of her slit while she got use to the size of his shaft. As soon as her pussy started to relax it’s hold around Ben’s cock he pulled almost the whole shaft out of her drooling hole and then slammed it in full force so his balls bounced against her cunt.

“Oh my God,” Mandy moaned when Ben’s shaft slid across her erect clit with his first stroke.

“Now you see why I like this position so much,” Gwen said with a sigh of pleasure. Mandy lifted her head and saw Gwen on her hands and knees just a few inches in front of her and exchanged a quick grin with the older girl. Mandy could just make out the form of her twin brother behind Gwen, slamming his small cock into her with enough energy to make up for his size and lack of experience. “The way the cock slides across your clit with every stroke is enough to drive you crazy.”

“You’ve got that right,” Mandy said dreamily.

“And it’s almost as good for me,” Ben groaned, picking up the pace of his strokes as Mandy’s cunt loosened up with every stroke. “The underside of my prick is so sensitive I can feel your clit scrape along it with every stroke, and it feels so good I’m almost ready to cum right now.”

“Not yet,” Mandy begged, “I can feel my orgasm building up in my belly. Don’t cum yet Ben, hold on, hold on and cum with me.”

“I’ll try,” Ben said, “maybe this will help you cum a little quicker.” Ben shifted his hands from Mandy’s hips to her tits and started squeezing them gently, pinching her nipples just hard enough to make her nipples pop out hard against his palms so he could tease them with his fingers.

“Yes,” Mandy moaned, her whole body quivering with the sexual pleasure that threatened to explode from her body. “That’s incredible, don’t stop Ben, play with my tits while you fuck me and fill me with your baby.”

“Here it comes,” Ben growled, slamming his cock to the hilt in Mandy’s pussy and holding it there as his balls pulled tight against the base of his shaft and shot his full load deep in the blond girl’s quivering body while her cunt clamped tight around his prick and milked the baby juice from him while her body quivered and shook through her own orgasm.”

“I wish you could see the look on her face right now Ben,” Gwen said, watching Mandy spasm through her orgasm with Ben’s cock buried deep in the girl’s ten year old cunt. “I know how much you like to see the look on the girl’s face when she cums on your cock.”

“At least you can see it,” Ben panted, supporting quivering body so she didn’t slip away from his softening cock.

“I can do better than see it,” Gwen said. Ben’s redheaded cousin lifted one hand from the ground and reached out to stroke her fingers along Mandy’s cheek. “Mandy, did you know that two girls can have almost as much fun as a boy and a girl? While they can, and here’s a sample of what they can do.” Without warning Gwen leaned forward so quickly that she almost pulled away from Andy’s cock as it slammed in and out of her drooling pregnant pussy. Gwen pressed her lips against Mandy’s. Before the younger girl realized what she was doing Gwen pushed her tongue into Mandy’s mouth and let it roll around the girl’s throat.

“How did you like that?” Gwen asked the startled Mandy when she pulled her face away.

“I liked it,” Mandy said hesitantly, “I’ve never been kissed by another girl, not like that. Does it always feel like that when you kiss another girl?”

“Not always,” Gwen giggled. “It helps if you’re horny and attracted to the other girl the way we are.”

“Can you show me anything else?” Mandy asked excitedly.

“Well we don’t have much time before we have to get back to our Aunt Vera’s,” Gwen said apologetically, “otherwise I’d show you how much fun it is to eat another girl’s pussy. If you think it feels good when a boy licks your cunt, just imagine what it’s like when a girl does it because we know exactly what a girl likes.”

“I guess you’re right about that,” Mandy admitted, “but if you did have time to show me I’d just get frustrated because I don’t have any girls to eat my pussy.”

“Yeah, that would be a problem,” Gwen admitted. “I do have time to show you something the two of you have to look forward to.”

“What’s that?” Mandy asked, leaning as far forward as she could on her arms as she anticipated whatever the redhead was going to show her.

“Pull out of me Andy, you’ll want to see this too,” Gwen said.

“What?” Andy said, pulling his cock out of Gwen’s slit and shifting around to sit next to his twin, both of them watching the older girl expectantly.

“This is something you have to look forward to in a few months if Ben was successful in impregnating Mandy,” Gwen said, sitting back on her thighs so the twins had a clear view of her heavy breasts.

“Oh I knocked her up alright,” Ben said with a satisfied grin, patting Mandy’s ass affectionately.

“If you say so,” Gwen sighed, she knew better than to argue with her cousin when he was so sure of his success, so far he’d been right every time. “Anyway, now that Ben’s managed to knock Mandy up, this is something you’ll have to look forward to when her belly gets big with his baby and her milk starts coming in.” As she spoke Gwen reached up to cup her tits, one in each hand. While the twins watched her closely Gwen squeezed her tits, aiming an erect nipple as each twin so the two streams of milk struck both of them in the face.

“Cool,” Andy said, licking at the milk running down his face and smacking his lips at the taste.

“Yeah cool,” Mandy agreed as she brushed some of the milk out of her hair. “How long before I can do that?”

“No way to know when you’ll start making milk,” Gwen sighed, “I started at about six months, and before you ask that was for our first baby and I was still making milk for him when Ben knocked me up with this baby.”

“Can I have some of your milk?” Andy asked hopefully without taking his eyes off Gwen’s bouncing nipples.

“Sure,” Gwen said, moving closer so Mandy could reach her right nipple without pulling away from Ben who was starting to move his hardening cock in and out of her sloppy cunt again. “I have so much milk in my tits that I have to be milked at least twice a day. I’m sure Ben won’t mind if the two of you help yourselves.”

“No, I don’t mind,” Ben said, noticing that Gwen avoided mentioning the fact that Grandpa Max milked her as often as he did. “Go ahead and help yourselves.”

“That’s it,” Gwen said with a groan of pleasure, “suck the nipple into your mouth and keep sucking so the milk fills your mouth and then swallow. Mandy, you’re going to love it when Andy sucks the milk right out of your breasts.”

“I hope so,” Mandy said, releasing Gwen’s nipple so she could speak, she licked the milk that dribbled from the redhead’s tit and then continued. “I just wish I didn’t have to wait six months to find out what it’s like.”

“Well it could happen sooner,” Gwen admitted, “it could also happen later. But if Andy sucks on your breasts every day it could happen much quicker. I’ve heard of girls who start producing milk even when they’re not pregnant because someone keeps sucking on their nipples.”

“Maybe we should try that Andy,” Mandy said. “Maybe my milk won’t come in that much faster, but I’m sure we’ll both enjoy it.”

“I think you’re right,” Andy said, “and I can suck and squeeze your tits while we’re fucking too, just like Ben’s doing right now.”

“Oh yeah,” Mandy groaned as Ben squeezed her tits while he slammed his hard cock in and out of her pussy from behind. “You and Ben have already taught us a lot about sex that we didn’t know about. I’m really looking forward to learning more about sex, but the only way we’ll learn more is to experiment on our own after you leave.”

“Trust me Mandy,” Ben said as he slammed his cock deep into the ten year old girl’s slit and pumped her full of another load of baby juice, “you’re going to love experimenting.”

“I think you’re right,” Mandy said shakily as a new orgasm ran through her body and her cunt clamped down hard around Ben’s cock to milk every last drop of cum from his shaft. “Thank you, both of you for teaching us so much as well as giving me the baby I want. Maybe next time Andy will actually have some baby juice of his own to knock me up on his own.”

“I hope so,” Andy said as he licked the last of Gwen’s milk off his lips. “Once Mandy has Ben’s baby I’m looking forward to giving her one of mine.”

“Your time will come Andy,” Ben promised with a sigh. “And I’m sure you’ll love knocking your sister up as much as I did.”

As much as they would have enjoyed spending more time with Andy and Mandy Ben and Gwen had to admit to themselves that their great aunt and grandfather would miss them if they stayed much longer. While they were sure that Grandpa Max would accept their activities they weren’t so sure about Aunt Vera and they didn’t think it would be a good idea to try and explain things to her.

After a restful night (in separate beds since they spent the night in Aunt Vera’s house) Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max were ready to set out again in the rustbucket. “Look kids,” Grandpa Max called back to his grandchildren, “there’s Andy and Mandy out on the front porch with their grandfather. Did you guys ever get over to see them last night.”

“We sure did,” Ben said, exchanging a broad grin with his cousin before he turned to wave to the twins as they drove past Marty’s house. When the twins waved back Ben noticed that Mandy took a half step back from her grandfather so he couldn’t see when she stroked her flat belly suggestively.

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